It's another year at Anubis House. Will it be a normal year without mysteries or drama? Read on to find out.

Nina- I'm glad we're starting another year here.

Fabian- So am I because you're here. I can't stand it if you're gone.

Nina- Do you really mean that?

Fabian- Of course I do. I'd be nothing without you.

Nina- Awwww, Fabian you are the best boyfriend ever.

Fabian- & you are the best girlfriend ever.

Amber- Nina! Fabian!

Nina- Amber!

Amber & Nina hug.

Nina- Amber, I can't breathe.

Amber- Sorry. I just missed you two so much.

Fabian- We missed you too.

Alfie- Did anyone miss the Alfster?

Nina- Hello Alfie. She says laughing

Amber- Alfie!

Jerome- I guess nobody missed me.

Nina- We all did Jerome. We just didn't see you when we came in.

Patricia- Did you miss me?

Alfie, Jerome, Nina, Amber, & Fabian- Patricia! Trixie!

Patricia- I take that as a yes.

Eddie- What about me?

Patricia & Nina- Eddie!

Patricia- Of course we missed you Weasel.

Eddie- Never ends, does it Yacker?

Patricia- Nope.

Joy- Patricia!

Patricia- Joy!

Victor- I'm sorry to announce that Ms. Jaffray will not be returning this year. Nor will Mr. Campbell. They are both currently in Australia. There will be a new student named Victoria O'Brien. She is Irish, so I expect none of you to make fun of her, especially you four, Mr. Clarke, Ms. Williamson, Mr. Lewis, & Mr. Miller. She shall arrive within the next few hours.

Nina- I'll make sure that these four are in line if you'd like Victor.

Victor- Very well. Just make sure that the new student feels at home. ALL OF YOU!

Nina- Of course Victor. We will make her feel as if she never left home.

Victor- Good.

A few hours later

Victoria- Hello? Is anyone here?

Nina- Hi, I'm Nina. Obviously, I'm from America & I am also your housemate. Welcome to Anubis House.

Victoria- Thanks. Hi, I'm Victoria from Ireland.

Nina- Nice to meet you Victoria. Would you like me to give you a tour of the house?

Victoria- I'd love that thank you.

Nina- Of course. Everyone else is still at school, so it's just you, me, Trudy, & Victor. Trudy is our housemother & Victor is our caretaker. I was dismissed so I could show you around.

Victoria- OK.

Nina- This is the living room where we watch TV, read magazines, & all that stuff. This is the kitchen. The boys' bedrooms are on the first floor & the girls' bedrooms are on the second floor. This is the main hallway, where we first met. That is Victor's office. That is out of bounds, as is the attic. These are the girls' bedrooms. You'll be sharing with me & Amber. This is our room. That is the door to the attic. We are back at Victor's office. I can take your bags to our room if you'd like.

Victoria- Thank you, but you don't have to.

Nina- I want to. I'll see you in a few minutes to explain Victor's rules.

Victoria- OK?

Nina- Don't worry, there aren't many.

Victor- Come in, both of you.

Nina- That's new.

Victor- Victoria, I'm assuming Nina gave you a tour of the house along with telling you the out of bounds areas & the rules of the house?

Victoria- She hasn't told me the rules yet Victor.

Victor- Well, the rules are simple. Rule #1, you must be down here in time for meals. Breakfast is at 7 o'clock, lunch is at 12 o'clock, & dinner is at 6 o'clock. Rule # 2, you must be in bed by 10 o'clock every night. If you are caught after hours, then you will be punished. If I see any food fights, any pranks, et cetera, then you will be punished. Rule #3, the attic & this office are out of bounds.

Victoria- I get it Victor. Stay out of trouble & I'll be fine. Right?

Victor- Right. Now get along. Your other housemates shall be back any minute.

Amber- Nina? Are you here?

Nina- Hi Amber. This is Victoria O'Brien. Victoria, this is Amber Millington.

Victoria- Nice to meet you Amber.

Amber- Nice to meet you too, Victoria.

Fabian- Nina, were you here the entire time?

Nina- Fabian, I'm fine. Victor, Mr. Sweet, & Trudy knew about this. Calm down honey. Fabian, this is Victoria. Victoria, this is Fabian Rutter, my boyfriend.

Fabian- Nice to meet you.

Victoria- Nice to meet you too.

Nina- These are the rest of the residents. There's Patricia, Joy, Alfie, & Jerome.

Victoria- Nice to meet you all.

Patricia- At least it's not another American.

Joy- Patricia! Nice to meet you Victoria. I'll just take her to our room to talk to her.

Jerome- Nice to meet you.

Alfie- Prank her later? he whispers

Jerome- Definitely. he whispers

Victoria- I think I'll go to our room.

Amber- I'll join you. Coming Nina?

Nina- I'll be right behind you. I just need to talk to Fabian first.

Amber- OK.

Nina- Is it just me or does she look just like me?

Fabian- She does look just like you. Well almost. She has green eyes & red hair. Almost Ariana Grande red.

Nina- I wonder if she's my twin. I can't find out now because of the fact that Gran is dead.

Fabian- I'm so sorry about that. She was a great woman.

Nina- She was. Now, I only have Victor & Trudy. I only heard about this yesterday. When the weekend comes, Victor is going to take me to America for her funeral. Mr. Sweet has already cleared this. He said that he'll be stepping in for Victor. He's going to do everything that Victor would normally do on a daily basis.

Fabian- Poor Eddie.

Nina- I know. I think I'll go upstairs.

Fabian- OK. I'll let Trudy know that you already took care of Victoria.

Nina- Thanks Fabian.

In Nina's, Amber's, & Victoria's room

Nina- I think I'll just take a nap for now. Amber, can you wake me up when supper's ready?

Amber- Sure.

Once they're sure Nina's out cold

Victoria- Is she OK? She seemed a bit upset.

Amber- Her Gran died Sunday & she found out yesterday.

Victoria- Poor Nina. So did mine actually.

Amber- When?

Victoria- Sunday.

Amber- When'd you find out?

Victoria- Yesterday.

Amber- Too much of a coincidence. You two look almost identical & both of your Grans died on Sunday & neither of you found out until yesterday.

Victoria- I think that we should search my family history.

Amber- I think so too. How about we ask Fabian to help us search your family history tonight at eight?

Victoria- Perfect.

Amber- I should probably wake her. Trudy just hollered that supper's ready.

Victoria- Want me to help?

Amber- I'll see if I can wake her on my own first. Nina, supper's ready.

Nina doesn't respond

Amber- Do you want to give it a go?

Victoria- Nina!

Nina- What? falls out of bed

Victoria- Supper's ready.

Nina- Oh. Thanks. she says, rubbing the back of her head

An hour & a half after supper

Amber- Fabian, can we talk to you for a second?

Fabian- Sure. What's up?

Amber- We think that Victoria & Nina are identical twins. Can you help us to make sure?

Fabian- Sure. We only have two & a half hours until bedtime, so I think it's best to do it now.

Amber- OK.

In Fabian's & Eddie's room

Fabian- You were right. Nina & Victoria are identical twins. They also have a brother named Harry. He goes by Harry Potter apparently.

Victoria- I knew it!

The next morning

Victoria- Victor, I need to speak with you.

Victor- What is it?

Victoria- Nina & I are identical twins. We were separated at birth.

Victor- That explains why I was almost seeing double on your first day here. Go tell Nina. Ask her about her past two years here.

Victoria- OK. By the way, you're kinda creeping me out.

Victor- Sorry.

Patricia- Did I just hear Victor apologize?

Victoria- Shut it or I'll shut it for you.

a few minutes after breakfast started

Victoria- Ahhh!

Nina- What is it?

Victoria- My hair... it's green! I hate green! she says, crying

Nina- Jerome! Alfie! Get out here NOW!

Jerome- What's up?

Nina- Jerome-

Victoria- You ruined my hair! I loved it when it was red, but now you've turned it green!

Victor- What's going on here?! Ms. O'Brien, dying your hair is against school policy.

Victoria- Victor, it wasn't me, it was Jerome & Alfie. They thought it would be funny to put green hair dye in my shampoo bottle.

Victor- Clarke, Lewis, my office. NOW! Victoria, go to the nurse to see if that's reversable.

Jerome- Uhh Victor, it's not.

Victoria- You idiots! You ruined my life!

At breakfast

Trudy- Hello Victoria, I'm Trudy, your housemother. What happened?

Victoria- Nice to meet you Trudy. Jerome & Alfie put permanent green hair dye in my shampoo bottle this morning. Nina, can I talk to you on the way to school?

Nina- OK. We're taking Fabian with us though.

Victoria- That's fine by me.

On the way over

Nina- What's up?

Victoria- Remember how you said that we look so much alike?

Nina- Yeah.

Victoria- That's because we're identical twins.

Nina- Cool. Why were we separated though?

Sarah- You were separated after your parent's death to protect you two.

Nina- Hello Sarah.

Sarah- Hello Nina. Hello Victoria.

Victoria- How do you know me?

Sarah- You are the descendant of Amneris. You two were born on the same day at the same time.

Nina- She's saying that we are the chosen ones.

Victoria- But how come I never knew Gran?

Nina- I was living with Gran all of these years since mom & dad died in a car crash.

Victoria- Did you know that we also have a triplet brother? His name's Harry Potter & apparently he's now at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

Nina- Cool.

Dumbledore- Hello girls. You must be Nina & Victoria. I'm Professor Dumbledore. I've come to take you two plus a few others to Hogwarts. I'll be coming to pick you all up at ten o'clock tonight. Don't worry, I'll talk to Victor & erase any memories I have to.

Victoria- OK. I'd assume that you are the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

Dumbledore- Then you'd be right. What happened to your wonderful red hair?

Nina- Great guess Victoria.

Victoria- Jerome & Alfie pranked me with permanent hair dye. Do you know who else is coming to Hogwarts?

Dumbledore- I'm taking Nina Martin, Victoria O'Brien, Fabian Rutter, Amber Millington, Jerome Clarke, Poppy Clarke, Alfred Lewis, Patricia Williamson, Piper Williamson, Joy Mercer, & Eddie Miller, aka Edison Sweet. Let me take the dye out.

Dumbledore waves his wand. the dye disappears from Victoria's hair

Nina- Pretty much all of Anubis House. Victoria & I have to go to a funeral in America this weekend. Our gran died this past Sunday. Harry's gran too. He's our triplet brother. It's me, Victoria, & Harry. We're all the Chosen Ones.

Dumbledore- I know. I've known Mr. Potter since he was barely a year old. His parents were Lily & James Potter. They were your parents too. Your parents didn't die in a car crash. Ask Hagrid when you see him. I'll have Harry send you an owl with photos of him when your parents died & now before you leave with me tonight.

Victoria- Thank you so much Professor Dumbledore for everything.

Dumbledore- You are very welcome. Good luck.

later that night

Victoria- This must be Harry's owl, Hedwig.

Nina- How do you know that?

Victoria- I apparently have the ability to read minds. Dumbledore told me through his thoughts that Harry's owl was a snowy owl named Hedwig.

Nina- What does the letter say?

Victoria- Here we go. It says;

Dear Victoria & Nina,

I had just heard from Professor Dumbledore that you are coming to Hogwarts & that I'm not the last Potter left. These are a couple of photos of me when mum & dad were alive & what I look like now. In the more recent photo, to my left is Hermione, the smartest witch of our age, & to the right is Ron, my best friend. I wish you two luck. I can't wait to finally meet you two & all of your friends. Don't worry, I won't embarrass you.

Yours Truly,

Harry Potter

P.S. Hagrid is the really big one if you are looking for him when you get to the train. I'll meet you with Hagrid at the train station, if not sooner. You must all go to platform 9 3/4. Just go between platforms 9 & 10. Don't be scared, you'll just go straight through. Trust me. By the way, stay at Hogwarts over Christmas break. You do NOT want to meet Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, & Dudley. By the way, you can't perform magic outside of school. The Dark forest is forbidden, & so are faculty areas. I hope you know what that means. I attached the list of the supplies for this year. Professor Dumbledore will drop you & your friends off at the Burrow. Stay there with Mrs. Weasley & get your stuff when you get there. You will arrive here Saturday morning. Get permission from your parents/guardians for Hogsmeade.

Nina- It was good that he gave us advice. I think we'll like Hogwarts. The only thing I'm curious about is the permission for Hogsmeade.

Victoria- Me too. I've read a lot of books about Hogwarts, & it seems like a really good place to go & learn. At least now we only have one more day here at creepy towers.

Nina- I think that we should head back to the house & pack.

Victoria- OK.

back at the house

Victor- Very good. Go get packing & help others if necessary. I'm going to get the other students.

Victoria- OK Victor.

Victor leaves

Nina- How can you get to everyone like that?

Victoria- What do you mean? Making the meanest people nice to me? I have no idea.

Nina- We're going to ask Professor Dumbledore about that.

Victoria- Yeah we are.

later that night

Dumbledore- Hello Victor, I'm here for the students because they need to start at Hogwarts. They are already several weeks late.

Victor- Of course Albus.

Dumbledore- Is everyone ready?

Victoria- Yup. We all have all of our stuff.

Dumbledore- I assume that you got the letter from Harry.

Victoria- Yeah. What did he mean though by get permission from your parents/guardians for Hogsmeade?

Dumbledore- Oh yes. I forgot to tell you, every few weekends we go to town called Hogsmeade. You need the permissions slips. I already sent the letters home. I signed them for you & Nina since you don't have any parents/guardians yet. I did the same for Harry because his guardians are imbeciles.

Victoria- That's what we heard.

Dumbledore- I assume he also told you where you'll all be staying until you have all of your supplies & are ready to go to Hogwarts?

Nina- Yup. What is Hogwarts exactly?

Dumbledore- Hogwarts is a school for the witches & wizards from America, England, & Great Britain.

Victoria- Thank you.

Dumbledore- Of course.

Victoria- If we hadn't found out we were related to Harry, we wouldn't have found out we were witches.

Dumbledore- I would have told you if you hadn't found out.

Victoria- I know, but it would be kind of strange finding out from someone we didn't know.

Dumbledore- True. Well, I'll send all of your luggage to the Burrow. waves his hands. the luggage goes to the Burrow.

Victoria- That was so cool Professor.

Dumbledore- It never gets old. Especially the looks on people's faces when they see it for the first time.

Harry- It never does Professor.

Victoria- Harry!

Victoria runs & hugs Harry. Nina then walks & hugs Harry

Harry- Victoria! Why did you dye your hair green?

Victoria- How do you know that I died it?

Harry- I can tell because you & Nina are identical twins & the only difference is your eye color & hair color right now.

Victoria- Huh. I didn't dye it. Jerome & Alfie pranked me with permanent green hair dye.

Harry- It is very cute on you though.

Victoria- Oh shut it. I'm guessing that there aren't any redheads at Hogwarts?

Harry- Actually, there are. There's Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, & Percy, who's in his final year there. Pretty much, the only other redheads are the Weasleys.

Victoria- At least I'm not the only one.

Harry- Nina!

Nina- Harry!

Harry- It's so good to finally meet my sisters.

Nina- It's so good to finally meet my brother. It's kind of sad though that we had to meet years after Voldemort killed our parents.

Harry- How do you know his name? Did Professor Dumbledore tell you?

Dumbledore- I never told them anything about him.

Victoria- No he didn't Harry. We have the same dreams/nightmares so we found out that the person who killed our parents was Lord Voldemort.

Harry- Oh. I just still can't believe they died protecting us.

Nina- Neither can I.

