hi everyone sorry for the lateness. Real life happened, it has a nasty way of doing that sometimes, also Orange is the New black happened. Nothing more needs to be said enjoy. I think i will write one more chapter and continue on with another story about what happens after. I refuse to believe that there exists a second st Trinians movie.

Chapter 13

Kelly groaned not only from the hours of inhumane treatment that Polly liberally referred to as training. Three days of Pollys intensive regimen was enough to put a damper on Kelly's new found love life. In addition to harpoon practice sessions, Polly insisted on fine tuning Kelly's fitness by combining suicides with make shift weight sessions, her core stability with pilates, her self control with yoga and then Polly threw in a Cindy Crawford power workout video just in case. Kelly wasn't alone in thinking that Polly had gone overboard, Andrea and Taylor also had voiced complaints when they were roped in to join. Taylor in particular made loud overtures about how her live warrant for shoplifting was proof of how fast her legs could carry her when the proper authorities where in pursuit.

Kelly slumped onto her bed landing with a thud. She just lay there, too tired to get up and bathe and too tired to fall asleep. She missed Annabelle, it had been more than 48 hours since she had told her that she would see her later. Polly and Cindy Crawford had been merciless that first day and by the time they were done the other girls were fast asleep. Kelly actually ventured into the dorms and stood there watching Annabelle breathe in and out contemplating whether to wake her and take her back to her private room. Kelly decided against it, not wanting to startle Belle, and settled with watching the brunette sleep for a while before heading dejectedly to her cold empty room.

In Kelly's opinion watching Annabelle sleep was a good pastime, sleep be damned, she had half a mind to write a letter to the BBC suggesting they broadcast the nightly event. Off course the other half of her mind vehemently objected to anyone else being afforded the privilege. Kelly was so lost in her exhaustion that she did not notice her bedroom door open and shut.

" where you planning on standing me up Jones?" a deliberately husky voice half whispered in Kelly's ear .kelly turned her head to catch Annabelle's lips in her own before apologizing.

" you don't need to apologise" Annabelle giggled " Polly showed me the video of you being a little stalker so I thought I would save you the trip to the dorms tonight and give you a visit in the flesh and as an added bonus I am fully conscious."

" one day I will have to kill her" Kelly mumbled, burying her head into a pillow out of embarrassment.

" I wouldn't go that far Kels" Annabelle continued " but I do think she has a little bit of a voyeur problem. I think we should get Jeremy Kyle to come and do a show."

" this place is far to weird for Jeremy Kyle. A good friend of mine once called it Hogwarts for pikeys. "

" that same good friend is telling you, you need a bath. Now" Annabelle said whipping around into the bathroom. She returned after 15 minutes only to drag Kelly into the bathroom, telling her to strip down and step into the tub. Once Kelly was in Annabelle sat on the edge behind her, rubbing her shoulders slowly.

"this was supposed to relax you jones" Annabelle observed " you are so tense" at that moment Kelly released the breath she didn't know she was holding. Little by little she felt her muscles give way to that persistent touch. After a while, Kelly found herself enjoying being cared for. a uniquely remarkable characteristic of humanity is that at times people find themselves missing something that they had never had before. Kelly let herself get lost in the feeling of being enveloped in the warm glow of compassionate affection. Kelly liked the way that Annabelle's nails gently raked her scalp when she washed her hair and the little sounds that escaped Annabelle's lips every so often. Kelly even enjoyed Annabelle's OCD which demanded that Kelly be washed twice, first in antibacterial soap and then in a more lavish body wash.

One by one Kelly's muscles succumbed to the soothing touch that was Annabelle. She didn't know how or when but at some point her walls came down.

" I just don't know" Kelly sighed.

"don't know?" Annabelle pondered

" I just don't know if this entire plan is going to work. It was ludicrous enough to think that the totties would make it into the finals. And here I am, literally hanging off a rope with my neck out on the line. Sometimes I feel we should have just google searched for educational grants, or started a skimming scam or even found a creepy benefactress that likes the idea of female anarchy. All of those options would have been a lot more viable than this damnable plot. And I am the one who has to keep it together. I can't have a moments doubt because the rest of the girls look up to me. I can see it in their eyes, the fear, the scepticism. They know as well as I do that if we fuck this up we are done for." Kelly's shoulders slumped down after unloading her burden on someone else.

Annabelle cupped Kelly's chin to turn her face toward her own as she spoke " you can tell me all of your doubts and your fears Kels. I am not like those girls out there. Plus I see right past your big tough lone wolf head girl act. Look at me, You are Kelly fucking Jones and there is nothing in this world that you can't do. So you can doubt yourself as much as you want. I know for certain that my Kelly will pull it off and she will do it with finesse"

" I don't know whether to be shocked to hear you swear or touched that you called me your Kelly." Kelly closed the space between their lips and gave Annabelle a sweet unpresumptuous kiss. When Kelly pulled away Annabelle came back for more. Kelly's arms reached around to pull Annabelle in with her. Annabelle's surprised laughter filled the room " what did you do that for? Now I am all wet!"

