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Struggle for the Seasons


"Nibbles! Bring Heather back down here now!"

Rudi chirped loudly, agreeing with me.

Nibbles poked his head out from the top of the tunnel which lead to the forest above us, chirping meekly. He nudged Heather whose head popped out next, avoiding her father's gaze. I sighed.

"Heather, you know you're too young to go outside without either me or your dad. Get back in here."

Heather flew back towards us but Nibbles didn't move. I raised an eyebrow at the young robin.

"Nibbles? Here. Now."

Nibbles began to fly over too before he apparently heard something coming from the forest above him. His face lit up and he sped up the tunnel. I rolled my eyes before walking towards my small kitchen and pouring two glasses of orange juice, knowing that only one person would make Nibbles speed off like that. I glanced over at Rudi for confirmation. He was in the middle of scolding his daughter but he nodded at me quickly when I looked over. Just as I looked back at the glasses of juice a cold wind filled our hideout and sent a shiver down my spine. I smiled.

"Did the little nuisance crash into you?" I asked.

I heard him chuckle. "Nah, I'm getting used to him doing that. I was ready to catch him this time."

I turned round to face Jack Frost, my best friend and boyfriend who'd saved my life more than once. He was smiling, Nibbles' face poking out of the pocket of his pale blue hoodie. I smiled back before bringing over the two glasses of orange juice and putting them down on the table. Nibbles flew off up to the crannies up at the ceiling of the hideout. Jack gave me a quick peck on the lips before sitting down, his staff propped up against the table, and almost downing his orange juice in one gulp.

I grinned. "Thirsty by any chance?" I asked.

Jack sighed. "It is far too hot out there. I needed that drink."

I noticed he was looking at my glass of juice, his eyes following a drop of condensation slowly falling down the glass. I rolled my eyes before pushing it towards him.

"Just drink it already," I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

His eyes lit up and he grabbed it before chugging it down. He sighed with relief as he placed the now empty glass down on the table next to the other now empty glass. He reached over the table for my hand and squeezed it.

"I love you," he sighed happily.

I stuck my tongue out again. "I know."

I laughed again, as did I.

"I love you too," I winked at him.

It felt weird that only one month ago I had been lying on the ground at the North Pole nearly dead. Even once I knew I wasn't going to die, I thought I was mortal and had lost my powers. I thought I had lost Jack. If I was no longer the spirit of spring then I couldn't stay with Jack anymore. Thankfully Jack had saved me and my powers had been restored. Obviously we had never swapped powers ever again, now that we knew the implications. I had a theory that even if we wanted to we would no longer be able too. We had only been given the ability to swap our powers so that we could avenge the Destined Spirits and defeat Jacobi. Now that he was no longer a threat I doubted that we would be able to do it anymore. I had discussed this with Jack, but we both agreed that it wasn't worth the risk to try.

"How was Bunny?" I asked Jack. He had been delivering a message from North to Bunnymund earlier today. Something about them continuing the argument that Christmas was (or in Bunny's opinion, wasn't) more important than Easter.

"He was alright," he shrugged. "He was out sunbathing above the warren. All the kids in the area are away on summer vacation so he had no worries about being seen."

I smiled, before my face turned serious for a moment. "Did he say anything about Jacobi?"

Jack's face also turned solemn. "That the last time he went to see North, he was still secure."

Jacobi was being held at the North Pole so that if - touch wood - he managed to escape again, he wasn't far away from the Guardian's regular meeting place. Unlike last time, it hadn't just been Jack and I who had contributed to the spell which now bound Jacobi to his icy prison. All four of the spirits of the different seasons had helped to seal the spell, which hopefully made it stronger than last time.

I grinned again, looking at the beads of sweat dripping down Jack's forehead. "You know, if you're that warm then you could always take off the hoodie."

Jack raised his eyebrows, chuckling. "If you want me to strip for you, you could just ask."

I rolled my eyes before leaning over and gently slapping him round the back of the head. "That's not what I meant you idiot, and you know it!"

He chuckled again, as did I.

"Anyway, there's no way I'm losing the hoodie," he insisted. "It's my trademark!"

I sighed and sat back, folding my arms across my chest. "You're going to melt then! And you'll have nobody to blame but yourself."

"I could blame Fawn," Jack grumbled. "She didn't have to make it so hot this year."

I raised an eyebrow. "I don't know why you seem to have a grudge against Fawn. She's lovely!"

Jack sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno…she just rubs me up the wrong way."

I sighed too. Fawn was the summer spirit, and she was a really nice girl! But for some reason she didn't seem to like Jack, and Jack wasn't fond of her either.

I stood up and stretched, offering my hand to Jack to haul him up.

"C'mon, let's go fly about outside for a bit. The little ones need a chance to stretch their wings. Especially before Heather tries to escape again."

Jack smiled before taking my hand and letting me pull him up. He kept hold of my hand as I whistled for the birds, and together we all flew up into the warm summer air.