Myra laid on a grassy plain wearing the clothes she had before being sent into the hole. Some parts of her face, hands and legs had small cuts which allowed blood to appear in certain cuts. Her long hair was splayed around her form while her right arm rested near her face and the left was on her side. Soon two people were exploring the area were engaging in a conversation until one spotted her sleeping which startled them since this area was quite reclusive to some.

"Do you think she is okay?" asked a brown eyed boy with brown hair wearing a blue vest, he wore black shorts under the light armour around his waist, he had yellow sleeves which had black on the ends so they would stay secure, his lower legs had what looked like leg warmers on them, he also wore grey shoes and a red cape that went up to his lower knees. Keeping it there was a yellow broach which had gold around it. He looked at the dark purple haired girl who had short hair at the front by spikey at the back and rested on her upper beck, she had green eyes that were a similar shade to jade, she wore a short sleeved purple shirt, black shorts, black sleeves that went from her wrists to her upper elbows and socks, she also wore brown ankle boots which had laces on them, on her forehead was a green stone attached to a yellow string, her skin was tanned and she had a gold thin choker around her neck. Startled the girl went farther stopped him from going near Myra due to being cautious about this unknown girl, however the boy felt his heart go out to the unconscious girl and sent arm of the girl beside him down and slowly approached Myra.

"My prince don't" the girl hissed in fear while the boy turned to look at her with sad eyes that tore at her heart.

"She looks injured Yubel, we can't leave her like this" the boy said looking really unsettled as he knelt down and felt Myra's pulse "thank goodness she's still alive, but what is she doing here?" the boy asked while placing a hand to his chin showing that he was pondering this.

"Why is she even wearing those clothes? Is she a foreigner?" Yubel asked with a frown and strode over towards the boy before pulling him back "she could be dangerous so let me handle this Hiro"

"But Yubel! Her pulse is weak, how could she hurt me?" Hiro asked looking worried and upset that Yubel was acting like this, biting the inside of her cheek Yubel eyed him weakly she felt frustrated at how he was acting. Holding her wrist Hiro's eyes showed he was concerned until a huge gust of wind pushed them back slightly, their eyes widened as a strange grey skinned humanoid male with wings and a large snake that was attached to his waist. The snake hissed crossly while the humanoid glared at them warningly.

"Step away from her! What did you do to her?" Diabound bellowed scaring Yubel but Hiro quickly recovered and stared at him with sadness but Diabound remained on edge.

"What is that thing?" Yubel cried only to her dismay she was unable to detach Hiro from the unconscious girl.

"We found her like this, I promise we didn't hurt her" Hiro replied but Diabound narrowed his eyes at the boy.

"You expect me to believe that? For all I know you're trying to cover up your act" Diabound retorted but Hiro shook his head.

"I swear we just found her, we don't even know who she is. Please believe me" Hiro pleaded as he stared dead into the spirit's eye, observing him with furious eyes the spirit soon moved towards Myra but Hiro didn't move despite the fact Yubel was trying to pull him away. Watching Diabound check Myra the spirit looked at him.

"If you are telling the truth, then take us to a healer" Diabound said sternly however Hiro's eyes lit up in happiness and relief that the spirit believed him.

"Yes sir! My father has a lot of physicians when we live" Hiro said to Yubel's dismay but she kept quiet as it appeared that the spirit was only protecting the girl, on the other hand it could be an act so she kept her guard up just in case. Picking her up Diabound followed Hiro and Yubel to a castle located on top of a hill, immediately guards holding spears surrounded Diabound who flashed a horrified Hiro a dark look.

"You dare-!"

"Please don't hurt them! There's a girl who needs help" confused the guards stared at the other until they saw someone approaching them, quickly the group kneeled in respect as they saw a man with long black hair and a black beard wearing a gold crown, he had gold shoulder pads over his teal coloured top, he had a gold belt and black shorts, he also wore black boots and a dark blue cape which was being secured in place by a red jewel, one his arms were gold wrist guards that had a red stone on both of them.

"What seems to be the problem?" the man asked looking cautiously at them.

"My king!" one guard said loudly due to being surprised by the sudden appearance.

"Father this girl is hurt, we need a physician" Hiro pleaded startling his father who saw the state Myra was in, narrowing his eyes he looked at his guards with a disapproving look.

"Why is she and this spirit surrounded by spears instead of being seen to?" the king demanded crossly causing the guards to go pale.

"A thousand apologies, we saw the spirit and-"

"The time for talk will have to wait, for now follow me and I'll get the physician to examine her" the king silenced the guards who now knew they were in trouble. Hiro immediately began to feel relief fill him from hearing his father's words, meanwhile Yubel exhaled knowing that the spirit wasn't going to attack them. Diabound eyed them before following the king silently with Hiro walking beside him while Yubel followed at the rear.

"My apologies for what happened, we never know who is safe or dangerous" the king said in a baritone voice while Diabound kept silent, instead his mind went to Myra who remained unconscious. He could only hope she would recover soon so they could leave, why was she even dragged this time period to begin with? She had no reason to be here, right?

Once they arrived in the royal physician's room an elderly man wearing dark blue robes stood up while a young teen girl wearing light blue robes stood beside him, not wasting time the physician approached them as the girl helped make the bed ready for the patient. Sadly Diabound eyed the frowning physician with distain, distrust filled him as he remained on edge but the elderly man remained calm.

"Please spirit, she needs to be treated" Hiro pleaded but didn't touch Myra in case it provoked the already uneasy spirit who was close to leaving after what he witnessed.

"It's quite alright my prince, he is only protecting his charge. If you would follow me to the bed I will need to examine her injuries" the elderly physician said softly as he went to grab his medical equipment.

"You can trust him, he has been treating the royal line for years" the king said causing Diabound to eye him from the corner of his eye.

"Please spirit" Hiro pleaded with sad eyes, he didn't want her to get any more injured after all who knows what else was wrong with her?

"If it makes you be at ease Yubel, my son and I will leave so they can tend to you" the king said softly. "Will that be okay? Rufen?" the king asked causing the elderly man to smile.

"Of course my king, please follow me otherwise I'm sure she will not thank you for making her more ill" the physician said which made Diabound twitch.

"Now who's being a wuss?" Diabound could almost hear Myra's comment bounce back at him, she would never make him hear the end of it once she recovered. Slowly Diabound approached the bed and allowed Myra to rest, immediately her face contorted due to the pain forcing Diabound to almost react except the physician intercepted and began already tending to her.

"Come now son, let's leave them be" the king's voice entered Diabound's ears but he remained still and watched the physician and the girl try to help Myra.

"I want to know if she'll be okay" Hiro said with a stubborn but worried look that made his father blink in shock, Yubel meanwhile parted her mouth in shock before a weak smile formed on her lips. Trust him to kind to a stranger.

"If I may be so bold my king, I'll stay to keep an eye on the prince if that is okay" Yubel suggested to Hiro and the king's surprise.

"Oh? Of course, don't forget your lessons later on Hiro" the king said softly and left, as he left he caught Diabound's narrowed eyes staring at him which at first left the king uneasy before remembering why. Not that he could blame the spirit, even he would be unable to trust if his son was hurt.

