Hey Everyone! I saw that the amount of stories for Rosario Vampire was pretty low, THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! So I came up with this! This idea came to me as I was reading the Rosario + Vampire series while listening to some Skillet. I'm a huge Rosario + Vampire fan and a bigger Mizore Fan so I'll try to do no injustice to this series, though it's called fanfiction for a reason. Yes there are OCs but read it anyway so you can complain. This is my first fic so it may be dull, oh well. I'll accept any criticism, and flames don't bother me since I'm fireproof. Enough of my rambling! Here it comes! (Reaches into forehead and pulls out a notebook and slams it in front of you. It's titled ABOMINATIONS AND A VAMPIRE.)" OWWWW! THAT HURT!"

Chapter 1: The joys of High school

~~The whining schoolboy, with his satchel and shining morning face, creeping like a snail unwillingly to school. ~~Shakespeare, As You Like It, II, 7

It was a hot summer morning; the warm breeze blew through the streets as a light blue bus was cruising through on its way to Yokai Academy, a school for monsters. On the bus were two young men dressed in green blazers and dress pants, the schools uniform code.

One was tall, around 5'11, with a thin but firm build. His hair was blond and unkempt, his most noticeable feature however, were his eyes. The irises were a light grey, with the left eye having some scarring in its corners. He was currently sitting in the back seat stretched out lazily.

The second male was sitting in front of the other. He was around the same height and build, his hair was black, short, and neatly combed. He wore his blazer unbuttoned completely with no tie. His features were softer than the others though and he too had odd eyes. They were a deep dull green and cloudy. He had his arms crossed as he nodded off. The blond saw this and smirked. He then flicked the kids head, abruptly waking him up. The boy turned and glared" What was that for Takeshi?!" He shouted.

Takeshi eye smiled innocently and pulled out a small white rolled up paper "Ya got a light Shima?"

Shima eye twitched" What kind of question is that? You know I don't smoke." This reaction caused Takeshi to laugh uncontrollably, letting Shima smack the back of his head, which caused the blond to cease his laughter but was still smiling. "Besides I don't think that the driver will allow you to smoke weed on his bus."

Takeshi sweat dropped ' But he's smoking a cigar.'

The Blondie huffed "Humph we'll see about that." He placed the joint between his lips and walked down the aisle." Hey Bus dr-" he was cut short by the bus suddenly stopping causing him to fall forward landing next to the driver.

The driver chuckled "Sorry 'bout that, needed to pick up this student... Oh and no smoking." He took the joint from Takeshi and pocketed it. The blond groaned as his head hit the floor. Shimas laughter could be heard from the back.

"Umm are you ok?" Takeshi looked at the open door to see a young man around his age standing there. He was shorter than himself, with short black bed hair and wore the same uniform.

Takeshi got up with a sigh" Yeah just disappointed." The driver cleared his throat telling them to sit down.

Takeshi went back to his seat as Shima smirked.

"Told you so."

Takeshi rolled his eyes then noticed that the new kid sat 5 seats ahead, making him seem lonely. "Hey you, are you new here too?"

The boy turned to face them" Uh... Yeah I am, Why?"

Takeshi smiled" Hey cool! We are too. Wanna hang back here?" Shima giving a small smile as well.

The kid looked unsure" Umm... Ok" He made his way to the seat across Shima" Thanks, I actually transferred to this school so I don't know anyone." He smiled sheepishly. He was noticed the blondes' eyes 'Must be contacts' He thought.

Shima looked at him" So you just openly agreed to hang out with us without knowing if we may be trouble?" Hearing this made the kid become very uneasy.

Takeshi laughed." Don't worry he's joking."

Shima nodded" Yeah I wasn't serious."

The boy sighed in relief; he didn't want to fall into the wrong crowd.

"So what's your name? I'm Takeshi Chien and this." He pointed to the other. "Is my friend Shima Grey" Shima gave a nod.

The boy smiled" Ok, I'm Tsukune Aono." He put a hand out to Shima, who simply stared at him. Tsukune slowly withdrew his hand wondering what was wrong."Umm ok, did I say something wrong?"

Takeshi chuckled" Hey don't take it the wrong way. Shima has a reason for that."

Shima rubbed the back of his head" Oh, you wanted to shake hands? Sorry about that I didn't notice."

"Oh? Why? You're in front of me."

"I'm blind." he said with a smile.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be rude." Tsukune quickly apologized making the other two laugh.

"It's Alright; I'm not the least bit offended. I've come to accept it." He stuck out his hand and shook Tsukunes, Takeshi offered a knuckle bump.

They fell into small talk for a few minutes when Takeshi asked a weird question" Hey this may be weird to ask but would you like to become our friend?"

