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Lucy Pov

Hello my name is Lucy Heartifillia , 18 years old . Daughter of Jude and Layla Heartifillia.

A Proud Fairy Tail Mage , A Celestial Wizard and Former Part Of Team Natsu.

Why Former?

Because after GMG , Lisanna joins Team Natsu . After 5 months Lisanna Joins , I decided to went out Solo . So , I told them I'll take a break from Team Natsu and started to do the Mission alone (Solo), The Reason were not because Lisanna it's because THEY ARE SUPER DESTRUCTIVE , expect Lisanna and me .

When I decided to went Solo mission , Lisanna felt guilty but I told her that it wasn't her fault and it's my decisions.

But , Natsu , Erza , Gray , Lisanna are still my friends . Specially Natsu , my best friend .

Well , sometimes I went to Missions with Team Natsu , Wendy , or With Levy-chan (With her Team , too).

Also , Since Fairy Tail win the Grand Magic Games Sabertooth became our Friend !

Surprise ? Shock?

Yeah , Same here . But the day when Sabertooth be ours friend was the most happiest day for me .

It's not because we became Friend it's something else , also it's not entirely Friend it's Friend-Enemies (Just like Gray and Natsu) .


"We're truly sorry for what we did to one of yours nakama" said Sabertooth Master , Jiemma .

"Yes...We deeply to you , Lucy-san I presume" Minerva said bowed to me . "No , It's okay and no honorifics please" I said . All the Sabertooth members included Master Jiemma and Minerva Plus Fairy Tail eyes widen . "What are you saying Lucy?!"

"She tortured you" "How can you forgive them so easily?" Protest the Fairy Tail members , I just covered my ears while the Sabertooth nodded their head and said "Y..Yeah" .

"Shut Up!" I shut them up .. All of them.

I sighed "I know what she did and I can feel she really sorry for what she did"

"B..But..." Minerva tried to protest my decisions .

"No 'But' " I cut her off. "At least , let me do you a favor !" She said eagerly . I shrugged. "..Hmmm..Then Let Yukino Join Sabertooth and Let's be friend" I smiled and hold her hands . Minerva eyes widen and she let out her tears "Yes , Thank you and Sorry" She sobbed . I smiled . Then , Natsu put his arm on my shoulder.

"You know why we so mad at you ?" Natsu asked , "She's your Nakama , right?" Minerva answered .

"Nope , it's because Lucy is our precious Nakama and our Sun" Natsu Grinned widely . Minerva kinda sweat dropped 'It's the same as Nakama , just like what I just answered...' she thought .

"She's our Light when we're Sad or our heart consumed by our hatred or darkness , Her smile swept away our sadness , Hatred, even darkness" Erza proudly and suddenly said .

"Lucy is our Star , and She's just like a little sister to me " Gray said.

"Lucy-san is our Treasure" Wendy smiled.

"She's also Kind and Caring " Lisanna happily said

"Lu-chan is a great great ... no .. a Perfect friend , I f I were you Minerva-san , I will always be her friend " Levy touch Minerva shoulder.I blushed and sweat dropped at their sudden compliment , "What are you talking about suddenly .."

"But It's the truth" All the FT members grinned.

My eyes widen and Smiled .

The guild (FT) smiled and talked about how great 'Nakama' with Sabertooth .

At Night Sabertooth and Fairy Tail partied together for the winning of Fairy Tail and also for the New Friend , Sabertooth.

The Both Masters had drinking contest , included some of the sabertooth members and Fairy Tail members.

As for me , I was just sat in the bar with Erza , Minerva ,Juvia , Levy , Wendy , Yukino(She haven't Re-join yet , but soon) , Lisanna ,Evergreen , and Mirajane . We had Girl's Topic is about GUYS/BOYS.

I got a lot of information from the Girl's Talk Such as , Lisanna loved Natsu , Wendy and Levy-chan had a crush , about Erza and Jellal relationship , Minerva thought of Boys in her guild , Evergreen started to like Elfman , and someone just confess to Yukino few days ago and Mirajane secretly dated Laxus!.

And Only me left , They started to Matchmaking me .

They said , Me and Natsu but I denied it . Me and Gray , I denied it and Juvia almost killed me . Me and Sting , I completely Denied it .

"I hate arrogant bastard like him " I said and took a sip of my strawberry milkshake."Yukino with Sting is more perfect" .They Nodded this made Yukino face red , It can even matched Erza's scarlet/red hair.

"What about Rogue?" Mirajane teased

I stiffened . The girls stared at me ,


"What do you think about Rogue?" asked Minerva .