Victoria- Me neither. It's so sad that they died for us. Victoria starts crying

Harry- It's OK. Come here. Harry comforts Victoria. Victoria is single, but hopefully not for long...

Harry- We can't do anything about what he did to them thirteen years ago.

Victoria- I know. I just wish that there was something we could have done. I just still can't believe they're gone.

Harry- I know. Neither can we. Let's just go to the Burrow, OK?

Victoria- OK.

Dumbledore- We're going to have to Apparate. Arthur Weasley, Professor Snape, Professor Lupin, Professor McGonagall, Sirius Black, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, & Dobby apparate to them

Harry- Guys, this is (from left to right) Arthur Weasley, Professor Snape, Professor Lupin, Professor McGonagall, Sirius Black, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, & Dobby.

Tonks- I prefer Tonks.

Sirius- I prefer Sirius. Hello girls, I'm your godfather.

Victoria- At least we have a living godfather.

Sirius- Yes. I'm your only living magical relative, well aside from yourselves.

Nina- Of course. We have each other & you.

Sirius- Right. Now, Harry's going with Professor Dumbledore, Jerome is going with Professor McGonagall, Nina is going with Professor Lupin, Piper & Victoria are going with Professor Snape, Patricia is going with Mr. Weasley, Alfie is going with Kingsley, Fabian is going with Charlie, Amber is going with Tonks, Poppy is going with Dobby, Joy is going with Bill, & Eddie is coming with me. We're all going to apparate to the Burrow.

Harry- Heads up to new people. You will feel nauseous afterwards.

Sirius- I was going to say that. You might feel nauseous, as it is quite often that happens, but it is unlikely since you can probably stomach Victor's cooking.

Everyone laughs

Sirius- Now, get with your apparater & let's go!

Harry & Dumbledore are the first to apparate, then Jerome & McGonagall, then Nina & Lupin, then Patricia & Arthur, then Alfie & Kingsley, then Fabian & Charlie, then Amber & Tonks, then Poppy & Dobby, then Joy & Bill, then Eddie & Sirius, & finally, Piper, Victoria & Snape.

at the Burrow

Molly- I'm glad you're all safe!

Arthur- What do you mean Molly?

Molly- The death eaters are at it again.

Harry- Not again!

Victoria- What are death eaters?

Snape- Death eaters are followers of Lord Voldemort who do his bidding, such as kidnapping people, killing, etc. He had Peter Pettigrew turn in your parents Victoria.

Victoria- What? She starts crying

Snape hugs her, comfortingly. He starts rubbing her back as he explains

Snape- I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

Victoria- I know, but why would their friend turn them in to Voldemort?

Snape- I don't know. I just don't know. He's still out there somewhere, I know that much. (Yes Snape's nice in this fanfic, so shut it)

Victoria- I think I know where he is, but Nina, Harry & I have a wake to attend tomorrow & a funeral on Sunday. Gran died. She was our grandmother on our mother's side.

Snape- I'll go with you. I was always fond of your mother.

Sirius- He fancied her is more like it.

Nina & Victoria chuckle

Snape- Go ahead, laugh it up. I really loved her though, before your father came along. We got along right from the start. As for your aunt, not so much. She wasn't like us though. She was a muggle.

Nina- What's a muggle?

Snape- Non-magical people. For future reference, a muggle is a non-magical person, a mud-blood is a person born into a muggle family & has magical powers, a half-blood is a person who is half magical & half muggle, a squib is a person who is born into magic, but has none of their own, & a pureblood is a person who is born into a pureblood or half-blood family.

Nina- So mom was a mudblood, as they say?

Snape- yes & she was top of the class. Our potions teacher of the time, professor Slughorn, loved her. She was his favorite. I came in second, but she was the best in the class. We should get going to the wake.

Victoria- The wake isn't until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Snape- We'll get a hotel then.

Sirius- I have a place near the Duffield Funeral home if you'd like to stay there with me.

Snape- Well,-

Victoria- We'd be delighted. That's the funeral home she'll have her funeral from & her wake in.

Nina- I think we should buy our dresses for it.

Victoria- OK. There's a store near Sirius' house. I've been there in my dreams. I manage to block them to inside my head only.

Nina- Nice.

at the store

Victoria- I'm thinking black dresses.

Nina- I agree. How about these?

Victoria- They're cute, but they are more for a parent's funeral than a grandparent's funeral.

Nina- True. I wish Amber was here.

Victoria- Amber taught me a few things while we were at Anubis house. Hmmm. These dresses should do.

Nina- They're perfect. Amber must have rubbed off on you.

Victoria- She did. I picked out her robes too. They go with policy & they match her style.

Nina- Sweet!

the next day... 7 o'clock AM

Snape- Girls, it's time to wake up & start to get ready to go.

Victoria- Good morning Professor Snape.

Snape- You were already up?

Victoria- Yea. Didn't someone tell you I always go running in the morning?

Snape- No.

Victoria- Dang it. I told Nina that if I wasn't back in time for you to wake us up to tell you that I went running.

Snape- I had literally just woken her up.

Nina- Yeah. I never got the chance to tell him since you got back just in time.

Victoria- OK. Let's just get ready for the funeral. Is Harry already up Professor?

Snape- I was just about to go get him, unless you want to.

Victoria- No, it's OK. Nina & I need to get ready anyways.

Snape- OK.

Professor Snape leaves

Victoria- We should probably get our wake dresses on.

Nina- Yup. We should also do each other's makeup, with you picking it of course.

Victoria- OK. Also with waterproof eyeliner & mascara because I know we're going to cry a lot today & tomorrow.

half an hour later

Victoria- You're all set.

Nina- Victoria, I love it!

Victoria- too bad Gran can't see us.

Gran- I can actually.

Nina- Gran. she says crying

Gran- Hi Nina. Hi Victoria.

Victoria- How'd you know me?

Gran- I knew that you were identical twins with Nina, except for your eyes. You have mine & Nina has Lily's. Harry has Lily's eyes too.

Victoria- How come I missed that gene?

Gran- I don't know. Hang on. floats to her.You do have your mother's eyes. Only Harry has anything from his father. You two look more like your mother.

Harry- Gran?

Gran- Hello Harry. I've wanted to meet you for your entire life, but sadly, I died before I could. I only met the three of you together at birth.

Nina- We all miss you, even though Victoria & Harry never met you, they both still miss you.

Victoria- Yea. We had heard all about you from Nina. Although I was sent to Ireland, I loved it there. The scenery, the lights. I loved it all.

Harry- I hated being with Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, & Dudley. They never treated me like their own, they treated me like a slave & they still do. They know about the fact that in four years, the protection spell that was put upon their house when I was brought to them will vanish since I will be of age.

Gran- I had thought so, but they treated you like a slave because they were training you for when you settle down & have a family. I've got to go.

Nina, Victoria, & Harry- Bye Gran. We miss you!

Gran- I miss you too.she disappears as she's saying her last line

Victoria- At least we got to meet her before her funeral.

Harry- Very true.

Nina- Come on, let's get to the wake before we start crying before we're even there.

Victoria-I agree.

Harry- Me too.

at the wake

Snape- So this is what Lily's mother looked like.

Nina- She didn't always look like that. She became that with age.

Snape- I know. I can see what she looked like when Lily & I were kids. James, of course, stole her heart from me when they first met. I loved her at first sight. I loved her with my life. I wished to marry her, but she married James instead.

Victoria- So our last names would be Snape, not Potter?

Snape- Correct.

Victoria- Huh. Honestly, I would have preferred to have a father alive instead of no parents. We only have Sirius, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, & Dudley left, aside from each other.

Snape- Of course. I think that you should move in with Sirius. He's responsible & he won't treat you like Vernon & Petunia do. He'll treat you three like they do with Dudley.

Harry- He's right, you know. They treat Dudley like a king. Of course, they treat me like a servant or a squire. So rude of them.

Snape- Definitely.

Victoria- I think we should get going. I can't bare to be here another minute. It just depresses me so much to be here because of Gran, a great woman I never knew.

Nina- I agree, but I've known Gran for my entire life.

the next day after the funeral

Snape- Let's get back to the Burrow.

at the burrow

Molly- I'm so glad you're all back. How was it?

Victoria- Depressing.

Nina- Horrible

Harry- Upsetting

Molly- Understandable, seeing as she was your grandmother & Nina knew her so well.

Victoria- Can we go to get our supplies?

Molly- Sure. Kids, let's go!

at Diagon Alley

Victoria- It says we need a pet, either a cat, an owl or a toad, a wand, a pewter cauldron (standard size 2), a set of glass or crystal phials, a telescope, a set of brass scales, the standard book of spells years 1-3, unfogging the future, intermediate transfiguration, the monster book of monsters (if you're taking Care of Magical Creatures), & Numerology & Grammatica (If you're taking Arithmancy). For our uniforms, we will need three sets of plain work robes (Black), one plain pointed hat (Black) for day wear, one pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar), one winter cloak (Black, silver fastenings). We should also note that all student's clothes should carry name-tags at all times.

Fabian- I'd go with an owl.

Victoria- Me too.

Nina- Me too.

Amber- I'm going with a cat.

Jerome- I'm also going with an owl.

Poppy- Me too.

Alfie- I'm going with a toad. It would make a great prank accessory.

Patricia- Owl.

Piper- Owl.

Joy- Owl.

Eddie- Owl.

Molly- OK, then Arthur will take those who want owls to the owlry to get their own owl, unless they want a family owl. Those who want cats will go with Hermione to the cat place to get their own cats. Alfie, come with me to get your toad. Then we will all meet up at the robe shop to get your uniforms. After that, we will go to the book shop to get your books. Then, we'll go to Ollivander's to get your wands. Finally, we'll got to the cauldron shop & the other shops to get your other supplies.

Victoria- OK then, let's go, go, go!

in the owlry

Victoria- I'm going with a snowy owl.

Nina- I'm going with a barn owl.

Fabian- I'm going with an eagle owl.

Jerome- I'm going with the eastern screech owl.

Poppy- I'm going with the western screech owl.

Patricia- I'm going with the great grey owl.

Joy- I'm going with the elf owl.

Eddie- I'm going with the great horned owl.

at the cat store

Amber- I'll get the ginger cat

at the toad store

Alfie- I'll get the brown toad.

at the robe shop when they're paying

Molly- Now that's done, let's go to the book shop

after the book shop. at Ollivander's

Ollivander- I've been expecting you girls.

Victoria- You mean me & Nina?

Ollivander- Yes Victoria. Now let's see. Hmmm. I wonder.

Ollivander gives Victoria a wand with elder wood & a unicorn hair core. it glows around her & when she performs a spell, she does it perfectly.

Ollivander- Curious. Very curious.

Victoria- Pardon me, but what's curious?

Ollivander- I remember every wand I've ever sold Ms. Potter. It so happens that your wand is a wand made of elder wood with a unicorn hair core. The very same one I gave to your mother.

Victoria- whoa. I miss her so much that I get the exact same wand as her? Cool.

Ollivander- Your turn Nina. Let's see... Try this one.

same effect, except with a wand with elder wood & a phoenix feather core.

Ollivander- The same one I gave your father. Your turn Mr. Rutter.

Fabian gets a wand with ivy wood & dragon heartstring core.

Ollivander- Now you, Mr. Sweet, aka Mr. Miller.

Eddie gets a wand with elder wood & dragon heartstring core.

Ollivander- You next Ms. Millington.

Amber gets a wand with rosewood wood & a unicorn hair core

Ollivander- Mr. Lewis.

Alfie gets a wand with cherry wood & a phoenix feather core

Ollivander- Ms. Mercer

Joy's wand has rosewood wood & a dragon heartstring core

Ollivander- Patricia Williamson

Patricia gets a wand with cherry wood & a dragon heartstring core

Ollivander- Piper Williamson

Piper gets a wand with ivy wood & a unicorn hair core

Ollivander- Mr. Clarke

Jerome gets a wand with holly wood & a dragon heartstring core

Ollivander- Finally, Ms. Clarke

Poppy gets a wand with holly wood & a unicorn hair core

Molly- Now that's done, let's go to the cauldron shop & other shops to get your other supplies.

a half an hour later, back at the Burrow

Molly- Now that all of your shopping for school is done, I think that you should put your stuff in your trunks. Once you get to school, you must put them in your backpacks. ( yes, they have backpacks in the wizard world, in this case)

Harry- Yes Mrs. Weasley.

later that night

Dumbledore- Are the kids taken care of Molly?

Molly- Yes. They have all of their supplies & Victoria, Nina, & Harry have gone to their grandmother's wake & funeral.

Dumbledore- Very good. Harry, the professors have given your homework to Ms. Granger, so go to her when you get back.

Harry- Really? Don't I just get a homework pass since I was helping you welcome the new students?

Dumbledore- No, but they have given you until the end of the year. Don't procrastinate Harry. This year, the teachers want you to be more like Hermione with homework.

Harry- OK professor.

Victoria- Why not make the unbreakable vow? That'll ensure that he doesn't procrastinate because it'll affect his life. Nobody wants to die because they were lazy.

Dumbledore- OK, but there must be another adult with a functioning wand here.

Snape- I'll do it.

Dumbledore- Harry, grab my wrist.

Harry & Professor Dumbledore grab each other's wrist

Snape- Will you, Harry Potter, promise to get all of your homework done?

Harry- I will.

Snape- & will you, to the best of your ability, get it all done before Christmas?

Harry- I will.

Snape- Will you ask for help if you shall need it?

Harry- I will.

Snape- Good. Now it's impossible to go back.

Victoria- Professor, can we just get going to Kings Cross? I'm excited to see Hogwarts.

Dumbledore- Actually, we will be apparating outside of the gates. I can let us all in from there.

Victoria- Sweet! I love apparating!

Fabian- I hate it.

Jerome- Me too.

Harry- I agree with Victoria.

Nina- Me too.

Amber- Me too.

Alfie- Me too.

Patricia & Piper- Us too

Poppy- Me too

Joy- Me too

Jerome- We get it. Everyone loves apparating except for me & Fabian.

Victoria- Let's just get apparating.

Dumbledore- She's right. If we all want to make it to the feast in time, then we must get going.

after they've all apparated to Hogwarts. at the feast

Hermione- Harry! We wondered where you had gone for all this time.

Harry- Don't worry. I was out with Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, Professor Lupin, & Professor McGonagall. We were just bringing several new students in from Frobisher-Smythe Academy.

Dumbledore- Yes, yes. I know you all want to get back to your conversations & this magnificent feast, but first, a late sorting.

McGonagall- Now when I call your name, you shall step forth & be sorted into your houses. There's Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, & Slytherin. Gryffindor is the house where most students display bravery, who are daring, have nerve & chivalry. Hufflepuffs usually display hard work, patience, loyalty, & fair play. Ravenclaws usually display intelligence, wit, & knowledge. Slytherins display ambition, cunning, & resourcefulness. Now on with the ceremony.

the Sorting Hat sings it's song again (for the second time that semester.)

McGonagall- Jerome Clarke.

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Poppy Clarke

Sorting Hat- Ravenclaw!

McGonagall- Joy Mercer

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Amber Millington

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Nina Potter

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Victoria Potter

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Fabian Rutter

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Edison Sweet

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Patricia Williamson

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

McGonagall- Piper Williamson

Sorting Hat- Gryffindor!

Patricia- Yes!

Victoria- Congradulations on getting your twin to be with you.

Sir Nicholas- Welcome to Gryffindor ladies & gentlemen.

Harry- Hello Sir Nicholas, have a nice summer?

Sir Nicholas- Harry, once again my request to join the headless hunt has been denied.

