Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic?
I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical Examiner Maura Isles, and I would LOVE a crossover!

Part 69 cloths hogs

Catherine Willow had no idea what to make of the current case. She was wary but willing to give the Council and the BPD the benefit of the doubt. She was pissed at Sara however. Sometimes the woman was too damned judgmental. She had a feeling Sara was feeling jealous and insecure as Gil was as always fascinated with Lady Heather but frankly that had little to do with the case. In this situation she had to believe that her father and Lady Heather were being open and honest and as straight forward as they could be. There was clearly more going on then she knew but it was not worth being upset about. She would learn the truth in good time.

Sara cursed as she dressed.

Gil was angry and chewed her out going so far as threatening to put her on a plan back to Vegas if she could not play nice. As if she would play nice with vigilantes and madmen. She was not sure why he and the others were buying into this crap but it was clear they were all becoming delusional

. She was determined to keep him safe even if it meant ending those so called slayers and witches. She knew anyone caught up with Sam Braun and Lady Heather were evil and she was not about to be sucked in.

Gil stepped out of the shower and dried his hair. He was concerned about the situation. It was more than clear that this was not a typical case and that it was not going to be solved by their usual methods.

Not that using the groups skills in the investigative arts was not going to be vital but that it was going to take a far more open mind then many of them had. Until now he had not quite realized how closed minded Sara was. He had thought she was simply uncomfortable with the idea of alternate lifestyles. Of course given her back ground he could understand she was a bit wary of anything openly sexual. He sighed and dressed.

While he could admit Sam Braun was on the edge of the law Catherine Willow's father had aided them many times and Lady Heather had suffered deeply for her life choices. However she did still seek to help people and was one of the kindest most compassionate people he knew. He admitted being drawn to her and that he would like to know her better however he had always held back.

It had never been right for them. First it had been a case then his team issues never had it been right. He considered her an ally and perhaps a friend but knew Sara hated her guts. He sighed. They had been trying at a relationship but it had many bumps and hard turns. He wondered if this trip would end them as a couple? He knew she was pushing it and soon he have to either send her home or pull rank and tell her to sit down and shut up. Neither which would be good for them personally but, he was as tired as the others. She should be constructive not sniping. He pulled on his shirt and headed out. Maybe today would be better.

He thought of Lady Heather and smiled not realizing his heart was already urging him to move on to a better more suited partner. He worried for the Domme never admiting even to himself he wanted and needed her.

Lady Heather woke and stretched. Her senses flared as she sensed Gil Grishom's upset. She was saddened by pain he was suffering but glad he was at least thinking about his relationship with Sara Sidle. It was not that Sara was a bad woman or even a bad investigator. No she was just too hind bound and rigid for someone like Gil. Had Gil fallen for Catherine Willows she would have been happy for him but Sara was a disaster waiting to happen.

Her visions showed her that Sara could and would destroy Gil if he remained with her and that was not something she could or would allow. She like many of her kind remained single because it was hard to bring a partner into their lifestyles. Not that Wicca's needed to be single no it was her other life that got complicated.

She sighed. She sensed Gil could and would be able to deal with her choices but it would affect him professionally which is why she not sought him out. However he was here now and needed and she was tempted. Time would tell if maybe she should reconsider her choices.

As Larry had said life was short and perhaps she did deserve a partner and to be happy. She had sacrificed much and had more taken from her. She deserved to have someone to hold and love and if Gil chose to walk with her she would not push him away this time.

Elliot Stabler ears were ringing. He should have expected Olivia to rip into him about his actions. However he had not expected Alex Cabot to do so. Of course she had a point. He was feeling a little put upon but he had all night to think about this. He had not slept a wink.

Well he had but nightmares hardly counted. He saw each of his girls called as slayers and dying. Damn it had sucked. Of course maybe his imagination had run wild and maybe it had made him act like a bit of a bastard.

If so he owed the Summers woman and her people and apology. Not that he still did not think the law should handle this investigation but he did now understand that they had a stake in it no pun intended, he dressed and headed down to meet the others. Maybe he had to be a bit more open minded.