Smiling brightly at the elderly man, the girl giggled at how kind the king was being. Not that he was never kind but it was nice to see it in person, soon she paused as she saw the man pause from seeing something. His eyes showed disbelief for a split second before looking at the spirit with surprise which left Diabound on edge.

"Is this? No… this is not possible, they're suppose to have vanished" the physician swallowed thickly as he saw the mark on the back of her neck.

"Brianna get me the black box by the cabinet, hurry now dear" the physician said before checking the injuries to see that they were not healing to his dismay.

"What is it master?" Brianna said while her ginger haired curls bounced from running to get the black box, something which was peculiar to her since he kept it locked and never told her what was inside it.

"Hurry now, we don't have much time. She will get worse if we don't help her" the physician said before opening the box to show some bottles and gausses, once he opened a green vial he took a strip of a white cloth and tipped some of what was in the vial onto the cloth. Soon he dabbed the cuts on her cheek and waited, biting his bottom lip he continued to watch and wait to see if the medicine would take effect.

"Master?" Brianna asked looking worried while Hiro and Yubel watched on with wordless expressions, the man eyed the cuts for a while longer before exhaling in relief. The injuries on her face were healing until there was no marks left.

"Get the king, I need to speak to him about something Yubel" the physician said shocking Yubel at how he was asking her, looking at Hiro she nodded and ran even though she wanted to stay by Jaden's side. By the time the physician was done under the watchful eyes of Diabound and Hiro the king had appeared looking worried since he had been called.

"Is something the matter Rufen?" the king asked before Rufen looked at his apprentice with calm eyes.

"Finish wiping the medicine, then let her rest" he instructed the girl who nodded sharply and got to work

"Yes sir" Brianna resumed their work without complaint, once he was satisfied Rufen walked briskly out the room with the king.

"Sire, I know who she is" the man said once they were alone in a room, surprised the king blinked not knowing what to say but was relieved to hear this.

"Then, who is she? Do you know why she is here?" the king asked now feeling anxious about knowing about her identity.

"I'm afraid I cannot answer the last question but who she is, is another matter altogether" Rufen said sternly before clearing his throat. "As I examined her, I saw a mark on the back of her neck which left me baffled until I saw the pendent around her neck, sire… this pendent belonged to a royal family that was suppose to be dead since the massacre. The mark on her neck only confirms that the pendant's true origins and her heritage. Remember how some survivors arrived here telling us they were refugees from the destroyed kingdom that floated in the sky and that only a peculiar mark existed on a member of the royal family in varies places of their body?" Rufen said with a worried look, the king as he heard this paused. He did remember granting asylum to a group people who had suffered heavy losses from being attacked by their own people, hearing that the monarch had been wiped out during the attack saddened the king but had opened his doors to the survivors in order to grant them relief.

"To think, the royal family of Mu still has a survivor but then… what happened to the queen? Why did she disappear when they needed her?" Rufen asked with a confused look as he rubbed is chin now thinking about what could have happened.

"We won't know until she recovers, I trust you'll help me keep this secret?" the king asked Rufen who nodded.

"Aye, who knows if the problems come to us when they find out. I'll keep an eye on her until she recovers but what will you do sire? She can't stay here"

"She can" the king's words shocked Rufen enough to gawk at him. "Regardless of any threat that might come for us because of her arrival, she came to us for help. That and my son cares for her, he asked me to help her and as a king- as a father I will do whatever I can to help" the king commented causing Rufen to chuckle highly for a bit.

"Oh my dear king, you're still such a kind soul. Even when things are going bad you remain positive, did you tell your son about the impending worry?" Rufen asked before hearing the king sigh.

"No… we can wait a while longer" the king assured Rufen who nodded in agreement.

"Well, back to my patient. Thank you for your council my king" Rufen bowed before leaving the king to his thoughts.

Blood dropped onto the floor surprising Myra as she turned to the left to see a large pool of blood, her eyes widened in disbelief before facing forwards to see a blood stained sword laying on the ground. A person's form could be seen laying on the floor but it was hard to make out due how dark the person's form was.

"Why…? Why do I dream of this? I thought… I thought I was over it, it wasn't my fault… I just… couldn't do anything to stop it" Myra's broken words echoed in her mind as she bit her lip as pain and guilt welled up from within her from what happened.

"But it just keeps coming back even after I suppress it" Myra added meekly, suddenly a dagger appeared in her right hand. It was then on instinct she moved her hand containing the dagger, the sound of inhuman screams entered her ears causing her to wake up and gasp in fear. Sitting up quickly Myra panted heavily as she gripped her sheets tightly causing her knuckles to go white, water dripped onto her hands but she cared not if tears were running down her face. Not after what she saw, why was she dreaming this now? Marium had told her it wouldn't show up since the scene had been sealed up so what happened?

"Miss? Are you okay?" a voice startled Myra to look to her right, her now untied hair whipped to the side as she looked at him.

"Jaden?" Myra balked in shock at who she was seeing.

"Wait… his hair style is slightly similar but different" Myra noted but was still startled by what she was seeing, blinking at what she called him Hiro shook his head.

"My name is Hiro miss, I think you have me confused with someone else" Hiro said, hearing this she sighed whether it was from relief he wasn't sure.

"Of course… I apologise" Myra said before looking around to see that she was in a physician's medical office due to how the room was set up.

"It's okay, I'm just happy to see you're okay. You really worried me, Yubel and Diabound" Hiro said with a relieved smile, Myra however paused from his words.

"Diabound?" Myra asked with a suspicious tone before Hiro pointed to a grumpy Diabound who's arms had folded so tightly that made her want to laugh. "Why are you still about? Surely you'd want to rest?" she asked with a small smile.

"And leave you with them? Nope" Diabound replied said causing Hiro to cry out in shock at how the spirit still didn't trust him.

"Excuse me but the prince has been kind enough to let you come here, show some respect" Yubel scolded causing Diabound to growl at her which she responded with a glare of her own.

"Kids! Enough" Myra said sternly silencing the pair, looking at her look they backed away from the other but still glared at the other. Hiro was left in awe before he looked at Myra who shook her head.

"What's your name miss? My name's Hiro" Hiro greeted Myra who eyed him for a bit before mentally shrugging.

"Myra, but call me Melanie when we're around other people. I don't think I'm from around here so it's best to keep a low key" Myra explained, Hiro hearing this grinned and nodded.

"Father and the master physician said they're not telling anyone about who you are anyways" Hiro commented to her surprise.

"Why?" Myra asked, Hiro opened is mouth to speak only to hear the doors to the room opened revealing the physician and the king.

"I trust you are okay?" the king asked kindly, blinking at him she slowly nodded.

"Yes sir, thank you for your help" Myra bowed her head politely causing Yubel to almost scowl at how nice she was being, the king looked at the physician who nodded.

"There's no need to bow, anyone who is hurt would need help am I correct?" the king replied as she sat up straight.

"Yes" she replied before seeing the physician looking at her, his aura suggested he knew something about her that left her on edge.

"Yubel, can you wait outside while we have a talk?" the king said to Yubel who almost gawked in shock but did as she was told.

