"Tell me again why I can't say anything?" asked a 4 year old girl, she had black hair and light brown eyes. She let out a huff and blew a strand of her fringe from her face. In front of her was a reflection of her except the reflection was older and had a wiser look in the eyes.

"Because even though you have knowledge of my husband's name" Answered the woman, she had a grim expression as she folded her arms.

"He will stop at nothing until you tell him. He might torture you" said a man or at least what was left of him. He was a skeleton with red eyes and worn clothes which looked ancient. The girl pouted before folded her arms.

"No fair!" the girl cried.

"If you do this and he is not released then you will speak again. I just hope it will not come to this, however you will have to tell my husband his name if all else fails" the woman said now looking worried. The man smiled at the woman.

"My father was a fool to strike a deal but by doing this will strengthen the light within our descendent... Madam it is time" the man said. The woman nodded sharply.

"Solve the pendent when after you arrive at Domino City, but never talk to anyone until the Shadow games are prevented or when The Dark One is unleashed" the woman said with a warm smile. Both adults chuckled at the girl's glare.

'I hate seeing spirits! Why me?' the girl whined darkly.

8 years later

A Black haired with brown eyes stood in front of a shop that said Game. She was covered in a long brown cloak that covered her feet. Within the cloak she wore a white shirt with a small brown bag on her shoulder, she also had black trousers and black shoes. Beside her was a red eyed female ninja who watched the girl with the corner of her eyes and the shop with interest with the other eye. The girl looked at the female with a miserable expression.

"Don't worry, it'll be over soon" the female said softly. The girl huffed before nodding causing the woman to chuckle then ruffle the girl's head slightly making the girl whine mutely.

"Brave girl now let's go" the woman said. The girl followed silently as she covered her head with the cloak until the woman knocked on the door and waited. The door opened revealing a startled old man wearing an orange bandana. He had a white buttoned up shirt and dark green overalls.

"Good evening Solomon, can we come in?" the woman asked him. Her eyes were so empty of emotions that it made Solomon shiver in fear.

"A-As you wish" he stuttered before moving to the side. The woman nodded curtly then guided the girl in. Solomon watched the girl bend her head so he couldn't see her face or her hair.

"Who is this child?" he thought as he closed the door.

They stood near the middle of the room with silence being their only company. The woman looked at the hooded girl with warm eyes.

"Darling can you wait in the living room please?" she asked the girl softly. Soloman gasped in anger causing the woman to glare at him. "Is there a problem Solomon Muto?" she asked, her voice changed from being soft to hostile.

"No" he said with a sigh as he felt powerless to stop them even though it was his home, just how did this woman do that? Also how did she know his name and where he lived? The woman nodded sharply and guided the girl up the stairs. As soon as the girl was out of sight did the woman turn to glare at him sharply taking the older man by surprise.

"We need to talk!" she said sharply.

"We need to talk!" the girl heard the woman as she stood near the door. On cue a boy with blond hair with spiky black and red at the back noticed her standing near the door. He had a blue shirt, blue trousers and blue slippers.

"Can I help you?" the boy asked however the girl placed her finger to her lips signalling for him to be quiet. He blinked at her before inching closer only to hear voices.

"Out of the question! My daughter in law would not want her in this house!" Solomon yelled angrily causing the boy to jump.

"Solomon your daughter lost her rights the moment she abandoned her family. Now if you both want to repent for the loss of this girl's family. You will co-operate! You wouldn't want your grandson finding out what you both have been keeping a secret. Even your own son has no idea of the sin!" the woman said sharply. They heard Solomon growl.

"Don't hurt Yugi, he has nothing to do with the mistake" Solomon said, his voice was sad and had guilt in it. To the boy's dismay the voices had quietened down so he couldn't hear.

"Abandoning family Solomon? That isn't to be taken lightly. Myra's uncle is furious"

"If that's the case then why doesn't he-?"

