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"Kid talking to Dark Kid"


"Dark Kid"

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Chapter One: The Awakening of the Prince

It was a dark night, in Death City. Almost no light could be seen, with the exception of the bloody grinning moon. A young Shinigami slept, unaware of the haunting change spreading through his veins and body. He shifted in his sleep. He was Death the Kid. Turning on his side, he mumbled something about "Symmetry is the best thing in the world."

Suddenly, he started shivering.

Kid's Dream

Kid was floating in a black abyss. He looked around, unable to see his own hand in front of his face.

"Where am I?" Kid's voice reverberated throughout the darkness. A cold, dark voice penetrated the darkness and sent an icy shiver down Kid's spine.

"So you've finally begun your awakening? It took longer than I thought it would." The voice steadily grew closer.

"Who are you?!" Kid scanned the void. In the direction of the voice, a small light was forming.

"Come to me, Son of Death. Now that you have the power, we need only to awaken it. Do so, and your greatest dreams and desires shall be yours for the taking."

Kid glared at the light that had intensified during its little speech. "What do you mean by "my greatest dreams and desires"?! I work with my father to preserve peace in the world. Other than perfect symmetry, there is nothing else in the world I could want!" Kid wracked his brain, attempting to understand what the voice meant. 'The only other thing I could want' Kid thought, 'is the girl of my dreams. The girl I love.'

"Yes. I know you want that girl. The one I have seen you fall all over yourself for. I've been in your mind for a month, and now I know for certain. You love that girl, don't you Death the Kid."

Kid flushed crimson and looked away. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

The voice chuckled. "You know who I am talking about. The girl with the Grigori soul. The one who has courage like no other. The one who defeated the Kishin Asura with a punch to the face. The girl you fell in love with the moment you laid eyes on her. Maka Albarn."

Kid jumped (if it's possible to jump whilst floating in the air), and whirled around to face the light, which was slowly forming creating a humanoid shape.

"I have no idea what you are talking about! Maka is my friend! A very good friend!"

The voice, (who was almost completely formed,) spoke in a condescending manner.

"It's not good to lie to yourself, Shinigami. I have seen the longing looks you give her. The jealousy in your eyes, when that fool weapon of hers touches her in any way. The hatred you feel for him, every time he insults her, or hurts her. Yes, Kid. I know you love her. And with my help-"

The voice paused, as it merged to create…

"Y-you!" Kid pointed a shaky finger at the voice, which had formed into a person.

"Yes me. With my help she will be yours and yours alone. Because Kid, I am you."

The figure before Kid looked like an exact duplicate with the exception of the black aura that surrounded the other, darker Kid. This "other" Kid smirked, and the real Kid could see sharp-looking fangs. Actual fangs.

"B-but how? How the hell are you me?! I am me! The me that is total asymmetrical garbage! YOU. ARE. NOT. ME!" By this point, Kid was shaking. The other Kid smiled.

"Take my hand, Young Reaper. And you will have her. You will have powers that surpass the Kishin. That surpasses your own FATHER!"

Kid's dual golden eye glazed over. He extended his hand towards the "Dark Kid".

"I will… have her… I will… surpass my father."

The Other Kid grinned, his own light glinting off his fangs.

"Yes. You will slowly absorb, and become one with me! Accept your fate!"

He grasped Kid's hand. The instant they touched, Kid felt a rush of extremely dark power engulfing him, breaking him out of his trance.

"No! Stop! I won't…accept… this POWER!" Kid fell to his knees, as the voice spoke its few final words.

Too late, dear boy. I am you, and you are me. We will slowly become the Dark Prince.

With that, Kid's body absorbed the Dark Kid, and the real Kid fell unconscious.

(No one's P.O.V)

The grinning sun glared upon Death City, as if it knew something bad was about to happen. In Gallows Manor, all was silent until the clock hit 8:00am.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Kid awoke with a scream. (And after the horrible nightmare, who wouldn't?)

"Kiddo!" The door to Kid's room flew open with a loud BANG. There in his doorway stood the twin pistol Thomson Sisters: Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson, and her younger sister Patricia "Patty" Thompson.

"We heard a scream! What's wrong?" Liz looked around and groaned. "Please tell me this isn't one of your "symmetry fits", is it? Cause if it is, I'll have Patty paint giraffes all over the house." Patty jumped up, and pumped her fist in the air.


Kid groaned and placed his hand to his head. "Oh damn! My head is killing me!" Kid looked around, blinking his eyes, as if he were a newborn child, seeing the world for the first time.

"Kiddo! Are you okaaaaay?" Patty jumped on Kid's bed. With lightning fast inhuman reflexes, he was on the other side of the room, eyes glowing brightly.

"Whoa, Kid! Chill! Are you alright? That was fast, even for a Shinigami like you!" Liz stared at the young reaper, noting that he looked different; Paler skin, slightly more muscular yet somehow more thin, and lithe. His eyes glowed like miniature suns. And when he opened his mouth, she could see small but sharp fangs.

"Kid! W-what happened to you?!"

The young Shinigami straightened up and looked Liz straight in the eye, causing cold shivers to go down the older Thompson Sister's spine.

"I have something to tell you."

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