The demon lords loved their new human bodies. The rituals the humans had preformed made them young and strong and when adding their power invincible. The human minions were amusing as well. They smiled as the hunters raced to do their bidding. Gathering magical supplies and mundane ones with equal desire to be helpful.

Soon they could go to war and this world would become theirs. They would feast on this city souls and perhaps find a ritual to bring Glory back from the darkest hell she had been sent too. Because gods did not die they merely got banished.

The demons who sided with Post and Travers scurried to do their bidding as well because as much as slayers frightened them none of evil demons wanted to go against demi gods or gods. Slayers were mortal these beings were eternal.

Maura rolled over and kissed Jane. Who woke in her lover's arms. It had been a long few days and she was glad to be able to be with her love. Maura holding her kept the nightmares at bay. She hated that they had so many people involved in their investigation and she hated having to justify their choices.

While a part of Jane got the other officers concerns as a slayer she saw the bigger picture. The memories of past slayers hardly gave one a break.

One saw it all. She and Maura had Kennedy had not been lying when they said they knew the truth and made a choice. Of course in her case refusing would have ended with her dying but that was neither here nor there. The fact that her mind had seemed insane when she shot herself well she never spoken of that to anyone not even Maura.

Who by now likely figured out when she became a slayer. Oh well who could think when one's lover was kissing them that way. Jane growled and pulled her wife up and kissed her hard on the lip. "None of that now. Well at least not until I get to kiss those lovely lips."

Maura chuckled and soon they lost all thought.

Several hours later the teams broke up and headed to research the various parts of the city. They would find leads to the killers soon or the city would explode into violence.
Several Wicca wove spells of protection over the demon enclave.

These people were a peaceful clan and they would be protected. The demon elders smiled and offered the wiccas fruit from their gardens in thanks. The Wiccas smiled and took it.

"We do what we can but this will only slow them down and perhaps warn you."

"It is better than nothing and we know it takes lots of energy to do. Just be certain to guard yourselves as well. Perhaps you should join us. Safety in numbers and all that."

Jenna smiled at the offer it was the third today. "Perhaps in time. For now we have more wards to set. The lady slayers will be by later to get any information you may have."

"We will be waiting." The elder said. "I wish we had more. All I know is that we gotten some big orders of late and it seems off."
"Well let them check into it. Who knows maybe the killers are vegan."

A look of horror came over the demons face as he and his kind were strict vegans and would not hurt any living thing well unless it came after their gardens.

The Wicca smiled and wished all demons and humans were so good and decent.

Brash/Post and Bolden/Travers left their minions behind. They wished to scout ahead without the dead weight of humans or lesser demons in tow. They also desired to pick up some more comfortable clothing. The two men/demons headed for a high end clothier. ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA suits soon covered both men and the tailors were left a gibbering mess.

"Not bad brother of mine. These suits are interesting and we had dinner. I dare say that was one thing done well."

"Perhaps Bolden but what shall we do if we need more clothing. We just ate the tailor?" Brash said. "I dare say we did not quite think that through."

"It hardly matters, we can always visit London for proper suits." Bolden said ignoring his brother as clothiers were a dime a dozen. It might take a bit to find a decent tailor but he knew a few so no worries there. The larger issue was where to find proper footwear. One had to look ones best after all.

The two brothers were also amused that even the four master vampires had been kitted out.

The clothiers were exceptional and the fact that they had outfits to fit such large beings was a plus. Then again they had memories of Travers having watched and been annoyed by a game the Americans called football. It seemed that sport needed large men and such beings shopped at this store. So perhaps it was not so odd after all. However they would not let their vampire agents feed on the tailors they did not deserve death after all and it was not wise to leave a trail for the slayers.

They could always order take out for the vampires. Besides the men who fitted them were old and the vampires would surely appreciate young blood. With a wave a glamour went on and the vampires would pass at least at night as burly body guards.

The news of the gibbering tailors came in and Buffy and Willow looked pissed. Dawn looked worried and Kennedy just sighed. It was never easy. She was also shocked when Willow grabbed a hold of her hand and refused to let go. Her look at Buffy did not bode well either.

"I want to send Kennedy and Dawn home." She said.