Harry- Everyone, this is Nearly Headless Nick, or as he prefers, Sir Nicholas.

Victoria- Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?

Sir Nicholas- Like this.

Sir Nicholas tilts his head to the right. Everyone either shrieks, shows faces of disgust, or groan

A little while later

Victoria- I think I'll turn in for the night. Night.

Harry- Me too.

Nina- Me three.

Hermione- Me four.

Everyone else in Gryffindor- Night!

the next day

Victoria- Time to wake up. I think I'll go down for breakfast. She whispers to herself I wonder what breakfast will be like today.

Victoria walks down the stairs, deep in thought, on her way to breakfast. She falls down the stairs, knocking her out of her thoughts & knocking her out cold. Professor Snape comes by the stairs to go to Gryffindor to wake the students. On his way there, he sees Victoria knocked out. He runs to her in panic & kneels by her side, holding her in his arms, her head in his left.

Snape- Oh Victoria. What the heck happened to you. I'll bring her into my classroom until she wakes up, then bring her to Madam Pomfrey. I wonder when she woke up this morning.

He brings her to his classroom. Professor Lupin walks by.

Snape- Remus, can you watch her for a few? I need to wake up Gryffindor House.

Lupin- I'll wake Gryffindor House & get Harry & Nina.

Snape- Thanks Remus.

a few minutes later. Harry & Nina run in & kneel next to her.

Harry- Professor, what happened?

Snape- I don't know Harry. When I came to wake up Gryffindor House, I found her lying on the floor. I suppose she fell down the stairs.

Nina- Oh Victoria. she says, now crying

Harry- She'll be alright Nina. Now hugging Nina in comfort. I may not have known her long, but I do know that she is one of the toughest girls of our year.

Nina- She is. I'm just scared for her.

Snape- She'll be fine. She'll be in here until she wakes, then I'll bring her to Madam Pomfrey. She seems to have trusted me since she first met me.

Nina- I know. We've been meaning to talk to Professor Dumbledore about that. For whatever reason, she can make the meanest people nice to her & read minds. Do you know anything about that?

Snape- As a matter of fact, I do. When Lily & I were little, she always made the meanest people alive nice to her. Of course, You-know-Who saw past that. He killed her & James so that she couldn't do it again & because she was your mother. As for the mind reading, that was from your father. He used mind reading against his enemies, or his friends as a joke. The dark Lord killed your parents & nearly killed the three of you. The only reason that you all remained alive is because of your mother's love. Her love for each of you protected you from the Dark Lord. Let's just get her to my classroom. We can just lay her by my desk so I can keep an eye on her. Professor Lupin has agreed to keep it quiet & to tell her other teachers that she won't be in class today. He's also agreed to be with you two today. Professor Dumbledore has agreed that if she's broken her leg, he'll personally build a ramp beside the railing, building a new one beside it, for her to use crutches or a wheelchair. (yes I know it's muggle stuff, but Dumbledore took some & obliviated the doctor/nurse who came by & nearly got him caught (just go with it))

Nina- OK. Wait, does he know what he's doing? Building the stuff that you said he was going to build?

Snape- He does. Nobody knows more spells than Professor Dumbledore.

in Potions classroom

Snape conjures a bed next to his desk

Snape- Thanks you two for coming when you did.

Harry- We were worried about Victoria Professor. Why wouldn't we if it was one of our own?

Snape- True, but thank you. Now, off to class.

(Victoria's schedule is the same as Harry's & Ron's, but doesn't have divination. She has Study of Ancient Runes with Hermione. Lupin already took care of the teachers.)

in care of magical creatures

Hagrid- Come around, come around. Who are the new students?

Harry- Hagrid, this is one of my twin sisters, Nina. Victoria, the other one of the three, is in the hospital wing.

Hagrid- I know she's with Professor Snape. he whispers What happened to her anyways?

Harry- She fell down the stairs & is now in a coma, so she won't be able to be visited unless it's by Nina & I or a teacher.

Hagrid- Poor girl. Who are the rest of these folks?

Harry- There's Fabian, Amber, Joy, Patricia, Piper, Jerome, Poppy, & Eddie. Piper & Patricia are identical twins, except you really can't tell them apart by looking at them. You have to search their personalities. the ex-anubis students step forward in turn.

Hagrid- Ah. Like how Piper here has a necklace with a music note on it & Patricia has black clothes on?

Patricia- Actually, that's right. I'm Patricia & next to Jerome is Piper.

Hagrid- I knew since, in your profiles, Piper came to us as a musician.

Patricia- Anyways, on with the lesson?

Hagrid- Yea. Today, we're going to start to learn about hippogriffs. Today, we have Buckbeak. First, we bow. If he bows back, you can go up & touch him. If not, well I'll tell you later. Who wants to go up first?

Harry & Nina- I do.

Hagrid- Well done.

Harry & Nina bow. Buckbeak bows back at them

Hagrid- Now you can go up & touch him.

They walk up to Buckbeak. Buckbeak rubs his head against their hands.

Hagrid- I think he'll let you ride him now.

Nina- What? Hagrid, what are you doing?

Harry- Hagrid!

Nina & Harry- Ahhhhhhh! Whoo!

Nina- I'm loving this!

Harry- Me too! Whoa.

Nina- Don't fall Harry!

Harry- I'm OK! This is the most fun we've had together since we first met!

Nina- I know right?! Too bad Victoria isn't here.

back in Snape's classroom

Victoria- What happened? Why does my ankle hurt? Who are you?

Snape- I'm Professor Snape. You fell down the stairs & probably fractured your ankle. I'll bring you to Madam Pomfrey.

Victoria- OK, but where am I?

Snape- You are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry in the Potions classroom. You are a witch Victoria.

Victoria- Really?

Snape- Yes & so are your brother & sister.

Victoria- Who are they?

Snape- They are Nina & Harry. You're famous Victoria. You survived the Killing Curse, along with your brother & sister.

Victoria- Do I have any family other than Harry & Nina Professor?

Snape- You only have Sirius Black, your godfather, Vernon, your uncle, Petunia, your aunt, & Dudley, your cousin. Everyone else is dead. They were either murdered or died naturally.

Victoria- No. she whispers. She then starts to cry

Snape- It's OK. You don't have to live with your aunt, uncle, & cousin. You can live with Sirius.

Victoria leans her head against Snape's shoulder

Snape- You don't remember much, do you?

Victoria- The last thing I remember was meeting Nina at Anubis House & getting a tour. After that, I don't remember anything.

Snape- We'll help you regain your memory. He says, laying her on one of the beds

Madam Pomfrey- What happened to this little girl?

Snape- She fell down the stairs & fractured her ankle. She also has a pretty bad concussion. She doesn't remember anything from the time she started at Anubis House to now.

Madam Pomfrey- Poor dear. Do you know if she has any family that can help her?

Snape- I'll go get her brother & sister. They'll be able to help better than I can.

Back at Care of Magical Creatures

Snape- Hagrid, I need Nina & Harry to come up to the castle immediately.

Hagrid- Of course. Nina, Harry, go ahead. I'm sure Hermione will catch you up later.

Nina- Thank you professor.

running up to the castle

Nina- I assume Victoria has woken up?

Snape- Yup. She's in pain & she can't remember a thing after meeting you at Anubis House.

Nina- Which means she's forgotten who she really is & everything!

Snape- Yup, & Professor Dumbledore wants you after you help Madam Pomfrey.

Harry- What on Earth for?

Snape- No idea, but you need to see him when you're both done in the hospital wing.

in the hospital wing

Madam Pomfrey- Hello Harry. Hello Nina.

Harry- I see how you know my name, but how do you know her's?

Madam Pomfrey- Victoria keeps whispering your names in her sleep. She has a cast on now. I'll owl you when she's awake.

Nina- Thank you so much Madam Pomfrey.

Madam Pomfrey- Of course Nina. I believe that Professor Dumbledore wants to see you now.

Nina- Oh yes. Victoria, feel better soon. She said telepathically

in Professor Dumbledore's office

Professor Dumbledore- Come in. Ah, Harry & Nina, how wonderful to see you.

Nina- Hello Professor.

Professor Dumbledore- How's your sister?

Harry- She has a fractured ankle & a pretty bad concussion.

Professor Dumbledore- That was what I was afraid of. At this point, she'll remember anything from when you were all a year old. She'll also remember being apparated from America to Ireland. I dropped Harry off first, then Nina, then Victoria. She'll be terrified if she sees what happened to your parents.

Nina- Oh Anubis! I have to be by her bed! She's scared out of her mind if she's having a nightmare & I'm not there physically to be with her!

Professor Dumbledore- Go Nina. You must be by her bedside by sundown. Otherwise, who knows what may happen.

Nina- Yes Professor.

Nina runs to the infirmary

Harry- Professor, how can we see each other's nightmares & dreams?

Dumbledore- It is because of the fact that you are triplets. When you were little, did you ever dream of having two sisters?

Harry- Now that I think about it, yes, I did.

Dumbledore- That is because you were seeing a time before your parents were killed. You were seeing yourself, Nina, & Victoria when you were less than a year old. You were remembering a time when your parents were still alive. That's why, two years ago when you looked into the mirror of erised, you saw your parents & your sisters. Your most desperate desire was to have a family who took care of you & loved you.

Harry- That makes sense. My parents wants me to protect them now, don't they?

Dumbledore- Yes. Now go to the infirmary & be with your sisters.

in the infirmary

Harry- How is she?

Nina- She's OK, but Professor Dumbledore was right. She's having nightmares of that night when Voldemort killed our parents & nearly killed us. Great, she's now having dreams of when we were apparated to where we were on our second birthday. I miss our old teachers, especially Mr. Winkler & Trudy.

Mr. Winkler- Nina?

Nina- Mr. Winkler? What are you doing here?

Mr. Winkler- I'm a teacher here. Remember how I wasn't at Frobisher Academy last year?

Nina- Yeah.

Mr. Winkler- That was because I am a wizard. I had to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. This year, I'm helping Hagrid with the Care for Magical Creatures. You didn't see me when you came or when you were in class because I was waiting for some creatures for the next project.

Nina- That makes sense.

Trudy- Hello dear.

Nina- Trudy! We've missed you so much!

Trudy- I've missed you too!

Nina- Are you a witch?

Trudy- Actually, yes, but I am the good kind. I stayed at Anubis House to watch over you all while your magic was developing. We had to wait until now because it wasn't developed enough for you all to come here. I am the teacher for Charms. I'm replacing Professor Flitwick. He's retired now. Hello Harry.

Harry- Hi Trudy. How've you been?

Trudy- I've been pretty good actually. You?

Harry- Surviving. With Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, & Dudley. They're the worst parents to me & they're the best to Dudley.

Trudy- I understand. You know Harry, I was right next door to you.

Harry- Really?

Trudy- Yes & that's how I knew your name dear. You were saying Nina?

Nina- Oh yes. I'm just so glad to see you. Everyone's been missing you since we left. We didn't know that you came with us when we came to Hogwarts.

Trudy- That's because I apparated here when you all were met up by the adults & professors.

Nina- That makes sense. You know, Jerome really needs you. He's been crying himself to sleep every night since we started here. He's in class now.

Trudy- I'll just wait to talk to him during class dearie. I had heard about Victoria & I wanted to say that I hope she feels better soon.

Nina- I know she'll appreciate that Professor Rehmann.

Trudy- Just call me Trudy. Professor Rehmann doesn't feel right.

Nina- I understand. I felt the same way when I had said it.

Trudy- Well, I might as well be getting back to the classroom. I don't want the students to get worried. It was great seeing you. she says, hugging Nina & patting Victoria on the shoulder

Nina- It was great seeing you too Trudy. Bye.

Trudy- Bye.

Victoria- blinks hard Who was that?

Nina- That was Trudy. Don't you remember Trudy? Our housemother at Anubis House?

Victoria- Oh yeah. Why was she here?

Nina- She's the new Charms teacher. She replaced Professor Flitwick.

Victoria- Who was Professor Flitwick?

Nina- The old Charms teacher. According to Harry, he was a nice teacher. Hello Professor Lupin.

Remus- Hello Nina, Victoria. How are you feeling Victoria?

Victoria- I'm feeling a bit better. I just wish that these nightmares would end.

Remus- Let me see.

a few minutes later

Remus- You have a memory bug.

Victoria- What's a memory bug?

Remus- It's this little insect that has all of your memories. The ones from a time you can never remember, even if you tried, to now. If you kill it, you can regain every single memory. Even from the times you can't remember. But it has to be you. Nina's is fine because she hasn't had a concussion yet & so is Harry's.

after Victoria kills her memory bug.

Victoria- Thank you so much professor. How'd you know about these anyways?

Remus- I stayed in Hagrid's class after everyone had gone to their next class & Hagrid told me about them.

Victoria- What's the real story?

Remus- I keep forgetting I can't lie around you. I asked Professor Dumbledore after Nina & Harry left to come down here about why you might recall everything from when you were born to now & he said that it was a memory bug.

Victoria- That's it! That's why nobody lies around me & if they do they get caught!

Remus- Yes. Your mind reading abilities also access you to whether a person's lying or not.

Victoria- Cool.

Nina- How long did you know about that, & why did you never tell us?

Remus- I've known about that your entire lives. Your mother could tell when someone was lying to her too. I never told you because Professor Dumbledore & Professor Snape swore me to secrecy. Snape allowed me to tell you when it was fully realized. Which, as it seems, it is.

Nina- That makes sense, yet it also doesn't. How come it was Professor Snape who allowed you to tell us when the time was right?

Remus- He said that Professor Dumbledore told him to tell me that I could when you were ready & that he agreed with Professor Dumbledore.

Nina- Ah.

Remus- I'll leave to let you rest Victoria. I hope you feel better.

Victoria- Thanks Professor.

Victoria falls asleep. She has a dream where she remembers everything about everyone, but chooses not to tell them. She then falls into a deep hole leading into a cavern. She yelps in pain as she tries to stand. While she's asleep in the dream, Professor Snape apparates to her & heals her ankle. When she woke up, in the dream still, her ankle felt better. Fabian, Jerome, Amber, & Alfie dropped food down to her. Before she woke up again, she was back in bed, safe. She wondered why Jerome never told her about his parents, Alfie never told her why he pranks, Fabian never told her about his passion for music, Poppy never told her about her sense of fashion, & everyone else was keeping secrets from her.

Nina- Are you OK?

Victoria- I'm fine. You can go back to the dorm to sleep if you'd like.

Nina- OK. Night.

Victoria- Night Nina.

Nina leaves. As soon as Victoria thinks she's out of earshot & fast asleep, she starts crying because of the fact that everyone was keeping secrets from her.

Victoria- I can't believe that everyone's keeping secrets from me.

Dumbledore- I know it's hard, finding out the secrets of your best & closest friends. Why don't you ask them?

Victoria- They're already asleep.

Dumbledore- Come down to breakfast in the morning. I'll let your teachers know that the new students, Harry, Ron & Hermione will be late.

Victoria- Thank you Professor.

The next morning at breakfast

Victoria- Guys, we have to talk after everyone goes to classes.

Hermione- What about the professors? Won't they worry?

Victoria- Professor Dumbledore talked to all of the professors we have today. He told them that we're going to be late.

Harry- Well, who do you need to talk to?

Victoria- I need to talk to Jerome, Fabian, Nina, Harry, Patricia, Amber, Eddie, Joy, Hermione, & Ron.

Fred- So are George, Percy, & the rest of Gryffindor all set?

Victoria- Yup.

when everyone else has left

Victoria- Why have you guys been keeping secrets from me? I thought we were like family.

