Based still on the wonderful 'verse made by sai King. Thankee, kas-ka Gan. Thankee big.

A Timeless Time Later:

The Tower rose above them, at long last. And looking down was a king in crimson.

Mordred grinned up at him. "Hile, redaddy."

"Mordred, help me."

The boy looked at him for an endless moment, and the worlds trembled. And then he laughed, an almost boyish laugh-save for the hints of horror and madness in it. "And bring about the end of all our choices? Nay, redaddy."

"How dare you! I am Los', I am the Crimon King!"

"Lost you be indeed. Old fool, don't you know what I am? I am the last, best meeting of Prim, Am, Gan and Gilead. I am the spider in the rooms of ruin. I am the Weaver who shall make the Beams anew. I come from the Clearing and I'm headed to the End of every Path. I am the king to be, when at long last Discordia's time is come.

"You could've waited for it, Father mine. Discordia is inevitable, don't you know that? You just had to be patient. But instead you were foolish. And so I am taking your throne, to be a better king. The Red Empress once named you Her favorite son, but Atlach-Nacha calls me now instead. When Discordia comes you will not be a part of it. I am thy heir, and I have spoken."

Mordred held out a hand, and Roland put a gun in it. The tet fired as one when the Horn blew.