Ar Tonelico x Persona Series

Just a random Crossover that I thought of out of nowhere.

I do not own neither one, they are Respectively owned by GUST and ATLUS

(A tie-in with P4, P4: Golden, P4: Arena, and P4: The Animation)

Phase 00: Prologus

A young man opened his eyes to a sound of the music and, right away, saw what looks like a tower in the background outside of the window. He looked around see the room so blue and very dim. He then pointed his eyes at the two people in front of him, there was an old man who was balding at the top but still had white hair; his fingers were intertwined in front of him with his elbows resting on a small table. The other individual was a radiant woman with platinum blonde hair and gold eyes. Both were dressed formally with the man in a black suit with white gloves and the woman in a dark blue stewardess uniform and blue hairband with golden rings, black stockings, and blue heels.

"W-what? what is this place... Where am I...? Who are you guys?" Said the young man, growing concerns that he was kidnapped of some sort, He remembers sleeping in his bed.

The old man with a long nose clasped his hands together and spoke. "Welcome to the Velvet Room. It seems that you have an intriguing destiny. My name is Igor, and I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. Of course you may have met my assistant once before, I believe..."

The young man did not know what he meant, but as he look to his assistant, he started to remember a familiar woman in a dark blue steward dress. "You... hey, you're..."

The women was familiar to him, but as he was about to speak her name, the assistant did it for him, with a smile. "My name is Margaret. We have met when you, your leader, and your companions, arrive in the unique Hollow forest that time, it was about Marie?"

"Yeah... No doubt..." The young man said. He remembers how she grab his friend's hand and pull he and all his friends in the TV in some storage shack.

The room was not familiar to him as it was like an office of some sort. "What is this place? Is there something you want with me? I don't have much to offer, ya'know?" Said the young man starting to get delirious.

"I can assure you it's nothing like that; this, young man, this is Velvet Room... it is a place between dream and reality, mind and matter." Igor explained as he placed a deck of cards on his desk. "My, it's been a few days since we last saw a guest, as only those who are bound by a contract may enter." With a wave of the man's hands, a small deck of cards appeared on the table before him. "Do you believe in fortune telling?"

"Huh...? Uh... yeah, I guess..." The young man calm down and continued to listen.

"Hmm... Hmm... Very well." Igor spread the cards out across the desk with another wave of his hand. "Each reading is done with the same cards, yet the results are always different. Life itself follows such principles wouldn't you say?"

The young man look down in agreement, thinking back. "I guess so... in a way..."

Igor continued to shuffle the cards on the desk and drew a card show a tower being stuck by lightning. "The Tower, in the upright position, shows the immediate future. It seems that a certain problematic event will happen in the near future, which comes to the next arcana."

He drew next card on the desk showing what looks like a jester with a dog. "Ah, The Fool represents a journey you shall take at your destination. As you progress through your journey you will encounter many dangerous problems that you will undertake. As you continue with a new company, the next arcana will come to light."

He then, drew another card that showing a moon on top a river with two towers and a lobster in the background "This is the Moon in the upright position; this card represents hesitation, and mystery. It seems that a catastrophe is to take place, and a great mystery will be imposed upon you."

"Another intriguing event in the future will happen to you." he said drawing a card from the desk, showing a skull. "This arcana represents death, but no be alarmed. This will not foretell your own death, this I guarantee will not happen. This shows your future of an event that will ultimately change one self. The inevitability of what will happen, the change that will affect the body, and the exposure of the surge you will receive..."

Igor clasp his hands "At that time, you may come under a contract and return here and your path will have multiple turning points in your destiny, during your stay, at least. If your journey goes unsuccessful, your future may be forever lost."

The young man gave Igor a taut look with a fixed expression, it sounded like he'll die. "You can't be serious..."

"Do not fret, it is our duty to provide assistance to our guests to ensure that does not happen. You will not be alone on this journey, you shall make new friends along the way and your friends you have right now, they will be there for you as well." Said Margaret, cutting in.

