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Timeframe: This story is going to take place fifteen years before the start of the Harry Potter storyline. In the One Piece part of the crossover, basically everybody is dead and has been reborn with their memories, powers, skills, intact into the Harry Potter universes magical world. I'm also making it so that Harry and everyone he would have known in Hogwarts in his first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, Rowan Potter is Ace's reincarnation, while Kaiya Potter is Sabo's reincarnation and both of them are three to four years older than Harry Potter who is Luffy's reincarnation, and I'm making Shanks reincarnation be known as Lance Evans, the older twin brother of Lily, who's also a wizard, so he has as much of a legal claim of guardianship on the three Potter siblings as Petunia does, that even Dumbledork can't argue against no matter how hard he tries. lol The old coot can't try and pull the 'Harry, Rowan, Kaiya would be better protected at the Dursleys because of the blood wards' excuse, when Shanks himself can power up the blood wards just as well as Petunia can since he's blood related to Lily, Harry, Kaiya and Rowan as well. lol All of the other reincarnations are still up for debate at the moment. Though Sanji and Nami might remain with the families they are born into, as well as Robin when they are reunited with Luffy later.

Second Author's Notes: I've made some new characters to the list. I've decided to bring in Boa Hancock and her sisters. Boa Hancock will be known as Princess Vivi aka Astrid Delacour's twin sister, Fantine Delacour, while Boa Marigold is known as Alaine Potter, the unborn baby that Lily Potter has growing inside of her, while Boa Sandersonia will become known as Gabrielle Delacour, the youngest of the Delacour sisters, while Fleur stays the same.

TheBlackSeaReaper's & ShikiKaze09's Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #51 idea - Luffy, his crew, Ace, Sabo, Marco, Whitebeard & Shanks (and anyone else that you want involved) are all reborn as wizards/witches (Luffy as Harry) they all find each other and decide to live together sometime before Luffy's first year at Hogwarts. They all have their former powers but need to train to get back to their former strength.

-Dumbledore keeps trying to make Luffy go back to the Dursleys and erase their memories to keep him under his thumb (not that it'd work, all things considered)
-Dumbledore bashing
-Optional Weasley bashing (a.k.a. Molly, Ginny, Percy & Ron (if they're not a reincarnation that is)
-other bashings and pairings up to you (though no slash or femslash)

Word Count: 24,371

Summary: (HP!OP xover) On October 31, 1991, after Voldemort's attack on their family home, Harry Potter and his older siblings, Kaiya and Rowan, disappeared from the wreckage of their families home without a trace along with their mothers body. What will the magical world do when the Potter siblings come back home years later. -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!Harry&Rowan&Kaiya) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" - Parseltongue
"Hi" – Rowan and Kaiya talking telepathically

Current Reincarnations of Characters and the Years Born in (new names will be underlined):
-Alvida - Valentina Castleton, Born on September 9, 1964
-Edward 'Whitebeard' Newgate - Braden Castleton, Born on September 9, 1964
-Shanks - Lance Evans, Born on January 30, 1965
-Dracule Mihawk - Victor Krum, Born on May 19, 1986
-Portgas D. Ace - Rowan Potter, Born on December 31, 1986
-Sabo – Kaiya Potter, Born on December 31, 1986
-Usopp – Aidan Longbottom, Born on March 15, 1988
-Mizuta Madaisuki - Fred Weasley, Born on April 1, 1988
-Mizuta Mawaritosuki - George Weasley, Born on April 1, 1988
-Boa Hancock – Fantine Delacour, born on April 9, 1988
-Vivi - Astrid Delacour, Born on April 9, 1988
-Rob Lucci – Hades Black, Born on November 1, 1988
-Zoro – Andrei Kira Krum, Born on February 20, 1989
-Nami – Harleen Minerva Weasley, born on June 4, 1989
-Sanji - Cyrus Aurelio Lovegood, Born on August 12, 1989
-Brook – Blaise Zabini, born on February 15, 1990
-Kiwi - Parvati Patil, born on May 1, 1990
-Mozu - Padma Patil, born on May 1, 1990
-Captain Yorkie - Draco Malfoy, born on June 5, 1990
-Monkey D. Luffy - Harry Potter, born on July 31, 1990
-Franky – Loki Jordan Black, born on August 13, 1990
-Robin – Sirena Lupin, born on August 25, 1990
-Boa Marigold – Alayna Potter, born on March 29, 1992
-Chopper – Conan Tonks, born on October 31, 1993
-Boa Sandersonia – Gabrielle Delacour, born on February 3, 1996

Another Chance To Dream
Chapter 3: Reincarnation Sucks!, Part 4
By: Sakura Lisel

~-Hogwarts Headmasters Office – August 15, 1997~-

Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his desk in his office perusing over papers and documents that needed his signature before the end of the day, while sucking happily on one of his lemon drops, as he thought about the upcoming new school year.

'I can't believe its really been six years since that fateful night that Voldemort was defeated. Minerva sent out invitation letters days ago,' Albus thought silently to himself as he popped another lemon drop into his mouth as he dipped his quill in a nearby ink pot and signed off on another document, 'so we'll finally get the Potter twins in school and hopefully I can win them over to my side. With young Rowan Potter's fire elemental powers on my side things will go well.'

Things hadn't been going well in the last six years since he had last seen the Potter children before they had disappeared with their uncle, Lance Evans, and his wife shortly after their father's funeral. All attempts to contacting the family over the years had met with failure, as most of his missives had returned unopened, as he had sent out repeated requests to Lance to come see him so they could talk about the Potter children's future, because he still had felt they would be better suited staying with their muggle aunt than their mother's magical twin brother. Some of the letters that Lance had responded to, usually wound up arriving in the form of a Howler as Lance told the headmaster where he can take his advice and that he would never send the kids to his older sisters home no matter what Albus may seem to think on the matter.

The goblins had been no help whatsoever in the matter, since after James Potters funeral, Albus had immediately gone to Gringott's to find out if what Lance had told him was true, and found out from the goblins that everything Lance Evans had told him was completely true much to Albus' ire. He had tried everything from throwing his weight as the Supreme Mugwump, to claiming to being the Potter children's rightful magical guardian, only to be firmly informed that there was nothing he could do, because Lance Evans had signed unbreakable magically binding contracts made by Lily and James Potter themselves, that gave him full rights as guardian to all three of the children, and that there was nothing Albus would be able to do to negate the contracts no matter what happens, and that Lance had already made stipulations on where the children would go if anything fatal happened to him, that would prevent Dumbledore from ever getting his hands on them.

After realizing that he wasn't going to get any help from the goblins about the Potters, Albus then tried one last ditch effort to try and gain control of the Potter fortune, but was also informed that the Potter family vaults were all on lockdown from outsiders who wasn't from either the Potter family or the Evans family, until the children came to the bank to get money for their schooling as well.

What really irritated Albus was that when he tried to go to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin for help since they were the godfathers of Kaiya and Harry Potter, he had been rudely informed by the two remaining Marauders that they fully agreed with Lance concerning the Potter kids, and when he had tried to tell them that if Lance had his way then he might keep their godchildren from them, only to have Remus and Sirius both laugh in his face as they both informed him that Lance had invited them to move out of England with their families, and to come live where Lance was staying so that they could be with their godkids, and that both men and their wives had already accepted the invitation because they had decided that staying in England wasn't the best option for themselves or their families with Voldemort's followers still roaming around, and shortly after that meeting the two families had packed up everything they had owned and had seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet.

'I'm sure that under my guidance, young Rowan would be the perfect soldier in my fight against the Dark. Especially if he wants to protect his brother should Voldemort return, and Harry has to go face him and stop him again,' Albus thought silently to himself for a moment as he nodded his head sagely at his line of thought as it ran through his mind, as a serious look appeared on his face, as he steeples his hands underneath his chin as he stared off into space for a moment, 'Young Harry definitely is the one foretold in Sybil's prophecy, because who else could have beaten Tom that night? Sacrifices must be made for the greater good of all. I'm sure we can set Rowan and young Kaiya up with proper Light oriented pureblood spouses when the time comes. We can't have the brother and sister of the prophecy child pairing up with any undesirables if left to their own devices...'

Just then Albus' thoughts were interrupted by the warning chimes on his office door, which signaled to him when someone wanted admittance inside his office, and a quick check of the wards on the door showed that it was only his deputy headmistress. Putting a benign smile on his face, he waved his hand and the office door opened up to let Minerva inside, "Welcome, Minerva. What can I do for you today? I thought you would still be busy sending out acceptance letters to new students today."

"Good afternoon, Albus, and you were correct about what I've been doing today. It's the reason for my visit right now." Minerva said firmly as she stormed right over to Albus' desk and came to a stop on the other side of the desk, "I just received a reply back from Rowan and Kaiya Potter about their placement in Hogwarts, and..."

"Oh? That's glorious news. I'm sure the two of them must be excited to be coming to Hogwarts and attend the same school their parents went to," Albus said jovially, as a slow smile appeared on his lips at the news that they had finally received word from the Potter twins, it had nearly been an entire week since the twins owls had been sent out, with no word from either one, "We can send a teacher to fetch them, because I'm sure their guardians would be busy to come take them for their school supplies. With them coming as well as young Harry in just four years..."

"That's just it, headmaster. From the response letters the twins sent back, they are both rejecting their place in Hogwarts," Minerva said, cutting off whatever Albus was about to say as the older man stared at her in complete shock at what she had just told him, as she pulled out a single piece of parchment and slid it across the desk to Albus to read, "They claim that they are already attending magic school where they live and have no wish to leave their current school to come all the way to Hogwarts."

Disbelief marring Albus face as he glanced first at Minerva then back down at the piece of parchment she had given him, before he slowly reached out for the parchment and picked it up and started reading it for himself to see what was going on, and he could feel his eyes widen in shock as he read the letter that had come in.

Dear Professor McGonnagal,

We thank you for offering us the chance to go to Hogwarts, but with the permission of our parents and guardians, we must formerly refuse the generous offer of enrollment. We have no wish to leave our home to go all the way back to England to go to school, and we already are attending the magic school of our choice which is closer to home. Our school offers more than Hogwarts does when it comes to magic and we prefer our current school to the outdated classes Hogwarts has to offer.

So please don't bother us again about coming to Hogwarts, besides I don't think the next owl you send will survive the trip. The two who got here were almost half dead from the long flight just to reach here, so we're letting them rest for a couple of days before we send off our letter as the reason for the delay to our reply.

Furthermore don't bother sending Hogwarts invitations to the rest of us, who's names are also signed on this letter, because we're all saying right now that we're not going to Hogwarts either, to save the next poor owls a trip. We're staying with our family and plan on going to the same magic school that's located right here where we live, and is also where all our friends all are.

Sincerely yours,
Rowan Potter-Castleton
Kaiya Potter-Castleton
Harry Potter-Castleton
Alayna Potter-Castleton
Hades Black
Loki Black
Sirena Lupin

P.S. Just in case, uncle Sirius told us that when a witch or wizard is born their name automatically appears on some kind of register for potential new students, so please remove the name of our younger sister, Alayna Potter, off the list of new Hogwarts students as well too if it's really in there right now.

'This can't be. How can they dare to refuse to come Hogwarts where they belong? They simply must come here so that they can be trained to fight Tom if he were to return. I don't care about the Black and Lupin brats, since they are nothing in the big grand scheme of things, but who is this Alayna Potter, and why do the Potter brats have Castleton added to their last names now?' Albus thought incredulously as he reread the letter several times in complete disbelief as if he was trying to will it to change, as a dark scowl appeared on his features as his eyes focused on the last line of the first paragraph of the letter, 'What's this nonsense about the school they are going to being better than Hogwarts? Hogwarts is the premier school in the entire world. The little brats should be honored to be accepted to come here.'

"What are we going to do, Albus? If the Potter, Black, and Lupin children refuse to come to Hogwarts, it is simply unthinkable to imagine how the magical world will take to the news," Minerva said, shaking her head mournfully for a moment, as she watched her employer's reaction to the news and could see how upset Albus was, though he seemed to be hiding it as he turned his gaze on her once more, "We must do something to convince them to come. Maybe if we spoke to their guardians..."

