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Timeframe: This story is going to take place fifteen years before the start of the Harry Potter storyline. In the One Piece part of the crossover, basically everybody is dead and has been reborn with their memories, powers, skills, intact into the Harry Potter universes magical world. I'm also making it so that Harry and everyone he would have known in Hogwarts in his first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, Rowan Potter is Ace's reincarnation, while Kaiya Potter is Sabo's reincarnation and both of them are three to four years older than Harry Potter who is Luffy's reincarnation, and I'm making Shanks reincarnation be known as Lance Evans, the older twin brother of Lily, who's also a wizard, so he has as much of a legal claim of guardianship on the three Potter siblings as Petunia does, that even Dumbledork can't argue against no matter how hard he tries. lol The old coot can't try and pull the 'Harry, Rowan, Kaiya would be better protected at the Dursleys because of the blood wards' excuse, when Shanks himself can power up the blood wards just as well as Petunia can since he's blood related to Lily, Harry, Kaiya and Rowan as well. lol All of the other reincarnations are still up for debate at the moment. Though Sanji and Nami might remain with the families they are born into, as well as Robin when they are reunited with Luffy later.

Special Note: As of July 6, 2013, I've updated this chapter to include another character, named Aidan Longbottom, who is Usopp's reincarnation, and is two years older than both Harry and Neville, and also added a listing of the reincarnations and the years their born in.

TheBlackSeaReaper's & ShikiKaze09's Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #51 idea - Luffy, his crew, Ace, Sabo, Marco, Whitebeard & Shanks (and anyone else that you want involved) are all reborn as wizards/witches (Luffy as Harry) they all find each other and decide to live together sometime before Luffy's first year at Hogwarts. They all have their former powers but need to train to get back to their former strength.

-Dumbledore keeps trying to make Luffy go back to the Dursleys and erase their memories to keep him under his thumb (not that it'd work, all things considered)
-Dumbledore bashing
-Optional Weasley bashing (a.k.a. Molly, Ginny, Percy & Ron (if they're not a reincarnation that is)
-other bashings and pairings up to you (though no slash or femslash)

Word Count: 10,220

Summary: (HP!OP xover) On October 31, 1991, after Voldemort's attack on their family home, Harry Potter and his older siblings, Kaiya and Rowan, disappeared from the wreckage of their families home without a trace along with their mothers body. What will the magical world do when the Potter siblings come back home years later. -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!Harry&Rowan&Kaiya) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" - Parseltongue
"Hi" – Rowan and Kaiya talking telepathically

Current Reincarnations of Characters and the Years Born in:
-Shanks - Lance Evans, Born on January 30, 1965
-Portgas D. Ace - Rowan Potter, Born on December 31, 1986
-Sabo – Kaiya Potter, Born on December 31, 1986
-Usopp – Aidan Longbottom, Born on March 15, 1988
-Monkey D. Luffy - Harry Potter, born on July 31, 1990

Another Chance To Dream
Prologue: Reincarnation Sucks!, Part 1
By: Sakura Lisel

~-December 31, 1986, St. Mungo's Hospital-~

Late one night, four men sat in the waiting room outside of St. Mungo's maternity ward as they all listened to the pain filled screams of the woman in the next room as she labored to bring her first born child into the world, as she cursed out her husband in all manner of ways with promises of what she'd do to him when she saw him.

The name of the woman who was in labor was Lily Potter. She had recently gotten married on March 15 of that year, and had immediately gotten pregnant on her honeymoon thanks to her husband, James Potter, who was now pacing restlessly outside the maternity ward after being shooed out by the nurse with bandaged hands after Lily had nearly crushed his hands while he had been trying to comfort her when a contraction hit, and flinched a bit as he heard some of the more graphic things Lily was saying that she would do to him if he ever touched her again.

'Geez! Where the heck did sweet little Lily flower learn half the stuff she's yelling? I didn't even know that she even knew some of those words.' James thought silently to himself as he felt himself sweat a bit in worry, as he glanced at the closed door once more as he let out an irritated sigh as he heard his wife scream in pain again as another round of cursing spread from the maternity ward as he flinched a bit at some of the things Lily said, 'Hopefully it's just the pain talking and she won't really do any of what she described to me when she calms down.'

His companions that were waiting with him out in the hallway, were his two best friends and fellow pranksters from school, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin who had rushed to be there for the joyous moment of the birth of the next generation of the Marauders. The fourth member of the Marauders, known as Peter Pettigrew wasn't there since he was out of town on business for the Order and couldn't make it back in time.

The fourth man that was sitting with them was a young man with long flowing red hair that he had tied back into a ponytail and bright green eyes, named Lance Evans, the older twin brother of Lily who had attended Hogwarts with his sister, and a former member of Slytherin house.

During the first few years of school Lance was always getting into fights with the Marauders' with Severus Snape at his side. He was a loyal friend and overprotective of both of his sisters to the point that he was always hexing James Potter to kingdom come when he caught James bothering Lily especially when she told the other boy to leave her alone, and wound up in prank wars with the Marauders that had both one side either winning or they always came to a draw in their pranks.

Lance was about the one of only Slytherins who the Marauders really trusted, even though he and the Marauders had been rivals back in school, and were always at constant pranking wars against each other, and even had his own gang who helped him in his escapades, calling themselves the Rebels, with the members being Lance himself as the leader, along with a childhood friend named Severus Snape, along with two others, one who was Lance's girlfriend, Valentina Castleton and her brother, Braden, who were also reincarnations of people from Lance's past life.

