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Sam's PoV:

I woke up a little later than usual the morning after I met Charlie. I could still faintly taste him on my lips, and I smiled. I didn't regret kissing him one bit, I don't know why. It just felt so right. I remembered our plans for lunch, and my heart did a little happy dance. Maybe we could go to a good place from this, we could become something more than just friends. Then, my brain took over and said that I was going too fast with this. We had to get to know each other, and see if we were even compatible. His feelings for me were not a problem, I knew he liked me and he knew I liked him. But there was still doubt in my head. What if he kissed me back just for fun or to be nice? I didn't know what to think of it all since I had met him only yesterday, and one day is not enough to judge somebody's intentions. He really didn't seem like that kind of guy though, but then again Craig didn't seem like Mr. Possessive too when I first met him. I hoped he was a good guy, because I had never felt this way about anyone before, and definitely not in such a short time.

My phone beeped, and I grabbed it to see who texted me. My heart did another happy dance when I saw it was from Charlie.

Good morning! I hope I didn't wake you :)

I quickly replied- good morning! :D no u didn't, I just woke up. Incredible timing, I must say ;)

Thanks, I guess. So...what are you doing in the afternoon?

I laughed. I think he had forgotten about our plans for lunch today.

I wanted to play with him, so I replied- nothin much...just going out for lunch with a friend.

Oh that's good. Is it girl time or something? ;)

I laughed again and replied- no. It's just someone I met yesterday. I think somebody's a little sleepy today... ;D

He didn't reply this time, I thought I had said something wrong. I was about to type an apology when my phone started ringing. The caller ID said Charlie. I grinned and answered, "'Morning, sleepy head."

He chuckled. "Yes, I forgot. Now don't beat me up for it, because...well, I had a better sleep than I've had in a very long time." I blushed. He was talking about the kiss.

"Really? Any particular reason?" I asked pointedly, still blushing.

"Actually, yes. Something...quite wonderful happened last night, and I can't really stop thinking about it," he said, and I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Wow, I wonder what it was," I said, the smile evident in my voice.

"I think I'm not the only one who's forgetting things today. Would you like me to brush up your memory a little?" He said, and it took all my willpower to not start giggling like a little girl. As if him hearing my heart hammering through my chest wasn't enough.

"Yeah, that would be nice," I said.

"So, I met this amazing girl yesterday. Now I know you would think that I had made an opinion of her too fast, but that's not true. Because you didn't need a million years with her to figure out how beautiful this girl was, and not only in her looks, in all ways. And if you did need a million years to figure that out, you're pretty slow. I bumped into her yesterday, and luck was on my side because we were going to the same place, but for different reasons but that doesn't matter. And we started a conversation, and she was a very nice person to talk to. And eventually, we had to part ways, even though I really didn't want to. I couldn't get her out of my mind you know. It was so weird, because I had never thought of anyone as much as I thought of her. Anyway, luck seemed to be on my side again because she came to Bob's bar, where I was performing for the night. And I had a great time with her, but sadly before I knew it, it was time to go. I did come with her all the way to her house, and I convinced her to have lunch with me. I was so happy. And I watched her walk up the stairs to her apartment. But right on the last step, she stopped and turned to look at me, and I didn't know why. She smiled at me, this wonderful smile that would melt even Hitler's heart, so I'm sure you know what it did to me. And so she smiled at me and walked back to me, and wrapped her arms around me. And then that thing I've been talking about happened, she kissed me. It took me a couple of seconds to figure out that it was real and I was supposed to kiss her back, and then I did. And it was so beautiful, and she was so beautiful. And I just couldn't believe that I was standing there, kissing this amazing girl that I liked so much. And I decided that... I wouldn't let her go, and we'd get to know each other, and trust each other. And I hoped that someday... we'd become... something a little more than friends. Does any of that ring a bell?" He said. It was all I could do to keep myself from having a fangirl attack.

"Yeah, I think that does ring a bell of this guy I met yesterday. Though I can't be sure," I said and we laughed.

We were quiet for a few moments.

"I am serious about what I said," he said carefully after some time, as if trying to put it in the best way he could.