"I am way ahead of you on this matter, Minerva. I don't know where they get the idea that this school they seem to prefer to go to is better than Hogwarts, when we are the premier magic school in the world," Albus said as he finally set down the letter on top of his desk and shot his deputy headmistress a reassuring smile, as he reached in his desk drawer and pulled out a blank piece of parchment and some ink for his quill, as he starts writing a letter of his own on it, "I'll send a message to Lance Evans since he is the children's current guardian and request for an audience with him and the other parents concerning the children's schooling. I'm sure we can fix this matter up in no time before school is about to start."

"Fine, I'll leave the matter to you then, Albus. If you get a reply back, I want to go with you to meet them. I've always wanted to see how Lily and James children turned out over the years," Minerva said as a slight huff of irritation escaped from her lips as she glance down at the rejection letter for a moment, as a disdainful glare appeared on her features for a moment, "I'm sure that between the two of us, we can convince the children to come to Hogwarts where they rightfully belong, and to forget this nonsense about attending a different school once and for all."

After getting Albus confirmation that she would be allowed to come along for the meeting, Minerva then turned on her heels and quickly strode out of the office, closing the office door behind her with soft click.

~-Grand Line Island – August 19, 1997~-

It was a hot and sunny day on Grand Line Island, and the sound of children's laughter could be heard throughout the island, as the residents went about their daily lives.

Scattered across the island were homes and businesses that were run by both muggleborns, halfbloods, and purebloods that had come to the island over the years seeking sanctuary for themselves and their families while the war back home against Lord Voldemort raged on. Even when news of his defeat reached the island, most of the citizens had left to go back to their old lives in England, while the rest chose to stay on the island.

A few years ago, Gringott's had even opened up a branch bank on the island so that the citizens wouldn't have to be traveling back and forth from the island and back to England whenever they were in need of cash from the bank, and some of the families like the Potters, Blacks, and Lupins had all of their money transferred to the new bank branch as soon as it was opened, though they kept the old bank vaults in England opened with only a small handful of coins inside the vaults just in case it was needed.

Shortly after the funeral of their dear friend and fellow Marauder, James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin had taken to Lance Evans advice about taking their families and leaving England to get away from all of the danger that England had to offer, and taken up residence in one of the villages that had been set up on the island, and were soon followed by a lot of other families who were looking to get away from England.

About three months after the attack on the Potter household, Lily Potter finally awoke from her coma that had been caused by her head injury that she received on the night of the attack, and it had taken time to rehabilitate her to get her used to things once more, with the help of Lance, Valentina and Braden and their friends on the island, as they helped her cope with everything that had been going on while she was in her coma, as well as mourn her husband.

Much to Lily's surprise upon her awakening, was how close her three eldest children had become with Braden Castleton, Valentina's twin brother, in the time that she had been unconscious, as Braden was around whenever he could be to help her out with the kids during her final weeks of her pregnancy with her and James final unborn child. Lily had even caught Rowan calling Braden 'pops' more than once when he thought she wasn't around to hear, but let it go seeing how close her children and Braden were.

A few months after his arrival on Grand Line Island with his and Remus' families, Sirius faced an emergency as he was forced to go back to England to retrieve his nephew, Hades Black, who was the three year old son of his younger brother, Regulus, after news of his brother's death reached his ears, and brought his nephew to Grand Line Island to live after gaining full custody of the boy, since he had no one else to take him in other than the Malfoys, since Hade's mother had died giving birth to him, and Sirius wasn't about to leave his younger brother's only child to be raised to be another muggle hating pureblood supremacist.

Even at three years old, young Hades Black looked just like the rest of the men in the Black family, with pitch black hair and gray eyes that seemed to look through a person as if trying to see if they were worthy of being around him, and had a bad attitude even for a kid.

But what made most of the Potter-Black-Lupin kids not like Hades Black the most, was upon his arrival on the island with Sirius, the group of kids had all instantly recognized Hades for who he used to be. As soon as Harry, Loki, and Sirena had laid eyes upon Hades, they all instantly recognized him to be a former member of CP9 who had tormented them back in their past lives, known as Rob Lucci, and like the rest of the kids, he still had his memories of his old life and could still tap into his Zoan Cheetah powers by the time he was five years old.

At first when Hades arrived on the island, he wasn't immediately welcomed by the rest of the kids, especially Harry, Sirena, and Loki who all immediately recognized Hades from their past life as Rob Lucci, and it hadn't taken long before Kaiya and Rowan turned on him to when they found out what Lucci had done in the past.

It didn't help matters that Hades also remembered the trio as well, and did all he could to avoid his new 'cousins' and their friends if he could for the couple of months since his arrival on the island, but the group of children eventually finally decided to call a truce after three months, as they reluctantly decided that holding onto old grudges from their past lives wouldn't help matters since they were all part of the same family now.

Then on March 29, 1992, nearly five months since the attack on Godric's Hollow, Lily gave birth to a healthy baby girl who had her mother's bright red hair and bright green eyes that everyone else in her mother's family had inherited, and the little girl was named Alayna Rosalie Potter who turned out to be the reincarnation of a pirate named Boa Marigold of the Amazonian Kuja pirates, who was the sister of an old friend of Luffy's who was named Boa Hancock. It had taken awhile before Alayna had finally settled into her new life, but

As the group of kids grew older, they soon couldn't keep the secret of their past lives a secret from their parents and guardians a secret for much longer, as the devil fruit users of the group's powers started getting stronger over the years. When Rowan had nearly burned down the house by accident in a fit of rage over something that had happened to anger him, Lance had been forced to gather all the adults and sit them down, and went into a lengthy explanation about everything, as the kids reluctantly showed off their non-wizarding powers for their families.

About a year and a half after everything had been settled down, Lily and Braden announced their plans to get married to each other after they had been dating for a few months, and they had a quiet ceremony on the island with all their friends and family in attendance, and Braden officially adopted the four Potter kids as his own children with Lily's permission after their marriage and legally had his own last name attached to the children's original last name to make their name into Potter-Castleton.

By the time Rowan and Kaiya were eight years old, Lance Evans and a few other residents on the island had opened up a magic school on the island called the Nightstar Imperial Academy of Magic that was fully sponsored and backed by the International Confederation of Wizards as a legitimate school of magic, and they had fully licensed teachers and scholars coming to teach at the academy, and the academy taught its students everything that involved both the magical and muggle worlds.

The school itself was a large building that stood 50x50 feet and was ten stories tall. The first five stories of the building was used for classes for all of the students, while the remaining five floors were used as dorms for any students who wanted to live on campus, as well as free housing for the staff and any family members they might have brought with them, and all of the amenities paid, while house elves took care of the cooking and cleaning around the school.

Half of the children population on the island that were scattered about the island with their families, started enrolling into the academy as soon as it opened, by the time they all reached seven years old so that they could get a fresh start on their future education, and a lot invitation letters from outside schools wound up being turned down when they arrived, because the children preferred Nightstar Imperial Academy and didn't want to travel off the island for their schooling.

Lance and Valentina even had their own children, a few years after everyone moved onto the island. They had a young boy who they named Quint Evans who was now five years old who had inherited his mother's dark brown hair, but had his father's green eyes, and his younger sister, Winry Evans who had her fathers red hair and her mother's brown eyes, who was only three years old, while Lily and Braden were expecting a child of their own soon to add to their growing family. Even the Blacks and Lupins were expecting again.

By the time Rowan and Kaiya finally reached their eleventh birthday, it had been decided by all the kids that none of them didn't want to go to Hogwarts when the time came and wanted to stay on the island and attend Nightstar Imperial Academy.

At first everyone had been afraid that the children would be forced to attend Hogwarts anyway, because of whatever Dumbledore tried to pull when he found out that none of them were coming, and the adults had gotten in touch with ICW representatives who talked over some of ICW laws about schooling with the families, and were informed that it was considered International Magical law that as long as the kids were already enrolled into A magical school, then they had no reason to go to another school if they chose not to go.

When it was brought up that the families were worried about what Dumbledore might try in order to make the children come to Hogwarts anyways since they were former British citizens, the representatives told them that by international ICW law, there was nothing Dumbledore or the British ministry could do. That even if the British Ministry tried to make a law or something that would try and force the children to return to British soil and attend Hogwarts, as long as the children were on Grand Line Island and called it their home, since Grand Line Island was now considered a part of the ICW, the citizens who lived there didn't have to obey whatever new laws that were made in the country they used to call home, but were still required to follow the laws made on Grand Line Island, which pleased everyone all around.

A couple of months after their eleventh birthday, Rowan and Kaiya started getting owls from Hogwarts and other schools from around the world offering them enrollment into their schools, and the duo had quickly written back letters to each school politely declining their enrollments, while for the Hogwarts letter they had written a full letter explaining why they wouldn't be going to Hogwarts, as well as had the other kids all sign it as well, before sending it out via owl.

Now all they had to was wait and see what Albus too many names Dumbledore would try and do next.

Much to the annoyance of the kids, a few days later found them gathered in the living room of Lily's home, as they watched as Lily and Lance were in a yelling match with Albus Dumbledore who had arrived on the island over an hour ago with Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape as backup, as the trio arrived to try and convince Rowan and Kaiya and the other kids to come to Hogwarts.

Needless to say their parents and guardians weren't pleased by the arrival, since they fully supported their children's decision not to go to Hogwarts, though a few of them had been disappointed when they heard the news. The fact that Dumbledore had shown up on the island after writing a letter to Lance requesting to be temporarily admitted onto the island to discuss matters had annoyed the three families to no end.

By the time Albus Dumbledore had arrived for the meeting, he had brought Minerva McGonagall with him as back up to help talk the Potter siblings and the other kids into coming to Hogwarts, and had been surprised by the sheer amount of animosity that seemed to fill the room as soon as they entered the home to find the three families and their children all waiting for them.

Albus had been surprised to say the least when he found Lily Potter was now alive and well, and out of the coma he had been told she was in all those years ago, and it had taken all of his self-control not to flinch as Lily had immediately started in on him with a sound tongue lashing about what she had heard he had tried to do with her children while she was in a coma, if Lance and Valentina hadn't gained custody of them in time, and how he had been planning to send her kids to Petunia of all people against her and James express wishes, and nothing he tried to say would calm down her anger for a good ten minutes before she finally calmed down.

"Headmaster Dumbledore, our children have already given you their answer to where they wish to have their school, and we as their parents and guardians have given it to them," Lily snapped causing all eyes to turn on the red head as she sat on a lounge seat, next to Braden as her hand rested on her rounded baby, "So I don't see why you had to come all the way here to talk to us about it when nothing is going to change our minds."

"But Lily," Albus started to say only to be cut off by the irate woman.

"That's Mrs. Castleton to you, headmaster. You lost the right to use my first name the day you tried to stick your nose into my family's business," Lily snapped angrily as her eyes seemed to glitter in her anger as she shot the elderly man a withering look for a moment, "barely days after my husband and I were attacked. Who gave you the right to try and place my children with my sister of all people when we gave explicit orders that they weren't to go to Petunia?"

"At the time I truly believed it was for the greater good that your children be sent to your sister's home, where they would have stayed hidden away from any of the dark lords followers who might have come seeking revenge," Albus said in a placating tone as he tried to flinch under Lily's angry gaze as she glared at him, as he nodded his head towards Rowan, Kaiya and Harry, "You were incapitated at the time, and was presumed dead until Lance told us otherwise. I thought it would have been in their best interest to be sent to live in the muggle world to keep them safe from those who would have harmed them without hesitation, and also to keep them away from the fame so it wouldn't have gotten to their heads."

"HEY!" three voices cried indignantly, but were ignored for the moment.

"It wasn't your call to make. I'm just glad Lance and Valentina were able to stop your plans in time before it could take root," Lily said, as shot her brother and sister-in-law a grateful smile which they returned, "I don't want to even think about what their lives would have been like with Petunia if Lance wasn't here to take them in."

"What happened in the past is all in the past, dear Lily, and has no prescendence on what's happening right now," Albus said as he put on one of his benign smiles as he ignored how she seemed to bristle at how he ignored her request not to call her by her first name as he continued talking, "what matters is that we must discuss the children's schooling. As citizens of the British Empire, they are required to go to Hogwarts by law and..."

