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Prophecy Rebirth - Chapter 1

In the tranquil continent of Earth Land, a legend had almost faded with time and have become lost in history. Along with many other stories used to tell children at night, the tale of the Elemental Nations and the Shinobi had become a distant memory in the minds of very little people. It would only exist as a tell-tale that would act as a fun activity for parents do to with their children...no one knew that everything in the stories had actually happened.

It has almost been five thousand years already, it was surprising that people would still tell stories of the cursed people known as Shinobi. But the various landmarks around Earth Land would still have remains of the ancient civilization, but they would be the many scars left on the lands after the many cataclismic battles that had taken place in the past.

The Shinobi were violent people, and their history was mainly filled with wars, but at their bitter end, a glimmer of light saved the world from complete destruction. No one knew the true name of the savior anymore, but out of all Shinobi, this one man's existance stood up more than all others. This one man was the hero who stopped all wars during the Shinobi era, and he alone sealed the monsterous origin of all power within himself to create peace in the world.

Even after so many years, the story of the one hero continued to be told from parent to child, although the legend of the one hero and the Shinobi had almost been forgotten, it was clear that it was because of the hero than Earth Land had the chance to exist...everyone alive today owed that one man their lives.

But...the hero's journey is not complete, there is still more to be done...

In the peaceful land of Fiore, a woman walked through a busy street of a large town. She was a young woman, and her flowing scarlet hair and shapely body made her a vision to behold in the midst of many other people. Her brown eyes were casually staring forward down the street as she carelessly strolled along the crowd as if she was just another civilian...

But it was obvious that she was not normal...

The young woman was holding a giant horn over her head with only one hand, and it looked like she was not even trying. Men and women alike moved away from the beautiful woman like she was a monster, but the woman really didn't show a shred of discomfort.

This was Erza Scarlet, one of the most powerful mage to walk the lands of Fiore, and belonged to one of the most infamous Guilds in Earth Land; Fairy Tail. The moniker Titania was well known throughout the lands, and it was because of Erza's tremendous power that her name had almost become a legend.

"Hmmm...I should rest up for the night." muttered Erza to herself as she looked up at the setting sun.

Erza was glad that the weather was back to normal, for the pass few days the climate around Fiore seemed to shoft constantly. Three days ago there was a rainstorm that resembled a monsoon, two days ago there was a major thunder storm that spanned almost the entire area of Fiore, and just yesterday the sun seem to have grown in size and turned the whole nation into a scorching pile of heat. After the several days of extreme weather, the many towns in Fiore were in distraught. The streets were flooded and were filled with debris of fallen buildings, and the extreme heat from a day ago caused a heavy fog to cover a very large area.

It was until today, that the weather had returned to normal...

Erza had never experienced anything so peculiar as the weather inconsistency, and she had no explaination of how it could happen. It was on her list to ask about the strange events from her Guild Master when she got back to Fairy Tail...

The S-class mage walked into a local inn and walked up to the counter. "Hi, I would like one room for the night please." said the young woman with a professional tone. The inn was fairly nice, it was a relatively old building but it gave off a nostalgic sort of feeling. The lobby was also a small tavern where folks of the town would have dinner and have some drinks with friends. Erza made a note in her mind to have a nice dinner later before she turned in.

The receptionist nodded with a smile. "Of course miss." replied the lady as she took Erza's money and offered her a room key.

As she was about to walked up the stairs to her room, Erza overheard a table taking about the stranges things that had happened recently.

A group of men were talking among each other and they all held a bottle of beer in their hands. "Yeah, I heard that things are really bad out in the countryside!" exclaimed one man as he took a large swig from his bottle.

Another older man nodded to his friend's words. "I heard that too, apparently the countryside was the place where the weather was the most severe..." muttered the man with a few hiccups. "Some mages in the area are saying that that area is the focal point of whatever is causing the weather to change."

A woman who appeared to be a girlfriend of one of the men also nodded her head in agreement. "Well that would make sense...such crazy weather must be some sort of spell casted by a very strong mage for something..."

A waiter walked over to the table with a chuckle. "Thats what a lot of people are saying, but that craziest thing is that a gigantic monolith suddenly sprung up from the ground, they say that it might be some sort of ancient ruin." said the man as he placed down more bottles of beer for the group. "People around the area are told to stay away from it for the while just in case that it is dangerous."

