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New World University Harem

Chapter 3

Orientation Pt. 2

The auditorium was now full and all the new freshman had now taken their seats. Towards the left side of the auditorium sat, in this respective order, a weirded out Nami, a chuckling Luffy, a nervously laughing Vivi, Sanji oogling Vivi, and a sleeping Zoro. Lots of talking could be clearly heard though out the entire auditorium so not many were paying attention when three figures walked out onto the stage to begin freshman orientation. The largest the three figures stood at the podium and gazed at out at the new students as did the other two that were standing a few feet behind him. After about 45 seconds of staring, he lifted his hand up into the air and brought it down on to the podium with all his strength shattering it to pieces.

"Dammit not another one." the figure to his right grumbled quietly to himself under his marine cap. The other figure just stood there not stating a word with a confident grin over his face under his green hood that cast a shadow over his face.

As the podium shattered to pieces, the entire auditorium became deathly quiet as many new students were confused and scared out of their minds at the sudden sign of aggression. Luffy just stared at the man with a blank stare, Sanji raised an eyebrow at the action, and Zoro was still sleeping away. Vivi and Nami were scared and speechless with the rest of the freshman student body.

"Now that I have all of your attention I would like to formally welcome you to New World University and to those new to the city welcome to New World City. I am Edward Newgate, the residing president over the pirate division of this university. The students simply call me Whitebeard, pops, or old man." the giant man introduced himself.

"To my right is marine division president Sengoku and on my left is revolutionary division president Dragon." president Newgate introduced his associates.

"The main purpose of the Marines remain rooted in the idea of bringing justice to any criminal. We use justice as our constituted policy to manage a world that is made entirely of one ocean much easier. Justice is what holds peace between the three sides here in New World City. Where there is no justice there is no peace, where there is no peace there is only chaos and destruction. RISE MY FUTURE MARINES AS YOU WILL BE THE NEW GENERATION TO UPHOLD THE LAW AGAINST THOSE THAT WOULD DARE GO AGAINST! LET THE JUSTICE FLOW THROUGH YOUR VEINS FOR ONE DAY WE WILL RID THE WORLD OF EVERY LAW BREAKING SCUM IN THE WORLD! If you wish to become a marine then leave the auditorium NOW!" Sengoku shouted raising his hands into the air and ending his rant causing a third of the freshman student body to get up, cheer, and leave. Sengoku himself left the stage to begin to mold the next generation of soldiers into the world's greatest marines.

"Looks like he's got another group of youngsters riled up this year." the white mustached president.

"Well looks like I'm up next." Dragon stated walking up where Sengoku stood before him. He gazed across his youthful audience to make certain he had there attention.

"Being a revolutionary is not easy and I warn you now that the road ahead against those that oppose freedom and change will protracted and arduous. Fate has chosen some of you to lead the winds change in the world whether you be revolutionary, pirate, or marine." Dragon's speech began.

"Hey Luffy has your dad always been this fanatical about change and fate as he is now?" Nami asked out of curiosity.

"Ummm not really that I can remember." Luffy asked scratching the back of his head like it would help answer the question.

"He's really going at it up there like president Sengoku before him. By the way which curriculum are you guys going to join anyway?" Nami asked. Luffy, Sanji who stopped oogling Vivi long enough to answer the question, and an awake and bored Zoro stated in unison "Pirates!"

"Really? Well I can't say that I'm surprised at that?" Nami stated with a slight frown.

"Of course that's not the surprising part but there is another part that you be surprised at I guarantee it." Zoro said with a smirk across his face.

"Ooooohhhh really and what's that?" Nami asked not getting a response. Figuring she'd find out later she ignored it and went back to listening to Luffy's dad talk about what it means to be a revolutionary.

