Tithi quietly followed Kyoya through the maze of back alleys, but when Tithi was with Kyoya none of the creeps dared to look at them. Kyoya was just as intimidating as them. Tithi wondered how Ginga had become friends with a guy like Kyoya, seeming how Ginga was nice and jumpy and Kyoya was scary and dark. They kept walking until they reached a door and Kyoya had pulled out a pair of keys.

"What is this place?" Tithi asked.

"My apartment, I will call Ginga and have him meet us here, rather than us try to hunt him down." Kyoya explained unlocking the door letting Tithi inside. When Tithi walked in he was shocked how nice Kyoya's apartment was considering where it was located. It was very neat which was even more shocking.

"Alrighty~." Said Tithi cutely.

"You can sit on the couch in the other room. I am going to get changed." Said Kyoya while Tithi walked into the other room and locked the door of the room Tithi was in.

After a few minutes past Tithi was wondering what was taking Kyoya so long, so he walked over to the door and turned the knob. The knob wouldn't turn (Because the door is locked) and Tithi started to freak out. So, he started banging on the door and shouting Kyoya's name.

"Kyoya, Kyoya, I can't open the door!" He shouted.

"That's because it's locked." Said Kyoya

"Why did you lock it?!"

"Because I am going to keep you in there."

Tithi started to cry. "Someone help me." Seconds later the door opened and Kyoya appeared.

"Doesn't that teach you not to trust anyone?" Said Kyoya laughing and smiling.

"You mean this was a test?"

"Of course, what do you take me for a pedophile? Ginga is right there." Kyoya said pointing to the couch.

"Hey Tithi." Ginga said in his normal happy voice and Tithi ran over and hugged him. "I hope you learned your lesson."

"I did, I did!" Exclaimed Tithi.

Plot Twist xD

The End