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The Unsubtle Reunion and the EXEC_EP=NOVA

(Yesterday, Daytime) Inaba, Junes Food Court

"Terrific... Now Kanji's missing, too!? Agh...!" Chie groaned frustratingly. The girls of the Investigation Team were now discussing their situation as the men on the group all disappeared.

"Kanji-kun shouldn't of left for the TV world, even without telling us. I mean, it's still dangerous." Yukiko followed.

"Yu-senpai hasn't respond to any of our calls. Teddie, Yosuke, and now Kanji disappeared..." Rise added. She has copper hair tied in two pigtails, brown eyes, and tanned skin. "Have they gone to the TV world before us?"

"... I can't seem to reach Yu-senpai and none of the others are not picking up..." Naoto included. She has her trademark cap and blue detective outfit on. "And we can definitely consider their disappearance isn't some prank."

"Ohh... I am so gonna kick their ass when I find them... especially Yosuke.." Chie angrily grumbled. "He said not to go 'alone' into the TV world and now that hypocrite actually went in!"

"... So what do we do now? It's not like it was our first objective to do." Rise reminded them.

Yukiko: "Rise-chan...?"

"Rise-san's right. We were going to investigate that voice that took over Labrys and there was another person who took form of us." Naoto included. "I have to wonder... is it possible that Yu-senpai and the others stumbled upon something and became trapped?"

Chie: "Seriously!? Aw man... If that's the case, I guess its up to us to rescue them?"

A brief moment to think of the idea as it sounded weird to them. "Well... that sounds interesting..." Yukiko replied.

"Yeah, when I think of it, Yu-senpai would be so happy to see us to the rescue! Oh... I could see it now..." Rise said with blissful expression.

"Yeah, keep listening to your fantasies Rise-chan." Chie grumbled. She then to the topic at hand. "Well... we told our families that we were going on a vacation. Rise-chan's on extended hiatus, too."

"Yes, I've already told my superiors back at the station that I'm off duty for the summer." Naoto added. "Right now, we have a huge window before we have to go back to work. You guys will have classes to attend too, afterwards."

Yukiko: "So... we really are going into the TV world..."

Chie: "*sigh* So much for a vacation..."

Rise: "Yeah..."

"... I see you guys really want to have this free time to your hands" Naoto replied, annoyingly disappointed.

Junes: Electronics Corner

The girls arrived to the Electronics Corner where the Flat-screen TV which they've use in the past. "Okay, so we're really gonna do this..." Chie muttered.

"We will have to." Naoto replied. "We did our search for them everywhere, but there wasn't any sign of them."

Yukiko approached and touched the screen. As her hand went through the screen, she then felt a strong wind in the other side of it and immediately took her hand out. "Oh... that was cold..." She commented.

"... Yosuke-senpai mentioned that wind was blowing from the inside of the TV, but the wind hasn't blown through from the other side..." Naoto speculated.

Chie: Wind blowing...?

Rise looked around to spot any customers nearby, giving them a clear to take the dive. "Alright everyone's gone. It's now or never everyone!" She told them as she put her pink glasses on.

"Okay... Let's go!" Chie replied, putting her yellow glasses on. After that she simply delve into the TV first.

"Okay!" Yukiko followed, putting her red glasses on as she went into the TV.

"Eh? Senpai? *sigh* looks like we're going in. Ready?" Naoto asked Rise. putting their glasses on.

"No problems!" Rise replied, packing her backpack. Soon enough, the delved in after Chie and Yukiko.

The four girls freefell and was falling for a while now. "Uh... hey, what's going on!?" Chie responded.

"Y-Yeah, we were supposed to land by now!" Rise replied.

"...! Something isn't right!" Naoto told them. "Is this what happened to our friends!?" She wondered as she was holding her cap on.

"Uhh...! It's bright!" Yukiko responded to the back and white strips are rippling faster until a white flash fade in. The girls closed their eyes from the bright light until they felt gust of wind blowing at them. And once they opened their eyes... they gazed upon the clouds as if they were falling down from the sky.

(Daytime) ?

"Wha... Wha... WHAT THE HELL!" Chie responded as everyone else were screaming.

"Uh... we're... H-How did we appear from the sky!?" Yukiko questioned.

"Th-This wasn't supposed to happened! Senpaiiiiiii!" Rise cried.

Even Naoto was surprised, but kept her focus. She glanced around for what to do next and then saw structures to the right. "...! The direction of our flight path... we should be able to..." She thought. "And if this is the TV world...!" She planned an idea. "We have to stick together! Chie-senpai, we're still in the TV world! Your Persona! hurry!" She yelled as she drew her revolver in order to summon her Persona.

"Ngh...! Right! Help me, Tomoe!" Chie yelled calling forth her Persona, axe-kicking her tarot card below. Her Persona wore yellow with single black stripes going to both arms and to the center waist, including a finned helmet with visor and a black yin-yang symbol and pieces of metal guards around the waist all the way to the shins and wielding a windmill double saber that glows yellow. "Yukiko!" Chie latched herself on to her persona as it lend its hand to the falling Yukiko.

"Chie!" Yukiko replied as she reached for the persona. A sudden gust then pushed Tomoe into Yukiko, inevitably, and tore them apart from Naoto and Rise. "Oh no! Rise-chan! Naoto-kun!"

Rise/Naoto: "Senpai's!"

Both groups became split apart with Naoto and Rise out of sight and Chie and Yukiko blown else still falling. "No, no, no! Dammit! Naoto-kun! Rise-chan! Agh! What do we do!?" Chie panicked.

The two were still falling until Yukiko spots something. "...?! Chie look! That... looks like a tree!" She pointed out.

"Huh!? Yeah, I see it! ... It... looks huge!" Chie replied as she had Tomoe trying to steer their flight path. They eventually landed into the large tree they fell upon and Tomoe started to take damage from the branches it was hitting, also hurting Chie in the process, too. "Ngh... Guhh... Ow...!" Chie grunted. But once the last branch broke off, Tomoe disappeared, damaging Chie into the process. "We're still falling...!?" Chie groaned as she placed her hand on her chest, pressing the pain.

"Chie!" Yukiko replied as she saw a city right under the tree. Seeing Chie in her condition, she pulled out her fan, slashing her tarot card summoning her Persona! "...! Konohana Sakuya!" Yukiko called forth. Her persona appeared, spinning around Chie and Yukiko and embracing them both. Soon enough they saw and opening spot where no one was around. Yukiko then made her persona to take a sliding dive in order to soften the impact of the landing. Soon afterwards, Konohana Sakuya released Yukiko and Chie and used Diarahan on Chie to recover her stamina. "That... was... too close..." Yukiko said, stuttered in shock.

Chie: "*Shiver* No kidding..."

At another part of the city, Mute saw something flicker abover her and notice a ray of light coming from the hole in the tree. "What the... Where the hell did that hole came from!?"

The question was up in the air until later, a Clustanian soldier came running up to her. "Sgt. Mute, we've just received reports of an unknown object landing into the city, it appears to land near Clockwork St." The soldier replied.

"Hmph... this I wanna see." Mute smirked as she accompanied several units towards the "object" they mentioned.

Clockwork St.

Chie and Yukiko proceed out of the nearby alley and looked around the street. Unbeknownst to them both that they landed in a city where everything was completely unfamiliar to them. "What is this place...? Where are we...?" Chie wondered.

Just as confused, Yukiko took her glasses of to rub her eyes, but just as she opened up without her glasses on, she saw everything so clear, that there was no fog to begin with. "Hmm...!? There's no fog here...?" She exclaimed with surprised. Even Chie looked to her.

Chie then took her glasses off and gaze upon her sight. No fog was covering this city. "Holy crap, there is no fog!" She commented with surprised. The two girls were excited by how the fog in the TV world is gone, even though they were making a big deal out of it, causing them to have eyes staring at them. "...? Oh... wait, there's people here... Uh... nothing to see here...!" She told them as the people fanned out, minding their own business.

"What is this place...? I never seen structures like these before..." Yukiko wondered.

"Well... first there's no fog, no shadows in sight to say the least... and the people here looks real..." Chie summed up. As she pondered what to do next, she recalls that Naoto and Rise were blown elsewhere. "Crap, that right! Naoto-kun and Rise-chan! Damn! They fell somewhere else...!"

"I hope they're alright... Falling out of the sky is terrible. We weren't even ready for something like that..." Yukiko stuttered, worried for their friends that fell in a different direction. "I hope they're alright..."

"Well, when it comes to being a detective, Naoto's resourceful. I just hope they could do without us..." Chie assured. She looked up to the sky and gazed her sight on the tower. "If I had to guess, they must of fell in the direction of the that weird-looking tower."

"But... doesn't it seem very far? If you put like that, we must of fell very far..." Yukiko added.

"Yeah... anyways, let's check around first. Maybe Yosuke and the others are here. I sure Naoto and Rise would think the same..." Chie stated. As they were about to commence their search, the girls heard a small ring coming from their pockets. "Huh...?"

Chie and Yukiko took their cell phones out and they read the name Yosuke as a missed call. "Yosuke-kun...? We have reception!?" Yukiko exclaimed.

"No way...! Wait... if that the case, then...!" Chie said as she dialled Yosuke's number. "It's... Ringing!?"

After several rings, her friend picked up. "Chie...? Chie, is that you!?" Yosuke questioned deliriously.

"...! Y-Yosuke!?" Chie replied, with surprise, from the other end.

"Oh my god, Chie! You're okay!" Yosuke responded with exciting relief.

"He's alright...!" Chie thought with relief, but dropped her expression to anger. "Yeah, no thanks to you, dumbass!" Chie retorted, angrily.

Yosuke: "Huh...?"

"You guys have been missing for a week already. We had look for you everywhere and we even had to lie to your parents about you guys going on vacation without us!" She exclaimed. "What the hell were you guys thinking!?"

Yosuke: "Uhh..."

"Wow... Your friend has a serious anger issue..." Said a new voice, faintly.

"That sounds like a girl, is she someone you know?" Another unfamiliar voice wondered.

"That's Chie-senpai? ... Oh boy..." Kanji sighed.

Teddie: "Chie-chan! ... Wait, why does she sound scary..."

Familiar voices on the other side of the line peaked Chie's interest "... Hm? Kanji-kun? And Teddie? They're with you?" Chie mentioned. The new voices were also which made Chie annoyed for some reason. "Wait, is someone else with you? I can hear someone from your end."

"Hold on, I'll put it on speaker." Said Yosuke in a moment. "Alright, it's on."

"Hello? Kanji-kun? Teddie? You guys okay?" Chie asked. "And who said I have anger issues!?" Chie added.

That started some bickering on the other side of the line "Hey, focus, you dunce...!" Said Yosuke, returning to subject. "How did you get here? Where are you, exactly?" He questioned.

"You're the Dunce!" Chie retorted back. "Where the heck are you!? Me the others were looking for you guys!"

"Others? Wait, what do you mean 'the others'?" Questioned Yosuke, but then took the hint. "... Wait a minute, don't tell me Yukiko-san and the others..."

"Well, duh...! Me, Yukiko, Naoto-kun, and Rise-chan all agreed to look for you idiots!" Chie responded, annoyingly. "So where the hell are you guys?"

Yosuke: "Uuuhh..."

"Pardon me... I'm Hikari Gojo." He introduced. "Your friends are in Eternus Shaft."

"Huh...? Oh..." Chie mumbled, surprised to hear the person's name, but then realized that she doesn't know where the place is. "Um... I... don't know where that is... Heeheehee..."

"Yeah, obviously...! We never been here for long!" Yosuke grunted, in response. "So what about you? Is anyone else with you?"

"Just me and Yukiko. I don't know where we are, either..." Chie replied. She then looked around to see if she could ask some one. "Hang on, I'll go ask someone... Yukiko, hold the phone."

Chie handed the phone to Yukiko and took off elsewhere for more info. "Yosuke-kun?"

Just nearby, Mute and her platoon has entered Clockwork St. as civilians backed away. "So is this where the object landed?"

"It should be nearby..." One of the soldiers claim. "Assuming it's one of those conjurers or those feeble Great Fang soldiers trying pull a fast one..."

"Tch, the last thing we need is those freaks roaming around. Why not cleanse the entire Great Fang?" Mute chuckled.

"It does seems reasonable but they have those 'captives' held in their custody." The soldier replied. "The General wants them turn in so we still have to make a deal for them."

Mute was still seemingly annoyed by how she was utterly defeated by Kanji. "I still can't believe it... there's more humans like them!? This couldn't get any more worst... Even when the General's arriving soon. This stress is killing me..." Mute pondered after the fight with that delinquent. Steam rose from her head.

"Ah, 'scuse me!" Chie said coming up to her. The Clustania soldiers glared upon her as the weight seem to crush her. "Uhh..."

"What do you want, you little brat? We're busy." Mute stated, aggressively.

"Yeesh... I just wanted to know what this place is called." Chie replied, scowling. "So, um, What's this city name?"

"You don't know what this city called? Were you living under a rock?" Mute mockingly replied.

"Geez... is that hard to answer such a dumb question...?" Chie responded sarcastically. "I'm serious. I'm lost around these parts."

The Clustanian soldiers sneered a her throwing off insults which offended Chie. "*Scoff* I'm only saying this once! This is Clockwork St. of Ciela Gate. Get into you head, got it!?"

"Er... alright... thanks...?" Chie replied as she backed off. "Geez... I wonder if Yosuke's around." She muttered as she went back to Yukiko.

"Huh...? Wait, that girl...!" Mute turned around towards the green sweater-wearing girl, hearing that she know the name of that boy in wanted posters. "Wait a minute...!"

"...Oh, Chie's back. One moment..." Yukiko said as she handed the phone back

"Ah hey, guys! Does a place called Ciela Gate mean anything to you? We're on Clockwork St." Chie explained.

A brief pause on the other line until... "Holy Crap! Ciela Gate!?" Yosuke exclaimed.

"Huh? What going on?" Chie wondered after the loud reply.

"Th-that's where we're headed! That place is enemy territory!" A voice exclaimed. "That place is dangerous if you guys don't keep a low profile!"

Chie: "Wh-what!?"

"Hey, you!" Said Mute stomping toward the girls. "Who the hell are you talking to? And did I hear you say the name of that 'Yosuke' person?"

Chie and Yukiko turned around seeing Mute "Huh...? Oh, that beefcake cross-dresser... wait, how do you know Yosuke?" She asked the crossdresser.

"Beef... cake...? *snicker* hahaha... AHAHAHAhahahhaha... She so beefy, she looks like Kanji... Nahahhahahahahah... Even a cute dress couldn't fit all that beef!" Yukiko continued to laugh out loud at the site of Mute's masculine body.

"C-Cross-dresser!?" The insult towards mute made her enrage with annoyance and with that facts summing up, she actually assume that there's a connection between her and that wanted person."...You little pricks! You two are in league with those freaks, are you!?" Questioned Mute. "All units, over here! Seize them!" She ordered as her platoon surrounded the two Persona Users.

"Wh-What the!?" Chie grunted as they both went back to back.

"Chie! Chie, listen! That cross-dresser, her name's Mute, she and the Clustanian Army are serious trouble!" Yosuke explained, seriously. "You guys have to get out of there! Run!"

"B-But we just got surrounded." Chie panicked. "Dammit we just got here and now, we've been thrown into a fight!? This sucks...! Agh... when it comes down to it..." She thought. Out of reluctance, they don't exactly know where they are. "Ugh... Forget that! They're the one's picking the fight! I'll call you back after I beat them up!" She replied to Yosuke.

"Chie! Wait-!" Yosuke tried to warn her but hung up in mid-sentence placed her Cell phone back in her pocket.

"Dammit! Why the heck are guys doing this? We didn't do anything!" Chie said to Mute and the other soldiers.

"I doesn't matter! You brats are obviously have some sort of relationship with those freaks that's been getting in our way. Making use of you two would make perfect leverage!" Mute stated.

"You... want us to be your hostages...?" Yukiko replied.

"So that's it, huh..." Chie muttered and tried to keep her cool. "If that's the case, then we'll have to fight back!" She stated going into her fighting stances. "Once we beat you guys up, I am so gonna kick Yosuke ass!"

"I don't think that this will end well." Yukiko replied but took her fan out at the ready. "But I will not hold back!"

"Hmph! Bring it!" Mute responded as the battle commenced.


Chie and Yukiko wonder why punk rock metal is playing. "...? Uh... what is that sound...?" Yukiko asked

"Who cares! All of you, I want them captured!" Mute replied. With that the soldiers made their approach upon them both.

"Not if I could help it!" Chie replied, as one of the soldier tried to grab her and was redirected towards another soldier. A soldier grabbed from behind while another attempted to strike her in front but Chie thrust her feet into the soldier in front of her pushing her away while Yukiko struggled to get the soldier from behind off of Chie who still held her and eventually released her grip and pushed away.

A soldier came up to them a performed her magic in front of them up close, Chie moved up and performed her Counter, amazingly seeing it coming as she moved around the blast and spin kick the soldier three times to the air, KO'ing the soldier.

Yukiko was up against a couple soldiers herself as she avoided the blast coming at her and deflecting a physical attack from another soldier with her fans. "Sorry! Persona!" She yelled summoning her persona, pushing the soldier away from burst of fire.

Yukiko's persona came to view as their enemies were stunned by the appearance. The soldier's moral has dropped by the sight and Mute can only grit her teeth. "Grr... it's just two of them! Bring in the K-01's!" Mute ordered. Soon a Clustanian battle ship loomed over the city with a total of four K-01 Mechs dived on the street, making holes in the pavement.

Chie and Yukiko were caught by surprise, with robots going on offensive against them. "...!? They have robots!?" Yukiko gasped.

"Ohh... I seriously doubt that's new." Chie scoffed in disappointment. "If they wanna play rough then we'll have to even the odds!" She summoned Tomoe and used Tarukaja on herself and them and dashed towards them with its windmill double saber. Tomoe, however, reached a deadlock at the mech's arm after a few slash attacks connected. Tomoe, then lift itself into the air and stomped its heel upon the mech's head, freeing her weapon. With no chance to pause for a quick breather, another mech slammed its fists upon Tomoe as that persona's flank damaging it along with Chie "Ngh...!"

"Chie! I got you!" Yukiko responded with using Dia, recovering Chie's stamina.

"Thanks Yukiko!" Said Chie with a thumbs up, then led a second charge against the others along with Yukiko and her Persona.

Tomoe spun her windmill double saber so fast it deliberately shredded off one of the mech's arm and side-kicking it away. Konohana Sakuya danced around with its featherblades behind her with a quick combination with a few Agi's and then a Maragi pushing the mech into a downed state.

"Allow me!" Chie stated, signalling her special move. She approached the Mech focused herself up at the ready. "Here's my Galactic...!" Chie said as she launched herself into the mech and thrusts her feet into it and sent the mech flying. "... Punt!" The mech skyrocketed into the sky becoming a star. She then backed away to Yukiko and gotten into her battle stance back to back with her, however, she started to feel heavy for some reason.. "Okay... whoa... ngh... I feel seriously tired... what the heck...?"

"I'm starting lose focus, too..." Yukiko replied, in a pained expression as she dispersed her Persona

Mute saw them in a seem-to-be critical state, think that this is their chance to counter-attack. "...! Ha! looks like you brats can't keep this up!" Mute laughed. "Everyone, we still have a chance, keep pressing them down!" Mute commanded as she sent for more K-01's.

"Agh... You gotta be kidding me! Chie grunted as she summoned her persona once more. Their situation is becoming more problematic.

"Those machines keep coming...! We can't keep this up...!" Yukiko stated as they grew more tired.

"Give it up! It's over!" Mute ordered with a smirk on her expression.

"Damn... Yosuke, what did you get yourself into...!?" Chie grunted as the K-01 mechs slowly surrounded them. "Nngh...! What should we do...! If we get caught, then we won't be able to find our friends in this place, where ever we are...!" Chie pondered. She looked around and wondered what to do until she saw someone, a bystander, pointing at something. She quickly turned to the entrance of the sewer and thought of an idea. "Yukiko, I need you to do something...!"

Yukiko: "Chie!?"

"I'll create an opening and you make a break for it!" Chie planned, as she still took up front, scanning around. "Try to run to a place, a sewer or something! Somewhere at least!"

Yukiko: "But... what about you!?"

"We'll be caught anyways if we stay together! I'll cause a lot of damage so they'll keep their attention on me." Chie explained, quickly. "If you can find Yosuke and the others, I'm sure you guys will know what to do. Please, trust me on this!" She begged.

Yukiko worried for her, but their friends are still somewhere. Finding them would be difficult for her, but Chie believes in her. "Okay... please stay safe." Yukiko requested as Chie replied with a thumbs up.

Mute was becoming impatient as the two were bickering. "Tch! I gave you punks a chance to surrender. It looks like you humans won't learn without a little pain!" Mute stated as she signal her platoon to assault them.

"Oh yeah? I don't think so!" Chie yelled as she charged a Black Spot into the hole of the surrounding enemy. "Yukiko, Go, now!"

Yukiko nodded and ran out through the disoriented group. Mute spots the fleeing persona user. "?! Hey, don't let her escape! After her!" Mute ordered as the soldier recovered from being stunned.

Chie, however, ran to the path and blocked them off with her Persona. "You're gonna have to go through me!" She taunted them.

"Oh really!" Mute wise-cracked. "Then you'll be sorry for your guy's own existence!" She stated as she, the other Clustanian soldiers, and K-01 mechs converged towards Chie.

"*Heavy inhale and exhale* Alright, whatever's going on, using my persona seems to wear me out, for some reason... Have I gotten weaker?" Chie pondered as she looked to he Persona giving off static all over itself. "Yukiko, Yosuke, Yu... I am seriously placing my entire faith in you guys..." She thought as she set herself in a battle stance. "Bring it on! Agneyastra!" She shouted as fire balls appeared above out of thin air.

Mute: "What!?