Even though two groups gave as good as he could get when it came to pranks, but it was because of his family ties with Lily that made the pranking stop in their final year at school, when Lily finally agreed to go on a date with James only if he and Lance called a permanent truce on the fighting once and for all, and try and get along, because she refused to be with a guy who wouldn't like her brother just because of the house he was in.

It had taken a few weeks of griping and sulking but it didn't take long before Lance and the Marauders had called a reluctant truce to their fighting for Lily's sake, since Lance could see his baby sister was taken with James, and before long they were all best friends, along with Valentina and Braden, though Severus put up a bigger fight about the truce since he didn't fully trust the Marauders to not go back to their old ways, but gave in after a couple of months when the Marauders helped the Rebels save Severus from six Death Eaters who were trying to force him to join Lord Voldemort and use his potions skills for the Dark Lord. By the end of the fight that ensued, the Death Eaters had been taken down swiftly and the aurors called.

By the time they finally graduated from Hogwarts in the summer of 1984 at age 18, James and Lily had been dating for a full year, followed by another two years of dating before finally getting married when they were 21 in March of that year and already were expecting their first child.

As Lance lounged on the bench he was sharing with Sirius and Remus, as the trio watched James pace through the hallway of the hospital, while holding an open bottle of butterbeer in one hand.

"James, calm down will ya? You know Lily doesn't mean any of that stuff she's yelling, and plus I'm pretty sure that at least half of the things," Lance said while chuckling a bit in amusement at James discomfort as he took a healthy swig from the bottle of butterbeer he was holding, before he continued talking once more, "she is threatening you with is impossible to do even with magic. If I know my sister, she'll be apologizing when this is all over."

"It doesn't sound like she's going to be apologizing any time soon," James said mournfully for a moment, as Lily let loose with another loud scream followed by another round of cursing at James who flinched a bit once again, before letting out a rueful sounding laugh as he looked at his three friends, "Knowing my wife, she'll find a way to make me suffer somehow if she doesn't get over this."

"Knowing Lily, she'll probably find a way, Prongs." Sirius had teased, as he also cringed a bit when Lily let out another scream of pain followed by more cursing, "Maybe you should leave her alone for awhile when this is over."

Just then the four men's attention was turned towards the maternity ward, as they suddenly heard the sound of a baby's wails coming from within, and a wide smile appeared on James face when he realized what the sound meant.

"Yes! The baby's finally born!" James shouted excitedly as the others gathered around him to congratulate the new father.

"I wonder what the baby is? With you and Lily wanting to wait until the baby's birth," Sirius said excitedly, as he glanced towards the closed doors eagerly for a moment, as he was practically bouncing on his feet impatiently as they waited for the news, "to even find out the gender, I've been dying to find out what the first of the next generation of Marauders is going to be, Prongs."

"Well we won't have much longer to find out, Sirius," Remus said as he smiled a bit in excitement as well as he shook James hand in congratulations, "Hopefully we'll be finding out real soon."

Just then one of the nurses who was tending to Lily's labor, came bustling out of the maternity room a few minutes later, carrying a small bundle wrapped in blue cloth and looked around the hall before smiling and heads straight for James as she carefully held onto the newborn in her arms.

"Mr. Potter, here is your son, and congratulations on this blessed day," The nurse said, smiling slightly as she gently placed the baby in James waiting arms, before turning around to head back into the room she had left when the doctor called out for her.

James could only stare down at the tiny baby in his arms in shock, as he felt his eyes fill up with tears as he felt pleased at finally holding his son after all these months, as the rest of the Marauders gathered around to get a look at the newest addition to their family, though Lance stood back and stared with widen eyes as he finally saw his new nephew as a sense of recognition hit him immediately.

Unknown to the people in the hallway with him, in a previous life the wizard known as Lance Evans was known as the Pirate Warlord Red Hair Shanks, one of the Grand Lines most powerful and fear pirates to ever live until his death in battle when he was seventy-five. He had been surprised when he found himself alive again twenty-one years ago, reborn with all his memories intact into a new family with a twin sister and another sister who was a major pain in the butt.

Up until he first entered Hogwarts, Shanks had kept his mouth shut about his memories to everyone except Lily, who was supportive of him and stood by his side through everything, even when they were separated in Hogwarts when they were sorted into opposing school houses, with their best friend Severus Snape.

While in Hogwarts, he ran into some of his old crew who had also been reincarnated into their current new lives, who also still possessed their old memories from their pirate days. It hadn't been that hard to identify each other, no matter what they now looked like, and now he was getting the same thing from the baby in James Potters arms.

For a baby it didn't look that different from any other child. The baby had inherited its father's pure black hair, that was already sticking out on top of his head, while his eyes were the color of his mothers that looked far too intelligent for a newborn to be, while a patch of freckles decorated the newborns face.

But as Lance stared at the newborn, for a brief moment the newborn's image seemed to blur before Lance's eyes, as his mind saw a ghostly image of a former acquaintance of his from his previous life, known as Portgas D. Ace in place of where the baby was, before he blinked and the image disappeared and the baby returned to his line of sight.

'It can't be. Ace?! Of all the places for one of them to be reborn in, it had to be into my family?' Lance thought silently to himself as he started making his way over to get a better look at the newborn his brother-in-law was holding, as his eyes scanned over it for a moment, 'If it really is Ace, I wonder if he can remember our past life like I can?'

