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Chapter 1: Welcome to St Trinians

Good move mister Kelly thought as she watched the ascot wearing man drive away, with what could only be his daughter running and screaming in his wake. Good move indeed, she sneered he didn't even stay to make sure she had settled in. Hell, he didn't even take a look at the dorms or the school. He just dropped her off at the door and left. Kelly looked down at the ground and shuddered a little at the memories that triggered and then looked down at the girl who was now despondently walking back into the school foyer. But if it was one thing Kelly Jones was good at, it was putting on a show. She slinked against the doorframe like a cat and watched the new girl explore her surroundings.

She's a bit timid Kelly smirked lets she how she deals with the stampede. To the girl's credit she survived well. The trick to surviving the sea of St Trinian's is to make them part for you. Kelly learnt that long ago and a small smile played upon her lips when she found that the new kid managed to learn that lesson well. The new kid turned her way and gave her a look that pierced through the din of the school. Underneath the girl's Dettol sterilised appearance she was beautiful. Clear green eyes on pale skin. Unable to take the staring contest much longer, Kelly decided to break the ice.

"So your dad's roller has seen better days"

"It's a classic, daddy is an expert on the finer things" the girl snapped back "I am Annabelle Fritton"

To this day Kelly does not know how she managed to continue bantering back and forth with the girl. It all seemed to blur in her mind. One minute she discovered that this fish out of water was Miss Fritton's niece and the next second she was squaring off with her giving the girl a death glare that would have caused incontinence in any of the other girls, but this girl just glared right back. It was a shock of electricity went through her entire body. No one has ever glared right back, St Trinians may be a hotbed of anarchy but the one thing that was respected here was authority, the kind of authority that is earned with sweat and the occasional black eye from fight club (but no one was to talk about fight club if such a thing was to exist). It took all Kelly had to saunter coolly away from the snob without socking her right then and there as a lesson. The only consolation was that Annabelle Fritton was going to be in for a very rough night. That might wipe that smirk off her face. That's a good thing to. I bet her face wouldn't be so bad to look at if it didn't look so arrogant.

Entering the dorms, Kelly introduced Annabelle to the St Trinian's social totem pole. She watched Annabelle cower back when Taylor stepped up to her obviously smelling fear in the waters. No, don't do that you were so courageous with me before. Don't you get it? Don't show your fear. These girls are like sharks. Sick of watching Annabelle sink into her shell; Kelly stepped in and deflected the chav with a dismissive tone. Showing Annabelle to her bed, Kelly just stood back and waited and on cue green slime poured out and feathers came knocking Annabelle straight in the face. The only thing Annabelle was aware of was Kelly laughing and the others joining in. At that moment Annabelle prayed to God, to Jesus, to Lord Ganesh, that the earth would open up and swallow her whole. But, like many other earnest prayers, God turned a deaf ear. It would seem that God had a sense of humour because as Annabelle was showering some of the first years swiped her clothes and the geeks had hooked up her naked exploits so that the world would laugh and share. Kelly stared intently as Annabelle streaked through the school, obviously lost trying to cover up everything she can but failing miserably. It was all fun and games until Annabelle run head first into a door and knocked herself out. Kelly groaned aloud with the rest of the girls.

"Alright, shows over, you lot get ready for Flash, bring your A game to the meeting tonight girls. I want a strong start for the financial year" and with that Kelly stalked off to find the newest member who was naked and comatose in a corridor somewhere.

Kelly found Annabelle lying in the biological sciences corridor. The irony was just too much. Instead of waking Annabelle up straight away Kelly's eyes just raked over her naked form for a few minutes. Sensing the brunette was stirring, Kelly quickly stepped away and held out a towel. Annabelle looked confused then looked down at her naked body and looked furious she opened her mouth to scream but Kelly cut her off:

"You know you are at the bottom of the food chain now, but it won't last forever"

Just that simple statement made Annabelle open and close her mouth many times like a gaping fish as she struggled to respond. In order to avoid another awkward staring contest Kelly was forced to start conversation again, she shook the towel in her hand as a peace pact and sighed

"Look, as much as I, oh so very much, enjoy feasting on your naked body, this is not art class and I find myself short of charcoal" Kelly stated, sarcasm dripping from her voice, handing over the towel.

That made Annabelle extremely self-conscious as she struggled to wrap the towel around her, her hands slightly trembling as she did so. Seeing that made Kelly turn away and shut her eyes tightly feeling slightly ashamed of herself. Game point to Kelly she chastised the girl is probably mortified enough, she's just been broadcast on the internet and instead of making her feel better you have reduced her to a trembling mess. Really, just well played there Kelly. Kelly just stood there for a second contemplating whether to turn around and tell the other girl that this was a St Trinians tradition and then telling her how to better survive this place. It must have looked strange to Annabelle to see Kelly shake her head slightly and then begin to walk away, her strut slightly deflated. Annabelle, all too aware of her own nudity, turned around and started back to the dorm. That was when the sound of clicking heels stopped and Annabelle heard a voice call out to her

"Annabelle" Kelly called, a slight smile played upon Annabelle's face, it was the first time anyone here called her by her name "the dorm rooms are down the corridor and then on the second right" with a slight nod and what could have been a slight smile in the distance Kelly made for garage where flash wanted a word with her, leaving Annabelle alone.