Chapter 4 : June

Even though I'm upset, I still have to work. I'm still a soldier. It was just a normal day. Still working, still sad. That morning the new commander sent me to deliver a package to the hospital. She said it was top secret and absolutely necessary it gets delivered. And soon. On the box it said, 'To room A307'.

I went to the hospital and was let in immediately, with a 'Good morning Ms. Iparis'. Sadly, I'm known here. I head to room A307 and knock. I hear a quiet 'Come in'. I open the door and see a doctor talking to a boy with bleach-blond hair.

My immediate reaction is to scream. I say the first person I think that looks like that and would be in the hospital.

"EDEN!" I yell. But no. To my horror, it is not Eden Wing. It is his older brother, and only family member still alive. Day.

"Try again, June." says a quiet but unmistakeable voice. I leave the package on the nearest table and run out, crying. I can't take it.