"I know. I think what you suggested at the end is a very good idea, and we should start as friends and see where we go from there. Because...well... I really like you, Charlie," I almost whispered the last part.

"I really like you too, Sam," he said just as quietly.

"So...I'll pick you up at one?" He asked.

"Yeah, that sounds good. Where are we going?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing special. There's a diner downtown, they have great food," he said.

"Okay then. See you!" I said.

"See you!" He said.

"Bye..." We both mumbled and cut the phone.

After a couple of minutes of freaking out around the room, I went to the bathroom to change into my running clothes. I had a quick breakfast, grabbed my phone and headphones, and headed out.

*some time later*

I was starting my third round when I slammed into someone. I mentally cursed, "Not again!"

I would have fallen on my back with that person on top me if they hadn't pulled me in and taken the impact. I opened my eyes to find two familiar blue ones. I touched my forehead to his and started laughing.

"Wouldn't it be great if we stopped meeting like this?" Charlie said after I calmed down.

"Yeah, it would be awesome. I don't think I could live with myself if you ended up in the hospital because of me," I said. I got off him and held out my hand to him. He smiled at me and grabbed it to get up.

"Are you alright? You didn't hurt yourself, right?" I asked, remembering that he fell on the hard concrete.

He checked himself and I saw something red near his elbow.

I walked closer and grabbed his muscular arm and said, "Hold on..." I looked at his elbow and gasped. There was a fairly big wound on his elbow and surrounding areas.

"Oh my god! Charlie, you've hurt your elbow, that's a really nasty wound. Come on, I'm taking you home," I said, carefully examining his wound, the gash was big.

"Sam, don't worry about it, I'm fine," as soon as he said that he winced loudly.

"Tell that to someone who believes you. Come on," I said and pulled him along.

We reached my apartment and I made him sit on the couch while I got the first aid kit.

"You have a nice house," he said when I came back to him with the kit.

"Thanks, Charlie. Now, this is going to burn, so please don't kill me," I said as I took out the antiseptic.

"Okay," he said.

"Hold out your arm for me, will you?" I said. He nodded and held out his arm so his elbow was facing me. I put some of the antiseptic on a cotton ball and held his hand with my free hand. I gently dabbed his wound and he shrieked in pain, and nearly broke my fingers.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I said pleadingly without stopping.

"You could've warned me!" He said as his face scrunched up in pain. I couldn't help but think how adorable he looked.

"I did warn you!" I said as I moved to another part of his elbow, he almost jumped off the couch.

"You didn't tell me it would hurt this much! I swear these things don't hurt this bad!" He said.

"Well, you could have been more careful, because the pain depends on the wound. I didn't tell you to heroically take all of the impact," I said a little angrily.

"I couldn't just let you fall, could I?" He argued.

"You could have found another way to not let me fall. You didn't have to hurt yourself," I snapped.

"You think I had enough time to figure out how to NOT let you fall and how to NOT let me fall and how to NOT injure anyone of us? I'm sorry, I am not genius enough to do all of that in five milliseconds," he said angrily.

"Then stop whining," I said.

"I'm not whining. It just hurts," he said.

"I said it before, and I'll say it again. You didn't have to take the fall," I said.

"I did. I couldn't have let you get hurt. It's better that it was me," he said. I froze and looked at him. He had turned his head away from me, and I resisted the urge to grab his face and start kissing him. I patched him up and packed away everything. I was starting to get up and he grabbed me around my waist and pulled me back down.

"I'm sorry," he said.

I put my arms around his shoulders and hugged him tightly. "No, don't be sorry. I'm sorry for snapping at you. Thank you for saving me, Charlie," I said and pulled back, but our arms didn't move. We stared into each other's eyes and he whispered, "I really want to kiss you right now, Sam."

"Then why don't you?" I whispered back. I knew that it was wrong, and we were supposed to start as friends, but I couldn't help it. He leaned in slowly, and I closed the distance between our lips. We kissed for about fifteen minutes before pulling away, though I didn't want to.

"This is the last kiss you get till we out," I said.

His face fell and he said, "Okay." I chuckled and got up to keep the first aid kit back in its place.

