This isn't a… romance type of story I guess, but it has Kyoya and Tithi in It ^W^

I'm sorry I can't ship them, Kyoya is like 17 and Tithi is like 10 0_0

Tithi, a young very shy boy was sitting on the side of a very busy market street, he was lost he had originally came here with Ginga and his friends, though he had gotten separated. While he was sitting there, a group of these punks had come up to him and started to harass him so he ran as far as he could, causing him to be more lost than he was before. Though, he was glad to be away from all of those scary gang members. He kept walking around trying to find how he had lost himself; everywhere he walked was the same. They were these scary little back roads with a bunch of creeps that just sat there and smoked staring at him. He really with Ginga or Yuu was here with him; he really hated being left alone.

The more he walked the more scared he got, he thought he had seen a way to get back on the main roads with more normal people around, so he started to sprint. When he started running he really got going and couldn't stop for anything until he ran into someone with a green pigtail with scars under his eyes. Though when he ran into the boy, he didn't budge, Tithi just fell to the ground. It was almost like he had run straight into a brick wall.

"You okay kid?" Asked the Green-haired teen who was looking down at Tithi who was getting up and wiping himself off.

"I am very sorry, mister, please don't be angry with me! I am just really lost and I really need to find Ginga…"

The Green- haired boy just looked at him confused and said. "You're one of Ginga's friends huh? Lucky for you I am Ginga's friend too, want me to help you out kid? It really isn't safe for a kid like you to be wondering around here like this, what's your name?"

"I'm Tithi, and who are you mister?"

"Kyoya, let's get going. I am not one to help people so let's be quick." Said Kyoya acting like he didn't care who the kid was.