"Not only you will affect the world but you will grow a bond with another." Igor added as he drew another card showing a big heart and male and female figure. "The choice you make may affect your journey but how ever your heart desires can be mixed with your sense of justice like two sides of a leaf. You will feel the symphony of the communication, trust, and a growing bond.

"Uh... huh?" The young man was about to say something and then he realizes his eyes becoming heavy.

"We shall attend to the details another time... Igor said, as he discards the card with a wave of his hand. The young man's eye's becoming heavier until his eyes closed shut, fading to black.

"Until then, farewell... Yosuke Hanamura..."

"The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate... Entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim hope... Attaining one's dream requires a stern will and unfailing determination."

(Afternoon) Yasogami Highschool

AACK! *thud* A teenager fell to the ground and got back up, alerted due to the tensed shock to his sides.

"Yosuke! Are you okay?" said a long black hair girl in a red school uniform.

"Hu-huh... Y-Yukiko?" Yosuke noticed Yukiko on the other side of the desk, still recovering from the shock. He, then hears someone giggling behind him, he turned his head was a familiar girl with a light green, high collared athletic jacket. "Chie? Dammit, that was you?!"

Chie burst out of laughter, it seemed that she was the prankster. "Ha ha ha... I didn't know you were ticklish, until now." She continued to laugh for a bit until she calmed down.

My name is Yosuke Hanamura, 3rd year student of Yasogami Highschool, in a rural town of Inaba. So much happened last year, mysterious murder case was on the rage during the time. My friend, Yu Narukami, is our leader of investigation, we found the culprit, and the conductor who controlled the fog that was covering the town. Thanks to our efforts we were able to save our town from merging with the TV world. It would've turned everyone into shadows, I shiver from the thought. A few days since we met from Golden week. It was one problem after another so the investigation team was back in business. Though, our friend Yu had to return home, so no activities were going on. He said that he'll get more intel from his side, so the rest of us are on standby. A couple more days past and getting a little dull recently.

(Time skip: Evening) Hanamura Residence

Yosuke was on his computer in his room fiddling around the internet, recovering from the shock that Chie did, pressing his sides with her fingers. "Geez... that really stung… "

The door open as his roommate came in. "Hey, there Yosuke, feeling "bear-ter?" Said his roommate with his bear pun.

"*Sigh*... Your bear puns are not helping Ted." He said to Teddie, sour expression, claiming it is not helping.

My roommate is named Teddie, he's supposed to be a shadow and yet he was able to obtain a persona. He's been living with me and my family, my room specifically, since I just can't kick him out, so I have him working at my workplace at Junes for rent and stuff.

"Aw, don't be like a bear that woke up in middle of hibernation. They don't like it when they're-" Teddie replied only to get cut off by an irritated Yosuke.

"I know, I know... Dude, you were their when I was getting my shoes at the locker. Still flirting with the girls?" Yosuke said reminding himself sometime afterschool; Teddie chuckled as Yosuke was right. "Anyways, I'm gonna get some ice cream, I'll be right back." Yosuke headed out of the house and traversed to a nearby convenient store with his headphones on.

Convenient Store

He went to get ice cream at the convenient store including snacks. He went to the cashier, seeing a girl in a unique white school uniform in front of him. Yosuke was waiting until a the girl turned and looked to him. "Pardon the intrusion. But do you have any change I would like to get my fried bread?" the girl asking Yosuke.

"Fried Bread?" Said Yosuke, looking at the small package in her hand. "Huh, those stuff are kinda cheap, how about I buy'em for you?" He purchase the fried bread along with his snacks and headed outside.

"Here, your fried bread." he said, handing out the fried bread the girl.

"Thank you. Hmm... You seemed to have interest in music, am I wrong?" Said the light-purple haired girl, reaching for what looks like a CD case CD in her bag.

"Yeah, all sorts of songs..." Said Yosuke as the girl handed him the case. He opened the case glancing at the disk and concluded it as if it was completely blank. He was going to ask about it, but the girl was nowhere to be found. "Okay... what? Where did she go...?