The baby wasn't even screaming its lungs out or doing anything else you would expect a baby to be doing, but was now looking around at the gathered men holding him, with curious eyes as if it couldn't believe what was happening, before the boys eyes fastened on Lance, and the green orbs widen a bit in surprise when he saw the redhead.

'Guess that answers that question. I know that look anywhere.' Lance thought silently to himself, as he chuckled a bit at the look 'Ace' was now giving him, 'The kid is just like me, and can remember our past...'

"Aw... look at how tiny he is, Prongs." Sirius said cheerfully, as he grinned down at the newborn for a moment, as he scooped the baby into his arms from James, "I can already tell he's going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up."

"If he does, he gets it all from the Potter genepool," James said happily as he grins down at the newborn as bright green eyes stared back up at him curiously, from his spot in Sirius' arms.

"So what's the kids name going to be, James? Hand the kid over Sirius, so I can meet my nephew." Lance asked as he looked down at the infant in Sirius arms, as he reached out to take it from Sirius and ignoring the other man's protests as he looked down at the newborn in his arms, who had managed to free an arm from the cloth wrapped around him to reach out and touch Lance's face with a small hand and Lance smirked a bit at the look he was now getting from 'Ace', "I hope you and Lily came up with good ones for this kid."

"We'll have to wait until we can see Lily to tell you guys," James said with a slight shrug of his shoulders as he saw the looks he was giving from his friends, "we want to tell you guys together."

Just then the four men heard the sound of another babies cries coming from within the maternity ward, causing them to all turn in surprise at the sound with widened eyes.

"Was there another pregnant woman in there with you and Lily also waiting to give birth, Prongs?" Sirius said, as his eyes widen a bit in surprise as the sound of the babies cries filled the ward.

"No way. Lily and I were the only couple in there," James said vehemently as his eyes widen in shock as he heard the commotion coming from within the ward, as he turned his gaze on his friends, "You guys don't suppose..."

Just then the doors to the maternity room opened up once more, to reveal the nurse from before holding another wrapped bundle, this time wrapped in a pink baby blanket, and smiled happily as she carried the new baby over to James and gently settled it into James arms, as James stared down at the bundle in open shock, "Congratulations are in order once again, Mr. Potter. You're the proud father of twins, a boy and a girl."

"A girl?" James asked, shock filling him as he stared down at his new daughter in shock for a few seconds, as he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

The baby girl that was now laying in James arms had bright green eyes just like her brother, but instead of black hair, the girl had a a small mop of bright red hair that had a few blonde streaks in it sticking out of the top of her head, as she was now looking around at the gathered people around her with a small frown.

'Another one just like Ace and me? I don't recognize whoever it is, though it looks like he died pretty young, so I probably didn't know him,' Lance thought silently for a moment, as he stared at the girl in his brother-in-law's arms as for a second he saw an after image of a young boy with blond hair, another person in place of the newborn before the newborns image returned, as a slight smirk appeared, 'poor kid, if he's like Ace and me with his memories intact the fact that he's a girl now...'

Just then there was a thud, as Lance barely managed to catch the now screeching baby girl in his arms, as James Potter fainted dead away at all of the excitement that was going on, while keeping a grip on Ace, while Sirius and Remus rushed forward to try and wake up James.

As Lance balanced the two newborns in his arms and tried not to squish them as he held them, he tried to calm down the girl who's crying was now slowing down to quiet sobs, as she stared up at Lance for a moment with a confused look on her face, before turning her gaze at her 'brother', who was now staring at her with wide green eyes, and the two newborns were automatically reaching out for each other with their hands, with excited looks on their faces.

'Well that answers the question about the girl, and looks like Ace recognizes her from their other life.' Lance thought silently to himself as he quickly shifted his grip on the two newborns for a moment separating them, and earning himself protests from the two bundles, as he smirked down at them when he saw that they both had turned their eyes on him once more, as he dropped his voice down to a whisper, "Sorry you two. But you'll have to save the reunion for later. I've got some things to explain to you guys."

"Lance here, let me take one of them. You shouldn't be holding them both in your arms like that," Remus said as he left Sirius and James side as Sirius helped the newly revived James back to his feet, to come over to the trio, as he held out his hands towards Lance who quickly deposited the little girl into Remus' arms, "I can't believe that they're both so quiet. I would have thought babies would be noisier than this."

"The way she was screaming before after Prongs sent her flying when he fainted, I'm amazed she's not traumatized and still screaming her head off," Sirius said, chuckling a bit at what he said as he came over to Lance and Remus, and looked back and forth between the two newborns who were staring back at him with intense looks on their faces as he shot James an amused look over his shoulder, "I'm sad to say this Prongs, but other than your son inheriting your black hair, they don't look anything like you and more like Lily because of their eyes. Who's side of the family does your son even get the freckles from?"

"Oi! I didn't 'faint'. I passed out there's a big difference! It's all these chemicals the hospital uses that's in the air," James said defensively as he glared a bit at Sirius, as the three other men laughed at him, as a confused look appeared on his face as he turned his gaze towards Lance for confirmation, "as for the freckles, they probably come from Lily and Lance's side of the family. Don't redheads usually get them?"

"That's true in most cases, James, but neither Lily or I ever had them." Lance said as a small frown appeared on his features, as he took in the familiar freckles in question that marred Ace's face, "Your son is lucky."

