Butterflies cannot escape the web put around them; the poor butterfly never escapes its fate, or its captures. We were the butterflies caught in the web of the vampires. My family of farmers were valued to rarely attacked or visited. But if a farmer had a daughter, a daughter they let go to town and sell alone, then the vampires would not hold back to capture and kill.

My big brother, Nathan, never let me go anywhere alone. But, I still saw. I saw and I heard the screams. The screams of young women who had been taken by the vampires. The screams just as piercing as the fangs that had forced them.

It never fooled the people. Everyone knew why those women were being tortured. Vampires saw young women as property. Women of vampire races were used as treaties and war starters, messengers, and entertainment.

I had no friends, my family never talked to neighbors, the only time I socialized was when I was trying to get people to buy eggs and fruit and vegies. It was sad. No butterfly escaped this sider's web. But there were the ones who would not be devoured so willingly.

Chapter 1

I lean over in the field me hat hugging my head. My skin was brown, not full brown but just tan. My brother stood next to me helping me pick the wheat. My mother was out in the apple orchard with my father plucking the ripest apples in the trees for our dinner, the rest for town. I had to get this wheat out so I could milk the cows after this.

I stand up and stretch taking a long breath of the sweet air. Nathan glanced at me, "You OK lil' sis?"

"I'm good." I say as I lean back to pick more wheat.

This was my life, doing my chores in the fields, tending to the animals, and going to sell what we have to sell, then I would help mom make dinner.

My life was already planned out, I would do this until I either died or got killed by a vampire for a midnight snack.

Nathan glanced at me, "Are you daydreaming again K?"

K was my nickname, my brother said OK sometimes but my full name was Katherine. Katherine was too long, and was too common. I started telling my family to call me K and it was an instant hit with Nathan.

Nathan punched my shoulder, "Hello, earth to Katherine Jane Clearwater."

"Huh what?" I say returning to reality.

I keep picking the wheat with my knife.

I hear a hiss and a rattle. Shit nuggets a snake!

Nathan stood up slowly looking directly at a coiled rattle snake, head raised, ready to strike; I step back slowly just as James raises his knife.

We. Were. Dead. You can't fight a rattle snake with a knife! You just can't without a gun or dagger or something bigger than a 3 inch knife!

The snake's head rose aiming for Nathan. I stepped back again and tripped over my basket instantly getting the snake's attention.

It changed its aim for my leg which was so close to it. The snake begins to get ready to strike and just as I see its head dart and know my life is over and the agony that is coming after the fangs pierce me I feel someone grab me and I feel wind. I open my eyes and see red, red and brown and white. I close my eyes tighter. I feel the ground again and hear a crack and the sound of a spine breaking.

I open my eyes slightly and see white skin, the dead snake, blood, brown shaggy hair, and Nathan running towards me.

"Katherine!" He yelled as he reached me. I was in shock and unable to answer.

"Katherine are you ok?! Are you hurt?! You stupid klutz that thing could have killed you!"


A voice rang over like silk, like water flowing through a river, smooth, dangerous, "You shouldn't mess with snakes."

He turned around, and my first sign of trouble, were the red eyes. I was saved by a vampire.

The only reason I ever knew of a vampire helping humans was so he or she could kill them their self. I look down, I was dangerous to look directly at a vampire.

"Thank you." Nathan said standing up but not meeting his eyes. The vampire smiled and held out his hand to shake. Nathan, not being an idiot, shook his hand. He looked down and smiled at me.

I didn't look at him I just stared at the ground. I know my place. I will not give myself a death sentence.

Nathan leaned over and helped me up, "Let's get you home."

I nod and let him lead me back to the farm. I could feel the vampire's eyes on us as we walked away. My mom came running with my dad closely behind her. My mom grabs and pulls me into a hug. She pulls some wheat out of my light blonde hair (just like Nathan's hair) and looks me in the eye. Her eyes… I think I got her eyes. Green and beautiful.

My mom leads me back home letting my dad and brother stay outside. She starts treating my scratches and scaly skin with some of her miracle cream and stuff. I am still in shock. She brushes my hair out so the wheat is out and then tells me to go to bed.

Mindlessly I walk up the stairs until I reach my attic room and walk in.

That's when I feel the hand close over my mouth.