Prey At First Sight

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"Mi Amor what happened to your back!" Alejandro panicked.

"What do you mean?" I asked slightly light-headed from blood loss once again.

Alejandro slowly walked over to me lifting the back of my shirt up which has a massive amount of blood on it. The woman passed out at the sight she seen when Alejandro lifted my shirt.

"What!" I shouted panicking.

"Look" Alejandro said showing me a huge gash across my back it was fresh, dark, and a little deep blood rushed from my back to the floor dripping. I couldn't even touch it, it hurt like hell every time I did.

"I guess when I ran he stabbed me and I didn't know it" I said.

All Alejandro could do was take me with him to the emergency room yet again hoping the damages done weren't that bad the doctor came in, the same one from this morning seen Alejandro holding my hand.

"Heather you'll be fine, but investigators are here for questioning" the doctor said.

"Why?" I asked shouting a bit.

"The gash and amount of blood that was on your back must have been done by a knife first bruises now this" the doctor said leaving as a detective came in and sat down next to me.

Alejandro kissed me on my forehead "I'll be back" he said making me frown how could he leave me at the worst time I seen him whisper something to the doctor outside making her nod.

"Now" the detective started "Heather all you have to do is tell the truth". I waited to be piled with questions.

Alejandro got in his car fully determined turning on the radio and conveniently Eye Of The Tiger was playing by Survivor. Alejandro put his car in drive and drove all the way back. Alejandro stepped out of his car slamming his door not surprised that the door was slightly open Alejandro burst in waiting for Justin to come out.

"Back for more . . ." Justin trailed off as he seen it was Alejandro instead of Heather.

Alejandro closed the door behind himself.

Justin tried to play it off as if he was innocent "hey buddy have you seen Heather?" he asked making Alejandro sick Alejandro knew he was lying already.

"Yea, I have" Alejandro said slightly taking in the appearance of the house things shattered, blood was everywhere, everything was out of whack. "What happened here?" Alejandro asked fully aware of everything.

"Someone broke into the house taking Heather" Justin lied but not good enough.

"Where did all the blood come from?" Alejandro asked walking into the kitchen which was the bloodiest of it all scaring him slightly it looked like a scene from a horror movie.

"I don't know the robber knocked me out" Justin lied again making Alejandro stop walking through the house and face Justin who gulped.

Alejandro looked straight into his eyes "you fucking bastard" he spat making Justin's fake smile turn into a devious smirk. "Your one sick guy" Alejandro told Justin something he already knew.

"Listen I know you like Heather and I told you to back off" Justin spat taking out a knife putting it to Alejandro's neck. "Now if you don't tell me where Heather is I will kill you" Justin demanded slightly pressing the knife to Alejandro's neck.

Alejandro chuckled deep in his throat letting a smile come to his face he grabbed the handle of the knife spinning it and put it on Justin's neck. "I'm not here to answer questions" Alejandro spoke to a struggling Justin "I'm here to make sure you surrender easily or . . . leave in a body bag". Quickly Justin elbowed Alejandro in the stomach making the knife hit the floor. Justin dove for the knife, but Alejandro tripped him making him fall face first in a blood bath Justin grabbed Alejandro's leg making him fall to the floor with a thud. Justin wrestled Alejandro for the knife Alejandro almost had the knife until Justin dragged him out of the kitchen Alejandro turned around kicking him in the nose.

"My sexy nose!" Justin yelled holding it as blood dripped.

Alejandro stood up punching Justin in the stomach and uppercutted him making him fly back to the floor. Alejandro was mad he turned into a beast Justin deserved it he threatened the love of his life, Heather's life along with his own kid he was a sick person. Alejandro used all his strength to take both of Justin's legs and swung him hitting the glass coffee table shattering it.

"Heather where did you receive these scars?" the detective asked taking out a pin and paper.

"I went hiking and fell scratching myself on sharp rocks" I lied the best I can.

"You've never been hit?" the detective asked.

"Nope." I said shaking my head.

"Why were you so bloody?, What happened today?" the detective asked.

"I had a bad car accident and I did everything to protect my child" I said slightly telling the truth I did do everything to protect my child alright.

The detective smiled writing down somethings that made me sweat. "Why are you here?" I asked slightly frustrated.

"There was a noise complaint down by your neighborhood and some witnesses seen you and a guy running bloody down the street" the detective said putting a hand on my shoulder. "Trust me were here to help be honest and you'll be fine" the detective told me "why were your running down the street?".

"I like to jog?" I said obviously not telling the truth and pausing as silence hit the air. "That was bad huh?" I asked the detective making her laugh a little.

"Yes now one way or another I will get the truth out of you" the detective said.