Before the other three men could comment about what he had just said, the nurse came back out of the maternity ward once more, with a bright smile on her face.

"You may come in and see your wife now, Mr. Potter." The nurse said as she nods her head towards the four men, as they turned their gazes on her once more, "All of you may go in as well if you wish to. She's ready for visitors now."

Awhile later found the group inside of Lily's hospital room where she had been transferred after giving birth, and she was busy cooing and playing with her daughter she laid in Lily's arms, playing with Lily's long strands of red hair with her small hands while James cradled his son in his own arms in a nearby chair, as he stared down in awe at the tiny lives he and his wife had brought into the world.

"So what are you going to name them, you two? Don't keep us in suspense any longer," Sirius said eagerly as he stared at the new family with a huge smile that seemed to light up the room, "you said we'd find out after everything was settled."

"I'm eager to find out myself, Prongs," Remus said as he cocked his head to one side as he sat down on a nearby bench that was set up inside of the room.

"Well James and I discussed it over the months and we decided that if the baby was a boy we would name it Rowan Ash Potter," Lily said cheerfully as she cuddled her daughter closer to her body, being careful not to squish her, as she glanced over at Lance with a knowing look, as she turned her gaze over at her husband, "with his middle name after Lance and my father."

"If it was a girl we'd name her Kaiya Juniper Potter. Who would have thought we'd be getting two of them at once?" James finished off as a slight smirk appeared on his features, as he returned his wives look for a moment before glancing back down at his son who was staring up at him with wide green eyes, "But Lily and I wanted to wait until the day the baby were born to find out what we were getting."

"It was definitely a surprise to me when that nurse came back out with little Kaiya there," Lance said with a soft chuckle as he saw the look that Kaiya was now giving him, as his smirk widened a bit more, as he bent lower to get a better look at her, "I bet she's going to be daddy's little princess and you'll be beating off the boys with a bludger any day now... OW!"

To the surprise of everyone in the room, Lance's cry of pain was caused by Kaiya somehow managing to lift up a tiny leg and kicking him in the face with him. It wasn't enough to seriously hurt Lance, since Kaiya still couldn't put much force behind the kick, but it was enough to cause Lance to stagger back a bit in surprise, as everyone stared in shock for a moment at what had happened, before both James and Sirius broke into laughter.

"Lance are you okay?!" Lily exclaimed as she sat up in her hospital bed as she stared at her brother in shock for a moment then glanced down at Kaiya, who had an almost satisfied look on her small features as she stared at her uncle for a moment, "I don't know what could have happened."

"Why you little... What did you do that for?!" Lance exclaimed angrily, as a small flush of embarrassment crept to his cheeks, as he looked angrily at the newborn in his sisters arms, who stared back at him silently, "I'm fine Lily, she just caught me by surprise by that kick."

"From the force of that kick, if I didn't know any better, I would think Kaiya understood what you said, Lance, and either didn't like being called a 'little princess'" Remus said as he chuckled a bit at the newborns actions as well, as he glanced back at the redheaded male for a moment, "or she didn't like that 'beating boys with a bludger' comment. But since she's a baby we'll never really know."

"It's probably just a coincidence like you said, Moony," Lance said ruefully as he rubbed his mouth for a moment, as he glared first at Kaiya who was still looking proud of herself for what she had done, before his eyes narrowed on Rowan who was busy giving off small bits of laughter from his father's arms, 'Et tu, Ace?'

As he was musing over everything that had happened that day, he barely listened to what was going on around him, as the group spoke amongst themselves until he snapped out of it when he heard his name being mentioned.

"...what do you think, Lance?" Lily's voice asked him, causing Lance to snap out of his train of thought, as he glanced back at the others to find everyone's eyes were now on him, and he realized that Lily must have been speaking to him for a while now, and he hadn't heard a single word she had said.

"I'm sorry about that Lil's by but could you repeat whatever you said? I wasn't really paying attention so I didn't quite catch whatever you said." Lance said with a sheepish looking grin on face as a faint blush crept to his cheeks at the look his sister and the others were now giving him. "What?"

"What I was saying Lance if you had been listening, was that I wanted to name you Rowan's godfather," Lily said with a small smirk on her face as she saw the shocked look on her brothers face at the news, as she waved James to bring Rowan over to Lance who immediately took his the baby boy into his arms, "I want him to go to you if anything were to happen to James or me. That is if you accept."

"You want me to be the godfather of your son?" Lance said incredulously as he stared down at Rowan, and saw that the newborn's own face was mirroring the one on Lance's, as he turned his gaze over to the new parents once more, "Why me? I would have thought you guys would have given it over to Sirius or Remus?"

"Big brothers get first dibs on being godparents as far as I'm concerned, Lance," Lily said, as she shot her husband a sharp look when James let out a small snort at her words and Lance could see Sirius sulking in a corner, before turning her gaze back on Lance once more with a warm smile, "James knows and agrees with me on the matter. Sirius can have custody of Kaiya if anything were to happen to us."