"Yes sir" she bowed before leaving, surprised Hiro looked at her retreating form before looking at his father.

"What's wrong father?" Hiro asked while tilting his head.

"It's only as a precaution, not that I don't trust Yubel but many people would no doubt try to pry information out of her if she heard about our talk" the king responded before sitting on a chair, Diabound moved slightly closer to Myra in order to make sure that he had ample time get her away from the king if anything were to happen.

"You can rest spirit, I merely wish to speak to her" the king assured Diabound who narrowed his eyes.

"After what I witnessed when I entered here, do you truly think I should trust you humans after that?" Diabound asked crossly.

"Diabound, he is being honest don't worry" Myra said kindly as she placed her hand on Diabound, staring at her for a bit he relaxed to their relief. "So what is that you need to speak to me about?" Myra asked now looking at the king with a neutral look, the king remained silent for a bit before his shoulders tensed up slightly to her confusion.

"The mark on the back of your neck" Myra blinked in surprise since hearing someone speak about it was a first for her "it symbolises that you are an royal heir to the kingdom of Mu am I correct?" the king asked shocking Hiro who had gasped in surprise.

"No wonder father had asked to leave!" Hiro placed is hands on his knees as he remained sitting, Myra meanwhile felt her stomach twist before sadness grew at how her ancestral grandmother had suffered.

"It seems like I can't get away from this curse no matter how I try to push it away" Myra felt her shoulders slump which left the king and the physician feeling guilty for bringing this up.

"I understand if you don't-"

"Yes… it's true, not that I wanted anyone to know since I had only recently learned of the origins myself. The mark only appeared a couple of months ago after an incident" Myra spoke in a numb tone that made the king's heart become sad.

"I apologise for speaking about this but I had to be sure, I only came to know about this due to refugees who escaped Mu told me about how they were attacked by their own and that the monarchy had been wiped out" the king explained as he leaned forward, hearing about there being more survivors made Myra and Diabound look at the other in shock. "I know this isn't easy to speak about but I have to know what happened if you can tell us" the king added while Myra laid down on the bed.

"All I can tell you is that a jealous woman sold her soul to kill the current queen, in the end she was only able to succeed by cursing the queen to die once her child was born" Hiro, the king and the physician gasped in shock while Diabound's eyes narrowed at them for being insensitive.

"To… I am sorry" the king bowed "however knowing that you're one of the heirs puts you in danger, for now we'll keep your identity a secret will that be okay?" Diabound raised a brow but remained on guard, there had to be a catch, there was no way someone with this position of power would just casually allow this to be hidden. What did he want?

"As grateful as I am, I have to ask why would you do this? What is there to gain from hiding this?" Myra asked causing the king to smile softly.

"The refugees who live here are still in regret, knowing that I can help ease their minds… yes I am the king of this land but I am only one person that they do not listen to, not truly and I have a feeling seeing you will allow their minds to rest. Only we will know but I do not require anything of you, yes my son and Yubel had found you. But you need not repay us-"

"Will you be able to stay longer?" Hiro asked as he interrupted his father surprising the king, the physician and Myra who blinked in surprise.

"Um… but what can I do? It's not like I have a place here" Myra replied weakly not knowing what to say.

"You can stay as a guest if that is what you wish" the king offered shocking her and Diabound even more.

"What's the catch?" Diabound asked bluntly causing the king to smile.

"Nothing, a fellow ruler has been hurt for unsavoury reasons. Why should I demand any compensation for doing what any person should do?" the king asked while Myra looked at Diabound with a frown, both knew that it wasn't so easy for humans now a days to want to do things for free. Seeing this reaction unsettled the king, Hiro and the physician.

"Clearly you're too nice for your own good…" Myra sighed "alright, we'll stay for a bit. Just until I find out why I was sent here" Myra explained, hearing this Hiro smiled widely and hugged a surprised Myra. The king and the physician stared at her oddly.

"What to you mean you were sent here?" the physician asked while pushing his glasses up, Myra looked at Diabound before looking at them.

"I am from the future, I only arrived here because a time portal appeared below me as I was walking home and then- I landed here" Myra shrugged causing their faces to scrunch up from how bad this would be to them and her, the physician soon exhaled before pausing.

"Well we have had some problems with neighbouring countries" the physician admitted causing the king to flash him a look.

"Rufen!" the king hissed but Myra was left curious by his words.

"What happened?" she asked to the king's dismay, now he wondered if it was worth allowing the physician to speak at times.

"Why not just import some things for trade and then ask what they want?" Myra asked taking them by surprise. The king was rendered silent from her suggestion.

"Well, the king has tried but they refuse to listen. They think he has grown soft and is easy to remove from power" Myra frowned at the physician's words.

"I'm sure he's not, but I could speak to them if you want" Myra offered horrifying Diabound who made a loud disapproving noise while the king and Hiro were left speechless.

"Do you really think that they would listen?" the king asked stiffly before Myra stood up and looked at Diabound.

"Give me a minute" she turned to look at the king before vanishing into thin air, startled the king and Hiro looked round while the physician held his heart from the shock of what he witnessed.

"Where did she go?" the king asked the physician who shook his head signalling he had no clue, seconds later she appeared again causing them to yelp in shock.

"Done" Myra said before showing a few papers that weren't in her hands before, staring at her with his mouth now open the king looked at the papers before going pale.

"She… she actually spoke to them…" the king chewed his lip before looking at her.

"Ever thought about being an advisor?" the king asked taking Hiro and the physician by surprise.

"Not really, I usually hate stuffy areas. Plus a relative of mine who worked as one was killed" she commented leaving him unable to speak.

"That's all they want?!" the physician exclaimed in surprise as his glasses fell off his face.

"Yup, plus it'll help all the neighbouring countries to get along. They weren't sure about you due to how some rumors have been going around, but after speaking to them they've agreed to have a meeting once every month to talk things over" Myra replied leaving the king more relieved than before.

"I'll organise the first meeting now… thank you, I don't know how I can repay you now" the king admitted with a soft smile, Myra smiled and waved it off.

"Just doing what I thought was right, yes I know I was interfering but it helps to have a fresh pair of ears" nodding the king left them in the room to speak to the other kingdoms. If this worked then peace would definitely be around the corner.

Now with alone with Hiro, Diabound the physician Myra felt her nerves creep up on her.

"Thank you Melanie, that was really nice of you" Hiro said causing her face to go red from the comment.

"Ah… don't mention it" she looked away shyly, he was a sweet kid.

"Would you like me to show you around the kingdom once you get better?" Hiro asked brightly taking her and Diabound by surprise.

"Will that be okay? I'm sure you have stuff to do" Myra commented looking worried.

"Just studies but I think father will let me off since I wanted to help you get better" Hiro said before Yubel entered the office. "Yubel, Melanie helped father with his problem involving the neighbouring kingdoms isn't that great?" Hiro asked shocking her, looking at Myra who felt uncomfortable from being stared at Yubel felt her bile grow sour. She should be happy that this girl helped and yet seeing how Hiro was being friendly to someone they didn't truly know unsettled her a lot. What was so special about this girl? Sensing resentment from Yubel left Myra uncomfortable.