Yosuke, pondering what to do. A drizzle of water then started to drop, rain began to pour. He then remembered that he has ice cream in the package. "Crap, the ice cream!" He decide to head back home.

Hanamura Residence

"*Gasp* for mwah?" said Teddie, excited with joy that his ice cream arrived.

"And you are a sight for sore eyes..." Yosuke saying it sarcastically.

Teddie then notice a case that Yosuke is still holding. "Oh, is that some sort of music CD?"

"Yeah, a girl gave to me near the convenient store, though, she didn't give any specifics. Her school uniform is like she's from some rich school or something-"

"A girl!? Is she beautiful? What does she look like!?" said Teddie abruptly interrupting Yosuke.

"Ah, hey get of me!" Yosuke shrugs Teddie off. "The girl just handed me the disk and disappeared. I don't even know her name."

"Well, she gave you something to listen to, you must give an effort to listen! Now play it!" Teddie in a gallant tone.

Yosuke reluctantly agreed an insert the disk in his computer. An hour past as the disk was booting up for quite sometime. He turned his head to his cellphone, looking at the time, 11:59 pm. "Shit... how long is it gonna take... Oh, it's finished?" the folder popped up showing a file labeled with a few ?'s. "... Just one song? it doesn't even have a name..." Yosuke was dumbfounded.

"Hmm... seems that our mysterious girl gave us a mysterious song for us to listen to... Beary mysterious..." Said the blondie, rubbing his hand on this chin, grining, think of how beautiful it could be... "So wanna play it? Our mysterious girl must of want us to listen to it. Play it, play it!"

Despite Teddie's constant pleas, Yosuke decides to play it.

The song starts off with bells and synchronized violins playing followed by people singing in a different language.

yasra yora, ini yora...

Omnis li parge, omnis li parge, omnis li parge...

Rrha num wa...

Rrha num ra...

Rrha yant ga...

Ma i ga...

Was ki ga...

Yosuke and Teddie were conflicted, they never heard this kind of song before...

"Wha- this song is starting to get scary..." Said Teddie, as his leg started to shiver.

What the heck? I never heard this song before... What kinda genre is this ...? Yosuke said. He tried to click the stop button, but the song wouldn't stop, nothing is happening. "Wait... wait, hey, I can't turn it off, what the hell...!? The thing they both notice was the the TV in their room showing static and a word was spoken after the clock's minute hand struck 12:01.


A loud screech filled the room, catching the two off guard, they both covered their ear from the loud screech.

Ah! AAAAAAAHHHHHH, My Ears! My Poor Ears! Teddie yelped.

"GAAAH! WHAT THE HELL?!" Yosuke covering his ears, Tightly covering his ears, crouching down.

The screech died out and the two still recovering from the loud screech, stood up; Their ears are ringing from the loud noise.

"Huh? Is it over?" yelled Teddie, he couldn't hear anything though...

They later heard car sirens blaring across town, was the blast that loud?

Yosuke is hurt as well. "Ow... Son of a b-"

"Yosuke!" A middle aged man, who is Yosuke's father, burst into Yosuke's room "What were you thinking?! You could've made us deaf, no thanks to your Loud music!"

"Huh? Wait, dad I-" Yosuke was about to explain his story, but the thing is, he doesn't have the e evidence to back him up. The song on his computer screen was missing, with no choice he had to take the blame. "Sorry dad, I'll keep it down..."

Teddie bowed down, apologizing as well.

"*Sigh* We're sleeping, even at this hour, be careful with those speakers next time." Said Yosuke's father, leaving Yosuke's room, with peeved look on his face. "It was so loud that the neighborhood can hear it too." he added, closing the door.

Hearing that, the two went to a window, opening the curtains and then the window. Cars wailing, lights from inside people's house were on, and you can even hear people talking.