"No way in hell. I'm not going to a school run by the same old fool who wanted to separate me from my siblings when we were little right after we had just lost our dad and our mom was in a coma." Rowan said determinately as he crossed his across his chest and settled his legs on top of the coffee table in front of him as he glared angrily at the two Hogwarts professors for a moment, as he pointed a finger right at Albus, "Somebody like him doesn't belong running a school for impressionable kids, and I won't be stuck in the same building as him for the next seven years."

"The same goes for me too," Kaiya piped in.

"Me too," Harry said quickly followed by the other kids own replies as they all immediately rejected their impending future enrollment at Hogwarts.

"Now children, I don't know what it is your parents and guardians have told you about me, or what it is you think may have happened all those years ago," Albus said as he glanced at each child in the room with a stern look on his face, as he couldn't believe the kids would dare talk back to him like this so disrespectfully, "but I'm not as bad a man as you seem to be making me out to be. It truly is in your best interests to go to Hogwarts, and you don't have much choice in the matter anyway as I was saying before all of you are citizens of the British Empire and are..."

"Actually you are completely wrong on that one Professor McGonnagal. The rest of us don't want to be in the same school as him either. He's not the type of person we want in charge of the magic school we go to if he thinks," Kaiya piped in quickly as she twirled a strand of red and gold hair between her fingers as she played with Alayna as the younger girl sat in her lap, "he can stick his nose into other people's business where it's neither wanted or needed. He was trying to separate us when Harry was just fifteen months old. There's no telling what he'd try if we were to all go to Hogwarts and be in his crinkly old clutches."

"Ms. Potter! Apologize right this minute to the headmaster for your disrespect, young lady!" Minerva exclaimed angrily at the eleven year olds open rudeness to the headmaster, as she glanced at Lily Potter and the other adults for support, but was shocked that everyone including Lily herself were chuckling at Rowan's behavior, as her own lips pursed a bit in anger as she turned her gaze back on the unrepentant Rowan Potter, who was now busy studying his fingernails and not making any move to apologize at all, "Mr. Potter, if you are going to be attend Hogwarts, you can't truly think this type of behavior is acceptable or will be allowed..."

"Professor McGonagall, he's not my headmaster, and you have no right telling me what I can or can't say to him, since you're neither family nor even my teacher since I'm not now and never will be going to Hogwarts. You can't make me apologize if I don't want to. Unless my own mom says that I have to apologize," Rowan said with a slight sneer on his face, as he glanced at his mother and the other adults in the room, and saw the look his mother was giving him, before she reluctantly shook her head at his unasked question and he turned his gaze on Minerva and Albus, "then I will. But since she doesn't seem to mind what I just said, I'm not apologizing for telling the truth. I don't like or trust him, and refuse to be in the same building as him for the next seven years."

"Nope. Mom and pops understand why we don't want to go and fully support us. Hogwarts isn't all that interesting compared to some other more modern magic schools out there like the Nightstar Imperial Academy that's here on the island," Kaiya said as she glanced over at the two professors, as she reached up to brush a lose strand of her red and gold hair from her eyes, as a slight smirk appeared on her lips as she saw the irritated look that was starting to appear on Dumbledore's face though the old man seemed to be trying hard to hide it, as she continues speaking quickly, "so why should we bother going to Hogwarts if we don't want to, just because you want us to go, when we already have a perfectly good magic school right where we are?"

"What about you, Harry my boy? Don't you wish to attend the same school as your parents went to? You have an important path to fulfill by going to Hogwarts," Albus asked as he turned his gaze on the third Potter child, in hopes of swaying the boy into listening to him, as he ignored the glares he was now receiving from everyone in the room as he focused solely on Harry, "Your father would have wanted you to go, and it would be a shame to dishonor his memory the way your siblings seem intent on doing."

"Not interested. If Rowan and Kaiya aren't going, then I'm not really interested in going to the school my parents went to if I'm not in school with them and the others," Harry said cheerfully as he sipped from his juice box as he sat on the floor in between Hades and Loki as they played a game of exploding snap, as he kicked his legs back and forth on his seat, as he glanced over to his siblings and Lily for a moment before continuing, "I'm sure my dad would rather us be happy doing what we want to do than be miserable. We're happy right where we are in the school we're already in and have no wish to leave it."

"Exactly why would we want to go back to England when we have a perfectly good school to attend right here on the island?" Sirena asked, while flipping a page in her book, without looking up from what she was doing, "We're perfectly happy right where we are and don't want to leave to go to school elsewhere."

"Well I must insist that all of you children must come to Hogwarts for your education. You can't refuse because it "You mean it's England's law that we have to come to Hogwarts. We don't consider England our home, since none of us have lived in it since we were babies. As far as we're concerned, whatever laws England makes has nothing to do with any us since we don't consider ourselves citizens of your country anymore so your laws have no control over us. Whatever happens in England has no bearing with us here," Sirena piped in as she sat up in her seat and reluctantly put away the book she was reading, as everyone's eyes turned on her once more, as she gives off a small laugh, as she reached up to brush aside a lose strand of hair from her face, as she quickly continued talking before anyone could say anything as she crossed her arms across her chest as she glares at Minerva and Albus "since all of us can really care less about what goes on over there. Besides we follow ICW laws, and those laws don't say that kids have to go to a specific magic school for their education, as long as they do go to a magic school. We've all chosen to go to the ICW sanctioned Nightstar Imperial Academy of Magic that's located right here on the island since the day it first opened, and we have no wish to travel to another country to attend school when the one we already attend is good enough for all of us."

"Young lady, you are nothing more than a child, so do not think to tell us about the law. In all my years, I've never seen such blatant disrespect from children before, making up stories about what the ICW's laws," Minerva huffed angrily, as she started to say something else only to be cut off by an angry growl coming from Remus Lupin causing Minerva to pause in her scolding of Sirena Lupin, as she cautiously turned her gaze on Remus Lupin and the other adults, to see all of them were now glaring at her, "Remus is something the matter? Why are you growling like that for?"

"Professor McGonagall, I would appreciate it that you do not talk to my daughter like that. I'll have you both know that my daughter is extremely intelligent for her age, and though I don't completely agree with how she spoke with you just now, what she did say is completely and utterly true," Remus said angrily as his golden eyes flashed a bit in anger, as he glare at Minerva and Albus who both back down instantly in the face of Remus' anger, "She should know, since she's always has her nose in any book she can get her hands on, including ones involving ICW laws. As long as the children are definitely in a magic school that's recognized and sanctioned by the ICW, there is no legal reason for them to go to a different one if they along with their parent or guardian don't want them to go."

"But, Remus my boy. You must realize that it's imperative that your children all go to Hogwarts," Albus said in a placating tone, though his eyes were no longer twinkling now, as he glanced at all of the gathered adults, as Minerva murmured a quick apology to everyone in the room, "Your families have all gone to Hogwarts for generations, so why break with tradition now to go to another school?"

"Let us remind you, headmaster, which thanks to the wards set up over the entire island, that not even you were able to find us, until we sent you an invite and portkey here. Plus as soon as you leave the island, you won't be able to find your way here," Lance said with a slight sneer on his face as he saw the irritation that was building up in the older man as he crossed his arms across his chest lazily, "again unless you receive another invite and portkey. If you couldn't find us, then I'm pretty sure that Lord Voldemort's followers definitely won't even if they are still looking for all of us after all these years."

"Easy, that's because we don't want to be in a school that's run by you, old man." Loki chimed in as well as Hades nodded his head in agreement to what his cousin had said as Hades got a predatory look in his eyes as he glared at Albus for a moment, "it was a unanimous agreement between all of us. We're happy right where we are and have no reason to go back if we don't want to."

"I've heard all I wanted to hear about you from the others and what you tried to do," Hades said, as his eyes narrowed a bit dangerously at the two professors, and shivers were sent there spines, as they saw the cold calculating, almost feral look in the young boys eyes that seemed out of place in his young features as he glared at the two of them, "and I have to agree that I don't want to be stuck in school with a teacher like you running things as a headmaster."

"Mr. Black, I don't know what you children seem to be thinking you know about me, but I assure you," Albus started to say as he scowled at Hades for a moment, only for whatever he was going to say be cut off, as Braden Castleton suddenly slammed his hands on the table before in anger.

"That is enough headmaster! I believe it's past time that you and Professor McGonagall take your leave and head back to England," Braden said angrily as he glared at Albus for a moment, before glancing back at the others in the room and saw all of them were nodding their heads in agreement to his words as he continued speaking, "You came and got your answer to our kids rejection to going to Hogwarts, and it hasn't changed a thing. They don't want to go to Hogwarts and that's final. It's their final choice in the matter."

"But it's imperative that your children come to Hogwarts. It's the safest school in the world, not to mention the best..." Albus started to say only to be cut off once more, this time by Rowan again, who snorted rudely at what he had just said, "and just what may I ask is so funny about what I just said, Mr. Potter?"

"What's funny is that you still call Hogwarts the 'best' school in the world? Yeah right. You guys are really behind the times, if you don't know the ICW has a poll going about the top fifty great magic schools in the world and Hogwarts is ranked at the far bottom of the list as #175," Rowan said cheerfully as a slow smirk appeared on his face as he saw the two elderly professors turn their gazes in his direction once more, as the two teachers stare at him in disbelief as he continues talking, chuckling a bit as he glanced at everyone else in the room, "because it refuses to move with the times, and still teaches outdated school curriculum that the magical worlds in other countries either no longer teach, or they have updated and more interesting versions of the courses your school has. Hogwarts is considered nothing but a joke to people who don't live in England and know better. What you teach in Hogwarts is only good if you plan to spend your entire life in England and never move to another country's magical world. With the backwater education Hogwarts has to offer, you won't be able to make it anywhere else in any other country except Britain."

"Not to mention that your school has the horrible reputation of being nothing but of arrogant racist bigots who look down on others for being different from themselves," Sirena said, as she looks at the two teachers with narrowed eyes, "and teach their kids to do the same without punishment. Who in their right mind wants to spend seven years in a school listening to other kids berate and insult you constantly every day?"

"But..." Albus started to say only to be cut off once more.

"Professor Dumbledore, and Professor McGonagall, as much as we appreciate the two of you making the trip out here to speak to all of us but there is obviously nothing further to discuss here," Lance said as he steeple his hands in front of him on his lap for a moment as a thoughtful look appeared on his face, "We've given you our decision, and there is nothing you can say or do to change our minds on the matter of our kids schooling. It's as simple as that and you will have to accept it. It's past time for the two of you to leave now. I want you both off of this island right now, so I'm revoking your visitation passes here."

Before either Albus or Minerva could say anything more, their bodies started glowing brightly before they both disappeared with a loud crack from the household, as protective wards surrounding the island evicted them and sent them straight back to England.

"Really Lance, did you have to do that?" Lily said as she shot her older brother a dark look for a moment, though the grin on her lips showed that she wasn't really angry with him.

"Of course I had to do it, sis. If I didn't we would have been stuck listening to those two prattle on about what was best for our kids," Lance said, smirking a bit as he glanced around at the gathered group for a moment, as he moved to sit back down next to Valentina, as he wraps an arm around her waist, "the wards on the island will keep the old coot from coming back unless he personally has permission from one of us here. Now we just have to wait and see what he tries next."

In the weeks that followed Dumbledore's visit to the island, the large family soon found themselves swamped by owls from both Albus pleading, and sometimes threatening, for them to change their minds about sending their children to Hogwarts.

The old man had even tried to get the British Ministry involved, by making it a law that all British born children had to come back to England to attend Hogwarts with exception, or the families that refused to obey the law would have their bank vaults seized and taken away, but the law was soon vetoed quickly when ICW appointed lawyer that the families had hired had arrived and informed the British Wizamogot, and brought forth a bunch of ICW laws and rules that the British ministry had tried to ignore, as well as a petition signed by every member of the ICW board, that plainly said that the British ministry had no right to make such a law that affects the children of former citizens of their country who haven't lived in England for years and call other countries their home now, and that the British ministry would be facing the wrath of the entire ICW if they tried to go through with a law that was considered illegal by the ICW, with threats of cutting off all international trade with the British magical world if they went through with their plans.

~-Longbottom Manor – Aidan Longbottom's POV, August 15, 1999~-

Lady Augusta Longbottom was sitting at her desk inside of the mansions Library room of Longbottom Manor, as she perused through letters and paying off bills that had arrived in the last couple of days, as she let herself start to relax as she pulled out a letter opener and starts opening up the mail when...


