The Great Gatsby Chapter 6

June POV

I looked carefully in the mirror as I adjusted my hair. Today is the day that Jay and Daisy are going to meet and rekindle their lost love. Ugh I can't wait till it's all finished that way I don't have to see them anymore. Since that day despite numerous attempts from Daisy and Jay I have refused to see or speak with either of them. I'm still angry at daisy for telling Tom I'm still a virgin. Married or not there are just some things you don't pass around to people! Especially Tom! Then there's Jay who just can't take the hint that I am not an item and will not be used any further.

I shouldn't even let him see her today. I only am because despite the fact he tried to use me I have to admit that in some ways I understand why he did it. Not saying that he was right in lying but I do understand what his thoughts must've been. He must've thought that if he told the truth, no one would let him see her and just he couldn't take that chance. But that still doesn't excuse using people as pawns. I'm probably thinking too hard about this. Once he has Daisy I'll bet he'll just toss me aside like a disk. However until then the man has had not one miniscule of shame. He's not only came by unannounced a few times; he's even hired a few people to tidy the yard!

It started earlier this morning when several gardeners came. They managed to fix the small birdbath, paint it, trim the bushes, and even control the Ivy! They replaced the gravel and even planted small bushes of flowers! New law furniture was set up and an arch of white roses and ivy was created above my doorway! My lawn looked like a forest wonderland and though I am angry with Jay I must admit the lawn is gorgeous.

Giving up I left my hair to fall in waves like it normally does and set about adjusting my clothes. I wore a lovely white and black dress with a lace applique bodice and an adorable black bow a few inches under my collar bone. I wore stockings with matching black shoes. For my Jewelry I had a silver bracelet and a thin silver ring with an onyx gem that I received as a birthday present from Papa.

At that moment I heard a loud knock on the front door. Its 11:55 and Daisy isn't to arrive until 12:15 so it must be Jay. But it's too early for that. I ran over to the door and opened it to see Jay. He had a serious look and was dressed in a stark white suit with a long cane. He was followed by an entourage of gentlemen in black suits, one of which carried an umbrella for him. I put on my best mock smile and got ready to greet him as happily as I could but when I saw what the other men behind him held my mouth fell to the floor.

The gentlemen trailing behind him had different assortments of cake, other sweets, and almost every sort of flower imaginable. Jay slightly scooted me closer to him to let them come inside as I was too in shock by the whole thing to scoot to the side. Wow he must be nervous to have so many flowers! I mean really it looks as if every flower in the green shop is in my home!

"I think the rain will stop by four. I think it was the Journal that I read it in." Jay said as he nervously strained his suit and smoothed down his immaculate hair.

"It might hopefully. I love your suit, you look nice. I'm sure daisy is going to be quite happy to bump into you today." I said as I lightly patted him on the back.

"Thank you… Is everything alright?"

"Well… I suppose… the grass looks gorgeous if that's what you mean."

"Grass? What grass?" He asked as he hurried into the living room. This poor man is as nervous as it gets. It almost makes me want to pity him…almost. I sighed and quickly followed after him. Let's get this started.

A few minutes later I found myself and Jay sitting in an odd silence in my crowded living room. Flowers and sweets took up every available space. I feel like I completely wasted my time with the making the German sweet chocolate cake. Jay stood stiffly and uncomfortably next to the fireplace.

"Have you got everything you need?" He asked me for what felt like the 7th time today.

"Perhaps a few more flowers might suffice?"

"They did a fine job you think? Is it too much?"

"No it's perfect. I'm sure Daisy will love it. Jay would you like to sit down? Would you like a piece of cake? You know there's plenty." I said as I gave him a reassuring smile. Just because I'm angry at him doesn't mean I can't be a great hostess right?

"Why? And no thank you I can't hold anything in my stomach now."

"Its just you look terribly uncomfortable."

"I may as well sit then." He said as he sat on a seat. How Jay makes himself look uncomfortable sitting down is beyond me. He sat with his back straight, his legs crossed just so and his cane between his fingers. He sat there for only three minutes before he jumped up and started to make his way for the door.

"I can't wait all day. I'm leaving. No one is coming to tea."

"Jay It's only three seconds after 12:15 she's-" I was stopped by a car honking outside in the distance. Jay gave me an anxious look as I went to look out the window. I saw the car and knew it was her.

