Boston's witch burnings



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1. Chapter One Rituals

Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic?
I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical Examiner Maura Isles, and I would LOVE a crossover!

In Season 2, Episode 7 'Bloodlines', a couple of witches are murdered in Salem, and Rizzoli and Isles are investigating the case. The details are not that important, just know that

1. Maura Isles is extremely knowledgeable about witchcraft, black magic, Wicca and everything connected with it.
2. To explain the 'superhuman strength' of one suspect, the detectives consider her being on PCP. (I couldn't believe my ears!)

My challenge:

The murders in the Wicca community alert the New Slayers and Watchers Council, and somebody is sent to investigate. It should be a witch, so maybe Willow, but Dawn or an OC is fine as well. She is accompanied by at least one slayer, and both have to interact with the Boston detectives.


1. An explanation why Maura knows so much about witchcraft (maybe she is a witch, or knows about the supernatural in some way)
2. Rizzoli having a hard time believing in anything supernatural, but being convinced by the evidence.
3. A Rizzoli&Isles pairing.
4. IF you pair Willow up with Kennedy, make her (Kennedy) a real character, not the stereotypical bitch - I think she would have grown up.
5. A supernatural reason for the murders (which is different from the actual episode).

Would like to see:

1. Buffy being part of the witch/slayer team.
2. Some tension between Buffy and the Scoobies for them throwing her out of her house in the series (I always thought it implausible that most fics just ignore that betrayal)
3. Ilyria (LOVE HER! Maybe she was the sole survivor of the final Battle and came to Buffy as the only other adequate fighter - beside Faith)

Do NOT want:

1. Willow the uber-witch
2. Too much Xander (can't stand the git)

Other than that: Have fun!
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Disclaimers: I do not own BTVS or Rizzoli and Isles as they both belong to their creators and corporate entities. This is an AU where both universes are in the same time and place. It will contain fem-slash and herto relationships.

Boston's witch burnings

By: Fire Wolfe

A/N: 'Telepathy or thoughts', "Speech"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Part One Rituals

I considered it with care and precision the ritual was perfect. 'The witches were all ready to be used and soon he would have power beyond his wildest dreams and he could begin to hunt those abominations known as mini-slayers. He could still not believe that so many were running free and upsetting the great balance a balance that TPTB set up so carefully so many years ago. Did they not know that there was a reason there was only ever a single slayer at a time, that evil was a needed thing to keep balance? The shadow men had perfected balance and to that end they needed sacrifice once and a while a slayer died feeding evil and granting a new champion to good. Now it was corrupted and twisted there were many champions and few sacrifices it would not do. Now evil was getting beat and the human populations was swelling there was no natural predators anymore. Sadly the evil that were demons acted as a check on the human populations and it was the survival of the fittest and smartest humans. Now the many slayers were disturbing that and many who were weak were surviving. He had to set things right because in the end he had failed to protect the balance and now the world was racing toward its destruction he had a duty and a responsibility and he would not fail. It would begin here in Boston away from prying eyes and then he would take on more witches and then the slayers themselves and soon he would have the power to end the slayers who were not the truly called. In fact he might be wise to end even those two bitches that had been called naturally so a more demure malleable slayer could be called and used. It was something to think about now that more potential were finally being born once more. That was why it had taken so long for him to act because he had feared that there were no more potentials being called that all were slayers. However the balance had to be maintained and now there were over a hundred potentials available to be called, granted most were very young but, such was the way of it. They lived and died to serve mankind it was their purpose and function to fight and die. What was one girl when the world was at stake? He laughed as he watched the witches try to pull free their power bound it was intoxicating to watch.'

"Do not worry much my dears soon you will have helped save humanity and restored the true and natural order balance will be restored and we will be safe from the end of the world."

"You are insane. We fight for humanity. We all have protected the human race. What you are doing will destroy the good we have done. The slayers are the shield of humanity."