All of a sudden the entire Longbottom mansion was rocked by a huge explosion that shook the entire mansion, and Augusta quickly whipped out her wand and cast cushioning charms on some fragile objects in the library as they toppled off of their perches, as she mentally started cursing who she knew was responsible for the explosion.

'Aidan! That boy! What's he up to now?' Augusta thought silently to herself, mentally cursing to herself as she started to push her chair back as she stood up to go confront her eldest grandson, when the door to her 2study burst open, and two small figures darted into the room, with one diving behind a couch while the second one bolted the door behind them, before joining the first one behind the couch.

Pinching the bridge of her nose in irritation, Augusta stood up from her seat and made her way over to the couch and peered over the side, to stare down at her two grandsons, Aidan who was now eleven years old and heading off for his first year at Hogwarts at the of the month, and Neville who was now nine and wouldn't be starting school for another two years, who looked up at her with surprised looks on their faces like they hadn't realized she was in the room, and both boys put on innocent looks on their faces.

"Aidan Lionel Longbottom! Neville Franklin Longbottom! What have I told the two of you before about blowing up things in the mansion?!" Augusta shouted angrily, causing her grandsons to flinch back a bit in the face of their grandmother's anger, though neither boy backed down, "What did you blow up this time?"

Aidan Longbottom was a young boy of eight with short black hair and dark blue eyes that he had inherited from his mother, Alice Longbottom, while his younger brother Neville was only six years old with his father's dark brown hair and grey eyes.

Eight years ago, there had been a tragedy in the family when Aidan and Neville's parents, Alice and Frank Longbottom, were tortured into insanity by a dark witch named Bellatrix Lestrange who had broken into Alice and Franks home with her husband and brother-in-law to demand answers from the couple to find out where young Harry Potter was being hidden after he defeated Voldemort.

Alice had managed to hide the then fifteen month old Neville and three year old Aidan in a closet under notice me not wards and silencing spells so they wouldn't hear what was going on, and using a strong locking spell to keep the door locked. She had managed to send off a letter by owl to Augusta to tell her what was going on and where the boys were hiding in case she and Frank didn't make it out alive. By the time help had arrived it was already too late for Frank and Alice who were now permanently residing in St. Mungo's long term care psychiatric ward, while Augusta took in and raised their sons as best as she could.

Despite their two year age difference, the two brothers were inseparable and Aidan was always protective and on the lookout for Neville's safety, and became a major menace to the other members of the family who wanted to try and harm Neville because the younger boy seemed to not have an ounce of magic that the family had seen yet.

Despite Augusta's objections on the matter that whether or not Neville possessed magic or not didn't bother her since he barely showed any at all in the last five years, and that she would love and take care of him even if he was a squib, some of her relatives had started taking it onto themselves to try and 'jump start' Neville's magic by putting him into dangerous situations that may have killed him if his magic hadn't saved him.

The rest of the family was in the belief that if Neville couldn't properly use his magic the way a member of their family should be able to, meant that the boy was a squib who shouldn't be allowed to tarnish their family name, and were trying to 'train' him to get his magic up, not caring that their 'training' might kill the boy, saying that if the kid died, then the shame of being a squib would die with him with no one outside of the family knowing the truth.

Augusta had loud yelling rows with the rest of her clan about what they were doing to her youngest grandson, but nobody paid her any heed, as they all believed they were doing what was best for the family whether Augusta agreed or not. It wasn't until the fifteenth attempt on Neville's life that involved tossing Neville off a pier of a nearby lake when Neville couldn't swim at all, and Neville had only just barely managed to survive was the incident because Neville had shown a sudden burst of accidental magic that had brought him straight back to shore, was when his elder brother Aidan finally put his foot down and started fighting back on behalf of his younger brother, and had even made Neville a slingshot of his own, that the older boy called the Kabuto slingshot which was colored green compared to the black one he now carried around, and was teaching the younger boy how to shoot with it, and Neville was already shaping up to be as good a shot with the slingshot as Aidan was, especially when the younger boy started producing his own energy balls with the slingshot proving that he did had some form of magic in him.

Even to this day, they still couldn't figure out where Aidan had managed to come up with the idea to use his magic to create that large pitch black, size changing slingshot that he now used on a daily basis, seemingly pulling it out of thin air to hurl small balls of non-lethal explosive magical energy at anyone who tried to hurt Neville, and his attacks always hit his targets dead on no matter how far away they were, yet somehow avoided hurting Neville and Augusta even if they were in close proximity of the intended target when the balls went off. Everyone in the Longbottom family learned very quickly not to make Aidan mad at them, especially if Neville's involved. The fact that the boy could create the energy balls using his magic and manifest the slingshot out of thin air, made a few of the Longbottoms a bit proud at the strength of Aidan's magic and his creativity, even when they were running for their lives in terror from Aidan's attacks when they were directed at them.

Even when the rest of the Longbottom's went to Augusta to complain and try and demand that she reign in Aidan and tell him that what they were doing to Neville was for the good of their family, Augusta had outright laughed in their faces, and told them that she fully supported Aidan in what he was doing to the rest of the family if it would keep Neville safe, as long as there were no major fatalities or property damage caused by the explosions, and that they all deserved whatever Aidan threw at them if they thought her eldest grandson was going to quietly let all of them kill his little brother in their 'tests'.

One time, Augusta had gone to the boy's bedroom late one night to check up on them and remind them that it was time for them to be in bed because they had plans the next morning, and she had caught Aidan telling Neville stories about a famous muggle sniper named Sogeking, who Aidan described as being a powerful sharpshooter who could never miss his target and all of the adventures that Sogeking had as he battled alongside his crew of pirate friends against evil, and even had a cute little song about Sogeking that both he and Neville would sing. Augusta had listened in on more than one of Aidan's Sogeking stories herself on more than one occasion since first hearing them, and found herself amused by her eldest grandsons unique imagination, though she still wondered how Aidan would even know what a muggle sniper was or what they were capable of, but put it off as her grandsons overactive imagination.

Currently Aidan's number one target for his anger happened to always be his great-uncle Algie who still hadn't learned by now not to mess with Neville, especially when Aidan was in earshot of Neville's screams for help.

"Hi grandma, what are you up to today?" Aidan asked, all innocently, as he tried to pretend that his grandmother wasn't glaring at the two brothers in anger, while Neville cowered behind his brother in fear at Augusta's anger.

"Don't you 'hi grandma' me young man. What did the two of you do this time that caused that huge explosion?" Augusta said, not at all falling for the innocent looks her grandsons were giving her, as she puts her hands on her hips as she glowered down at them, as her gaze focused mainly on her eldest grandson, "Young man you are going to be starting Hogwarts in a few weeks, and these antics of yours have to stop! You won't be able to do them anymore once you start attending school."

"We didn't do it grandma! Blame uncle Algie, if you must. He started it." Aidan denied instantly as he kept his innocent look on his face, but Augusta could see his lips twitch a bit as he tried to hide the smirk that was trying to break free.

"Yeah we're totally innocent, grandma," Neville said as a petulant look appeared on the younger boys face as he sided with his brother and hid behind Aidan, "besides its all uncle Algie's fault."

"Now why don't I believe you two boys since you're hiding out in my library and looking guilty?" Augusta asked, as she smirked a bit at the sheepish looks on her grandsons faces as they shared a look between them, as she sighed a bit in irritation as she heard Neville bring up her brother's name, as she realized what might have actually happen as she turned her stern gaze on her oldest grandson, "Now tell me exactly what did uncle Algie do this time that has you making explosions in the house again?"

"Nothing much. It's just like Neville said, and I was just teaching Uncle Algie another lesson on what he can and can't do with Neville, grandma." Aidan said as his innocent look disappeared within seconds as he glanced over at Neville who was staring at both his grandmother and older brother worriedly, as he clutched at Aidan's shirt, "I left Neville alone in the play room to go get a book, only to hear Neville start screaming, and found Uncle Algie dragging him upstairs and saying he was going to drop him out of a window."

"Uncle Algie tried to dump me out of the third story window, but Aidan saved me in time with his slingshots exploding balls before he even got that far," Neville said, smiling a bit in gratitude at his older brother, as Aidan chuckled a bit as he reached over to ruffle Neville's hair playfully, before shrugging a bit at the incredulous look Augusta was now giving him because of what he had just said, "I think uncle Algie's still alive but he's asleep right now thanks to the explosion, so we left him where we last saw him."

"Algie tried to do WHAT to Neville?! When I get my hands on him" Augusta shrieked loudly, her face flushed in anger, just as the double doors leading into the room were flung open as an enraged Algie Longbottom stood in the doorway, though the older man's face paled considerably as the last of what Augusta had shrieked as he opened the doors reached his ears, as he slowly started backing out of the room as Augusta turned her angry gaze on him while Neville and Aiden hid behind her skirts, as Augusta quickly whipped out her wand and summoned Algie back into the room, and another wave her wand slammed the doors behind him to block any escape attempts he might try and make, "Algernon Magnus Longbottom! What is this I hear about you trying to drop my youngest grandson out of the third story window?! Did I not tell you and the others to stop doing things like that to my youngest grandson?!"

"Ooohhhh... She full named him." Aidan whispered conspiratorially with his little brother while chuckling a bit, while Neville snickered a bit as well, as the two adults ignored the two boys for a moment, as Aidan and Neville could see that their Uncle Algie really seemed to be sweating now as he came face to face with his sisters full angry wrath, "You know he's really in big trouble now when she does that."

"Yup. Fifteen sickles says she turns him maroon with animal parts attached for a week." Neville agreed happily, as he glanced over at his grandmother and great-uncle, as the two boys could see Uncle Algie was now cowering under the power of his sisters' wrath, as she turned her full attention on him, as the two adults seemingly forgot about the two boys, "after she makes him majorly suffer first of course."

"Now Augusta dear, what I was going to do was for the greater good of the family. We all know that Aidan over there possesses magic so he's in the clear as he Longbottom heir, but with Neville's lack of magic lately he's useless to the family if he's a Squib," Algie said pleadingly as he tried to ignore the growing anger he could see in his sister's face as her eyes narrowed dangerously on him causing the older man to flinch in fear, as a low whimper of fear escaped from Neville's lips, while Aidan held onto him protectively, "Like I've been telling you all along, all I'm trying to do is scare the magic out of him. It would be an insult and tarnish to the Longbottom family name if it was known that we had a Squib in the family. I don't see why you refuse to understand that..."

"Simply 'scaring' my grandson is one thing, Algie. But putting him in a situation where he can possibly get maimed or even die while you're trying to get his magic to reveal itself is another thing." Augusta snarled angrily, causing Algie to flinch back in terror as he saw the full fury in Augusta's eyes, as he realized that he might have gone too far this time as she pointed her now glowing wand right at him, as she turned her gaze towards her grandsons for a moment as they also stared at her fearfully, "Neville and Aidan are the only things I have left of my son and daughter-in-law, and I refuse to lose either one of them whether they have magic or not. Aiden, Neville. Darlings will you please go off and play for a while, and leave your uncle and myself alone while we 'discuss' some things?"

"Okay grandma," Neville said immediately as he instantly ran around Augusta and started to run towards the double doors as they swung open to let him leave, looking like the hounds of hell were right behind him, "Aidan come on!"

"See you later, grandma," Aidan said cheekily as he shot one last withering look at Uncle Algie, before he sprinted after Neville and disappeared through the double doors which slammed shut behind both boys.

As the two boys stood out in the hallway outside the library, within seconds of their leaving the room, they could hear their grandmothers raised voice start yelling angrily at Algie as she called her brother every name she could think of, as the two boys could hear Algie also yelling and begging for mercy from behind the closed doors as bright flashes of different colored lights could be seen through the cracks of the doors.

"Nev, remind me to never get on grandma's bad side the way uncle Algie does, okay? She's super creepy scary when she's mad." Aidan asked as he glanced at his brother who stared back at him with widen eyes and nodded enthusiastically at Aidan's words, just as they both winced as Algie let out another howl of pain from behind the closed door, before Aidan smirked a bit as he reached out and grabbed Neville's hand gently in his own, and starts tugging the younger boy along behind him, "Come on, let's go upstairs and play for a while. Maybe I'll even tell you another awesome Sogeking adventure to pass the time with while grandma handles uncle Algie. I'll race you upstairs."