"He already has a son and a daughter to contain Solomon, that's what I'm talking about! Myra's uncle can't take that Myra's a sitting duck. She's being targeted by "The Shadows" and she was lucky that I pulled her away before they took her" the woman said coldly.

Solomon's eyes widened in horror of her words.

"Why bring her here if she's in danger?" Solomon asked as he pulled on his collar to let his neck breathe from the sudden heat. The woman sighed before looking at him with soft eyes.

"She's safer in an area that they will not suspect... on the bright side she can help you with removing negativity. She won't be a burden, just give her somewhere to live that isn't so isolated. I can't keep her with me for long" she replied sternly. Solomon watched her with curiosity.

"Alright, but there's a limit to what I can do"

"And she can pull her own weight Solomon. She's a hard worker I promise" she said. He smiled at her causing the tension in the room to melt.

"Alright Akane I promise to watch over her" Solomon said before lifting his hand which she shook sealing their agreement. "Is her name just Myra?"

"Before that there are a few things I must tell you-" the woman's expression turned serious.

The boy watched the girl with confusion as she continued to listen in on the conversation despite the fact he couldn't hear.

"Can I ask why you are here?" the boy asked politely however the girl leered at him causing him to shudder.

"Sorry I should of introduced myself before" he said before scratching the back of his head. He smiled weakly due to feeling nervous. However the girl just stared blankly at him.

"My name is Yugi Muto, can I ask what your name is?" he asked with a warm smile as he held his hand up. The girl just looked at him but didn't offer her hand taking him by surprise, did he do something worong to offend her?

"Her name is Myra Michiyo and I'm afraid she can't speak Yugi" Solomon said with weary eyes as he looked at them with mixed emotions.

"Who was that woman grandpa? Sorry I wasn't ignoring you Michiyo!" Yugi said as he watched her eyes narrow.

"She prefers to be called Myra. The woman brought her here is called Iris and she was Myra's caretaker. I'm afraid that there have been problems with Myra's family and since we're friends of the family, Myra's caretaker has sent here to be looked after" Solomon said with a warm smile. Yugi watched Myra look down. He smiled at her shy personality.

"Do you like playing games?" Yugi offered causing her to look up at him.

"Yugi she won't be able to play Duel Monsters so please refrain from involving her in to such activities" Solomon interrupted. Yugi was left speechless but nodded.

"That's okay, do you like any card games besides Duel Monsters?" Yugi asked.

"Show her to her room will you? She has just arrived here" Solomon laughed at his grandson's enthusiastic behaviour causing Yugi to blush. Meanwhile Myra just blinked at their interaction.

"Sorry, we have an extra room which was the guest room" Yugi said as he showed her to a plain room. The room had a bed near the window, it had a small desk beside the bed and a lamp, near the other side of the wall was a wardrobe which could be used for clothes. Myra looked round before taking her cloak off which revealed her black hair that was in a bun and her clothes. She took out a pencil and paper from her small bag and began to write something. After she had finished writing she showed him the note. It was slightly messy by readable.

"Do you play Black Jack?" Yugi nodded slightly.

"I don't think so" he said as the shock of hearing that she could play such a game entered him after all who teaches children that kind of thing? Myra then wrote something under the question.

"I can teach you. I learned this from England" Myra said with a smile. Yugi let out a smile from the possibility of learning a new game.

"What's England like?" he asked, Myra shrugged.

"Not bad. Bit boring but I had made a few friends" Myra wrote shyly. Yugi nodded as he remembered the game he wanted to play.

"Alright let's do it"

"Pick up 2 if you don't have a 2" Myra said with a grin. Yugi let out a cry of shock as he looked at the 2 of diamond.

"How did you know that I wouldn't have a 2?" Yugi asked as he picked up 2 cards which left him with 4 while Myra had 2 cards remaining.

