Prey At First Sight

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A/N: Before every one chews me out in the reviews for making the bad guy someone you would have never thought it would be because he doesn't have the brain to do it. It's only because I'm not a 'JustHer' fan (sorry) I'm a AleHeather fan so I couldn't have Alejandro be the bad guy and let Justin get the girl so I made them swap roles and of course as expected Justin is totally OOC (out of character) sorry if its short it's only getting started.

My name is Heather I'm 24 years old pregnant with my second baby. I always look back to how my life came to this conclusion. After all this story helped me find my true love. Here's where it all began . . .

Everything about him was perfect from his shaggy black hair to his open toed shoes. I couldn't help but glance at him every aching moment. I took in every detail his body had to give he was tan and oh, so cute. I only talked to him once and never have I ever been so giddy. It was love at first sight we started to date for bout 4 weeks.

In those 4 weeks I've come to realize he couldn't be more horrifying. On the second week of dating after he dropped me off, he walked me to my door giving me a peck on the cheek As soon as I gave him the opportunity by turning my back to open my door . . . he attacked.

"Justin what are you doing?" I asked him nicely.

"What do you mean?" Justin said taking his jacket off then taking his shirt off slowly stripping down.

"What are you doing put you clothes back on!" I raised my voice backing up until I hit the coffee table.

Justin locked the front door so I couldn't escape it was a face off we both waited until the other made the first move. The minute he took a step forward I began to run but to no avail. He caught me fast and covered my mouth so no one could hear me scream for help. He hushed me.

"If you scream I will kill you" Justin said breathing hot air into my ear.

He took out a dagger I cried as he did so. My make up ran down my face he took the dagger and ran it slowly through my dress. I struggled to get free as he continue to sexually harass me.

I guess for me it was love at first sight. For him it was prey at first sight.

A/N: There will be more posted I hope you liked it Alejandro will later make his debut further into the story as the savior.