The soldier tuck to cover behind the K-01 mechs, dealing heavy damage to them causing the mechs to malfunction into disability, ceasing function. The devestation cleared out the mechs, causing Mute and her platoon to back away from Chie. "Im-impossible!" Mute stuttered.

Chie began to wobble around starting to lose her vitality "*huff* *huff* *huff* Had... enough...?

"Not a chance in hell!" Mute retorted as she signalled the warship above her to rain down more mechs.

"Seriously?" Chie groaned as she used Agneyastra again on the warship causing it to stagger away.

Mute: "What!? NO!"

The battleship was pushed away and swivels around until it regained its balance. "Grr... dammit... Fire! Fire on that freak!" Mute yelled and the soldiers in the battleship did just that, charging up.

"Like... Like hell you will!" Chie retorted as she Power Charged herself and took aim at the battleship. "Attacking us is one thing, but to destroy this place without anyone's consent!? It's going to far!" Chie responded with a huge hint of anger. "Eat this! GOD'S HAND!" She yelled slamming her fist on the ground, with Tomoe doing the same. Soon enough, a giant golden fist rammed itself into the barrel, exploding the weapon into smithereens. As to that, debris went flying everywhere.

"Wh-What the hell!? Again!?" Mute complained loudly as the battleship slowly descends, landing in an open space in the industrial area.

"Ha... ha... is that... all...?" Chie boasted as she blacked out and fell unconscious.

"...! Sgt. Mute, the enemy's down!" Informed a Clustanian soldier.

"Good! Let's kill it before it get's back up!" Mute ordered, ending the battle.

Right before they approached Chie, another soldier intervened, coming into view. "Hold on, Sgt. Mute! Stop!"

Mute: "Wh-What is it, now!?"

"Orders from General Akane! We are to take subjects like her into custody!" The soldier relayed. grabbing the rest of the soldier's attention.

"What!? Didn't you guys see the destruction they caused us?" Mute questioned as she stomped on Chie's head. "We have to eliminate them before-!"

"Those were orders from the General herself. I advise that you do not keep crossing her." The Soldier reminded.

"Tch... Fine... bring it to the Moebius Factory." Mute ordered, followed by grumbling around "You three, find that girl in red. We can't have her roaming everywhere."

As three soldier went elsewhere, the other two soldiers picked up Chie by the sides and dragged her away. "I can't believe that there's more of these conjurors." Said one soldier.

"And a couple females, too. What is this world coming to...?" The other soldier replied.

As they dragged Chie away, the on looking bystanders were at awe to see someone fighting back at the Clustanians.

"*Sigh*... I knew they wouldn't stand a chance..."

"Were those two Reyvateils? It didn't look like they used any song magic."

"Wait, We never seen them before, did we? Could this... be our chance!?"

The populace murmur spread like a flood that raised their interests and doubts. One person in the crowd was completely emotionless. A lady looked around as people started talking. Her vision started to sway and darken almost like something was eating at her head. "... Where... is he..." She stated in horror.

"Any luck with that brat in red?" Mute questioned, once they arrived at the facility along with the unconscious Chie.

"We received a report that the target in question ran into the Subterranean Canal, so to speak." One of the soldiers informed.

"Hmph..." Mute nodded as she then looked outside. For some reason, it started to become foggy. "Odd, it's becoming foggy..."

"Don't you mean, cloudy?" The Soldier replied.

Mute: "...?"

Elsewhere, Yukiko was about to enter what looks like a sewers. "Ah! Maybe this place should work!" Yukiko said out loud. However, she then noticed her shadow fading out as structures also lost their shadows. "Huh? What's going on...?" She wondered as she turned around. The sun was blocked by the clouds covering the entire sky and then the city slowly became foggy. Out of curiosity, Yukiko set her pair of glasses on, realizing that the familiar fog was starting to cover the whole city. "...!? Is this... it can't be!" She stuttered.

Yukiko took her cell phone out and was about to warn Teddie, until the three soldiers who were sent to capture Yukiko spots her at the sewer entrance. "There she is! Get her." Once of the soldiers stated as they immediately ran towards Yukiko.

Yukiko noticed them and hung up and bolted into the Subterranean Canal with soldier hot on her trail, unbeknownst to them what is going to happen in the city. "Chie... please be safe..." She thought.

(Next Day, Daytime) Clockwork St.

Yosuke and Co. along with the recently recruited Yukiko, left Gearison Inn, and discussed their plan of rescue for Chie and Saki. "Alright. everyone have their things? It's time to start the rescue operation." Aoto stated, refreshed and ready.

"After the incident yesterday, there's doubt that the Clustanians are gonna search for answers." Yosuke followed.

"Then why are we having this discussion outside, where they'll obviously spot us?" Finnel reminded.

Yosuke an Aoto just realized that and had a poker face on them.

Yosuke/Aoto: "Uhh..."

"I don't think there's much of a choice." Tatsumi informed as he looked around. "There aren't many soldier around."

They all then looked around, seeing how there were no clustanian activity going on. "What the hell? They just high-tailed outta here?" Kanji wondered.

"Perhaps the recent confusion had them retreated to the Moebius Factory? Even the fleet is still there, too." Hikari Gojo said as he check his glasses.

They gazed upon the fleet of Clustanian battle ships still floating up in the sky, even a few more has appeared. "Are they still wondering about the fog?" Yukiko assumed.

"Probably so." Tatsumi agreed. He seemed skeptical due to how many there were in the sky. "With that kind of numbers, they're probably gonna launch an attack of some sort."

"Why would they do something like that!?" Yukiko follow in horror.

"I could think of a few reasons. I guess because of the shadows and us, even what happened yesterday." Yosuke mentioned. "Let's try not to get involved into fights again too often... okay...?"

"We're going into the secret path, that I know. I doubt that we'll be any more discreet." Doctor Gojo assured.

"Then here we go!" Teddie pumped up and dashed away.

Yosuke: "You don't even know where to go, Ted! Follow the doctor!"

The operation has gone under way, however, they saw the townsfolk crowding in front of them as they were looking at something. "The hell's goin' on? A riot?" Kanji wondered.

Teddie: "And I feel a strange hint of shadows for some bear-eason..."

They took note of Teddie's shadow warning and passed the corner of a building. What they saw was a huge cloudy dome encircling around the spot. "What the...? What is going on now...?" Yosuke stuttered.

"Is that... the fog...? What gives? I thought we already dealt with that!" Aoto grunted.

Just as they pondered for a bit Yosuke recall how the fog the last time disappeared when they defeated a certain type of Reyvateil. "Hey, this is just me thinking, but wouldn't that fog appear because of another Reyvateil victim?" He guessed.

Aoto: "Are you serious!?"

"That would be bad for everyone. Does that mean we'll have to fight that shadow corrupting the Reyvateil's Mind Gurdian?" Tatsumi asked.

"So if we beat the shit out of that shadow, that fog will disappear? 'Cause that's find by me." Kanji followed up with confidence.

"The Reyvateils won't be able to sing with the fog around. And Saki..." Aoto mentioned as he worried for Saki.

"... Well if Chie's there too, I think Saki-chan should be fine." Yosuke assured. "She's the type of girl who goes so far to help people."

Aoto: "... Alright."

They all rekindled their confidence and the Doctor led them into the secret path he mentioned. They proceeded ahead of Yosuke and Finnel as he also want a piece to say to her. "Hey, Finnel, you think we can count on you backing us up with your Song Magic?" He asked

"Wh-wha... Where are you going at...!?" Finnel blushng by surprise.

"... What the heck are you thinking?" Yosuke questioned back at the flustered Finnel. "We're heading into the fog again, that dome up there. After what happened yesterday, are you gonna be alright singing inside?" He added.

Her expression went into a pokerface. "Oh... uh... Y-yeah! I just haven't gotten use to the headache when I sing. How could the fog appear from a Reyvateil and how come the other can't sing properly?"

"Your right, there still a lot of stuff unexplained yet." Yosuke replied. "Out of any Reyvateil, you're the only one who can still sing inside. For now, let's take that opportunity and get them outta there." He stated as Finnel replied with a nod and returned to their group. Their raid went under way.

Skti Topic: Mascot Girl's Vaca?

Right Before they entered the dome of Fog, Aoto want to show some concers for Finnel's job occupation

Aoto: "By the way, Finnel, is it okay for you to be with us?

Finnel: "Why is that?"

Aoto: You're the mascot girl of the bistro, right? Don't you have to work there?

Yosuke: "Crap, that's right...! We forgot to tell Auntie Leu about your absence... again..."

Finnel: "Oh, it's fine. As long as the food is great, the customers won't care that much about the mascot.

Kanji: "Well... Yeah, the food there really is great. But aren't you the chef at the place?"

Finnel: "Yeah, that's right, though Auntie Leu's the real chef there. What matters to a bistro is the taste of the food they serve. So, even without me, the bistro will be fine."

Yosuke: "But isn't it kinda sad...?"

Finnel frowned and moped upon hearing the question

Finnel: "Yeah, sort of..."

Kanji: "... Now that I think of doesn't Yosuke-senpai and Teddie suppose to be working at Junes? Your boss will be lookin' for you guys."

Yosuke: "Nah, we're using our vaca for the summer, so they wouldn't worry about us to often..."

Aoto: "Vaca...?"

Yukiko: "... Oh, you mean Vacation! *Sigh* And we were gonna have a fun trip elsewhere..."

Finnel: "... Maybe I should've asked Autie Leu for a vaca..."

Over the city of Ciela Gate, The armada of Clustanian Battleships has held their position from yesterday. General Akane was still observing the city while the cloudy dome cover the Factory.

"What is going on... the dome of cloud covered the entire city in an instant and dissolved afterwards, yesterday. Just what is going on in Ciela Gate...?" General Akane pondered. She then focused her attention at where the Moebius Factory was suppose to be. With the dome covering the Factory, the communications, all isolated, it left the soldiers stranded inside.

As she continues to ponder on the screen, a dozen Clustanian soldiers entered the bridge. "General Akane, sir!" Said a soldier, reporting in. "We have an important update about our current situation. It's urgent."

Akane: "Speak. Is it something about that dome?"

"What...?" The Soldier replied as she then turned their attention on the screen. "No sir, we're talking about those conjurers that appeared recently. That, and regarding those black creatures with weird masks appearing of late." she stated.

Akane: "Oh?"

"Apparently they claim to call them 'Shadows' and they can summon these... things they call, 'Persona'" A Clustanian soldier explained.

"I see... Is there anything else about them?" General Akane questioned.

The group of soldier murmured to each other about anything vital and brought it to the General's attention. "Well... Before we cross paths with those conjurers, some of us along with Sgt. Mute came into contact with a pair of female conjurers.

The statement peaked the General's interests. "Female conjurers? Were you able to apprehend them?"

"Just one of them. We were able to subdue one after she exhaust all of her strength." One of the Soldiers stated. "She was to be sent to the Moebius Factory under Sgt. Mute's orders but..."

Akane: "Anything else to add?"

"Yes, just after we've place her in holding yesterday, these... 'Shadows' started to wreak havoc across the city. Attacking us and everything around us. Moments after, the shadows miraculously disappeared as the sun sets." One soldier explained.

"Another unit approached a group that supposed to be the same that Sgt. Mute encountered several times now." Another Soldier followed.

"She threw out many K-01's at them, cause enough damage to bring my attention and she still couldn't stop them?" Akane questioned, irritatingly. She gripped her hand but released it in her calmed mood. "*sigh* Just what is going on...?" She turned back to the screen viewing the dome of fog. "Yuto... Are you responsible for this...?" She pondered.

Moebius Factory

They were able to enter the Moebius Factory through the secret entrance Doctor Gojo had showed them. It was just as foggy like yesterday, only it covered the entire Factory.

Aoto: "Are we inside the Moebius Factory...?"

"No, this is the outer wall of the gate. We're inside the white wall that protects us from forces from the Tower." The Doctor explained. "If you walk along the steps of this scaffold, it'll lead to an underground path below the Factory."

"Huh... so the outer wall and the Moebius Factory are linked together...? I never knew that." Yosuke summed up.

Hikari Gojo: "This mammoth company practically runs Ciela Gate. The police are their employees. Of course they're connected. But we're in the midst of the enemy nest. We must keep our guards up."

"Yes, especially with the fog covering the facility." Yukiko added. "It's going to be rather difficult with shadows around.

"Shadows and this fog, huh? We can't even see good with the fog blinding our view..." Tatsumi scowled.

"And that's where I come in!" Teddie replied, grabbing their attention. "I pre-beared some new pairs of glasses for you guys, based on your bear-references, of course." He said as he pulled out some unique glasses on the occasion.

Aoto: "Glasses? For us?"

"Yep! Had a lot of time last night since you guys are blind like a Mole rat!" Said Teddie so optimistically.

"What!?" Aoto retorted in offense. "I-I don't need glasses, I can see perfectly fine!" He grunted as he walked off.

But a few seconds later the Persona users and Finnel saw him walking off right off the steps.

Finnel: "Aoto? Aoto!? Wait!"

"Huh!? Oh shi-" Aoto realized he didn't see any thing to stand on and fell... Until Yosuke and Kanji immediately rushed towards him and caught Aoto before he fell to his demise.

"! What the Hell!? Put those damn glasses on, dammit!" Said Kanji, annoyingly.

Once Aoto got back up, the three were giving their own glasses that were unique to their style.

Aoto's was in a form of goggles sunglasses, Tatsumi's glasses were a pair of blue running glasses, and Hikari Gojo's were... an identical copy of his original eye-wear. After they put them on, they looked around seeing in awe that the fog wasn't there.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you guys said it's like it isn't there..." Aoto remarked as he took his goggles glasses on and off, comparing the view.

"This is... amazing...!" Hikari Gojo followed. "May I ask you, what kind of materials do you use?" The doctor asked Teddie.

"I'm afraid that's a trade secret." Teddie replied. "I got bored, so I thought I'd make them in my free time.

Tatsumi: "You got bored? And since when DID you have the free time...?

Finnel was staring at them, seeing how she's the only one who doesn't have glasses. "Um... hey what about me? Don't I get a pair?"

Aoto: "Why? You and the other Reyvateils can see without a pair."

"Yeah, I think you're okay without'em. I mean you can see perfectly well, right?" Yosuke reminded her.

Finnel: "Well... yeah, but..."

"Hey! Are we gonna go, already?! Chie-senpai and Saki-chan's waitin'." Kanji reminded them all.

"You're right. Let's get moving." Aoto replied as he lead their operation. "Saki... please be safe...!"

Finnel groaned from the rear, feeling left out for some reason.

Inside a room, Chie was pacing around while Saki was watching her. They both were in a room within the compound waiting for their friends. "Sheesh... I was out since yesterday? How did get so tired all of a sudden, too...?"

"Are you going to be alright?" Saki asked.

"*sigh* I'll be fine. I'm just worried about the others. I mean, how can we fight back without our Personas if we're tired out too quickly?" Chie questioned.

"Um... I think your friend mentioned about how to 'improvise'?" Saki suggested. "I think maybe Yosuke mentioned something about how to fight without them."

Chie: "Without our Personas, huh? Hmm..."

While they both pondered about what to do next, Saki started to hear a high pitch noise ringing in her ears. "...?"

"Is something wrong Saki-chan?" Chie wondered, looking at Saki.

"... I just heard a ringing... What could that be?" Saki pondered.

"Something's ringing?" Chie wondered and took out her cellphone. The reception was off. "My phone doesn't have any reception... Wait a minute..." Chie went up to the door and immediately heard voices on the other side. Sounded like a complete panic as the Clustanian soldiers were pacing back and forward.

"We're being attacked!"

"What the hell are those things!?"

"Our Song Magic! Dammit, why aren't our mechs responding!"

The noise were bustling outside their room as sound of creatures going wild along with guns firing. Chie was confounded while Saki was scared. "! What's happening outside!?" Saki gasped in terror.

"I definitely don't like the sound of that...!" Chie replied. With the events starting to proceed at a fast pace, they couldn't just stand their and do nothing, so what Chie thought. "Ugh, if we stay here, we might get ourselves in a bad spot. I'm bringing the door down!" Chie stated as she set herself into position.

Saki: "C-Chie?"

Chie: "Tomoe!"

Chie had Tomoe help her bring the door down and as they both rushed out. With the fog deliberating her sights, noticing that it's the same fog, she placed her glasses back on to see the encounter with the Clustanian Soldiers taking fire from the Fuzz shadows. "No way...! Why are the Shadows-!? W-Whoa!" Before she said anything else, the Fuzz shadows pointed their guns at Chie while Saki was about come out of the room. "Agh! Heads up!"

Saki: "!?"

Chie grabbed Saki and jumped back into the room while the Fuzz shadows continued to fire bullets at them. "Crap, that was close!" Chie said to herself, breathing heavily.

"W-We have to stop them from hurting someone!" Saki stated in a panicked tone.

"No kidding...!" Chie replied as she scanned the situation. A couple powerless soldiers were hiding behind debris aside from them and three Bribed Fuzzes and now a Hallowed Turret coming in from the rear. Okay... I think I can take them. Saki-chan, stay put while I deal with them." she told Saki as she uses Power Charge on herself.

"Wait, please let me help, Chie! I'll use my song magic to help you!" Saki suggested.

"Song Magic...?" Chie wondered, but shrugged it off for now. "Uh, okay then... Let's go!" The battle commenced as Chie took charge and approached the incoming shadows while Saki backed her up at then rear.

*Time to Make History

"Okay, solo... I wasn't expecting that..." Chie thought as she readied herself, summoning Tomoe. The Bribed Fuzz shadows open fire on the Persona. Tomoe immediately spun her weapon in order to deflect the shadow's bullets.

Saki was starting to sing, however, she could not weave any Song Sagic for some reason. "...? Ah... Huh...? My head hurts..." Saki collapsed and held her head from an incoming headache. She was looking like she was going to perspire.

Chie turned back to Saki as she was looking in pain. "Saki-chan? Saki-chan, wha-what's wrong?" Chie asked, but then turn her sights immediately back to the enemies. "Oh, Crap!" The Hallowed Turret came forward and launched a cannon fire right at Chie. Chie ran back and grabbed Saki from before the shadow's attack caught them within the blast radius. Chie and Saki made it out of the way as they took a brief pause behind the smoke. "Saki-chan, are you okay?"

"Yes... but... I can't sing my Song Magic...!" Saki look down in confusion.

"Well... don't worry about it, I'll handle this!" Chie got back up returning to the fight.

"! Please be careful!" Saki replied. She try praying as she felt unsure of herself since she's powerless in her current situation. "Why can't use any Song Magic...? Isn't there something I can do?"

"Hhrrruuuuuaaaaahh, HA!" Chie charged right at the Hallowed Turret and vault right over the cannon fire and into the air. "I got you!" Chie yelled as she intended to axe kick the shadow. However, the Hallowed Turret quickly moved back as it reloaded it self another shot. "!? Dammit!" Chie cursed herself as she missed, but suddenly when she slammed her foot to the ground, an ice pillar magically rose up under the shadow, flipping the Hallowed Turret as it fire its cannons at the allied shadows, causing a Bribed Fuzz to dissipate. "Huh!? Where did this...!?" Chie stuttered and stared at her hands and then her feet. Surprise to her that her powers differs than how she usually uses it. She took the opportunity to fight back. "Alright then, time to return the favour!"

The Hallowed Turret rolled around until it hit a standing Bribed Fuzz, getting back up and retreat to the rear. The two Bribed Fuzzes started shooting at Chie as she ducts for cover behind the ice pillar. The bullets were pressing down hard on the ice, so hard that the pillar began to crack away. "I... don't think so!" Chie focused her energy into her hands and slammed it into the pillar, launching it right at the Bribed Fuzz, ramming it into the wall and Tomoe followed up and slamming its blade in the shadow dissipate into nothingness.

Soon after, the other Bribed Fuzz continues to fire upon the Persona. Tomoe quickly blade dance its way, deflecting the bullets all together, and finally stabbed the shadow in the mask, causing the Shadow to slowly melt in defeat. All that's left was the Hallowed Turret that charge its cannon at Chie.

Chie back a couple steps an then notice some icy particles emitting around her fists. Upon turning back to the shadow, she immediately threw a punch from a distance, and without thinking, launching an ice block as the same size as her hands, into the shadow's cannon barrel, causing it to exploded, disabling the shadow's only use for attacking.

"Whoa... That... Was so cool!" Chie commented, astonished by her attack move she used just now. "Is this what Saki-chan meat by improvising? That was definitely felt like Bufu..." She thought as she gazed upon her hands.

The shadow twirled its broken barrel at an attempt to smack Chie, but missed as she duct under the swing. Chie took a moment think of an attack as she pivoted herself to the side of the side of the shadow. As she has the momentum on her, she suddenly came up with a move. "Have a taste of this! Haaah! Ice Snap!" Chie quickly snapped a backwards roundhouse kick with a blue glaze on her foot, whipping a straight horizontal line of ice, produced upon the Hallowed Turret. "Nice...!" Once the cold ice got through the shadow's armor, it ceases it's movement and looked like it started to malfunction.

"Alright time to finish this!" Chie stated a she focuses her energy to her hands, emitting the icy particles around her hands and then used Mabufu. "Have some of this! And this! And this! And this! And some of these!" She hammers the shadow with chunks of ice by punching ice out of thin air and launching them into the shadow, causing it to freeze up and turns it into a giant iceberg. "Okay! Bufula!" Chie lifts a leg up high and slams downward to the ground simultaneously making a dent on the surface and magically creating a pillar under the shadow, launching it into the air. "Now, Tomoe!" She called forth. She summoned her Persona and it began to shred the shadow in the iceberg. The final blow blasted the shadow within the into smaller chunks and then melted away.

"Whew... Now that was refreshing!" Said Chie, confidentally as she wiped of sweat from her head.

"Wow... Amazing Chie!" Saki replied with surprise as the Clustanian Soldiers in the back had their mouths opened.

