Mwahahha, I have started a Kyoya x Ryuga

They are both so perfect uvu

Kyoya sleepily lifted his head from underneath the pillows and squinted his eyes to see the bright red LEDs from his alarm clock beam eleven-thirty. Eleven-thirty A.M., Kyoya thought, anymore he didn't have the motivation to get out of bed. While he sat there awake, unable to fall back asleep, he heard his phone ring. He answered it to hear Ginga's beaming voice; he really wasn't in the mood to talk so he just hung it back up. A few minutes later, he saw Ginga had called again and left a voice-mail.

"Hey Kyoya pal, I think our call got cut off before, but can you come down to the WBBA as soon as you can? Please…welllll~ bye."

Why do they need me…? Kyoya got up from the bed and got changed into his usual clothes, then headed down to the WBBA. When he walked in the door he saw the normal crew, Ginga, Madoka, Benkei, and Kenta.

"Kyoya," Hikaru said in her stern voice "we need you to stay at the WBBA for a few days. We are trying to keep the legendary bladders all together for awhile, some up risings have begun and…"

"Whatever, I will stay here; you don't need to give me a reason." Kyoya said, having a natural soft spot for girls like Hikaru.

"Here," She said handing him the keys to a room" they are for room two."

"Cool." Said Kyoya taking the keys for the room and headed off.

When Kyoya had reached the room he unlocked the door and walked inside. The room had a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a bedroom with one queen size bed. While Kyoya was exploring the room he realized there was a closet in there. He was really curious so he walked over to the closet and opened it, being shocked because he noticed there were someone else's clothes in it. He poked around the closet finding clothing that he automatically recognized as Ryuga's. Why are these in here he wondered, but before he could really think about it he heard a knock at the door and ran over to get it, secretly hoping it wasn't Ryuga. He opened the door to reveal Hikaru standing there.

"I forgot to mention…" She was immediately cut off by Kyoya.

"Why are Ryuga's clothes in here?! Am I in his room?!" Kyoya asked one question after another.

"I forgot to mention that you and Ryuga will be sharing a room."

"I wish you'd have mentioned that in the first place," Said Kyoya grabbing Hikaru by the collar while she struggled to get away." You knew I wouldn't agree then, didn't you?!"

"I'm sorry…" She said with her eyes closed almost in tears.

As soon as Kyoya realized what he was doing he quickly released her.

"Whatever." Kyoya said slamming the door in the girls face.

He had nothing better to do so he sat down and turned on the TV, only to find nothing good was on. When Kyoya had turned off the TV he heard the door open and close. He stood up and walked over to where the hallway that leads to the door was, suddenly finding himself face to face with the fearsome Ryuga.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Asked Ryuga seeming unphased by Kyoya, who was almost as intimidating as Ryuga.

"We will be sharing a room from now on."

"Whatever, just don't bother me." Ryuga said walking over to the couch taking off his sweatshirt. Kyoya was very shocked he had never seen Ryuga on normal clothing. He wasn't wearing his gold head-piece and his hair wasn't spiked in the front.

"You look different like that…" Said Kyoya eyeing up Ryuga, unable to believe it was really him.

"How so?" Said Ryuga in a normal tone, which shocked Kyoya even more, because he was waiting for one of Ryuga's snide comments. He was so shocked he just sat there with his mouth open. "Something wrong?" Asked Ryuga.

"I am just shocked; I didn't think you could be nice."

"Sheesh, I am not really all that bad."

"I guess everyone is nice once in awhile."

After they talked for a little while, they realized it was getting quite late and decided to get ready for bed.

"So uh, who is sleeping where?" Kyoya asked.

"I don't mind if you sleep on the bed with me," Ryuga said stripping off his shirt. "there is enough room."

"Alright." Agreed Kyoya taking off his shirt also and getting into bed. Which was incredibly awkward at first considering that Kyoya was trying to sleep so no part of his was touching Ryuga, not wanting to piss him off? Ryuga seemed to notice this and laughed.

"I don't care if you sleep by me; I am really not that mean…"

After Ryuga had said this it got a little less awkward and Kyoya relaxed a little. When they had woken up in the morning Kyoya was clinging to Ryuga's arm, Kyoya immediately pulled his arm away and blushed. Ryuga just sat there and laughed while Kyoya got up and put a shirt on. Ryuga was a lot slower when it came to getting up in the morning and just walked out in the living room without a shirt on.

"Do you ever wear a shirt around the house?" Kyoya teased.

"It's only you and me around, unless you think I am hot." Ryuga grinned teasing Kyoya back, making him blush.

"Don't be stupid!" Kyoya said, punching Ryuga on the arm.