Gun pellets where flying all over the car park. Car's had been parked in a way to provide cover and allow availability for one of the team to explode. A group of thugs where busy firing round after round with machine guns.

An explosion made the thugs duck and scream. A wild war cry followed before another car was exploded. "Nice shootin', Captain." Hannibal shouted over the gun fire before setting off another round at the disorientated thugs.

"Watch out you ugly mudsucker!" Murdock shouted as he let off another explosion near the car BA was behind.

"Watch where ya shootin' those thing, fool!" BA angrily shouted back at the crazy captain. Another round of fire, made the two bickering team mates stop shouting at each other. 7

"Put the guns down and maybe we'll let you live." Hannibal shouted over the after sound of the last explosion. This was responded with a second round of gun shots. Hannibal nodded at Murdock, smile showing signs of the jazz that was running high throughout his whole body. Murdock grinned, bellowed a war cry, aimed the rocket launcher at the car and let loose. Shouts of surprise followed and soon after that the sound of weapons being dropped to the ground.

Hannibal stood up from behind his car, followed by Murdock BA and then finally Face. "Right, BA tie these goons up." BA was about to head to the men when a deafening sound echoed through the car park.

Everything happened in slow motion as Face watched one of the goons lift up a gun. A panicked gaze met his own before he heard the gun shot. Groaning, Face felt his knees buckle. He hit the ground hard on his knees before he pitched forwards, landing heavily on his head.

"Face!" Hannibal, Murdock and BA shouted at the same time. BA went over to the goons, knocking out the one with the gun with force enough to break the sucka's nose. He lifted his own gun then and shot a warning shot at their feet.

"Don't any of you move?" BA growled at the remaining goons. The understood well enough and stayed put.

Murdock fell onto his knees behind the unconscious form of Face. "Hey, Facey." Murdock sand while he gently turned Face so that he was lying on his back. Blood covered Face's chest, soaking through the white shirt, blue tie and suit jacket. "Sorry 'bout your clothes, Facey." Usually Face would respond to this comment but he remained with his eyes closed.

"BA, get those goons tied up and drive the van up here. We need to get Face to the hospital." Hannibal said before moving to sit next to Murdock. BA grunted in acknowledgement.

Hannibal felt the younger man's chest, looking for the entrance wound. A groan came from Face as Hannibal pressed against an area near Face's side. Eye lids fluttered opened as Hannibal continued to prod the surrounding area, looking for any other wounds.

"It hasn't gone through." Hannibal stated as his own eyes met Face's pain filled blue ones.

"You think." Face rasped. A sudden burst of coughing made Face's whole body shake. "That's not good." Face whispered when he was done. Murdock looked down at his friends pale, shaking hand, nodding his agreement. Blood covered the inside of Face's hand, where he'd tried to cover his mouth. Upon further inspection, Murdock saw further blood smudged across Face's mouth.

"It's gonna be alright, muchacho." Murdock mumbled, as Face continued to cough. Face only nodded before his eyes fluttered to close again.

"Face. Stay with us." Hannibal shouted at the kid. When there was no response he said, "That's an order lieutenant."

Face's eyes fluttered open and a smile played on his lips. "Sorry Colonel." His eyes fluttered close and that's how they would stay for quite some time.

"Colonel, he's stopped breathing." Murdock panicked. It was true. Just as the younger man's eyes had fluttered close his chest had stopped moving up and down.

"Shit. There's no pulse." Hannibal removed his fingers from Face's neck before started to do chest compressions. Murdock followed by giving Face two breathes. They continued until BA came with the van.

Hannibal put his fingers to Face's neck, breathing a sigh of relief. There was a pulse. Not a strong one but there was a pulse. "BA, get Face's arms." Hannibal grabbed Face's legs while BA lifted Face's arms and Murdock ran around the back of the van to open the doors. They laid the unconscious man in the back of the van between the seats. "Step on it Sergeant." Hannibal said, taking Face's usual seat.

Murdock sat on the floor with Face's head on his lap, gently stroking the sweat soaked blonde hair off of Face's face. The con ma's face was pale and covered with a thin layer of sweat. Blood was continuing to gush from the wound in his side.

"Murdock, use this to keep pressure on Face's side." Hannibal handed the crazy pilot a shirt that had been lying around in the back of the van. It had an image of Woddy Woodpecker on the front of it, signalling that it was one of Murdock's old shirts. He didn't care much though.

Ripping the fabric into four parts, Murdock started to pad the wound with the three shorter strips before tightly securing the longest strip around Face's waste. "How long to the hospital?" Hannibal question BA.

"Should be there in 5 minutes." BA stated.

The hospital they were aiming for was the one they had been hired to look after. The goons that had shot Face had been trying to shut the place down, something about them not liking the hospital staff treating the people they injured. Either way it was lucky really. At least Hannibal knew he could trust the people there to look after Face and not to call the MP's.

Murdock reached down to check for Face's pulse. There wasn't one. "Hannibal, CPR!" Murdock shouted, starting the chest compressions Hannibal had started only a little while ago. Hannibal took Murdock place of giving Face breaths.

"Step on it, BA!" The burly sergeant did just that. They were in the hospital in exactly one minute.

BA ran out of the van to grab a doctor while Hannibal and Murdock continued to try and get Face's pulse going again. A gurney was wheeled out by a team of nurses and one doctor. "We'll take it from here." The doctor stated as he motioned for Hannibal and Murdock to place Face on the gurney. Hannibal lifted Face's head; worried at the pale blue colour his lips where going, while Murdock lifted Face's limp legs.

When he was safely secured on the gurney, one of the nurses put a tube down the con man's throat while another started the chest compressions again. Before the team had a chance to follow they were heading down the corridor and into the trauma room.

"I'm sorry. You'll have to wait here." A receptionist told them. Frowning Hannibal took a seat in the waiting area. Murdock fell into the seat behind him and BA sat down on the other side of Hannibal glaring at the door. And that's how they stayed. Waiting.