"Okay, last one upstairs is a rotten basilisk egg!" Neville said, as he easily broke free from his brothers grip on his hand and starts sprinting down the hall and towards the stairs.

"Hey no fair! I wasn't ready!" Aidan shouted, chuckling a bit in amusement as he chased after Neville.

A few hours later found Aidan sitting on a double bed in the Longbottom nursery bedroom that he still shared with Neville, looking through his sketch book while Neville lay beside him in bed curled up into a ball and sound asleep, except for a few frightened whimpers that escaped from Neville's mouth, as he snuggled against his big brothers body for protection from his nightmares, while Aiden lazily rubbed Neville's back in an attempt to calm him down as he slept while he doodled in his sketchbook with his free hand. Both boys were currently dressed in their nightclothes as they prepared to go to bed.

Unknown to the rest of the Longbottom family, other than Neville who he had told from the start when he was old enough to understand, young Aidan Longbottom wasn't just a young wizard boy who had an affinity for magic or shooting things with his slingshot and always hitting his intended target. But he was also the reincarnation of a great pirate sniper and sharpshooter named Ussop.

He had been reborn into his current life exactly eleven years ago, with all of his memories of his previous life intact, though he couldn't figure out why. For the first two years of his new life he had settled in peacefully with his new life and family, trying to fit in as best as he could, while acting like a typical young boy his age despite having the mind and memories of a grown man, and was well loved and protected and taken care of by his newfound family, but there hadn't been a single day in which he didn't still miss his old life, sailing the high seas with his friends as they search for the next big adventure no matter how scary things got, and he couldn't help but feel sad at times as he wondered if he was the only one who from the old gang to be reborn, and if it turned out that he wasn't the only one, he wondered where everyone else was and if they remembered their old lives as well.

Then when he was two years old, his parents announced that they were expecting another baby and everyone was excited by the news, and exactly nine months after the announcement, Aidan's mother had gone into labor on July 31, 1990 to Aiden's little brother, Neville. Another good thing that had happened that particular night was that Aidan discovered that he wasn't alone in the world, as he was reintroduced to the reincarnation of Luffy's older brother, Portgas D. Ace, who was two years older than Aidan and also had his memories of his past life and had recognized Aidan immediately as a member of Luffy's old crew.

To Aidan's surprise, in Ace's new life, Ace was now known as Rowan Potter, the oldest son James and Lily Potter who were best friends with Aidan's own parents, and he had a twin sister, named Kaiya Potter, who turned out to be the reincarnation of another brother Luffy had who had died when they were kids. Rowan and Kaiya's mother had also gone into labor that same night with her third child, and the family were now waiting for the big news when Neville was born, and Aiden had been taken home shortly afterwards before he could see what kind of sibling Rowan and Kaiya were getting that night.

It wasn't until a few months later when the two families had gotten together for a dinner at the Potter home along with the Blacks and Lupin's, that he found out that Luffy had been reborn into the Potter family and was renamed Harry, and reuniting him with Ace and Sabo, which made Aidan happy because he still remembered how miserable Luffy had been after the marines had killed Ace, which Aidan could see even when the crew had reunited two years after they were all separated, even though Luffy had tried to hide it most of the time, and was also surprise to find out that Robin and Franky had also been reborn as well in the Black and Lupin families.

By the time Aiden was three years old, everything went downhill when the headmaster of his parents old school called both the Longbottoms and the Potters in for a meeting, where they were all informed of a prophecy that involved either Harry or Neville that said that one of the two boys were destined to defeat Lord Voldemort, and that it would be best for the two families to go into hiding to keep their children safe.

The Potters had gone into hiding at the headmasters insistence under a Fidelius charm with Sirius Black as their Secret Keeper, while his own parents had refused to go into hiding, believing that they could handle whatever came their way, and brought their sons to live in one of the Longbottom family manors without any protections to keep out threats.

The on October 31, 1990, nearly five months after Dumbledore had brought the news of the prophecy involving Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom, news reached the Longbottoms that the Voldemort had tracked down the Potters and had killed James Potter, while Lily Potter and her children were reported as missing when Harry and Neville were only fifteen months old, while Voldemort's ashy remains and abandoned wand were discovered in what was left of the children's nursery.

Since Harry was one of the ones foretold in the prophecy, Dumbledore had started spreading the word to all over the magical world that not only was the dark lord defeated, but that Harry Potter had been the one to defeat Voldemort, even though no one really knew what happened that night since Lily Potter and her children were still missing, and a nationwide manhunt to find them and bring the four of them back home safely, that is if any of them were still alive, where they belonged had gone underway soon after.

For days after Aiden had heard the news, he had been frantic and worried about the others that they might be lying dead somewhere after the attack. But a few days after the attack, the Longbottoms had attended the funeral that was being held for James Potter, when Rowan, Kaiya and Harry had appeared for the funeral perfectly fine and healthy in attendance with their uncle, Lance Evans, who turned out to be the reincarnation of Shanks.

He barely even remember what happened that day at the funeral, other than he remembered seeing his parents former Headmaster approaching the small family, and the ensuing argument that started up between the group, but Aidan and his family were too far away from what was happening to properly hear what was going on.

When the Weasleys got involved with the argument, Aidan had been shocked to see another familiar face in the crowd of redheads, when he spotted Nami, or Harleen Weasley as she was now known as these, and he still laughed a bit when he remembered Harry's reaction to seeing Nami again, before he and his siblings were apparated away by their uncle and aunt after Rowan Potter set fire to Dumbledore's robes.

A few days after the funeral, everything soon went to pot for the Longbottom family late one night, when they were all awoken by the sound of their front door being blasted down, and even now Aidan's memories of that night still haunted him, as he heard the insane cackling of Bellatrix Lestrange as she and her husband and brother-in-law led the charge into his parents' home.

His father, Frank Longbottom, had rushed downstairs with his wand drawn to try and stall the invaders while his wife gathered up both Aidan and Neville from their nursery and made Aidan walk towards a wardrobe in the master bedroom while she carried Neville, and hid the two of them inside of the wardrobe, while casting a strong locking charm on the doors as well as a Notice-Me-Not charm on the wardrobe itself and invisibility charms on the boys as well. As the commotion downstairs got louder as they could all hear Franks agonized screams, Alice managed to fire off a Patronus spell to her mother-in-law to let her know what was going on, and also had the Patronus tell Augusta where to find the boys if she and Frank didn't survive that night, before giving the two boys one last tearful hug before sealing them inside the wardrobe and rushing out to try and help her husband, only to be captured herself and tortured into insanity under to Cruciatus curse alongside Frank as the Lestranges interrogated them on any information they had on where the Potters were now hiding.

To Aiden it had seemed like hours as he listened to his parents agonized screams as they were tortured until they couldn't even scream anymore, as he tried to cover both his and Neville's ears from the screams, and keep Neville quiet when he heard the heavy footsteps of his parents attackers as they came upstairs and trashed all the bedrooms in search for both him and Neville but were never able to find them in the wardrobe thanks to their mothers protection wards, when the Aurors finally arrived led by their grandmother who had contacted them as soon as she had gotten Alice's patronus.

The Lestranges had put up a fight and taken down a few of the aurors before they were finally taken into custody, and it was awhile longer before Augusta was allowed to come upstairs to the master bedroom where she found the wardrobe her grandsons were hidden in and released them.

Ever since that night, because of what the Lestranges had done to their parents, with the continued use of the torture curse leaving them virtual vegetables, and were now permanent residents of St. Mungo's Hospital spell damage and psychiatric ward, Augusta Longbottom had been given full custody over her two grandsons as their only living relative left, and she's been raising them in the Longbottom family home ever since.

As the years went by after that fateful night their parents had been attacked by followers of the dark lord Voldemort and were tortured into insanity by their attackers, Aidan felt protective of his little brother and was always quick to stand up for him when he saw that Neville was in trouble, especially as the years went by and he started noticing that some of their relatives were starting to give Neville disdainful and hate filled looks, as years went by and Neville supposedly showed no signs of doing any form of magic.

He had even heard Uncle Algie and some of the other relatives talking about what they would do to get Neville's magic to show itself even if it killed his brother, and that it wouldn't be much of a loss Neville died, since they still had Aidan as the heir of the family, if it kept their family bloodline pure and free of being tarnish if word got out that they had a squib in the family. Since hearing that bit of news, Aiden spent every waking moment he had, when he wasn't busy with other stuff that is, with Neville trying to keep him out of trouble and away from their relatives attempts 'testing' him.

Usually some of Aidan's old cowardice would rear its ugly head in the face of danger, but ever since hearing what his relatives had in store for his younger brother, he could feel his cowardice disappear immediately and be replaced by rage, especially when he caught the adults doing one of their 'tests' on Neville that had Neville screaming and begging for help as tears ran down the younger boys eyes.

After that day, the relatives all new better than to mess with Augusta's grandsons, especially Neville and Aidan caught them hurting him in any way, he'd summon his slingshots and start firing small balls of energy at his intended targets. The energy balls seemed harmless enough, since they would pass harmlessly through other objects that were in their path without anything happening, but then as soon as they came in contact with their intended targets they blew up leaving their victims stunned on the floor and in pain.

'I can't believe Uncle Algie. The jerk is worse than any pirate or marine, or even the world nobles that I ever met in my past life. It was pure dumb luck that I was able to use my magic to recreate my old Kuro Kabuto slingshot in the heat of the moment,' Aidan grumbled angrily to himself as he glanced over at Neville worriedly for a moment as Neville curled closer to him, as Aidan let out a small sigh as he reached over to gently brush aside some of Neville's loose hair, as he waved his free hand and his shiny black Kuro Kabuto appeared in his hand, and he grinned a bit as he stared down at it, 'Just like old times. If this is how the family treats Neville when I'm here, I'd hate to think what life would have been like for him if I had never been born into this family. It's a good think I recreated Kabuto as well for Neville and thought him how to use it since I won't be around to protect him while I'm in school next month.'

Inside of the sketchbook he was drawing in, were drawings he had made over the years of all the people and places he knew from his past life, to keep as a reminder of his old life so he would never forget who he used to be, and even had pictures of himself before and after he had joined Luffy's crew, as well as pictures of himself as Sogeking, and pictures of Going Merry and Thousand Sunny.

'I know Luffy, Ace, Sanji, Franky, Robin, Nami, Shanks, Whitebeard, and Alvida were all reborn but I wonder what about Zoro, Brook, and Chopper?' Aidan thought silently to himself, as he flipped the page on his sketchbook to a blank page and starts on another drawing, as he thought some more about the situation at hand as he drew, 'Have they been reborn as well, with their memories intact like the rest of us and if so where are they? Or anyone else we might have known back then? I really hope none of the marines have been reborn...'

He kept in contact with the Potter kids and Harleen over the years through either owl mail, or Den Den Moshi phone, which he had received for his fifth birthday from Rowan and the others, but wasn't the same as seeing them in person, though he did see Harleen and Cyrus every once in awhile, when his grandmother let Neville and him out of the house to go play.

'I can't believe Luffy's not coming to Hogwarts. I was looking forward to seeing the gang again after all these years. Harleen even told me that she's not going to Hogwarts either, so it's just me and Cyrus that's going to be there,' Aidan thought silently to himself as he remembered a call he had gotten from Harry earlier that week, where the two boys had talked for a while until Aidan had brought up Hogwarts, and Harry told him that he wasn't attending, 'I would go to the school the others are going to but grandma would probably throw a fit or something if I even suggested not going to Hogwarts. Besides who would watch out for Neville if I didn't go to Hogwarts?'

Just then a loud yawn escaped from Aidan's lips as his started to droop a bit, as he glanced over at a nearby wall clock to check the time, and his eyes widen a bit in disbelief when he realizes just how late it was starting to get, as he set aside his sketchbook on the nightstand next to his bed.

'Dang! I can't believe it's gotten so late already!' Aidan thought silently to himself as he glanced down at Neville's sleeping form a moment as the younger boy still laid curled up against his own body, as a small smile crept to Aidan's lips once more, as he waved a free hand towards a nearby folded blanket, and the blanket instantly flew over to the two boys and covered them both, as Aidan snuggled into the blankets with his back facing Neville, as he let his eyes droop, 'I'll worry about stuff later on.'