"Myself and the rest of the revolutionary teaching staff will make sure that those of you who wish to help make change where change is necessary a reality and that you are instilled with the wishes and ideals of those who can't make change happen themselves. You will learn what it means to truly stand up for those that are in need of help in the world. Join me and I stall turn you into the greatest revolutionaries the world has ever seen." Dragon finished up. As he left the stage, those who wished to be a part of the glorious revolution did too. All that was remaining were those who wanted to pirates and those who still weren't sure what they wanted to be.

Whitebeard stepped forward back into the center of the stage and gazed out to the students, must of who gazed right back at him. "I'll assume that those of you who are still here wish to join pirates or aren't quite sure yet. Remember this as you choose though, it is fine when a man decides what to make of his life, as long as he does not live to regret it. The pirates life is among the most dangerous in the world for unlike the marines and revolutionaries, most pirates tend not to be allies unless it's for a ulterior motive. I won't stand here and bore you with a speech about being a pirate because everyone's got a different reason." At that moment, a burst of laughter came from the front row of the auditorium.

"HAHAHAHA different reasons? What other reasons are there for becoming a pirate than the fame, power, wealth and woman that come along with the role!" yelled a tall darkly tanned young man with unkempt blond hair. "Chasing after anything else is a fools dream HAHAHAHA!" he continued with several people around him laughing along with him.

Whitebeard looked down at the boy with a grin. "Oh is that what you believe son and what is your name?" the giant man asked.

"Me, I'm Bellamy, captain of the newly formed Bellamy Pirates!" exclaimed pointing at himself with his thumb.

"What of those out there who wish to become pirates for the title of Pirate King and search for the legendary One Piece?" Whitebeard asked.

"The One Piece is a fools dream only for those not strong enough to have the strength to chase after what's in front of them." Bellamy answered. "As for the title of Pirate King, that of course'll be me."

Faces around the auditorium began to dawn a downcast expression as Bellamy talked down their dreams of finding the One Piece and calling it a fools goal. In the back, Nami, Luffy, Vivi, Sanji, and Zoro listened to Bellamy's explanation of what it means to be a pirate.

"Well if this guy isn't a doushebag." Nami commented out loud to herself. When Bellamy proclaimed he was going to be the pirate king, Sanji and Zoro looked at Luffy to see what he was going to do. As expected by them excluding Nami and Vivi, Luffy stood up and put one foot in his chair and one on the back rest of the chair in front of him.

"Hey Luffy what's wrong?" Vivi asked confused as to why Luffy was standing in his chair.

"OOII" Luffy yelled grabbing the attention of the entire auditorium. "THERE'S ONLY GONNA BE ONE PIRATE KING AND THAT'S GONNA BE ME!" Luffy announced. To say that everyone expect Zoro and Sanji were dumbfounded would be an understatement. Bellamy laughed at what he believed to be Luffy's foolishness.

"Luffy are you serious?!" Vivi and Nami asked simultaneously.

"He's as serious about it as he is about biting your hand off if you try to steal his food." Sanji answered.

Bellamy was holding his sides in pain as he was nearly rofling around on the floor. "And what in God's name makes you believe that a scrawny squirt like you has what it takes to obtain the fame, power, and wealth this world has to offer?"

Luffy dawned a confused expression across his face. "I don't what any of that stuff! The Pirate King is the one in the ocean with the most freedom!" Luffy said with his trademarked grin across his face. Emotions of all sorts started running through the audience as they watched Luffy and Bellamy's back and forth. After Luffy's declaration of becoming the next pirate king the feeling of a new challenger welled up inside eight others in the audience. (Internet cookie for anyone who can guess who)

Whitebeard who was watching the whole thing play out got a hit of nostalgia after hearing what being pirate king means to Luffy. He smiled to himself thinking 'I like this kid! He's got spunk just like you Roger.'

"Oi Oi strawhat what's your name?" Whitebeard called out to Luffy.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy and I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!" the straw-hatted boy called out.

"I see. So another D has made its way to NWC." Newgate whispered to himself.