Battle concluded.

After the battle, Chie stretched herself in case of any sores. She didn't even felt that exhausted like last time she used her Persona. "Huh... I not feeling any tired than last time?" She wondered. After she checked the corridor in front of her, she returned to Saki to check on her condition. "Saki-chan, are you okay?" Chie asked.

"Saki's okay..." Saki replied, but was unsure of herself. "I'm sorry Saki couldn't do anything."

"It's alright, no problem. I'm just glad to see that you're okay." Chie confirmed.

Saki was still feeling concerned. "But still... I couldn't sing my Song Magic. This... Saki doesn't believe this has happened before..." She mentioned.

"It never happened before?" Chie repeated, curiously.

"H-Hey! Who do you think you are?!" Said a younger Clustanian girl running up to them. "You prisoners can't just gallivant everywhere you want!"

"Excuse me!? You guys were the ones who attacked us for a dumb reason!" Chie responded, looking down at the kid.

"Grr... you brats think your so better than us! Taste the might of the Mighty Avenger Mute!" Lil' Mute yelled as she ran at Chie.

However, Chie held her in place, extended her arm's reach on Lil' Mute's head preventing her from attacking Chie. "So your a fan of that big cross dresser? Come on, even I have standards..." She replies with a dull expression. Lil' Mute became more frustrated.

Saki walked up to them trying calm things down. "Um, please don't fight..."

Chie: "Saki..."

"Grr... Shaddup! You're just as bad, helping them!" Lil' Mute retort back.

"Whoa, Hey! Don't just yell at someone who didn't do anything!" Chie barked back in defence. "A-Anyways this place is dangerous and you guys can't even use your... 'song' magic or whatever it is... So I have to be your best bet on making it out of here. Can you guys at least agreed to that?"

The Lil' Mute and the other soldiers were powerless at the moment, so they had no choice but to have Chie lead the escape. "... Fine..." Lil' Mute answered reluctantly.

They all agree to a temporary truce until they all escape the Factory. Chie took the front with the soldiers guidance towards an exit. "Yukiko... everyone... Please be okay..." Chie thought, worried for their friend's safety.

Somewhere else, Yosuke's group has entered a corridor of the facility. They had to manually open the door due to an unknown power failure. As they continued down the corridor, the noticed how quiet this factory is, now that the dome of fog covers the entire facility. For some reason, the emergency lights were on. "We're finally inside...?" Said Yosuke upon speculation.

"Yes... but I have to say..." Doctor Gojo agreed, but as he looked around, the area seemed like it seen better days, as in, a huge fight broke out and left it a mess. "... Something tells me that we're not alone."

Teddie sniffed around, picking up a lot of familiar presence. "*sniff* *sniff* *sniff* Whoa! Shadow activity at its beary peak!" Teddie stated.

"That would mean the Dome of Fog is shadow-related, correct?" Tatsumi guessed.

Teddie: "Yep. Beary nostalgic..."

"Then let's be very cautious." Yukiko suggested. "Even here the shadows are as dangerous outside the fog."

They all nodded in agreement and proceed. Shadows appeared along their path, yet our heroes successfully took out several groups of shadows. As they were about to pass another corridor, they heard a weak knock coming from a nearby room and heard a voice as well. "Um... Hello? Is anyone out there?" Questioned the person inside the room.

Hikari Gojo was the first to noticed. "Was that Katene's voice!?" Said the Doctor with surprise.

"Katene? Hey Doc, is he an old friend of yours?" Aoto asked as the Doctor was the first approached the door. The rest of the group followed behind.

Hikari Gojo: "Is that you Katene!? Are you in there?"

"...Huh? Gojo!? The door won't open 'cause of the power failure. Could you give me a hand?" Katene requested." Kanji and Aoto assisted on opening the sliding door, even Yosuke commented about how hard it is to open these doors manually.

"I'm glad you're safe. Did you get hurt?" The Doctor asked checking his condition.

"I'm alright, just a bit surprised." Katene replied, then looked skeptical upon his old friend's presence here. "Why are you here? Did you switch sides to Clustania?"

"Of course not! I heard they took over this place, so I was worried!" Hikari Gojo retorted, unamused.

Kanji: "So, Doc, this is...?"

"Yeah, he's an old friend of mine. His name is Katene." Doctor Gojo introduced to his allies.

"How do you do?" Katene greeted back. "Thanks for getting the door open for me."

Kanji: "No problem! A friend of our Doc, is a friend of ours!"

Teddie: "That's right! He's smart enough to know a secret entrance of this dungeon!"

Teddie's optimistic remark made most of the others sweat dropped. The Doctor wasn't amused either. "The hell's up with those passive aggressive insults...?" Kanji questioned. Followed by Yukiko laughing so hard.

Yukiko: "Smart... enough...? Pfft... Aha hahahah hahah...!

"Ugh... Seriously, now's not the time..." Tatsumi groaned as Yosuke face-palmed. "And how is that even funny...!?"

"So, Gojo, why did you come here? You didn't come all this way with your present company to save me, did you?" Katene added, returning to the current subject.

Hikari Gojo: "Oh... Well, that's..."

"I'm looking for a Reyvateil! She was abducted, and we think they may have brought her here!" Aoto cutted in."

"What about a human with weird powers? I heard she brought here, too." Yosuke added.

A Reyvateil? A human with weird... Wait... could that...?" Katene mumble as he processes an conclusion. "A few days ago, I heard a rumor that a Reyvateil was taken to a room farther down from here. I also heard that they brought someone in that description in the same room the other day. It could be them." He assumed.

Yukiko: "Chie!? And that Saki girl, too?"

"That's gotta be it!" Aoto pointed out. "Can you please take us there!?"

Katene agreed. "Sure. I can't deny a request from the person who saved my life. Please follow me. I'll take you there right now... Although..." The small researcher trailed of as he looked around, having to be foggy through out the corridor with papers all over the ground along with scratches on the walls. "This place is a complete mess, what the heck happened here!?"

Hikari Gojo: "Oh... About that..."

Just as before the doctor explained, Teddie jumped and turned to the corridor behind them, sensing shadows. "Whoa! More shadows coming from the rear!" Teddie alerted.

"Shadows?" Katene wondered. They all veered their sights at the incoming shadows of Bribed Fuzzes on the way. Katene was caught by surprise. "What kind of manner of creature are those!?" He yelped.

"Our friends here calls them shadows..." Hikari Gojo answered. However, those shadows look differently as he hasn't seen a type like them. "Those are shadow, correct?" He ask Yosuke.

"Yeah, the ones that can shoot... Eh!? T-Take cover!" Yosuke responded as the Bribed Fuzz aimed their weapons at our heroes, pressing them down as they took cover behind side benches and other debris.

"Shit! They got us pin down!" Aoto grunted.

"... We can't do much if we charge forward...!" Tatsumi whimpered.

"Then leave the Chargin' Forward to me!" Kanji followed as he stepped out of cover.

Yukiko: "!? Kanji-kun!?"

"Think you bastards can shoot us down!? To hell with that!" Kanji retorted as he places his shield in front of him.

Finnel: "What is he doing!?"

Yosuke: "Kanji!"

"RrrraaaaAHHH! PERSONA!" Kanji yelled as he summoned Take-Mikazuchi, surprising Katene. However, the giant persona was very huge that when it stood up, it broke a hole into the ceiling.

Katene: "Wh-What!?"

"Kanji, Dude, your Persona's too huge in this place!" Yosuke exclaimed. The Persona practically walled off the corridor.

"Ghh... Well, I know now, Dammit!" Kanji retorted as he gripped his chest from the pain the shadows were inflicting on Take-Mikazuchi. Bullets were hitting the persona while it held the position down. "Tch... you guys better get ready. Gonna withdraw!" He grunted.

"Couldn't agree more, bro!" Aoto replied as he and everyone else confirmed and readied themselves for a fight. "Let's go!"

Aoto took the lead into battle.

*Time to Make History

Once the shadow stopped firing, Kanji dispersed his Persona and Aoto immediately pounced towards the closest Bribed Fuzz, puncturing his drill into one as it dissipates. The shadows left were two More Bribed Fuzz with a Rainy Sister and a Rainy Brother shadow, floating from behind. Aoto then attacked the other Fuzz, but a Rainy Brother shadow got in the way pushed Aoto back with ease. "Wha... New shadows!?" Aoto gritted his teeth.

"Grr... those shadows are bear-sistant! Use a wrong strike and it'll repel our back!" Teddie explained.

"I don't supposed you know the right attack, to use, do you?" The Doctor asked.

"Afraid not! If we had Rise-chan with us, She could tell us what kind of attack to use!" Teddie bragged.

Hikari Gojo: "Rise?"

"Well, better take the gamble right? Ted, some ice!" Tatsumi requested.

"Grr... Ready!" Teddie replied, summoning his Kintoki-Douji. Tatsumi and Teddie combine their attacks. Tatsumi hops on to his V-Board and blass towards the shadow, zipping side to side as the Shadows constantly kept shooting at him. With Teddie and his Ice skills he lend to Tatsumi's V-Board causing it to form ice particles

Teddie/Tatsumi: "Blizzard Drive!"

Tatsumi then spun around with like a propeller going through the enemy as the ice formed all over the Bribed Fuzz and their guns frozen over, along with the Rainy Brother that started to stagger.

"Alright! I got this!" Yosuke stated as he summoned Orpheus into the field casting it's abilities at the ready. "Try some of this! Pyre Bolt! Yosuke then took out a pair kunais and threw them at two Bribed Fuzz. Once they connect the two kunais exploded causing the Bribed Fuzz to stagger into a downed state.

Finnel: "Go Yosuke!"

"Okay!" Yosuke tossed another Kunai, with an Agilao to it, at a Rainy Sister. However the Rainy Sister immediately repelled it back to Yosuke. Realizing it, He quickly blocked the Kunai with his blade by parrying it into the air, but it exploded right in front of him. "Ooof...! Oh, come on...!" Yosuke grunted when he was pushed down.

"It can repel Fire!" Teddie analysed. "We need to try something else!"

"Then what else could we do?" Finnel retorted.

"Hmm...! Kintoki-Douji!" Teddie summoned his Persona and he use Mabufula on the enemies as it held the Bribed Fuzz in their place, defeated the Rainy Brother shadow, but repelled the ice skill back at Teddie, sending him flying back.

Kanji: "Teddie!"

Teddie got back up, he recovered from his dizziness. "I-Ice attacks are a no go, either!" He stuttered as the cold got to him.

"Seriously, i-isn't there anything else that effects that shadow!?" Aoto questioned.

Yosuke got back up and lobbed a Garu but was ineffective as the vacuum wave reflected back, knocking him down again. "Ow... okay, wind's out of question..."

The Rainy Sister shadow use Mabufula on the party as ice pillars pushed up against the party and they all got hit. It even downed Yukiko and the shadow started to attack her. Hikari Gojo intervened, countering it with his Supermove Shock Therapy at the shadow, punching it with his Combat Medical bag with static electricity producing from the conduit on the bottom, staggering it back to a downed state. "Electricity? That must be it weakness!" The Doctor exclaimed.

Upon hearing the weakness Kanji came up and craked his knuckles. "That means I'm up, yeah?" He questioned with pride. "It's time to put the Hurtin' on that bastard!"

Hikari Gojo: "Alright... Together!"

Kanji and the Doctor combine their abilities and conquered their foe with this attack. Kanji performed a pincer tactic along with the Doctor and deliberately gripped the Rainy Sister shadow by the mask and rammed it against Dr. Gojo while he struck it with his Medical Bag.

Hikari Gojo: "Time to defibrillate!"

Kanji: "Clear, Doc!"

Kanji/Hikari Gojo: "Zio Surge Therapy!"

The Watts of Electricity ran through the shadow at the highest volt one can imagine. The power even destroyed the shadow ending its existence. It now leaves the two downed Fuzzes.

"The enemy's down! Ready!?" Finnel stated as they all agree to an All-Out Attack. They all charge in beating up the shadows, making a comical dust, ending with clouds forming a comical skull with the shadows nowhere to be seen.

The group was exhausted from the fight, seeing how tight it was fighting in a corridor.

Kanji was boasting with pride laughing it off while the others had dull expressions

Aoto: "That was... Shocking..."

Yosuke: "Not to mention tight..."

The rest were also speechless. At any case the battle is concluded.

After the battle, they regrouped back to the astonished Katene. By what he had witnessed was something out of the ordinary. "Katene, I know there's so much questions that you'll want to ask but-" Hikari Gojo said to his old friend, seeing that this was not the place.

"I know, I know, now's not the time and place. I can ask the questions later. But with all this going on right now, we won't be able to cover ground so well..." Katene assured. "At least, If you guys didn't came along, I wouldn't be here. So thanks."

"Heh, No problem! We can beat the shit out of any shadows we cross our path!" Kanji boasted.

Katene: "Shadows... So that's what they're called..."

They all proceeded with their rescue mission with Yosuke pondering. "Is something wrong Yosuke?" Finnel asked.

Yosuke: "... I feel fine for some reason...?"

"Isn't that a good thing?" Doctor Gojo questioned.

"Yeah, but... You guys recall how exhausted we became when we used our Persona outside, right?" Yosuke explained.

A little moment of wondering until they realized something off. "Oh yeah! I don't feel tired, now. Wait, what that mean, Senpai?" Kanji responded.

"Well... you know how recently we usually get fatigued from using our Personas outside this fog? Even when a Reyvateil sings her song magic, we should've gotten exhausted by now." Yosuke explained.

"Is that a bad thing? I mean, you guys won't be to wear out this time." Aoto assumed.

"It would still feel weird... using our powers under these circumstances will only put us at a disadvantage." Yukiko pondered in a worried expression.

Tatsumi on another hand took a wild guess. "The fog." He said as they all turned their heads to him. "This fog is shadow-related right? Even your Personas are related to this matter."

"! You're a grizzly genius Tatsy!" Teddie exclaimed "... Though... I knew that from the start..."

"Well indulge us, Teddie. And don't call me that..." Tatsumi requested in a annoyed tone.

"Ahem, like Tatsy claims, this fog is, indeed, related to the Shadows. The fog would cloud peoples mind as they're comfortable with their clouded delusions and deny any source of truth." Teddie stated. "It seems the Humans don't want the Clustanian wrath or something, they're really scared for their lives."

"The hell...? So they're scared shitless that they would rather blind themselves in this fog?" Kanji added up.

"Then... Damn...! Those Clustanian bastards would push us that far..." Aoto grunted, putting two and two together.

"Teddie, Guys, I was talking about the exhaustion after we use our Persona." Yosuke reminded them. "It looks like we can fight with our Personas better in the fog."

Teddie: "Huh? O-Oh! Yeah! That too. I am a genius!"

"... Right... For now, let's find Chie and Saki. They should still be here with this place looking like it's lockdown." Yosuke suggested, thus they proceeded with their operation.

Skit Topic: Persona Observation

As they continued through the corridor, beating up shadows, Katene continued to observed the Persona Users and their capabilities.

Katene: "Amazing...! Summoning these Mind Guardians without singing...? Although... You guys aren't Reyvateils... Right"

Yosuke: "Uh... Yeah, they're called Persona. It's like a the Reyvateil's Mind Guardian... I think..."

Katene: "Personas...? Huh... so how did you guys get that power?"

Kanji: "Didn't you say that now's not the time and place?"

Katene: "Sorry, can't help it... Though... wouldn't it hurt you guys if they were damaged or something?"

Yukiko: "Of course. Our Persona's is a part of our self. We'll get hurt if they're attacked, too.

Yosuke: "It's a double-edged sword. The trade-off is pretty good."

Katene: "Fascinating... So how did you guys get this ability, Is it possible for us to acquire one, too?"

Aoto: "Oh yeah! I was think about how you guys got them in the first place. How'd you guys get yours?"

The Persona users began to look skeptical as they feel worried about the truth about acquiring their Persona.

Yosuke: "... Uh... Hey... Okay, now's not the time and place for questions! I'm worried about Chie and Saki.

Yukiko: "Um... Y-Yes! Let us rescue our friends first!"

Kanji and Teddie followed up as well as the Persona group went ahead.

Katene: "Guess they don't want to talk about it...?"

The others agreed, nodding yes.

Tatsumi: "Figures..."

They continued further until they reached a huge metal door that is shut tight. "Hmm..." Katene pondered as he looked around for a small panel to the side. He pressed a few buttons in order to open the door but there was no response. "Nothing's happening. Are we really in lockdown...?"

"I guess it must they Dome of Fog?" Yosuke guessed.

"I suppose that's likely. Everything inside the dome must of severed all power..." Hikari Gojo summarized.

Katene: "Dome of Fog? Could you guys elaborate?"

"...! Oh, right. For some reason, this dome appeared all over this place for some reason. You noticed how foggy this place is right?" Reminded Yosuke.

Katene looked around upon realizing it too. "Hmm... Yeah. I'm surprised that you guys can see where you're going.

Teddie: "Hm Hm hm... That's because-"

Shortly upon interrupting Teddie in mid-sentence, they heard a familiar voice on the other side of the door. "Hey! Hello? Is someone over there?" Chie questioned, knocking on the metal door.

Everyon on this side had exclamation marks as they heard Chie, whom they were looking for. "Chie! Are you there? Are you okay!?" Yukiko replied back.

Yosuke: "Chie!?"

"It's Chie-senpai!" Kanji exclaimed.

Teddie: "Chie-chan!"

"Yukiko? And Yosuke, Kanji, and... Teddie!? Oh, thank god... I'm glad to hear your guy's voice." Chie responded with relief.

"Saki's glad, too!" Saki followed as she was with Chie on the other side, too.

"Saki!? Saki, it's me Aoto!" Aoto replied, coming up to the door. "Are you alright?

"Aoto...? Aoto!" Saki responded cheerfully. "Are you okay?"

Aoto: "Yeah, I'm okay-"

"Saki-chan! I'm so barey glad that you're okay!" Teddie interrupted.

Saki: "Oh... Teddie?

"Wha...? Dude are you for real...!?" Aoto retorted annoyingly as he tried to push Teddie from the door.

"Um... anyways... Chie, how's everything on your end?" Yosuke asked, getting to the point.

"Huh? Oh! We were trying to making our way out of this place. This whole place is filled with shadow for some reason!" Chie explained. "We also have others following us, calling themselves Clustanian soldiers."

Yosuke and the others had conflicting expressions upon Chie's statement. "Clustanian Soldiers? Why would you have those bastards follow you?" Aoto grunted in a reluctant manner."

"What? You're Aoto, right?" Chie replied, guessing the name of the person on the other side of the door. "Why not? They can't do much, and they can't even use their Song Magic for some reason.

"In other words, they don't have the means to harm you?" Tatsumi guessed.

Chie: "Yeah, their harmless."

Lil' Mute: "Hey!"

"The Clustanian soldiers can't sing in this place, can they...?" Katene wondered.

Chie quote started a loud bickering between Chie and the Clustanian soldiers. While they were at it, Teddie sensed some shadows. "Huh...? Oh boy! We got shadows!"

Finnel: "Where?"

Teddie sniffed around for a sec, and it led towards the door. The bickering on the other side stopped, too. "It's coming from the other side of the door!"

Yosuke: "What!?

Aoto: "Shit...! Saki!"

Yosuke: "Chie!"

"Yeah, I know!" Chie replied to Yosuke. "Whoa, there's a lot of them...!"

"Dammit... This is bad! Doc, isn't there another way to get to the other side?" Kanji begged the questioned.

"No, this is the only corridor in. And the door won't open." Katene replied in a worried tone.

Then what the hell can we do? Break the door down!?" Kanji aggriovatedly suggested.

"Huh? Yeah, that's an idea, hang on!" Chie stated. The next thing she said was very unexpecting. "God's Hand!"

Finnel: "God's... Hand?

Upon hearing that move, Yosuke and the other Persona users knew right away that the door was going down in their direction. "Wha... Oh crap! We gotta move!" Yosuke alerted.

They stood away from the door as everyone else followed, excluding Aoto, who was oblivious. "Uh... What?" Aoto wonder as he looked back to his friends taking cover. Just as soon as he turn to the door, a giant golden fist broke through the door along with the unfortunate Aoto taking a giant right hook to his face. "Guuaahhh!" Aoto grunted in agony as he was sent flying back and upon landing. The blow made him out cold.

Tatsumi: "Wh-What the heck!?"

Soon after, Chie and then Saki came through the broken, beyond repair, door. "You guys! Yukiko!" Chie said saw to her best friend.

"Chie! I'm so glad you're okay!" Yukiko replied, feeling relieved to see Chie unharmed.

"Aoto...?" Saki looked around for Aoto until she saw him on the ground. "Aoto!? Oh no! Wh-who did this to you? Aoto, please be okay!" She cried.

Teddie: "Chie-chan, her bare-knuckles are beary dangerous..."

Yosuke came around to try to greet Chie. "Uh... Glad to see that you're okay, Chie-"

Chie glared at him came up to attack him. "YOU STUPID IDIOT!"

Yosuke: "Huh!?"

Chie karate-kicked Yosuke right into his stomach. The intense pain was painful and he fell to the ground pressing down the pain on his stomach. "Gwaauuuh! Why...!?"

This surprised half the group excluding the Persona users and the unconscious Aoto, seeing how brutal she is at Yosuke. "Yep... had the feeling she'd do that..." Kanji muttered as everyone sweat dropped.

"She does so much damage to her friends, even breaking the door down, knowing that you'd hit us? With that fist?" Tatsumi annoyingly retorted.

"What do you mean? And... who are you?" Chie wondered.

While Chie Satonaka introduced herself briefly, the Clustanian Soldiers, behind the door where discussing their plan of action. "Dammit! One of those conjurors is a problem and now there's a whole lot of them!" A Soldier grunted.

"Wait... They came into the factory, so they must of entered somewhere behind them!" Another soldier explained.

