New irkens on the lose!?

Chapter one:Here they come

Zim walked all the way to his far away high school "god why does my school have so fuckin far away" he said tired. Dib comes racing toward him "ohaiyo Zim-kun" he said slowing down. Zim looked at Dib like he was a foreign exchange student "whoa bro what the freak was that" Zim asked. "I'm learning japanese ohaiyo means good morning in japanese" Dib said smiling.

Zim giggled "i'm glad we became friends in the summer" he said smiling. Dib smiled "yeah" he said Zim and Dib are now freshmans in high school. They entered their huge school to see a new girl that had a scyth like bangs and raven hair and almost had the same clothes as Dib but the shirt was red.

Dib looked at Zim and Zim did the same thing to Dib and walked to the girl. Dib asked "you lost?" the raven haired girl turned around with a jump. "Oh yeah ummm where is class?" the girl asked Zim then spoke "oh we have her as well" the sighed with relief "oh good I thought I was never going to find some one with the same class" she said.

Dib then asked "well what's your name?" the girl smiled "my name is Rose Hernandez your names are?" she replied. Dib smiled "my names Dib Membrane" he said. Zim then spoke "my name is ZIIIIIIIIMMMMM RULER OF-" but Zim got interupted by Dib with a slap in the mouth "you said you would talk like a regular human" he whispers to Zim upset. Zim thimks to the time when he said that he would promise to speak like regular person.

Zim nodded a okay stating that he remembers and Dib let's go Rose secretly giggles. A boy runs fast from another one with a knife in his hand. "Nny is on a rampage now" Dib said with a sigh "I wondered what this person did this time" Zim said. Rose looked at the two boys with a confused face "what do you mean?" she asks. Dib shakes his head and says "you'll find out later".

"Now let's go to before she kills us" Zim said and Dib and Rose followed him. On the window in the hallway three irken soldiers hiding in a bush talks to each other. "Is that the irken your looking for" a male irken says. "Yes it's him" a female british irken says smiling. "this will be interesting Tak" another female irken says. The three irkens leave with their desgises on.

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