"Well I'll be honored to take little Rowan and raise him as my own son if anything happens to the two of you, Lily. You know that." Lance said as he smiled brightly at his sister and brother-in-law as the two stared at him for a moment, as he nods down at Kaiya who was also watching him with wide eyes, "Plus if anything were to happen to Sirius, and he can't properly take care of Kaiya, I promise that I'll take her in too."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean, Evans?" Sirius demanded indignantly as he glared at the red haired man who chuckled a bit at the look on Sirius' face as the brunette came over to look at his new goddaughter with a bright smile on his face, "I'm a bit disappointed that I won't get Rowan, but I promise that I'll be the best godfather ever, and take care of Kaiya. Moony will help me won't you mate?"

"Of course I will, Sirius," Remus said as he nodded his head at his friends words, as he sat in a nearby chair causing Sirius to smile a bit at his friends words, only for the smile to disappear quickly at Remus' next words, "I'll be there to also make sure Sirius doesn't do anything Kaiya will later regret because she picked up on his bad habits."

The group of friends laughed a bit at what Remus said, as Sirius grumbled a bit about having no respect from his best mates under his breath.

"Thanks for accepting this, Lance, I really appreciate this a lot." Lily said as she smiled widely at Lance for a moment, before turning her gaze back onto Kaiya who was starting to squirm in her arms, and tried to calm the newborn down.

"Anything for my baby sister, Lilly, you know that." Lance said with a small smile as he moved towards Lily's bedside and place a gentle kiss on Lily's forehead for a moment, before taking a step back.

'Wait until Valentina and Braden find out about this when I tell them. I wonder what the future would hold for these two?' Lance said as he shifted Rowan's small body in his arms, as the newborn squirmed a bit in his arms, 'we'll just have to wait and see what life throws their way as they get older...'

~-July 31, 1990, St. Mungo's Hospital-~

It was the middle of the night, and a young Portgas D. Ace, or Rowan Potter as he was now known as in this lifetime, was sitting in the waiting room outside of St. Mungo's maternity ward with his godfathers Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, along with his twin sister Kaiya Potter, formerly known as a boy named Sabo Outlook, sat waiting impatiently for the latest new arrival to join their family, as the sounds of Lily's pain filled screams echoed through the halls.

'Okay, note to self. I'm never having kids if I have to be the one giving birth. If this is what women have to go through every time they get pregnant, then its not worth it...' Kaiya thought silently to herself, as she stared wide eyed at the closed doors that led to the maternity ward where her mom was in, as she flinched a bit in sympathy pains when another scream came from the room, though she smirked a bit at the creative use of words Lily used again her father, 'Why couldn't they leave Rowan and me back home with the house elves or a babysitter instead of bringing us along?'

As the quartet watched as James Potter paced back and forth restlessly down the hallway as they listened to Lily Potter's agonized screams as she went into labor. Lily's brother, Lance wasn't there this time, because he was currently on his second honeymoon with his new wife, Valentina, and couldn't make it in time.

In the years since the twins had been born, Sirius Black had recently gotten married a few months ago, and they were already expecting their first born child. His wife, Circe Black nee Winters was a halfblood witch that Sirius had met while at work, and she was currently stuck at home on doctors' orders of strict bed rest for her pregnancy, so she couldn't be here for the happy occasion either.

Even Remus had settled down and married a nice young woman named Janice Lupin nee Callahan, a young muggleborn witch who worked in St. Mungo's as a nurse, who knew about his furry little problem, but didn't care about it, and had spent two and a half weeks practically stalking Remus who had kept turning her down because he was afraid that he might hurt her because of his wolf side, but Janice's persistence finally won out in the end, and they finally started dating non-stop and eventually married. They were currently also expecting their own child which was scheduled to be born a few months after Sirius' kid was.

Rowan and Kaiya were now both four and a half years old, and very intelligent for their age much to the amazement of their parents and family, much to the surprise of his parents and their friends. His uncle Lance had been named as his godfather, and came to visit the growing family every chance he got when he wasn't busy with his own life or his new wife Valentina.

Because of his past life as Shanks, Lance also helped the two kids become more adjusted to their new lives, as he explained to them about what he thought was going on, and giving them warnings about how they should act around their family if they didn't want to draw unwanted attention to themselves, and also warned them about not trusting Albus Dumbledore if they could help it.

It also hadn't taken long for Lily and James to realize how much of a tomboy their only daughter was, which was evident in the way she acted and played. Where most young girls would be interested in dolls and play dress up and other things young girls normally would enjoy doing, Kaiya would seem to scoff at the idea and insist on playing with Rowan and his action figures and playing blocks, and wouldn't touch the dolls unless she had to.

As she put up a fight whenever they tried to put her dresses, especially pink frilly ones with white lace, which mysteriously shrunk to the size of a doll as soon as they tried putting it on her. As soon as Kaiya started talking and walking she'd run as soon as she saw the latest 'cute' girl outfit her parents bought for her, and would disappear for hours until she was promised that she wouldn't have to put the outfit on.

After having to put up with it for the first two years, it had gotten to the point where Lily eventually started taking the twins with her when she went shopping for their clothes, and let her three year old daughter pick out her own clothes, holding each outfit for her daughters inspection, which mostly involved shorts, t-shirts, and pants, and a few non-frilly, fancy skirts and blouses Lily had managed to wheedle Kaiya into picking out with promise that she wouldn't have to wear them unless it was to a fancy party.

Neither Rowan or Kaiya liked or trusted Albus Dumbledore when the old man came to visit the family. When they first met the headmaster of their parents old school, he didn't sit well with either one of them. Sure Dumbledore put on the airs of being good and acted like a grandfather towards the two of them, but something about the old man seemed off. For Kaiya, Albus Dumbledore reminded her of the stuck up noble families she had to put up with in her past life, who acted nice but had another hidden motive deep down, while Ace couldn't shake the feeling that Albus Dumbledore was just plain creepy, and sneaky.