" haha I did it so I can hear you say your all wet" Kelly husked making a mental note that this made Annabelle furiously blush. " Now let's get these wet clothes off before you catch a cold" she pulled up the shirt over Annabelle's head and let Annabelle divest herself of her skirt. And they just sat there, Annabelle wrapped up in Kelly's arms trading sweet little nothings in each other's ears, laughing every now and then.

Secretly, Kelly was thankful for Polly's killer training regimen, it was the perfect excuse to just enjoy Annabelle's company without the expectation of more. It also conveniently saved her from having to voice any of her newly found emotions to the younger girl, something that Kelly was doubly grateful for.

" how are you feeling about tomorrow?" Annabelle asked.

" fine" Kelly replied,

"really Kelly, tomorrow the fate of the school depends upon you an emo and a chav shimmying your way across the grand hall of the national gallery whilst the totties are below you competing in the finals of a school trivia competition and you feel fine?" Annabelle prodded.

"Annabelle, look at me" Kelly said in an even tone " sometimes things scare the living shit out of me but I don't have the luxury to wallow in that feeling, I just have to swallow it and keep it together because if I lose it, then it will all turn to shit. So I am fine."

" its ok to say that you are scared" Annabelle spoke quietly " at least to me"

" fuck you. You don't get to tell me how I feel." Kelly snapped, the walls which Annabelle was whittling away at decided to rise again with a vegence, suddenly Kelly felt naked, open and vulnerable to a girl she was sure she hated a few months ago. This was not what Kelly Jones did, Kelly Jones does not talk about feelings. She felt Annabelle freeze and then stand up and step out of the bathtub. It was Kelly's turn to be absolutely still as she heard shuffling in the other room and the slow creak of the door.

" oh fuck" Kelly sighed allowed to no one in particular. This was not the right time to have Annabelle be stroppy at her. Kelly just imagined trying to shimmy across the National gallery and steal the girl with the pearl earring with thoughts of Annabelle consuming her. She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep a wink all night and just repeat how quickly she managed to fuck up a perfectly romantic get together. Her mind fast forwarded to seeing Flash " comfort" Annabelle the only way he knew how. Over my dead body Kelly though. " fuck fuck fuck" Kelly swore rapidly as she got out of the bathtub and followed her lover out the door. " oh fuck me" Kelly said as she entered the hallway and did not find a trace of Annabelle.

Instinctively, she knew where she would find the brunette. She tore down the corridor, crashed down the stairs and found herself barging in the Principal's private quarters. Sure enough she found a weepy Annabelle being consoled by Miss Fritton and a very large glass of brandy.

" Annabelle" Kelly gasped " I… I ….. I"

" Miss Jones, I did not raise you to stand absolutely stark naked in front of a girl and just stammer. Spit it out!" Miss Fritton commanded.

" I am so so sorry for snapping at you like that. I really didn't mean to. No one expects me to be scared, no one really seems to care about how I feel or how any of this affects me. But you see it. But I am not ready. I am not ready to fall apart in front of you just yet, I don't want you to see me as weak. And yes I am scared of tomorrow but not as scared as I am of you looking past my exterior and seeing me and walking away" Kelly said this so fast that she wasn't sure that Annabelle heard it all, the deafening silence affirmed her beliefs.

" well fuck me missionary" Miss Fritton said " Polly was right about you Kelly Jones, I owe her a bottle of single malt. Now if you excuse me, I am going to go listen in on your private moment from next door" Miss Fritton patted Annabelle's hand sympathetically as she walked out.

Kelly took the seat next to Annabelle and made eye contact with her. " you know you don't have a right to be closed off bitch. You have had a tough life Jones well boo fucking hoo, my heart bleeds for you." Annabelle ranted "it does not give you the right to step on me" she finished accenting the last three words with a jab to Kelly's shoulder as she said them.

" I know" said Kelly " I know. I need a lot of work, but I really really like you. Give me a chance Annabelle, I will promise not to fuck this up again. I am a little rusty around the edges, but there is something between us something magnetic, when you walk in the room its like you are the only person there to me." Kelly ventured closer to Annabelle to cup her cheek.

" well you did just streak all over school for me. I think that evens up the score, especially given how you made me streak the first night here" Annabelle gave a little smile

" Darling, we evened up that little score a long time ago, or am I the only one who remembers the little minx who stole my clothes one night"

" this little minx stole your clothes because you were being a perve showering just to get a good look at me instead of using a perfectly functioning en-suite"

" well this perve would like to remind you that her eyes are up here" Kelly said gesturing up from her breasts to her eyes. " whose the perve now?" she husked and without further delay she closed the space between her and Annabelle and did not stop until her tongue found all her favourite places in Annabelle's mouth. Feeling Annabelle melt into the kiss Kelly manoeuvre herself so that she was crouching in front of Annabelle and without warning reached around Annabelle lifting her so that her body was flush against her own. She felt the smaller woman's legs wrap around her waist and without breaking the kiss Kelly began to walk out the room and make her way back to her own wearing only Annabelle.

She was so lost in the moment that she did not hear the hushed whispers or high pitched sonds of shock that was followed by the sound of money changing hands. She heard nothing apart from Annabelle's whimpering and the sound of her door slamming shut behind her. She only heard the sounds of ecstasy coming from her lover as they took turns ravaging each other. She only heard Annabelle answer yes, in a voice softer than a whisper, after Kelly asked her to be her girlfriend.