Buffy sighed and Faith giggled at Dawn's put upon look and the sudden shock and anger in Kennedy. Yep it was official Willow was head over heels with her brunette girlfriend and Dawn was back as the kid sister. She did however note that Buffy was clearly thinking about it.

"I am so not going." Dawn said folding her arms and pouting. Kennedy nodded and pulled away from the team to stand with Dawn. "I agree with the brat." She winked not caring Dawn was annoyed with her.

Dawn gave her a glare but knew the teasing was to hide her own annoyance and worry.
Crazy people babbling about someone eating their brains was never of the good and she had flash backs to Buffy taking a swan dive off the towers.

Willow look said it was not going to be up for discussion. However her slayer lover was not one to run from a fight. While she understood why Willow was scared she was not a Wicca she was a slayer and slayers slayed. Buffy and Faith would need her help and experience and she was not walking away.


68. Part 70

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Boston is Burning

Part 70

Any hope Elliot had that the day would go better ended when Sara began by agreeing that they should go home. As in all those not in law enforcement. Elliot however did not offer any support this time. Anything that scared these powerful women was something to be concerned about.

"Enough of this arguing." Korsak said. "We have murders to solve and some very evil men and women to find. They are breaking the law and killing innocents. We can argue over evidence and how to deal with them later. We all know that at least some of the killers are demons and some are probably human. I say we let the demons be dealt with by the Slayers and their allies and we work on finding the human killers. If humans are working with the evil demon we will need help. None of us can go toe to toe with a vampire or other fuglies. I am not totally sure I get this supernatural crap and not sure I want to but I do want to stop the killing of innocents. From what I have seen none of these folks with Miss Summers had any idea of the killings and given they got pulled in when the innocents died I would say it is foolish to condemn them. Maybe if those other girls had lived even a little while longer then they might have escaped becoming slayers. I don't know about you all but I say they lost as much as those girls did. Not their lives but the lives they might have had. So we should all at least give them some respect. I have seen the wounds on those young women and frankly I got less and I have been a cop almost 30 years. So let's see about finding some killers. What is this new threat? Something has changed and we need a briefing."

Buffy sighed and frowned she looked over at Giles who was now cleaning his glasses.

"We are not sure but….if it is what we think the chance of more death and destruction has risen at least ten fold."

Buffy snorted at that more like 100 fold. She looked over at Frankie and said a prayer he and the other cops would play it safe.

Sara glared but she had to back down. Gill was glaring at her and she had a feeling his patience was at an end. She so did not want to get shipped home. One it would be a black mark against her and two….no way was she leaving Gil that close to Miss Shank aka Mistress Heather. She still could not quite believe Gil liked the woman….ok lusted for her. That still hurt and her green eyed jealousy was flaring.

Mistress Heather watched Sara and sighed. The woman was a danger to them all. However she could not directly interfere. She knew it was Sara's own insecurities that were always sabotaging her relationship with Gil Grishim but the woman never saw it that way. She always blamed others. "How many demons feed on sanity?"

"Only one we have encountered and it was a goddess not a demon." Willow said worried. "We, almost lost that battle and ….it had a heavy cost." She looked at Buffy as Dawn suddenly grabbed her sister and clung to her.

"Not this time Buffy please. I could not survive it again."

"I'll always protect you." Buffy said sadly however she knew that at least this time Dawn was probably safe. As the demon who came through clearly had their own way to open a portal and it was at least safe enough for their realities not to bend. A small mercy perhaps.

"We don't know what is going on. While I would love to send you home with Kennedy as a guard I do think that for the moment at least there is safety in numbers. Detective Rizzoli we will need to see if there are any other reports of sudden madness. This could be the beginning of something even worse than the killing of those poor innocent women and girls."

"What could be worse?" Sara snarked.

Buffy sucked in a breath not quite willing to voice her fears. This situation hit very close to home. Moreover she knew if she fell this time it would be her last death. Never again would Willow raise her as before she had gotten an oath on that. The cost had been far too high for them all.

Mistress Heather had quite enough of Sara and decided to end her snarking. "I know we have asked you to be silent Miss Sidel however since you refuse to obey." She waved her hand and the CSI fell mute. Much to the relief of those present. "As to what could be worse than the death of countless innocents? The end of the world. You think another like Glory has come through?"