Patricia- We are. We just don't know if you're ready to hear about everything.

Dumbledore- She is. If she's ready to know about her abilities, then she's ready to know about what's happened with everyone the past two years.

Victoria- It just feels like I don't know anyone anymore. I just wish I knew what was going on. she starts crying

Jerome starts to comfort her.

Jerome- What do you want to know?

Victoria- What happened to your parents?

Jerome- My mother turned into a monster & my dad is in Azkaban.

Victoria- Oh Jerome. Alfie, why do you prank anyways?

Alfie- It is a way to help me relax. Other people's pain or depression makes me laugh, but I don't know why. I probably have depression or something.

Victoria- OK, but Fabian, why didn't you tell me you had a passion for music?

Fabian- I was worried that I would be made fun of.

Victoria- OK. Jerome, Alfie, NOT A WORD ABOUT THIS! Patricia, why didn't you tell me about your twin & the fact that you're goth?

Patricia- I didn't tell you about Piper because I was embarrassed by her. She's miss perfect. I didn't tell you about the fact that I'm goth because I assumed that you already knew or had figured it out.

Victoria- OK. Amber, why didn't you tell me that you are a black belt in karate?

Amber- I was too embarrassed. If anyone found out & told a teacher, I would have had to be on the karate team.

Victoria- Makes sense. Eddie, how come you never told me that you're the Osirian after you already knew that Nina was my twin & that Nina & I were the chosen ones?

Eddie- I was trying to protect you undercover. If too many people find out I'm the Osirian, they'll ask me to protect everyone.

Victoria- I get that now. Joy, why didn't you tell me about why you left the first year?

Joy- That was because the theory amongst the teachers was proven wrong. Their theory was that I was the chosen one because of my birthday. Because of the fact that they didn't know or forgot that I was born at 7 pm, not 7 am, they took me away to protect me. There's also the possibility that they didn't know about the true 7th hour.

Victoria- Hermione, why didn't you tell me that you're the brightest one of our age?

Hermione- People would have taken advantage of me. They would have had me do their homework.

Victoria- Very true. I understand that because I was the smartest at Anubis House & Jerome & Alfie took advantage of me & had me do their homework.

Jerome- We're sorry about that. We should have just asked you to help us instead of having you do our homework for us.

Alfie- Really sorry.

Victoria- Good because I also have a 10th degree black belt in karate. I'm teaching Amber since she's only an 8th degree.

Jerome- Whoa.

Victoria- OK, but now. Ron, why do you never mention Charlie or Bill?

Ron- I don't mention them because I don't really get to see them anymore.

Victoria- Oh Ron. OK, but Nina, why didn't you tell me about putting the cup of Ankh together & finding the Mask of Anubis?

Nina- I never mentioned them because I think that the mysteries are over.

Amneris- You thought wrong chosen ones & Osirians.

Victoria- Harry, why didn't you tell me about your first year here?

Harry- I was waiting for the right moment. I didn't want anyone else to know yet. I'll tell you in the common room tonight.

Victoria- OK. We should probably get to class now.

Hermione- Finally! Let's go! We're already late for Care of Magical Creatures!

in Care of Magical Creatures

Hagrid- Ah. There you all are. Walks closer to Victoria. Did you manage to ask everyone everythin' you needed ter kno'? he whispers to her

Victoria- Yup & sorry we're late.

Hagrid- It's alrigh'. On with the lesson. This week, we're working with hippogriffs. This is Buckbeak, for those who don't kno' already.

Victoria bows. Buckbeak bows back. Victoria walks up to Buckbeak & he rubs his head against her hand. Harry helps her onto Buckbeak, since he already trusts Harry.

Hagrid- There you are. How do you know so much about hippogriffs?

Victoria- When I was little, I always read about them & how to approach them. I personally love hippogriffs.

Hagrid- Ah. Let's see how you fly.

Victoria- What? Hagrid, what are you doing? Ahhh! Whoo! This is amazing!

Harry- I told you so!

Victoria- Whoa. Harry, don't scare me like that!

Harry- Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were safe on Buckbeak. What with your ankle and what not.

Victoria- I'm fine Harry. Thank you though for coming up here with me. I get a bit scared of-

Harry- Get a bit scared of what? he looks down Oh. You have a fear of heights?

Victoria- Yes, but don't tell anyone, OK? I not only have a fear of heights, but also stage freight. Just don't tell anyone. I get extremely embarrassed very easily.

Harry- OK. I promise I won't say a word. I'm NOT making the unbreakable vow though.

Victoria- Perfectly fine. I wasn't going to ask you to.

Victoria & Harry- Woo hoo! This is awesome! Whoa.

Harry- You OK?

Victoria- Yea. I just wish that Jerome was up here though.

back on the ground

Hagrid- Fantastic Harry & Victoria. Who's next?

Jerome- I'll go.

Victoria- I want to go again

Hagrid- OK, so it's just Jerome & Victoria then?

Poppy- I want to go with Fabian

Fabian- Actually, I want to go with Piper.

Hermione- I want to go with Ron.

Eddie- I want to go with Patricia

Poppy- I guess I'll go with Amber then.

Hagrid- OK, so it's Victoria & Jerome, Fabian & Piper, Hermione & Ron, Eddie & Patricia, & Poppy with Amber?

Victoria- What about Alfie?

Hagrid- Who wants to go a second time to go with Alfie?

Amber- I do.

Hagrid- OK, so it's Victoria & Jerome, Fabian & Piper, Hermione & Ron, Eddie & Patricia, Poppy & Amber, & Alfie with Amber?

Nina- I want to go with Fabian.

Hagrid- So it'll be Piper & Alfie, Victoria & Jerome, Fabian & Nina, Hermione & Ron, Eddie & Patricia, & Poppy with Amber. That's it. No more changes. Joy will go with Fabian.

Nina- No! Joy isn't trustworthy with Fabian. Professor Rodenmaar told us to have Joy & Fabian separate. The only exception is classes & houses.

Hagrid- OK then, we'll have Joy with Eddie & Patricia. Buckbeak can take up to three people at a time, but he prefers two.

Don't read this line if you want to be surprised. (spoiler alert; that's how the couples are, except for Poppy & Amber)

Victor- Actually Hagrid, Victoria is needed back at the castle. She needs to be checked out by Professor Snape to see if she can start to walk again.

Hagrid- OK then. We'll have you & Jerome go last then.

Victor- We also need Jerome.

back at the castle

Victor- Sorry Victoria & Jerome, but Professor Snape wanted to talk to you two.

Victoria- That's OK.

Jerome- Fine by me.

Snape- Thank you Victor.

Victor- Of course Professor.

Victoria- Professor Snape, how do you know Victor?

Snape- He was my teacher. He taught potions at the school was after his dad disappeared & he & Sarah went to social services. Even though he was head of Gryffindor house, I grew fond of him. Nobody made fun of me for it since he was the greatest teacher. Everyone loved his classes, but he stopped teaching & let us do what we wanted for months until the end of the year when he left the school, never to return, until now. Anyways, I need to check your ankle Victoria. I just figured that if it was necessary, Jerome could pull a few pranks behind my back to take your mind off of it.

Victor- I'll be standing by your side too, if you'd like.

Victoria- I'd appreciate that professor. Thank you.

Victor- Just call me Victor. Professor just doesn't work for me. I'd prefer Victor anyhow since Mr. Rodenmaar was my father.

Victoria- But wasn't your father's first name also Victor?

Victor- Yes, but everyone, even my own mother, called him Mr. Rodenmaar.

Victoria- OK, creepy, but OK.

Jerome does bunny ears behind Professor Snape's back. Victor & Victoria laugh.

Snape- Jerome's doing bunny ears behind me isn't he?

Victoria- How'd you know?

Snape- I know because I've read Jerome's & Alfie's profiles, & their pranks are pathetic.

Jerome- Hey! I resent that remark!

Victoria- Calm down Jerome. Ouch!

Snape- Sorry!

Jerome- What do you get when you mix a terrier & a bulldog & turn that into a joke?

Victoria- I don't know, what?

Jerome- A terribull joke.

Victoria & Victor start to laugh.

Jerome- what do you get when you mix a Maltese & a poodle times two?

Victoria- What?

Jerome- A multipoo.

Victor & Victoria are laughing so hard now that they have to lean against each other to remain upright.

Snape- All set. What was that last joke Jerome?

Jerome- What do you get when you mix a Maltese & a poodle times two?

Snape- What?

Jerome- A multipoo.

Snape- I don't get it.

Victor- A malti-poo is a maltese & a poodle. If you times it by two, you multiply it by two. A multipoo.

Snape- Still don't get it.

Jerome- You just don't get a lot of jokes do you professor?

Snape- Nope. Then again, Victoria's father played a few too many pranks when we were little.

Sarah- It's not over.

Victoria- I thought it was since I moved here to Hogwarts.

Sarah- You still need to find all of the horcruxes & the emblem of Anubis. They are all in this castle. Find them. keep them safe.

Jerome- Did you hear that?

Snape- Hear what?

Victor- I'm sorry professor, but I should probably be taking these two back to class.

Snape- Of course.

on the way back to class

Victoria- What was that about Victor?

Victor doesn't respond

Victoria- Victor?

Victor- I think Jerome's your Osirian. Eddie is Nina's, so I think that Jerome's yours.

Victoria- Who's Harry's?

Victor- Harry's is, & not a word to him, Ginny Weasley.

Jerome- His crush is his protector?

Victor- Yup.

Jerome- Doesn't surprise me. I have a crush on my chosen one.

Victoria- & I have one on my Osirian.

Jerome- OK then. Victoria Potter, will you go out with me?

Victoria- Yes!

Jerome- Yes! Victor, not a word about this to anyone, understand?

Victor- Of course. Victoria is my goddaughter after all.

Victoria- So you're my godfather? How come I never knew?

Victoria rolls off crying

Jerome- Victoria, wait! My god she's fast. It's OK baby. Calm down. I know it hurts now, but you'll heal.

Victoria- But how could I have been with him for all this time without knowing that he was my godfather?

Jerome- I don't know. I do know that you have two godfathers that you can live with now. You have Sirius, Harry, Nina, Victor, Sarah, & everyone here. You also have me. Just remember that.

Victoria- I know. How could I have been so stupid?

Jerome- You are not stupid. Victor is the stupid one for not telling you when you found out that you were the identical twin of Nina & a triplet to Harry.

Victor- He's right.

Jerome- Can you leave us alone for a bit Victor?

Victor- Sure. I just wanted to make sure she's OK.

Victoria- I'm fine.

Victor- OK.

victor leaves

Jerome- I know you're confused, so am I, but we'll get through it together. OK?

Victoria- Yeah. I'm still curious as to how you could hear the voices I have been hearing.

Jerome- I think it's because I'm your Osirian.

Victoria- I know that, but what is an Osirian?

Jerome- I don't know. I'll have to search on my laptop.

Victoria- You actually managed to sneak that past Filch?

Jerome- Yup, thanks to Fred & George.

Victoria- Of course. What does it say?

Jerome- It says that the Osirian is the person who protects the Chosen One. It started with Osiris & Amneris. Amneris was the goddess who had betrayed Anubis, & Anubis had promised Amneris that on one day every twenty-five years, the cup of Ankh could be put back together, which is how the Chosen One beliefs began. The Osirian beliefs began about the same time because Anubis said that the descendant of Amneris needed protection & Osiris protected Amneris, so his descendants protected the descendants of Amneris.

Victoria- Of course. We have to talk to Nina & Eddie about this because they know more about this.

Jerome- I agree.

in the common room; midnight

Nina- Why'd you call us down here so late?

Victoria- We found out that Jerome is my Osirian.

Nina- What?!

Jerome- I know, spooky right?

Eddie- Very.

Victoria- I also found out that our parents chose more than one godfather & godmother.

Nina- Then who's the other pair?

Victoria- You're not going to believe this, but Victor & Sarah are our godparents.

Nina- OK, so who is our other godmother?

Lily- Trudy is your other godmother. Your godparents are Victor, Sarah, Trudy, & Sirius. I wish that I was still alive to tell you this myself instead of having you find out this way.

Victoria- It's OK mom. You died protecting us. It wasn't your fault. What is a horcrux?

Lily- I was hoping to wait until you were older, but a horcrux is a dark piece of magic where you can store a piece of your soul.

Nina- How can you split your soul?

Lily- I believe you know the answer to that.

Victoria- Murder.

Lily- Yes. It's against the law of nature to kill.

Victoria- Why do we have to search for them now?

Lily- You don't. They need to be found by the end of your seventh year because if not, the worlds will end, both muggle & magical.

Victoria- I think that for now, we have to be careful. Apparently, Bellatrix, Sirius' cousin, escaped from Azkaban.

Nina- WHAT?!

Victoria- Yeah. Thankfully, Professor Dumbledore will have the Order of the Phoenix protecting us.

Jerome- OK, but who will need to defend for themselves?

Professor Dumbledore- Nobody will need to. I've already sent owls to the parents to allow you all to stay here over christmas for protection from Bellatrix, Fenrir, & all of the death eaters.

Victoria- What the heck are death eaters?

Harry- Maybe I should explain this. Death eaters are dark witches & wizards who currently follow Lord Voldemort. They are dangerous to everyone, even muggles like my aunt & uncle.

Victoria-En serio?

Harry- Sí, de verdad

Dumbledore- Ah, the advantages of being the chosen ones. You were just speaking Spanish.

Victoria- Yeah. How'd you know?

Dumbledore- I may not speak the language fluently, but I can pick certain words out of conversations. Then again, all three of you can speak every language ever created & spoken. Even ancient languages, such as ancient Greek or Roman.

Harry- We've known that since we found out we were related.

Victoria seems like she's about to cry.

Jerome- Victoria, are you OK?

Victoria- Yes, I'm fine Jerome. I just need to be alone for a few minutes.

She rolls toward Professor Snape's office, where she knows she will be alone for an hour or so.

Harry- What was that about?

Jerome- I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Dumbledore- Just leave her be. I have learned in my youth that when a woman, or girl, wants to be alone to just leave them alone. They'll tell you in time.

Jerome- That may be true, but Victoria is one who never wants to be alone, even when she asks for it.

Dumbledore- Then go to her. She'll need you most Jerome.

Jerome- Thank you professor.

in Professor Snape's office

Jerome- Now why would a gorgeous girl want to be alone?

Victoria- I don't know. Why would she?

Jerome- That's a question that only you can answer. Are you OK?

Victoria- Honestly, no. I never even met my parents until this year. Harry has a scrapbook from Hagrid, but he's known more about our parents more than I could ever dream of. Mom, I need your help.

Lily- Hello again Victoria. Hi Jerome.

Jerome- How do you know my name?

Lily- You're all that she thinks about at night & I can read her mind even though I'm dead.

Jerome- egentligen? (Really?)

Victoria- verkligen. Du är den enda som jag tänker på innan sängen & när jag vaknar. (Really. You're the only thing that I think about before bed & after I wake up)

Jerome- Aww. How'd you know that I speak Swedish?

Victoria- I can read minds, remember?

Jerome- Oh yeah.

Lily- Anyways. You need to get to Sirius. He's the only one who can stop them. His cousin is Bellatrix Lestrange.

Victoria- She's right. How do we contact him though mom? We can't leave until summer break.

Lily- There's a fireplace in the commonroom. I'll talk to Sirius & have him contact everyone from there.

Jerome- How?

Lily- Sirius can hear spirits. He may not be able to see them, but he can hear them.

Victoria- Cool! We all miss you mom.

Lily- I know you do sweetie. (pun not intended)

Victoria- Bye mom.