"Um Hiro, I need to rest. Being up and about has left me tired" Myra said while going to her bed, nodding Hiro smiled and helped her with her covers.

"I hope you get some rest miss" Hiro said before he and Yubel left, giving her a curious look Yubel followed Hiro out the room which made Myra sigh heavily from relief.

"I don't trust that girl, she harbours a lot of jealousy towards you" Diabound said before hearing Myra groan weakly at what he said.

"I don't even like him that way, he's a sweet kid that's all plus he's way younger than me" Myra commented to the physician's surprise as he was sorting out his vials.

"Well in her defence they have been childhood friends, so it's to be expected that she is unsettled from watching a new girl enter his life" Rufen explained before handing her cup of water "drink up my lady, this will help restore your energy" Myra eyed him with worry causing him to laugh.

"Don't worry, whether you are royal or not you helped our king. A friend of the prince is an ally to the king and his people" Rufen assured him before Brianna entered looking tired but had a soft smile on her face regardless of the fact she had to tend to patients from outside the castle.

Myra later after drinking the water yawned quietly before going to sleep, as she slept Diabound remained on guard to the physician's amusement but continued to work regardless.

Blood splattered the floor, some blood rose up staining pink and blue clothes. Parts of a long hagoromo scarf were sprayed on various parts while the tips stained before gravity claimed it and the long dress. Screams of disbelief, horror and despair filled the area from seeing the fallen form. Soon footfalls rushed towards the fallen body, sadly the face due to the fall was hardly recognisable making it hard to tell who it was. However… the clothes were a tell tell sign of who they truly belonged to.

"Myra!" Hiro cried with a happy smile as he ran towards Myra who stood near a balcony wall wearing a long turquoise dress that went up to her lower ankles, to her dismay it took a lot of convincing to get her to wear it since she was stubborn about wearing trousers.

"Hello Hiro, finished your studies for today?" Myra asked with a light smile as one hand rested on her side while the other leaned on the stone balcony, nodding Hiro smiled brightly.

"You bet! It was hard but I managed to get it done" Hiro replied as he approached her.

"No slacking off this time?" Myra asked with a teasing smile that made him cry out in shock.

"Ah-Myra! Why?" Hiro whined before hearing her laugh in a carefree manner. So far it had been three months since she appeared and it had been a challenging set of months, thankfully the refugees of Mu had finally settled once Myra had made her presence known allowing them to truly integrate with his people. As expected there had been some issues with people not liking the other until Myra and his father had stopped it straight away on her suggestion.

"If we allow this to fester, then we might as well cause another incident like what happened on Mu" Myra had said bluntly on that day surprising those who were in the meeting, another thing that had happened during those months was that someone had tried to attack Hiro but ended up poisoning Yubel instead with a deadly poisonous flower called Alumebei. Which to the people of Mu had been known as the Kiss of Death. Hearing the news had sparked anger on both sides since the flower never grew on Mu because the royal family had made it so that no one would be able to see or access it, but that didn't mean images of it wouldn't be seen in books for references on how to cure it. Hearing the fights escalate Myra had marched into the main square where fights were taking place against Hiro's pleas for her to stay with him and scared the groups into ceasing their conflicts. Soon after that she had asked the people of Mu if they knew of a cure, to her dismay it involved a few things from various places that were not even around in this time era. However to her relief a duel spirit known as Time Wizard had been visiting the area allowing her to travel to the areas and return with the antidote ready to help Yubel, despite the unease the pair felt towards the other she was willing to help Yubel recover for the sick girl and Hiro's sake. Shocked that she was helping her Yubel had thanks to Hiro's constant nagging took the medicine and within days felt better enough to move about. Ever since then Yubel had been shy and unable thank Myra whenever they met, instead Myra had been taking care of Hiro and the people of Mu while making sure that they were all okay given the bad blood that had occurred from both sides. Just knowing that Myra was doing her job didn't really leave Yubel happy but knew that as long as Hiro was safe she could somewhat relax until it was time for her to work as the king placed her on strict bed rest. This on the other hand made Yubel more determined to work harder to protect Hiro who had been worried about her a lot, given that once she was on her feet she was constantly on guard protecting him and hardly rested while Myra observed the pair. So far no one dared to attack due to how Myra had kept the ones who would think to do it on edge, she hardly used her powers but her eyes scared them enough thanks to her ancestor who resided within her through the mark on her upper right arm. To one she had encountered it was like looking at death which led to really strange rumours about her, none that she denied which left more people uneasy despite her smiling. After all she could be a wolf in sheep's clothing, smiling kindly before breaking out her of disguise and tearing them to pieces. Just hearing their thoughts made her laugh but she kept it to herself even though Hiro was growing more and more upset about how some even the those at the castle were now on edge with her.

"It's fine" she told him one day "Better to fear and know that I get to them, knowing that if they betray I will know who it is before it is curtains for them" Myra winked playfully but Hiro remained pouting. This was the last thing he wanted- her being feared, she was doing her best to help and she was being resented for it.

"Oh who doesn't like an anti-hero?" she had commented before patting his head and guided him to his studies much to his dismay.

"Did you do your homework?" she asked with a teasing smile that had Hiro groaning loudly.

"Yes… the teacher said I scored high marks" Hiro muttered before smiling as she hugged him.

"That's great, but what is the number one rule of being a ruler?" Myra asked as she looked down and smiled at him, hearing this question made him blink before a sheepish smile formed on his face.

"They must love their people and be willing to help them" Hiro replied, hearing this she smiled and nodded with a look of approval.

"That's good, don't ever forget that Hiro. Mercy and compassion are also fundamental for any ruler as well why?" Myra asked as she held his hand and led him to look at the view from where she had stood, allowing him to see the vast green land and beautiful crystal blue waters below them.

"Because without them one would be a tyrant and kill anyone without giving one a chance to speak. Even if someone does wrong it is good to forgive because we make mistakes, right Myra?" Hiro asked with a wide smile as he looked at her, chuckling she winked.

"I think some lessons are being drilled into your head, that's good" Myra added causing him to narrow his eyes at her.

"Myra…" he whined weakly causing her to giggle.

"It's true, before you hardly paid any attention to your studies and now you're doing really well. Makes me wonder what changed" Myra said while folding her arms and looked over the balcony, her hair moved slightly due to the breeze but she minded not given how peaceful the area was. However she didn't hold her breath and relax since this could end at any time. Hiro looked at her from the corner of his eye in a bashful manner before looking at the view, he wasn't going to admit that he had chose to study more since that would allow him to spend extra time with Myra and Yubel. However he knew that he had to put more effort into studying otherwise he would not be able to at all to his dismay.

"I…" Hiro closed is mouth and smiled while enjoying this quiet time he had before the craziness came at them.

"So when are you going to tell Yubel how you feel?" Hiro froze in shock, his face went red before he looked at her with mortified eyes. "Honestly it worries me that you're beating round the bush and not just taking a leap" Myra commented as she mentally smirked knowing that it was getting to him, at times she had made a few hints here and there but he never reacted so much as he had now. Just knowing that she was getting to him about one of his interests gave her a sense of thrill, it was strange that she could get interested in such things since love had not been a thing she was into.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!" Hiro cried as stood up straight, his focus now on her while the terrified prince's eyes went wide from what she was suggesting.