"Yes," Giles said. "She had two brothers and if they come through we will need an army to stop them if we even can. It took many deaths to stop her the last time and frankly….we got lucky….though some paid a very high price."

Buffy looked away as a brief memory of Heaven haunted her. She leaned over and hugged Giles she now knew he had killed Ben and in the present company….well he could have issues if they ever learned the truth. One more reason to be glad Sunny Hell was gone not that there was a body to worry about. Something else they all owed Spike for. She said a silent prayer he had found his peace because even as a souless vampire he had been a good friend and ally.

"Well that sucks." Frost said however his statement was true and many just looked pole axed. They had no idea that the supernatural could end the world.

"We do have some evidence to follow up." Catherine said. "I mean these groups have been around a long time. I think we should go over the evidence. Maybe it will lead us to the killers and maybe this new threat too."

Sam Braun looked on proud of his daughter. She was jumping in to help. Cathrine might not get the whole picture but she was looking for justice. She was the best of his children and he was saddened he failed her so often. However maybe now…now he could get a second chance. If his King could maybe there was hope. He noted that there was a small chance. He saw Gil move toward Lady Heather now that would be a good thing too. She deserved to be happy. Maybe just maybe she get a second chance too. The Royal family did need Heirs and with Maura and Faith both being slayers and the son a cop the Kings sister family was a viable back up. Not that he would ever be so foolish as to say that to any of them. He did value his hide after all.

Frankie watched the scene his gut was screaming something was wrong. He moved toward Buffy getting into her sight line. She saw him and seemed to relax. Yes it was good. He just met her but he was drawn to her and damn him if he was not going to protect her. Something inside him screamed for him to guard her and keep her safe that she deserved peace and harmony. Well he liked her and if he had his way he would get to know her more. So he'd offer support and do his best to keep her safe.

Above him Whistler smiled. He watched as the Rizzoli Youth was drawn in by the Slayer. She always drew men/beings of power to her. However this time perhaps it would be a good match for he was not evil. He was a good man no he was far more than that though he would need to find that out for himself. Of course he and Buffy might well be some of the only ones who could go head to head with the demon gods. Ok maybe the White Witch and maybe the king but….it would take a God, Goddess or near one to even scratch them. However he had high hopes for his newest champions. At least he was not as manipulative as those bastards TPTB. Ok he was but in a good way. Really sending a vampire with a soul to a 16 old girl was just asking for issues especially since it had been Angelus. If they had sent William so much heart ache could have been avoided.

"You should have done that mate." A drawl said.

Whistler jumped back as Spike joined him. Blowing smoke in his face. "Would you have helped back then?"

"Maybe, always liked the Slayer. She had spunk even on our first meeting. So yeah I might have, then again….I may have turned her too."

"You were too unpredictable." Whistler said.

"The poof was oh so much better you lot knew he liked young girls."

"We thought he soul would temper him."

"A soul that was almost a pediphile?" Spike shot back.

"Not my call then but I should have been far clearer in my instructions. Hey I was new to the balanced demon thing too you know."

"Yeah, I suppose just don't fuck this up mate. I will be unhappy if you do." Spike said. "He looks like a decent Bloke and maybe she will get her happy ending with the kiddies and house. I'd like that for her you know. She has more than earned it."

"I'll try William, but she has to go along too. She will always fight it is not in her to stand back but maybe she can have more of a life. Besides if she does have children….champions are rare you know." Whistler nodded and back up as Spike's wings spread out. It would never do to piss off an Angel of his power no matter his own upgrades and status.

Spike was never one to follow the rules even as William and Whistler had no doubts that if he hurt Buffy again he face an angel's vengeance.

He just worried about the smirk on Spike's face. What did he know that he was not telling? Damn I need higher contacts.


Disclaimer: Sadly I still don't own any of the fandoms in this story. Please see the first chapter for full disclaimer.