"It's her. Sit and look casual." I said quickly as I grabbed an umbrella and tipped outside carefully as to not to fall on the slippery pathway. The driver placed a rig on the ground and opened the door for daisy to come out. Goodness what kind of hat is she wearing? Is she supposed to be a pirate?! Otherwise why is the rim of the hat pressed flat to the front and the back!

"Is this really where you live my dearest one?" She asked me as she took my hand.

"Yes. I like to think it suits me." I said as I led her inside.

"Why did I have to come alone? If you're going to announce your engagement then everyone should come. Or perhaps you must keep your love secret and I am the person you can tell about it."

"Oh yes Daisy it's the secret of Her Majesty Queen Junes Castle. Tell your chauffeur to go far away."

"Come back in about an hour Furdie. His name is Furdie." She said as she strolled into the house. After checking her appearance in the mirror she walked into the living room and gasped. Here we go.

"Oh you… did you ransack a green house? I must really be here to supervise a love meeting between Junie and her soon to be husband." I waited a little hoping to hear Jay speak, however seconds passed and I heard nothing. I walked in to see Daisy walking around and no Jay. What?! Where did he go?! He was here only a few seconds ago! I looked around and he wasn't anywhere in the living room or the kitchen. He can't be upstairs otherwise I would have heard the wood creaking!

"Would you?" Daisy said as she gave me her hat. I put it away on the coat rack and as I did heard a knock on the door. I opened it to see a soaked Jay.

"What are you doing?! You have completely soaked your suit and your hair is a mess!" I whispered as I took the towel I keep behind the coat rack for rain surprises. Once he was semidry and his hair was as ok as it was going to be he went back in the living room and after gathering his courage went inside.

Perhaps I should go upstairs to give them privacy. Or should I just stay to make sure everything's okay? In the end my nosey side won and as Jay entered I hid a little behind the wall that separated the living room a little to see what would happen. Upon hearing his footsteps Daisy turned around and stared at him in shock. She looked completely surprised as if she had no idea what to say. They stood there for the longest of times staring at each other until finally Daisy broke the silence.

"Well I'm certainly glad to see you again."

"I'm certainly glad to see you as well." Jay replied after a while.

At that moment I crawled away from the hiding spot and went to make tea. They need to be left alone and do not need me hiding like a nosey three year old! I tried to take a long time making the Orange Peoke tea and serving it in the silver expensive tea set supplied by Jay so that he and Daisy could talk. However as I walked into the living room with the tray I found that it may not have been a great idea to leave for so long.

Jay stood and Daisy sat on opposite sides of one another in total silence as if they had no idea who the other was. I served the tea while Daisy made scared glances from Jay to the floor. She looked at him as if she was a toddler who'd done something wrong and was waiting for a scolding. It stayed like that for a while until Jay spoke.

"We've-We've met before-" He began but was cut short when his elbow knocked over the clock that sat above the fireplace. Luckily the clock wasn't badly injured only the little bells on top came off. They plugged in the clock easy as can be however Jay apologized profusely as if he knocked over an expensive artifact.

"It's fine really. It's an old clock."

"Lovely though, lovely clock." Daisy said to which Jay readily agreed. Are we really doing this now? I continued to prepare the cups and we all sat in an uncomfortable silence until Daisy broke it.

"We haven't met for many years."

"Five years next November." Jay agreed.

"The tea is ready. Daisy would you like Cake?" I asked as I passed out the cups of tea.

"Yes please Junie. I want to eat the cake I see that you made in the kitchen! Oh you know how much I love your cakes. Especially your German chocolate cake, it is better than any store bought cake." Daisy said as she looked at me with a smile.

"Here I'll go cut you a piece." I went and purposefully took a long time to cut the cake. When I came back to give it to her it was like it was the same as when I brought in the tea silent and awkward. Perhaps if I'm not here and they think I won't come back for a while things won't be so awkward. I quickly pretended that I just suddenly remembered something.

"Goodness! I just remember I forgot to make a few important purchases this morning. I have to run into town! I'll be back soon!" I said as got up before they could protest and ran to the door. I was almost there when I heard Jay.

"Wait, June I have to speak to you for a moment." Jay said as ran into the hall and quickly caught up to me.