"Oh Hiro… what a naïve but sweet child" Myra said almost like she was scolding even though she was smiling, something that made him frown at her for "do not take me for a fool, I can see how you two act. It's such a sad dance and it reminds me of my cousin who liked this girl but never did tell how he felt, instead she grew interested with an old man. A VERY old man who was married" she added with a sly smile that made him bristle.

"What is going on with me and Yubel is normal, I'm a prince and she's a servant" Hiro replied as his left hand twitched while he closed it, his face slowly went back to normal thanks to the negative thoughts "we can't care for each other like that, it's frowned upon" Hiro added while she eyed him with a bored look which left him unsettled.

"You know one of my ancestors was royal and she married a thief's son, she didn't care of who his family was or what is occupation was. To her he was someone she loved" Myra explained to a now shocked Hiro who looked as if his mouth had dropped from how that would look to others.

"But wait! You're royal as well thanks to the Mu Queen's blood" Hiro retorted while folding his arms and tilting his head.

"Ah but her mother married a king from another land, a land that had some really mean judgemental people. Just think a princess marries foul blood, she and her brother left before word got out on what she did. That and her brother married a servant who worked around the palace, they didn't care what others thought. I even heard their uncle married a dead woman who died to keep him safe. He never had any heir since she was already dead and instead had someone else carry on his burdens instead. Who cares about what people say? They're not royal they just want to be ahead and see others as stepping stones, obstacles that they have to squish in order to get ahead. Hiro" she paused as she gave him a firm look "if you love someone would you really let anyone else tell you what to do? Or would you fight for what you want?" Hiro was left stunned as she stared at him for a bit before smiling.

"Now enough of this, go speak to her and if you want I can stand nearby. Just to give you a push if you want" she commented causing his face to go red once more at the fact she was going to push him into confessing "you're young yes but why not let her know? For all you know she likes you to and you played chicken" she said with a teasing smile that left him more shocked.

"D-Do you think she does?" Hiro asked shyly as he looked down at his boots, smiling she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"What does your heart tell you?" she asked softly before guiding him to the hallway so they could find Yubel.

"Maybe? Yes? I… Yubel!" Hiro cried as he saw Yubel turning to look at them.

"My prince-my lady" Yubel bowed politely which left Myra eyeing her oddly since she never did this before.

"Yubel" Myra greeted with an even tone. "Is there something wrong?" she asked now looking at her with suspicious eyes.

"The king, he wanted the pair of us to meet him tomorrow. He has something he wants to tell us" Yubel explained which left Myra and Hiro confused.

"Did he tell you what it is?" Myra asked but Yubel shook her head.

"No my lady, um…" Yubel looked at her with a nervous expression, one that Myra knew right off the bat.

"Ah, Hiro why don't you go to the library with Yubel. I have to go to a meeting" Myra explained with a soft smile, Yubel blinked in surprise while Hiro made a small noise signalling he was surprised.

"A meeting? I thought you didn't have any" Hiro asked now feeling upset that she was going again.

"It's a last minute meeting" Myra said before a white ghostly dove flew towards her out stretched right finger "apparently there has been some unease so I need to go and see what's wrong, in the mean time keep an eye on each other" Myra winked at Hiro who now resisted the urge to squirm under her look, in a way he was relieved that she was trying to help him spend time with Yubel but was upset that she would just leave like that knowing that this wasn't going to be easy for him.

"See you both later I hope" Myra smiled and waved before walking away while the dove flew off her finger and flew side by side with her leaving the pair to stare.

"Hahaha! And I told him that this wouldn't work and he still ended up loosing a leg over it" a burly brown haired man laughed as he held his mug of water, Myra smiled softly at him while the others in the group laughed.

"I'm sure he misses the spring in his step" Myra suggested, at first this would have confused the people of Mu but now after spending time with her they quickly adapted to her witty remarks and laughed heartily. Even the one they spoke about was smiling at her attempt to try and cheer him up.

"At least I tried to catch the bear, what were you all doing? Hiding under a bridge?" retorted the legless man who had black hair and green eyes, laughter filled the room once more before the burly man drained the last of his water.

"Man am I glad you're here my queen, things have really settled down for us once you arrived. We truly are grateful for what you've done for us" the man said while Myra shook her head and smiled.

"I know what it's like to live in an unfamiliar setting, from most of my life I had to always be on the move otherwise I might not live the next day" Myra explained to them, some had brooding looks on their faces while some remained guilty for how they acted during the incident.

"We truly are sorry, we shouldn't have abandoned the queen then" said a woman who was holding a jug, pouring more water she went to tend to the one beside the legless man.

"She would say your survival was more important to her than her life" Myra said with an assuring smile.

"But we left her when she was carrying an heir" said a silvery haired male with yellow eyes, his eyes shone with resentment and self loathing that she understood straight away. "How can we even hope to make up for that?"

"Zerla would have killed every last one of you, her plan was to divide and attack while the queen was defenceless. Yes she is dead now but she will be back to finish what she started. It is inevitable however we can always do something even if it doesn't look like we are doing anything" Myra explained with a stern look, despite her assurances it didn't leave any of them at ease. In the end they abandoned their queen who had done so much for them and more to be slaughtered when their lives were in danger. To think when they truly needed to rise up they would just hide with their tails between their legs, some where suppose to be swordsman and fighters who wielded elements such as fire. Even now regret for losing their fallen comrades to this hell plagued on their minds, yes seeing an heir of the queen had sparked their moral the damage had been done so now all the disgraced group wanted to was be left alone. Sadly that was proving hard even though their current queen was trying to help it be possible had found some struggles along the way since they were in a way 'taking over' some parts of the kingdom. Despite their queen and the king who ruled the lands had denied this since he had personally allowed them to reside in some areas that were vacated, the unease and disapproving looks their received reminded them that they were not truly wanted. Yes according to the queen it would take time but they were now unsure of how long this would take, even their own were growing more unsettled than ever before and it was getting to the point that they were planning to leave. Which meant being on more dangerous turf and risking death.

"Still we could have done something" one male piped up causing her to smile at how they were behaving.

"You did, you helped each other survive. We all make mistakes that's what it means to be human but throwing your lives away when you know it was dangerous to begin with-"

"That's who we are, the blood thirsty lot who went and challenged dangerous foes. Taking them down the moment we brandished our swords, Yes we lost a few but knowing that it was for a noble cause it's better to not be filled with regrets" the burly man said with a sad smile.

"We fought with our fists my lady, our fires were dangerous and would annihilate our enemies! We took pride in knowing we were protecting our own, but now… it seems like all the hope and will to fight has left us the day that ruined us all. Maybe this is our punishment for abandoning our queen in her time of need, but we will endure this" a white haired red eyed male said with a frown as he placed his left fist into his open right hand. Myra frowned.

"No one should punish themselves for something beyond their control" Myra said sternly "we can only do what we can and if it's meant to be, then we can only accept and learn from it" Myra said before the sound of a loud gong from a grandfather's clock entered her ears causing her to pause, her eyes went wide for a bit before she sat up straight without knowing why. Her body tensed up as an uncomfortable feeling entered her heart which made her bit her lip in worry. Seeing this the expressions of the group became sombre as they recognised this look.