Sunday, March 12, 2017
Boston is Burning

Part 71

Brash and Bolden wanted to end the slayer for daring to harm Glory. She was a goddess and had deserved to be worshiped. While their sister had always been a bit self centered she had been family and they did miss her. She had always forced them to become better than they were. She might have been a cruel and vindictive bitch but she was theirs. It did not escape their notice that she had died trying to return home so clearly she had missed them too. It never occurred to either God that their sister had only wanted to end them and claim their domain for their own. Brash and Bolden were twin gods and never even considered being without the other. As they walked the streets they looked around for people or demons to aid them. Their newly acquired bodies were handsome and strong now that they were infused with their power. So as they walked they found themselves in front of the Boston office of Hoffman, Harris and Hurley a demon law firm. Given the legal issues they would likely face due to their hosts having lawyers around was probably a good idea. Not that either of them worried for the law but it had its uses. Next to Wolfram and Hart it was the best choice and decidedly less obvious in its clientele. So the two men headed in. Time to toss a monkey wrench into the investigation the slayer was trying to run.

Gil spoke softly to Maura Isles. He needed to get Sara to work and out of the main part of the investigation. Fortunately for him Dr. Isles agreed and he called Sara over. She was first rate CSI but she was causing disruptions here perhaps if he put her back in the lab she would calm down. "Sara I am sending you to assist sorting the evidence with Dr. Isle's team. Do not say a word. If you choose not to take this assignment I can have you on a plan back to Las Vegas by noon. While I understand your concerns we need to work with the team we have. Conflict will not solve these murders or prevent further issues. So what will it be?"

Sara glared but she was not getting sent home like misbehaving child. "Sure thing Grisham. Which way to the lab? I suppose the stress had just gotten to me this is kind of freaky." Her look said she thought the doctor was a freak which pissed Jane off as she was standing next to her mate. However she held her tongue for now. Soon enough she'd find a way to send this bigoted bitch home.

Maura was used to people considering her freakish. However she was not going to allow this woman to run over her staff. "Senior Criminologist Chang will show you your works space. She runs our labs most efficiently and I do hope you show her the respect she deserves."

"I am a professional." Sara said

Jane almost laughed at that but held her piece and hoped Suzy would put this bitch in her place. She gave their own criminologist a wink. Jane knew Suzy would keep an eye on the woman because next to her there was no one not family who loved Maura more, and Jane knew that Sara Sidle would never dare pull anything with Suzy around. The criminologist almost worshiped Maura. Maura always said Jane was her first true friend but the detective knew that was not exactly true as she suspected Suzy would take that place. However the lovely woman had been too scared of rejection to be more then ruthlessly efficient for her boss. She had shown her friendship by being the best co worker she could be sensing that at the time professional relationships was all Maura could handle. However over the years Jane had grown to respect Suzy and even consider her a part of their family and she trusted her to keep things on track with the evidence while she and the others searched.

"This way CSI Sidle." Suzy said leading the woman to the labs. Gil watched with some worry.

"Sr. Criminologist Chang will handle your CSI." Maura said.

"Well yes, I suppose she will, now about the bodies you found. They were ritually slain? Have any more turned up?" Gil asked. "It seems more might be used. I spoke with Mistress Heather…."

Jane and Maura listened as Gil began to suggest his theory.


Charlie was doodling not something he did often. He was running the numbers trying to find a pattern or connection. It all seemed random something he knew was highly unlikely. He watched as various groups interacted and took files to review. He had never been a part of so large of an investigation and it was throwing him off some. Amita held his hand.

"Charlie what if we write a program to see if we can find the pattern. I mean if the killer or killers are searching for certain women maybe there are some here in Boston."

"That is a good idea maybe we should see if anyone else has computer expertise as well. Maybe someone else has started a program like this. I know detective Frost is skilled with computers from what Don said in his briefing on the way here." Charlie agreed. "If you can write the program I can add the numbers."

"Detective Frost can you join us?" Amita asked. The detective walked over glad to be engaged in something he was feeling a bit like a fifth wheel of late. He waved Willow over having learned she was very good with computers though not knowing her true skills. Willow walked over and joined the group. It would be interesting to use science maybe it would help where witchcraft had failed?


Alex Cabot was more interested in the way the old council worked. She walked over to Buffy and said. "Can you tell me about the council? Maybe if we learn about their operations we can figure out who is most likely to be doing these killings. If you can give us some leads detective sergeant Munch, detective Stabler and Benson can track down the leads. I have a feeling that the sexual nature of some of the attacks may mean that at least some of the killers may well be in our data base. One thing I do know is that NY SVU is one of the best at tracking such people down."