"Wow, that WAS loud. Who would know such song can aggravate so many people?" Said Teddie, astonished by the song could do. Just then, Yosuke's cellphone went off with 'Chie Satonaka' caller ID.

"Chie?" Yosuke picked up his phone. "Hello?

"Ugh, Yosuke, did you hear that loud screech coming from the TV?" Said Chie, over the phone.

"I was listening to music and it just happened to blare out from nowhere it almost made me deaf... Hang on, you heard it as well... It came from the TV?"

"No duh," Chie replied, abruptly. "I mean it's raining tonight and its after twelve. It almost looks like something related to the midnight channel?"

Yosuke was surprised of what Chie said. "Your serious? If that's the case then that's something we got look into."

"Alright, I'll tell everyone to meet at Junes and we'll sort this out, some of us made not be come since they're busy." Said Chie. Like a daily routine last year.

"Okay, tomorrow is the last day of school so after school." Yosuke confirmed. "We should be able to work this off during summer."

"Aw man..." Chie groaned, brooding over what Yosuke said. "I won't be able to enjoy my summer break..."

Yosuke agreed, too. "Yeah... I'll get Yu while I'm up.

Chie confirmed and hung up and Yosuke dialed his friend's phone number. The phone was ringing and continued to ring until it went to voicemail. "Is he sleeping? I guess it didn't rain over there, then." Yosuke thought.

"Is sensei coming?" Said Teddie, acting coy.

"This may be related to the midnight channel." said Yosuke, trying to call his friend again "Huh, no response. Guess he' sleeping." The brown-haired student stare at his TV, pondering. "Did that screech really came from the TV?" Yosuke went up to his TV, thinking how the song went from his computer to the TV. He stuck his head in the TV thinking he could check the TV world from his point of view. He noticed somehow the atmosphere in the TV world was way chili that its usual temperature and wind was blowing like crazy. "Holy crap, that's cold!" He withdrew his head back out and received a chill down his spine.

"Uh, Hey, Ted... Has TV world gotten colder recently. There was wind blowing like crazy, too." Said Yosuke. The temperature is one thing, but the wind was something new.

"Huh? Well that's new." Teddie was curious. "Aside from us fighting shadows, there wasn't any wind blowing inside the TV unless... Maybe it could be that someone was thrown in."

"That could be serious. If you're on the right mark, We're gonna have to check this out tomorrow." Said Yosuke, as he looked to his TV. "Another case, huh..."

Nothing can be done right now, so they decided to turn in for the night.

(Time skip: Afterschool) Yasogami Highschool

All the students were running out of the campus ground excited about summer break. Yosuke was at his lockers along with his friends.

"You gotta be shittin' me! Didn't we solve the case already?" Said the tall student.

"We know that Kanji-kun, but the fact that screech came from the TV at midnight, it could be related to the case. We just got to confirm what we'll be getting into" Said Yukiko, trying to calm Kanji down.

Kanji is the tall student of this school who has bleached-blonde swept-back crewcut, grey eyes, with a scar above his left eye, many piercings, metal jewelry, and a black tank top with flaming skull design.

"Hey, Yosuke, you said that a cold wind was blowing inside the TV world?" Said Chie, talking to Yosuke who was getting his shoes out of his shoe box.

"It was last night" He said looking at Chie and opening his shoebox. He grabbed his shoes and sat down on the floor. "I check inside my TV if something was up and it was seriously windy when I put my head was inside." He stood up and put his school shoes in his shoebox. "I asked Teddie to scout the TV world, so we'll meet him at the usual spot.

"And what about Yu?" Yukiko added. "It wouldn't be the same without our leader."

"That's the thing, I couldn't reach him, I've been trying to call him, even before school, but nothing. I don't even know what he's doing." Yosuke explained.

"Did Senpai dropped his phone and lost it somewhere? He probably stumble on to something." Kanji commented. That shocked the three students thinking that it's possible...