About six months ago, their parents had sat them down and told them the 'good news' that they was soon going to be a big brother and sister in six months to a new sibling, and the duo both looked forward to the idea of a younger sibling with both excitement and trepidation.

Just a few hours ago, another family known as the Longbottoms had come and gone, after giving birth to their own son, and much to Rowan's surprise, he was surprised to see a member of Luffy's old crew with the Longbottoms, in the body of a young boy who was two years younger than Kaiya and him. The boys name is his previous life was Usopp a former marksman and sniper, but now was known as Aidan Longbottom in his new life, and was able to remember his previous life like Rowan and Kaiya did.

Aidan had been both surprised and happy to see Rowan again especially, and the trio had immediately hit it off in the hours as they waited for news on their mother's pregnancies, until Aidan's father finally took him home for the day after his wife had given birth to another son, who they named Neville.

'I wonder how much longer do we got to wait for mom to give birth to my new little brother? I'll be the best brother I can to him like I was for Luffy. I wish I didn't have to die the way I did and leave him behind,' Rowan thought forlornly to himself as he listened to his mother's screams, as the image of his brother from his past life came to his mind as he kicked his legs out restlessly a bit on the chair he was sitting on as he remembered Luffy's tear filled face the last time he saw him as he died in Luffy's arms and flinches a bit at the memory, 'I still wonder what's going on back home, and if Luffy's okay? Lance said he survive Marineford and lived to become King of Pirates with his crew at his side before Lance died, while I was gone? I guess I can't really worry about it anymore, since I'll never know...'

"Still thinking about back home, Rowan? Lance said that Luffy was fine the last time he saw the brat before his life as Shanks ended. I miss him too," Kaiya sent out telepathically to her brother, smirking a bit when she saw Rowan jump a bit inn surprise by the intrusion as he turned to glare at her a bit, as she talked to him mentally through the psychic link, "I hate to say it, but we might as well get used to this life more, since we can never go back to the other one."

The psychic the twins had was another thing they had discovered a few months after they were born, when they found themselves picking up each others thoughts from each other, but were unable to pick up the thoughts of other people. They figured it was some kind of special twin bond that the two of them shared, that was enhanced by their magic, and they took advantage of it as much as they could to have private conversations with each other that they didn't want their new family to overhear.

"I know that Kai, it's just that sometimes I just wish I had done things differently back then," Rowan sent back as he reached up to rub the back of his head for a moment in irritation, as he glanced from his sister back to the adults for a moment as he lets out a small sigh as he starts swinging his legs a bit lazily in front of him as he glances back at Kaiya, "The way Lance put it, it sounds like Luffy never really recovered from what happened to me..."

"Knowing the crybaby he probably didn't. He didn't do too bad I think. You said he took my own death just as hard, but look at how he turned out in the end because of our deaths. He became stronger and brought the pirates together," Kaiya said with a slight mental chuckle as she saw the scowl Rowan gave her, as she quickly continued speaking, ignoring the looks the duo were getting from the adults in the room when they heard Kaiya laugh for apparently no reason at all, as a small yawn escaped from her mouth, "to take down the Marines and the World government, and was even able to find your old man's infamous treasure where everyone else failed and became king of the pirates like he always dreamed of doing."

"True but it doesn't stop making me wish I couldn't be there to see him do it in person," Rowan thought back to Kaiya, and let out a small sigh for a moment, as he glanced back at his father and the other two Marauders as he half listened to what they were talking about, "I'm just glad he managed to get out of Marineford without getting killed himself after I died."

As the two continued to wait for news on their new sibling, they started to doze off in their seats, as exhaustion from staying up all night for news finally crept up on them. They didn't know how long they were asleep, but soon found themselves waking up in the arms of Sirius and Remus as they were being carried down the hallways of the hospital.

"Hey there sleepyheads, finally awake? You missed all the fun." Sirius said, chuckling a bit as he shifted his grip on Rowan's in his arms a bit as he felt his eldest son move in his arms as Rowan pushed away form James while rubbing his sleep filled eyes, "Guess what? Your mum has given the two of you a new baby brother, while you were asleep."

"We got a new brother? Where is he?" Kaiya murmured sleepily as she also shifted in Remus' arms as she came fully awake and looked around to see they were no longer outside the maternity wing as she gave the three men a confused look, "Where are we going?"

"You guys were sound asleep for the last three hours, and your mom gave birth about an hour ago. The doctors wouldn't let children your age," Remus said softly as he rubbed Kaiya's back causing the young girl to curl up in his arms for a moment, "into the maternity room anyway, so we decided to let the two of you sleep."

"Can we see our new brother?" Rowan asked as he glanced between the three men for a moment, as a small frown crept to his lips as he stares at Sirius and Remus for a moment with a thoughtful look on his face, "what's his name, and where are we going?"

"His names is Harry James Potter, and we were going to take the two of you home and put you to bed to sleep it off for the rest of the night, while Uncle Moony and I babysit," Sirius said smiling a bit at the looks the twins were now giving him, causing the older man to chuckle a bit in amusement, "while your dad stays the night with your mum. The healers have already taken him for the night. We'll take you to the hospital nursery room so you can see him in there before we take you home. Okay?"

