Okay this is my very first attempt at writing a fanfiction story so I don't exspect it to be great. I appreciate all reviews or tips on my writing.

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Chapter 1: Hello…

? POV:

I'm standing at the front window of my house waiting for them to show. I hear cars coming then the sound of the doors opening and closing. I quickly put my mask back on and head to the front door, stopping the maid and telling her to get the others. I take a deep breath and open the door then walk out to the van. I head towards the yelling at the back of the van, when I turn the corner I'm knocked over onto the ground. That's when my maids come out of the house, I have 3. My personal maid Lana rushes over to me, her long orange hair looking like fire as she runs. Before she gets to me someone is pulling me up and apologizing like crazy.

When I look I smile at who I see bowing their head at me. I poke his head and he stands straight up again confused, and then scared when he sees my mask. Lana steps up now and is checking me for wounds, I swat her hands away and she stops. I motion over my other maids and walk around the sandy haired man. When I do I see the rest of the team, I scan the group for the boss. I giggle at the looks of shock and confusion on their faces, well all except 2 of them. My maids follow me as I walk up to the young man clad in black.

"I'm going to guess that you're Ms. Dragonia ." he states more than asks his blue eyes looking at me coldly.

I nod my head and turn to my maids then motion to the van full of equipment. They bow and say yes miss and start carrying in the heavy boxes. I smirk at the looks the men all give the small women, who are carrying at least ten pounds worth of equipment each. I turn back to the boss and tilt my head to the side.

"We need to unpack our belongings and set up our base." he says walking towards my house. Lana stops him and he glares down at her.

"Mistress is to lead you in the house is a rule" she states crossing her arms over her chest.

He glares at her for a second more before turning to me, I giggle at his annoyed expression and walk to the house the others not far behind me. I jump when I hear something break behind me, I turn around slowly to see the red haired woman glaring at the sandy haired man that knocked me down. I look at the floor to see one of my flower vases had been knocked off the hall table. I walk over to him and he starts apologizing again, I just sigh and bend down to pick up the flowers, the vase is shattered but the flowers are fine.

"Mistress I'll take care of that you lead them to base." Lana says taking the flowers from me. I nod and turn back the other way heading to the room I set up for their base. I ignore all the random things they say about my home. Nothing mean is said just the fact that my house is so large and what I have in it. I stop in front of a set of large double doors and open them, revealing a large sitting room.

The room is decorated in a traditional Japanese design. On the left side of the room is a medium kitchen area and a dining table set big enough for 10 people. On the right is a line of 3 tables against the wall next to those are a small coffee table and 2 large couch's.

My maids are already unpacking the equipment and setting it up perfectly.

"How did they know how to set it up?" I hear one of them whisper behind me

"Just shut up you stupid monk!" the red head whisper/yells back at him.

I giggle at them and they look at me embarrassed. I point to the girls and head to the door, I don't hear them following so I turn to face them again tilting my head to the side.

"What?" the red head asks flipping her hair over her shoulder

"Ayako she wants us to follow her" the woman next to her says smiling at me

"Then why doesn't she just say that Madoka?' Ayako says annoyed.

"Yeah why aren't you talking?" Monk asks staring me down "And what's with the mask?"

I take a step back from them feeling like a cornered animal under their stares. Luckily John saw how uncomfortable I was getting and spoke up.

"Now those are questions that seem a little personal, so we shouldn't ask her that." He says calmly stepping forward. I nod my head in thanks to him and turn to face the women again I calmly raise my hand to the neck of me sweater and pull it down. I here gasps all around for on my neck is a ring made of strange red symbols. I silently pick up Ayako's bag and point to the door again. The other girls pick up their bags and I hand Ayako hers then head out the door and down the hall.

Back in the base room a certain tall Chinese man is in deep thought. His shiki shaking in anger, for they know those marks but aren't allowed to tell.