"Damn you, you're so stubborn." Kyoya said looking into Ryuga's amber eyes.

"Ha, and you're not." Ryuga said back, while closing his eyes to prevent eye contact with Kyoya. Ryuga got up and walked over to the nightstand grabbing the gun and walking back over to Kyoya on the bed. "I want to see you beg me to tell you why I have this." Said Ryuga pointing the load gun at Kyoya.

"B-beg, me? I am the King of Beasts I will not beg for anything." Kyoya said shakily trying to hide his fear.

"I changed my mind, how about you beg me not to kill you." Ryuga said with an evil gin on his face. Kyoya just sat there hesitantly. "How about now." Ryuga demanded tightening his finger on the trigger, saber rattling at Kyoya. (Saber rattling is like taunting, like saying you will kill them if they don't do something and then pretending like you're going to do it, so they will do what you want)

Kyoya sat there hesitantly for a few more minutes and then looked into Ryuga's eyes. "Please, don't kill me, do whatever you want with me." After saying this, Kyoya's face turned bright red.

"Haha, wow you're bad at begging." After Ryuga said this, Kyoya blushed even redder, turning away to try and hide it. "Though, you're cute." Ryuga said dropping the gun on the ground as soon as he heard the door open. Him and Kyoya both got up and headed to the door.

"Who's there?" Kyoya asked sternly.

"It's just me." Kyoya heard Madoka say from the hallway, taking off her shoes.

"Madoka?" Asked Kyoya confused.

"I was bored and came over here to see what you're doing; I didn't know you and Ryuga shared a room."

"Neither did I at first…" Kyoya muttered.

"I swear, you guys are never happy to see me." Ryuga said sarcastically and went back to the bed room and closed the door.

"Do you mind if I hang out here, j-just for a little while, I mean. Haha…" Madoka said turning a little red.

"I don't mind, stay as long as you want."

'Kyoya is so cool' Madoka thought to herself.