Buffy nodded. She was glad they were here. That part of the killing had sickened her the most. Not that killing any potential or any young person, girl was good but the fact that some of the killers had assaulted the poor young girls angered her all the more. She knew it had been as much for the killers amusement as to hide the killing but still….the old council always boasted it was there to save humanity then employed people who did these depravities. It made her almost sorry she worked so hard to save the world. "We have some notes. A while ago back in Sunnydale we faced off against a man named Caleb. We know he is responsible for killing potentials or the girls. We did solve several of the cases on girls and young women he killed. We have those files here."

"What happened to this Caleb?" Munch asked.

"He never made it out of Sunnydale." Buffy said.

"How can you be so certain?" Alex asked. She like the detectives wondered if this could be the same man doing the killing.

Buffy brow just rose and she sighed. "Because I killed him. I split him in half with the scythe. He was trying to kill me at the time and he had already killed one of the girls who was staying with me and my family as well as gouging out Xander's eye. I was not taking chances."

"You killed him?" Elliot said his brow raising. He moved slightly as if to protect both women with him. Buffy smiled at him. She knew he had some issues but she knew he was also trying to be fair. She did respect his desire to protect his friends and co corkers however.

"Yes detective Stabler I did. He was trying to kill me at the time and he did break several of my ribs and I had beaten pretty badly as well. Caleb was an agent of evil. A being we called the "First Evil" gave him power. By the time I ended him I am not even certain he was human or if he had been for a long time. One thing I do know is he was a prolific serial killer who was or at least posed as a man of the cloth. He wore a preacher's collar and used it to entice those who he would later kill. I took no pleasure in killing him but had I not done so I would have died."

Elliot was about to say something when Olivia hand caught his arm."Elliot we have both had to kill in the line of duty. Self defense is allowed."

Elliot nodded. He looked over at Alex who seemed to agree. He did not like it but sometimes there really was no choice. "Fair enough, I suppose there is no way to prove it in any case."

Buffy nodded. "His body in Lake Sunnydale and frankly given the number of dead over the years we did not find…..I would think we never would even if someone looked. My old hometown had a very high death rate."

"Yes I did notice that when I did some research. It amazes me that no one in charge ever looked into it. Was your city hall that badly run?" Alex asked.

Buffy snorted at that. "No actually Mayor Wilkins took his job very seriously. He slayed pot holes like Faith and I slay vamps. However he was also an evil man who wanted to become a full demon and he ruled the underworld of Sunnydale as well. Most of the evil things went on with his approval. It is why we always had so many issues with the Police."

Now Elliot looked offended. Because he hated corrupt police it gave them all a bad name. He might hate the rules imposed on him and his SVU co workers at times but he had never crossed the line. Well not often and most of his co workers never knew that and he had only done so to save lives. Damn it I am beginning to see that Buffy and her friends maybe the same Damn…


"You should talk to him." Sam said as he sat beside Mistress Heather."He needs you as much as you need him."

She looked at her long time friend and sighed. "Perhaps, we shall see."

Sam grinned maybe this trip would be worth it in the end. He noted that it was no longer an out right refusal.

Mistress Heather sighed it seemed Sam was still intent on being a match maker. However maybe this time she would let him she had been cold and lonely last night.


Dracula looked through the reports. So far they had lots of leads but nothing that stood out. Luc was clearly no happier with the situation then he was. He noted Paddy was pacing clearly worried for his children. Only the fact that they had a new safe house was in any way positive. Luc was still pissed someone had dared set fire to his home. However he was a Master vampire and he had long ago set up contingencies and this new place was far more updated. It had state of the art computers and was tied in to most of the city's traffic cameras. If anything popped up the demons monitoring them would let them know. However so far it was peaceful.

"Paddy maybe you should contact Don Marco perhaps he has some information." Luc said hoping to distract the Irish mobster before he drove him crazy. The Irishman nodded and walked to the phones and called his Italian counterpart. Dracula smiled. Sometimes you just had to give a man something positive to do.