There was a humorous laugh. "Good, what good has you're so called Slayers, Witches, Wizards and Watchers Council done has been corrupted. You make deals with half breeds and demons. That is not what the Council was formed for. It was formed to defend humanity and place us on the top of the world. The slayer is merely a tool and witches and wizards are to serve the Watchers. We alone know how to protect humanity. We alone guide the slayer and its line it is as it was meant to be. Slayers going to school and gaining an education is sacrilege. They only need to fight and die." He casually carved runes into the witch nearest him and then moved to the other who was now frantically pulling on her bonds. Each knew they would soon be dead unless they broke free. Each sent frantic prayers for help and salvation. Which they both knew would not come as their slayers had been murdered taken down by a drug and then shot multiple by this madman.

"He's insane Molly we have to get away."

"I'm working on it Mary. These bonds are just too tight and my magic is bound as well, damn it that hurt you bastard, why carve runes into us."

There was a piteous laugh."Work all you want because it is too late. Your so called magic will soon be mine because of those runes; I call upon the dark ones to accept this sacrifice of these two witches. Take their lives and grant me their power. Accept their lives and the lives of the slayers I have slain as your tribute."

Both young women began to struggle but it was too late as the mad man moved and quickly and efficiently sliced the first and then the second's throat. Each barely having time to send out a cry for help because he had not taken their necklaces that in an extreme emergency when touched by blood could send a distress signal, however it was too late as they died they could only hope the Council would end this bastard for them. The two Irish witches sent one last prayer as they died a prayer that someone would protect the rest of their coven a coven that had no idea that evil was stalking them.

As the blood sacrifice was made and the demon claimed the life force of the witches the magical power they held raced into the warlock a man who had no magic of his own so he sought to steal that of others. He felt his old wounds heal and he straightened feeling years younger and stronger than ever. He straightened and bowed to the demon lord. "Thank you for this boon." He slipped the dagger into his coat never realizing it missed the pocket and fell to the ground. He did not notice or care as he was strong once more.

There was a deep laugh."It is only your due. You have served me well. I shall heal you and grant you a chance at vengeance. I never believed I would gain the soul of one such as you or that you would honor our deal. I am pleasantly surprised. Making you younger and stronger only serves my needs."

"I seek only the balance. Good cannot exist without evil. The balance must be maintained so it was written so it shall be done."

"Indeed many fail to realize this. However I have sated myself for the moment their life force was brilliant. Dispose of these bodies as we have no wish to draw the Council in just yet, dead slayers and witches can attract too much attention."
"Of course my lord, a burning should do for they are in the end only bodies and gasoline will destroy all evidence."

"Ah yes a classic but fitting. They were rude little bitches. I am pleased you chose them. However there are more in their coven so be wary."

"Yes my lord. I shall do so at once and I will take out the entire Boston Coven and its allies." The warlock said. It shall be ever so much easier now that I am young and strong again. I will take back the council and I will rule the world. Good and evil will be balanced as it was intended."

"Indeed you shall." Said the demon lord laughing as he faded away. 'You are the perfect tool to bring down the SWWW and their made crusade.'

The warlock poured the exhilarate all over the witches. He then stood back and smiled as he tossed the match into the fire. "Burn witches burn as soon shall your coven, slayers and of course the new council. It was the best day of my life when the first ended the old council now I alone shall rule. It was a great demon that spared me and I shall serve it faithfully to return the balance that those fools from Sunnydale destroyed."


The precinct had been kind of quiet and peaceful. The detectives of homicide were actually being forced to catch up on their paper work something they all loathed. However after the recent case with Denis Rockman they were all actually kind of glad to be doing it. It was nice to be able to breathe again. Not that any of them would ever admit needing a break or being stressed and tired. It was just not in their makeup.

Of course that peace was not going to last long. Angela Rizzoli came walking up to the bullpen carrying two trays of hot coffee and tea. It was a welcome sight even if her daughter detective Jane Rizzoli would never admit it.

She pulled back from leaning over her computer and stood up. "Hey ma that smells heavenly. Is it for us?"

"No dear I brought it for detective Crow and his partner. Really Jane as if I would not bring you your morning fix of caffeine. What happened why did you not stop by this morning?"

