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After a wonderful two week honeymoon of exploring the galaxy, Jim was now holding Siria bridal style as they stood outside their new house. It had two floors, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, roof access, an office/library, and a garage for Jim's solar surfer, but best of all, it was not too far from the Benbow Inn.

"So...what do you think?" Jim asked with a smirk, proud of himself for picking out the house on his own, with the help of one of his mother's best customers who gave him a great deal on it.

"I think you picked it out all by yourself," Siria answered with a fox-like expression.

Jim bit his lip nervously, wondering if that was an insult.

"And that's why I love it!" Siria exclaimed. "It's perfect!"

"Now for the inside." Jim used his foot to open the door and carried his wife inside their new house.

"Impressive," Siria nodded. "Uh, Jim? You can put me down now."

"Aww! Do I have to?" Jim whined playfully. Siria giggled at his humor. He grinned, pecked Siria on the lips, and set her down on the floor.

"Now it's time for the hard part: unpacking." Siria put her hands on her hips and sighed as she looked at all the boxes that filled the living room.

"At least we don't have any kids to worry about...right? I mean, you're not pregnant, are you?!" Jim started to look a little anxious.

"No worries, babe," Siria assured her husband. "I plan on keeping this figure for at least another two years."

"Well it's a good thing," Jim replied as he wrapped his arms around the twenty-year-old's waist. "Cuz I love that figure, too."

Siria chuckled as she leaned into the young man's body, placed her arms around his neck, and kissed him lovingly.

Knock, knock.

"Jim? Siria? Are you two in there?" Sarah called out before she stepped through the door, pushing a four toddler stroller.

"Eew!" all four of the babies cried out at the same time.

The newlyweds separated, but not in a way that made them seem embarassed.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Was I interrupting?" Sarah asked, her tone filled with regret.

"No, Mom, it's fine. Siri and I were just unpacking."

"Okay, good, because I have to ask a favor. Delbert and Amelia are at the Astronomers Award Ceremony and the lunch rush is about to start over at the Inn. I know it's short notice, but can you two possibly watch the quadruplets?" Sarah looked so desperate that it was impossible to say no.

"Of course, Sarah," Siria responded with a kind smile. "Eight more hands might actually help out."

"And we have Morph to keep an eye on them. Wait, where is Morph?" Jim spun around to see where the little shape-shifter was hiding.

Siria grinned and held a finger to her mouth before she walked over to the box labeled Photo Albums. She put her ear to the box and smirked slyly before she ripped it open and yelled out, "Busted!", just like she had that day on the RLS Legacy.

Inside the cardboard box was a little pink blob sleeping on a bed of photos. Morph chittered before he flew lazily out of the box, yawned, and stretched.

"Come on, Morphy," Siria cooed. "It's time to babysit."

"Thank you both so much!" Sarah said graciously as she put the huge baby bag on the floor next to the carriage. "I have to hurry back to the Benbow, but Delbert and Amelia will be back late tonight to pick them up. Thanks again!" she called out as she ran out the door.

"So, kids, what do you think?" Jim asked the four toddlers.

The babies squirmed uncomfortably in their stroller seats.

"I think they want out," Siria answered for them as she stepped up next to Jim, arms crossed over her chest.

"Oh...good idea." He and Siria simultaneously unfastened the quadruplets from their restraints and placed them on the floor. "Better?"

The toddlers giggles and smiles were answer enough as they began to run around in between the boxes.

Two hours later, Jim and Siria were slouched on the couch, every box still untouched, while the toddlers were still on full energy. Even Morph was worn out from trying to follow around all four babies at the same time.

"Eight more hands might be helpful, huh?" Siria questioned her husband sarcastically.

"Hey! Nobody can be right all the time!" Jim defended. "Besides, I think they're starting to tire out."

They looked up hopefully as the quadruplets stopped and stared at them, but only for a minute before they resumed screaming. The couple groaned as their heads flopped back onto the sofa cushions.

Delbert Junior walked up and tugged on Jim's pants leg. "Hungry," the little puppy complained, rubbing his other hand over his stomach.

Siria sighed. "Ok, sweetie. I'll get you some food. Go tell your sisters that Auntie Siri will get you your lunch. Follow me into the kitchen." She picked up DJ in one arm and used the other to pick up the baby bag. Siria looked back to Jim and whispered, "See how much unpacking you can get done while I feed them."

While Jim unpacked the boxes filled with clothes and prized possessions, Siria warmed up the toddlers' milk bottles and whipped up some of Silver's "famous Bonzabeast stew".

"Hey Jim?" Siria hollered in the direction of the living room.

"Yeah?" Jim's voice echoed back.

"Can you toss in the box with the plates and silverware?"

Immediately, a box slid quickly across the linoleum kitchen floor and Siria stopped it with her foot.

"Thank you!" Siria yanked the box open and pulled out four little bowls and four spoons. She poured the soup into the bowls and placed them in front of the quadruplets. "Eat up, kids!"