"I learned from a few friends before coming here. By the way pick up 5 unless you have red Jack which cancels the card's effect or you use a black Jack meaning I pick up 10" Myra note said while she had a smug grin on her face as she watched Yugi's jaw drop from shock.

"How?" Yugi was left speechless.

"It's called bluffing. You hide your hand and make sure never to give it away" Myra replied using her note pad. Yugi let out a chuckle before offering her hand.

"Good game, this is the first time I've lost in a game. Can we try again?" he asked. Myra smiled weakly causing him to smile back.

"Sure I love playing games anyways" Myra shrugged. Yugi watched her carefully.

"Were you born a mute if you don't mind me asking?" Yugi asked nervously. Maki looked at him carefully.

"I had an incident when I was younger. I resulted me in losing my voice" Myra replied as she looked down at her top. She placed her hand on the bump of her shirt which caught his interest.

"What's that?" he asked.

"A pendent belonging to my mother who I have never known" Myra closed her eyes as she tried to blink away tears. Yugi felt his excitement dissolve from what she wrote.

"I'm sorry for your loss, did you live with your father?" Yugi asked, his eyes softened as she shook her head slowly.

"He disappeared… I haven't seen him since I was 4 days old, can we not talk about it. Wait you're not going to tell anyone right?!" Yugi's eyes widened in shock.

"I would never do a thing like that!" he defended with fire in his eyes. Myra smiled weakly before nodding.

"Thank you" she wrote with a gentle smile that made him smile at her opening up to him.

"Shall we play something else? This is a game shop you know" he said with a grin. Myra smirked before nodding at him.

"Yugi take Myra to school please" Solomon said as he handed them breakfast. Myra's eyes widened in horror which didn't go unnoticed by them.

"Iris wants you to mix with people and since you and Yugi are good friends I thought that it would be best that you both go to the same school" Solomon said. Myra looked down at her toast, she pushed it away with a glum expression.

"No one wants to be friends with a mute sir, it's a waste of time" Myra wrote. Solomon frowned.

"Were you picked on in school?" Solomon asked with concern. Myra took out her pen again.

"I never went. I was just friends with 2 kids who I met in the park" she wrote glumly. Yugi watched her with sad eyes.

"Well I'll keep an eye on you so they won't pick on you deal?" Yugi asked. Myra looked at him then nodded.

"Then it's settled. Get ready you 2" Solomon said now feeling nervous for the children in his care.

"Just let me get my box" Myra left the note on the table before leaving the room.

As soon as they went to school Myra was able to sit next to Yugi before class started. She looked in her blue school bag to see a pure yellow box which had a black lock near the top.

"That's pretty" said a tall girl with shoulder length brown hair. Myra looked up to see that the girl was in uniform like Myra. Myra nodded while she smiled slightly for a few seconds. The girl watched her with awkward eyes.

"Not much of a talker, are you new?" the girl asked with a smile. Myra nodded again before looking down shyly. Yugi noticed the girl talking to Myra and smiled.

"Hi Tea this is Myra she's new here" Yugi said before taking out a book from his bag. Tea looked at them.

"Oh so where do you come from?" Tea asked eagerly. Myra took out her note book and began writing causing Tea to blink at her.

"I am from England Tea, it's nice to meet you!" Myra wrote. Tea let out a small gasp as she realised why Myra wasn't talking.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that couldn't you speak?" Tea said now looking guilty. Myra shrugged in an uncaring way.

"I had an accident when I was younger so now I'm a mute. Don't worry I'm not offended, it's just that I'm new so I'm not use to attention" Myra looked down shyly.

"Oh I see, well welcome to Domino High" Tea said with a grin. Myra smiled slightly as she continued to look down.

After being introduced to the class Myra could be found sitting next to Yugi during the lunch break.

"This was given to me by my grandfather when he travelled to Egypt. What do you think of it?" Yugi asked as he showed her the golden box. Myra looked at it before smiling for a few seconds.

"It's cool" Myra wrote.