"You sense death approaching don't you?" asked the serving woman, turning to look at her Myra was left stunned before taking note of everyone else.

"How did you…?"

"Our queen had the gift of foresight" the burly man said with a frown as he looked down bitterly "she used her powers as a priestess to conduct ceremonies to protect us, to help her see into the future so she could get a full understanding on why she saw happen. Only… the last time she had this expression that you wore on your face, it was before the massacre happened" he explained.

"The generals saw that look during their meeting with her, she had dropped her goblet that day and her hand trembled. However… instead of telling us what was wrong she smiled and told us it was a feeling that would pass" a tall man with silver hair and green eyes said with a guilty look. "We all didn't want to press her on it so we shrugged it off but Zerken… he didn't and we all now know why. She was trying to prevent it from happening herself only to fall because it was thanks to all of us"

"We killed her" A blond haired silver eyed male added with self loathing as he glared at his glass, Myra as she looked at everyone saw their sombre, guilty looks.

"The destruction whether it was of that demoness' making, we had lived in our own ignorance and became too comfortable with the peace that had been around for hundreds of years to realise that we were our own danger. Just knowing this… it must of truly shaken our queen up to the point she couldn't trust her own council to know the upcoming disaster" A green haired male with green eyes commented.

"We failed…"

"Oh hush!" Myra muttered dryly silencing the group, looking at her frowning at them with her arms folded she twitched from how their moods were now swallowing them whole. "She wanted to protect you all from her and yourselves, can you not see why she chose not to tell you? Look, her line lives to this day so why are you all hurting yourselves? The main target of the attack was the queen, yes we hit a lot of walls along the way but we thrived which I'm sure angers Zerla a lot. So now you have a chance to do the right thing, you're all alive and have much to live for" Myra said before huffing.

"When you hit rock bottom, you've nowhere to go but up. We can't change the past but we can learn and walk forward because time doesn't wait for you, you have to keep moving even if the path is filled with pain and hardships-" Myra said before standing up.

"Because that is life" Myra and another woman's voice said at the same time, Myra's eyes remained filled with determination as she stared at the group. Hearing the voice the group tensed up, air left their lungs as they almost imagined their queen had been standing and speaking right where Myra stood. A faint silhouette remained where Myra stood, the silhouette nodded with a firm look before it vanished leaving them speechless.

"She's right…" the male with silver hair and green eyes said before closing his eyes, a soft smile formed on his face "we still live, we can carry out the queen's final wish to bring hope. So why are we wallowing in self pity? That's not what ninja's do!" he said with a shaky smile.

"Yeah! We gather secrets, we work in the shadows and we show no mercy to those who cause us harm!" the green haired green eyed male said with a loud proud tone as he stood up.

"We electrocute and slay our enemies with our swords, we never wavered when facing our foes. We fought-"

"To the bitter end!" they all yelled, some slammed their fists on their table while others raising their fists into the air and cheered in agreement. Blinking Myra pushed herself away from the table and smiled knowing that they were now filled with hope once more.

"Not what I expected to witness, but I am glad you called me. Thank you for giving them a reason to continue, you'd make a strong queen if the opportunity had presented itself… however, I'm glad it hasn't. Live your life Myra for that is our wish" the woman said with a soft kind voice that made Myra smile.

"Thanks Espira, I hope rest easy with your husband" Myra said before looking up at window to see a translucent jade butterfly, it's antennas moved for a bit before flying away which left Myra smiling in knowing that Espira was happy.

"Heeey! Don't blank out! We're going to be celebrating tonight! Tomorrow we will start making names for ourselves!" the burly man boomed causing her to chuckle mentally. At least… it was a start.

"You were gone for a while" Myra turned her head to see Yubel's calm form looking at the black haired girl after she entered the castle, smiling weakly Myra scratched the back of her head.

"Well um… I had to supervise a party the people of Mu were having, they got very rowdy even though some were not drunk after drinking so much" Myra commented as she remembered how the swordsmen were drinking and still had a lot of energy to spare, most despite being drunk were either throwing sharp stuff or singing off key songs that made Myra shiver but smile at how they refused to be put down from their misfortunes. Although… she was sure they would be nursing large hangovers as punishment for their own stupidity but, for now she'd let them learn the hard way on why they had to be careful.

Yubel raised a brow as she stared at Myra.

"You know the king requested us to see him tomorrow, do you know why?" Yubel asked, staring at Yubel with calm eyes Myra shook her head softly.

"I'm afraid not, but best not to think about it tonight. So how was your talk with Hiro?" Myra asked as they walked through the hallway, blinking Yubel looked down meekly while clenching her hands tightly by her sides. "You should tell him how you feel. It'll just fill you with regrets Yubel, I'm telling you this as someone who watched this happen to someone. It ruined them and they could never fix things" Myra said softly, her mind went to Marium telling Atem of her curse to Kisara protecting Seto to her very last breath. All those people she met, most lived with regrets and some could have been prevented to her dismay but alas human nature also played a part in their misfortune.

"I don't need you telling me all this, so why are you interfering?" Yubel hissed before glaring at Myra's calm expression "you have no business involving yourself in my affairs" Yubel said before Myra smiled.

"You know… I can see through that mask of yours" Yubel paused as Myra walked with her face forwards "you're worried about what others would say so fear blocks you from taking a first step. In truth it's not people who stop you from being happy but yourself, have confidence. That's how my ancestor married his wife despite who opposed his choice" Myra grinned widely leaving Yubel shaken.

"No one knew of her mother's royal heritage but it shows that people can be judgemental and jealous, who gives a care though I don't" Myra said before hearing Yubel rush towards her.

"Say I believe you, he wouldn't feel the same way" Yubel said causing Myra to almost hit her face in frustration.

"So you say… but did you ever ask him?" Yubel gasped lightly before looking at Myra in shock. "You might end up surprising yourself with what you hear and also how long have you two known each other?" Myra asked before looking at the night sky.

"Good night Yubel, get some sleep and think it over" Myra added lightly before turning quickly to smile and wave at Yubel who was left rooted to the spot, she eyed her shoes weakly but didn't move as her mind raced from what Myra had told her. Shaking her head Myra smiled and walked to her room for sleep, a yawn left her lips as she took out a hair clip from her hair and closed the door behind her.

Myra and Yubel approached the king who stood facing the ocean from the high balcony.

"I trust you both had a good sleep" the king said without turning round, Myra now dressed in a sky blue shirt and white trousers that were wide on the bottom went to sit on the edge of the balcony so she could see the king, her long see through ankle high blue jacket fluttered as it remained open and unrestrained, her sleeves covered her fingers but she minded not one bit. Her hair was in a high braid while a white winged clip kept her right fringe pinned above her ear. Yubel remained wearing her usual clothes stood to the right of the king while waiting for him to speak.