Lily- Bye sweetheart. Bye Jerome

Jerome- Bye Mrs. Potter

Lily- Please just call me Lily.

Lily disappears

Jerome- OK Lily.

Victoria- What did you say?

Jerome- I said that we should probably get to lunch before one of the teachers catch us in here.

Victoria- Good idea.

in the great hall

Snape- Where were you two?

Victoria- Can we tell you after potions?

Snape- Sure, but just so you know, you have double potions today, so you might as well tell me after the first class.

Victoria- Of course professor.

Nina- Where have you two been?

Hermione- Yeah. You missed Herbology & Charms. What happened?

Victoria- I'll tell you in the common room tonight.

after first Potions

Snape- Victoria & Jerome to my office please. Professor McGonagall will watch the class.

snape walks to his office with Victoria & Jerome

In Snape's Office

Snape- OK, so what the heck is going on?

Victoria- Everyone but me & Nina know about Mom & Dad.

Jerome- Even the muggles know about them.

Snape- I assume that Professor Dumbledore & Harry have brought it up then.

Jerome- Yes.

Victoria- I knew that I could be alone in here, so I came in here & hid. I'm sorry that I didn't ask professor. I was just-

Snape- Too upset to ask. I understand. I was devastated when I found your mother dead.

he flashes back to when he found Lily dead. He's holding her, knowing it's too late to save her. He sees her children & takes them out of there

Victoria- Professor? Professor!

Snape- Wha'? Oh sorry.

Victoria- You were flashing back to when you found my mother dead. You were holding her in your arms, knowing that there was nothing you could have done. But there was something that you could have done. You could have brought her back, yet you didn't.

Snape- What spell?

Victoria- It wasn't a spell. Your love for her could have saved her, Harry, Nina, & me. You had to have been there for the love to have been effective.

Snape- How could I have been so stupid?!

Victoria- Don't say that! slaps Snape You are one of the best teachers here! People just don't take the time to know you like I did.

Snape- I should have known that you would do & say that. he says, rubbing his cheek where Victoria slapped him

Jerome- Yeah you should have. She slapped Amber when she said that she was ugly in a certain dress.

Snape- Is that true?

Amber- Yes.

Victoria- What are you doing here Amber?

Amber- Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall needs to get to her classroom for her next class.

Snape- Thank you Amber. It's time we got back anyways.

Victoria- OK.

back in Potions

Victoria- Amber, how much of that did you hear anyways?

Amber- Enough to know why you rolled off.

Victoria- Amber, please-

Amber- I won't say a word.

Victoria- Thanks Amber.

Amber- Of course.

Snape- Class dismissed.

in the common room

Nina- What the heck was that about anyways?

Victoria- I rolled off when Professor Dumbledore was talking to me & Jerome. I was upset because everyone knows about mom & dad except for the two of us.

Nina- Actually... it's just you who doesn't know about mom & dad.

Victoria- Even worse.

Victoria rolls off to Professor Snape's office

in Professor Snape's office

Snape- Come in Victoria.

Victoria- How'd you know it was me?

Snape- I didn't have any detentions & you're the only one who comes in here willingly. I'm guessing that you're the only one who doesn't know about your parents then?

Victoria- Everyone keeps secrets from me & they know that I'm extremely sensitive. she says, crying & sobbing

Snape hugs her

Snape- I know. That's why I never keep secrets from you. That & the fact that I can't.

Victoria- True, but they have all managed to keep me out of their heads.

Snape- Professor Lupin must have taught them that when you were out. You know, when you were in the hospital wing, I was right beside you the entire time?

Victoria- I didn't. Why do I feel so faint?

Victoria faints in her wheelchair

Snape- Why does this always happen when I'm in my office? I'm just going to bring her to the hospital wing

in the hospital wing

Snape- Here you go Victoria. I hope you wake up soon. he then kisses her forehead & sits by her bed.

Madam Pomfrey- You should be asleep Severus. Why are you here?

Snape- She's the reason why.

Madam Pomfrey- Poor dear. This is the second time this term.

Snape- I know. Is it alright if I stay with her?

Madam Pomfrey- Sure, but remember that you need rest too. You may sleep in the bed next to hers.

Snape- Thank you Poppy.

Madam Pomfrey- Of course Severus. After all, you are the one who brings her in every time.

Snape- Night Poppy.

Madam Pomfrey- Night Severus.

Madam Pomfrey leaves. Snape starts to cry

a few hours later

Snape crawls into the bed & falls asleep

the next morning

Victor- Severus. Severus!

Madam Pomfrey- Victor, he's not teaching today. He has a bad snake bite that hasn't closed yet. He was bitten a week ago & he is very ill.

Victor- I could help with that Poppy.

Madam Pomfrey- No thanks. I'll be fine on my own.

Victor- OK Poppy. I'll just let Professor Dumbledore know that Severus won't be able to work today.

Victor leaves

Madam Pomfrey- Thank god.

a few hours later

Snape- What time is it Poppy?

Madam Pomfrey- It's one in the afternoon Severus. Victor's taken over as Potions teacher for now.

Snape- Thanks Poppy. Has she woken up at all yet?

Madam Pomfrey- Not yet. I expect that she'll wake up by around dinnertime tonight.

Snape- OK Poppy.

Madam Pomfrey leaves. Snape starts to cry.

Snape- Why didn't I see it sooner? I should've known that she'd faint at any moment.

Lily- Severus, you couldn't have known. She ate & everything.

Snape- Lily?

Lily- It's me Severus.

Snape- I just wish that I could bring you back now. Your children need you & I miss you.

Lily- I know you do Severus. There is a way that you can bring me back & not have to sacrifice anyone.

Snape- Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?

Lily- Making the potion that brings people back to life when they're an inch from death or are already dead? Yeah.

Snape- I think I'll do that when Victoria's back on her feet.

Lily- Good idea. I miss you too Severus. Honestly, I've always had feelings for you, but I couldn't bring myself to admit it.

Snape- I know. Do I have to bring back James though?

Victoria- No.

Lily- She's still knocked out, but she talks in her sleep. Just like I used to.

Snape- I guess I have my answer from her though.

Lily- Severus, Harry's always wanted both of his parents & so has Nina. You have to bring us both back. Whether I divorce him or not is up to me.

Snape- I know, but being without you makes me feel like I don't have a purpose in life.

Victoria- Yes you do Professor Snape. Your purpose is to protect us & to teach Potions. OK?

Snape- I hate it when she's right. She's still sleep talking, isn't she?

Lily- Yup.

a few hours later

Victoria- Professor Snape?

Snape- Oh thank god. he says, still crying

Victoria- Did you really mean what you said earlier? That you didn't know your purpose in life?

Snape- Yup.

Victoria- I just can't believe you stayed with me. Even at the risk of your job.

Snape- I treat you as if you are my own daughter because in my mind, you are.

Victoria- You have always been like a father to me. I just hope that once this is all over, you will be my father. Well, you get what I mean.

Snape- I know. So do I.

Snape makes the potion. Lily & James come back to life.

Victoria- Mom! Dad!

Lily- Hi sweetheart.

James- Hi babygirl.

family hug

Victoria- I've missed you so much!

James- We've missed you too honey.

Jerome- Should I get Harry & Nina?

James- Do you mind Jerome?

Jerome- Not at all. I'll just go get them.

Jerome leaves

James- What happened to your leg?

Snape- She fell down the stairs & fractured it.

James- Oh baby. Thank you so much Severus for taking care of her while she is here.

Lily- & for taking her to mom's funeral.

Snape- Of course.

James- I'm sorry for messing with you when we were kids.

Snape- It's OK.

Jerome comes back in with Nina & Harry

Nina- Am I still seeing spirits?

Snape- No you're not. They're alive, for good this time.

Nina & Harry-Mom! Dad!

James- Hey kids.

Lily- Come here you lifesavers!

family hug!

Lily- We've missed you all so much.

Victoria- We missed you more.

James- We've missed you most.

Victoria- Can we be alone for a few minutes?

Lily- Sure. Come on gentlemen.

all of the adults leave

Jerome- I just can't believe magic brought your parents back from the grave.

Harry- Yeah. We're going to have to remove the gravemarkers from the cemetary in Godric's Hollow.

Victoria- Godric? As in Godric Gryffindor?

Harry- The very same.

Victoria- Wicked. Jeez, I've been in England for too long.

Nina- We both have.

Harry- What do you mean?

Nina- We both came from different places, remember?

Harry- Oh yeah. Nina from America & Victoria from Ireland right?

Victoria- Right.

Hermione comes in

Hermione- Professor- Oh hey guys. Have you seen Professor Snape? I need to get Victoria's homework.

Harry- There was a substitute, remember?

Hermione- Right. I had heard that he had gotten a bad snake bite. Is that true Victoria?

Victoria- No. Madam Pompfrey said that so that he didn't have to teach today. He was with me because I had fainted last night & he wanted to stay with me. Not a word from anyone!

Hermione- I won't say anything & how sweet of him.

Harry- I have to agree with Hermione.

Jerome- Me too.

Nina- Me three.

Victoria- Thanks guys. We really need to get to bed. It's almost midnight.

Hermione- Good call. Night.

Harry- Night

Nina- Night.

Jerome & Victoria- Night guys.

Jerome- Are you OK?

Victoria- Yeah, just a little shocked that my parents are alive again.

the next day

Ron- Hey guys, you should really check out these headlines.

Dead couple brought back to life

By; Rita Skeeter

Famous couple James & Lily Potter for being parents of Nina, Victoria, & Harry were brought back to life last night. We talked to the couple & they said that they were brought back by one of the current teachers of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. They did not disclose the name or how they were brought back to life. They just said that they were happy to be alive & to be able to care for their children during the summer instead of Lily's sister & brother in law. As we have found out in the past, Mr. & Mrs. Dursley, along with their son Dudley, were the worst aunt & uncle imaginable.

Ron- Harry, is this true or is Rita making up a story to get business?

Victoria- It's true. I saw the professor making it possible.

Ron- Which one?

Victoria- I don't remember. I was hit on the head afterwards. Not bad enough to have to go to the hospital wing, but enough to forget.

Victoria rolls into the hallway, taking Harry, Hermione, Jerome, & Nina with her

in the hallway

Hermione- What the heck was that about? We could have told Ron.

Victoria- No we could not have. I already broke my promise with Professor Snape by telling you lot. If one more person finds out about this, then it could be spread schoolwide without us knowing it.

Hermione- She's right. This could have spread to other students or other teachers & Snape would have been fired because of it.

Victoria- Now you see my point?

Harry- Yeah. I just can't believe that this made the papers.

Victoria- Me either, but we have to keep this under wraps.

Jerome- I think that we should start up Sibuna again. he whispers to Nina & Victoria

Nina- So do I, but we have to be careful. she whispers back

Victoria- Me too. she whispers

Jerome- Victoria, wasn't there something that we were supposed to tell everyone else?

Victoria- Oh yeah. We have to meet Sirius tonight about staying with him over christmas since Bellatrix escaped from Azkaban.

Harry- Well we can meet him tonight.

Catriona flies in with a letter

Seamus- Oi. Isn't that your owl Victoria?

Victoria- Yea. It's from Padfoot.

Harry- Well, what does it say?

Victoria- It says;

Dear Victoria,

Sorry I haven't been writing to you lately. I've been trying to keep the four of us safe. Meet me in the Gryffindor common room with Nina, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Patricia, Piper, Fabian, Jerome, Amber, Joy, & Eddie.

Your godfather,

Sirius Black

a few hours later

Sirius- Hey kids.

Victoria- Hey Sirius. We've missed you.

Sirius- I know. I've missed you too.

After everyone except Victoria & Sirius left

Sirius- Is it true though that your parents are alive again?

Victoria- yup.

Sirius- it was Snape wasn't it?

Victoria- Yup.

Sirius- I'm glad that they're back though. I wonder if they're still in Godric's Hollow.

Victoria- They moved since they realized that they're no longer safe in Godric's Hollow.

Sirius- Too bad though. They loved that place.

Victoria- I know, but since they need to protect us, they moved.

in the Potter household

Lily- I'm tired of the arguing. I'm moving out & filing a divorce.

James- Fine!

Lily- Fine!

James- Good!

Lily- Good!

back at Hogwarts

Victoria- I wonder what Catriona is doing back. starts reading the letter Oh no. She rolls away crying, taking the letter with her

Nina- What the heck was that about?

Jerome- No idea. I don't want to get into that one though.

Hermione- Go you idiot!

Jerome- OK!

in Snape's office

Victoria- Why would they file a divorce?

Snape walks into his office

Snape- What are you doing in here this time Victoria?

Victoria- Look at this.

Snape reads the letter from Lily

Snape- Oh Victoria.

Snape hugs Victoria, kneeling beside her

Victoria- Why would they file a divorce

Snape- I have no idea. How about we owl them back asking them? We'll use my owl.

Victoria- OK.

Victoria starts writing a letter back to her mom

Dear Mom,

Why did you file a divorce with daddy? I thought you loved him. All my life, I just wished for one thing, a complete family.

Your daughter,

Victoria Potter

Snape is writing a letter at the same time

Dear Lily,

Victoria & I heard about your divorce plans. You know, she's really upset about this. At least this will be able to give us a chance. Want to meet up at the Three Broomsticks for a drink? We really need to catch up.

your lover,

Severus Snape

a few days later

Snape- Victoria!

Victoria- Yes professor?

Snape- Letter's here from your mother.

Victoria- Finally. Reads the letter.No. cries

Snape- What is it?

Victoria- The divorce is official. Mom changed her last name to her maiden name. She needs the three of us to go to family court to figure out the custody of the three of us.

Snape- Did she mention me having to go?

Victoria- No.

Snape- My letter says that I'm required there.

Victoria- So it'll be the four of us going.

Snape- It seems so. I need to go to Hogsmeade this weekend & the family court is Thursday.

family court

Minister- Victoria, how do you feel towards your parents?

Victoria- I don't see much of my dad at all, so I wouldn't know about him, but my mom is always there when we need her. I would rather stay with her.

Minister- Thank you. Has the jury made their decision?

Juror 1- We have Minister.

Minister- What is your verdict?

Juror 1-We think that the children should stay with their mother.

Minister- Thank you ladies & gentlemen for your time, especially yours, professor.

Snape- Of course. Will their last names be the same, or will theirs be changed to Evans?

Minister- They shall be changed to Evans. Have a good day everybody.

back at the school

Victoria- I can't believe we're not Potters anymore.

Harry- Technically & legally, we still are, but we're under a different last name. My full name is Harry James Evans Potter, yours is Victoria Neamh Evans Potter, & Nina's is Nina Rhoswen Evans Potter. Jeez, I've been spending too much time with Hermione.

Ron- If you can make that statement, then you definitely have.

Victoria- Hey! Hermione's one of the best friends I've ever had. She actually gets me, unlike some people.

Victoria rolls out mad

Hermione- Look what you've done! You have just upset my best friend, Harry's sister, & Ron's friend! I'm going to see if she's OK while you two think about what you've done!

Ginny- I'll go with you. She's the only one who's been nice to me even though she's the new one. Everyone else has been mean to me.

Hermione & Ginny leave

Ron- We messed up big time

Harry- Ya think?! We just upset my sister, your sister, & our best friend!

in Snape's office

Snape- What's the matter Victoria? Have Harry & Ron been making fun of Hermione again?

Victoria nods

Snape- I'll give Mr. Potter/Evans & Ronald Weasley detention.

Victoria- please don't sir. They'll learn their lesson one way or another.

Snape- How do you mean?