"Way to jinx us, Kanji..." Yosuke, showing a wistful look, as everyone sweat dropped. "... Anyways, let's meet up at Junes and hear what Ted found and bring your winter uniform in case it's That cold." Everyone agreed.

"Sure, once we finish our business, we'll see you there." Chie added and left with Yukiko. Kanji followed afterwards.

Yosuke tied his shoes and walked out open his cell phone calling Yu. When he was outside dialed Yu's number and went to voicemail again. "Still nothing, geez Yu, what did you get yourself into..." He call again and as he walked up to the front gate, a girl outside of the front gate walked up to him.

"Um... hi..." The girl said. Her hair was purple with small pigtails behind her head. She seemed to be blushing in front of him, yet...

"Hi." Yosuke was on his phone, kept walking away, ignoring the girl. A quiet wind blew...

(Time skip: Afternoon) Junes, Food Court

Yosuke was at table waiting for his friends to arrive... they had to pack their stuff for a trip that all of them were planning on. Yosuke had a soft drink while waiting and wonder what Rise and Naoto were doing. In fact, He tried calling Naoto.

A couple rings later and she picked up

"Hello?" She asked, her speech was rather jittery, Yosuke can even hear a commotion over the phone

"Naoto? It's Yosuke, is everything okay? It sounds hectic over there, y'know?" Yosuke replied.

"Yosuke-senpai? *sigh* sorry, the police station has been getting complaints about the loud noise last night. I have to help sort out the papers" Naoto added.

"Yeah, the rest of us heard that, it almost screwed my ears." Yosuke, smiled wring.

"Of course. Everyone, the entire country actually." Naoto replied.

"... What...?" Yosuke was confused, the whole country heard that? "Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you mean by that?"

"It is just as I said Yosuke-senpai, the entire country. Especially those with a TV. Ear damage, distracting noise, causing accidents, you name it..." Naoto added.

"Now that's something... Hey, before the loud screech, they heard people singing, right?" Yosuke mentioned someone singing right before that screech they all heard.

"Hmm... Yes. Yosuke-senpai, do you know something about the mysterious song?" Naoto wondered.

"Yeah, some girl gave it to me last night, she gave me a disk that had as a song file. I thought it was nothing but someone singing in a different language." Yosuke added, mentioning little more details of that night. "Did that help?"

Naoto was surprised, a clue. "Yosuke-senpai, do you still have the disk? It may be important to the case..."

"Yeah, still have it in my room. I can give it to you." He then noticed that Teddie hasn't arrived on time yet. "Man, where is he... I sent Teddie to the TV world but he hasn't met up at Junes yet..."

Did he stumble across something?" Naoto added.

"Maybe... Dammit, this is getting bad, I couldn't get in contact with Yu and now Ted's nowhere to be seen... What the hell's going on...?" He said, murmuring

"You don't think Teddie's still in the TV world? Who know what will happen if he's there all by himself." Said Naoto, worried.

"Crud... Teddie said the shadows usually attacks special people and since he has a Persona..." Said Yosuke, giving off a bad poker face. Teddie could be in danger. "Naoto, I'm going to check the TV world first..."

"You must reconsider Yosuke, If you go in alone, you may not be able to come out." Naoto worring for her friends safety.

"I know," Yosuke replied with a Straight-face. "But if Teddie's in the TV world, then I can find him and return back here, I also might be able to find something that can help. If you can get Rise to help, that'll be great... I mean, when you get the time to contact her."

Naoto sighed over the phone. "Very well, be careful Yosuke-senpai." She said, hanging up.

Junes, Electronics Corner

Yosuke walked up to one of Junes's big screen TV's, the one their investigation team was using last year.

"Alright, phone check, winter uniform check, headphones and MP3 check, my weapons check, and glasses..." Yosuke drew his orange glasses from his pocket applied it to his eyes.

"Hmm..." Yosuke had seconds thoughts, he instead reached for his phone and dial Yu's number one more time but didn't picked up. "Dammit, not again..." He searched through his contacts and highlighted Teddie's phone number. Out of curiosity he decided to call him... A few rings past and he saw black and white ripple effects on the TV right in front of him. "Okay... what the hell...?"