The young woman turned back to the counter and suddenly felt a warm liquid hit her in the back of the head. Siria whipped around, her eyes bright, a fireball in one hand, a water-sphere in the other, but she relaxed once she saw that it was just Torelai with an empty spoon and a mischevious smile. Siria put on a stern face as she kneeled down next to the red-haired feline's chair.

"Torelai, you know better than to throw things at people," she lectured. "If you do it again, I'm gonna have to put you in timeout. Understand?"

Torelai nodded discouragingly.

"Good. Now, eat your lunch. I'll be right back." Siria stepped into the living room, out of the toddlers' earshot, hugged Jim from behind, and stated, "Like I said, at least two years before we have kids."

Jim chuckled and leaned his head back toward his wife as he replied, "I heard you the first time, hon."

Knock, knock.

Siria and Jim looked at each other in confusion. Siria unwrapped her arms from around Jim's torso and brushed a stray hair strand behind her ear as she walked over to the door.

"That's weird. I thought the doctor and the captain wouldn't be back til tonight," Siria thought out loud before she opened the door. "Doc, how was the award-"

Standing right on the front steps of the house was a small alien in a military uniform.

"-show?" Siria finished with a furrowed brow. "Um, can I help you?"

"Am I speaking to Officer Siria Silver Hawkins or Captain James Hawkins?" the alien inquired sharply. (AN please don't be picky about the ranks because I don't fully understand military titles, but the reason Siria is only an officer while Jim is a captain is because if Siria was a captain too, they wouldn't get to travel together on the same ship because one ship can't have two captains).

Siria straightened up. "Affirmative. Officer Siria Hawkins at your service. Please state your business."

The alien took in Siria's appearance in disbelief. She was wearing a purple sleeveless shirt underneath a widenecked, cropped red tshirt (worn 80's style, like from that movie Flashdance) along with ripped blue jeans and black athletic shoes and her hair tied back in a braid. This girl was supposed to be one of the greatest adventurers of all time?! But he quickly shook his head to get back to why he was there.

"I am here to inform you that since you and your husband's honeymoon is over, the two of you are to expect summons at any time for required service in the Galactic Armada. That is all. Have a nice day." The alien turned on his heel and left.

"Okay?" Siria said more to herself as she closed the door.

"What was that all about?" Jim asked as he came downstairs from the bedroom with some empty boxes in his arms.

"Just a friendly reminder that our 'Get out of work free' card has expired. Honestly, do they think we could forget something like that?"

"Oh well," Jim sighed. "This house isn't gonna pay for itself."

Siria smirked at his humor before they closed the space between their lips. The newlyweds kissed for about a minute before Siria pulled away.

"What is it?" Jim questioned, curious why she retreated.

"It's really quiet in there," Siria pointed out, looking at the entrance to the kitchen with a nervous expression.

She and Jim walked into the kitchen, only to be greeted by two spoons of Bonzabeast stew straight to the nose. Torelai was laughing hysterically, but DJ was pouting because one of those spoons was his before his sister took it.

"Morph! Get in here!" they yelled together.

*a few hours later*

"We did it," Jim stated breathily. "We finally got them to go to bed."

He and Siria laid on the couch as they watched the quadruplets sleep in their basket.

"Finally, some peace and quiet," Siria sighed. The couple had closed their eyes for a total of two seconds before...

Knock, knock.

"Oh what now?!" she whined. After a full afternoon and evening with four energetic toddlers, she was exhausted and somewhat cranky.

"It's gotta be the doc. Come on honey, get up." Jim pulled the love of his life off the couch and the two of them opened the door.

Doctor Doppler was wearing a crisp black tuxedo complete with cufflinks and coattails, looking very sharp and fancy.

Captain Amelia was dressed in a floor-length, strapless, navy blue silk dress with her hair pinned back into a very short ponytail with silver clips. She had on silver heels, silver studs, and a silver necklace to match.

"Wow! You look incredible, both of you!" Siria gushed, suddenly feeling more awake.

"Thank you, Siria," the feline responded warmly.

"So, Doc, didja win anything?" Jim inquired.

"Indeed I did!" the canine answered proudly. "I won the Planetary Award for going to Treasure Planet all those years ago, since the ceremony is only once every ten years, and I was also voted the MUA...the Most Useful Astronomer!"

"That's wonderful! Congratulations!" Siria complimented genuinely. "Just give us a second to grab the babies."

Siria rolled the stroller with the baby bag in it over to the door while Jim picked up the basket. The captain flipped a switch on the stroller and it shifted into a cart to carry the basket.

"So how were they?" Delbert asked.

"Do you want to hear the truth?" Siria replied with a cocked eyebrow.

"Not really."

"They were perfect angels, especially Torelai!" Siria beamed, lying right through her teeth.

"Well thank you anyway," Amelia responded good-naturedly. "Good night."

As soon as the Doppler family left, Siria turned toward Jim. "I know I said it already, but just to be clear, NO KIDS FOR US FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS!"

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