~-Zabini Manor, Blaise and Draco's POV's~-

Early one morning inside of the Zabini manor, the sound a violin could be heard playing in the music room of the manor as the sound of singing and laughter could also be heard ringing out through the hallways.

Inside of the music room stood a young girl with tanned skin and dark violet eyes, and long black hair tied into braids that hung down her back, played her violin, as her voice carried through as she sang along to the song she was performing.

The girls name was Blaise Zabini, a young witch from a pureblood wizarding family, and currently the only child of Valora Zabini who was notorious in the wizarding world as going through more husbands than most witches, as most of her husband's always wound up dead from undetermined causes or 'accidents', leaving Valora all of their money.

'I wonder what are the chances that the rest of my nakama have been reborn in this strange new world as I have?' Blaise thought silently to herself, sadly as she continued to perform her music as she became lost in thought for a moment, 'The chances that they were reborn as I was with their memories intact would be slim to none I would think, even if I were to meet up with them.'

"Blaise dear, are you ready yet? Our guests are going to arrive any minute," Valora called as she poked her head into the music room and see's her daughter still playing her violin, as she gave daughters appearance a good once over before nodding her head in approval, "Good. At least you're already dressed appropriately and ready for them when they arrive."

The Zabini family had recently moved back to England a few weeks ago after living abroad in Italy for the last seven years. After the recent tragic death of her latest husband, Blaise's mother, Valora Zabini had decided that it was time for the two of them to return to England since Blaise was scheduled to attend Hogwarts in a few years, and Valora wanted to get reacquainted with some of her old friends from school.

A soft meowing sound caught Blaise's attention just then as she smiled a bit as she turned to her pet cat, Eureka, who wondered into the room and set down her instrument so she could bend down and scoop Eureka into her arms to pet her. Eureka was a pure black twin tailed nekomata kitten, with white patches on her paws and tips of her tails, which Blaise had picked up in Japan while on vacation with her mother a few months ago.

Blaise had been wondering through some woods with her mom, when Eureka had appeared before her, and upon first seeing the kitten she had recognized Eureka immediately as her old friend Laboon the whale from her past life.

It had taken a lot of pleading and begging with her mother before Valora had finally agreed to let her daughter bring the demon cat home with her, and the two of them had been inseparable ever since just like they were in their past lives. Though much to Blaise's surprise about her new pet, it turns out that Eureka was able to transform her body from the tiny house cat form, to a much larger form that resembled a saber toothed tiger, and the new form placed Eureka to standing up to Blaise's hip, and had large incisors that stuck out of her mouth and could shoot flames from her mouth, which one of Valora Zabini's latest potential suitors had found out the hard way when the pervert had tried to hit on young Blaise and wouldn't take no for an answer until Eureka had transformed had sent him fleeing form the house with the back of his robes on fire.

In the final days of Blaise's past life, Brook was nearly a hundred and forty-three years old, and it was long after the last of the Straw Hats had died or had gone their separate ways, Brook had traveled with Laboon for a few more years until the elderly whale had finally died of old age, and Brook had chosen to join the last of his nakama in death rather than stay behind and alone again forever in the half-life he had been living for the last century, as the two of them sunk beneath the waves together as Laboon took his final breaths, with Brook playing one last rendition of the Binks Sake song on his trusty violin for the occasion as he stood on Laboon's back. Brook had found that his second death had been surprisingly quick since he didn't put up a fight to save himself from drowning, and then he was surrounded by darkness and knew nothing else afterwards, until he suddenly found himself 'waking up' to his new life as a newborn baby girl, and was given the name Blaise Zabini by her new mother.

Just as Blaise was petting her cat, she let out a small sigh of resignation as she glanced at the nearby grandfather clock that was in the room to check the time, as she stood up from her chair with Eureka cuddled in her arms, as she starts to make her way towards the doors that would take her out of the music room, since she knew her mother's guests might be there any second if not already here, so she might as well go and greet them and get the day over with.

"Come along Eureka, I guess it's almost past time for us to go meet mother's old friends. Come on don't be like that," Blaise said cheerfully, as Eureka let out a plaintive meow of protest because they were moving, as she scratched the cat behind the ears and earned a pleased purr from the cat demon, as Blaise stopped walking with her back to the open doorway, "Who knows? Whoever they are, they might be worth meeting for once if their nice and what are the odd chances they are someone we..."

"Hello? I'm looking for someone... No way. I can't believe it." an incredulous voice cried out, cutting through Blaise's thoughts as she heard her old name being called, causing her to come to a complete stop in her violin playing as she turned around to face the owner of the voice to see a young blond eye boy with silver-blue standing in the entranceway of the music room staring at her incredulously. "Brook?! Laboon?!"

But what really caught the duo's attention about the boy before them, was for a brief second they could see the after image of a familiar, much older blond man with musical note tattoo's on his body standing where the boy was, before the image disappeared to be replaced by the boy once more.

Before Blaise could comprehend what she had seen, Eureka let out a loud happy sounding mew, as she jumped out of Blaise's arms and ran straight to the boy, who immediately bent down and scooped her into his arms, and Blaise watched in shock as his cat cuddled into the boy's arms purring happily.

"No way. Yorki-san? Is that really you?" Blaise demanded incredulously as she stared at the boy for a moment, looking unsure for a moment, before the boy turned his gaze away from Eureka to grin at Blaise and nodded his head, before tears started forming in her eyes she was soon running towards him as well and tackled him to the ground, with Eureka jumping out of the way, "I can't believe it. Out of all the people I thought I could possibly see again in this lifetime, I didn't expect to see you again."

"The same here. I wasn't expecting to see you here either. I had almost given up any hope of seeing somebody I knew from back then, and now I found the two of you here, and the first thing I see when I enter the room is what looks like a transparent eighty foot long blue Island Whale in the room, though I like this smaller version of Laboon. He's easier to transport around now," 'Yorkie' said cheerfully as he patted Blaise on the back, as he glanced at first Blaise then Eureka for a moment as the cat demon nuzzled against him, as he cocked an eyebrow at Blaise as he realized something as he looked her over for a moment as a smirk started to appear on his features, "I just got here a few minutes ago with my family, and they sent me in here looking for her daughter and bring her out. So since you are here, I'm guessing that you're Mrs. Zabini's 'daughter' who I was sent to find?"

"Yes I am the one you're looking for. Don't rub it in, Yorki-san. I don't want to be reminded that I'm a girl now," Blaise whined as she lightly smacked Yorkie on the shoulder, causing the blond to wince a bit in pain as he rubbed the hurt area, as she quickly stood up and helped Yorkie back up to his feet with her free hand, "My name is Blaise Zabini now, and Laboon is now known as Eureka. What should I call you now?"

"I'm known as Draco Malfoy now. I almost didn't come today with my parents, but now I'm glad I did," Draco said with a slight shrug of his shoulders, as he gave Blaise's hand a small squeeze for a moment, before releasing her as a disappointed look appeared on his face, "I'd love to talk some more with you, but we have to get going before our parents come looking for us to see what's taking us so long to come back."

"I guess we might as well, Draco. We have lots to talk about later," Blaise said grinning a bit, as she bent over and picked up Eureka and put the cat demon on her shoulder, and the two kids start making their way out of the music room.

~-The Rookery, Ottery St. Catchpole– Cyrus Lovegood's POV, August 15, 2000~-

Late one afternoon, eleven year old Cyrus Lovegood was in the kitchen of his family home chopping up ingredients as he prepared lunch for his family. He was cutting up onions, and garlic and assorted meats and vegetables as well sprinkling different blends of seasonings on the dish he was making, while squeezing some juice from the backyards Dirigible plums onto some salad, as he picked up a large serving spook and dipped it into the pot he was using and brought the spoon to his lips for a taste.

'Just perfect as always, and better than I thought it would turn out to be,' Cyrus thought confidently to himself as he licked his lips for a moment as he grinned, as he washed off the spoon in the sink before using it to stir the pot once more, 'mom, dad and Luna will love this'

It has been nearly ten years since the boy formerly known as Sanji of the Strawhat Pirates had been reborn into his new life as the oldest child of Xenophilius and Serenity Lovegood, with all of his memories of his previous life fully intact, and he was taking his new life in stride, as he became adjusted to the strange new world he now found himself in, as he got along with his new parents and tried to pretend to be a normal kid.

About two years after his own birth, Cyrus found himself becoming a big brother to a little girl who his parents named Luna, who Cyrus immediately became attached to as soon as he saw her. As they grew up together, Cyrus found himself always having to rush to Luna's side to protect her from the neighborhood kids who liked to pick on her because of the way she acted around them, and wound up even knocking out the teeth of one particular neighborhood boy who was a few years older than Cyrus and taller than the Lovegood boy, who had the nerve to call Luna 'Loony' in Cyrus' presence, and refused to apologize until Cyrus had hit him and threatened to do worse. Ever since then most of the kids in town steered clear of the Lovegood kids, though they still picked on Luna when they thought Cyrus wasn't around to stop them.

By the time he was five years old, his family had moved into a house they had named The Rookery which was located Ottery St. Catchpole, and while there, Cyrus was introduced to some old friends of his parents known as Arthur and Molly Weasley, and their eight children, which were six boys and two girls.

If the Weasleys had been any other family, Cyrus wouldn't have had anything to do with them except for the twins, especially with the youngest son Ron Weasley who was an all-around prat in Cyrus' eyes, with the way he treated his own younger sister, Ginny. But it wasn't until he met the oldest sister known as Harleen who was the same age as him, that things started to look up for him, as he instantly recognized her as his old crew mate and one time love interest until she married their captain known as Nami, who had recognized him as well as soon as she saw him.

In the cellar of the house, was a small martial arts training room that Xenophilius had installed into the house at Cyrus' requests, after his son had started taking martial arts lessons in the nearby muggle town, and the boy was already quiet good at fighting after a few months. The training room had a few muggle training dummies and floor mats, along with a punching bag that was hanging from the ceiling.

Whenever he wasn't upstairs cooking, or studying, or playing with Luna, Cyrus would come downstairs to the training room to practice his martial arts skills, as he built his speed and strength back up in his body, and was also even teaching Luna a few fighting moves as well so that she would be able to protect herself from the local bullies when he wasn't there to protect her.

Both of his parents were always busy with work which kept them both out at all hours of the day, except for his father who sometimes worked at home as he came up with articles for his newspaper.

By the time Cyrus was five years old, his parents had been surprised at how easily he had taken to cooking, as he read over every single cookbook they had in the house, including new cookbooks that his parents picked up at the bookstore for him when they went to Diagon Alley for shopping.

At first the couple had been hesitant to let their son near the stove or an open flame without adult supervision, but after months of a lot of begging and pleading from Cyrus to let him use the stove, the couple had finally buckled down and let him start cooking a month before his sixth birthday, with Serenity at his side giving him tips and pointers on how to prepare meals. She had been surprised to say the least as she watched her son prepare the food, and cook it with her helping, the way he cut and sliced the different meats and vegetables with the knife she had given him, with a precise skill that made him look like he had been slicing up food professionally for years instead of just starting for the first time that day and the way he already knew how to add just the perfect right amount of seasoning to food also amazed her, especially later on when she sampled the cooked food to find it was absolutely perfect, and even better than what she herself could usually come up with.

It took another couple of months, before Serenity had allowed her son to cook without her around to watch him, and the first meal Cyrus had prepared for his family, the couple had been hesitant for a few seconds to dig into the meal, unsure of how the food would taste since it was their sons first try, but as soon as they picked up their forks and started to dig into the food, they had found a bevy of flavors filling their mouths that had them practically drooling as they gobbled up what was on their plates, before going back for seconds and thirds. Needless to say, after that first night Cyrus had been officially appointed cook of the family, though he was only allowed to prepare meals if his parents were either too tired from work or too busy and forget to prepare a meal for everyone themselves.

About five months ago the family had a close call, when they nearly lost Serenity in a lab explosion at work. The day of the explosion Serenity had been an hour and a half late for work, because she had been home taking care of Cyrus and Luna who had both caught a bad flu bug that had been going around their hometown and were both laid up in bed recovering.