Jane blushed not wanting to admit she had been running a little late. 'Ok a lot late. She'd been distracted this morning by some beautiful brown eyes and a killer body. How was she supposed to resist Maura in a frisky mood? I mean really when she came into the shower and began to wash her back she was supposed to care about getting to work on time? Oh so not happening. I mean Maura was just so demanding and sweet at the same time. I am so whipped she thought.

"Well I was running a little late."

Angela brow rose at that. 'She had a feeling she knew why her daughter was late but so far neither she nor Maura had officially told her they were a pair. Really it was all but obvious. 'However she simply said. "Well in any case I brought you your coffees and tea for Maura."

Just then the Chief Medical Examiner of Boston came into the bull pen. She looked pensive but that broke into a smile when she spotted Angela. "Good Morning Angela."

"Hello Maura I brought you the gang some coffee and was just about to come down to the morgue to bring you your tea."

"That was most thoughtful of you Angela. I just came up to see if maybe we had a case? It seems to be rather quite for the last few days."

Vince Korsak snorted at that. 'It had been dead no pun intended all morning. He hated days like today. Not that he wanted anyone to be murdered but, it just made the days long and he hated paperwork with a passion, plus Frost and Rizzoli got pensive never a good thing at all.' He took the coffee and smiled at 'Angela she was such a sweet lady.'

Jane noticed and tried not to gag at the obvious flirting. She loved her ma and she loved Vince Korsak but the idea of them being a pair was still a bit hard to take.'

Frankie Rizzoli came into the precinct bull pen he had a very upset look on his face. "Jane we got bodies. I'm not sure why you haven't got the call yet but it's bad Janie Really; really bad as in ….almost unspeakable...worse than the last case, I got a tip from a CI and it's ….well I thought I would bring you in. I checked it out but I couldn't get a radio or cell signal so I came in with it."

That got all their attention. The last case had been extremely traumatic to the entire team.

Jane's phone rang and she picked up."Detective Rizzoli how may I help you?"

"Listen Detective I have some news to share. It's highly dangerous for me to even be calling you but you are soon to catch a case that will put you and Maura in danger. I just learned of a multiple murder in my old haunts. My people are not involved and if we had seen it we would have tried to stop it or called your lot in. However it was too late to save the victims so I let Frankie know of the spot where the bodies could be found through a CI of his. The killer is extremely dangerous and makes me and mine seem like playground bully boys. We cannot stop him as he is extremely connected and is likely almost above the law. We wanted to give you the heads up and by we, I mean every Irish crime family agreed this is not good for us. We will help when we can. Keep Maura safe and away if you can. I have sent for some help as one of those killed belonged to one of my men. It was his daughter and he wants payback. Now I can't stop him from going after this mad man but I don't hold much hope of his survival though I will help him if I can as he did me. The thing is we sent for people who deal with this sort of thing and they should be here soon. Trust them and put your doubts aside if only to protect those you care about. Also there will be a young lady on the team. Her name is Faith… Faiths tell her I'm sorry I thought she'd be safe with her mother. I never thought she'd end up with that bitch of half sister and I….I'm sorry." The line went dead. 'I looked at the clock. Exactly 2.2 minutes to short to trace. Damn Doyle. This case just went from bad to worse and we had not even seen the scene yet.'

'I watched Jane's face and it was cold. That was a look I knew only too well. Damn looks like we got the Irish Mob again. Damn it all can we never catch a break? I so should have retired.' Korsak thought.

Jane tossed her phone down in frustration. She looked over at Maura who like me saw her pensiveness. "Korsak please let Cavanah know we got a case. We should go, want to ride with me Maura?"

"Yes, let me get my bag. I'll meet you at the car."
Jane nodded to her.

"Frankie grab a cup of coffee you are going to need it. Frost we need your lap top. I think we might have a serial killer on our hands."

"Ok Jane." Frost said.

Frankie took the coffee."Thanks ma I need this. I gota go. See ya." He kissed her cheek and Angela sighed some days it did not pay to get out of bed.