"Monkey D.? Ain't that president Dragons name too?" a random person in the audience asked.

"Yeah he's my dad. Oh but don't tell anybody!" Luffy called out in that persons general direction with a finger over his lip like he was shhhing someone. At that point most of the people in the auditorium face faulted and Sanji stood up whacked Luffy in the back of the head.

"You baka! You already told everyone who you are!" Sanji yelled at him.

"Op too late then I guess! Shishishishishishi!" Luffy laughed.

There was lots of potential in these kids in Whitebeard's mind, and he was particularly expecting a lot from the Strawhatted boy. Feeling that orientation had gone on long enough he lifted one foot up and stomped it into the ground to get everybody's attention. After the large boom that came from the stage, everyone turned there gazed to Whitebeard.

"We've been in here long enough. This orientation is now over." Whitebeard announced. As he attempted to turn and walk off stage he failed to notice that when he stamped his foot into the stage, he put a hole in it and now as he was about to walk, the hole held his foot and he began to fall forward. When he hit the stage it all crashed down with him effectively destroying the entire stage.

"Hey is he ok?" Vivi said slightly concerned but also while sweat dropping like most the auditorium at what just happened. As if on queue Whitebeard climbed out of the hole he just made and continued off stage.

At that everyone made their way out of the auditorium.

"So shitty captain what we going to do with the rest of the day now that orientation is over with?" Sanji asked. At that moment a rather large growl was heard like there was a lion nearby.

"Well I guess that answers that question now doesn't it?" Zoro answered.

"MEEEEEAAAAAATTTTT" Luffy yelled out at the top of his lungs startling some of the students who were still walking out the auditorium. "I know this great place a few blocks from here if you want meat Luffy." Vivi chimed in.

"Really?! Where!?" Luffy said as he jumped up and down ready to chow down on some prime meat.

"It's this wonderful place called the Foxfire Grill! The owner and chef there is a samurai from the famed Wano Country!" Vivi explained piking the interest of another swordsman in the vicinity.

"He's a samurai eh! Well then I second we go to the Foxfire Grill to eat. I'm quite interested now!" Zoro said gripping his swords also getting a little excited.

"Hey Nami do you want to come with us?" Luffy asked the orange haired girl. "I would but I'm supposed to meet up with Boa after orientation is over but thanks for asking. So I guess this is where we'll part ways and I'll see you guys around." Nami replied while walking away from the group.

"BBBBBYYYYYEEE NAMI~SWAN!" Sanji called out causing her to sweat drop and walk away faster.

Now that Nami was out of sight, the group of four proceeded to begin the walk to the Foxfire with Luffy bouncing up and down at the head of the group with Vivi walking beside him and Sanji and Zoro in the back.

"So Luffy how long have you had your dream to become king of the pirates and look for the one piece?" Vivi asked trying to break the silence.

"Since before I met you I think. I made a promise to someone that I'd follow my dreams and become king." Luffy answered in a nostalgic fashion.

"I see, so what's your dreams?" she asked looking back at the swordsman and cook. "I gonna become the greatest swordsman in the world." Zoro answered with a smirk on his face.

"And you?" Vivi asked Sanji.

"I want to find the legendary All Blue. The place where all four oceans meet and fish from all over the world can found there. It's literally a cooks paradise." Sanji said ecstatically.

"Also.." Zoro began.

"Help this baka become the pirate king!" Sanji finished.

"Wow you all have great dreams you're working toward. I guess if I'm going to be apart of this crew then I'm going to have to find something to work towards too." Vivi stated to herself.

"Yeah I guess so." Zoro said not grasping what she just said till a moment later.

"Wait what?" Sanji and Zoro said simultaneously.

"Oh Luffy hasn't told you guys yet has he? He asked me if I wanted to join the crew and I asked my father and he said yes." Vivi answered with a huge smile on her face.