I went back to him and said, "Promise me you'll change your bandages and dressings everyday."

He said, "But I don't know how to. Do you think maybe I could come to your house everyday to have them changed?"

I slapped his shoulder and said, "Don't be smart."

"I live closer to you than you think," he said.

"That sounds really creepy and what do you mean?" I asked with my eyebrow raised.

"I mean we're neighbours. I live two doors down," he said.

"That is just plain weird."

"I know. It's like..."

"Some 'divine' force is trying really hard to have us meet again and again. That sounds stupid," I said.

"Yes, that's true. Does that mean I can come to your house everyday to get my bandages changed?" He asked hopefully.

I laughed again and said, "Yes, you can."

"Thank you!" He said.

"We could use this time to get to know each other more," I suggested, and he nodded.

"So...what are your favourite books?" I asked him.

"Catcher In The Rye, Peter Pan, On The Road, Naked Lunch, The Great Gatsby, Walden, etcetera etcetera...what about you?" He said.

"I read a lot of Homer, and Percy Jackson, I'm a sucker for mythology, and all the books you mentioned. And the Harry Potter books. I love them," I said.

"Favourite colour?" He asked.

"Favourite," I said.

"Mine is blue," he said.

He was going to say something when his phone rang. He was going to disconnect but I told him to answer it.

"Hi Michael," he said. Pause.

"When? Oh... Monday?" Pause.

"Michael I can't afford hangovers right now, I have papers to write and finals to give..." Pause.

"Michael, you won't let me stay sober for more than ten seconds..." Pause.

"I have to...what? You know, there's something called weekends..." Pause.

"Okay, fine. Okay...I'll see you...okay, bye," he said and hung up. He kept sighing.

"What happened?" I asked.

"My best friend Michael's invited me to a party on Monday, and I can't ditch," he said.

"Why don't you want to go?"

"You know the semester's almost over, and finals are coming up. I can't be hungover on a working day," he said.

"Just have a lot of coffee after you're done. It's helpful," I said.

"So, my two options are hangover or no sleep," he said.

"That is one way of looking at it. Well, basically, yeah. Anyway, don't you have parties all the time? Why are you so worried about a hangover?" I asked.

"I don't really drink a lot. I don't have parties all the time," he said sheepishly.

"Oh, okay."

"Will you go with me?" He asked out of the blue.


"Will you go with me? Michael said that I need to have a date, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to..." he trailed off and I smirked.

"So, I'll be your date?" I asked, still smirking.

"If you want to be," he said. I pretended to think about it long and hard.

"Alright, fine. If you insist, I'll go with you," I said nonchalantly, even though on the inside I was dancing with joy.

"Thanks, Sam," he said and smiled.

"No problem!"

Charlie looked at his watch and said, "It's already twelve now, so I'll go and change and come back at one. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's okay," I said. I walked him to the door and we hugged each other.

I decided to call my best friend Mary Elizabeth and tell her about what happened.

The rang a couple of times and a familiar voice answered, "Hello?"

"Hey it's me, Sam."

"Gee, thanks Captain Obvious."

I laughed and said, "I have so much to tell you. But first, I broke up with Craig."

"Finally! I had been waiting for you to throw that jerk out of your life for so long!" She said.

"Yeah well, lots of other things happened too." I said and told her about how I met Charlie and how I met him again and how I kissed him last night.

"You kissed him? Sam, do you know how stupid that is? He could be using you! You guys didn't go all the way, right?" She asked.

"Oh my god, Mary Elizabeth, no! And if you would stop interrupting all the time maybe I could tell you the rest of it," I said.

"There's more?" She asked incredulously.

"Yeah, now shut up and listen." I said and told her about today morning, how I dressed his gash after he fell to save me from getting hurt, and how we ended up kissing again and that he asked me to go to a party with him, and our plans for lunch.

"That was really nice of him, so maybe he is a good guy after all. But don't you think you guys are moving way too fast?"

"It's not like that. We both do like each other, and I know he likes me because we talked about it in the morning. We're just starting off as friends, and we're going to lunch to get to know each other a little better. It's friends first, and then we'll see where we go from there. There's nothing between us, except healthy flirting," I explained.