"Yubel… Myra, there's a reason why I have called you both here" The king said allowing them to hear his worried tone, curious Myra narrowed her eyes slightly while Yubel kept her composure. "Since the beginning of time light and darkness energies once existed in harmony bringing peace and harmony to the world, sadly at a time evil had ruled the world by weakening the light of hope causing chaos. By corrupting the light it soon became known as the Light of Destruction. However what was left of the light soon sought help from it's counterpart which sealed away the corruption so it would not harm anyone" The king explained while Myra narrowed her eyes. It was surprising that light could fall and yet like darkness it was neutral but prone to switch sides, it didn't mean all light was evil but misguided or had been filled with things that would change it. Just like humans who had been consumed with desire to fight would soon lose the reason as to why they did it in the first place. No doubt one side could not exist without the other to help guide them.

"I remember that one of my ancestors, her friends and family had to send away a friend who had been corrupted. Despite being good with the powers of darkness he had became a monster and his dark side sent his soul to a place that no good spirit should ever go once they die. I can imagine the trauma he had to go through, hating himself for not being strong enough to fight against the evil that consumed him. It tore his family and friends apart to know they couldn't save him" Myra explained causing the king to sigh heavily while a saddened Yubel to look down.

"Very soon the great evil will soon approach us after being sealed away, the evil light will devastate lives if it is allowed to take over our world. Very soon the darkness known as the Supreme King- one who bears the powers Gentle Darkness shall appear and will fight the evil that will consume everything but I know he will need help" the king said while the pair remained silent as they took this information in.

"I assure you the people of Mu will be backing you and the chosen one without any hesitation" Myra said with a firm tone not knowing that someone was watching them as a spirit.

"Myra…?" the person said in shock not knowing what to say.

"I know… but you must know that it is my son" Yubel felt her stomach drop from the news of Hiro being in danger, sensing this Myra frowned at how this could affect Yubel "but he will be a temporary vessel for the power which will pass through time. Someone will need to watch over this power but I know it will be a hard task" the king said.

"Please sire! Let me do it!" Yubel cried startling the king, hearing this Myra frowned.

"No way!" Myra snapped shocking Yubel and the spirit, Yubel turned to look at Myra's hardened look. "Are you stupid? Don't throw your life away, you have time to live so don't throw it away by being reckless" Myra said causing Yubel to grit her teeth.

"I know what I'm doing-" Myra nodded at the king before grabbing Yubel's arm and dragged her way to one side.

"Do you? Do you really know what you're doing Yubel?" Myra asked causing Yubel to stiffen "this is a life sentence, you will never die but he will. He will be forced to marry and have an heir to carry this power, will you live with this? With regrets?" Myra asked sternly as she stared deep into Yubel's eyes, pulling her arm out of Myra's hold she glared at the stern faced girl.

"My life means nothing, in the end I am a servant who's role is to protect the prince" Yubel snapped as anger filled her, she was not going to lose the prince. If it meant throwing away everything to keep him safe than so be it.

"And what about his heart? His feelings? Do they mean nothing to you Yubel? Did you think to ask him before you jumped into a situation without knowing how he felt about it?" Myra retorted causing Yubel to falter, her hair shielded her eyes as her mind went to the prince.

"I know… I'll never be with him, but that doesn't mean I can't stay by his side" Yubel said in a soft tone which left Myra annoyed.

"You'd be a fool to throw your life away so readily, wait a bit Yubel" Myra said before placing a hand on Yubel's shoulder "my advice to you is live your life, a human's life is too short and before you know it Hiro will be gone. Be happy, live your life-" Myra went quiet as Yubel shrugged her off.

"I'm doing this for his sake, I don't care about what you think!" Yubel hissed.

"So as a friend you'll disregard me words?" Myra asked before folding her arms, her brows furrowed as sadness filled her. Hearing this Yubel felt her stomach plummet at how she was treating Myra, in the end Myra was trying to help her and she was throwing her frustrations right at Myra who cared about not just Hiro but her to. Shame filled Yubel as she looked down while tears formed in her eyes.

"I'm sorry… I just…" Yubel looked up at Myra "I don't want to lose him" Yubel wailed causing Myra to sigh, a soft smile formed on her face.

"You won't, but with how you're going about you will without a doubt" Myra explained as she pulled Yubel into a tight hug with which Yubel returned ignoring that her tears were staining the jacket. "Let it out Yubel, it's okay… he will be okay" Myra said before placing her chin on top of Yubel.

"I'm scared, what if something happens and I can't save him?" Yubel mumbled as she continued to hug Myra.

"Hiro is training too you know, we can only do our best and don't forget this kingdom has the people of Mu backing him up" Myra winked playfully at Yubel who looked at her in awe.

"How do you do it?" Myra blinked at Yubel's question "being hopeful, how can you remain happy even when things are going to happen?" Yubel asked causing Myra to sigh.

"Things are going to happen but if we allow ourselves to be consumed with defeat then the fight has been lost before it could begin. My sister gave her life to save me years ago" Myra said before patting Yubel's back lightly, startled Yubel blinked in surprise as she looked at the saddened Myra who looked at the window. "These people came to my grandfather's home and killed everyone there, I… I should have died too but sis gave me her remaining life force to keep me alive. She wanted me to live towards a brighter future, to help people and give them a chance to smile and be happy. Yes the world has bad things and I even had to take a vow of silence to save the lives of those around me but the patience was worth it, I may not have done much but knowing that I did what I could made it worth while and believe me not using my powers when I wanted to really left me upset. However personal gain and exposure was bad for everyone. I could never do that to anyone so I only used my powers when necessary" Myra explained before exhaling, Yubel as she listened looked down at her arms feeling conflicted about everything.

"Sometimes we're given a choice but knowing when to act on it is the main question, you'll understand when you're older Yubel but in the meantime take the time to think things over okay?" Myra asked with a soft smile, Yubel looked at her for a bit before slowly nodding.

"Excuse me" Yubel said before walking away leaving Myra to stare at her retreating form, the girl frowned at how Yubel was still willing to throw her life away so quickly. Without a doubt this would hurt her if Hiro died.

"Sire… she's not ready, please don't let her do this" Myra said softly as she felt the king's presence.

"I cannot stop her, this is her choice" the king replied causing Myra to look at him.

"You can stop her, she will not cope the moment Hiro dies. This will destroy her, sire I know for a fact that this'll make her a become a danger to herself and those around her. Can't we find a way to stop this?" Myra asked while the king remained sombre.

"I understand… go see my son, ask him what he thinks about all of this" the king said surprising Myra.

"Of course, thank you" Myra said as she was about to turn and run.

"And Myra" she paused to look at him from the corner of her eye. "Forgive me for putting you all in this situation" she smiled.

"Sire this was inevitable, no matter where we go bad things will happen it's just how we handle it. I know you wanted Hiro to live a normal happy live, so I'll do my best to protect him if Yubel is unable to. That is my promise" Myra said before leaving the area quickly, the king as he watched felt sadness but joy in knowing that she was determined to keep him safe. But the sadness of knowing that this could ruin things between the three festered in his heart knowing that the girl who he had spoken to was the child of Mu. The one who bared a power that remained uncorrupted by the evil light that broke away. Instead as he saw her walk away, he could almost see two girls walking side by side. One taller than the other, one who had blond hair while Myra had black. One possessed a courageous heart while the other had a patient but almost wise look despite her age.