It was all so sudden and as Teddie's number went to voicemail, so did the white and black ripple disappeared on the TV. "Okay, that was Definitely not normal... So he is in there..." He immediately text his friend's saying he's going in first to find Teddie and message was sent. "Alright here goes nothing..." Yosuke looked around to see that the coast is clear and went in the TV, freefalling through flashes of black and white. Things were going smoothly, although the freefalling part was a lot longer than usual. "Huh, wait, I was suppose to land by now..." Yosuke said, wary of what's happening. He then heard a voice that sounded like himself...

"I am thou…thou art I…"

Yosuke tried to look around, but was only able to see black and white strips rippling upwards.

"Thou art the one…who opens the door…"

The next part was blinding light. Yosuke closed his eyes and covered his face with his arm, seeing how bright it was. Everything was happening quickly, the next thing was feeling wind blowing against his back. When he opened his eyes, where he is was completely unexpected.

(Time skip?: Daytime) ?

He was looking at the blue sky and vague structures at a very far distant. Yosuke turned his body and now he was facing down towards the clouds below.

"... Are those clouds...?" He immediately jump to a conclusion, he's falling right out of the sky. "Holy Shit! I really am Falling!" he thought, as his mouth was in-use for screaming with a comical expression, panicking.

A moment later he saw a brown grove and was falling straight towards it.

"AH..Ahah...! Crap, crap, crap! I'm falling too fast, I'll die if I-... wait, if I'm in the TV world..." Yosuke got an idea, He's in the TV world, or what looks like it, he'll be capable of using his persona. Though he can't reach his Kunais, he remembers how his friend Yu, can summon his persona by crushing a card in his hand. Yosuke stretched his left hand out and a Tarot card appeared at his hand, showing two hands holding a flame. He yelled a word out loud and crushed the card simultaneously. "Persona!"

After Yosuke crushed the card the sound of glass broke out and a what looks like a Disco ninja frog appeared out of the white glow. "Jiraya!" The Disco ninja frog caught Yosuke and curled up into a ball taking the impact in the stead of Yosuke. The impact caused a huge gust towards his surroundings, dust picked up and debris went flying. When all was quiet, Jiraya vanished and Yosuke was lying on the ground, on his back, breathing heavily, shocked of what just happened.


"Ow... ah... man..." He picked himself up moments later and surveyed the area and wondered were he was. "Could this place be someone's mind?" He thought. It doesn't look legit, the surrounding is barren and the wind is soft, small patches of grass around him and lots wooden debris on the ground. He walk toward the ledge, only to jump back away from the cliff, seeing there's nothing down below. "W-What the?! Th-there's nothing down there? Dammit, where is this place...?"

He started to collect himself and thinking of what to do next, unknown to him that something was walking up to him.

Yosuke took his glasses off, there wasn't any fog surrounding the area. "Yeah... we already cleared the fog..." He turned around seeing a intimidating clown up close to him, with white and purple all over, a weird design for the mouth, and red and blue eyes staring at him and the first thing he thinks is that he must be Teddie in a clown costume. "Seriously, Ted, now's not the time to scare anyone, right now."

"Ted?" Said Teddie?, tilted back, thinking, "What did does he mean"

Yosuke: "*Sigh* You got me Teddie. Dude, you do realize we're in a serious situation, right."

"...?" Teddie? still said nothing.

"... What, no bear puns...?" Yosuke was getting suspicious. Teddie usually gets bubbly and he's more of the comic relief character, he's never this quiet. "Hey, Teddie, I'm being serio- guh!" He walked up to what he think is Teddie but he pushes Yosuke to the ground, interrupting him, pinning a sharp scythe right up to his left side of his neck, the clown eventually sits on his stomach.

"Ted... dy? Who is this... "Teddy" person?" The person in the clown costume finally spoken, but what he heard was a girls voice.