Serenity had spent most of the morning fretting and worrying about her kids as they laid in their beds with high fevers, but at the same time she had been worried about a special project she and her colleagues had been working on at work and that that day the project was scheduled to be tested, so Xenophilius, who had also stayed home that day to help take care of Cyrus and Luna, had insisted that she go to work for a while just to check up on things and come back if everything was fine, and she had reluctantly agreed to go.

Serenity had been gone barely ten minutes before she was back home, looking pale faced and in shock and hyperventilating badly, causing her husband to rush to her side and help her to a chair, as he brought her a cool glass of water to try and calm her nerves. It had taken a few minutes before Serenity had calmed down enough to tell Xenophilius what had happened at work in the ten minutes she had been gone.

It turned out that when she arrived at the building where her lab had once been, she had arrived to find the whole building up in flames, as wizards tried to put out the fire that consumed the lab. She had found some of her colleagues who had been in the lab at the time of the fire but had managed to get out in time, and they told her that they had gone ahead and started the test run on the project they'd been working on after she had called in to say she wouldn't be there that day, and that at first things had gone fine but then it had started malfunctioning to the point that it had blown up the entire lab.

Only a few of her coworkers had managed to escape from the inferno alive with only minor burns and bruises, but there had been others who had been right in the middle of the blast who had perished immediately. Her coworkers then told her that she had been lucky to come in late that day, because if she'd been there on time she might have been killed with the others because the explosion had quickly spread to her side of the lab killing everyone who had been over there instantly, and the family of four had been more than glad to know they had missed such a close call on Serenity's life.

'What am I going to do with this family of mine?' Cyrus thought silently to himself as he carried a couple of trays of food to the dining table and set them down at four different chairs, before moving about the house to locate the rest of his family, 'If I wasn't here to cook half the time, they'd probably forget when its time to eat.'

Today Serenity was at work trying to salvage what she could of her destroyed project, though wasn't making any headway in her attempts at recreating it even with her coworkers help, and right now Cyrus was home alone with Luna who was out in the backyard of their home playing by herself while he cooked, and their father Xenophilius was upstairs in his study working on the latest newspaper article for the Quibbler, leaving Cyrus with the task of providing food for everyone that day.

Walking over the back door first, he peered outside to see his sister dancing around in the backyard with her imaginary friends, as he smirked a bit at his sisters antics since he didn't see anything weird about what she did since it didn't hurt anyone, before called out to her and disrupted her fun.

"Luna! It's time to come in for lunch. Tell your friends you'll play with them later," Cyrus called loudly, causing Luna to stop what she was doing and turn around and face him with a bright smile on her face as she waved at him to let him know she had heard him, before Cyrus turned around and headed back inside to locate his father, and found the older man still in the study, hard at work on his latest news article, "Dad, lunch is ready. Do you want me to bring up a tray for you?"

"Oh? Is it that time already, Cyrus? The time got away from me," Xenophilius asked as he glanced up from his writing to glance over at his son in surprise at seeing him there before he glanced over at a nearby wall clock to check the time, before he shook his head ruefully for a moment as he turned his gaze back on Cyrus once more, "I won't be able to come downstairs to eat with you and Luna, so can you please bring up a tray for me and set it down on the table, son? As well as a butterbeer please."

Nodding his head in acknowledgment to what his father had said, Cyrus turned and hurries back towards the kitchen and places his fathers plate of food on one of the kitchen trays, along with a cold bottle of butterbeer that he grabbed from the ice box, before hurrying back to the study and places it on one of the tables that wasn't cluttered with books or papers, as he grabbed the butterbeer off the tray and carried it to his father.

"Okay, dad. If you're not going to eat lunch with us, I'm going to take Luna and walk over to the Weasleys to hang out, if you don't mind dad," Cyrus said as he walks back over to his father while dusting off his hands on his clothes as he glanced over Xenophilius' should to see what his father was writing about this time but didn't see of anything of real interest to him this time, as Xenophilius turned to look at him for a moment as he handed the older man the butterbeer, "Otherwise you'll be all alone in the house for a while until Luna and I get back or mom comes home."

"Its fine with me if you want to go out and play with your friends, son," Xenophilius said distractedly as he accepted the bottle of butterbeer and opened it and took a long sip from the bottle, before he continued speaking, "Just behave yourselves and don't cause any troubles like you did last time you went out, and be back before sunset."

"Okay, we'll see you later then. If you get hungry again later on, there's still some more food on the stove for you and mom to eat, when she gets back," Cyrus said smiling a bit as he leaves the study room, shutting the door behind him as he heads back towards the dining room to find Luna already at the table waiting expectantly for him, "Hey Luna, how do you feel about taking our lunch over at the Weasleys today? I already asked dad if it was okay for us to go and he said it was okay."

"Sure Cyrus, I would love to go over to the Weasleys," Luna said excitedly as she smiled widely at her brother for a moment with a dazed misty eyed look on her face, "I had a feeling we might go there today. Are you going to take some of what you cooked over to Harley to eat as well?"

"I might. Okay, then go get your coat, and I'll pack up the food we'll take with us," Cyrus said as a slight blush crept up to his cheeks when Luna mentioned Harley, and earned a knowing smirk from his younger sister before he shoo's her out of the dining room, before he starts packing up food in small containers. Once he was finished he went to get his shoes and coat and slipped them both on, before walking over to a nearby desk that was in the room, and pulled open one of the drawers and withdrew a ink pot and quill and a piece of parchment and starts writing down a note.

'Knowing dad, he might forget about where I told him that Luna and I going off to, I might well leave a note for mom and him to find so they don't worry later,' Cyrus thought silently himself as he wrote a quick note on the parchment, before setting the letter on the desk in full view so that it wouldn't be missed, just as Luna came downstairs with her coat and shoes on, and the two of them set off out of the house, with their containers of food.

~-The Burrow, Ottery St. Catchpole– Harleen Weasley's POV, August 15, 2000~-

Eleven year old Harleen Minerva Weasley was the sixth child in the Weasley family, born nearly a year after the birth her older twin brothers, Fred and George Weasley, and she was the first born girl born into the Weasley family in generations. She had five older brothers who doted on her and were protective of her, followed by another brother who was born a year after her own birth, along with a younger sister, both who were spoiled rotten by their mother.

When Harleen was born, Molly had been excited and happy to have a little girl who she could pamper and teach how to be a proper young lady who she could marry off to a rich husband who would make their family proud, and from the moment Harleen started walking and talking, Molly had done everything she could possibly think of short of casting the Imperius curse, to raise her eldest daughter to be the way she wanted Harleen to be like, but as Harleen grew older, it became apparent to the Weasley matriarch that her eldest daughter wasn't going to turn out the way she had hoped she would, as Harleen openly rejected all attempts Molly made to teach her eldest daughter how to be a proper young lady as she tried to prepare Harleen for what Molly thought would be the perfect life for her daughter as a house wife and mother to a handsome rich husband when she grew up.

From the moment Harleen could talk and walk, it was apparent that she was a tomboy. She refused to dress up in pretty robes and dresses unless she was forced to for parties, and was always seen running around in either jeans or shorts or anything she could snatch out of the pile of old clothes that her brothers no longer used or had outgrown, and she refused to sit around the house learning to be proper good housewife, learning basic things like sewing, knitting, cooking, etc. though she excelled at cooking after a while much to Molly's surprise, and that was only after Harleen had met that Lovegood boy, Cyrus, who was the same age as Harleen, who Molly had discovered was an excellent cook himself despite his young age after sampling some of his food when she had paid the Lovegoods a visit one afternoon and had brought her youngest children with her.

At first she had thought it had been Serenity Lovegood who had prepared the meal, but when she had commented on it after the kids had disappeared once the meal was over, Serenity had simply laughed good naturedly as she told Molly that she wasn't the one who had prepared that days meal, and had taken her into the kitchen where they found Harleen sitting on a stool in the kitchen helping out Cyrus with icing some cupcakes that Cyrus had taken out of the oven.

Any attempts at curtailing Harleen's tomboy side always met with resistance as Harleen was always running off to go do something with her brothers whether her mother approved or not of her unladylike behavior, and Molly soon learned that her daughter could yell back just as loudly as Molly could if not louder if Harleen put effort into it whenever they got into one of their shouting matches, and neither one would give an inch, and always ended with Harleen running off and doing what she liked anyways. Even locking her in her room or physically punishing her didn't seem to stop her antics, but seemed to fuel her on the more Molly pushed to try and make Harleen fit the mold she wanted both of her daughters to be in.

Much to Molly's further irritation, Harleen had Arthur wrapped around her finger from the moment she was born, and whenever she and Molly got into one of the arguments over something, Harleen would always run straight to her father for help against Molly, and Arthur almost always took Harleen's side on the arguments, no matter what Molly tried to say, and always told Molly to lay off of Harleen and let the girl be what she wants to be.

By the time she nine years old, even at her young age, Harleen already had a small business going with some of the merchants in Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron thanks to Arthur's help and with the Ministry's approval, and had orders from Nocturne Alley and a few other places. Harleen had already displayed a talent for creating detailed maps, and much to Arthur and Molly's surprise, they had found her recreating maps of Diagon Alley first using old maps that Arthur had in his study, before creating a newer updated version of the maps that show all of the new stores that weren't on the old maps. The maps Harleen drew showed perfect drawings of every single store in the shopping center, to show newcomers who had never been to Diagon Alley before where they could go if they were lost. Harleen had even somehow managed to make the maps self-updating, so that notices would show up on the map to show when something important happened to any of the business on the map like if the shop was closed or under repair or something, little notes or signs would appear above the drawn picture of the store. It even showed when a new store was being built and where it was located. The two parents as well as ministry officials who had strenuously studied the maps Harleen had made and had run all kinds of diagnostic tests on each map to find out what the nine year old had used on them to make them work the way they did, still couldn't figure out how she had managed to do that one without any formal training in magic.

Arthur had brought one of her maps to work to show it to his bosses and had it examined by some co-workers, who even went around Diagon Alley and found every single shop on map, and they had put it to a vote that for a fee, they would allow her to distribute her maps throughout Diagon Alley, where they could be bought at either the Leaky Cauldron or the local bookstore, and were on sale for four galleons and fifty sickles each. After the first week, the maps had been a big hit amongst both the purebloods and muggleborns, as they found it much easier to get to where they wanted to go, and now they were getting orders for more of the maps to be produced.

When money from the sold map products started coming in, Molly had wanted to have the money be sent directly to the Weasley family accounts, so that it could be used for the family, Harleen had thrown a major fit, saying that she didn't want all of the money from the sales to go into one bank account, claiming that she wanted her own separate bank account. Molly had been against it, it had taken a lot of begging and pleading on Harleen's part to get Arthur to open up a bank account in her name in Gringott's so that all of the proceeds from her maps would automatically be sent to her own personal bank vault that was kept separate from the rest of the family funds, deciding that it was only fair since it was Harleen's good work with the maps that were earning the money, and felt that the money rightfully belonged to his eldest daughter, even though she did share at least thirty-nine percent of the proceeds with her dad that was automatically sent to the main Weasley vault every month while the rest was sent to Harleen's vault.

Arthur had even made signed an unbreakable binding contract and made special provisions with the goblins so that nobody except Harleen would be able to access the bank vault except her. Not even Molly was able to touch the money in Harleen's vault, which was proven when Molly had somehow managed to get her hands on Harleen's vault key one time, and tried to get access for funds, only for the key to instantly disappear from her hands and return to Harley instantly almost as soon as Molly had entered Gringott's with it, and even bought his daughter a special anti-theft piggy bank that was tied into her account at Gringott's so that if she ever needed to deposit money or get money from her vault without having to travel to the bank, all she had to do was ask the piggybank for a certain amount of money and the piggybank would spit it out, while any money she put in the piggybank was immediately sent to her vault.

The piggybank had special protections and alarms on it, that made it impossible to break no matter what the person tries, and there were charms on the piggybank that would recognize its owners magical signature so that if anyone other than Harley tried to get money out of it, a loud ringing alarm would go off that could be heard both inside and outside of the house and wouldn't stop until Harleen came and stopped it herself.

