Finale , Chapter 7

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Yukino POV

"Tsuki , Use the Moon Slash !" Said Rana ,

"Moon Slash!" Tsuki summoned her Katana and Slash The Air.


"Alright , Moon Slash!" Gemini Copy Tsuki .

When The two attacks clashed , It goes up and then explode.

"Woah.." I gasped.

'I wonder what will happen , If Gemini didn't repel it' I thought.

"Lucy magical power is greater than the Brat" Said Minerva-san

I turned my head to Minerva-san . "But?"

"But , That Brat have a strong Will on something that-i-don't-even-care" Minerva-san clicked her tongue and checking her nails , again.

I sighed , "To be honest , This is a very Pointless and Unreasonable fight" .

"I already know from the first glance~" Minerva-san Said in a mocking-singing tone.

"Then , What do you think about this fight?"

"Rana , Want something and fighting to see if Lucy is worth for Rogue . I guess , I'm not good at Love, Yukino" She said.

I nodded , 'It could be the reason'

This fight is even .

'Lucy-san , Use Gemini to copy all of Tsuki Movement...'

"This going to be a boring fight , If this goes on" A man voice interrupted my thought.

I narrowed my eyes to see Takuro (Ophiuchus) ,

"I thought you already in Spirit world." I Sweatdropped.

"Well , I'm using my own power . Anyway , This Fight is pointless just like you said . This Fight just making Tsuki tired "

'Selfish bastard' I though , when he said he's using his own power.


We turned our heads to the voice and saw 2 man.

"Rogue-san , Rufus-sama!"

"Rogue,Rufus." – Minerva

"Rogue,Rufus-san!" –Lucy

"Onii-chan and ... Ru—Rufus-kun" – Rana as her face redden

"Mind telling me the problem of this fight?" Asked Rufus-sama.

"I..I.." Seems like Rana is hesitated to told him .

Rufus raised his eyebrow .

Rana turned her head and said in a low voice "I..Just want her Noir Key"

"This Key?" Lucy asked as she showed the key.

Rana turn her head and pouted.

Normal POV (The Spirits already back to their own realms)

"You should just say it " Lucy said and handed the Noir Key to Rana

"Yo..You giving it to me?" Rana asked while fidgeting .

Lucy flash her a smile , "Yes, After all I can't Use the key ."

"You truly make a wonderful Sister-in-Law , Right Rufus-kun?" Rana said in a very cheerful tone

Lucy and Rogue blushing madly , avoiding each other Gaze.

"But , even so .. I truly testing you , Lucy-san" Said Rana


"I'm so jealous of you , you're pretty , clever , always smile , even Onii-chan always smiled when he talking about you . You seemed perfect , Even in the photos , You Look perfect " Rana clenched her hands.

"Rana.." Lucy stunned .

"Still , I understand now . You really are worth be my Onii-chan Girlfriend , well more than girlfriend .I Wish" She Smiled .

"Thank you , Rana " Lucy flashed her a sweet smile , and there's a tint of pink on her cheeks.

"Rana ,You're my precious Little Sister . " Rogue hugged her and kissed her forehead.

Rana POV

'I knew that was weird , But Now I'm Getting weird-er

My body is fidgeting.

I can feel Rufus-kun stare at me

I don't want him to see my face , because I'm 100% my face is RED'

I took a deep breath and let it out.

"So,Rufus-kun...Do..Do you mind ... helping me?" I shyly asked.

Rufus-kun raised his brow "Help what?"

"Well,About .. about.." 'I cant think at all!'

"She wanted to learned more about the others magic , more like studying others magic . Rufus" Said Minerva , She suddenly talked from behind me .

It's really gave my heart a shock.

I glanced at Minerva , and she's smirking or more like sly smile

My face now can outmatched a new fresh tomatoes .. I'm sure

"Oh , You mean you want me to help you study?" asked Rufus-kun

"Ah , N-er...Y-yes" I didn't dare to looked Rufus-kun in the eyes.

"Sure , Why don't we go to somewhere quite?" He extended his hands to me

I took them . "Like a .. library?" I asked glancing at Rufus-kun (He's taller than me , I'm probably the same height as Lucy best friend , Levy-san or maybe The Sky dragon from fairytail but at least my chest is bigger than them , 'HEY !'-Wendy and Levy- )

"sure , Sounds like a good place . But why don't we stop at some Cafe's first , You need energy to study" He smiled , I nodded and hiding my red-too red face.

We began to walk to nearby Cafe's.

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