"What are you thinking!? We can't just let them go!" Lil' Mute retorted. "We have to stand our-"

"Shut it! We can't even take them on with our situation. Need to make a break for it and get some reinforcements!" Said Soldier stated.

They had to deal with them and the incoming shadows from behind. They had to make a choice. "Tch... Fine, let's get outta here!" Lil' Mute ordered. "RUN!"

The soldier immediately ran through the group as they wondered what's going on. "Huh? Hey, weren't those Clustanian Soldiers?" Katene questioned.

As they tried to add up, Teddie realized the Shadows were approaching. "Aaack! Shadows at our twelve!" He alerted.

They all caught on to their enemy as they prepared for the shadows. Aoto and Yosuke however, were down for the count. "Yosuke, come on! We have to defeat these shadows!" Chie egging Yosuke.

Yosuke was still pressing the wound that Chie inflicted on him. "Easier... said than done..." He groaned.

"You do realized that you're the one who kicked him into submission." Tatsumi reminded Chie.

"... Oh, never mind then..." Chie whimsically responded and then signalled her friends. "Ted, watch over him. Let's go guys!" She ordered.

Yukiko: "Okay!"

Kanji: "Uh... r-right!"

"Very straight-forward, that one..." Doctor Gojo chuckled.

"Honestly..." Tatsumi sighed, as they drew their weapons. "How much boo can these guys get?"

"Ah, H-Hey! Don't leave me out!" Finnel retorted as she started singing.

Commencing Shadow Battle

*Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-

The approaching Shadows composed of three Venus Eagles up front and a Avenger Knight at the rear followed by multiple Idle Basalts flying from behind the Avanger Knight. The formation looked accurate as the Venus Eagle took flight with the Idle Basalt shadow swarming on them. "Alright! Let's do this!" Chie rallied as she summon Tomoe. The Persona charged in with its weapon, blade dancing amongst the surrounding shadows.

A Venus Eagle attempted to dive at her stealthily but Yukiko notice it coming. "Chie!" Yukiko alerted her as she whipped her fan out and sent an Agi at the shadow, cancelling its dive attack. "Are you okay" She asked in concern.

Chie gave a thumbs up assuring her safety and resumed her assault.

Tatsumi and Hikari Gojo were also doing their share, slaying shadows that approaches them and their allies, even their downed allies. "Wow, those guys aren't slouches when they fight these creatures..." Katene commented.

"Persona Users. That's what they're called. It's only natural that they're accustomed to fighting Shadows." Tatsumi recalled as he swung his V-board at shadow, slicing it in half.

"Raaahhh!" Kanji summoned his Persona and had swat away the flying Idle Shadows and eventually grabbed a Venus Eagle.

In a quick moment, Tatsumi thought of something. "Kanji! ram it into the wall and boost me!" He requested.

Kanji didn't know what he was planning but went with it anyway, pressing down the shadow on a wall and hoisting Tatsumi into the air. Tatsumi eventually, landed on Take-Mikazuchi's arm and ran along towards the shadow stabbing it real hard until it dissipated. "Hell Yeah! That was nice!" Kanji complimented as his persona brought him down to ground level.

Tatsumi: "We're not out of the battle just yet. Let's keep it up."

Yukiko continued to push the shadows away along with her Persona. Zoning herself from any shadows that approaches her by using an abundance of fire skills and aids others with Dia.

Saki tended to Aoto as was still unconscious. The blow that Chie did upon him did so much. Even Yosuke couldn't move because of her.

"Hmm...?! Everyone, on guard! The shadow in the back is up to something!" Teddie stated, spotting the Avenger Knight as it used Power Charge on itself, preparing to launch a strong attack. The Avenger Knight immediately charged ahead with its lance pointed forward. The fighters managed to get out of the way but its target was Finnel who was still weaving her song magic.

"What! H-Hey, get out of the way!" Chie yelled at Finnel. She couldn't from her position as she continued to sing. Chie tried to run back to her side but the shadow's speed of attack is more faster.

"Agh... Hell...! Jiraya! Orpheus!" Yosuke eventually recovered and did a blowback with his summoned Personas. Jiraya jumped up from below, knocking the lance away, and Orpheus bashing its harp sending the shadow back.

Finnel: "Y-Yosuke?"

"Yeah, I-I'm fine...!" Yosuke responded, he still felt dizzy from the blow that Chie gave him. "Ow..."

Chie: "Yosuke, wha-what is that?"

"Never mind me! Focus on the shadows!" Yosuke retorted back. Chie scoffed and did just that, reluctantly, and went back to fighting.

The Avenger Knight tried to recover from the blowback until Yukiko shot it down with her new attack. "I don't think so! Fire Plumes! Yukiko flicked her fan lobbing a big fire ball in a shape of a feather while she spun backward and then tossed another one, the plume-looking fireballs homed in on the shadow, staggering the to the ground, into a downed state.

"Alright Yukiko! Now's my turn!" Chie cheered as she went up against two more Venus Eagles. Chie use Bufula at striking one of the shadows from below. She then jump on top of the pillar used Ice Snap on the staggered shadow with ice producing on the shadow. As the Venus Eagle fell to the ground, more Idle Basalts appeared, moving in on Chie. She used Mabufu, pummelling multiple ice blocks at the shadows, the velocity of the Ice blocks Chie cast was as fast as a baseball thrown. More and more Idle Basalts went down and eventually the last Venus Eagle soon after.

"Damn... Senpai hasn't lost her touch...!" Kanji commented.

Before Teddie could sense the shadow, the Avenger knight got back up and attempt to bolster its strength once more. "...!? That shadow! It's getting back up!" He exclaimed.

"Not if... I can help it!" Chie yelled as she stretched her legs. The Avenger Knight charged towards Chie as she readied herself.

Yukiko/Saki: "! Chie!"

The Shadow went for the kill, but Chie avoided its the attack in one movement, moving slightly to the side and pushing forward, countering with her signature move, Galactic Punt. "Leave us... Alone!" Chie yelled as she sent the shadow very far down the corridor until it crashed into the wall. Despite a lot of power she used, returned to her fighting stance as more Idle Basalts approached. "Ugh... More...!?" She grunted.

Everyone stepped back as the never-ending stream of shadow came through the corridor. "Finnel, ready to go?" Yosuke said. Finnel nodded, signalling for her Song Magic. He also had an idea. "Chie, quick, make a giant ice block!" He commanded.

Chie: "What? Why?"

"Don't ask why, j-just hurry! Teddie, you too!" Yosuke demanded. Chie and Teddie, together, create a giant pillar of ice under Yosuke's request.

"Yosuke, what are you planning?" Doctor Gojo asked.

"Trying to wall off the shadows won't work as much, just so you know." Tatsumi reminded.

Yosuke: "I know, I know! We got this! Finnel, shoot!"

Finnel: "Hah!"

Finnel cast her song magic as Momoko shot out her fiery beam. Coincidentally, the fire blast lifted the huge ice pillar as it pushed against the oncoming shadows, pressing them far down to the back. Shortly afterwards, the fire melted through the ice and burned away the shadows, ending the endless stream of shadows, for now.

After the fight, everyone got back together and recuperated their strength. "Okay, is everyone okay?" Yosuke asked. Everyone nodded, even Aoto recovering from the blow Chie gave him and Finnel was bracing her head from the headache she got from singing.

Aoto/Finnel: "Ow..."

"Are you okay, Aoto?" Saki asked.

"Yeah... That... shouldn't kill someone like me..." Aoto replied in a pained expression. "But... I'm just glad that you're safe." He said with relief.

"Saki... Saki believed... that you were coming to rescue me!" Saki gladly express her feelings. "Thank you! You really did come and save me."

Aoto: "Saki..."

"Don't forget about me!" Teddie intervened. "I was beary worried about you!"

"Oh Teddie? Yes, thank for helping Aoto." Saki replied with a smile. Aoto felt annoyed as Teddie tried to take the spotlight, but then thought of letting it slide, for now.

"Uh, We got Saki-chan and Chie-senpai, so what now?" Kanji asked cutting the lovey-dovey to a halt.

"I don't know... maybe we should get out of this place?" Chie suggested. "This TV world is so outta whack..."

Thus raising questions to the non-Persona Users. "TV... world?" Aoto repeated.

"Um... Chie, I don't think we're in the TV world right now..." Yosuke discreetly reminded her.

"What? But we entered through the TV didn't we? There was no fog at first but there's fog here." Chie explained. "I mean... Where are we exactly?"

"Oh, this place is the Moebius Factory." Katene answered.

"... I know about this place, I never expected TV world to have a open sky..." Chie added.

"TV world? What's this 'TV world' you guys speak of...?" Katene asked.

Chie groaned that she was going to explain but Yosuke recalled the Shadow battle yesterday. "Wait, Chie. This fog. It isn't the same fog we're familiar with.

Chie: "It's not? What do you mean?"

"Yeah, think about it, When you guys came here, there wasn't any fog at first, right?" Yosuke summarized.

"Huh? Well... Yeah." Chie answered. "But just right after we landed, some huge cross-dressing dude came and attacked us with his... entourage... or something..."

Aoto: "You mean Butch!?"

"Butch? Is that what you call her or... him?" Chie snickered. "He definitely sounds like one."

"Pfft... Ahaha hahahaha! Butch! hahahaha! *Inhale* He does sound like a guy...!" Yukiko burst out laughing.

"Uh... Senpai, he's actually a girl... I think...?" Kanji attempted to remind the two.

"Ahem! Guys! were in a middle of the danger zone and we need to deal with this fog, somehow!" Tatsumi loudly reminded them.

They snapped into sense as they turned to Tatsumi. "Oh! Right... You guys said something about this fog?"

"Hold a moment, we're out in the open." Hikari Gojo mentioned. "In here." He directed everyone in a room so they can have a conversation without the enemy interrupting them.

"Alright. So, yeah, A certain Reyvateil's emitting this fog as she's being controlled by the shadows." Yosuke continued. "We were planning to investigate this place afterward we find you guys."

"A... Reyv...ateil...?" Chie pondered. "Yeah sorry, I'm still getting around that word. They're the kind of people that use that 'Song Magic' right?"

"Ah, yes! Me and Filly pour our feelings into our songs which takes form in order to help people." Saki explained.

"Oh... Huh... if you put it like that, it kinda sounds like how we summon our Personas." Chie said in realization.

"In other words... You Persona users are like a human version of Reyvateils?" Katene added up.

"I... suppose so... Anyways, you guys just think of the song to use or something?" She wondered.

"Yep, though our power comes from the tower in order for to use any song magic..." Finnel answered. "But with this fog interfering with our concentration it's not giving us any means to use any powers"

"Oh... so your power source comes from that tower out there?" Chie sighed skeptically. However, one glance at Finnel and something boggled her. "But... wait a sec, if all the Reyvateil's power source was cut off from the tower because of the fog, then how come you can use song magic?" Chie asked as everyone turned to Finnel.

"I don't know... All I can think of is that after I cast my Song Magic, I get whiplashed with a headache from who knows where..." Finnel answered unsure of what it meant.

A moment of silence until Hikari Gojo explains the situation. "For now, let's revise our actions from here on out. Right now we are in still inside the Moebius Factory that is filled with the shadows. I was thinking we need to contain this threat before we deal with the Clustanian Army.

"I was wondering what those things are... One of Clustanian's new weapons?" Katene questioned.

Yosuke: "... Not even close, Katene-san..."

Katene: "...?"

"These guys said these shadows are some sort of embodiment of dark human thoughts that took form of those monstrosity... or something like that..." Aoto explained.

"What? Wait... are you saying that these things, these shadows, come from us humans!?" Katene exclaimed.

"It's like Aoto said, those Shadows are suppressed thoughts taken form. They are born from Humans born from their thoughts." Teddie assured. "They vary in different shapes and form and you can even tell by those scary masks.

Katene was rather dumbfounded since the explanation and the Shadows were new to him. He was taking it difficult to add up. "Ugh... Look I know how it's confusing. Say that they're like... loose Mind Guardians that are seperate from their Reyvateil, but actually human." Said Yosuke setting an example by pointing at Finnel and Saki.

Katene: "Like you and your... Persona...? Hmm..."

"At any case, we hafta find the Reyvateil that's producing this fog. After that, the Shadows should disperse from the Factory." Tatsumi stated.

Question marks rose upon a few. "Huh...? W-wait, why does a Reyvateil have anything to do with this fog?" Saki wondered.

"Well, when we got to Ciela Gate yesterday, the Fog was covering the entire city when we arrived." Yosuke answered. "Apparently it was a Reyvateil that was going crazy from being possessed by a Shadow.

"Wait, that can't be." Katene interjected. "You guys said that these Shadow are from born from humans, right? All Reyvateils shouldn't have any of this related to them since they don't have human nature."

"Unfortunately, we were up against a Reyvateil of the Third Generation, they have human natures." Hikari Gojo included.

Chie: "Third Generation... Reyvateils...?"

"It may not look like it, but for some reason, the shadows here has some sort of ability to possess those them in order to create the fog we're in. With the shadows corrupting the Reyvateil's Mind Guardian, Not only it changes in appearance, the Reyvateil herself now acts as the catalyst for the shadow's wrath..." The Doctor explained.

"Shadows... can do that!? Oh man... W-We have to do something!" Chie suggested, surprised from the revelation.

"Yeah... If we can defeat the shadow, we should be able to save that Reyvateil, too." Aoto agreed

"... Just so we all know, even after we deal with this fog, we still have the Clustanian Army to deal with." Doctor Gojo reminded them.

"Ah crap... We got to deal with them, too? We'll be exhausted after we take care of that Shadow!" Yosuke groaned.

Finnel: "Can we really escape afterwards?"

"There's no need. I think I can cover that." Katene interjected. "Ms. Saki was it? Would you please lend me a hand?"

Saki: "Huh? You need me...?"

"What are you going to make her do?" Aoto asked.

"Allow me to brief you guys on our strategy." Said Katene, taking out a unique crystal from his Labcoat pocket. "I need her to download this Hymn Crystal and sing the Song.

Question Marks appeared over everbody's head, especially the Persona Users. "Download that crystal... into... Saki-chan?" Said Kanji in a confused matter.

"I... don't even get it... I mean, how is that even possible?" Yosuke questioned.

"THAT... would be a very long explanation. To make it short, Reyvateils are artificial life forms that are created by the most advance technology in our world." Tatsumi explained. "We would know since you guys aren't from here, so try not to think so hard."

"Oh... okay..." Yukiko quietly hinted. The Persona Users tried to grasp the picture from their confusion, but they'll eventually come to an understanding.

"So... Katene, what is this crystal?" Hikari Gojo asked, speculating on the crystal.

"It's our secret weapon, the ignition key to operate the DFP!" Katene replied cheerfully... Which caught them by surprise with the exception of the Persona Users.

Hikari Gojo: "The... DFP!?"

"Wha... the hell's that...? Deep frying... Pan...?" Kanji assumed.

"No, it's actually called the Ditail Wave Flare Pulse... or so I heard." Tatsumi told Kanji.

Aoto: "Huh? How the hell did you come up with that name?"

"It torrents a tremendous amount of energy that temporarily interferes with every symphonic related system." Katene explained. "In other words, it'll stop everything that deals with symphonic power: Airships, Reyvateils, you name it."

"Then, won't Saki stop as well?" Aoto wondered.

"I'll have to put a silencer on her. That way, she won't be affected by it." Katene assured

"Wait, what about Finnel? Are you sure she'll be fine with a silencer, too?" Yosuke added.

"Of course." Katene nodded. "As long as they both are equipped with a silencers, Saki won't stop and Finnel should be fine.

Yosuke: "'Should'...?"

"Yeah... this'll be the first time I've operated the DFP, so I'm a bit concerned that there may be a few bugs..." Katene included vaguely.

They all sweat-dropped upon the claim he mentioned. As such, Aoto and Yosuke said their piece simultaneously.

Aoto: "What!?"

Yosuke: "Seriously!?"

"Uh... Hey professor, first-timers and bugs won't mix well, you know..." Said Chie, unimpressed.

"I know... but if we're successful, not only will we escape, we'll also recapture Ciela Gate! We have to try it!" Said Katene with confidence.

"Now that's a gamble. We don't even know what we'll lose if we screw up..." Yosuke muttered.

Saki stood up and join the conversation, giving her choice in the matter. "... L-let Saki do it!" She answered.

Aoto: "But... Saki...!"

"It is all Saki's fault that Great Fang was occupied by Clustania. If this will help them... Please let me do it." Saki requested, determined about it.

Aoto: "Saki..."

"I say should let Saki-chan help! Who could say no to our lovely damsel in distress?" Teddie responded.

"We're not blaming Saki-chan for anything. We don't even know what is going on." Yukiko followed. "If this could us, then we'll support you." She assured Saki. A short pause, and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Alright, now that that's been decided, let's install it right away. Ms. Saki, please take this crystal." Katene requested as he lent the Hymn Crystal to Saki

Saki: "... A-alright"

"Let's begin Are you ready Saki? Please relax." Katene instructed.

Saki: "Y-yes!"

Saki held the Hymm Crystal in front of her and closed her eyes as Katene worked his magic, chanting in a language unknown to the Persona Users.

"Was yea ra chs hymnos yor..." A blue circle unique dialect circling around below Saki "En Chess fawl fawl yor..." More circles appeared and started to spin faster. "Exec drone hymnos EP=NOVA," The circle rose up. "Enter SAKIA_FEHU_TYRIA_HARVESTASHA." A flash of light flashed before their eyes. Once the light dimmed away, the blue circle with the language on its rim, continued to spin at slow speed, showing that the download process is complete.

Yosuke had a confused look on his face when Katene spoked in a different language. "That's weird... actually understand the language. How do I know that...?" He thought skeptically.

"... Ah... This is... Very powerful. A great energy is flowing inside me...!" Saki responded, feeling the power surging inside her.

Words don't really express it, even to the Persona User, since they don't know anyways to describe what it feels like to download a Hymn Crystal. "Um... So we good to go?" Kanji abruptly asked.

"Yes, the download has finished!" Katene replied with confidence. "Alright, the device is on the top floor of the symphonic power unit. Let's go, now!"

"Wait, we still have to do something about this fog!" Yosuke reminded them. "Remember how Song Magic is rendered useless? She won't be able to sing unless the fog is lifted.

Katene just realized the fact. "Oh... Right... You said that a Reyvateil is producing this fog, right?" He assumed.

"Yeah! We'll have to pound the Mind Guardian down so the Shadow will go running and that's where we hit it hard!" Aoto planned out.

Kanij: "Hell yeah! Those bastard Shadows have no right to control someone like that!"

"Yeah... although... We still have to find it though. This place is huge..." Finnel winced.

"Hmm Hmm! Leave that me, Fillly-chan!" Teddie responded. "I can sense the shadows with relevant ease!" He boasted.

"Are you serious? How are you gonna do that, Sniff 'em out?" Aoto questioned, unamused.

Yosuke: "Exactly."

"That's amazing!" Saki replied. Aoto had a dumbfounded look on his face when he guessed right.

"Hm... I can do beary better... if I can get a smooch from you Saki-chan and Filly-chan-"

Knowing what he was saying, Aoto and Yosuke, even Chie, interrupted him in their way.

Aoto: Forget that!

Yosuke: Get moving, you idiot!

"Nice try, Ted!" They shrugged off Teddie followed by Chie booting him through the door. "Were probably better off with out that bear..."

They proceeded to their next objective, to find the Reyvateil who's producing this fog. They had Teddie to search the factory.

Skit Topic: Hymmnos

Their investigation progressed further as the group continued their search. Chie was curious of what Katene was saying back in that room.

Chie: "Hey I was wondering, professor. What kind of language was that that you were saying during that... uh... download...?"

Katene: "...? That was Hymmnos, Ms. Satonaka. A language that's has a wide spread of uses everywhere. Technically, Reyvateils use them for their Song Magic."

Teddie: "So it's a divine language for the ladies to bring down judgement? That sounds bear-utiful!"

Hikari Gojo: "That's correct, in a way... Unfortunately Hymmnos has fallen out use now days so you won't usually hear the language and it's dialect so often.

Yosuke: "It's nothing that we can't adapt to, is it like putting a strong emphasis on sending emotions of the person that speaks? I even think it helps with operating ancient machinery... or so I heard..."

Katene: "Ah yes, operating the DFP is just one example.

Yukiko: "... That's the first I hear that from you, Yosuke-kun."

Chie: "Yeah. Is it like you heard something like that before?"

Yosuke: "Huh? ... Well, if you think like that, it could be a possibility... Wait, how do I know that...?"

Tatsumi: "You explained your piece and you don't know why you know that? Weirdo..."

Yosuke: "Give me a break, as if I know a thing about this world..."

Skit Topic: Hymn Artes

The investigation continued as the group fend off shadows with their new move sets. Intrigued by some, they still don't know what they should call them.

Aoto: "Wow, you got some unique fighting styles."

Hikari Gojo: "I'm impressed as well. Are you sure those attack moves were self-taught?

Chie: "I'm just as surprised... It's actually my first time that knew about these moves."

Aoto: "You mean you guys never used them before?"

Chie: "Yeah, I learned them just now. It's pretty handy, too."

Yukiko: "Is it because of this world? We seemed to have learn about them upon arriving during our time here."

Tatsumi: "That sounds accurate... Actually... we had Saki or Finnel singing their Song Magic while we fight, right?"

Chie: "What do you mean?"

Tatsumi: "Think about it... There has to be a reason you guys were able to use them in order to fight, right?"

Yosuke: "Hold on, your saying that we can use them when a Reyvateil sings?"

Tatsumi: "More or less. The fact that you guys were expose to a Reyvateil's Song Magic would mean that the experience you guys learn here will grow on you all eventually. You guys can even use them in here without a Reyvateil.

Aoto: "Wait, does that only apply to the Persona Users...?"

Tatsumi: "... Seems so... I don't really care as long as they can help us."

Aoto: "...?"