"Oh, crap... Sorry, wrong person..." Yosuke said. It's like if he were to move, this clown would kill him, cutting his head off. "Oh Crap! I got girl in a clown costume, having a scythe at my neck... Dammit, this is bad...!" Umm... Hey, do you know where I am I'm kinda lost..."

"You're not really in the position to question me." Said the girl in the clown costume, squeezing her scythe's blade into his neck. "In fact, why don't you answer my questions..."

"Guh... alright... alright, shoot..." Yosuke was still in a bind with a scythe to his neck...

"Who are you? Your clothes tells me that your not from around here. Where are you from? From what you look like, you look rather rich with those fancy toys you got, and what was that thing that covered you when you were suppose to fall to your death?" She ask, being straight-forward and such.

"She saw me falling? Then she must of seen Jiraya..." Yosuke thought, loosening his hand off of the clown, he can only move his hands up to his wrists. The clown, then pressed her scythe into Yosuke neck as he grunted.

"Continue to resist, your head will roll. I wonder... what is your hair is like..." she said, threatening him. She started to pet him on the head...

"Is... Is this clown for real?! Yosuke thought. He was able to summon a tarot card from his hand without the clown noticing, following a sharp pain from the scythe. "Ow ow OW! Okay, okay... uh... I'm Yosuke, Yosuke Hanamura, 17... years old, I'm from Inaba and I go to Yasogami High school...!" Yosuke answered, as the Clown's scythe backed out from his neck.

"Inaba...? Yasogami... High school...? Never heard of that.. you must be lying..." She said, pointing the tip of her scythe in front of his left eye. Yosuke's eye opened wide...

"He-Hey, I'm not lying! My life is at stake here!" He yelled. The blade of the scythe isn't connected to him. "Now's my chance, now or never!" he thought, seeing an opening. "A-and that thing you saw was my... PERSONA!" he yelled out the word, crushing the card at the same time.

"Persona? Now that's a laugh. How could a mere human possibly-" The clown girl was talking sardonically until she sees Jiraya going in for a kick, which the clown girl jumps off of Yosuke and out of the way.

Yosuke got quickly and got distance from the clown girl. He can feel the pain from the clown's scythe, thus Jiraya casting Diarama on him. "Damn, that... was too close. Your serious, aren't you...?" he said, drawing his Kunais.

The clown girl charged at Yosuke with her scythe. Yosuke jumps back multiple times dodging her weapon, parrying at the same time, she has the advantage. "kuh, 'not good...' Alright then Sukukaja! Yosuke spots the arcana card in front of him and slashes it with his kunai, summoning Jiraya. Jiraya then, fuse Yosuke with a green aura that gives Yosuke extra speed and movement.

Yosuke tosses a kunai at the clown girl and instead of the kunai making contact, Yosuke, with Sukukaja in-effect, caught the kunai with his left hand and made a green spiraling sphere in his right hand and lunged towards the clown's chest, blasting her back to a wall. "Whoa, I did that?" he thought.

The clown girl got back up, The two were at odds, the tense feeling was in the air, and the sound of wind whistled.

but then she broke the silence, "I suppose this is pointless..." She said furtively, as she sheathing her weapon.

"Huh?" Yosuke wondered. The clown girl started to walk away heading west.

"This road leads to Eternus Shaft, though, I doubt you'll make it there unscathed..." The girl said, coldly.

"What? Uh, hey wait!" Yosuke called out, but the sukukaja died out and the clown girl ran off on him. "... Great, I just got here, almost got killed and now this... (sigh)" The young was wondering what to do next... Teddie is nowhere to be seen and he can't go home in any way, especially without him or Rise, so without any options...

"I... guess Eternus Shaft it is..." he started to walk west from here.

A/N: Trying something new, since I played both games recently. It got me thinking of ideas...

Pairings... that's something I'm still figuring out.

Quote from the above is from Nyx Avatar, Persona 3

Part of the song is XaaaCi - Noriko Mitose