"So you're telling me that you both told each other that you both like each other, but you're planning to stay friends, apart from healthy flirting."

"For now, maybe we figure out later that there is something romantic possible between us, but we'll cross that bridge when it comes...if it comes," I finished glumly.

"So you're going out for lunch...alone...with a boy...that you get to know him better. Isn't that the same as dating?" Mary Elizabeth asked.

"No, I made a new friend and I'm going out with him to get to know him better," I said.

"A friend with whom you might pursue a romantic relationship at some point in time..."

"I can't think about it like that, Mary Elizabeth. I like him, I like him a lot. And I think it would be awesome if he was my boyfriend. But we both know that it's too soon, and we both know that we can't be together like that, at least for now. We spoke about it, and he understands that this...whatever we have needs time. He understands and I understand, and we're okay with the direction we're starting out in. That's all that matters, for now," I said.

"So, I guess it's good that you guys have it all figured out, and he's not rushing you into anything. I just hope it works out."

"Yeah, me too. I have to go get ready now...I'll talk to you later," I said.

"You have to call me and tell me what happened, okay?"

"Yeah, okay. Bye," I said and hung up. I decided to take a shower again, and I took out a pair of dark blue jeans, a white tank top a black cardigan. I was dressed and ready by 12:50, so I still had ten minutes to spare, so I listened to music. The doorbell rang exactly at 12:59, and I smirked. I opened the door to find Charlie's smiling face. He was wearing glasses.

"Now I know another thing about you," I said.


"That you're punctual."

"Oh, um...okay," he said awkwardly, and I laughed.

I grabbed his good arm and ushered him out.

"How's your elbow?" I asked.

"It's fine, it burns a little, but it's fine," he said.

"Don't let it get wet, okay?"

"Okay," he smiled.

"How are we going to go downtown?" I asked after we were outside. I didn't realise that I was still holding his arm.

"We're taking my car," he said. We walked to a blue Prius, and he opened its door for me.

"Thank you, kind sir," I said dramatically.

"You're welcome, my fair lady," he said and bowed clumsily.

When he got into the driver's seat he said, "I can never do a good British impersonation."

"I noticed," I said.

"You want to listen to music?" He asked as he started to drive.

"Yeah, car rides without music are awkward," I said. He pulled over and connected his phone to the stereo.

Do you like Mumford & Sons?" He asked as he browsed through his music library.

"I've never heard their stuff, though they say they're very good."

"Yeah they are. Do you want to listen to a song by them?"

"Sure," I said. I watched as he went to a playlist and selected a song, and then put his iPod on shuffle. The song started with soft guitars, and then the banjo and all the other instruments entered, and it went back to guitars, and then the guy started singing.

You hold your truth so purely

Well swerve not through the minds of men

This lie is dead

And this cup of yours tastes holy

But a brush with the Devil can clear your mind

And strengthen your spine

But fingers tap into what you were once

And I'm worried that I blew my only chance

We listened to the song in silence, it was just so beautiful, nothing had to be said. When the song finished, I said, "I want to hear more."

Charlie smiled and said, "Okay. There's this song called White Blank Page, it's great." Since he was driving, I looked for the song in his phone. I found it and pressed play. It was as beautiful as the last one.

"Oh my god, this is so good! I want to hear more...please?" I said.

"Sure, listen to...I Will Wait." He said. I found it and pressed play. It was amazing.

"These guys are so good! Wow," I said.

"Yes, they're amazing." He agreed.

Charlie had a great taste in music. He even made me listen to Asleep and Heroes, they were very good songs. We listened to more songs and talked about our favourites, and I was having a great time. It was never this fun with Craig, he never liked to talk about books and music and the things I liked.

We arrived at the diner, it was a small and cozy kind of place. Perfect for a Saturday lunch. We got a booth in the corner of the diner, and I sat across Charlie facing the the door. We both ordered double cheeseburgers, and everything was going perfectly. We were having a great time, and we never ran out of things to say.

Correction: everything was going perfectly until I saw Craig enter the diner with a girl, who was wearing a shirt that said, "I've been taken for one year now!"

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