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Role Reversal

Chapter 1


Spring. It brought the end of winter, more sunshine and of all things, school.

My Gundam and I had entered the humble Shohoku High not for anything else but the simple reason that it was near our homes.

As we were happily marching and squabbling our way to our first day at school, Takamiya and Ookusu suddenly spotted something interesting. They stopped abruptly in their tracks and looked through the wire mesh that separated us and a tall fox-faced boy about my height with a mop of floppy black hair upon his head wearing our uniform, and a sweet-looking girl a head shorter than him wearing another school's uniform. The air was crisp and ready to crack with the tension. We anxiously squatted behind the row of shrubbery along the fence and peered through the dense foliage, eagerly waiting for whatever was going to happen next. Our efforts to remain unseen paid off.

'I like you,' foxy-face told the girl.

'I'm sorry, Rukawa-kun, but the one I adore is Ogino-kun.'

The look on the guy Rukawa's face was so amusing that I began to chuckle. However, my Gundam had already scaled the fence that separated us and were throwing confetti and blowing their little party trumpets. I shook my head in disgust. Sometimes my Gundam was simply too much.

I scaled the fence effortlessly and landed lightly on the other side. The girl was nowhere in sight, but Rukawa was sprawled in the dirt, tears streaming down his face, a look of utter dejection on his face. His lips were moving. I bent down to listen to what he had to say. 'My fiftieth rejection.'

What a loser this Rukawa is. 50 rejections. sheesh.

I looked up, only to see my overzealous Gundam still dancing about, throwing confetti and blowing their trumpets. I said, disgusted, 'Pity this guy here, man, this is his fiftieth rejection.'

The moment I uttered those words, I knew I had only aggravated the matter. My fears were confirmed when they paused and then began throwing even more confetti than before, laughing loudly at poor Rukawa's plight. They never took into account the feelings of poor, brokenhearted Rukawa, who just lay defeated on the ground, tears streaming down his dirt-streaked face.


Finally. The end of a horribly uninteresting day of being mobbed at school by girls. I leaned against the wall of a dirty, dank and dangerous alleyway lined with overflowing trash bins. Rats scurried in the shadows.

As I slowly caught my breath from all that running, I realised that my Gundam wasn't with me. Perhaps I outran them too, or maybe Takamiya tripped them all. I chuckled softly to myself, but stopped abruptly as I sensed movements in the shadows.

Rats? No. I smelt cigarette smoke and heard someone breathing heavily, no gasping for his breath. Then the sounds of people fighting: punches, groans and kicks.

Curious, I wandered further into the shadows towards the scene of the fight. I walked as lightly as I possibly could with my imitation leather shoes; loud footsteps could result in dire consequences.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, I could slowly make out five gangsters beating up an already badly injured boy.

I knew that I could not save the victim alone, so I decided to seek out my Gundam, and with a little luck, not run into any screaming girl after me. However, as I turned to go, I carelessly stepped on a stray aluminum drink can. The racket I caused evidently aroused the attention of the gangsters, for one of them stepped towards me and said in a gruff voice, 'What do you want here?'

I could not see his features clearly, for it was shrouded in a shadow, but I could see that his straight hair long, by my standards, for it very nearly touched his shoulders. As he spoke, I noticed that his front teeth were missing and a livid scar ran to the left of his chin.

He repeated his question, and I shifted my gaze form his intense blue eyes, only to realise that the boy on the ground was Rukawa. The mop of unruly raven black hair, already matted with blood, was unmistakeable anywhere. Stepping past the scarred gangster, I stepped towards Rukawa's limp and bleeding body, but was blocked by his comrades. I tried to push past them, which resulted in a full-fisted fight with them.

Of course, I won, easily. Those four weaklings were no match for me. The fifth, the one with the long hair realised that he was no match for me either and made off, but not before warning, 'You watch out, redhead. You'll hear from me soon.'

I watched him run off into the busy street, clutching his school blazer. As he ran into the light, it suddenly occurred to me that the long-haired guy was from Shohoku High.

As I checked Rukawa's limp body for broken bones, I wondered who the long- haired guy was. Rukawa groaned in pain, but thankfully, he had no broken bones, and his injuries were superficial but many.

Gingerly picking him up, I headed for the back of the alleyway, avoiding the busy streets, and navigated my way through a network of dimly-lit roads that led to my warm, welcoming home.

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