Charlie could hear screaming. It took a few minutes for realize it was her screams she was hearing. She fought for control, to take in her surroundings.

Her vision blurred as she struggled to pull herself into an upright position. It cleared quickly but she couldn't sit up, her arms and legs still bound to the chair that was now lying sideways on a dusty floor. There was no other furniture in the room. She tried to remember what had happened. It rushed back to her all at once.

"Charlie, it's ridiculous." Miles argued.

"Miles,if I can get in there and just talk to Jason," she'd argued back.

"Yeah, exactly, Charlie, IF you get in there!" he'd walked away from her at that point.

"Listen to me, Miles! I can get in there, I can get Jason to iisten to me, I know I can." she'd hurried to catch up to him.

"And then what? Are the two of you going to just take over this army Neville thinks he's begun?"

"I don't know! I do know convincing Jason to help us again is probably the only way we'll get Neville. We can work from the inside out!"

Miles stopped walking and studied her."You really think this wil work?" Doubt colored hs voice.

"I think it's a good will listen to me. He won't hurt me, I know that much."

"I'm not worried about Jason, even though I don't trust him. I'm worried about the others in there, the ones who don't care about what happens to you." He weighed the risks. "It's a big if, Charlie."

"I think it's worth the risk to , it's not like anyone is having a better idea." She was stubborn, holding her ground.

Miles tried another argument, "What if you get caught? I don't have the manpower to overtake that many soldiers."

"I'll be fine. It'll work, I'm sure of it."

Charlie groaned as she remembered her confidence to had been right and at the moment she hated him for it.

She tried again to get up but couldn't loosen the bindings at all, not to mention any movement of her arms sent shooting pains through her shoulder. She remembered now the knife. The wound burned and bled as she fought the bindings.

The light snapped on above her, startling her. "Didn't I tell you that you couldn't escape?" Neville was back.

Charlie couldn't help it, she felt tears of frustration well up but shut her eyes before he could see them. She was determined not to break.

Miles wanted to break something. It had been well over five hours since Charlie was suppose to have returned. He paced back and forth across the meeting place, which had once been a Walmart parking lot at one point but now was an overgrown mess that made good camoflage. He paced a small clearing where the concrete hadn't been destroyed by weeds.

"I told you not to let her go." Rachel remarked from where she sat on the sunwarmed concrete cross legged.

"Shut up, Rachel." he replied, furiously even as he thought the same thing.

"Charlie is a very capable young woman. She's smart and resourceful. I'm sure she's fine." Aaron tried to reassure them.

"Shut up, Aaron." Miles didn't want to hear it. He could not, would not, lose Charlie, not after losing Nora, it'd probably kill him,too. He stopped pacing, thinking of what he should do. "All right. Here's what we're going to do."

Neville had, with some effort, pulled the chair she was bound to upright. She didn't actually remember falling over in the first place, but figured she'd either fallen or been pushed over.

"Now. I want to know where Miles Matheson is." he demanded, tightening the bindings behind her.

The pain was going to kill her if Neville didn't first, she was sure of it. Fighting against waves of nausea, she was determined not to break.

"Listen, girl, we can work together or we can just end this here. I will kill that precious uncle of yours and then I'll take his place with President Foster. If I'm in charge of the Georgian Army then we'll be in the position to take over the Monroe Republic, possibly even the whole continent."

"No!" she cried out.

Neville raised his eyebrows. "So she speaks. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to bring some friends in here to help out."

"Miles will kill you for this!" she spat out.

"That's a chance I'm willing to take."

"He'll do it."

"Because you're his daughter?" Neville reached out and placed pressure on her hurt shoulder. "I'm beginning to believe you are. You're very much like him, did you know that? Not like Ben Matheson. He was a coward and would've broken within the first hour. Guess that doesn't matter now anyway, Ben's dead."

"You should know, you killed him."

"Yes, yes, I did. He was a Matheson. That's all I needed to know about him." He circled the chair, considering his options. "Enough about him.I want to know the whereabouts of Miles. I want to know if Foster is sending him more men. I want know why it was you who broke in here. He's got to be close by, he'd never let you go too far alone."

Charlie was thinking about her options while Neville ranted. She didn't have many, she knew. Miles would come, she was sure of that but it might take a while and he only had her mom and Aaron to help. Taking a deep breath, she finally spoke. "I wanted to see Jason." Truth, but not the whole truth.

He raised his eyebrows and laughed. "Seriously? You expect me to believe you snuck in here just to make out with my son? Miles wouldn't let you! No, there is definitely more to it then that!"

"No, really, that's all to it. I just wanted to see Jason again. I wanted his promise as second in command to your new army that I wouldn't be hurt. Miles doesn't know anything about this, I swear. Maybe it's your army that can defeat Monroe, I just want to make him pay." she was babbling now, saying anything so long as she could keep the truth from him.

Neville considered this. "I don't believe you. I don't see you leaving Miles like this unless there was a damn good reason and quite frankly, I don't think that seeing my son is a good enough reason." He studied her for a long time, it felt like forever to Charlie. "You want to see Jason."

"Yeah, I do." she agreed, not certain where he was leading to.

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