Zoro and Sanji walked up to Luffy and simultaneously bopped him on the head causing to knots to appear. "Thanks for telling us you're recruiting new members ya shitty captain." Sanji yelled at him with a large smile on his face since their first new member was a girl and a beautiful one at that.

"Like you care stupid love cook since Vivi's a girl!" Zoro insulted him.

"What'd you say marimo?" Sanji shot back.

"You heard me ero-cook!" Zoro yelled back. This point they both were butting heads looking like they were ready to fight like they always do. "Should I expect this to happen a lot?" Vivi asked Luffy.

"Yeah it's normal so don't worry about it." Luffy replied. The rest of the eight minute trip was pretty much silent besides the usual insult between Sanji and Zoro.

"Ah here we are! The FoxFire Grill!" Vivi said beginning to walk inside first. As all four of them walked inside the old fashioned restaurant, raw fish and a piece of meat was thrown into air before someone called out "Kitsunebi-ryu: Kasai Slash(Fox-Fire Style: Fire Slash)." The raw fish and meat were sliced into pieces before falling back down as a fully cooked meal. At that moment Sanji, Vivi, and Zoro had to shield their eyes from the bright lights radiating from Luffy's eyes.

"Oi Oi you're a bit too impressed!" Sanji stated to a drooling Luffy with shining eyes.

The man standing behind the counter at the grill was tall man with an old fashioned topknot hairstyle and goatee. He wore a samurai gi that black and white striped on the left side and orange on the right and had two sword sheaths on his left hip. That last feature only notably by Zoro.

At that a waitress came to greet the group and show them to their table. When they sat down at the round booth she asked what they wanted to drink then left to get those.

Sanji being the culinary specialist of the group proceed to look around the establishment noticing the samurai armor and other items on the walls and such. The restaurant was lit by paper lanterns so while the place had a nice dark tone, it also felt warm and cozy. By the time he was done looking around the waitress was back with there drinks and then asked them if they knew what they wanted to eat. After taking their orders she left to go tell the chef what they wanted.

"Hey Vivi, do you know if the chef here has ever been challenge by someone here?" Zoro asked the blue haired girl.

"As far as I know he has! I witnessed one of his challenges a couple of years ago here with my father." Vivi replied.

"Great!" the green haired swordsman said with a smirk on his face.

"Are you gonna challenge him to a duel?" Vivi asked curiously.

"Yep and I'm also interested in that peculiar sword style he's using!" he explained. Once their food was brought out to them with most of the table being filled up with what Luffy ordered, Zoro grabbed the waitresses attention.

"Hey miss I was wondering how do I go about challenging the chef to a duel?" Zoro asked the waitress. She looked at the three swords he had with him, smiled then clapped her hands really loudly. When she clapped her hands, a rope fell from the ceiling that she then grabbed and pulled. When she pulled the rope, the restaurant began to shake and rumble as if going through an earthquake. Steam started coming up from the floor as everything in the building started to change and shift.

"Damned marimo what did you do?" Sanji asked attempting not to fall out the booth.

As the restaurant shifted, a large arena came out of the floor directly in the center. The cook jumped from his place behind the counter to the center of the arena before shouting "WHO HAS CHALLENGED THE FOXFIRE OF WANO COUNTRY? I FOXFIRE KIN'EMON HERE BY ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE." the man now known as Kin'emon said.

"I did!" Zoro said jumping to the other side of the arena with a smirk but excitement clearly written across his face."YEAH GO ZORO!" Luffy shouted clapping two pieces of meat together in hands with two puff up cheeks full of food.

"What's your name?" Kin'emon asked the green haired swordsman.

"Zoro, Roronoa Zoro!" he answered back.

"Well then Roronoa Zoro, prepare to feel the heat of the FOXFIRE!" Kin'emon yelled while beginning to lunge at Zoro.

"GLADLY!" Zoro shouted back lunging toward Kin'emon ecstatic about his first battle in New World City.

Chapter End

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