Yukiko: "So then... What should we call them? Even though we simply use them to attack our enemies, we still don't know what they're really called."

Finnel: "O-Oh! How about Super Special Magical Dancing Formation!?"

Saki: "Oh! Saki agrees! That sounds so cute!"

Kanji: "... Wh-What? Hell no it's way too friggin' cute!"

Aoto: "What about Supermoves? Sounds cooler..."

Teddie: "Nah! No way, too cliché! Those attacks needs to have a more exquisite term for such artistic movements, like..."

Tatsumi: "Hymn Artes..."

They all looked to Tatsumi with question marks.

Tatsumi: "... I said Hymn Artes, just add a silent 'e' at the end it. You guys can use several Artes so far, even combine two into one stronger arte. In order to even use them, you'll need a singing Reyvateil so the Artes can take appearences."

Everyone were surprise to hear Tatsumi's knowledge in their language.

Hikari Gojo: "So then... it's safe to say that this fog grants them an exception of no Reyvateil needed?"

Tatsumi: "This fog IS their specialty and turf... I suppose I believe so... I guess..."

Yosuke: "... Uh... so we can all vote on the same term of our attacks as... uh... Hymn Artes, right?"

Everyone nodded, agree to the name. "Hymn Artes" are now there skills they'll use in combat.

Minutes later, they reached a corridor far down to them as the fog grew more thicker. "... Uh... is it just me... or is the fog getting a little thicker than usual...?" Katene wondered, looking around blindly.

"Just like last time... Looks like we're getting closer to the source..." Yosuke suspected.

Teddie sniffed around until he stumbled towards a door. "...! I pinpointed a large shadow presence through here!" He exclaimed. He picked up activity coming from behind the door.

"Hmm...? Hold a moment..." Doctor Gojo advised. He search right next to the door, reading the sign of the room's name. "I don't believe it... It looks like the shadow is somewhere right near the DFP...!"

"That great! It saves us the trouble of moving from one place to another..." Aoto smiled sarcastically.

"Yep! If we defeat the shadow the fog should lift." Teddie confirmed.

"It's still a shadow possessing the poor Reyvateil. Let's be careful, still." Finnel added.

They entered the room only to find the Reyvateil standing off like a zombie; depraeved and depressed as she stood there. "Come... hither..." She muttered.

"Is... Is she okay?" Saki wondered, as the rest of the group entered the room.

As they approach the Reyvateil, she immediately glared her golden yellow eyes at the group. "I said COME HITHER WITH ME!" The Reyvateil shouted, then followed by an wicked laugh.

Dumbfounded, the group looked rather skeptical about her, save for Teddie. "... Hmm... the shadow must be manipulating her thoughts...! I mean what did she mean by that?"

"Dude, we're not gonna explain that...!" Yosuke grunted back.

Saki: "W-Wait! Please wait! We only need to-"

Saki was, however, was interrupted by the incoming attack coming towards her. "Saki, look out!" Aoto saw the attack and intervened, blocking the attack with his tool.

Saki: "...! Aoto!"

Aoto kept the guard up and sent the attacker back, revealing itself as with an arcana mask. "The Reyvateil...! That must be her Mind Guardian being possessed by the shadow!" Teddie exclaimed. the Mind Guardian took form of a tall female humanoid that's holding a baby. Relic-type Shadows appeared as the mask took shape of the Empress Arcana and the fog is also seeping out of it, too.

"To think I see a Reyvateil's Mind Guradian like this...!" Katene commented with shock and awe.

"Shit, this is gonna hurt." Aoto grunted, readying himself for battle. "Saki stand back. We're gonna have to take it out."

Saki: "Aoto..."

"Teddie, can you support us from the back? Watch over Katene and Saki-chan." Yosuke ordered as he place his headphones on.

Teddie gave him a thumbs up stood by Saki and Katene's side. Looking around, the room they are in is very spacious enough for their Personas.

Commencing Shadow battle.


The Relic Shadow'a body opened up like an Iron Maiden and is somewhat vacuumed the fog, giving our fighters clearer view of the room. However, once the Relic shadow closes itself up, two Bambino shadows appeared, rising from the ground. Both shadows immediately casts Mabufula at the group.

"Hah! Tomoe!" Chie summoned her persona in front of the Vanguard, spinning it's windmill-blade as it shredded the iceblocks into cold dust.

"Wh-what are those!? Babies...!?" Finnel Gasped.

"No, they're actually shadows! You can still tell by the mask on th flowerhead." Teddie stated.

One of the Bambino Shadow attempted to latch it self on Kanji until he punched it off and sent it flying to the air. Kanji immediately summoned his Persona and had it punch the shadow, dissipating it. "Yeah, lookin' like them and they ain't." He followed.

The other bambino shadow uses Bufula on Yukiko and Hikari Gojo. Yukiko summoned her Persona in defense, bracing itself from the icy attack. The blow inflicted Yukiko staggering her, despite the minimum the attack was. Soon enough, the shadow crawled towards Yukiko in an attempt to strike her down, however the Doctor performed a blowback in Yukiko's defense. "...! Gojo-san!"

"Ms. Amagi, can you stand?" The doctor ask, gentlemanly. As he picked up Yukiko, he soon readied his weapon. "... Together, now."

Yukiko followed up with channeling her power into Hikari Gojo's weapon in order to perform an attack. "Fire Bomb Shot!" The Doctor charged up his combat medical bag with Yukiko's Agidyne imbuing fire power to his arte. The blast connected with the Bambino and the shadow dissipate. "Alright, one more to go!" Yukiko yelled out.

Aoto made an opportunity to strike but a barrier formed where Aoto struck, reflecting back, knocking him back."Ow... What...?" He grunted

"...! That shadow can reflect physical attacks!" Teddie exclaimed. "We have to try something else!"

Aoto: "Damn... I can't just run from this!"

"Then we got this!" Chie replied, lobbing several Bufu's, doing significant damage and producing dust filling the air. The Shadow still stood its ground.

Upon the dust clearing out, the see the Shadow setting up a Stored Attack. "...! The Shadow is charging up something!" Teddie exclaimed. Dark fog envelope around it and opened its doors immediately. Then it cast a Ziodyne above Aoto's head.

Before Aoto could catch on, Take-Mikazuchi took the blow for him. "What the hell? Pay attention dammit!" Kanji yelled at Aoto, gripping his chest from the blow.

"Easier said than done! We can't really attack it directly!" Aoto retorted.

Seconds later the Shadow somewhat summoned another set of Bambino shadows. "...! More Shadow reinforcements have arrived!

Without any thought they continued their engagement while Tatsumi started to speculate on the Shadowfied Mind Guardian. "... Hey, normal attacks won't work, what about attacks with magic? Yosuke some help!"

"Uh... right!" Yosuke followed up. He and Tatsumi used Garu Gale upon the shadow, dishing out some damage. Once they finished the arte, a Bambino shadow flanked them from the side of Tatsumi. Yosuke caught wind of the approaching shadow and jumped in parrying back with a Garudyne, pushing the shadow at the other one causing them to fall into a downed state.

Upon witnessing Combined Artes, Chie thought of an idea. "... I got it! Yukiko give me a hand!" She requested.

With a quick brief, Yukiko sort of understood what to do. They both stood back to back, targeting the Bambino shadows.

Yukiko: "Blaze through..."

Chie: "... In dreaded heat!

Chie/Yukiko: "Raging Steam!"

Their Personas, Tomoe dropping a huge ice block on the shadows, Konohana-Sakuya lobbing a Maragidyne, encircling the ice block as it melts into water and immediately into steam. The Steam however began to get hotter increasingly, enough to irritate the shadows. The Bambino shadows began to show its weakend state.

"It worked somehow... Alright, pulling them into the air! Bufula!" Chie shouted as she summoned a pillar of ice below the shadows and sending one of them flying into the air.

"I got it!" Aoto exclaimed. He jump onto the pillar and struck the fly borne shadow, slicing it in half. "One down, one to go!"

"Let's do it!" Chie said, tagging up with Aoto for another Combined Arte. Chie punched the shadow and left her fist in place while Aoto stabbed the shadow at the same time. Moments soon, the two launched the shadow away. The last bambino shadow has fell for the serious wound it got from them.

"Nah!? Like hell that thing's gonna call for back up!" Kanji shouted out, making his persona pull a fist imbued with electricity at the Relic shadow. The barrier may have stopped the fist in place the electricity from the fist staggered it backwards.

Upon observing the enemy shadow, Teddie found its weakness. "The shadow must be weak against electricity!" He answered.

"Alright! Time to take'em down!" Kanji boasted as he readied Take-Mikazuchi.

"Let me help with the pummeling!" Aoto followed up. Aoto and Kanji's Manliness effort combined their skills into an Combined Arte. Aoto raised his drill as Kanji had his Persona lend its power to Aoto's tool, adding a huge surge of electricity to the drill, causing it to spin faster, so fast, it produced a long and bright lighting rod in a shape of a giant blade. "Have a taste of this!" Aoto yelled as dropped the weapon in the shadow.

"Thunder Sword!" Aoto and Kanji yelled as blade connected. Because of the electric sword fell upon the shadow's weakness, it stagger into a down state, leaving it vulnerable.

"The enemy's down! Let's strike'em now!" Aoto suggested to his allies.

Yosuke, Kanji and the others agreed and Charged gung-ho towards the shadow, producing the usual comical cloud. Although some of the fighters were pushed back out of the cloud, yet the got back up continued to press their attack. Once the All-Out Attack ended, the Shadow survived the attack, despite its weakend state.

"...!? Damn... I thought that would work!" Aoto grunted.

"It looks like we did a lot of damage to it. We still have a chance!" Chie exclaimed with confidence.

As both sides recover, the Shadowfied Mind Guardian, began to do something. "Ah... Ah...? Ack! The shadow's calling for reinforcements! Hurry up a defeat it!" Teddie panicked.

"No it doesn't, dammit! I'll finish it in one strike!" Kanji boasted, taking the lead.

Yukiko: "Kanji-kun?"

"Wait, Kanji... Ngh! I'll... help you!" Finnel said as she struggle to keep her song magic in control.

Kanji landed a Zio upon the shadow and then he and Finnel initiated an attack sequence.

Take-Mikazuchi grabbed the stunned shadow and threw it very far. Then Momoko flew up to the Persona's front as the Persona lift's its hands upfront and made many static volts connecting on both hands. Momoko soon fired with Finnel's command at the shadow, but this time the flare was now charge with Take-Milazuchi's lightning element, turning it into a very bright beam.

Kanji: "Taste our power, dammit!

Finnel: "Underestimate me, and this is what you get!"

Kanji: "Sundering Plasma Shot!"

The intense beam sent the shadow back to the wall behind them and undoubtedly made a huge hole in the wall. Alas, the Shadow stood there, with a huge hole through it. Even the possessed Reyvateil stood there, unable to sing anymore, the Mind Guardian faded away as the shadow that was manipulating it dispersed into darkness.

Kanji: "Alright! We did it!"

Finnel: "Yeah... ugh..."

In awe the others were amazed by what they saw, such a destructive power they witnessed when Kanji and Finnel combined their attack. "... Did... they finished it?" Chie stuttered in shock.

"More... or less..." Yosuke winced.

At any case, as they fell the Shadow the Reyvateil victim laid on the ground unconscious, signaling the end of the fight.

Once the group was in the clear, the doctor went over to check upon the downed Reyvateil. The others were still as dumbfounded of what they witnessed at the end of the fight. "What the heck was that!?" Aoto questioned.

"I'm just a surprised!" Chie replied. "I didn't know you can do that Kanji! I mean... how did you do that?"

"...? The heck if I'd know..." Kanji answered, confused in the matter.

"What do you mean 'you don't know'? You and Finnel blew a hole through a wall!" Aoto retort.

"I just said I dunno, dammit! I just went through with attack with the help with Finnel-senpai and... Yeah... I got nothing..."

Unamused and discontent, they look to Finnel as she was on her knees and acting like a zombie. What ever they did, it greatly drained her. "Ah! Filly! Are you okay!?" Saki asked as she panicked.

"I... think I need to lay down soon..." Finnel moaned.

"... Unbelievable... Now this would really raise a lot of questions..." Katene commented, amazed by the outcome of the battle and witnessing their power of Persona.

"Finnel, can you stand?" Yosuke asked. Finnel nodded, knowing she'll manage for now. He turned to Kanji, seeing that he's perfectly in good health. Strange enough on how that attack didn't affect him just as it drained for some apparent reason.

Moments soon... the fog began to disperse from view and became cleared enough to see the blue sky. "...!? Oh, hey looks like fog disappeared." Katene notified his friends.

"It is...?" Aoto wondered. When he took off his goggles glasses he was to see how clear the area is now. "Whoa... this place really is cleared of the fog..."

"Woo hoo! That means Saki-chan can use her song magic, now!" Teddie cheered.

As everyone took their glasses off, they approached the Reyvateil that the Doctor was checking up. "She's unconscious, but she should be able to stabilize, for now...

"There's a room we past that has a place we can have her rest." Katene included. "If anything else, we're might need to examine her if there's any other problems she might have."

Yosuke: "Yeah, good thinking. After that, that 'DFP' thing should be a short distance."

The group backtracked towards a nearby room for the unconscious Reyvateil to rest. While Katene and Hikari Gojo continued their examination, the others continued to question Kanji about the attack he and Finnel used. "... The hell!? I keep tellin' you guys that I don't know shit, dammit!" Kanji retorted.

"Are you serious...?" Aoto face palmed.

Yukiko was pondering the same thing. "We don't exactly know each other as much, but you can easily synchronized with Finnel-san." She summarized.

"Yeah, wait... That actually includes you from yesterday." Aoto added. "You guys mean to not know each other but can perform those wicked attacks? But then... how does knowing each other make you strong, anyways?"

"Oh... That's simple! Bonds you make can make your life a worthwhile dream!" Teddie cheerfully explained. "And I was thinking of bonding with Saki-chan and filly-chan when we..."

Yosuke/Aoto: "Teddie, no!/Screw that!"

"Ugh... that aside, it's great and all, but we don't know anything about this world or how we can pull those attacks off..." Chie continued to press the subject. "I mean how would we able to pull it off if we don't know how or how and where we learned them from...?

"That shouldn't really matter, Song Magic and your Persona abilities are actually somewhat the same." Tatsumi abruptly explained. "... Despite you guys socializing for a short period of time."

Chie: "What do you mean?"

"Consider your Personas relates to our world's 'wave theory', comparing them to the Reyvateil's Song Magic. They might or could be one and the same." Tatsumi continued.

"What...? Wait, hold on a sec, let me get this straight..." Chie begged as she tried to add the details up. "Are you saying that your Finnel and Saki-chan's song magic are based by their feelings and emotions?

"Y-yes! If Saki could would help people in anyway Saki can pour my feelings into a song." Saki answered.

"And... presto, The song takes form into a physical appearance." Katene finished as he and Hikari Gojo came out of the room. They seemed to have listen into the conversation.

"I see that you guys are comparing Song Magic and Personas, correct?" The Doctor guessed, as the group nodded. "If Tatsumi's claim that they're somehow one and the same, they must come from one's feelings and emotions."

"Ohh... now I think all of this is make bearable sense to me!" Teddie exclaimed with a bad pun. "Persona Users and Reyvateils can share their thoughts and feelings at a pointed to where our personal thoughts bear-consciously become sync!"

"Wha... So then... we openly express our anger at the shadow... and then... shit happens...? Is that it?" Kanji added.

Tatsumi and the professors nodded. Kanji was stupefied by how he finished the answer. "Amazing Kanji-kun, you really aren't the delinquent I knew..." Yukiko complemented.

Kanji: "... was that a insult...?

"Huh... I never knew that Song Magic could be that equivalent to your Personas. It's like you guys are the Reyvateils." Aoto commented.

"That's simply one-sided. Persona Users don't exactly exist in our world..." Tatsumi shrugged.

"Huh... they don't?" Chie pondered, but then noticed something off about Tatsumi. "Now that I think of it, you of all people knows way too much about Personas and Shadows." She added.

Teddie: "Hmm...? Tatsy knows about Personas and Shadows?

Aoto: "... Oh yeah! Tats you knew something about them, ever since we met Yosuke?"

Tatsumi was speechless as everyone was staring down on him...

Yosuke: "Tatsumi..."

Looking at Yosuke, who Tatsumi told him about his knowledge, they both thought they might as well tell the truth. "Well... I knew about the Persona and Shadows for a couple years now. It's actually been a while since I seen people like you guys."

"What? You mean there's other Persona Users that's been here before them!?" Aoto questioned.

"*Sigh*... Like I said, it's been a long while so I can't really remember who they are..." Tatsumi explained.

The others were about to some more questions, until they hear a loud alarm ring through out the facility. "Wh-What's going on!?" Chie jumped by surprise.

Aoto: "That's the... The Alarm's going off! Was that the Clustanian's doing?"

Yukiko: "We did had quite the long conversation... in the middle of the base..."

Tatsumi: "We hafta cut the chatter before they storm the place again, we gotta get to the DFP!T

Teddie: "I don't detect any shadows anymore. We're clear for now!"

Aoto: "Alright then, let's move!"

They all nodded and proceed back to the DFP.

Moebius Factory, DFP room

Once they all enter the room where the DFP is located.

"Now, the DFP device is farther up. If we can climb the stairs, then luck is on our side.
Let's proceed!" Katene advised.

"Yeah, but... What the hell!?" Aoto remarked upon seeing the next a ginormous spinning gear with stairs that extends very high up.

"Whoa... that thing's huge!" Chie exclaimed with her mouth open.

"This is the energy plant that boasts the highest energy absorption rate in the world that our Moebius Factory takes pride in." Katene explained, vigorously. We can positively tell you that this humongous disc, the "Wide-range Proliferation Symphonic Power Absorption Disc," is the best in the modern world." He then pointed out. "If you take a look at the history of humanity, admittedly, the strongest Symphonic Power absorption faculty, "Moocheriel" is far ahead of us, but this one..."

"Katene, please give us the whole lecture later! We don't have time now. We must hurry, or they'll catch us!" Hikari Gojo remined him.

Katene: "Oh, sorry! I got too into my own world again! Alright, let's move on!"

Skit Topic: Do You Understand?

As they came through the corridors to the DFP, some of the Persona Users and Aoto were yet confused about the details...

Saki: "By the way, did you understand Katene's story?"

Aoto: "Are you talking about that Proliferation something...?"

Saki: "It was called an Energy Proliferation Adhesive Disc, I think."

Kanji: Yeesh... You remembered all that?"

Yukiko: "Impressive, Saki-chan."

Saki: "He tried so hard to explain it to us. So I repeated it over and over in my head so I wouldn't forget. The least I should do was remember the name!"

Chie: "I think that's amazing, too. The name is practically hard enough..."

Saki: "I remember the name... but I couldn't understand the explanation at all..."

Aoto: "Ah... he was talking about energy and a sucking disc, right? It's something like... it gathers energy and boom! That's the kind of machine it is, I think."

Saki: "I see... I didn't know that's what it does."

Aoto: "I-I know. At least, that's what I heard... Probably...

Later on, as they climbed stairs, rode several elevators they managed to reach the top of the Symphonic Power Unit. What they see is a giant sphere with metal rings surrounding all over it with blue and red cables plugged in... along with a "CAUTION" sign on it.

Aoto: "... This is..."

Hikari Gojo: "...The DFP."

Finnel: "... It looks... terrifying somehow."

Yosuke: "So now we have to have Saki-chan sing the code?"

"Precisely...!" Katene answered as he approaches a terminal. "Now, Ms. Saki, sing the song."

Saki: "... Yes, sir. I'll do my best!"

Just as soon as she was about to weave the Song Magic, a familiar, loud and rumbustious person appeared to intervene. "Not so fast!" Mute yelled out.

They all turn to the Bloodcurdling Beefcake rushing out of the elevator.

"Butch!? Not you again!" Aoto grunted in disgust.

"Huh...!? It's that Beefy Crossdresser!" Chie gasped.

Teddie: "OH NO-!

Yukiko: Beefy... *snrk... AaHAHahahah!

Hearing Yukiko laugh from Chie's remark, seemingly made Mute irritated. "Grr... Shut it! Shuddap'! I'm no crossdresser! I am the Great Majestic Avenger Mute! I'm here to stop whatever you're doing!" She declared.

"No way!" Teddie retorted "I will never let your muscular hands on our princesses, you brute!"

Kanji: "That... huh... that came out strong..."

"Tch... You little rats escaped from that many monster back there? You're no ordinary rodents..." Mute commented.

"Well, the way you're still chasing us is pretty amazing, too, Zombie!" Aoto responded sarcastically.

"Grrrr! You're dead, punk! This time, I'm gonna pound you flat and roll ya into cannolis!" Mute retorted, getting ticked off even more.

Kanji: "Like hell you'll try! You still owe us big time when you kidnapped my friends!

"Sorry, ma'am, but I'm in no hurry to explore the afterlife. Besides, I promised Saki I'd take her home!" Aoto stated and then turned to Saki. "Saki! Go!"

"R-right! Saki will do her best!" Saki replied. Thus beginning the song.


The song, however was not something that anyone in the area expected, 'twas very optimistic and cheerful as the song continues.

"...Huh!? What's this!? C' gotta be joking!" Tatsumi responded with his dimples, twitching.

Aoto: "S-Saki!? This song..."

Yukiko: "*Chuck*... snrk! ... Hmhmhm... HAahahahahahahahah AHahahhahahah...! This is just so... funny. Hahahahaa...

Chie: "Are you serious!?"

Kanji: "What the hell's up with this cute song!? It's frigg'en cute!"

Yosuke: "What...? This is the song for the DFP...?"

"Yes! DFP charge sequence initiated!" Katene answered as he reads the waves flowing on the monitor. "We need time to generate enough symphonic energy. Everyone, please guard Saki!"

Yosuke:" Uh... Right!"