Victoria- Well, -

Snape- What?

Victoria- I can't speak! she signs

Snape- I can't understand. Hang on a moment. Hermione, Ginny, what are you doing here?

Ginny- We wanted to see if she was OK.

Snape- She's OK mentally & emotionally. Do either of you know sign language by chance?

Ginny- I do. For a few years, I learned sign language so I could see what people were saying. Why?

Snape- I think Victoria just suddenly lost her voice & I have no idea what she's saying.

Ginny- OK.

Ginny signs "What's up?"

Victoria signs"I just lost my voice without warning"

Snape- What did she say?

Ginny- She said that she lost her voice without warning.

Snape- Does she know why?

Victoria shakes her head, then yawns

Snape- We've got to get her to Madam Pomfrey immediately.

in the hospital wing

Madam Pomfrey- Well Severus, your suspicions were correct. Get her to St. Mundungo's immediately!

At St. Mundungo's hospital

Doctor 1- She'll be fine. We took care of her case of spattergroit. We have to keep her in isolation to keep an eye on her for a few weeks.

Snape- Of course.

Doctor 1- When she gets out of the hospital, she'll have to take a few medications to make sure she won't get it again.

Snape- We'll all make sure she takes them too. We'll take care of her very well.

Doctor 1- She has a great family, even if not blood related. Anyways, The only issue that she'll have after leaving the hospital is that she won't be able to speak for a month. We're giving her a few medications to help make sure she remains safe from spattergroit.

Nina- Yes she does. We all love her very much.

Snape- We'd be nothing without her & we'll make sure she takes her medications. Thank you doctor.

back at Hogwarts in Professor Dumbledore's Office

Snape- Professor Dumbledore, Victoria will be fine. They just need to keep her in isolation for a week to keep an eye on her so that we can tell for sure that she's cured.

Dumbledore- Of course.

one week later

Victoria- I'm so happy to be out of the hospital.she signs

Snape- I'm glad you're out of the hospital too. Hogwarts hasn't been the same without you.

Jerome- Victoria!

Victoria- Jerry! she signs

Jerome- I've missed you so much!

Victoria- I've missed you more! It was so boring in isolation. There was nothing to do. I cried myself to sleep at night because of the fact that nobody came to visit.She signs

Jerome- We couldn't. The doctor said that you had to remain alone for that week so that we could take you home today.

Victoria- You couldn't even stand outside of the glass? she signs

Jerome- No. If we could, I would have been outside of that door every minute of every day.

Victoria- What about classes? She signs

Jerome- Professor Dumbledore gave me some time off of school because of the fact that I was upset to be without you.

Victoria- Really? She signs

Jerome- I couldn't live without you by my side.

Victoria- I couldn't live without you either. Every minute I was there, I was thinking about you. she signs

Jerome- & When I was in the tower, I never stopped thinking about you either.

Jerria kiss (I couldn't come up with a cute nickname. Can you guys help me? The best one will be used.)

Snape- Very cute, but we need to get back to the castle.

Jerome- Of course.

back at Hogwarts

Piper- Victoria! We've missed you so much!

Victoria- I've missed you too! Uh Piper. Piper... Piper she signs

Patricia- You're going to cause her to faint! If she hasn't already!

Piper- Oh god. I caused her to faint on her first day out of the hospital. Starts to cry

Ginny- Piper, it's OK. She's still weak from the spattergroit

Piper- She was sick the entire time she was in the hospital?

Ginny- They needed to keep an eye on her for a week to make sure she was cured. That's why she was still in the hospital.

Piper- OK. Why do I still feel guilty though?

Patricia- Probably because of the fact that she knocked out in your hug.

Nina- Patricia!

Piper- No Nina, she's right. She did faint in my arms. I thought she was strong as she used to be, not knowing the side effects of spattergroit.

Jerome- She'll need quite a bit of rest though too. The doctor put her on some medications to make sure she never gets spattergroit again.

Ginny- That's good. At least she'll get better & won't get it again if she takes her medications.

Jerome- It really is.

Victor- Gryffindor House! Time to wake up!

Victoria wakes up

Victoria- What happened to Professor Snape?she signs

Victor- He's fallen very ill. He's with Madam Pomfrey now if you'd like to see him.

Victoria nods her head, tears falling down her cheeks

in the hospital wing

Madam Pomfrey- Victoria, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in bed!

Victoria- I wanted to see Professor Snape. Victor told me that he was in here.she signs

Madam Pomfrey- OK, OK. Just stay on the chair next to him & should you get tired, just rest on one of the beds.

Victoria- Thank you Madam Pomfrey.she signs

Madam Pomfrey leaves

Victoria- Professor Snape, what happened to you?she signs

Snape- I coughs have been coughs twice feeling like crap coughs twice for a week & coughs twiceI have coughsno idea coughs why.

Victoria- Are you sure it's not because of the fact that I've been gone for a week & you haven't seen me? One look at me & you feel healthy as a horse. she signs

Snape looks at her. He physically looks healthier

Snape- Thank you Victoria. You have magical abilities that divide you from your siblings.

Victoria- Really? I never knew that. she signs

Snape- Yes, you have the ability to heal when the person looks at you, read minds, tell when someone's lying, immobility, echolocation, hair manipulation, flight, organic & mythological mimicry, shapeshifting, telepathy, taking someone else's powers away, immortality, & magic. Your sister has healing abilities, magic, telepathy, echolocation, & immobility. Harry has magic, echolocation, telepathy, & healing abilities. All three of you have echolocation, healing abilities, magic, & telepathy. You're unique in more ways than you know. You may look identical to Nina, but there is so much more to you.

Victoria- I knew there was more than I ever knew, but I didn't realize that I was such a heroine. she signs

Snape- You are. That's how you can protect & endanger the world. It all depends on which side you're on.

Victoria- So, I could have ended the war that killed my uncles & cousins in the magical world, yet I didn't? she signs

Snape- There was nothing you could have done. The war was too severe for you to have done anything without getting yourself killed.

Victoria- You said I have immortality. How could I have died? she signs

Snape- Your powers are underdeveloped. You're not ready to save the world yet. We have been training you for that purpose. After school, when you were out of classes, you always had extra classes than you signed up for because of the fact that you're more powerful than your siblings. You can also give your lover immortality.

(at this time, her ankle has healed)

Victoria- Why am I finding out about this now? she signs

Snape- You weren't ready at the beginning of the year. You have now endured so much, we feel that you're ready to know about everything.

Jerome- Victoria, what are you doing here? We have classes.

Madam Pomfrey- She is taking a few more days off. She is still weak, as you may have found out. The professors already know about this, including Professor Dumbledore.

Jerome- OK. I'll see you later baby. he says, kissing her forehead

Victoria- Bye honey. I'll see you when classes are over.she signs

Jerome leaves. Victoria has tears in her eyes, threatening to roll down her cheeks

Snape- You really love him, don't you?

Victoria- More than life itself. she signs, crying

Snape- Since you healed me, I can help with that. Poppy, can you get me my owl?

Madam Pomfrey- Sure. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Victoria- I just wish that Jerome & I could spend more time together. she signs

later that night, after hours

Professor McGonagall is walking down the hallways. She turns around, having heard footsteps, to find Bellatrix. Bellatrix petrifies her. A few hours later, Professor Binns shows up, finding her petrified. He floats up to Professor Dumbledore's office door.

Dumbledore- Enter.

Binns- Professor Dumbledore, I have horrible news. I was just floating in the hallway when I found Professor McGonagall petrified.

Dumbledore- It was worse than I feared. Go fetch Victoria & Severus immediately Cuthbert.

in the hospital wing

Binns- Severus. Severus!

Snape- What is it?

Binns- Professor Dumbledore needs you & Victoria immediately. Professor McGonagall has been petrified.

Victoria- Not again. she signs

Binns- You know about the Chamber of Secrets Victoria?

Victoria- Yes. Harry has told me all about his past two years here. He told me when I was in a coma at the beginning of the year. she signs

Binns- OK, well Professor Dumbledore needs you two immediately.

in Professor Dumbledore's office

Dumbledore- Severus, I assume you've told her about her powers?

Snape- I have sir.

Dumbledore- Good. This is a fantastic opportunity to test your healing powers. They can not only heal the ill & injured, but they can also reverse curses or spells. We need you to wake her. Severus, she will be weak when she wakes up, so I'll need you to support her.

Victoria looks into Professor McGonagall's eyes. She wakes up then falls into Snape's arms

Dumbledore- Minerva, who did that to you?

McGonagall- It was Bellatrix Lestrange! She's here, in the castle!

Dumbledore- Severus, take her to the hospital wing. She needs to be looked at by Madam Pomfrey. Victoria, come with me.

Snape & Victoria- Yes Professor. Victoria signs & Snape says

Snape leaves with McGonagall

Victoria- Why did you really call me here Professor?she signs

Dumbledore- I called you here so I could tell you more about Bellatrix. What do you know about her already?

Victoria- I know that she's a dark pureblood witch who is a death eater following Voldemort, Sirius' cousin, & the sister of Narcissa Malfoy & Andromeda Tonks.she signs

Dumbledore- Then you know everything that you can use against her. Voldemort lost his power when you were a year old, rose to power again two years ago, & gave Ginny a cursed diary last year.

Victoria- I already knew that. How does all of this information help me though, especially seeing as I am still weak from the spattergroit? she signs

Dumbledore- I know. There is a potion that Professor Snape & I created a few years ago, seeing as this may happen. Professor Snape is making it as we speak.

Victoria- Is it effective though Professor? she signs

Dumbledore- It takes effect in 24 hours from the time it is drunk. That's the fastest we could make it since it was the strongest potion ever made in its prime.

Victoria- Don't we have to find & fight Bellatrix as soon as possible? she signs

Dumbledore- Yes, but you are still weak, so we must wait for the potion to be in effect if you want to defeat Bellatrix long enough to put her back in Azkaban & break her wand & remove her hands so that she may not attack with magic again.

Victoria- Or I could take her magic away. she signs

Dumbledore- Oh yes. I forgot about that ability. The most powerful chosen one can take away someone's powers. Sarah Frobisher-Smythe discovered that when she faced Voldemort the first time. His powers were taken away for several years, until one of the death eaters transferred their powers & died.

Victoria- Really? I've met Sarah & she never told me about facing Voldemort. she signs

Dumbledore- Yes. She probably never told you because of the fact that she cared too much & you didn't know about all of your powers when you last spoke with her.

Victoria- I haven't spoken to her since November (it's December 15th now). she signs

Dumbledore- I know. The emblem of Anubis is hidden in the castle though. I don't know where though. The last time I saw it was when Voldemort took it from Sarah & hid it somewhere in the school. I think Sir Nicholas would know though.

Victoria- I need to speak with him later then. she signs

Dumbledore- With someone to translate.

Victoria- Of course. How else would he understand me? I don't think he knows sign language. she signs

Dumbledore- I don't think so either. You should probably get to bed now.

Victoria- Night Professor.she signs

Dumbledore- Night.

Snape takes her back to the hospital wing

in the hospital wing

Snape- I'm going to stay with her tonight Poppy.

Madam Pomfrey- Absolutely not. She's weak as it is without you talking to her to sleep.

Snape- That's exactly why I need to be with her. I can help making her strong again. I just need time with her. She has abilities that can save her. I have them too, which is how I created that potion that saved so many students & teachers here. I can help. I can probably save her life for crying out loud!

Madam Pomfrey- OK! You can stay with her, on one condition. You actually let her rest.

Snape- Of course. I would never keep a thirteen-year-old girl up anyways.

Madam Pomfrey- OK? Just sleep on the bed next to her.

Snape- Night Poppy.

Madam Pomfrey- Night Severus.

Madam Pomfrey leaves for bed

Snape- The potion finished an hour ago. You should probably wait until morning to drink it since it will take a few hours to thicken. The thicker the better in the case of this potion.

victoria nods, then yawns (not due to spattergroit this time)

Snape & Victoria fall asleep

the next morning

Snape- Morning Victoria.

Victoria- Morning Professor Snape. she signs

Madam Pomfrey- OK Professor Snape, you've got to get going to teach your classes. she says with a smirk, glad he'll be leaving

Snape- OK, OK. I'm going. See you later Victoria.

Victoria- Bye Professor. she signs

Jerome- How is she?

Madam Pomfrey- She's still weak, but not as weak as she was three days ago. (this is three days after Victoria sees Professor Snape, sick, in the hospital wing.)

Jerome walks up to Victoria's bed, worried

Jerome- Are you OK?

Victoria- Jerome, I'm fine. You really need to calm down baby. I'll be alright after a few days here. Don't worry, I have great protection & teachers helping me. I'm getting the lessons after school. I'll be alright, OK? she signs

Jerome- I suppose so. I just worry about you & think about being with you all the time. I can't help it. It's the only thing that consoles me when I'm worried about you.

Victoria- Jerome, I know you care, but I'll be fine. I'm the toughest girl in our year, remember? she signs

Jerome- I know. I also know that I can care too much. That's why quite a few of my friends left me.

Jerome collapses

Victoria- Jerome!

Snape- You were able to speak this entire time?

Victoria- No. I literally just got it back long enough to say his name. When I try to talk now tries to talk that happens. she signs

Snape- Your love for him must have triggered your voice to come back for a few seconds.

Victoria- I'm not sure that's possible. Scientifically speaking, so to speak, your voice can only come back if you're completely healed, which I'm not. she signs

Snape- You're probably able to speak through magic & mind reading combined.

Victoria- Probably. Let me try something.she signs Oh my god. Jerome. starts to cry

Snape- It's OK Victoria. He's going to be alright. At least you did it.

Victoria- Yes, but right now, it weakens me. All I care about right now is his health. she signs & cries

Snape-Your powers are useless to him. He has all of the powers that you have & the powers of annoying & pranking. The power of pranking protects him from healing powers for whatever reason.

Victoria- I know, but I also know that his lover can penetrate through his pranking shield. I am his lover, so I can heal him.

she looks into Jerome's eyes. Jerome wakes up

Jerome- What the heck happened?

Victoria- I just saved you from sinking into a coma.

Jerome- You got your voice back?

Victoria- No. My magic & mind reading capabilities allow me to have a voice when I lose it due to things like spattergroit.

Jerome- What?

Victoria- My powers allow me to speak when I don't have my voice.

Jerome- Ohhh.

Snape- I don't know why you like him.

Victoria- I don't.

Jerome- What?

Victoria- I love him. I've always loved you Jerome. The only time I didn't was when you pranked me. I still have bits of green in my hair from that!

Snape- Allow me. waves wand. the rest of the dye comes out

Victoria- Thank you Professor Snape. I'm surprised that it came out since that's been in there since the beginning of the year.

Jerome- I'm surprised it comes out with magic.

Snape- There's a lot you don't know.

Victoria- Severus Snape! How dare you speak about Jerome that way!

Snape- I meant about magic for crying out loud!

Victoria looks at Snape for a minute, then runs off. She finds a quiet classroom, (little does she know, it's Professor Lupin's classroom.) sits down & cries

Victoria- Why is everyone so mean to me? she wonders to herself

Professor Lupin comes out from the shadows, only, he's not quite himself. He's in his werewolf form. Victoria turns around & screams at the top of her lungs. Firenze comes running in.

Firenze- Get behind me!

Victoria- Yes sir. And no, I did not get my voice back, it's a combination of my powers.

Firenze- Which ones?

Victoria- magic & mind reading

Firenze- Of course.

Professor Lupin whacks Victoria, knocking her out

Sirius- You're taking your potion tonight!

Firenze- Sirius?