"This was a mistake! I knew this was a terrible terrible mistake! I wish I'd have listened to you from the beginning!" He frantically whispered to me as he ran his hands through his hair.

"You haven't even spoken to each other yet so how do you know it's a mistake? And even though I truly am right you don't really believe it. You're just a little embarrassed! But Daisy's embarrassed too so it's okay!" I whispered back as I began tie my raincoat closed.

"…She's embarrassed?" After everything I said that's the only amount of information he retained?

"Yes she is just as much as you are! Now go back talk with her and get to know each other again. Jay, you're too worried. You can do this." I said as I held him lightly by his shoulder at arm's length. He nodded at me and then pulled me into a lukewarm embrace.

"Thank you for being such a kind sweet soul." He whispered against my hair before he let me go then went back into the living room. Perhaps Jay isn't such a bad person after all. Maybe just maybe I can forgive him. With that thought I grabbed my purse and left the house without looking back once.

Well at least now they've gotten started. Now hopefully things will go well. I went under one of the large trees in the yard and pulled The Age of Innocence out of my purse. I took off my raincoat and folded it in a way so that way the bottom of my dress wouldn't get wet. Then I sat and soon I got lost in the story of Newlands lost love, so similar to Jays and yet so different.

I stayed there for a while until I was jerked out of my book by silence. The kind of silence that speaks louder than anything you've ever heard. I looked around to see that it stopped raining completely. The earth had a refreshed wet look about it and everything looked damp. If I've been out here long enough for the rain to stop then perhaps I should go check on Daisy and Jay…fast!

I got out of my comfortable spot and speed walked back into the house. I silently walked through the door and as I passed the clock in the hall I saw it was just 12:45. I've only been outside for about 25 minutes. That isn't bad at all hopefully. I came inside the living room to see Daisy and Jay sitting close together at the end of the couch. Jay completely glowed with happiness while Daisy was smiling and looked happier than I've seen her.

"I'm back. I hope I didn't take too long. Oh I'm so glad it's stopped raining!" I announced as I walked into the living room while taking off my coat. Jay and Daisy broke out of there moment and they smiled at seeing me.

"Yes it has hasn't. Take a look Daisy. It's stopped raining." Jay said as he opened the double doors and walked onto the back porch. Daisy soon followed him and they stood together for a while. Just then the clouds parted for the sun to peak through. The rays landed right on Daisy's house that lay in perfect view.

"How funny. You can see my house from here. It's there just across the bay!"

"I know I have the same view from my house."

"Where's your place?"

"… June I want you and daisy to come over to my house."

"You're sure you want me to come?" I said. This is supposed to be the day of love and reconciliation! So why do they want me to come! The only way they started to talk was because I wasn't there! So why all of a sudden does he want me to come with them?

"Absolutely." Jay said as if I asked the oddest question he'd ever heard. I don't think I'll bother with the Jacket this time. So I just grabbed my purse and we took the short walk to his house. Upon reaching it Jay immediately had the gates opened and began to tell of how he had them specially imported from a castle in Normandy. The moment Daisy saw the front of the house she gasped and looked around as if she were in a fairytale.

"Oh Jay it's so grand! How do you live here all alone?"

"I don't. I keep it filled with all sorts of interesting, celebratory people. Come with me." Jay said as he had her walk ahead of him but he slightly gestured me to come back with him.

"The way the light goes just so on the house just so looks wonderful doesn't it?"

"It looks splendid Jay." I said but I'm not sure if he heard me as he seemed to be permanently transfixed on Daisy.

"Come on you two I want the grand tour!" Daisy said to which Jay followed behind her while at the same time taking looks behind him to make sure I was still there. The first place we went to on Daisy's grand tour was to Jay's kitchen so he could show off some high priced orange Juice maker that was taller than my house! Why waste money on such a stupid thing when you could easily just buy it or do it by hand?! It's cheaper and it's not completely unneeded.

Afterwards Jay insisted we all make use of his private beach and so he provided us with swimsuits that surprisingly fit like gloves. How did he know our swimsuit size? Perhaps it was just a lucky guess, yes that had to be it. After we swam for a while we got out of the water and he gave Daisy and I robes to wear. Hers was a flowing black one with a gorgeous white and red pattern and a matching scarf while mine was a flowing pale mint robe with adorable pink blossoms scattered on the back, sleeves and hem. I didn't want a cap or scarf so jay gave me a clip to pull up my hair with a few strands falling from it.