"It shouldn't be possible and yet… if anything did happen to the light carriers, the one closest to the other would carry the burden of the other. Did her sister carry the courageous heart? Why do I have the feeling that she is not dead even though Myra had said she had? What did happen back then?" he pondered as he looked at where Myra had once stood.

A girl with shoulder length blond hair stood observing a beaker while wearing a lab coat, in her hands was a clipboard while she wore a pair of glasses.

"Melanie! How's the trial coming along?" a male said causing the blond haired girl to look at the male, her azure blue eyes twinkled with glee in knowing things were going well.

"It's going well, if this keeps up it could change a lot of lives" Melanie said with a joyous smile before looking back at the beaker, she eyed her short gloves with a smile. Despite the disfigured mark on the back of her left hand she refused to allow it to bother her, however that didn't mean she didn't wear gloves to hide it.

"That's great! I hope to see how this turns out!" the male said before going to do more research.

"Hiro! Hiro where are you?" Myra cried as she tried to find the prince, rushing out of his room Hiro spotted Myra's frantic look and ran towards her.

"What is it?" Hiro asked as she grabbed is arms.

"Hiro where's Yubel? Did she see you?" Myra asked now feeling herself become more frantic, confused Hiro shook his head.

"No I haven't seen her, why?" Hiro asked causing her to go cold "Myra…?" Hiro's voice trembled as he saw her expression become fearful.

"Myra what's wrong?" Hiro asked "where's Yubel?!" he cried now starting to become hysterical.

"Yubel… she's going to turn herself into a spirit" Myra explained to a now horrified Hiro.

"But why? Why is she doing this?" Hiro asked before Myra pulled him with her, realising that time was running out the pair ran.

"All I can tell you is that an evil will try to harm you, so Yubel's sacrificing her humanity to protect you" Myra said to a now broken hearted Hiro. Clenching her hand Hiro now ran quickly in order to match Myra's pace.

"There's the door!" Myra said before pushing Hiro towards hit, not wasting time he opened it.

"Stop this!" Hiro screamed while seeing what was happening in front of him, Yubel was being strapped to the stone slab. "Stop this please there has to be another way!" Hiro cried before running towards them so he could stop the ceremony, Myra as she remained near the door felt sick from how this was going to hurt Hiro deeply.

"Why would you do this? I don't understand Yubel, how could you do something like this and not tell me?" Hiro asked as he looked at Yubel's new form with despair.

"I know, but know that I am doing this to protect you. I will always protect you no matter what Hiro" Yubel said as she held Hiro's hands.

"But it doesn't explain why you didn't talk to me about this, it's not fair that you didn't think that I should have a say in this" Hiro said feeling tears run down his face shocking Yubel. "I… I don't understand why you wouldn't speak to me about this, I thought we were friends. Best friends that would always be there no matter what, this is not what friends do" Hiro said before standing up and pulled away from Yubel's stunned expression.

"I care about you Yubel, so much but this… you didn't even think that I was worth a thought, that I didn't have a say in this. You never… why didn't you ask me?" Hiro cried before taking a step back.

"Hiro… it's complicated" Yubel said softly.

"NO IT'S NOT!" Hiro yelled startling her even more "it's only complicated when you make it like that… friends don't do this, they don't" Hiro turned to run away.

"Hiro!" Yubel cried as she stood up and extended her wings.

"No leave me alone!" Hiro yelled as he fled, he wanted to get away from this place. He wanted this to be a dream, that his friend hadn't done such a thing. He loved her so much and yet before he could confess she turned her back on him and turned into this thing. He never asked for this, he never wanted her to become anything but her. Now it was too late and now the space that divided them only grew wider to the point it was impossible to meet in the center.

Myra as she listened from afar felt her heart sink, she sensed Yubel's heart break from how Hiro ran from her. She sensed Yubel's guilt and sadness to the point that light sobs left Yubel's lips, tears ran rapidly down Yubel's face as she rubbed her face with her clawed hands.

Myra remained hidden before looking up at a particular spot in the sky, tilting her head she stared at it until she decided to go after Hiro. Teleporting Myra found Hiro crying on his bed.

"It's not fair… why did she do this to me?" Hiro wept "did I do something to make her become like this? I loved her, I thought she loved me too that she would chose to stay with me. But now…" Myra slowly went to sit on the side of his bed and pulled the crying boy into her arms.

"I know… I know…" Myra said before rubbing his back until he relaxed and went to sleep due to being exhausted from crying. "I'm sorry you had to go through this Hiro, this wasn't right…" Myra shook her head as sadness clung onto her like a shroud. At the same time Yubel who had flown close to Hiro's room froze from seeing Myra with Hiro, her eyes narrowed in anger and hate from seeing how Myra was comforting the sleeping prince.

"That! That girl told him about what I was doing!" Yubel felt her anger grow as she saw how Myra was treating Hiro and stroked his head softly "She took him from me! She- she knew that I did this to protect him and yet she separated us!" Yubel seethed quietly before the curtains closed by themselves.

"I will never forgive you…" she hissed darkly as she remained airborne.

"Now you two! I'm sure you both have something to say" Myra said sternly as she dragged Hiro to where Yubel was after two weeks had passed, startled Yubel stared at Hiro who looked down grudgingly from where they stood in the forest. "Hiro" Myra said sternly as she folded her arms.

"I'm not apologising!" Hiro snapped before a loud cough tensed him up due to how sharp it was.

"Both of you are, you disregarded his feelings and you are behaving like a baby! She is trying to protect you and I am not having someone hate me for the choices they made, so now apologise or else I'll take this matter up with your father" Myra warned causing a chill to run down their spines.

"I'm sorry!" The pair yelled fearfully before pausing to look at the other in shock.

"Yubel…" Hiro faltered as pain filled him up once more, he didn't want to cry but it was proving hard to given the situation.

"Hiro I am sorry, I know I should have told you about this but I don't want to lose you. You mean so much to me" Yubel said sounding desperate and broken causing Hiro to look at her weakly.

"You should have told me, you were my best friend Yubel why?" Hiro asked weakly before Yubel took his hands.

"This way I can protect you no matter what, I will not be hurt so easily and I can stop those who would harm you" Yubel said with a determined look. "I know I have upset you but I am willing to make it up to you, that is if you let me" Yubel said shyly before looking at Myra who gave them both sour looks.

"Finally! Now I'm going to sort out my rowdy bunch, you two talk!" Myra said before taking out a pen and dropped it causing it to clatter to the floor, blinking the pair stared at it and then at the other.

"That was strange…" Yubel muttered as she eyed the pen oddly.

"Yeah…" Hiro muttered before they looked at the other, a laugh suddenly left their lips which broke the tension heavy between them.

"I am truly sorry Hiro, I never wanted to hurt you" Yubel said before Hiro hugged her causing Yubel's form to shake thanks to the emotions that she had locked away.

"Just promise me that you'll tell me next time when you're thinking about doing something like this again" Hiro said weakly, Yubel smiled shakily before nodding.

"I promise, I'll be the best guardian and friend you'll ever need" Yubel said while Hiro mentally frowned from her words but refused to let it show that he was upset.

"I know you will" Hiro said softly before she hugged him once more.