Sirius- Take her to Poppy. I'll handle Remus!

Firenze- OK.

Firenze grabs Victoria & puts her on his back & runs off to the hospital wing

Sirius- There's no way I'm going to be able to face him in human form. he transforms into Padfoot

in the hospital wing

Madam Pomfrey- Oh Firenze, it's just you. What happened to Victoria?

Firenze puts Victoria on the bed & turns to run

Firenze- No time to explain. I must help Sirius fight Remus!

Madam Pomfrey- What?!

Firenze- Remus is a werewolf!

Firenze runs off. Madam Pomfrey did not hear a word Firenze said after he said 'I must help Sirius fight Remus!'

Madam Pomfrey- I must get Severus! Dobby!

Dobby- Yes Madam Pomfrey?

Madam Pomfrey- Stay here with Victoria Potter. I must fetch Severus.

Dobby- OK.

Madam Pomfrey leaves. Harry comes running in afterwards

Dobby- What happened to your sister?

Harry- She must have been whacked by Professor Lupin as a werewolf.

Dobby- Dobby will do anything in his power to help Harry Potter's sister.

Harry- Thanks Dobby.

Dobby- Dobby will do anything to help Harry Potter!

Harry runs to help the teachers

Snape- What happened to her? he says, running to kneel by her side

Dobby- Dobby doesn't know sir. Professor Firenze should know sir.

Snape- Where is he?

Dobby- In Professor Lupin's room sir.

Snape- Go get him.

Dobby- Dobby can't sir. He's helping Sirius Black!

Snape- With what?

Dobby- Dobby doesn't know what Professor Firenze is helping Sirius with.

Snape- I've got to help them.

Snape runs out of the hospital wing, where Victoria is still vulnerable.

a few hours later

Snape- She's still in a coma?

Dobby- Yes sir.

Firenze- Poor kid. Didn't stand a chance.

Harry- That's because she is still recovering from spattergroit.

Sirius- Even if she was healthy as a horse, no offense Firenze, she wouldn't stand a chance.

Snape- Yes she would have. She has more power than Nina & Harry combined.

Sirius- Really?

Dumbledore- Yes. She has healing abilities, telepathy, taking away someone else's powers, mind reading, tell when someone's lying, immobility, echolocation, hair manipulation, flight, organic & mythological mimicry, shapeshifting, immortality, & magic of course.

Sirius- Whoa. I never knew she was so powerful.

Firenze- I did, but I know that she isn't fully realized too.

Dumbledore- That is where we need help. We can help her with telepathy, healing, mind reading, telling when someone's lying, immobility, echolocation, hair manipulation, flight, organic & mythological mimicry, shapeshifting, & magic. Immortality you really can't train. We need someone's help with taking someone else's powers & hair manipualtion. She can take hair manipulation with Tonks, but we need someone who doesn't have powers so that it doesn't affect them as much.

Firenze- She can practice on me or what about Mrs. Figg?

Dumbledore- True. But we need someone who can be at the castle at all times.

Firenze- Then I'll do it.

Dumbledore- Then it's settled. We already have all of the aurors here, so we'll have to ask Tonks if she can teach Victoria when she wakes up.

Snape- I'll ask her. She'll believe it if it's coming from me since she already knows that Victoria trusts me completely.

Harry- Are you sure that's a good idea Professor Snape? She already trusts me & Tonks knows me.

Snape- Good point.

in the hallway in front of the great hall

Harry- Hey Tonks.

Tonks- Hey Harry. Sorry about Victoria. Such a sweet & sensitive girl.

Harry- Yeah. I need to ask you something.

Tonks- What is it Harry?

Harry- I was wondering if you'd help Victoria with her hair manipulation.

Tonks- Sure. I'd love to.

Harry- Of course the first lesson would have to be after she gets strong again.

Tonks- Of course. I'll have to ask one of the other aurors to take my place for that time. It definitely won't be easy.

Harry- Of course. I just hope she wakes up soon.

Tonks- What do you mean?

Harry- When she was whacked, she was whacked so hard that she went into a coma.

Tonks- That's terrible. It must be hard on everyone, especially you, Nina, the Gryffindor residents, Professor McGonagall & Professor Snape.

Harry- It's hard on everyone here, even Malfoy oddly enough.

Tonks- Draco actually feels bad about Victoria going into a coma? Wow, that's new.

Harry- That's what I said. This must be the hardest on Jerome though. Especially the fact that Malfoy definitely seems to have a crush on Victoria. I just hope he doesn't know about that.

Little did Harry know Jerome was listening to the entire conversation. Jerome starts to plot against Draco.

the next day

Jerome- Morning baby. I know you probably can't hear me, but there's another boy who likes you. I don't want to break up with you because some boy from another house likes you. I need you in my life. I don't know what I'd be without you. looks at the clock I've got to get to class. Bye baby girl. he says, kissing her forehead

Nina- Wow. He's really into her. I have to help him. I never thought that I'd hear those words come out of my mouth.

Draco Malfoy comes in

Draco- Look, Victoria, I know Gryffindor house hates me, but I needed to tell you this. I know you probably can't hear me, but I need to say this. I like you. More than just a friend. I first realised it on your first day here. I felt a pull on my heart that I've never felt with a girl before.I really hope you can hear me. You have no idea how hard all of this is on me too.

Jerome- What are you doing, talking to my girlfriend?

Draco- I was just saying that I hope that we could be friends when she wakes up.

Jerome- Uh huh. You were really just saing that you like her & that she has no idea how hard it is on you too. It's hardest on me because I'm her girlfriend. I've seen a side to her that she never shows. People hardly ever see the other side of her. Or the other parts to who she really is.

Draco- I know, but she's the most wonderful girl I've ever met. She's the only Gryffindor that was ever nice to me. In fact, other than Slytherins, she's the only one in this entire school who's nice to me.

Jerome- I never knew that. Then again, when have you been nice to anyone else?

Draco- well... Never. No wonder all of my friends are in Slytherin. Can you please teach me to be nicer?

Jerome- Sure, I can help. Just start by treating others the way you want to be treated. If you want to be treated nicely, then just be nice.

Draco- I had never thought that being nice to other Slytherins & mean to everyone else could have such an impact on everything.

Jerome- What do you mean?

Draco- You didn't hear about Katie Bell?

Jerome- What do you mean?

Draco- I hate to say this, but she's dead.

Jerome- WHAT?! Oh god, Harry's going to kill you!

Draco- What do you mean?

Jerome- She was the best chaser on the team, other than Joy & Alicia.

Draco- I know. I honestly would have thought that Professor McGonagall would have told you guys, especially Oliver, seeing as he's now captain.

Jerome- So did I. Apparently, she's keeping more secrets from us than Victoria is to everyone but me, Nina, Harry, & Professor Snape. He won't tell anyone about the other parts to who she is. Neither will Harry, Nina, & I. Ginny knows about it too, but she won't even mention it.

Draco- Wow.

Jerome- I'm going to go talk to Professor McGonagall.

in Professor McGonagall's office

Jerome- Professor, why didn't you tell us?

McGonagall- What do you mean?

Jerome- That Katie's dead?!

McGonagall- I told Oliver. I had thought that he'd told you all.

Jerome- No & why didn't Professor Dumbledore tell the school?

McGonagall- He did. Gryffindor wasn't there at the time. They were on the pitch.

Jerome- Auditioning for the place of chaser. That explains that, but why were there also auditions for keeper?

McGonagall- Oliver is leaving later this year. He had asked to stay because he wanted to make sure the team was the greatest since he was there.

Jerome- Why was he playing then?

McGonagall- He was playing because there wasn't a person who wanted to become keeper at the beginning of the year.

Jerome- That explains why nobody still wants to be keeper.

KT- Hello Professor McGonagall.

McGonagall- Oh hello KT. Jerome, this is KT Rush, our newest student, this is Jerome Clarke.

on the Quidditch pitch

Oliver- This is the new team.

Captain- Victoria Potter

Keeper- Jerome Clarke

Seeker- Harry Potter

Chasers- Alicia Spinnet, Joy Mercer, & Nina Potter

Beaters- Victoria Potter & KT Rush

Of course the next game will be played with me in Victoria's place, seeing as she's still in the hospital wing. Welcome to the newest players on our team.

back in McGonagall's office

McGonagall- Oliver has just told me the members of the new team. You're keeper Jerome. Victoria, when she wakes up, is captain & beater.

Jerome- Cool. Are there any other new or relatively new students who are on the team?

McGonagall- Yes. Joy & Nina are chasers with Alicia & Victoria & KT are beaters.

Jerome- Nice. The places on the team actually match their personality. Except for Victoria's. I just don't get why she's a beater when she's so sensitive.

Oliver- I chose her for a beater because she can really hit the bludger if she wanted to.

Jerome- I have a strange feeling that Victoria will get hit after a few games, if not during her first game.

Oliver- Professor McGonagall, may I stay for Victoria's season, just in case she does fall?

McGonagall- Sure. I don't mind.

Oliver- Don't worry Jerome, she'll be fine with me on the pitch.

in the hospital wing

Victoria- Ohh. What happened? Why am I in the hospital wing? Last thing I remember was running away crying after Professor Snape called Jerome stupid. tries to get out of bed Why can't I move my legs? I might as well go back to sleep for now.

Victoria falls back to sleep

a few hours later

Jerome- I really wish you'd wake up honey. We all miss you.

Victoria- Jerome!

Jerome- Victoria! hugs Victoria I can't believe you're awake!

Victoria- I woke up a few hours ago. Nobody was here when I woke up so I went back to sleep.

Jerome- What time did you wake up anyways?

Victoria- At one o'clock pm.

Jerome- I was here half an hour after you woke up & you didn't wake up then, so why'd you wake up now?

Victoria- I couldn't hear you then, but I could hear you a few minutes ago.

Jerome- Oh. Well I'm just glad you're OK.

Victoria- Ummm... For whatever reason, I haven't been able to move my legs at all.

Jerome- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!

Victoria- What?

Jerome- You were chosen fo captain & beater on the quidditch team.

Victoria- WHAT?!

Jerome- What are we going to do?

Victoria- We're going to have to try to stand me up!

Jerome holds her upright for half an hour, then tries to put her on her feet. She stands without help

Victoria- It worked! I can stand!

Jerome- Now we can play! I don't want to upset you but there were only Gryffindor students who visited you, with the exception of Poppy Clarke & Draco Malfoy. Most of your visitors were teachers.

Madam Pomfrey- Good. You're awake. You've had many visitors, mostly teachers though.

Victoria runs to Professor Snape's office crying. Jerome's running after her, losing her halfway

Snape- I'm glad you're awake.

Lupin- What's the matter?

Victoria- Hardly any students visited me in the hospital. About 75% of the people who visited me were teachers.

Lupin- Are you sure that's a bad thing?

Victoria- What do you mean?

Lupin- Students probably don't know that you were in the hospital wing.

Victoria- Gryffindor has classes with every other house! How could they not?!

Lupin- I don't know. Not many teachers know either.

Victoria- Jerome was with me until half an hour before I woke up & he said every teacher was there to visit me but there were only Gryffindor students, with the exception of Poppy Clarke & Draco Malfoy, who visited me! she starts crying & sobbing

Lupin- Come here.

Professor Lupin hugs Victoria

Snape then hugs her

Snape- You know that when you need someone to give you a hand, a teacher, a Gryffindor, or Ms. Clarke will be here for you.

Victoria- I know. It's just hard knowing that hardly any fellow students have my back.

Snape rubs her back

Snape- I know it hurts now, but you'll feel better soon.

Victoria- I know.

Joy- Professor Lupin, - Oh hi Victoria. What's the matter?

Snape- More teachers visited her than students when she was in a coma. Victoria sobs harder Sorry Victoria. It's hard on her because she thought that more students would have visited her.

Joy- Oh. Victoria, we need to get to quidditch practice. Oliver is going to help you captain the team for a while.

Victoria- finally calm OK. Let's go.

Jerome- I finally found you. Anubis, you're a fast runner.

Victoria- I was on the track team at Anubis House before we found out about Hogwarts. I was the best runner on the team. Let's go before we're late.

on the quidditch pitch

Oliver- OK, so Victoria, you need to get someone who was really close to each position to get here so that the team can for beaters were Patricia Williamson & Eddie Sweet, closest for chasers were Amber Millington, Piper Williamson, & Ginny Weasley, the closest for keeper was Fred Weasley, closest for seeker was Fabian Rutter.

Victoria- OK, well they're in the stands watching, so I have to call them down for practice. Patricia, Eddie, Amber, Piper, Ginny, Fred, & Fabian, get down here!

Piper- What's up?

Oliver- You're going to be the opposing team for practice.

Patricia- Cool

Eddie- Sweet! (pun intended)

Amber- Fantabulous!

Piper- Nice

Ginny- Amazing

Fred- Wicked

Fabian- Super

Victoria- OK, so for those who don't know, quidditch is a sport in which the chasers carry around & pass the quaffle & score goals by getting it through one of the three hoops, the beaters use these bats to try to get the bludgers to hit one of the people on the other team & to protect your teammates, the keeper has to keep the quaffle from making it into your goals, & the seeker has to find the golden snitch. If your team is ahead & you catch the golden snitch, your team wins.

at dinner that night

Dumbledore- Attention! Attention! The dementors from Azkaban will be our guests while they search for Bellatrix Lestrange, so we shall play hosts & hostesses while they stay.

during the first game

Madam Hooch- Now I want a nice clean game.

Lee- Madam Hooch is throwing the quaffle to begin the game!

horn blows to begin the game

Lee- Alicia has the quaffle, who passes it to Joy, who scores the first goal in the game!

counter clicks for 10 points

Harry- How're you doing Victoria?

Victoria- I'm alright.

Harry- I just want to make sure that you are set to play.

Victoria- Harry, I'm fine. There's not really any reason for you to worry. (the match is Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw)

Victoria gets hit on the head by a bludger. She falls to the ground, where Oliver is waiting to catch her. Oliver catches her

Madam Hooch- Time out!

Everyone except for the Slytherins (Draco being one of the students running) starts running onto the pitch towards Victoria

Dumbledore- We must get her to Madam Pomfrey immediately!

Snape- I'll take her.

Jerome- I'll go with him.

Draco, Harry, Nina, & Patricia- Me too.

Dumbledore- OK. Professor Snape, choose four students who you want to go with you that would be most useful.

Snape- OK. So Jerome, Nina, Harry, & Patricia will go with me to the hospital wing. Draco will stay here.

Draco- Yes professor.

Snape- Let's go then!

Snape, Nina, Harry, Patricia, & Jerome start running towards the hospital wing, Jerome carrying Victoria.

in the hospital wing

Madam Pomfrey- What happened to her Severus?

Snape- Victoria was hit on the head with a bludger during the match.

Madam Pomfrey- Put her on one of the beds Jerome. I'll need to look at her.

Nina- I'll help Madam Pomfrey.

Madam Pomfrey- That won't be necessary Nina.

Snape- Let her help. She can heal people faster than any potion or remedy.

Madam Pomfrey- OK, OK. Let's see. She has a mild concussion, a bad bump on the back of her head, & by the looks of it, she's in a coma that will probably last for up to a week at most.

Nina- Well I can handle the concussion & the bump on the back of her head, but we'll have to wait out the coma.

Madam Pomfrey- Well let's just take care of what we can & deal with the coma later.

Nina- Right. heals Victoria's concussion & the bump on her head. How are we going to deal with the coma?

Madam Pomfrey- We'll have to wait it out. There's nothing that can wake her up yet. Our only option right now is to wait.