"Well , He's cute , Handsome , Strong , Quiet , And Smart I guess" I imagined Rogue's face .


"That's it !" I blushed . "There's must be more" Erza said . Minerva and the others nodded

I sighed , "I .. kinda ... like him" I mumble and wished they didn't heard it ,

But I forgot that Wendy is a dragon slayer and She heard it .

"Lucy-san , so you like Rogue-san?" Wendy asked me innocently .

I can felt my face burned when she asked me that , with her Innocent face and voice.

"NO , NO IT'S NOT LIKE THAT" I denied and left the Inn we're staying and where the Sabertooth and my guild currently partied.

I ran and then bumped to someone , "I'm Sorry" I apologized

He gave me a hand "It's alright" , I took his hand.

I bowed , when I about to left he grabbed my hand .

"..Lucy Heartifilia , right?"


"Where are you going in the middle of the night, alone ?"

"I..I just Take a Walk" Avoiding eye contact.

"Then , Let me accompany you"


"It's not good for a woman alone in the middle of the night ."

I blushed slightly , Then he held my hand and started walking .

I can see his back .

'He's just like a shadow' I thought .

'Don't tell me .. He is .. '

"Rogue Cheney?"

He stopped and turned .

'His eyes , so Beautiful '

"Yes , Lucy-san ?"

"Ah , nothing . Where were you taking me ? "

"and no honorific please , just call me Lucy" I added .

"You're going to know , just follow me " He said .I pouted 'He's so cold , But that makes him more cool and interesting' .

We walked for around 10 minutes.

I felt annoyed ,

'Where the hell is he taking me?!' I thought angrily.

"Hey " I broke the silent .He did not answered me . Then he suddenly stopped his track , that's made me bump into his back ,

"Ouch , don't suddenly stopped!" I rub my nose , "sorry , we're here" he said.

'Huh , at least said before you suddenly stopped' I pouted ,

I blinked , "uaah , This is so amazing!" I exclaimed . "This is my favorite place " He said .

I giggled , "Hey , what's under it?" I pointed at a gold plate that sticked to the Fountain.

Rogue walked and squat down , and read "It's a ancient writing"

I also squat down , "I can read that , hmm.. It's said 'Celestial Fountain' . I guess it's the name of the Fountain , no wonder it's so magical" I stood up . "Wait there's more , read it"

I read it until the end , "It said 'This is a Love fountain , If a couple drank the fountain water and it tasted sweet (for the couple) it means they meant for each other , if the couple drank the water and the tasted is normal it mean they were not meant for each other.' So romantic, right?"

"Yeah ...Lucy " he called . "Yes?"

"You know , Since the first day of GMG ... I have fall in love with you"

I blushed madly , "wha..what .. are .. you saying , R..Rogue"

He took a deep breath , "I love you , will you be mine and mine alone ?"

I was dumbfounded and blushing madly .

'Omg omg , did he just confess to me !?'

'What should I said!?'

'It's not like I didn't love him , I love him with all my heart from the tag battle day .. '

'Breath in breath out'

"I .. I also love you , Rogue" I shyly said . Then , he suddenly hugged me and I hugged back .

"I love you , Lucy. " He kissed my cheek .


We walked back to where Sabertooth and Fairy Tail currently partied . We walked hand in hand , we talked about our interest , about the guilds and we decided to keep our relationship secret for now .

In front of the Inn , we release each other hand and opened the door .

"Wow , What the hell is going on..." I scanned the room , Some were drunk , some were fainted , some dancing around , The Master talked non-sense to each other ( Makarov to Jiemma ) .

"..This place..reek of alcohol.." Rogue pinched his nose bridge . "I can't stand this place , "

"Well , what can we do to them.." I shrugged and yawned . "I'm so sleepy , I'm going to get some sleep . Bye " I gave him a peck on his cheek and went to my room with a tint of pink on my cheek .

End Of Flashback.

Lucy Pov , backed to the present 5/6 months . (Continue from the top)

I stretched my body and walked out from the Train . "Let's see " I checked the mission paper .

Today , I decided to took a Job because my rent money is due in 2 weeks .

The Job Is pretty easy , Just need to collected some herbs in the east Hikari Village , Yamire Forest Plus the reward were 300.000 J also plus 1 noir key! (A/n : Noir = Black )

'Noir key ? . Never heard about that .' I thought and started to walked to the 'herbelactor'.

'Herbelactor ... where the hell is the place!'

"Damn it , I can't find the place . " I sighed . "Excuse me , do you know where is the Herbelactor?" I asked to the Villager. "Oh , Just walked straight and then turn right" She gestured , I thanked her and bowed then I ran to the place .

