Hello everyone! Now I know it's been a loooooooong time since this story finished but I realise there were some unanswered questions about what happened after the story ended. So my friend Simona who read this fic sent me a bunch of questions she had so I figured I would answer them on here in case anybody else had these questions too!

Now I get that most of you have probably forgotten what happened so quick run through: Annabelle is the spring equivalent of Jack and they are adorable together. The two of them didn't get on with the summer and autumn spirits, Fawn and Oliver, but after some drama they are now all friends. In her past life Anna was the daughter of a Lord and her father and her had a bit of a rocky relationship, at least at the start of the story. Anna is invited to a ball at the palace (Cinderella style except the Prince is an asshole) where the Prince dances with her but she reeeeeally doesn't like him because she find him creepy. Prince Callum makes a move on her and she scoots out of there.

Anna and her father become closer as they plan Anna's birthday ball along with her friends Jo, Sebastian and Darren (who are also servants but she doesn't see them as that), but of course Callum shows up. He tries to kiss her and Anna runs away with Callum claiming she is the one at fault behind her. Anna runs into the forest and trips, hitting her head and dying which is when the Man in the Moon chose her.

Right, after all that, question time!

Q: What happened to Anna's father?

A: Since Anna became the spring spirit after she died, her body was never found. Anna's father, joined by Darren, Jo, Sebastian and many of the party guests, went out looking for her all night after she had ran away but they never found her. However there was blood found on the rock where she hit her head, and it soon became accepted that she had died and that possibly her body had been eaten by animals. Obviously her father was devastated having now lost his wife and daughter, but more so than that Jo and Darren were both incredibly upset. Anna's father felt like he had to at least act strong for the two of them, and they began to see him as more than their master. Since Jo had been Anna's personal servant she was scared she would be told her services weren't required anymore since Anna wasn't there anymore, but Anna's father didn't want that to happen since he knew how important Jo was to Anna. As such he decided to adopt Jo so she would have a secure future. With the help of Sebastian, Jo and Darren, Anna's father slowly recovered and from that point on he treated the servants as he knew Anna would have wanted them to be treated; more as extended family than servants.

Q: What about Bassy (Sebastian), poor baby?

A: Sebastian was somewhat heartbroken when Anna died. She was like a little sister to him and he really cared about her. At first he actually considered leaving the household as the memories of Anna were too painful, but Anna's father convinced him to stay when he quite honestly admitted that he didn't think he could cope without Sebastian there to support him, and he promised that he would support Sebastian too. His sense of loyalty won and Sebastian stayed. He stayed a servant to the household out of choice for the rest of his life, serving Anna's father until his death and then moving on to serve Jo and Darren (more on that in a minute!).

Q: Did Jo and Darren elope after what happened at the party?

A: No, they didn't elope. They stayed as servants of the household due to a sense of duty both to Anna and her father, and also because at first neither of them truly believed Anna was gone. When they came to terms with her death and realised that she really wasn't coming back they talked about running away together but they couldn't bring themselves to do it, both of them feeling a responsibility to look after Anna's father in her absence.

Q: If they didn't, did they stay together?

A: They did indeed. I am happy to report that Jo and Darren stayed together for the rest of their lives. They supported each other throughout the tragedy concerning Anna, and even after Jo was adopted by Anna's father they still stayed together. Darren saved up enough money to buy a ring and he proposed to Jo, to which she of course said yes. Although it was unusual for the husband to move in with the wife instead of the other way around, Anna's father welcomed Darren with open arms. They had three children, two boys and a girl. The boys were named James and Leonard, and the girl – of course – was named Anna. Jo taught her children that Jack Frost was real as well as Santa Clause, fairies and other magical things, and one day her daughter said she saw a little fairy in a red dress in their garden making the flowers grow.

Q: Did someone murder Prince Callum?

A: Unfortunately no, although Sebastian came very very close.

Q: If not did he marry an annoying high-maintenance little girl?

A: Actually, Callum never married anyone. After what happened at Anna's party word quickly got back to his father, the King, and also spread to the rest of the kingdom and kingdoms further away. Nobody wanted to be with Callum after hearing that he'd pretty much had a hand in a young girl's death, even if he was a prince. The King decided that Callum didn't deserve to be the heir to the throne and instead passed that right onto his nephew (his brother's son). Callum remained a prince but for a very long time wasn't welcome at royal engagements.

Q: Don't hit me for this one… Does Oliver even stand a tiny chance with Anna? *hides in a bunker*

A: I seriously hope nobody else ships this… No. No he doesn't. Sorry to crush your dreams Simona!

Q: Does Oliver end up with Fawn?

A: Also nope. Oliver and Fawn stay best friends but a romantic relationship never blossoms between them. Not for lack of trying since Jack, Anna and Bunny all think they'd be a good couple, but it never happened. Oli and Fawn are perfectly happy with just being friends.

Q: Do Anna and Jack get married?

A: Of course they dooooo. It was more for Anna's sake than anything; Jack and Anna knew pretty early on that they were going to be together for a very long long long time so it wasn't as if they needed to get married in order to prove that to anybody. But Jack knew that Anna, like most girls, wanted to be a bride. I won't go into detail because I'm tempted to actually write about the proposal…is that something you would all be interested in reading? And by all I mean Simona since if I don't write that she's going to kill me now…

Q: If they do, who's going to be the maid of honour?

A: Maid of honour was Tooth, and Fawn was the bridesmaid. Bunny was actually the best man (or best bunny if you will) and North officiated.

Q: *gasp* What if they have babies? CAN THEY HAVE BABIES?

A: No, they don't have babies, sorry! Think about it, physically they're only 17. Plus they're both really busy a lot of the time so having their own children to look after would be pretty difficult.

Honestly not sure if any of you will actually be reading this, but I really hope you are! I want to thank all of you again for supporting this story; you have no idea how much it means to me. And if you'd like me to write the proposal scene then please let me know! I love all you guys! Hugs from Scotland!