Chapter 9


Tsukune exits the bathroom with a towel and walks over to his girlfriend and wraps her up into it. "She is one wild card," he thinks to himself, "no matter how long we've been together she can still surprise me when I least expect it," he chuckles to himself upon the completion of his thought.

Tsukune would occasionally look back on the years he and Kokoa had been together, she had never been predictable. When they first met, Tsukune had been a young child, he had never believed in yokai, until one fiery haired vampiress changed his world.


It was back when Tsukune was still in Elementary School, he had never been the "popular" kid that everyone adored, but he had his own group of friends. They would sit in the left side of their cafeteria and just hang out. Takahiro was always a noble child, he was loyal to his friends, and respectful to everyone he met, but had a dirty sense of humor (only around his friends). He would often make the jokes that would make the group giggle and snicker, but often found him in trouble because of them. On that day it was just Tsukune and Takahiro at the table.

"Good afternoon Tsukki," Takahiro joked, causing Tsukune to glare at his friend.

"Just because Kyoko calls me that, doesn't mean you need to, and don't get the others started either!" Tsukune says, a mix between pleading and making a threat.

"Alright alright," Takahiro says, enjoying the sight of watching Tsukune squirm. "Don't get your big boy pants in a bunch," he jabs.

"One of these days I'm going to hit you," Tsukune says, embarrassed at his friend's jokes. Tsukune knew it was all in good fun, and never took Takahiro's jokes too serious.

"You ready for the math test tomorrow?" Taka asks, "I'm not getting this division stuff, I just can't get it," he adds and then looks to Tsukune who just has a shocked expression on his face.

"MATH TEST," Tsukune shouts, causing his friend to jump and a few other students to look at him weird. "I need to go study!" he says and rushes of to study hall.


Tsukune had been at his school for two hours past its release of students and he was walking home. He would wander around a bit, just taking in the fresh air and looking around. He got home after walking for about fifteen minutes.

"I'm home," he calls out into the crisp familiarity of his home's scent.

"My you're late Tsukune," Kasumi calls from inside the kitchen.

"I was in study hall the entire time I promise mom," Tsukune responds before walking into the living area of his house and seeing his dad asleep on the chair. He sighs and travels into the kitchen to find his mother preparing their dinner. She wore a plain white blouse and tan knee-length skirt under a pink apron.

"I'm making us a stew pot, go to your room to change and then come eat," she says lovingly even though almost everything she said to her son was lovingly. Tsukune did as he was told and then he went upstairs to go to bed.


At around midnight, the door to Aono household opened silently, and in walked a small, red-headed girl, who started to creep up the stairs. Her father had finally taken her to the human world to practice feeding discreetly, and she couldn't disappoint him. She found her way into the room of a sleeping little boy. "Perfect," she thought to herself, "remember what Father said, 'take only what you need, and do not wake the host,'" she nods to herself and enters the room.

As soon as she steps in the room she jams her pinky toe on the corner of a desk, "GOD DAMN IT!" she yells into the air, she stops and looks at the boy who is still sound asleep. "I need to be more careful," she thinks to herself.

As she takes a step to her left to avoid the rest of the desk she steps on a ball and falls back, "AAAAAAHHHHH!" she yells out before landing with a loud thud. She stifles a yelp of pain, and looks to the boy with a confused expression, "how sound a sleeper is he?" she thinks. She finally makes it across the room and all its perilous obstacles and looks at the boy's neck. "I can do this," she whispers to herself. As she leans down, the boy's eyes open wide.

Kokoa just stands there looking into two big chocolate orbs while Tsukune looks at the two fangs jutting out of the girl's mouth. "Um, hello," the boy says, now looking into the girl's emerald eyes.

"Um… hi?" Kokoa says, not sure on what to do at this moment. Instead of doing what her father told her to do if she woke a host, she is engaging in conversation

"Why are you in my room?" the boy asks, wondering why a pretty little girl with fangs is hovering above him in the middle of the night.

"W-well… I-I…" she stutters, not really giving the boy a clear answer. The boy noticing the girl's inability to answer, he goes first.

"Do you want to play a game?" he asks, the boy's question stunning the young vampiress. "Oh and I'm Tsukune," he says with a smile.

"I'm Kokoa," the girl responds, happy to know that the human isn't screaming or anything that will upset her father.


After an hour of waiting around, Issa Shuzen gets out of the limo and approaches the human housing. He looks around the bottom floor, peering into each room, unable to find his daughter, but pleased the elder humans are asleep and not alerted to the vampire's presence. He walks up the stairs and hears his daughter laughing alongside some other laugh he doesn't recognize. He approaches the door and opens it with force and finds his daughter playing a game with a lowly human boy.

"F-Father!" Kokoa exclaims, realizing she forgot about her father waiting outside for her to finished "feeding."

"Kokoa, what are you doing," Issa asks, his voice cold and unforgiving. "You were supposed to drink from this human and return to me."

"Human?" Tsukune thinks.

"I-I was F-Father, it's just that I...," Kokoa flounders. Tsukune notices the girl flailing around like a fish out of water and speaks up.

"I invited her to play a game, please don't be mad at her," he says to the vampire elder in front of him. Issa stares quizzically at the human before speaking up.

"Come Kokoa," Issa beckons and walks out the door.

"I'll come back soon," Kokoa whispers to the boy and walks out of the room as well.


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