"I am telling the truth" I lied again making her shake her head in disappointment "where's Alejandro when you need him?" I thought to myself.

Justin got up from the impact cutting his back and hands he yelled running tackling Alejandro to the floor. Justin punched Alejandro lots of times he took it like a man until he got a bloody lip. Justin put up his elbow intending to break Alejandro's nose but instead Alejandro took Justin's shirt and threw he flew over Alejandro's head landing on his back Alejandro ran back to the kitchen to grab the knife Justin got up and grabbed Alejandro from behind pulling him back and kicked him where it hurts most of all . . . the balls.

"AH!" Alejandro screamed falling to his knees holding his balls "fuck you".

"Nah Heather does enough" Justin smiled knowing it pissed Alejandro off.

That woke the beast within Alejandro grabbed Justin and punched him the face with all his might you could hear Justin's nose break and he received a black eye Alejandro grabbed Justin and threw him across the room making him glide and hit the door. Alejandro ran to the kitchen as Justin was on his tail Alejandro got there in time as he grabbed the knife and turned his head around closing his eyes as he heard a faint scream.

The detective got a call on his phone "yes, oh, I'll go now" she hung up the phone gathering her things in a rush.

"Wait where are you going?" I asked.

"I have to go something about Alejandro and Justin" once the detective said Alejandro and Justin my whole world turned upside down I heard a scream go through my head as my eye twitched and I became pale. I jumped out of my bed.

I went to the nurse Alejandro had said something to before he left. "Hey what did Alejandro say to you?" I demanded.

"He told me to call the cops in 10 minutes" the nurse replied going to do so.

"We have to find Alejandro!" I shouted taking the detective's keys to her car driving off with her in the car. I drove like I wasn't pregnant once I pulled up I seen the door closed. I burst in seeing the house wrecked "Alejandro!" I shouted nearly crying there was no answer "Alejandro!" I yelled again searching the house. I entered the kitchen and what I saw would change my life forever I let a tear shed as I fell to the floor on both knees. Shedding tears he was gone, it was over, and never have I ever felt so free.

I felt a hand tug at my shoulder from behind I got up hugging the victorious Alejandro he stood next to me helping me up I hugged him crying into his bloody shirt. I looked up at Alejandro then down at Justin's lifeless body with a knife going through him. I let go off Alejandro for a minute I felt a rush as I seen him dead I bent over and took the knife out of him and stabbed him a good two times twisting the knife in him. I put the knife back in him looking back at Alejandro.

"It's over now" Alejandro spoke softly to me brushing my hair hugging me tight.

"I found" the detectives eyes got big turned her attention to Alejandro and I. "What happened here?" the detective asked looking at us then Justin who was dead on the floor.

Alejandro stopped hugging me "I can explain".

"please do" the detective said taking Alejandro and I outside putting caution tape around my house as cops went in and an ambulance came rushing down the street sirens filled the air.

After the explaining and evidence due to my injures and pregnancy channel 3 news came in their van ready to ask Alejandro and I questions.

"Heather this happens to most women around the world, I'm just glad you have a great boyfriend who handled it before it got out of control" the detective said making me smile.

I seen Justin's body being carried out on a stretcher. I was safe either way if Justin somehow survived he would be taken to court facing charges of rape, abuse, and attempted murder. I was happy I cried covering my face with both hands Alejandro hugged me I looked up at him he's covered in blood covering me in some.

"Your lip?" I asked.

"Busted that's all" Alejandro reassured me.

"Thank you so much" I thanked Alejandro kissing him he broke the kiss.

"It's still a little swollen and I'll take a bullet if I have to for you mi Amor" Alejandro always knew how to sweet talk me.

Alejandro and I watched the ambulance drive off and the detectives right behind them the channel 3 news came up to us asking questions.

"Heather how does it feel to survive a 3 month abuse and rape predator?" one reporter asked.

"It feels great and for all the women out there word of advice be safe" I said "you never know what can happen".

"Alejandro what is your next big move?" another reporter asked.

"I plan to quit modeling and spend the rest of my life helping mi Amor, Heather" Alejandro answered proudly.

"Heather what do you have to say to say about Justin?" a reporter asked.

"Uh . . . he was a sick person, not even he could knock me down and thanks to him I found the love of my life" I said kissing Alejandro. "I guess all that pain and torture I went through actually has a great outcome"

Alejandro and I went back to his house to get some rest it's been a long, violent, and questionable day plus my due date was coming up in 6 months on December 2. I fell asleep with ease as Alejandro had his arm wrapped around my waist pulling me close to him I felt protected in his strong arms. I wasn't going anywhere and neither was he . . .

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