Aoto: "Y-yeah! Sure!"

'What the heck is with this cute...I mean, frivolous song!?" Mute stutteredly questioned and came around furiously. "Are you trying to insult me here!? I'm gonna kill you little punks for this! You won't make a fool out of me!" She declared as she signaled for K-01's landing behind her and Type-1 Mechs flying in, surrounding them all.

Everyone readies themselves as the group engages the enemy. They use their strategies to fight against the odds. Yukiko lobbed Agi's while Chie uses Bufu's at the Type-1's at a distance while she uses her martial arts at the incoming mechs, using her artes and skill to their benefits. "Damn, these things are really irritating!" Chie complained as she place herself in a fighting stance. she unleashed a numerous set of combos towards her enemies; Several martial art attacks follow by her Rampage, then a Skull Cracker, crushing a mech, using a Dragon Kick into the air, at an oncoming Type-1 mech, and spun around using Ice Snap in mid-air. As several Type-1's were into ice they several of them fell, which gave Chie an opportunity to use a trick. She immediately dropped down following a Bufula, raising an ice pillar and crushing the falling mechs at the same time shattering them upon the hard ice pillar.

Yukiko continues to cast her fire skills which zones her away from her foes. She also dodges swiftly and uses her Persona to slice at incoming mechs with its featherblades several times follow by blasting the machines with fire. Other than combat, she also had to support her friends with healing. So Chie has her back as she to Yukiko

Yosuke Aoto and Tatsumi went on the defense, pushing back the K-01's march towards Saki. Finnel as the side of Saki followed along with the Song Magic. "Finnel! Are you sure you can do this!?" Yosuke questioned Finnel, concerning condition from the fog.

"I'll be fine! With the fog gone, I can sing perfectly fine!" Finnel assured.

"Oh..." Yosuke realized. He recalled that with the fog gone, their connection with the tower should allow them to sing at their best. In fact, the next he knew was part where those two can purge. He realized that a flag will be lit up if Chie realizes that fact. "Wait... Ah crap! What the hell am I gonna say...!?" He thought. It spelled trouble for him and he didn't know how to explain. "... Well... if they give her and Yukiko-san an explanation, it shouldn't be a problem..." He thought, despite his situation.

"Yosuke, heads up!" Aoto alerted.

Yosuke soon snaps out of it and notices a K-01's approaching him. "Whoa, Whoa- Orpheus!" He backstepped as he crush his tarot card, summoning his new Persona. Orpheus casted a few Agi's at the mech. As it staggers, Yosuke took the opportunity to blast it with an Agidyne at the K-01's lens, or the eye, making it fall down on its back, one mech down and more to come. "This is just so unfitting for this...!" He uttered as he frowning.

"H-Here I go!" Saki signaled for purging.

Yosuke: "Huh...? Oh..."

Kanji: "Uh...?"

Teddie: "Ohh...!"

"What are you guys doing... What the!?" Chie questioned, until she and Yukiko saw Saki purge, a piece of her clothing, her smock, disappeared and made the Yasogami girls suspicious. "S-Saki-chan! Wh-what are you doing!?" She yelled.

"Never mind that, focus on the enemy!" Yosuke demanded unwavering against the other mechs.

"Yosuke, you know something about this, do you!?" Accused Chie, irritatingly.

"I knew it..." Yosuke groaned. "Look, we'll explain it later, please bear with for now!" He requested with a pun. Chie gave Yosuke a cold stare and went back to fighting.

Hikari Gojo and Teddie observe and took the momentum of all Machines exploits so they can acquire the advantage for their allies. The Doctor shoots at flying Type-1's while Teddie launches a Tomahawk at a K-01's making a big explosion across the area to where they appeared from, but no matter if he busted the entrance to where the mechs comes from more. "Grr... these robots are un-bear-able!" Teddie growled.

"We just need to hold out until Saki finishes her Song Magic." Doctor Gojo assured as he use his Shock Therapy at a K-01 disabling the machine's function.

As they fought there battles Kanji... Well, went on par with Mute duking it out together. "*Huff* *Huff* *Huff*... pretty... good...!" Kanji commented, grasping for air. He was bruised all over his face as he delivered some blows to Mute... as well.

"Bah...! Save it ya'little brat!" Mute retorted "Whatever you're doing, I won't... I will not let you succeed!"

"Then why don't You stop screwing with us!? We just want to get home!" Kanji yelled at the lady brute.

"Shaddup! You humans are nothing but roaches to squish!" Mute replied as she threw the insult out in the open.

"Oh, that is it! Get bent, Dammit! Tatse my Ass Whoopin', Tatsumi-style!" Kanji yelled as he aggregately charged forward at Mute. He threw his shield at her, but once she parried it away, Kanji then lunged a Thrust Kick to Mute's gut, and then finally an pounding strike over head which made staggered.

"Grrr!" As she felt dizzy, she fell to her knee's from the blows she took.

As the fighting continues, they all heard an alarm going on in the DFP room along with the announcement in Hymmnos. "Was ki ra exec DitailWave Flea Pulse, en khal noes..."

"Uh... Katene-san, is that what I think it is...? Yosuke wondered.

"Yes is it! It's charged! It'll be ready to fire in a sec!" Katene notified everyone.

"Guh... I won't let ya finish it! I can't screw up this time!" Mute struggled, trying to stand up.

However, another Clustanian Soldier appeared on the scene as she looked around to see a lot of people fighting against their Machines that Mute deployed. "I never knew that the situation is this bad...!" The sword-wielding soldier grunted. As she then set her sight on the DFP, she realized the trouble she's in. "That's...!? No way! DFP!? We don't stand a chance! Mute! Order the entire army to retreat! Immediately!" She ordered.

A few of the group turned to see who ordered Mute "...! General Akane!" Mute stuttered.

"Huh? Aki...!?" Finnel said her name, recognizing a person she knows.

Yosuke: "Hey... isn't she-

"I've activated DFP! Everybody, hold onto something!" Katene yelled out, alerting them all to brace for impact.

Yosuke: "Oh, Crap!"

Chie, Yukiko, Teddie, Tatsumi and the Doctor held onto a nearby side rail, Kanji used his Persona to cover Aoto, Saki, and Mute who was right next to him. Yosuke did the same with Finnel, using both Jiraya and Orpheus.

"Please stop fighting!" Saki commanded. After her statement, a white flash flared throughout the facility. This chain reacted as the Clustanian Battleship lost all functions dropped into the clouds below. The fleet is now no more.

Once the song had ended, the flash has died out and everybody was okay. Particularly the DFP didn't exactly harm them in any form but Yosuke want to confirm this. "Uh... Hey, is everyone okay...?" He asked as he withdrew his Personas. Everyone claimed that they're fine so he sighed with relief. But as when they all turned to the Clustanian Soldier, what they see was a strange creature in front of her.

Aoto: "What is that monstrosity...!"

"What an ugly life form..." Tatsumi muttered

Chie: "What the heck is that thing? A shadow...?"

"Nnngh... No... I don't sense any shadow presence from that thing..." Teddie replied, unsure of what it is.

"... Aki!?" Finnel muttered in shock.

Katene: "... Th-that's...!"

"Kukuro, you protected me! Thank you. We are safe now." Assured the General named Akane.

In response, the strange creature transformed into something smaller, into some sort of monkey-plushie...

Aoto: "...What was that...!?"

"It... it turned into a cute... plushie..." Kanji gazed at it.

Finnel: "Aki!"

"... Finnel!? What are... Why are you here?" the General asked with surprise.

Yosuke: "Huh...? Finnel, do you know her?"

Finnel: "Well..."

Akane gave Yosuke a cold stare for some reason. "You of all people should know." She recalled. "I am Akane, Supreme Commander of the Clustanian Army. I was dispatched to quell the rebellion in Great Fang."

"A little girl is...the Supreme Commander of the Clustanian Army...?" Said Chie, confounded as the rest of the other Persona Users.

"It has been quite some time, Finnel, you as well, Yuto." Akane greeted emotionless to them, specifically.

Yosuke: "... W-what...?"

Finnel: "...Uh, Akane, I..."

"I have no intention of listening to your excuses. I have no right to infringe on your decisions. However, I must interpret your actions as a declaration of war." General Akane stated, coldly. "If you continue to aid these rebels, I must regard you as a foe. Please keep that in mind."

Finnel: "... Aki!?"

Moment's later, another soldier arrive to tell her report. "General Akane! I have a decree from Her Divinity. The damage has been too severe. Withdraw the entire army from Ciela Gate immediately."

"... Very well, retreat. Mute were heading out as well" The General stated.

Mute: "B-But, we can't let these freaks get away with this! I still have to-"

"You did more than enough to disappoint me." General Akane glared down Mute "We are retreating."

Mute: "... Yes General..."

"Ah... Wait!" As they both head out, Finnel made an attempt to stop her. Akane stare at her with little emotions. "Aki, I don't wanna fight you. I don't wanna be your enemy."

"That is how you and I differ. I live up to what is expected of me." Akane replied. "You should consider reevaluating your life, to make what limited time you have left more meaningful."

Finnel: "... Aki...!"

Yosuke: "Limited...?"

"Hey, what do you mean by that!? Tell me!" Aoto demanded

"...I have no obligation to explain anything to you."

Aoto: "H-Hey!"

"In any event, I must report your actions to our Master." Akane turned away proceed further away.

Irritatingly, Yosuke pursued her for further questions. "Hey, wait a sec! What the is this about Finnel's condi-" Before Yosuke's hand reached Akane's shoulder, she quickly drew her katana and thrusts it right on Yosuke's neck, interrupting in mid-sentence. "Wh-Whoa!"

Finnel: "...!"

Kanji: "What the! Hey!"

Yukiko: "Yosuke-kun!"

Akane show little anger towards Yosuke as he was panicking, frozen in spot. "You... You have the gull to appear out of nowhere as the enemy and cause trouble to us with your newfound powers!?"

"Wh-What? What are you talking about?" Yosuke questioned back.

"You said that you weren't going to get involved in with Clustania and here you are with Finnel helping the rebellion! What is the meaning of this, Yuto?" Akane continued, pressing her katana's tip at Yosuke.

Yosuke: "W-What!? H-Hold on a minute! My name is Yosuke! Yosuke Hanamura! Who the hell is Yuto, anyway!?"

The others confused as Yosuke. They did not expect that how Akane addresses Yosuke as someone else.

Finnel: "Yuto...?"

"Do not lie to me. I'm well aware that you no longer want anything to do with us, but you and your allies will be stopped." Akane stated, unshaken from her stern expression. "You won't be allowed to continue your present course of actions. You must..."

"Gh... H-Hold on a second! I seriously don't what your talking about. You're not making any sense!" Yosuke complaint. "Who the hell is Yuto, why do you guys even call me that in the first place!? What the hell is going on anyway!?"

Akane, still expressionless still held her blade to Yosuke's neck, Yosuke's expression was angry. "... Do you know who I am? Do you know where you used to live?" She questioned.

Yosuke: "No...! And the place where I live is in Japan!"

Upon hearing his answer, Akane, felt conflicted when he doesn't recognize her. Suddenly a Clustanian soldier arrives to find the General. "General Akane this urgent!"

"What's the matter?" Akane replied, sheathing her weapon. Yosuke collapsed backwards as he held his neck, checking if he's bleeding, which he wasn't.

"There's a giant creature heading this way...!" The soldier stated they all heard a rumble echoing from the main entrance below.

A "Giant Creature" the Persona User thought together. The looked to Teddie as he was on the ball, sensing Shadow. "...! Wh-Whoa! Holy, Beary, Smokes!" Teddie jumped. "It's a huge Shadow!" He stated.

"Another Shadow? But didn't you all dealt with last one!?" Katene asked.

"Sh-Shadows could be anyone especially a human!" Teddie quick explained.

"Dammit! If it's that kind of Shadow like the one from Fallen Heaven then-" Kanji grunted and was interrupted by the Shadow jumping up into the air. They all see the shadow in the air off-guard.

Chie: "What the...!?"

What upon them was a Shadow of with the Mask of the Emperor Arcana as it slams its large stone fists on the platform, causing most of the Party members to catapult off the platform. Those who remained on the platform were only Aoto, Finnel, Katene, Saki, and Yosuke, along with Akane and Mute.

Yosuke: "Chie!? Teddie! Guys!"

Aoto: "Gah! W-What the hell."

With the large stone hands, what the shadow also had appear as towering fortresses with two pillars as legs. Its mask is located at the top of the structure, and it attacks via cannons located through windows in its body.

Akane was shock to see a Shadow first hand in front of her eyes. "This is...!"

"Dammit!, what the hell...!" Yosuke grunted. He and the others with him were up against the shadow that was massive in its size.

As soon they can recover, one of the Shadow's hand made an attempt to crush Yosuke and coincidentally, Akane, in the crossfire. Yosuke was about jump out of the way until he saw her in the same position, so he made it for his sake to get her out of the way. And for an unknown reason he blurted out something, he didn't really knew, when he rush to Akane's aid. "Aki, look out!" He jumped to Akane's aid and made it out of the way.

Finnel: "Yosuke!? Aki!"

The Shadow Battle has turned up the turmoil

*Laser Beam

Yosuke opened his eye as well as Akane in Yosuke's hand. Akane was speechless of this stunt as Yosuke was flusteredly confused.

Yosuke: "Look, can we at least call it a truce...? After this, we can kill each other afterwards!"

Akane: "..."

The Shadow's hand dragged along the platform as it set itself at the ready, it even manage to miss Mute by the fingers.

"Yosuke! You alright!?" Aoto asked as Akane stood up herself along with Mute. surprised to see them in good condition "...! You guys!" He growled.

"Wait! Wait, he have a temporary truce! Have to beat that shadow before we're screwed!" Yosuke explained.

Aoto: "Why the hell would fight alongside with them!?"

"Because it's either them or getting crushed by that thing!" Yosuke pointed out.

To Akane's side Mute was thinking otherwise as well. "General! If these things are truly plaguing Ciela Gate, then the Great Fang is truly lost! Let's leave these pitiful human to their demise!" Mute abruptly suggested.

"That shadow destroyed our only exit. Defeating it is now our priority." Akane calmly stated. "Do you truly have any objections?"

Mute: "..."

"We'll agree to your terms Yuto. But once this is over, we are back to enemies." Akane pointed out a she drew her katana once more.

"Yeah, fine, whatever!" Yosuke agreed and took out his blade. "And my name is Yosuke Hanamura!" He exclaimed as he summoned his Persona. "Go, Jiraya!" Jiraya parried the incoming hand away, stunning the shadow's arm.

Akane then jumped on to the hand, sprinting towards the head and slashed several times at the mask and jumped back down, elegantly.

Aoto rushed forward and use his Twister Arte, drilling into the shadow's stone armor. After making a hole, it started to spew black mist out of itself. However, the shadow began to regenerate itself, resealing the hole and undoing the cut that Akane made. "Wh-What the...? Is that thing regenerating!?" Aoto grunted.

"What the hell are we supposed to do now!?" Mute also questioned.

While they were at a loss, Katene glance at Saki and Finnel, thinking of an idea to defeat the Shadow. "It looks like a strong enough Song Magic is the only option, everyone!" He explained.

Yosuke: "Ngh... seems that way..."

Before they knew the giant Shadow made an attempt to attack again, raising its hand and slamming it down on Yosuke again. "Oh Come on!" He complaint as he summoned Orpheus, holding the pound in place. The hard press slammed Orpheus down onto the platform, struggling to keep the hand from crushing the Persona User. Yosuke clenched his chest as it hurt as much. He soon had Jiraya kick the arm off to the side along with throwing its golden shuriken at the enemy's mask in order to stun it, alas it failed. "Oh crud...!"

The next thing happened was the Shadow's other arm did the same, but something blasted the shadow from the back, staggering the shadow from its action.

"...? W-What's happening!?" Aoto gasped.

Wondering what's happening, they heard voices of their allies from the other side. "Aoto, Yosuke! You guys doing okay!?" Tatsumi questioned.

Aoto: "Tatsumi!?"

It seems everyone else who fell from the DFP platform miraculously survived. "Everyone! We have to defeat that shadow before it causes anymore damage to the place!" The Doctor stated.

"Don't worry about us, Senpai! We'll get the heat off you guys!" Kanji assured as Take-Mikazuchi lobbed his lightning bolt at the shadow causing the shadow to get paralyzed.

"Don't forget about us!" Teddie followed, optimistically, as he had Kintoki-Douji throw a Tomahawk, cracking the stoneskin further more.

"Agidyne!" Yukiko had her Persona throw a huge fireball at its leg, staggering it.

"Ready to taste my fist!? God's Hand!" Chie shouted as she summoned a giant golden hand, smashing directly into cracked stoneskin causing it to crumble, revealing blackness inside the cracked husk. "Whoa...! Oh boy..." Chie muttered as she started to feel tired.

Soon enough, the shadow turned around to the group below, falling down in front of them, struggle to lift its head up and made its attention to them. The aggravation allowing its back vulnerable to those upon the DFP platform.

"...! Eeek... The shadow's onto us now!" Teddie Panicked.

"Whichs gives the others to strike where its weak...!" Tatsumi finished. "Guys, we got you an opening! Strike when the iron's hot!"

Saki: "Everyone...!"

"Hell yeah! I'll take'em on!" Kanji boasted, cracking his knuckles.

Hearing their moral heating up, Aoto, Yosuke, Finnel, Saki, can continue without worry, even Akane and Mute were somewhat glad that they were given an opportunity.

"... Alright, let's not disappoint them!" Aoto assured as he readied himself.

"Yeah, I hear ya! Let's... H-huh!?" After Yosuke agreed to Aoto, the Shadow began to speak in Hymmnos

"Was yea ra... cenjue... art..."

Aoto: "Uhh... Hey... what is that it's saying...!?"

Katene had the feeling that it didn't sound good. "Be careful! I don't know what's happening!

"Was yea ra cenjue art jouee gyusya yor!"

In response, Akane and Mute suddenly began to stagger. "Wh-What!? Dammit!" Mute grunted.

Akane: "No... I was careless!"

Finnel: "Aki...? What's wrong!?"

Yosuke rushed to her side to check on her, but the General suddenly pointed her sword at him. "H-Hey, what are-"

"Yuto, be on guard!" Akane warned as she lunged at Yosuke in an attempt to slice him in half."...! I'm... not in control of my body...!"

Yosuke: "Wha-Wait, What!?"

Akane gave Yosuke no opportunity to counter and knocked away Yosuke's last blade that Aoto made for him and it fell to the black bottomless pit below, leaving him one weapon less. "Agh, Dammit!"

"Hey, Back off!" Aoto yelled as he came to Yosuke's defense, swinging his tool at Akane who backed away.

"Wait Aoto! What ever that Shadow's doing, it's controlling them! We have to do something about that Shadow somehow!" Yosuke begged him.

"As if I already hate them, I mean we can't have them attacking Saki and Finnel!" Aoto exclaimed.

Yosuke replied with a "Tsk" until Katene brought up an idea as he observed the Shadow's behavior. "If that shadow is the source of the Hymmnos controlling them, then... They'll have to finish the shadow with one strike!" He stated, pointing at Saki and Finnel.

Mute uncontrollably charged towards the two singing Reyvateils until Yosuke got back and ran to their defense, by getting in between the two and Mute and countered Mute with Jiraya's Sonic Punch.

Finnel: "Y-Yosuke!"

"We'll... be fine!" Yosuke reassured, with one blade in hand. "Just keep singing...!" He stated and resumed fending off Mute.

"Gh... Damn you...!" Mute grunted as she charged towards Yosuke. Despite controlled she's still mad about them ruining her reputation.

"What the...!? Again!? Seriously! AAHHH!" Yosuke yelled as he was thrown into the air.

Aoto squared off with Akane as she continued pressing her assault, giving Aoto no quarter to recover or strike, until Yosuke flew into Aoto to the side. "Oof...! Ow...!" Aoto yelped as they both made impact.

"Ugh... Dammit! That Mute is frick'en strong...!" Yosuke whined. "Especially when they're controlled. I mean how's it even possible...!?

"That general is just as terrible!" Aoto added, wincing as they both got back up. "She's faster than I can imagine...!"

"... Mute's strong while that Akane's fast... wait, that's it!" Yosuke thought, as an idea occurred to him. Aoto, let's switch opponents! We can probably match each other's strength if we do that!"

Aoto was reluctant at first. "... I suppose that should... Work!" Aoto exclaimed as he swung his tool at Mute coming from behind, getting into a deadlock.

At the same time, Yosuke moonsault over Aoto and pursuit Akane, using Sukukaja to increase his speed. He quickly got in between Finnel and the General, blocking her with his only blade.

Akane caught wind of the weapon that Yosuke was using, despite unable to grasp any control over her body. "That weapon...! How did you get your weapon back!?" She questions as she continued to swing away.

"What do you mean? I got this off of Soma!" Yosuke responded as he gained some distance and threw some kunais at her as she deflected and pursued him.

"Nngh... That tool can split apart into two... You should know what that means!" Akane explained as she pushed Yosuke back.

He slid back and recovered, pondered what Akane said as he paced himself. "Guh... This.. can split...?" Yosuke muttered. He stared at the weapon he's using for a bit and felt as if he went into a trance. He saw a white flash blinked before him confused in the matter. "Uh... W-What...!?" He scratched his head in confusion and looked at his blade noticing a new possibility. He immediately took hold of the grip of the blade, trying to split the blade, seeing a light line that went from the base of the blade to its top until it actually split into two. The split blades astonished Yosuke by surprise until Akane returned to end him. "Huh...? Whoa, Whoa!" Yosuke immediately counter with a parry followed by a new arte. "Aha! Gale Disintegrate!" Yosuke follow a flurry of slashes at Akane while she struggle to blocked them. After a number of consecutive hit, he summoned Jiraya right away with it doing a round-house kick at her. However, the height of the kick allowed her to duct under and jumped out of the way. "Whoa... Cool...! Ha Ha, Back in action!" He cheered with confidence.