Erza closed her eyes and walked back out from the inn, after hearing what the group was saying, there was no way that she could just ignore it. From what she knew, the countryside is just a little out of the town, it should not take her long to reach it. Erza quickly rented a Magical Car from a near-by facility and connected herself into the SE plug. Somehow Erza had a feeling that there was something suspicious at the monolith, and it must be something powerful if it can effect the weather so drastically.

Erza channled a lot of her self-energy into the car and she barrelled out the city as fast as she could. The young woman haven't felt such urgency in a long time, for some reason there was just something about the strange events in the pass few days that just greatly intrigued Erza...

It took Erza about an hour of travelling until she saw a crowd of people surrounding an area, and it was until she got a little closer that she saw that was a very large hole in the ground. It was probably over three hundred feet in diameter, and it looked seemingly endless when one would look down. The one thing that stood up the most was the gigantic monolith that filled most of the hole with it's massive proportions.

The large monolith was pure black and it gave off a mysterious aura, Erza really had never felt anything like it before. She got out of her car and started her way towards the crowd, and she saw that most of them were from various Guilds of Fiore. The groups were all discussing the strange phenomenon among themselves and didn't realize that one of the most powerful mages in Fiore just joined their company. The closer she got the more she felt the massive aura of power vibrating off the monolith in waves.

Looking around, Erza saw that the surroundings were much more damaged than the towns, which was surprising since the towns were mainly damaged because of their tall buildings, but the countryside were almost all flat land, so the lightning shouldn't have done so much damage. Trees in the area were almost all burnt to the ground and there were many deep trenches in the area that were caused by lightning hitting that area.

The soil around them was still very wet from the extreme rainstorm a few days ago, but some higher ground had began to crack from dryness because of the high heat just a day ago. Overall, the area looked horrid and it seem that the weather had really been the most extreme in this area.

'What the hell is this thing...and how did it cause such extreme weather changes?...' thought Erza to herself as she crossed her arms. 'This aura feel so powerful...but it is like nothing I have ever felt before...'' Erza headed closer towards the hole until she was right at the edge.

Suddenly the ground began to shake with powerful turbulance that made standing in the area difficult. The many mages around the area were in shock as cracks began to appear along the ground and the foundation of the entire landmass was shaking. Erza's eyes widened as she was forced to jump back as the giant cracks began to split the earth into pieces. Mages in the area were all fleeing to the nearest safe spot with their magic, but some of them fell into the hole.

A man landed a few meters behind Erza with panic in his eyes. "What the hell is going on?!" cried the man as he continued to stagger back in shock.

Erza staring at the monolith and was shocked to see that it was actually moving. "Get out of the area, that thing is moving!" cried the woman as people around her nodded and jumped back. Erza was about to follow her own advice but somehow she really wanted to see what was really behind the strange events and the monolith. The monolith started to move faster andthe cracks became larger around the area, and the ground looked like it would give way soon.

Erza glared at the gargantuan object as she channled her magical power throughout her body. "Kureha no Yoroi!" exclained the young woman as an armor that was black with silver trimming that had silver crosses at several places. It had a revealing silver-edged breastplate and plates flanking her hips that reached down to her waistguard. The waistguard left the front of Erza's body exposed, with her groin covered by a dark imbuement. She had large plates guarding her legs. She had two wings that had black metal "arms" acting as the wings' leading structure, but the parts used to fly were composed of a membrane-like material.

The young woman jumped up with her armor as she stretched her wings out. Other mages under her looked on in shock as they saw the Titania fly up towards the large object. Erza charged towards the top of the monolith with a large blade in her hands. Since the monolith was still moving rather slowly, Erza easily hovered higher then it, and she took her chance to land on top of it. But much to Erza's shock, the moment she landed on the monolith, a strange pattern of some sort of ancient letter appeared on the surface.

"What now?!" cried Erza as she looked around the area.

The letters started to glow a bright blue as it circled Erza in an eeire pattern, and they soon part of the circle latched onto her leg. Erza slashed her blade down at the stream of letter in hopes of cutting herself free, but to her shock her blade just faded through it as if it was intangible. Erza had no idea what was going on, she could feel the letters latching onto her, but her attacks won't hit them whatsoever. More of the letters soon latched onto more of Erza's body, locking her arms against her torso tightly.