Harry- Actually, there's something I can do that Nina can't yet. Victoria has been teaching me in case this should happen & she couldn't help.

Madam Pomfrey- Well, what are you waiting for?!

Harry heals Victoria. Victoria wakes up.

Victoria- What the heck happened? Last that I remember, I was talking to Harry.

Harry- You were then hit on the head with a bludger & fell tothe ground, where Oliver caught you & brought you to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey & Nina healed your concussion & the bump on the back of your head, but I had to bring you out of a coma.

Victoria- Thanks Harry. Thank you Oliver.

Harry & Oliver- You're welcome Victoria. Harry & Oliver glare at each other

Victoria- Why must you two always be mad at each other?

Harry- He likes you & you already have a boyfriend & another admirer.

Victoria- Oliver, is this true?

Oliver- Yes. I've liked you since I layed eyes on you.

Victoria- I really hate to say this, but I prefer us to be just friends. You're five years older than me, & I don't think that we would work out as a couple.

Oliver- I understand. I just wish that we could be together one day.

Victoria- I know you do, but I would prefer us being friends instead of boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm sorry, but we could never be.

Oliver- I know, but a guy can hope, right?

Victoria- Yeah.

Jerome- Now that's taken care of, Oliver, we need to get back to the game.

Oliver- Jerome's right. Who will take your place though?

Victoria- I want Patricia to take my place. She's a great leader, & you said it yourself, she came really close for beater.

Oliver- I know, but what about Eddie? He's a fantastic beater & he is such a bad boy compared to Patricia.

Victoria- Do you really want to argue with the girl who was hit with a bloody bludger?!

Jerome- Just drop it Oliver. She has a 10th degree black belt. She could kick your butt to Timbuktu.

Oliver- OK, OK. Patricia's in.

Patricia- Sweet! (pun not intended)

Victoria- Then it's decided. Patricia will be my replacement until I can play again.

Oliver- Of course.

Victoria- Scared of me now Oliver?

Oliver- Honestly or not?

Victoria- Honestly.

Oliver- Yes.

Patricia- Awesome! Now I have a friend, female, that is intimidated by others!

Eddie- I was going to say...

Patricia- You were going to say...?

Eddie- I was going to say that I resent that remark.

Patricia- Oh. OK!

Amber- But who will take care of Victoria when Madam Pomfrey isn't around?

Dobby- Dobby will take care of Victoria Potter.

Snape & Jerome- & we'll help him.

Amber- OK.

Eddie- But what about her homework?

Hermione- I'll take care of that for her.

Victoria- Thanks Hermione.

Hermione- Of course. After all, you would do the same for me & we have the same schedule anyways.

Victoria looks past them with fear obvious on her face.

Harry- What's wrong Victoria?

Victoria points to the door. Bellatrix is standing there, ready to petrify them all

Harry- We have to protect her!

Hermione- What about you & Nina? You're stronger together than you are apart, you all know that!

Patricia- Get behind us Harry & Nina! NOW!

Eddie- Stupefy!

Patricia- expelliarmus!

Amber- Confundo!

Hermione- incarcerus!

Ron- sectumsempra!

everone is frozen & disarmed except for Bellatrix.

Victoria- Furnunculus!

Bellatrix starts growing boils

Bellatrix- What have you done to me?! Ahh! she screams as she's running out of the room. the aurors appear & take all of the death eaters back to Azkaban, including Bellatrix

Tonks- How did you manage to get all of them still long enough to freeze & bind them?

Victoria- We didn't. They were stupid enough to stay still when we performed the hexes.

Tonks- Great work though.

Alastor Moody- She's right. You all will make great aurors one day.

Victoria- Thank you Mr. Moody. Coming from you, it's very special & it feels like a blessing.

Alastor- It would be an honor to have the three Potters & their friends on the auror force.

Harry- Mr. Moody, we're technically no longer Potters. Mom filed a divorce with dad a little while ago.

Tonks- That's too bad. It seemed like they were meant to be.

Victoria- Apparently not. she says, tears in her eyes

Tonks- Oh Victoria. Come here. she says, arms open for a hug

Victoria hugs Tonks. Tonks is comforting her.

Harry- I should have had her leave before we brought on the topic.

Tonks- Shhhh. It's OK Victoria. It's OK. I'll just bring her to Gryffindor Tower.

Alastor- Good idea Nymphadora.

Tonks- Don't call me Nymphadora! she says as her hair turns red

Tonks brings Victoria back to Gryffindor, Victoria being in her arms, still crying

Harry- Their divorce is hard on everyone, but mostly on Victoria.

Nina- Which makes sense, because when she was little, Mr. O'Brien was killed & she has always wanted both parents, not just one, like she had to put up with.

Alastor- What?! They were perfect for each other! I should know, seeing as I am part of the reason they were together in the first place.

Harry- Really?

Alastor- Yes. Sirius was too scaredy cat to do it himself, so he asked me to do it.

Harry laughs

Alastor- It really is sad though, about Lily & James splitting up.

Nina- I know.

in Gryffindor tower

Victoria- All I ever wanted was a mom & a dad.

Tonks- I know, but at least your mom has a chance with Professor Snape.

Victoria- What are you talking about?

Tonks- When your parents & most of the professors were little, Severus was in love with your mother from the time they met. When they came to Hogwarts, she met James & you know what happened from there.

Jerome- Tonks, I need to talk to her.

Tonks- OK, just don't do anything stupid. She's already distraught as it is.

Jerome- OK.

Tonks leaves

Victoria- What is it Jerome?

Jerome- I want to break up with you.

Victoria- Why?

Jerome- I'm just not feeling that spark that I felt at the beginning of our relationship.

Victoria- Oh. OK. Fine. Whatever.

Jerome leaves. Tonks comes in to Victoria crying & sobbing harder than when she left them.

Tonks- Jerome broke up with you, didn't he?

Victoria nods

Tonks- I told that idiot not to do anything stupid!

Victoria- It's OK Tonks. I'll be fine.

in the Great Hall

Draco- Victoria, can I talk to you for a minute?

Victoria- Sure.

in the hallway

Victoria What's up?

Draco- Will you go out with me?

Victoria- Wha- What?

Draco- Will you go out with me?

Victoria- Yes.

Victoria hugs Draco, her head on his chest, looking up at him.

Draco kisses Victoria

Victoria- Thanks Draco.

Draco- Sure baby.

in the great hall

Jerome- Why are you so happy?

Patricia- I recognize that look. She has a boyfriend!

Ron- Who's the lucky guy?

Victoria- I can't say.

Patricia- Tell me later. I want all the deets.

Nina- Me too.

Amber- Me three.

Piper- Me too.

Victoria- OK. I'll tell you later.

later in the common room

Victoria- Unless you're Patricia, Nina, Amber, or Piper, get out!

Everyone but Patricia, Nina, Amber, Piper, & Victoria leave.

Piper- So, who is the lucky guy?

Victoria- Promise you guys won't get mad?

Piper, Nina, Amber, & Patricia- We promise.

Victoria- Okay. It's Draco.

Nina- As in Draco Malfoy?! How could you betray Gryffindor?!

Victoria- Yes.

Piper- Come on Victoria. What happened?

Victoria- As you guys know, he wanted to ask me something, so he asked me to go with him into the hallway. When we were in the hallway, he asked me out. I said yes. We then hugged & I looked into his gorgeous eyes. I then kissed him & thanked him for all he's done for me.

Nina- Yuck!

Patricia- I can't believe I'm even saying this, but Nina, get out!

Nina leaves

Amber- Finally! Vicco has finally happened!

Victoria- Vicco?

Amber- Victoria & Draco, duh! I have to create a photo album for you two!

Victoria looks questioningly at Piper

Piper- It's a thing she does for every couple. She has one for Fabina, Amfie, Jara, & Peddie. She's starting one for you so that you can look back on all the good times you have together. Amber, please tell me that you didn't make one for every relationship that Victoria has been in.

Amber- I can't say that.

Piper- You did, didn't you?

Amber- Yes.

Patricia- Amber!

Victoria starts crying

Piper- It's OK Victoria. None of those idiots deserve you. Draco does.

Victoria- I know.


Amber- I'm sorry!

Victoria- It's OK Amber. You didn't know that every relationship that I'm in would end.

Amber- See?! She forgives me! Why can't you?

Piper- I'm sorry Amber.

Patricia- I'm not.

Amber- It's OK. Can you forgive me?

Piper- I forgive you. Not so sure about my twin though.

Patricia- I forgive you too.

Amber- Thank you.

Victoria- I think I'm just going to go to bed.

Piper- Me three.

Victoria- Night

Piper- Night.

Patricia & Amber- Night.

the next day at breakfast

Victoria- Hermione, we have Care of Magical Creatures, then you have a free period & I have mind reading, then I have power stealing & you have another free period, then we have charms & I also have telepathy, then I have lie detector & you have a free period, then we have potions, then we have charms, then at midnight we have astronomy right?

Hermione- Right.

Victoria- Crap, we're going to be late if we don't leave now!

Piper- Let's go then!

a little while later in potions

Snape- You're late. Detention. tonight at 6. (hours end at 10)

McGonagall- They have quidditch practice tonight at 6. It ends at 10:30. Professor Dumbledore gave us special permission to practice from after supper to half an hour after hours. We won't get a chance like this again.

Snape- Saturday. 6 AM.

McGonagall- She has a match at 7. She needs to prep the team beforehand.

Snape- Fine. No detention. Just be early next time.

Victoria- Yes sir.

in the hallway

Victoria- Was all that true though professor?

McGonagall- Yes & I wanted to get you out of detention.

Victoria- Thank you Professor McGonagall.

McGonagall- You're welcome. I have also found you a new chaser. Alicia was expelled a few days ago for pranking Professor Rehmann.

Victoria- Professor McGonagall, she prefers Trudy.

McGonagall- Of course.

Victoria- Did you just say Alicia was EXPELLED?

McGonagall- Yes.

Victoria- I can't believe this. Alicia was the only chaser who was nice to me.

McGonagall- What about Joy & Nina?

Victoria- Joy & I don't hang out. Nina's always rude to me.

McGonagall- I can help to have the other two chasers replaced.

Victoria- Thanks. Who's Alicia's replacement?

McGonagall- Piper Williamson.

Victoria- Wow. Did not really see that coming.

McGonagall- What are you talking about?

Victoria- I didn't think that a team decision would be made without me.

McGonagall- Yeah. Oliver said that you'd be OK with it. I guess he was wrong.

Victoria- May I please talk to him. Alone?

McGonagall- Sure. Professor Dumbledore, may I borrow Wood for a moment?

Dumbledore- Sure.

Oliver walks into the hallway. Professor McGonagall walks in & talks to Professor Dumbledore.

Oliver- Hey Victoria. What's up?

Victoria- What's up?! What's up?! That's what you ask me when you've replaced a teammate without my consent?!

Oliver- I thought you were in the hospital again!

Victoria- Unless Piper tells you I'm in the hospital, leave the team alone!

on the quidditch pitch

Victoria- OK guys. We lost our chasers, so we have to put the practice chasers in their place until we get new ones! Piper is already on the team, so we just need to replace Nina & Joy.

Jerome- What happened to the chasers?

Victoria- Alicia was expelled from Hogwarts for pranking Trudy & Nina & Joy are on academic suspension.

Piper- I think that Ginny & Patricia are good chasers.

Jerome- I think that Patricia & Fabian are good

Harry- I think that Ginny & Eddie are good.

Victoria- OK, so whoever thinks that Ginny would be a good chaser, raise your hand!

Piper, Harry, & KT raise their hands.

Victoria- OK, so Ginny is possibly on the team. What about Patricia?

Piper , Victoria & Jerome raise their hands

Victoria- OK, what about Eddie?

KT, Victoria, & Piper raise their hands.

Victoria- & Fabian?

Jerome raises his hand.

Victoria- OK, so here's what we have. Ginny with three votes, Patricia with three votes, Eddie with three votes, & Fabian with one vote. So Fabian's out. We just need to see how Ginny, Eddie, & Patricia play & then we'll vote again. That's what'll decide who's on the team. Jerome, go get them.

Jerome- Yes captain.

Jerome flies to get Ginny, Eddie, & Patricia.

a few minutes later

Patricia- What's up?

Eddie & Ginny- Yeah, what's going on? they said simultaneously

Victoria-You two really have to stop that. Anyways, we took a vote & thought that you three were great for the two chaser slots.

Patricia- I thought there were three slots?

Victoria- Yeah, there were, but Oliver Wood decided to put Piper on the team without my consent. walks up & slaps, then punches Oliver. Oliver falls over, clutching his stomach

Patricia- Nice punch.

Victoria- Thank you. Now, the three of you have to play separately & we'll vote again, this time with you guys present, & pick the two chasers. Any questions?

Patricia- Nope.

Eddie- I'm set.

Ginny- No questions.

Victoria- Good. Now, you'll be going up against Piper. Best two players out of the three will be on the team.

KT- Good luck guys.

Victoria- First, it's Eddie vs. Piper.

(I won't go into detail of the match)

Victoria- KT, who won that match?

KT- Eddie!

Victoria- OK, Eddie, just sit on the ground while the other two play & then the decision will be made.

Eddie- OK. Whatever.

Piper slaps Eddie

Eddie- OW! What was that for?

Piper- Nobody on this team says whatever.

Victoria- You just did Piper.

Piper- I know, but I was just making a point.

Victoria- OK, next up is Ginny vs. Piper.

(won't go into detail)

KT- Piper.

Victoria- Now it's Patricia vs. Piper.

(won't go into detail)

KT- Patricia!

Victoria- OK, so now, how many of you want Patricia on the team?

Victoria, KT, Piper, & Harry raise their hands

Victoria- Ginny?

KT, Jerome, & Harry raise their hand.

Victoria- Eddie?

Victoria, KT, Jerome, Piper, & Harry raise their hand

Victoria- OK, so Eddie, Patricia, welcome to the team! Ginny, you'll be our understudy. If any of these three get injured, sick, killed, or expelled, you're taking their place.

Ginny- OK.

Eddie- Sweet!

everyone laughs

Patricia- Awesome!

Victoria- OK, so when we go to Diagon Alley, you'll stop by the robe store & buy quidditch robes.

Patricia & Eddie- OK.

a few days later... at Diagon Alley in the robe shop

Victoria- Hi. I called yesterday about getting two quidditch robes for Patricia Williamson & Edison Sweet?

Robe lady- Of course. Right this way Mr. Sweet.

Eddie- Please just call me Eddie. Mr. Sweet is my dad.

Robe lady- I'm Rose.

Eddie- Nice to meet you Rose.

Rose- Nice to meet you too Eddie.

a few minutes later

Rose- OK Eddie, you're all set. What do you think?

Eddie- I love it.

Victoria- They are burgundy with gold script, right?

Rose- Of course. Right this way Ms. Williamson.

Patricia- Please just call me Patricia. Piper is the only one who is called Ms. Williamson, besides my mother.

Rose- Of course.

a few minutes later

Victoria- You look great.

Eddie- I'd say. It really highlights your waist.

Patricia- Shut up Krueger.

Victoria- Let's go before you two kill each other.

Patricia- Good idea.

back at Hogwarts-a few months later

Victoria- I can't believe this year is almost over.

Piper- Me neither.

at the final ceremony for the year...

Professor Dumbledore- Now that the year has ended, we have to award the House cup. Let's see where we stand. In fourth place with 295 points, Slytherin House. In third place, with 345 points, Hufflepuff. In second place with 450 points, Ravenclaw. In first place, Gryffindor, with 590 points.