"That may be... Ngh..." Akane stuttered as she tried to wrestle back her control on her body. "But you're still in trouble!"

Yosuke and Akane continued their clash. Their weapons collided with each other, ringing and clanging metal is heard even to the others below. Even everyone else was wondering what's going on.

Kanji: "The hell's going on!?"

"Hey, what gives! How can they be possibly fighting each at a time like this!?" Chie grunted, as to what she witnessed.

"It's possible that they're not in control of their selves..." Doctor Gojo speculated.

"They're not...? But I don't sense any shadows except for this one..." Reminded Teddie.

"No that's probably not it... But I think I have an idea how it is possible..." The Doctor theorized an hypothseis. "At any rate, we have a battle ourselves. Let's worry about them after we stall for Saki and Finnel with their Song Magic." He stated.

"...! Incoming!" Tatsumi alerted the group as the downed shadow attempted to crush them.

"I got this! Persona!" Kanji shouted, with Take-Mikazuchi wrestling the shadow's hand.

"Kanji! Wait, drop it into an open spot and pin its hand!" Tatsumi commanded. Kanji's Persona did just that and it stabbed the hand with its lightning bolt. The shadow roared in pain and it enraged itself so much it lost it footing and its other hand grabbed onto the DFP platform in order to hold out.

"Grr... so Bear-sistant!" Tddie growled.

While they had the heat from the Shadow, the other on the platform also had their hands tie. Yosuke summoned Orpheus as it played its harp with Agi's exploding within a facility with Yosuke in fierce combat with General Akane and Aoto and Mute duking out. Two men back to back as they both get ready to attack again. "I... *huff* think we're... *huff* almost there..." Yosuke panted as he readied himself.

"No kidding... Now switch!" Aoto and Yosuke immediately switch enemies as Aoto swipe away at Akane and marched towards her while Yosuke simultaneously lobbed a Garudyne at Mute sending her flying at the Shadow's fingers.

"Gwahh...!? Dammit...!" Mute growled and passed out afterwards.

"Once again, Aoto and Akane were back into a deadlock while Yosuke vhecked up on Saki and Finnel. "Finnel! Ready!?"

Finnel: "A-Alright!"

"Saki! Were counting on you!" Aoto include as he pushed back Akane.

Saki: "Y-yes!"

And thus the girls casts their Song Magic. Although, little that the guys know, the were apparently within the crossfire of the Song Magic...

Aoto/Yosuke: "Huh...?!"

With no delay, Momoko casts her fire blast blazing towards the Shadow, along with the poor sods along its path. Even Saki's Bombostic Man dived into the flare and one it connected with the shadow Bombostic Man exploded due to Momoko's intense fire. It deliberately finished the shadow and sent Aoto and Yosuke flying.


In other words, consecutively ending the battle.

"Shit, that was huge!" Kanji below, commented as he and the other watched the combined strength of their Song Magic, though they did worried for Yosuke and Aoto. Aoto later fell near the group as he rolled down the stairs and slid down next to them.

Aoto: "*Groan*"

"Aoto!? Sheesh... what the heck happened!?" Tatsumi questioned.

Chie: "Hey wait, where's Yosuke!?"

The answer was shown directly above them as Yosuke was hanging on a pole of a scaffold with his pants, near his shoes, were caught. "Everyday's customer... appreciation... day..." Ha said in a daze.

"Sheesh... is their song magic that strong before...?" Kanji wondered.

"It's combining two Reyvateils in order to do so, just like you guys pairing with them." Tatsumi explained.

"So... how are we gonna get him... down?" Chie asked, until they all heard the scaffold crack and released Yosuke, ultimately falling down upon them. They were all shock and panicking until they noticed where he was gonna land. (initiate slow-motion) Yosuke was still as unconscious as he fell. While he had his face facing forward, Aoto was right below him. Everyone's eye were wide open as they fell. At the end, Yosuke did fell, and pretty much right onto Aoto with their heads on each other. What everyone saw next was very... amusing.

Tatsumi: "What the- Oh Goddess...!"

Hikari Gojo: "...?"

Teddie: "Whoa! Right on the mark!"

Kanji: "S-Senpais... Wow..."

Chie and Yukiko tried to hold their laughter... but with no avail, they burst ou laughing. "Haahahahhaa... Ohoho... Now this is rich...!" Chie staggered while Yukiko continued to laugh insanely.

Back at the DFP platform, Akane was staring down at Yosuke, she regained her control over the body due to defeating the Shadow controlling her and Mute.

"Aki... Thank you..." Said Finnel.

"I still think you should reconsider, Finnel." Akane replied coldly. After that, she left for a nearby shortcut at another end. The bittersweet reunion had to come to a close for.

"Filly!" Saki called to Finnel. "I'm worried about Aoto and Yosuke. I hope they're alright."

Finnel: "O-Oh yeah! Okay... wait, happened to them?"

Later on, when Finnel and Saki regrouped they were greeted relief for their friends and vice-versa. "Filly-chan! Saki-chan! You're both okay!" Teddie weeped.

Yukiko: "That was a powerful Song Magic you two pulled. It was amazing!"

Kanji: That was a cute song that you sang... Very cute..."

Saki: "Ah, Th-thank you very much!"

"More importantly..." Finnel mentioned Aoto and Yosuke looking like they're in pain. "Are you guys okay? You guys did fall from a very tall machine..."

"*Groan*... I think I fell on my head... and Yosuke was right next to me..." Aoto assumed as he scratched his head. "I think I remember that much..."

"When I came to, I was sprawled out on the ground... I don't remember much, either..." Yosuke followed. "Hey guys? Did we fall that bad?"

The question gave them the silent treatment although Chie and Yukiko were somehow holding their laughter. "Y-Yeah... it was serious...! Ehehe..." Said Chie.

"Whoa, seriously? Man, wish I'd remember that, too..." Yosuke replied, surprisingly.

Tatsumi, Hikari Gojo, and Kanji: "You'd rather not..."

"Ah, well... At least all of this paid off. The Clustanians are out of here, Saki-chan's still with us, and we're all in one piece!" Yosuke continued, sounding reliefed.

"Yeah but... this is sorta odd..." Aoto replied, rubbing his head. "I must of hit my head, but... I was bleeding from my nose..."

"Uh... doesn't it sound like a pretty bad injury? I mean, hitting your head and getting a nosebleed?" Finnel wondered.

Saki: "Huh!? Oh No! Are you okay!?"

"Uh... it's probably just him!" Chie responded. "I mean, he could be thinking something weird."

Kanji: "What? But our Senpais-"

Chie elbowed Kanji, telling him to keep quiet.

Yosuke: "Oh Yeah... You must've had a pervy dream or something, haha..."

"What!? Oh well, you... should check yourself up with those sexy nurses, you Nurse-lover!" Aoto retorted.

"Whoa, what!? Dude, I mean... What?!" Yosuke started to fluster.

Aside from the ranting they both are making, the others decided to leave it be, even with Finnel and Saki left confused.

Finnel: "Seriously though... what did happened...?"

Back at the DFP, Katene gazed at his experiment as he finished checking it up. "Whew... My experiment went well. But I'll have to go cool it down now..." Katene mumble as he approached a monitor until he looks down at the unconsious Mute in front of him. "Is she still unconscious? Theoretically, she should wake up right about now... But, I guess there's still a lot to learn about its actual application... Huh!?" He then notice Mute crying out loud.

"... Urgh. *sob* Craaap! Because of those pipsqueaks, my rep's completely ruined!" Mute crying a lake from her eyes. "This ain't over! I can't give up yet! Hang in there, Mute! I'll get it done next time, ya hear!?" She cried to herself

"Uh... are you okay?" Katine asked, as he fidgeted closer to her.

"Wha-! Who are you!? Don't startle me!" Mute exclaimed with surprise.

Startled, Katene jumped back and tried to approach her more calmly. "I-I-I'm Katene! I'm a researcher..." He stuttered.

Mute surprised by the name he mentioned"...!? Katene... Katene!?" She jumped as she stood back up. "No way! You're that Kate... eeeh!?" She panicked even more.

"Huh!? ...Are you alright?" Katene asked as he took a closer look at her face. "You're blushing. If you're sick, I could give you some medicine..."

"N-no thanks! I'm fine..." Mute stuttered with a more girly tone to her voice. None the less, she bolted away.

"Whoa! Uh... hello, ma'am!" Said Katene as he waved hello.

Skit Topic: Risky Striping - Chie and Yukiko's point of view

Without further adieu, everyone exited out of the DFP room. Looking at Saki and Finnel reminded Chie about them stripping, so they turned to Yosuke for a question, since they wait so patiently...

Chie: "Yosuke!"

Yosuke: "Huh?

Chie hit Yosuke on his arm very hard. A loud smack could be heard.

Yosuke: "Ow...! Wh-What!?"

Chie: "Don't 'What' me! What the hell are you guys doing to Finnel-san and Saki-chan!?"

Aoto: "Whoa, wh-what do you mean?"

Chie: "Are you serious!? Why were they stripping when we were fighting that beefcake!? What the hell did you guys do to these poor girls!?"

Yosuke: "Ugh... I knew this was gonna happened..."

Aoto: "Oh... Oh, that! Um... that was purging. Saki and Finnel purge in order to increase their Song Magic's power.

Chie: "I... I don't... Unbelievable..."

Yukiko: "But isn't all of that embarrassing...? You might catch a cold."

Saki: "Oh you don't have to worry about that. The more I strip, the more I'll get embarrassed, and in return my body will get hotter.

Upon hearing Saki's statement, Chie's mouth was open, Kanji nosebleed, Teddie's eyes opened wide and Yukiko...

Yukiko: *chuckle* Hhmmmhmhmhmhmhm... Ahahahahahaahaha! *Hic* hahhahahaahaha! Ohohohohoho. Saki-chan! Hahaha... The way you say it like that... heeheehee... It's so suggestive... *Snrk* Hahahaahahaaha!"

Tatsumi: "I'm guessing that's her laughing fits...?"

Chie: "Uuugh... Seriously though, this is some serious bad influence for the guys. They might get themselves killed if you guys strip like that!"

Finnel: "Hey, try not to be so hard on them, their lives depends on our Song Magic."

Chie: "And you're just as bad! They can literally see your... your... Undergarments!

Aoto: "Hey, I've been thinking for quite a bit, but wouldn't diving affect those purges?"

Hikari Gojo: "That's correct. I guess since Yosuke was diving into Finnel, it likely allowed her to purge more clothing."

Chie: "Dive... Yosuke, what's this 'Diving' about!?"

Yosuke: "...! Ugh... look, can we discuss this later, please!?"

Yosuke walked away.

Chie: "Hey! You still owe me an explanation!"

Yukiko: "I assume he owes you meat, Chie."

Chie and Yukiko followed suite and left the others sweat-dropping.

Tatsumi: "Of course the other girls would take it the wrong way..."

Skit topic: About DFP

As Yosuke, Yukiko, and Chie went on ahead, Aoto commented about the DFP and its operations

Aoto: "Wow, that DFP thing was really powerful! I never thought it could take out a whole fleet of Clustanian warships."

Saki: "Yes, I was astonished, too."

Aoto: "Well, it really is a weapon that can annihilate Clustania."

Saki: "But it's not something I would willingly use... But... that woman named Akane defended herself from the attack."

Teddie: "Yeah, Aki-chan withstood an attack that was powerful enough to take down a warship. That's amazing."

Kanji: "Uh... Are we going to have to fight her eventually?"

Aoto: "... Well, I have a feeling that we're meant to meet again sooner or later."

Saki: "That makes me a little worried."

Teddie: I feel the same way, Saki-chan. How about we both can get strong togeth-

Aoto: "Hey, cut the crap, Teddie. I was the one who promised to protect her.

Aoto and Teddie butted heads together.

Kanji: "Geez... you guys are makin' Saki-chan worried. Hell, if that's the case, then why don't we get stronger together.

They both pause to Kanji's statement and gave it a thought.

Aoto: "I suppose..."

They'd would agree to get much stronger in order to protect someone important.

As they entered the corridor leading to the lobby, some soldiers in a strange uniform were pouring into the facility from somewhere. "Whoa... huh? Who're they?" Yosuke wondered as they began to sweep the other corridors.

"Are they... Clustanian Guards...!?" Aoto exclaimed.

"No, they're Archian soldiers." Tatsumi answered reluctantly.

Aoto: "Archia...!? Why are they here?"

"They can sniff out rubble, so they come to scavenge for profit... At least, that's what Master told me."

"Archia? That's a city, right?" Chie guessed.

"Yes, it's at the base of the Tower, that's where they're from." Hikari Gojo explained

Yosuke: "Archia, huh...?

Just as Aoto turned to the entrance, saw the Reverend walking up to them "Ah..." Everyone else, followed suite.

Tatsumi: "Master...!"

Reverend Gengai: "Oh, you guys are here, too!"

"What's the Great Fang Militia doing here?" The Doctor asked.

"We were about to push through the gate, but with all the ruckus, I decided to see for myself what's going on." The Reverend explained.

Chie: "What's the old man talking about...?

Yukiko: "Could it be that thing that Saki-chan just caused?"

What did you say? You guys made that happen!? Amazing...! Great job, all of you...!" Rev. Gengai praised, then stared at the two female Persona Users. "Hold a moment, I'm not that old, you... Who are you two?"

"Huh? Hmm... My Name is Yukiko Amagi. Nice to meet you." Said Yukiko, introducing herself with a now.

"Uh... Oh! I'm Chie Satonaka?" Chie introduced herself. "Wait, who're you, then?"

"So modest... I'm Reverend Gengai. Nice to meet you two Reverend muttered with surprise. He took a glance at their attire as the boys somehow has the same textures. "Hey, those uniforms..."

Chie: "Um.. what about'em?"

Rev. Gengai: "Sorry, it's just, you guys have the same style of the uniforms these guys do... Wait, does that mean you two are-"

Yukiko: "Yes, we go to the same High school with boys."

"What? No, I mean... Do you girls actually possess the same power that these guys do?" The Reverend pointed to the male Persona Users.

Chie: "Well yeah, we're also Persona Users, too."

"Whoa... So then the ladies can do it, too!?" Rev. Gengai said with surprise.

Chie: "... Why does that sound sexist...?"

"Well, with the introduction out of the way, it's mostly thanks to Katene. Most of the stuff was his doing..." Aoto trailed off as he looked around for him. "...Oh, he seems to have disappeared."

However, Katene arrived in scene from his mentioned name "Hey! Have any of you seen a tall, largely-built, Clustanian Reyvateil come through here?" He asked.

"Huh? Ya' talkin' about that Mute lady? She didn't come this way." Kanji answered.

Aoto: "What's this about?"

"Oh, nothing." Katene disregard. "If you haven't seen her, don't worry about it. So, were you guys talking about me?" He changed subject.

"Oh, so you're Katene, the big hero?" The Reverend looked to the small professor.

"Nice to meet you! But, I'm just a researcher at this lab." Katene introduced himself.

"Ahh, so you're a scholar. Nice to meet ya, p'fessor!" The Reverend greeted back with a smile.

"Well, we can't stay here forever. Let's move before the Archians start to suspect us." Doctor Gojo suggested.

As they were about to head to the entrance, they were spotted dead on as they all saw a voluptuous lady with a fan and wearing a... unique, one-piece dress who spotted someone particular. "Oh... Is that you...? Doctor Hikari Gojo?"

Hikari Gojo: "...!? Richa!"

"Oh my Goddess! Doctor! You've come at last! I've been waiting for this day for so long!" The lady squealed like a fan girl. As she ran toward the doctor she apparently tripped right in front of him.

Aoto: "Are you... okay?"

"*sigh* You haven't changed at all..." Hikari Gojo face palmed lightly.

Richa got back up and dusted off dirt from her dress and continued the squealing. "Ohhh! Doctor! How have you been!? You disappeared all of a sudden. ...I was so lonely!" She loudly exclaimed

"Oh damn... Doc, is she your friend or something?" Yosuke asked with surprise.

"Well... sort of." The doctor answered evasively. "So, Richa... what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing? Why, I'm here to save Great Fang." Richa answered back cheerfully.

"Archia is going to save Great Fang?" Katene interjected, unamused. "That's quite funny. I thought you Archians were 'neutral.'"

"We're always on the underdog's side. I was wondering what could've caused the entire Clustanian Army to retreat." Richa explained. "I had no idea an acquaintance's lab was in so much trouble. You should have told me about this earlier, Katene." She wryly smiled.

"Is that Richa person, a friend of yours, too?" Aoto wondered.

"We just happen to know each other, but Richaryosha's pretty famous in academia circles as Archia Think Tank's No. 2." Katene sarcastically explained.

"That's quite a greeting after such a long time, sweetie." Richa replied differently. "Now that everyone knows who I am, what's going on here?"

"Hmm... the fight's over. It was a cinch thanks to their help and the cutting edge DFP system that I invented." Katene pointed out to his allies.

"Oh, I see. You guys dealt with that big army yourself..." Said Richa with a surprise expression

"It was easy once we were able to charge it to maximum power. much do you plan to charge us for your help?" Katene questioned tauntingly.

"Well, those money maggots don't give a shit about anything unless there's money to be made." The Reverend stated. "What's your angle?"

"*Sigh*... Please don't be angry with me. Our purpose here isn't to make a profit this time." She sternly replied. "This time...well, the Clustanians' activities seems a bit... I mean very... bothersome to us. Ciela Gate is our only access point to Great Fang, right? If they occupy this area, it won't make us happy."

"Oh, I see. So, it's for your own sake..." Katene moped as was still not convinced.

"By the way, Doctor, really... What have you been up to?" Richa started to flirt with the Doctor as she made her mood swing on him. "How mean! You left me all alone without even saying goodbye!"

"Hey now, Richa, don't get so close." Hikari Gojo stuttered.

"My, my...I didn't know you were such a Don Juan, Doc." Aoto smirked.

Hikari Gojo: "Aoto!"

"Dammit, she's exposing a lot of legwork...!" Kanji muttered as he tried to look away.

"No kidding... she so damn sexy..." Yosuke whispered.

"Argh! You guys are complete dolts..." Chie replied irritatingly.

Yukiko: "I'm Jealous..."

Chie: "You too, Yukiko!?"

"What's wrong, Teddie? Awe in shock from her beauty?" Yosuke said to Teddie as he remained silent while gazing at Richa for a long period.

"Nnnnnnngh! How could I compete with the Doctor like this!? He has the beautiful lady over-heels for him!" Teddie responded irritatingly.

Hikari Gojo: "G-Guys!?"

"Oh, Gojo and Richa had such a close relationship? That's news to me. If you had told me, I probably would've treated her a little better." Said Katene taking a mental note about it.

"... No. It's not what you think!" The Doctor disclaimed.

"Oh Doctor, you don't have to be so shy." Richa continued as the Doctor sighed. Oh, Doctor! Why don't you take this great opportunity to come to Archia!? I couldn't stand parting with you again!"

This reminded Saki of what Aoto said a while ago. "Archia...? Isn't that the place where the children are? Where my hometown is...?"

"...? Saki..." Aoto noticed Saki's response and hoped to asked Richa with a request. "Uh, Richa?"

Richa: "Yes, sweetie?"

"Can you... take us to a city called Ogai? I heard it's somewhere in Archia." Aoto requested as to Saki's surprise. "I want to take Saki there."

"To Archia...? Hmm... Well..." Richa pondered.

"Eh... Hey, wait! Could we tag along, too?" Yosuke dropped in the conversation. "Me and my friends have some business there, too."

Once Richa stare at Yosuke she took notice of something about him. "Hmm... wait... Hey, have I seen you somewhere...?"

"...!? Wha-We have!?" Yosuke jumped.

Finnel: "You have!?"

Chie/Kanji: "What!? When!?

Teddie: Yosuke...! You... Sly bear!

"Hey guys, I'm just as surprised as you all!" Yosuke retorted back. "But seriously, I'm Yosuke. You probably got the wrong person. Like I said, me and my friends have some business in Archia. If you could...?

Richa: "Hmm..."

"I'm asking you, too. Aoto came all the way here to take Saki back to her hometown. Yosuke and his Friends needed to return home, too.

Yosuke: "Doc..."

"*sigh* Alright. I can't deny you, Doctor." Said Richa calmly. "It seems like you solved the problem with Clustania. As a token of my appreciation, I'll take you all to Archia."

"R-really!? Thank you!" Aoto praised. The Persona User also took it well.

"Doctor, you're coming with us, of course, right?" Richa included.

Hikari Gojo: "...Me?"

"As soon as you're ready, please meet me at Morocacca Port. I'm looking forward to it, Doctor." Richa left in an orderly fashion.

"*sigh* I never imagined I'd be going to Archia like this..." The Doctor sighed.

"The hell are you bummed out for? Didja have a traumatic experience in that Archia place or something?" Kanji asked

"No..." Doctor Gojo replied reluctantly. "Alright... This is no big deal. I'm a man. I've made up my mind." He tried to cheer himself up.

Meanwhile, Tatsumi took Finnel aside, hoping to sneak into the Tower. Even the Persona users joined in, too. "Looks like this is our chance to get inside the tower." Tatsumi mentioned.

"No kidding... we finally have a chance to get that first step home." Yosuke added, rubbing his head.

"What do you guys mean? Something about that Tower?"

"See, we were free falling from somewhere right? Somewhere at the tower must be must have some sort of 'portal' in order for us to head back home." Yosuke explained.

"Huh... that actually makes some sense... But what about Tatsumi-kun and Finnel-san?"

"We heard they their problems of their own, so we can't just say, Senpai" Said Kanji so Chie left it at that

"It seems our quest has yet to be complete!" Teddie stated, gallantly.

"Indeed... This world feels real, yet there's was shadow running everywhere..." Yukiko included.

