Wow guys, I have been seriously inactive! I'm not dead or anything. I just have to take a break because of life taking unexpected turns. At the moment I'm writing a new Fairy Tail fic, so that's another reason why I've been busy. Anyways I went ahead and wrote a little poem about romance, specifically NaLu. Lucy is the 'I.' Plus, it is clearly AU.

Interpret this in anyway you'd like.

Where were you when I left out all the rest,

when I put myself to the test,

and when I thought you knew me best?

Where were you when I realized I'd been wrong,

when I struggled to belong,

and when I hadn't seen you in so long?

Where were you when I forgot how to pray,

when I wanted you to stay,

and when everything went away?

Where were you when I broke if I tried to bend,

when I could no longer pretend,

and when we couldn't just be friends?

Where were you when I couldn't win,

when I gave in,

and when I committed sin?

Where were you when you left my side,

when I couldn't hide,

and when I went to confide?

Where were you when it all fell apart,

when you broke my heart,

and when I wanted to restart?

Where were you when I began to scheme,

when I was torn at my seams,

and when you haunted my dreams?

Where were you when I took the blame,

when you never came,

and when I cursed your name?

Where were you when I slammed the door,

when I fell to the floor,

and screamed "No more! No more…"?

Where were you when I cried,

when I lied,

and when I wondered inside:

Where were you, my love, when I… died?