Lastly we went into Jay's large bedroom. The room had quite the tasteful simple set up. It was quite different from the rest of the house where almost every space was covered by some unneeded decoration for the purpose to impress Daisy. Once we entered Jay immediately presented his wardrobe to us and began to tell of how he has someone in England buy his clothes. He went up the winding staircase and began to playfully throw clothes down on to Daisy that she tried to catch all the while saying that his clothes would be ruined.

She tried to catch another article of clothing when suddenly she just collapsed on the bed in tears. I can't understand why she gets that way. Happy for one minute then somber and upset the next. At seeing her state Jay immediately ran down the stairs faster than I thought could be possible to her side and held her close trying his best to comfort her in any way.

"Daisy, Daisy darling what is it?" He asked as he held her gently. He kissed her cheek and tried what he knew to soothe her.

"It makes me sad."


Perhaps it finally donned on her. It had been five years. Five long years since she'd truly been happy, five years since shed truly been in love, and five long years since she had someone who truly cared about her. Now that after such a long time of having deprived of this feeling by Tom it is just too much for her to handle all at once. But all she could manage was…

"It just makes me sad. To see them all ruined like this." She said with a sob/laugh. Then she suddenly looked up at me fearfully as if she expected me to be upset at her or think any less of her for being overwhelmed. I gave her a reassuring smile and quickly went up the stairs then closed the curtain to give them a little privacy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another spiral staircase. Well Daisy and Jay are busy. So it won't hurt to look around right? Right. I lightly walked over to the staircase and careful as to not make a sound went down the stairs.

The lower I went I saw shelves filled with trophies with all sorts of decorations, maps of countries sat on the walls and every once in a while I could see the same reoccurring pictures of an old man. The rest of the house should be more like this. It ought to be full of rich experiences tastefully presented. I turned around to see what was on the other bookshelf when on it I saw another picture that stopped me in my track. In a frame were two pictures one was of the old man. And the other was of… a younger Jay.

I slowly walked down the rest of the stairs clutching the cold metal so that my hand would probably be hurting tomorrow. I walked hesitantly to the picture and carefully picked it up as if it was a poisonous lizard. With one trembling hand I reached in my robe to the place where the familiar picture of my sweetness lay comfortably near my heart as if it were a second skin. I placed it next to the picture in the frame out to see the same picture of the same person.

The realization of everything hit me then as if I'd been whammed into by a truck. Jay…was the one I love, the one I've been waiting for it was him. Jay was the reason I couldn't get married. The sparks whenever I touched him, the ease I felt around him, the way he made me feel when we danced, and the way I somehow knew I'd met him before all makes since now. Jay and I had met before. He was the person I loved… and I had just given him to Daisy.

What have I done…What have I done…OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?! The thought ran through my mind like a metronome as I put the picture back where it belongs and turned to look at Jay and Daisy. She had her head in Jays lap and both of them looked out the window. They looked so calm and peaceful. Oh god I can't look at this! I have to get out of here! I have to get out of here! At that moment ignoring everything else I ran out of the room faster than I even knew was possible. In the back of my mind I heard Jay and Daisy's desperate calls for me to come back but I kept going. I ran outside of the mansion, through the gates and cross the lawn to the house.

The moment I got inside I locked the door and then I couldn't control the sobs that tore themselves from me. I felt the tears roll down my face as I cried in absolute agony. The person I've been waiting for 11 years was Jay and I JUST GAVE HIM AWAY! Oh god my heart feels like its crumbling! It feels like someone's trying to pull it out!

I grabbed the stair banister for support and pulled myself to the phone in my flower crowded living room. Just looking at them made me sob even harder at the thought of whom they were for and exactly what they represent. I held the phone like the life line it was and began to put in a number that I'll never forget for as long as I live. The line rang once before someone answered.

"Hello?" The person I would recognize anywhere said.

"Johnny!" I sobbed into the phone and he immediately responded.

"What happened?! Are you okay?! What hurts?! Did someone hurt you?! What happened?!"

"Johnny I need you here! Please come I need you here. I need you to tell me-I need you to tell me what I did was right." I said in between sobs.