"Hmm... Yeah... when I think of it, clearly, the shadows wouldn't appeared out of the blue for no reason, just like you guys." Tatsumi mentioned.

Kanji: "Huh...? Whatta'ya mean?"

"I can't place that kind of theory, but..." Tatsumi ponder as he continued. "I think there's a reason that you Persona Users came for a bigger purpose or something..."

Chie: "You... think so...?"

"*Chuckle* You sound like our detective friend for some reason, especially when you say it like that." Yosuke commented. the others agreed.

"Uh... Anyways, lets get going." Tatsumi change the topic. "Aoto and the others should be heading out, too...""

And so they did and left the Moebius Facility.

Skit topic: It's Glaring!

As they went outside of the Facility, Finnel had her hand over her eyes to cover her sight from bright sun.

Finnel: "Hm... Unlike Eternus, Ciela Gate is a brilliant city."

Yosuke: "... Are you sure you should to compare the two, Eternus is inside a cavern.

Finnel: "I know that. But I just thought..."

Yosuke: "... about what?"

Finnel: "I've lived in Eternus for so long, bright places kinda hurt my eyes."

Yosuke: "Oh yeah... I see what you mean. There's only night in your hometown. When I first came out of Eternus several times, the sunlight hurt my eyes, too."

Finnel: "Most people who immigrate from Eternus to other places under the sun usually carry sunglasses."

Yosuke: "Now that I thinkof it, Eternus is a really a bad environment for your eyes..."

Finnel: "It's a fun place to live, though. I like that everyone's so lively there."

Yosuke: "Like night-stuff, things to do at night, huh?"

Ciela Gate

Outside in town, everyone prepped for their trip on an air bus and discussed their plans with the others. "So Gengai-san, are you coming to the tower with us?" Yosuke asked.

"Hmph! No thanks. I don't need those Archian misers to lead me by the hand." The Reverend defied arrogantly

Tatsumi: "You sound like a defiant child, Master."

"Heh, I'm just kidding. But seriously, Luphan sent me a Telemo message. We're sneaking into the Tower on our own." Rev. Gengai stated.

Kanji: "Whoa... Really!?"

"Yep. He told me that all the Fangers that managed to escape are gathering together at Ciela Gate. I'll take these bastards with me, as we all charge into Clustania together!" The Reverend Boasted.

"Sorry, Gengai. I know I told you we'd always be fighting by your side, but we have to split again." Aoto apologized

Rev. Gengai: "It's all good, kid. Your duty is to protect Saki."

Tatsumi: "Master, please be careful."

"Uh-huh. Same to you, Tatsumi. If something happens, contact me." The Reverend said with a thumbs up. Tatsumi nodded and made their departure.

"So... We're finally entering the tower..." Said Yosuke, lost in thought.

"I'll admit I'm a little nervous. Saki's hometown... I wonder what it's like." Aoto followed in thought but then brimmed with a daring expression. "We better get everything ready before we head over to Morocacca Port."

At another point, Hikari Gojo and Katene were looking out from the railing, discussing their plans themselves. "What about you, Katene." The Doctor asked.

"Well... I don't think now is the best time to continue my research..." Katene checked his glasses.

Hikari Gojo: "Why don't you come with us to Archia?"

"You're joking, right? Why would I want to go there?" Katene questioned back.

The sound of Katene's voice from the question changed the Doctor's question to another topic. "... How is your research going? Have you made any advancements?" The Doctor wondered.

"... Hmph, touche. I surrender, and now I beg you to show mercy." Katene replied with wry smile.

"... I don't know if it'll prove useful, but there is one bit of information that has attracted my curiosity." The Doctor scratched his chin.

Katene: "What is it...? Is it about those Persona Users?"

"No, actually, it's that Reyvateil girl, Saki... She has multiple personalities." The Doctor stated.

Katene: "What!?"

"Take a look at her Soulspace Map. Its resemblance to that Reyvateil you told me about the other day is remarkable." Hikari Gojo explained. as he passed a small map about her.

"You mean... that Ancient!?" The Professor exclaimed as he skimmed through it.

"Take the map. So, what do you say? Do you still want to stay here?" Doctor Gojo asked once more.

"...No, I'll tag along with you to Archia. This girl seems to warrant further study." Katene answered.

"Hey, Gojo-san, Katene-san! You guys coming?" Yosuke questioned from afar. "We're gonna leave you guys behind!"

"...! Sure we'll be right there!" Katene replied back. While everyone else moves on, both Professor and Doctor opened another topic. "I wonder what we should do about them...?"

"Yeah... if news about these Persona Users reach Archia, they'll likely force them into their experiments." Doctor Gojo guessed sternly. "The part where Richa saw them was a close call, too."

"I'm surprise that Richa somewhat recognized the guy with the headphones. At any case, I guess we should tell them about that place, soon." Katene said, also with a stern expression.

Morocacca Port

Richa was waiting a the air shuttle. A docked Airbus so huge as if they were going on a actual cruise ship.

"Wow... It's so big!" Chie remarked about the size. "Wait, we're actually gonna ride this?"

"This ship is personally one of Archia's main shuttles. Rooms to sleep in and a cafeteria." Richa explained.

"Teddie: Wow... it's like a rich cruise for rich people...!"

"It's only an Airbus, nothing special." Richa modestly added as she whipped out her fan. "But I have a special suite, especially for you, doctor..." She winked at the Doctor.

Hikari Gojo: "Uh..."

"Oh dear, it's like have hasn't met a girl before." Yukiko whispered to Chie.

"Yeah, I mean she's literally pampering Gojo-san." Chie whispered back.

"So are we gonna ride this thing or not? Come on!" Kanji exclaimed, being the first t get on.

And so they did... but before they took off, Yosuke thought about something when he thought he wasn't going back o Great Fang, which made him thought about Aoto. "Hm... Uh, Richa-san?" The persona user asked as she turned to him. "You think we could make a quick detour to Blue Canyon Hamlet?"

Aoto: "!?"

Richa: "Blue Canyon Hamlet? Why there?"

Yosuke: "There's... uh... something I need to get... back there. Just wanted to get one last souvenir... if I could..."

"Hmm... well... I do have some errands to do there. alright then." Richa confirmed and went to asked the pilot.

"Wait, Yosuke, what this about?" Aoto questioned.

"Ah... I was hoping to bring you back to your town... before heading to the tower." Yosuke attempted to explain.

"Why the hell do that? The townsfolk sold him for theirown damn safety!" Kanji exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know that! But... a part of me says that they're willing to reconcile. How'd you think they told me where Aoto was when he and Saki were kidnapped?" Reminded Yosuke.

Aoto:"They... did that for me?"

"I don't know what was going on but if it's to come to terms with your town, the better to get that off your chest, right?" Chie followed.

Aoto was feeling reluctant at first, but the request was already in so he had no choice. "Alright..."

Blue Canyon Hamlet

An hour later, the reached the bus terminal of Blue Canyon Hamlet. Aoto wasn't sure it was the best idea to return. "You feeling alright, bro?" Yosuke asked simply.

"Not really, it's tough to go back now... then again, it's not really right to never come back either..." Aoto replied as he scratched his head.

"*Sigh* Well, since we're here already, might as well get on with." Kanji picked Aoto up verbally. "Better to take it as a man, yeah?"

"... Alright! I'm going back!" Aoto stated as he left the terminal.

Finnel: "Are you sure this is a great idea, Yosuke?"

"I'm not sure myself. I just have that gut feeling..." Yosuke replied, unsure.

"Hmm... I worry if the townsfolk would chase him out like a savage bear...?" Teddie wondered nervously.

"Oh...! Let's stalk him further! That should expel our doubts!" Yukiko suggested.

They all actually stalked him as they hid behind several stalls nearby. They see Aoto walking up to the townsfolk and they noticed him back.

"Hey, ain't that Aoto!?" A man exclaimed as he and Steeps spots him waving at them.

Steeps: Say what!?"

Everyone in town came to surprise as they all laid their eyes on Aoto. "Whoa, Aotoooo! Aoto's back!"

Aoto: "Shit. Maybe I shouldn't have come back...!"

Everyone gathered before him and even the Mayor confronted him.

Steeps: "Aoto...

Mayor: "Aoto!

Aoto: "Wh-What?

Steeps and the Mayor clasped their hand together and bowed before Aoto. "W…
We're so sorrrrry!" The exclaimed.

Aoto: "Huh?"

"Oh, Aoto, I'm so glad you're back alive! I'm just tickled pink!" Steeps cried as he went into tears

"We were getting threatened by Clustania, but this whole village did such horrible things to you and your friends. Please, forgive us." The Mayor begged.

"Well, I did caused a whole lot of trouble for you by defying Clustania in the first place." Aoto mentioned modestly.

"Well, not really. What you did was righteous and honest. Compared to you, we're..." The mayor trailed off, not know what to say.

"We succumbed to our fear of Clustanians and sacrificed our integrity. Because of your friends, we realized that we lost something very important."

Aoto: "Steeps..."

"Aoto! This is a token of our apology. Please take it." Mayor said as several townsfolk gave Aoto a huge bundle of stuff for him.

Aoto: "Whoa, hey, I can't this much!"

"Don't be so shy. Your travels are far from over, yeah? Make use of 'em! And tell youir friends, thanks." Steeps replied with glee as he returned to his work.

"Hmm... I feel... awkward." Aoto muttered as his friend approached him.

Kanji: Dude, you need help with all that?"

Aoto turned to the others and confused of the matter. "Did you guys told them off somehow?" Aoto asked.

"Yeah, I sorta gave a speech out of nowhere." Yosuke explained. "So, feeling better?"

"I... feel great actually. I suppose it's fine. I can come back here any time since we've reconciled." Aoto smiled and realized something. "Oh yeah! I actually forgot something here!"

Yosuke: "What? Wait, you did!?"

"Yeah, back at my house... er..." Aoto reminded himself of all the things in his hands.

"Don't worry, we'll bring your stuff to the bus for you." Chie volunteered as she and the others took the bags for him.

"I wonder what we could make with these ingredients..." Yukiko muttered as she schemed an idea.

As they left so did Aoto and Saki to his house, leaving Yosuke and Finnel to decide what to do. "I guess... we could help Aoto..." Yosuke suggested along with Finnel gestureing "Why not"

Skit topic: We're Relived

As Yosuke and Finnel headed towards Aoto's house, the were thinking about Aoto and the townsfolk just now.

Finnel: I'm glad Aoto was able to reconcile with the villagers.

Yosuke: "Yeah. I'm relieved, too. It would've been terrible if I lost my hometown's trust like that. But I didn't think they would apologize to him so seriously."

Finnel: "Well, alls well that ends well. But, though... I can't believe Clustania would go so far..."

Yosuke: I know... I can't believe they not only abducted you, but deceived the people like that.

Finnel: "..."

Yosuke: "At least we were able to convince the villigers. Glad to see Aoto able to go back to his hometown rather than be mad.

Finnel: "Y-yeah!"

They entered Aoto's house as Aoto continued to search for something specifically. "Need help or something?" Yosuke asked.

Aoto: "Yeah... um... it looked like a necklace. I must of had it off during the wedding."

Yosuke nodded and looked elsewhere. while the boys search for it.

Skit Topic: A Boy's Room

While the guys were looking elsewhere, Finnel received an opportunity to toss the place looking for embarrassing things.

Saki: "Filly, why are you putting your hand under the bed?"

Finnel: I've always wanted to search under a boy's bed. Knowing Aoto, he should be hiding one or two things down there."

Saki: "What is he hiding?"

Finnel: "You know... the kind of books that guys love so much."

Seconds soon, Saki realized what Finnel meant.

"Wh-whaaat!? Aoto would never read those kinds of books!"

Finnel: "There is no man alive who wouldn't. If he didn't, I'd be worried about him."

Saki: "A-are you serious?"

Finnel: "Of course. But... hm... too bad. Nothing seems to be under here."

Saki: "If there were, the atmosphere in here would be really awkward."

Yosuke, across the room, overheard Finnel and her search and decide to bring it up with Aoto.

Yosuke: So... you keep this goods under the pillow or what?"

Aoto: "... What are you talking about?"

Minutes later, Aoto found what he was looking for. "That necklace... wait, those two are identical!"

Yeah it weird for some reason, but I did promise that Kiraha guy that I bring this to his son, where ever he is." Aoto brought up.

Yosuke: "I see... Alright, ready?"

Aoto nodded and Yosuke signaled the girls that it's time to go.

Blue Canyon Bus Terminal

The four returned to the Bus Terminal with Richa awaiting their arrival. "Welcome back. Are you ready to go on this trip?" She asked.

Aoto: We got everything, so we're good to go."

"Aright, get on board. We're setting off pretty soon." Richa stated.

And so, they boarded and everyone steeled themselves for their destination, of what they'll do and bared their confidence in their hearts as they set sail for Archia.

(Evening) Airbus

During the night, Yosuke was staring at the night sky, amazed by the surrounding stars and clouds that merges with the background. "Huh... that's interesting..." He commented.

He then notices Finnel, staring into the sky as well. Yosuke approaches Finnel and gazed at the sky together. "I guess you really like stargazing..." Yosuke assumed correctly.

"What? When did you ever had any doubt? I told you before didn't I?" Finnel pestered back.

Yosuke: "Good point..."

They continued their stargazing until Finnel brought up a topic. "Hey, once you guys find a way home, are you guys gonna leave?" She wondered.

"Yeah. Sorry, we actually have something to deal with." Yosuke answered.

Finnel: "Like what? that vacation of yours?"

Yosuke "Huh? Oh... *chuckle* I wish..."

Finnel: "Wait, it's not?"

"... Yeah... While we had school to take care of, we actually also had a case that me and my friends were looking into." Yosuke explaind.

Finnel: "A... Case?"

"Yep... heck, the reason why we're here in the first place was because we thought it was related. But... here we are..." Yosuke continued.

Finnel: "So then, being here was a mishap in your... investigation, huh?"

"I won't lie to you, to me, everything is seriously going down hill. We're trapped in this world, some of our friend are still somewhere, missing, and I couldn't get a hold of my partner...!" Yosuke complained.

"Partner? Yosuke, what kind of partner is she...?" Finnel questioned with suspicion.

"What? No, it's a guy partner and he the Leader of our investigation team!" Yosuke retorted.

Finnel: "Oh... Wait, didn't tell me that are in... that kind of..."

"Wha... No, dammit! I don't swing that way!" Yosuke retorted with irritation in his expression.

Finnel: "Hahaha... I was joking...! Hmhmhm..."

"*Sigh* Yu Narukami. That's his name." Yosuke mentioned. "My best friend that I can rely on."

Finnel: "I see... *Achoo!*"

Yosuke: "Uh... yeah... it is sorta chilly. Let's head inside."

"Okay..." Finnel agree and also mentioned about Dinner. "Oh, right! I heard that Yukiko and Chie were cooking for us tonight! I wonder what they're making?"

Yosuke's mouth was wide open along with two exclamation marks above him. "Oh God, No! We gotta stop them before they serve the dishes!" He panick as he dasked towards the door.

"Wait! Wh-What do you mean!?" Finnel questioned as she followed suite.

Yosuke: "It's their Mysterious Food X!"

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Let's not forget one last Omake Event!

Omake Event: The Revenge of the Mysterious Food X!

Everyone was waiting for Dinner as Kanji and Teddie weren't. "I'm surprised the girls a actually willing to cook for us. Said Aoto with surprise.

The chef even let them borrow the kitchen. I wonder what they're making?" Hikari Gojo wondered.

As they waited, Saki was wondereing why Kanji and Teddie were moping. "Are you two okay?" She asked.

"Ohh Saki-chan, you are so kind..." Teddie mumble as he was shaking.

"Ugh... Dammit...! This is a frick'n bad idea...!" Kanji grunted.

Aoto: "Why? Is something wrong with their cooking?"

Kanji: "Their cooking IS wrong! I have no idea what they'll make..."

"Well you gentelmen may have ate their cooking, but we haven't." Hikari Gojo stated. "At least allow us to have the benefit of the doubt."

Aoto: "Heck, I'll eat anything they'll make."

"Trust me, Senpai. It's bad..." Kanji tried to warn him but it was no avail.

"Okay, it's ready!" Yukiko called out to them, as she and Chie brought out the pot.

"We got chowder for you guys... I think...?" Said Chie sounded confused in her voice.

"Alright! Set me up!" Aoto cheered as they made a bowl for him. For some reason, the "Chowder" they made had a purple color to its look.

Tatsumi even caught wind of suspicion of the display. "Uh... Hey, are you two sure we can eat this?"

"Yes, it should be edible. The ingredients we've gotten should bring in the texture and taste, together." Yukiko explained.

Chie: "Yeah, the ingredients we put in should be healthy, too... even though we don't know their descriptions..."

Tatsumi: "... Wait, what!?"

"Does it matter, they made it for us, so, Down the hatch!" Aoto began to stuff himself with chowder.

Kanji: "Shit... He's eating it!"

Teddie: "He has my condolences..."

Hikari Gojo and Tatsumi stare at Aoto who was consuming it all. Yosuke and Finnel intered the Cafeteria, only to find out that Aoto emptied his bowl. "Wha-What the hell, Dude!? Aoto, don't tell me you ate their dish!?"

"Huh, yeah? Why, what going- Guuh...!?" Aoto made crazy faces and his face turned green. He then suddenly stood up and dashed towards the restroom wobbling around. Once he close the restroom door, he began to relieve himself. The sound that Aoto made, can be heard from the outside.

Saki: "A-Aoto...?"

Once Aoto sort of finish relieving himself he opened the door and walked out in a dazed stated and fell to the ground.

Saki: "*Scream* Aoto!"

Saki rushed to his aid and tried wake him up. Everyone else was at awe by how destructive the girl's cooking was. "... Did... their cooking do that!?" Tatsumi questioned with surprise.

Yukiko: "Hmm... well... we must of added the wrong spice..."

Chie: "I was thinking of the meat-looking carrot was something to use as the side."

"You guys were thinking like that after... Wait, Doctor! Don't tell me you're gonna eat that!" Tatsumi yelled as he sees the Doctor with a spoon full of the Chowder.

"Well... these went out of their way to make this for us. It would be rude to turn it down." Hikari Gojo stated as he, too, ate the chowder. the taste was weirdly sweet for it to be chowder and then the rancid aftertaste came in afterwards as the Doctor passed out on the seat, drooling the chowder out.

"Huh... I guess he didn't like it either... Whelp, Tatsumi, your up!" Said Chie with a smile.

"What!? Why me!?" Tatsumi barked until he noticed one fact they missed. "Wait a second, didn't you guys tasted your own dish?" He questioned.

"No, we haven't. That why we're asking you guy do taste it." Yukiko answered.

Tatsumi: "WHAT!?"

Chie: "Whoa, geez, you don't have to yelled at us, Tatsumi-kun."

"I have every right to yell at you! Tasting your own dish is one of the golden rules of cooking!" Tatsumi exclaimed.

Chie/Yukiko: "It... is...?"

"I'm surprised that you guys were arrested for food poisoning yet..." Tatsumi commented.

Chie: "Wh-What do you mean!? Are you doubting our ability to cook?"

"Yes, exactly!" Tatsumi argued back. He and Chie's eyes were at each other's, until Tatsumi had an idea. "Alright, how about this! Convince me! If you guys can eat a bowl of your chowder, then I'll eat a bowl myself."

"... Damn... why didn't I think of this before...?" Yosuke thought as he watches Chie and Yukiko who had exclamation marks on their heads as they became conflicted. "What's wrong... you two doubting you own cooking...?"

"N-No! I'm pretty sure it taste good!" Chie retorted as she stuttered.

Yosuke: "Well then...?"

With little choice they made their bowl... and sat down. Everyone else's eyes were focused on them as their sight weighed them down. "Argh... Alright, alright I'm eating! Let's do this, Yukiko!" Yukiko nodded and took an attempt at their chowder as the struggled to bring the spoon to their mouth taking more than a minute, they eventually took their first bite. "Ha... hahahahahaha... See...? That wasn't...!" Chie and Yukiko passed out on the seat. The destructive power of the Mysterious Food X is finally known.

Tatsumi: "That's what I thought...

A while later, Aoto, Hikari Gojo, Chie and Yukiko regained their consciousness with their chowder disposed of. Aoto was not please. "GAAAHHH, that Chowder was a piece of crap! I didn't taste close what it suppose to taste either!"

"Nngh... We're so sorry! We didn't mean hurt you like that!" Chie begged for forgiveness along with Yukiko.

"Urp... I think it killed my appetite..." Aoto grunted. "Don't tell me you guy didn't read a cook book!?"

Chie and Yukiko were starting get depress, until Finnel came out with a few more Dishes.

"Whoa... Finnel-senpai, you made all that!?" Kanji questioned.

"Yep, I did mentioned I worked at a bistro." Finnel replied as she place bistro-style chicken katsu and the table.

"Ah, that's...! They made this dish at the bistro!" The Doctor exclaimed.

Yosuke: "Oh, then we can eat this!?"

Kanji: "... It's better than Chie-senpai and Yukiko-senpai's Mysterious Food X."

"It's official! Filly-chan is our head chef!" Teddie praised.

"Awesome... urp... I think I need to..." Aoto then rushed into the restroom, again.

Saki whimpered for Aoto's health as he made unsettling noise from the toilet.

It seems Finnel shall be cooking for the group from now on.

Here's the songs of this chapter

*EXEC_CUTYPUMP/. - Au (Gusya Ningen)

*Time to Make History - Shoji Meguro

*Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle- - Shoji Meguro

*Susano-O - Daisuke Achiwa

*EXEC_EP=NOVA - Akiko Shikata

*Laser Beam - Shoji Meguro

^The last song... I was wondering what I should put for the last Shadow battle of this Phase and I thought it would mix good. I then thought about the Reyvateils singing that part since the rapper is male. Then I think back at the first AT game's battle theme "Fenrir" and thought it should be a okay, it think.