"Okay," both Rowan and Kaiya said simultaneously as they both let out yawns, as they were carried down the halls.

By the time they had reached the nursery viewing room, Rowan was already half asleep when the group stopped outside the large window that had rows of sleeping newborn babies resting in small cribs, so he completely missed Kaiya's surprised gasp, as Sirius and Remus pointed out which of the babies was their new brother.

"Rowan! Rowan wake up, you block head! You have to see this!" Kaiya's indignant voice exclaimed loudly inside of Rowan's head, causing the brunette to jerk awake with a small grunt as he shot his sister a dark look, "Look through the nursery window, and see who our brother is! Is that who I think it is?"

Blinking his eyes sleepily in confusion Rowan turned his gaze towards the window to see that a nurse had brought forward a sleeping baby boy wrapped up in a baby blanket for the group to see. As his eyes adjusted on the baby, Rowan's eyes widen in shock for a moment, as for a brief second he saw the familiar ghostly image of a certain boy, before the image disappeared seconds later to be replaced by a the baby once more, as Rowan turned his green gaze towards Kaiya who was staring back at him just as intently.

"It's really him, isn't it? Of all the dumb luck, he just had to be reborn into our family with us," Kaiya said mentally chuckling a bit as a small smirk appeared on her face as she glanced back towards the window to see the nurse take the sleeping baby away and return him to his crib, as Sirius and Remus started carrying the twins away as well, "It's..."

"...Luffy..." Rowan said in response, as a matching smirk appeared on his features.

A few nights later, Lily and little Harry were finally allowed to come home from the hospital, and late that night after making sure his parents had gone to bed that night, Rowan quietly snuck out of his bedroom that he shared with Kaiya, and silently crept down the hall to the nursery where Harry was sleeping in, Pushing open the bedroom door, Rowan slowly slinked into the room and up to the basinet that was Harry's bed, and peered down at the infants sleeping face.

'It can't be. Could it? I must have been imagining things that night since I'd been up all night waiting for Harry to be born, and maybe it's just wishful thinking...' Rowan thought silently to himself, as he peered down at Harry with a serious look on his face as he scrutinized the infant for a moment, as he felt a well of hope fill him, as he reached out to lightly poke Harry in the face and stomach a few times to try and wake him up, 'But Kaiya said he saw it too, just like Lance told us happened when he first saw us after we were born. If Harry really is Luffy reborn, maybe he's like me and will remember our other life, so I don't have to be alone anymore...'

It took a few minutes of poking before Harry finally started to stir, as he let out a small whine of protest at having his sleep disturbed, as Rowan hastily pulled his hand away, getting ready to run in case his suspicions had been wrong, and he didn't want to be caught by their parents in the room when baby Harry started wailing.

As Harry opened up his bright green eyes, a slight frown appeared on his face, as he sleepily looked around for the source of whatever had woken him up as he got ready to let loose with loud wail, when his eyes finally found Rowan standing a few feet away and Harry's eyes lit up in excitement instantly in recognition as he saw his brother, as tears started to well up in the infants eyes as he stared up at Rowan and started babbling excitedly.

"GA!" Harry exclaimed happily as soon as he saw Rowan standing over him, as he gurgled a bit in unintelligible baby speak for a few seconds, before he finally stopped as a frown appeared on his baby face as he stared up at Rowan with a questioning look, "Ga?"

"Luffy is that really you? Can you understand me? Give me one 'ga' for yes and two for no. Or should I call you Harry now? Man Luffy I can't believe it's really you. Kaiya and I thought we were going to be all alone in this life with just our memories of our old lives," Rowan said excitedly as his grin widen a bit as Harry immediately gave him the affirmative answer, as he chuckled a bit at the infant as he stepped closer to the basinet and leaned over it as he stared down at Harry was more, "and now here you had to come and be reborn into our new family as well. We're brothers in blood now. I'm called Rowan here, and Sabo's here too as my twin sister. She's called Kaiya now and I have to warn ya that she's still a bit touchy about being a girl now, and one of your old crew members named Usopp is here too, but he's been born into a completely different family than ours."

Harry let out a surprised squeal as his green eyes widen at the news about Sabo being reborn into their new family as well and was a girl now, as he gave off a small laugh, while looking around the expectantly in search of something before turning his gaze back on Rowan once more with a confused look on his face.

"If you're wondering where Kaiya is, I left her sleeping in bed. I don't know how, but we recognized who you were as soon as I saw you in our mom's arms," Rowan said, as he continued speaking, as he leaned in closer to the basinet and reached out with one hand to lightly poke at Harry once more, as his smirk widened a bit when he saw the irritated look appeared on the newborns face at his antics, "but I didn't want to get weird looks from them so I didn't say anything..."

"GOO GOO, BA GOO GA!" Harry squealed as he reached up with a tiny closed fist and bopped Ace lightly on the chin with it, effectively cutting off whatever Ace was about to say as Harry started giggling madly a bit childishly the way Luffy used to do and now sounded creepy coming from a newborn, as bright green eyes stared up at him with more intelligence than a newborn should have, as Rowan grinned widely down at 'Harry', as a small smirk appeared on the older boys mouth, as Harry squirmed a bit in the blanket he was wrapped in, before he managed to get both arms free and held out his arms towards Rowan, indicating that he wanted to be picked up.