Molly had even started to notice that when Harleen wasn't inside their home or hanging out with her brothers, Harleen seemed to spend most of her time with the Lovegood boy, Cyrus, whenever he brought his younger sister Luna over to play with Ginny, the duo seemed to get into even more mischief when they were together than they would when apart.

Just a few days ago, there had been another roaring row between Molly and her oldest daughter involving Harleen's future, when Albus bloody Dumbledore had shown up on their doorstep while her father was away at work, to speak to Molly in private. Molly had sent the children away to play outside, while she and the headmaster talked in the kitchen for about an hour and a half, before Molly called in both Harleen and Ginny, and told the two girls the 'good news'.

It seemed that Molly and the headmaster had gotten into their thick heads that it would be a good idea to try and pair up two Weasley girls with the Potter children in marriage contracts that would have ended up with Harleen married off to Rowan Potter and Ginny to Harry Potter, and that the marriage contracts were already filled out and just needed Harleen and Ginny's signatures, on the contracts to show that they were going along with it, and said they would get the two boys signatures when they came to school.

Much to Harleen's anger, Ginny, who was a rabid Harry Potter fangirl who had grown up on the fantasy story books people had been writing about Harry and his siblings for the past couple of years, had been quick to try and sign the contract so that she could be the future Mrs. Harry Potter, if Harleen's quick reflexes hadn't snatched the parchment out of her sisters reach and she immediately started tearing apart both contracts with her bare hands until there was nothing left, as she informed everyone in the room that there would be no marriage contracts between her and Ginny and the Potter brothers ever, much to the shock of everyone in the room, before getting up from her seat and tossing the remains into the fireplace and watched them go up in smoke.

Before Molly could go into one of her well known shrieking rants about the disrespect her eldest daughter had shown for refusing to go along with something that would help the family and place the Potter brothers on the 'right path', Harleen had immediately started in on one of her own rants as she stood up to her mother, not backing down even for a second as Harleen told her flat out that she and Dumbledore had no right to try and set up a marriage contract for her, especially when the supposed grooms family hasn't agreed to the contract either.

When the headmaster tried to placate her and tell her that it was for the greater good of all that the Potter boys be married into a Light sided family like the Weasleys, and tried to tell her that they didn't really need her permission, since as Harleen's mother and legal magical guardian, Harleen would have no choice but to obey the contract once Molly signed it, and they would be drawing up a new contract for Harleen as soon as possible that won't require her signature on it.

After hearing the news, Harleen had proceeded to laugh in both their faces, and then proceeded to inform her mother that the contract would have been invalid anyways whether it required Harleen's written consent or not, because she and Arthur had made a deal years ago back when she had started her map making business. As part of the deal including getting a thirty-five percent of the earnings from the maps being sold, it seems that Arthur Weasley had signed an magical unbreakable contract that affected both Weasley girls that involved using the ancient Laws of Arcadia that would automatically prevent what Molly and Albus had tried to do that day. The rules written in the Laws of Arcadia contract that was drawn up between Arthur and Harleen, specifically stated that the only way for any marriage contract to go through for the two girls was only if it had the full consent and signature of Arthur Weasley himself, and nobody else, as well as the consent of the girls in question, otherwise any contract that would affect Ginny and Harleen's futures would be immediately considered null and voided before the ink was even dried if Arthur's own signature wasn't on it.

Still laughing a bit at the angry looks that were being directed at her, Harleen turned on her heel and started making her way out of the room to go to her bedroom to hang out for a while, but not before stopping long enough to give them one last bit of news, as she bluntly informed them even if the Laws of Arcadia wasn't in effect, she might have gone through with the contract if she had been paired up with Harry Potter instead of Rowan, and refused to have anybody else as her boyfriend, let alone her future husband except Harry, and she absolutely refused to let her baby sister have dibs on her man because of some marriage contract while she's stuck married off to his older brother, and with those parting words she slammed the door shut behind her as she leaves the stunned group behind.

Hours later, Harleen could be found still in her bedroom lying on her bed reading one of her books as she relaxed. Dinner had been about an hour ago, and Harleen had openly ignored the angry glares she was receiving from her mother and sister as she happily dug into her food, while also talking to her brothers. Arthur was late coming home that night because of work, so by the time he finally got home Molly had his dinner under a warming charm while the kids had already headed off to bed for the night.

As Harleen laid on her bed, she could hear her parents raised voices coming from all the way downstairs in the kitchen as Molly told Arthur about what happened that day, and getting into a row with her husband when he found out about her attempt to marry off their daughters without informing him about it first or getting his permission to sign the contracts to begin with, and the yelling between the two had seemed to go on forever, so it wasn't much to the surprise of the Weasley kids, when they came downstairs the next morning to find Arthur sleeping in the living room on their pull-out-bed couch that the family had bought a couple of years ago from a muggle furniture store, and the atmosphere in the kitchen as they all ate breakfast together could be described as artic cold, as Harleen and Arthur both ignored the glares that were being directed at them by both Molly and Ginny while the duo ate their breakfast quietly, while the boys were all trying to pretend nothing strange was going on around them.

By the next morning, Ginny had finally confronted her about what she said about not letting Ginny have Harry Potter as Ginny's husband because he was Harleen's 'man', and Harleen told her younger sister flat out that Harry had always been hers from the moment they had met at the funeral the Potter kids father when they were younger, and she wasn't going to let anyone even if they were family take Harry from her or let him be with anyone else if she could help it, and that Ginny should be thanking her for looking out for her by having Arthur draw up the contracts for her as well, in case Molly tried something like this and had tried to set up a marriage contract with some old geezer who was old enough to be their dad or grandpa just for his money, which caused Ginny to immediately shut up and storm off with a huff.

Now that Harleen was eleven years old, it was now time for her to start preparing to go to Hogwarts in September like her brothers before her, or at least that was the plan, until Harleen had informed the family that she wasn't going to Hogwarts, because she didn't want to be stuck in school with her five older brothers, and a sixth one starting next year, who despite how much she loved them she knew they would cause trouble for at school with their overprotectiveness, and that she had already sent in an application for Beauxbatons and had been accepted to the school.

Molly had nearly hit the roof at the latest news, as she firmly informed her daughter, and that everyone in the Weasley family had always attended Hogwarts, and that was the school Harleen would attend as well as was family tradition, that she wasn't going to Beauxbatons since they couldn't afford to send her there anyways.

Harleen for once had simply and calmly told her mom that Molly and Arthur didn't have to worry about paying for her going to Beauxbatons because she's already paid for all the tuition fee's at the school for the next seven years with the money she earned from her map sales, and that Arthur had already signed the permission form that allowed to go to Beauxbatons, and that she didn't care about 'family tradition' or whatever other arguments Molly might have had, on the subject of her schooling as she refused to go to any other school than the Beauxbatons, and had already sent into her application to the school and had been accepted.

Ever since her announcement about her schooling plans, Harley and Molly were at odds with each other, and everyone in the Weasley household were on constant pins and needles about when Molly would finally blow her top once more.

To be continued...

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1. Female Harry Potter was originally born in the Pokemon world as Ash Ketchum's twin sister. When the twins were only a few weeks/months old, she is kidnapped by a summoning spell which brought female Harry to the Harry Potter universe where she is given to the Potters so she can be used for the prophecy against Voldemort. The fateful night Voldemort attacks the Potters, the backlash of the killing curse winds up sending female Harry straight back home to the Pokemon universe and back to her real family, and she grows up there and becomes a pokemon trainer alongside her brother.
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3. After the war with Voldemort, thanks to her mother's quick thinking and a polyjuice potion, Nymphadora Tonks survived the war while Remus Lupin died along with Andromeda Tonks who fought alongside Remus, while disguised as her daughter thanks to the polyjuice potion, while Tonks was left behind knocked out back at home. Tonks has to raise their son, Teddy, alone as a single mom with Harry's help. As time goes by, Harry and Tonks start to fall in love, and start planning a future together, but an extremely jealous, and suicidal, Ginny Weasley might get in the way of their happiness as she tries everything she can to get Harry to dump Tonks and get together with her instead.
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6. Before Albus Dumbledore left baby Harry at the Dursleys, he uses a spell/potion on baby Harry to change Harry's gender to make it harder for enemies to find him and intended to change Harry back to his proper gender when the time comes. That same night, John Winchester and Bobby Singer happen to be in England on 'business', and find and take in the little girl after the Dursleys abandon her, and Bobby adopts her into his family and takes her back to America with him. Girl-Harry grows up in America and is trained as a Hunter, and goes to magic school there, and falls in love with both Sam and Dean, and vice versa, when Dumbledore finally tracks her down.
7. Harry is basically neglected and abandoned by Lily and James in favor of his more famous twin. After graduating from Hogwarts, he cuts all ties with his former life and leaves England and moves to America to start over where years later he meets and marries Jethro Gibbs. They are expecting their first baby, when Harry's past comes calling at their doorstep. It turns out that while he was gone, Harry's twin had developed some form of magical cancer and is dying, and the only way to save him is by sacrificing Harry's life for a magical transfusion because of his ties as his brothers twin, and his parents and their allies are more than willing to do so whether Harry is willing to help or not if it will keep the twin alive.
8. (NCIS xover) Decades ago (before she was even conceived or born) Hermione Grangers mother made a seemingly innocent promise as a child with her childhood best friend that their future children would one day marry when they both came of age, and sealed the promise by exchanging blood with each other. Thanks to Hermione's magic, after the final war with Voldemort, that long ago promise made by her muggle mother and her muggle friend is turned into an unbreakable marriage contract that could kill her if she doesn't go through with it before her next birthday, so she travels to America to try and locate her would be groom to try and get him to marry her.
9. During the second war with Voldemort, Harry is informed that Draco Malfoy is a dominate Veela, and that Harry is his destined mate and that it was an 'honor' for him to accept immediately or else Draco would die from the rejection. Harry refuses to even consider it because he's straight and in love with Hermione, who now won't give him even a chance at getting together because of the whole Veela thing, and gives Dumbledore and the others an ultimatum that THEY had two choices. If they want him to fight Voldemort they will drop the matter of him and Draco or else he would willingly leave them all to Voldemort's 'tender' mercies as he would leave the country rather than be forced to marry Draco and never come back, OR they can chose to drop the Veela matter completely if they want him to stay and fight. After the war is over, they still try and force Harry into 'honoring' his 'duty' of being chosen as a Veela mate and marry Draco, but Harry flees the country first chance he gets before the marriage ceremony can happen, and heads for America where he gets a new identity and meets and marries a young woman, and has a child with her until the wife dies leaving him a single dad working as a government agent, when Hermione and the British magical world finally catches up with him years later.
10. (Charmed and Harry Potter) Years ago, young Christopher Perry Halliewell traveled to England on a school trip, and while out sightseeing he discovers the British magical world, and learns that his family had ancient ties there. As the only Halliewell heir to show up in generations, Chris immediately inherits his ancestors fortune and becomes a Lord, then cuts off all ties to his family in America after he returns home from the trip and tells them what happened, and they try and make him relinquish his newfound titles over to Wyatt because he's the older brother and destined 'Chosen One' and they think that Wyatt 'deserves the titles and fortune more' than Chris does, and moves back to England to start a new life.
11. (D-Grayman xover) After Mana Walker died and after making the deal with the Millennium Earl, Female Allen Walker was taken in by an old friend of Mana's before Cross Marian arrives, who takes her away to another world where time moves faster there, and trains her to control her powers and making her a powerful fighter and exorcist for a few years though her body never ages in that time and becomes ruthless, before finally sending her back to her own world, having her arrive back at the exact moment when she originally left her home world, where Cross Marian finally finds her, and makes her come with him to train her powers as an exorcist. Because of her upbringing, she's completely against the Exorcist Black Order and what it stands for, and threatens to harm any who to make her join the Order after Cross Marian warns her that they might come after her after their training together ends.
12. (Doctor Who xover) The Doctor rescues Harry Potter from the Dursleys when Harry is still a child years before he starts at Hogwarts, and during his travels with his adopted dad, Harry gets into accident on one of the planets they visit, that permanently transforms his body into a girl that's a few years older than what he was before the accident. By the time she's 11 years old (in a twenty-something year old female body), during one of their trips back to Earth, the Hogwarts owls finally catch up to her and invite her to school.

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