Erza tried to break free using her blade, but she couldn't move a muscle. "Damn it!" cursed the young woman as she struggled to breath. Erza's widened more as she saw that the top of the monolith was opening up, and the same blue light was coming from inside the thing. Without any effort, the letters that trapped Erza pulled her into the monolith, and as soon as she was in the opening closed up...

Mages watched on in shock as they all saw Erza being pulled into the strange object, but there was no way that they would help...Erza was already captured. The monolith continued to emerge from the ground and it was just another few minutes before it was fully released from its underground confines.

'W-Where am I?...' though Erza to herself as she opened her eyes.

Much to the powerful woman's shock, she was floating in the middle of some sort of plasma suspension. It was like she was submerged in water, but she could breath as if she was on land and could hear as if it was open air. The suspension was transparent, but the same blue light from before was glowing on all side and it made the suspension look blue as well. The area was gargantuan, Erza couldn't see the end of the far end of the space.

Seeing that she was still in one of her battle armors, Erza used her wings to swim closer to one direction while she looked around for any kind of exit.

But suddenly...she heard something.

Erza looked back towards the other side of the space, which was where the sound was coming from. It was the sound of a baby crying...Erza was sure of it. Following sound of the baby, Erza swan to that direction, and as she got closer to the edge of the closest wall, she saw a small opening. It was shaped like a rectangle, and it was just large enough to Erza to walk through. When she was close enouh, Erza reached towards the opening with her arm, and found that it was open air, there was no suspension in the opening.

Smirking to herself, Erza stepped into the opening and stood on her feet. To her surprise, none of the suspension was stuck to her clothes, and that the opening like the start of a long hallway. But now the cries of the baby was much louder, and Erza clearly heard that it was coming from the other end of the hallway.

"This is just crazy..." muttered Erza to herself as she ran down the hallway at her top speed.

The walls of the hallway had the same weird letters as before, and they were also glowing, but fortunately they were not moving. Erza thought back to the waiter back in the inn saying that people were saying that the monolith was some sort of ancient ruins. Erza was sure that the monolith's condition was not in ruins, but it was certainly that it was ancient, the letters on the wall seem to be soe kind of language of a long time ago.

Slowly, Erza saw the light at the end of the hallway, and it took her another few seconds before she arrived at the opening.

Once again, Erza was shocked to see that the hallway led to a gigantic open room that was the size of a few large stadiums. There were the same cryptic letters of the wall of the large room, and all the letters were glowing a bright blue. Ten massive crystal pillars supported the room and each of them were pulsing in power. At the center of the large room was a glowing white box about the size of a house, and Erza had a feeling that there was something very important inside it...

The woman jumped down and used her wings to hover over to the glowing box. "Weird and sudden this all may be...but damn thing are so cool here." muttered Erza with a smirk on her face as she landed out outside of the box.

Erza walked around the box one full time and saw that there was no entrance to it, and she stood outside of it with narrowed eyes. Slowly, Erza reached to touch one side of the box with her hand, and much to her surprise, her hand slipped right through. The whole box was intransparent, but it was just a membrane that only blocked people visually. With an exhale, Erza walked through the glowing white wall and stepped into the box...

Erza was expecting some sort of artifact to be on the other side, but she certainly did not expect a baby floating in the middle of the box. Apparently the cries earlier was actually a baby, and it was still crying out loudly. Erza didn't know how to react or respond to such paranormal things...there was not suppose to be a live baby inside the gigantic monolith that was suppose to be thousands of years old.

The woman walked over to the baby and looked down, she saw that he was a little boy and looked to be only a few days old. The little baby was crying quite loudly with his little hands gripped into fists. Small traces of blonde hair was on his head, and there was some sort of weird marking that was like the letters all around the monolith tattooed onto his belly. Erza couldn't help but smile at the baby, he was really cute.

Erza hesitated a little before she placed her blade down on the ground and wrapped her arms around the small babe. She pulled him to her chest and away from the middle of the box. Erza smiled down at the boy and slowly rocked him from side to side. The boy seemed to calm down a little and stopped crying, then for the first time ever, the boy opened his eyes to look at the person who was holding him. Erza smiled brighter at the sight of the boy's big and round azure blue eyes...they were beautiful.