Without hesitating, Rowan immediately reached into the basinet, as he very carefully wrapped his small arms around Harry's body and lifted him out of the basinet, and held him close to his body, as Harry's tiny hands gripped onto his shirt tightly, as they held onto each other, neither one wanting to let the other go as Rowan felt tears starting to well up in his eyes, as he stared down at his brother.

"You little brat, Luffy. I can't believe you actually tried to do Gum Gum Bazooka on me just to prove a point. Though I guess I deserve it after what happened the last time you saw at Marineford." Rowan said in a scolding tone in his voice as he cuddled Harry closer to his body, and walked over to a nearby chair and hopped on, while still holding Harry who grinned up at him unrepently, as Rowan poked the newborn in the nose with one finger, "Your lucky your old devil fruit powers don't work right now, or else that would have really hurt me."

Harry gurgled something, as a pout appeared on his lips as he frowned up at his brother at the news about their devil fruit powers weren't working.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be a rubber man again soon the older you get," Rowan said cheerfully, as he chuckled a bit at the look Harry had on his face, as Rowan moved one of his hands from out from underneath Harry's body, and snapped his fingers, causing a small flame to light up at the tip of his fingers as he smirked at the wide eyed look the infant was now giving him as he watched the flame burn on Rowan's fingers before Rowan finally snuffed the flame, "You see? I didn't get my flame powers back until recently, and it might be awhile longer before I'm fully back up to full power. I can feel my power growing every day. I'll protect you until you get your powers back, okay?"

Just then, the door to the nursery creaked open slowly, causing Rowan to freeze up, thinking he had been caught by their parents, only to relax when he see's Kaiya's red head peeking through the door. Seeing Rowan sitting in a chair with Harry in his arms, Kaiya scowled a bit as she slid into the room and quietly shut the door behind her as she quickly made her way over while rubbing at her eyes sleepily.

"Rowan, why didn't ya wake me up or wait for me? I wanted to come check out 'Harry' too." Kaiya said, whining a bit as she sleepily rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand as he moved to stand at the left side of Ace's chair, and peered down at Harry who stared up at her with wide eyes, "Is it really him?"

"Don't blame me, when you sleep like a log, Kai. I tried to wake you up, but you wouldn't budge so I came in here by myself, and yes, its definitely Luffy," Rowan said with a dismissive shrug, as he chuckled a bit when Harry let out an indignant squeal, as bright green eyes stare up at him with a hurt look on his young face, "he recognized me as soon as he woke up, and even for him he's acting way too smart for a newborn, right Luffy? Looks like the whole gang is here now."

Harry gurgled something in affirmative, as he grinned up at Rowan for a moment then turned his gaze over to Kaiya, before opening his mouth to let out a loud yawn, as his eyes started to droop close.

"Look at the brat, we haven't seen him in forever and already he's falling asleep on us. But I guess we can't blame him. I remember how tired we used to get all the time." Kaiya said cheerfully, laughing a bit when Harry's eyes flew open a bit to give her a small glare that didn't really look very impressive on the newborns face as a another yawn escaped from Harry's lips as his eyes started to flutter close again as he cuddled into Rowan's arms, "Rowan, let's go. It's getting late already, and we don't want mom and dad to find us out of bed do we? We might as well wait until tomorrow to see him again."

"Fine, let's go," Rowan said, as he hoisted Harry up in his arms and started to carry him back to the basinet and gently laid him down, with Harry falling back asleep as soon as his head touched the baby pillow, and cover him up with his baby blanket once more, before hurrying after Kaiya and closed the bedroom door behind them quietly, as the duo made their way back to their bedrooms.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
So what do you guys think? This chapter is completed at 17 pages. This is my first attempt at writing anything related to One Piece, so I hope you all like my first attempt at a crossover with the series together with Harry Potter. As you can tell from the Chapter Title says 'Part 1'. I'm going to introduce more reincarnations of the straw hats, to show where they wound up before skipping ahead into the future.

I'm making the characters known as Valentina and Braden Castleton another two reincarnations from the One Piece series. Anyone want to take a guess who she is, and why 'Lance' hasn't brought her around to meet his niece and nephews yet? She was female in both lives, and I came up with her first name based on what her past self was like.

If anyone is wondering where I got the idea for how the reincarnations of the One Piece gang are able to recognize each other as soon as they see each other, I got the idea from a cool manga series called NG Life that basically involves the reincarnations of a group of friends who knew each other in a past life in Pompeii finding each other again in the future, with half of the main characters remembering their past life together, while the other half don't remember their Pompeii lives at all. lol The ones who do remember are able to recognize who the others were as soon as they lay eyes on them. Even the main male character had the good/bad luck of being reincarnated as the son of the reincarnation of his younger sister from Pompeii and her husband was also her suitor back then, but they don't remember their past lives.

So what does everyone think of me making Ace and Sabo part of Luffy's new family? At first I wanted just Ace/Rowan to be Luffy's brother again, but then I found out about Sabo/Kaiya, and decided to make him part of the family too, so that the three of them can already be starting their new lives together, instead of running into each other later in life. I figured that this way, the three of them can be legally siblings in blood, instead of just calling each other siblings like they did in their past life. And I gender swapped Sabo. I was bored, and decided to make at least one of the trio the opposite gender than what they were in their past life, and Sabo drew the short end of the stick in the gender swap plan. He actually started out almost being reborn a boy again when I decided to do the gender swap. lol

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