When I was about to tur right , A person suddenly appear and the person also running . The results were , both of us fell down . "Ouch.." I stroke my butt , "WATCH WHERE YOU GOING!" He said .

'You're the one who ran to me!' I thought angrily . "STING , COME BACK HERE!"

"YUKINO!?" I shocked , "Lucy-san..?" , We both shocked . 'Perfect timing!'

"Hello , Yukino . It's been a while " I smiled , "Yes , It's been a while Lucy-san" Yukino replied . "Hey , Yukino . Do you know about the Noir key? " I asked , "I heard a little about the Noir key . It's like our keys , but it isn't summoned spirit . It seems a new Type of key , there's also 1 new type of key " She said

"Then , what kind of Noir key is?"

"Black key , and It summoned a Beast or Creature . It can be used by Holder type – only , But not every Key can be used by Celestial Wizard only some of it can be used by Celestial Wizard " Someone said . "It's been a while , Lucy"

"Ro..Rogue !" I felt wanted to hug him but our relationship were still a secret .

"Yeah , It's been a while . Anyway , how can you know about the Noir Key ?" I tilted my head in confused .

"I heard it from..."

"Lucy-san , Do you know about the Diamond Key ?" Yukino cut Rogue was dumbfounded .

"Diamond key ? "

"Yes , do you know about it ? " She asked me eagerly .

"Well , I had heard about the Diamond key . It said the Key were made from Diamond , just like our key . Also , it said that the Diamond key can't be broken or whatever is that" I explained . "Well , that's , It must be very Rare . Anyway , Lucy –san have you got the Book I sent to you 3 days ago?"

"Oh , the 'Angel fall for the Demon' right?"

"Yes , have you read it?" Yukino asked , "Yes , It was very touching , I even cried reading that!" I exclaimed and hug myself . Sting scoffed , Yukino and me shot a glared to Sting and Sting hid behind Lecter and Frosch (A/n : Hiding behind a Cat... Smart...) Unknowingly Rogue also shot a glare to Sting and he (Rogue) joined Me and Yukino .We talked about books , Keys , Spirit , manymore.

After about 2-3 minutes .Lucy Pov.

"Yukino~~" Sting whined , Yukino pushed Sting "Shut up , I'm in the middle of talking something very interesting" Yukino said , "More Important than me , your boyfriend?" He whined again and kissed Yukino . I Just chuckled , "Oh yeah , What are you doing in here Lucy ?" Rogue asked me . "Well , I'm doing Job Of course . Well then , I going to meet the client first . Bye" I waved my hand , when I was about to took a step someone held my wrist . "Shall I come with you ?" He asked , "It's okay , Rogue . Also , you're with your Team . It will trouble them ." I smiled a little . 'Actually , I really want to . But , Yukino doesn't know about me and Rogue' I thought sadly .

"Just go , Rogue." Sting ordered him and walked away with his hand wrapped on Yukino waist , Yukino waved "Good Luck , Lucy-san". Then Sting smirked and waved away . (A/n : Sting know their relationship)

"So , It seems only us ." Rogue said , I nodded and hid my red cheeks .

After Talked with the client , at east Hikari Village , Yamire Forest .Rogue Pov

"Kyaa , Get Off Me !" Lucy Shrieked and Cried.

She tried to reach the Spider on her back.

'Ouch , That made my ears hurt a little'

I sighed , and went to Lucy's back and took the spider and threw it far far away . "Don't worry , The Spider not longer on your back" I calmed her down then I heard someone sobbed .

'Oh no ...' My face went palled but I still put my emotionless face . " alright...Lucy?" I gulped and see her face , Her tears went down to her cheeks and chin . "..R..o..g..u..e..." She sobbed and hug me .

'It's only a spider , well a very disgusting one . But , I guess for a woman it's very very disgusting just like the other insect and whatever ' I patted her head with my right hand and put my other hand on her waist .

"It's okay , It's only a spider"

"For you , it's only a Spider!" She said , I sighed and keep patted her head until ..

I heard something groaned . I frozen , Lucy about to asked but she also frozen after she heard another groaned .

"Don't tell me it's the 'Scaled-Herb Beast' ?" she whispered to me , "I don't know , But I think it is . Who thought we do meet our target so fast than I imagined " I whispered back .

Then , I remembered we still on the same position.

I was going to broke the 'hug' but something jumped from the bushes , I automatically covered Lucy so she wouldn't get hurt .

I turned my head to see the 'Scaled-Herb Beast'

Lucy and My eyes widen .

It's ...

The Beast were ...

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