"You are a cute little one, aren't you~" cooed the usually cool and collected Erza.

The baby began to giggled and waved his little hands in the air for the red haired lady. "Bababababa!" gurgled the babe as he clapped his hands together.

Erza snickered as wiggled her nose against the baby's tummy. "Bubububu." The boy started to laugh and it was a great melody to Erza's ears. Erza started to laugh along with the boy, she had no idea what the hell was going on, but they boy made her feel really happy. Erza lightly placed a finger on the baby's little nose and wiggled it around. "Who are you little guy?~" slurred out the beautiful lady with pursed lips. "You are not some five thousand years old baby are you?"

The baby just continued to clap his hands together and giggled at Erza. "Bababababa."

Suddenly, the room began to change again. Erza held onto the bay securely as the box around them vanished from sight, and the letters on the main walls of the room began to glow brighter. The ten pillars around Erza and the baby started to rumbled and disperse even more power than before. Erza gritted her teeth as she held her blade in one hand, and the baby in her free arm. She knew that she had to get out of where she was, but she was afraid that the place would start to collaspe from within.

The light became brighter and brighter, and Erza was forced to close her eyes. She placed a hand of the baby's eyes to protect his little eyes from being damaged, but the baby started to squirm around. The ground around Erza began to rumbled and shake, and some sort of energy was building up in the middle of the large room. Erza stabbed her blade in the ground ad hugged the baby close to her chest, for some reason she knew she had to protect the baby at all costs.

The light grew stronger and stronger, and a high pitched drone was echoing through the room. Soon Erza couldn't even move, the light made her eyes hurt a little, and the noise was almost unbearable...Erza hugged the baby tighter and hoped that the stranges things would stop soon, but everything just kept on getting stronger and stronger.

Then suddenly...everything stopped.

The ground stopped shaking, the light was gone, and it was dead quiet again. Erza slowly opened her eyes, while she expected to see the glowing walls again, it was not what she saw. To the ever shock and fustration of Erza, she was back outside in the countryside, standing once again at the edge of the gigantic hole. But this time, the monolith was gone, and the large hole was left barren. Erza couldn't react for a few seconds, there was no way to explain everything that had happened so far...

Erza looked around and saw that all the mages that were present were all gone...there was not a soul in sight.

"What the hell is going on?..."

Some light squirming in her arms broke Erza out of her stupor, and she looked down to see a pair of azure blue eyes looked back up at her. Erza was instantly reminded of the baby and quickly tended to him, She check of he was hurt from the strong light or sound, but she found that he was perfectly fine. He wasn't even crying after all of that!

Erza chuckled a little and rocked the baby lightly. "You are a strong little guy aren't you..." said the woman as she smiled at the baby. "I guess I'll bring you back to Fairy Tail with me...maybe the master would know what was that back there." With that, Erza flew back towards town to turn in for the night...but she was still trying to wrap her mind around all that had happened so far.

Morning broke out for the day and sunlight pierced the windows of Erza's room at the inn. The red haired lady was sleeping in her regular pajamas and her hair was spread out all over her pillow. She lifted her hand to block the sunlight that was in her eyes and rolled over to face the side of the room. When she got back to the inn last night Erza was dead tired and fell asleep almost instantly, and slept right till morning.

The first thing Erza thought about was that everything that had happened was just a crazy dream...but she saw something that told her it wasn't. The baby she found just a few hours ago was sleeping soundly next to her on the bed...

"So everything was real, huh?" muttered the young woman softly as she reached a hand over to brush the baby's cheek lightly. Erza got out of bed and picked the baby up into her arms. "You sure are a brave baby, you can still sleep so deeply after all that stuff last night." Then Erza found something to be different...the baby was much heavier than she remembered. Holding the little boy at arms reach, Erza saw that the boy had grown slightly through the night...now he looked to be about a few months old.

Erza's jaw was slightly dropped as she looked at the boy. "What the hell...how did you grow so much in one night?"

The boy's eyes began to twitch as he woke up, and his azure blue eyes once again looked into the shock brown orbs of Erza's own. The boy began to clap his hands together and giggled again the moment he saw Erza. "Bababababa!"

Erza sighed and sat down on the bed. "Oh I give up...I'll just ask Master what is all this later..."

The End!

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