"It says whoever solves this puzzle shall receive my dark powers and a wish will come true" Yugi grinned as he took his pieces out, Myra raised a brow.

"Mine says the truth shall reveal itself to the heir who solves my broken heart. I shall awaken the power laid dormant within their soul" Myra wrote as she showed him a side of the box he blinked as he spotted that it was not in a language he was able to read.

"Must be very a very important item, I wonder if mine is similar to yours" Myra shrugged.

"Who knows" He let out a gasp as he recognised an eye that was in the middle of the box.

"Did your parents come from Egypt?" he asked as he looked at his box then at her white box. Myra frowned.

"Why?" she asked as she tilted her head to the side.

"That is the Eye of Horus. It's an Egyptian eye, did your family go to Egypt?" Yugi asked as he observed the now noticeable white feather like texture on the side of the box. Myra shook her head.

"Could it be possible that your family originated from Egypt?" he asked as he showed her the eye that was in his box.

"All I know is that when I was born the necklace around my mother's neck shattered and then was put into the box" Myra replied now looking grim. Yugi watched her while feeling guilty that he pushed her to telling him. He turned back to get his box only to feel air.

"Looking for this Yugi?" asked a blond haired boy. Myra whipped her head to face the white skinned blond haired boy and a brown haired tanned boy.

"Joey please just give it back" Yugi asked as he tried to reach for his box. Myra shot up and gave them the death glare causing the bullies to scoff.

"Look Tristan the puny girl wants to be a hero" Joey jeered at her as he squatted Myra's head. Myra's eyes widened in shock which then narrowed in anger causing Tristan and Yugi to worry.

"Joey I don't think that was wise" Tristan said as he moved away from her. Myra shoved a piece of paper at Joey who laughed at what she wrote.

"Listen to this Tristan she says: Puny?! I'll give you puny! Give Yugi back his puzzle or else I'll make you scream like a girl-" Joey's eyes narrowed as he read the rest. "You blond bimbo and brown haired wuss of a groupie! And in case you think that I'm bluffing. I was actually no. 1 in black belt while I was in a small class, I could put a guy in a wheel chair! Care to try your luck now you dumb blond?" Myra's eyes narrowed as she cracked her knuckles. Meanwhile Yugi was hiding under his desk while the other 2 were just staring at her feeling more angry than scared.

"Okay that's it puny brat! I don't usually hit girls but you're asking for a beating" Joey said as he cracked his knuckles. Tristan rolled up his sleeves as he prepared himself.

"Guys... please stop" Yugi pleaded weakly.

"So Miho what are you doing after school?" Tea asked a purpled haired girl who was wearing the school uniform.

"I don't know Tea, but I think I want to check out-"





Tea and Miho were frozen to the spot as they heard a lot of noise coming from their classroom.


"OKAY! OKAY! I GET IT! I GIVE UP JUST STOP HITTING ME AND- WAIT NO! DON'T USE THE TEACHER'S CHAIR!" Joey's yelling snapped both girls out of their stupor, they then rushed towards the room as soon as they heard a crashing noise along with a loud scream. The girls as soon as they arrived to the door of their classroom were both left speechless as they saw Yugi hiding behind the teacher's desk. However what stunned them was that they saw Myra without her blazer allowing them to see her with a rolled up white sleeved shirt. She watched the fallen males who were groaning in pain with her arms folded, her eyes were narrowed but had a deadly look to them as they had a slit like appearance to them. She soon chucked a piece of paper at an injured Joey who reached for it with a shaky hand.

"NEVER and I mean NEVER call me puny, weak or anything else related to that! And mark my words if you blond idiot, I ever catch you upsetting Yugi in any shape or form I will send you to hospital myself! Do I make myself clear?" the boys nodded before running out the room in order to preserve whatever dignity they had left.

"I hope no one finds out that we were beaten up by a girl" Joey whispered to Tristan who nodded quickly mostly due to fear.