Tsukune was confused" Why is it weird?"

"He likes to make friends but he also has to ask the other for permission, he sees it as showing his manners." Shima finished with air quotes.

Now Tsukune understood, it was odd but understandable" Oh umm...sure why not. You two seem like good people."

Suddenly everything went dark like as if all light was snuffed out." We must be going through the tunnel, hope it won't take long." Takeshi said.

A creepy laugh came from the driver" Here's some advice kiddies, be careful, Yokai Academy came be a veeerry scary place."

Takeshi snorted "Whatever" He looked at Tsukune who seemed to be worried by what the driver said." Hey Tsukune, don't worry about that. I'm sure he says that just to scare freshmen. But if someone does start trouble don't hesitate to ask us for help, right Shima?"

Shima sighed" Knowing you I'll get involved anyway."

Takeshi grinned, and then noticed the light at the tunnels end."Hey were there! 'Bout damn ti-" The scene they saw was not very welcoming. On one side was a large cliff face looking out over a vast ocean of crimson. And the other side was a large forest of dead trees and mist leaving a gloomy atmosphere hanging everywhere. Tsukune gulped while Takeshi shrugged" Hm, thought it would be greener, oh well."

The bus stopped near a lone tree next to a scare-crow with a pumpkin head." Alright everyone off." The driver opened the doors" Remember what I said earlier. We wouldn't want to lose a student this year." He said as the three filed off. Tsukune was glad to get away from the creepy driver. After the bus left the trio started down the path that lead through the woods. The silence that followed felt awkward to Takeshi; luckily it was broken by a noise above.

The grey eyed boy looked up causing Tsukune to do the same. It was a bat with orange fur and purple wings just chattering away. Tsukune was confused." huh that's weird, a bat during the da-"

"LOOKOUT!" A voice yelled. Takeshi and Shima were able to jump out of the way but Tsukune was hit full force by someone on a bike. The two went tumbling to the ground as the bike landed nearby. Takeshi got up and looked over at them. The one who had hit Tsukune was a rather attractive girl. She had long pink hair and she wore the schools female uniform which was a green blazer and short plaid skirt. But what got his attention was the rosary cross around her neck.

While the girl and Tsukune started to sit up Takeshi helped Shima up "Thanks. Who was it?"

"It's a pretty pink haired girl. She's wearing the schools uniform...and a Rosario, a powerful one at that. What do you think she is?"

The girl started to wipe some blood off of Tsukunes cheek but suddenly her face got close to his. She looked dazed while Tsukune blushed as she inched closer." T-That smell. I'm sorry, I can't control it! Because-"

Shima felt an odd presence." Well this is weird. It feels like a Va-"

"I'm a VAMPIRE!" She bit on a small area of Tsukunes neck. At this the others paused while Tsukune went cold. He could feel the blood being sucked from him.

He was totally flipped out.' AAAHHH! What is she doing?! A vampire?!'

After a minute she noticed what she was doing and quickly got off, her face tinted red." Oh I'm so sorry! I couldn't control myself!" She got up giving a quick bow. Tsukune stood up with her while running a hand over the bitten area. There were no marks but it felt sore." You probably hate me now, knowing that I'm a vampire." she spoke in a depressed tone and was looking down.

For some reason he couldn't feel angry towards her. 'Maybe she's into cosplay or something.' Either way he didn't want to upset her. "Hey I don't mind that, if you want to call yourself a vampire then more power to you." He finished with a warm smile though still uneasy about having his blood sucked.

At this the girls' mood brightened "R-Really?"

Takeshi walked up to them carrying the pink bike with Shima in tow "Hey here's your bike." He set it down next to her making her jump a little, she had not noticed them.

"O-Oh thanks." She bowed

Takeshi gave a nod "No problem." He introduced himself, Shima and Tsukune. In turn she said hers; her name was Moka Akashiya. The name sounded familiar to him but he let it slide.

The girl became shy suddenly" T-this may be weird to ask but... would you guys like to be my friend? I'm new here so I don't know anyone."

Takeshi started to laugh" See Shima? I'm not the only one." Said person just rolled his eyes.

Moka was confused" Is...Is that a no?"

Takeshi raised an eyebrow" What? Why would we say that? Of course we can be friends. Right guys?" Shima nodded in agreement.

Moka smiled and looked at Tsukune hopefully. She looked so cute like that. Besides, she seemed nice enough." Sure that would be ok!" He gave another warm smile.

At this she gave him a hug around the neck causing him to blush "Yay! I've got friends!" She couldn't believe it; she never really had a friend before so this was great. She let go and turned towards the school "Anyhow we should get going. We wouldn't want to be late!" She and Tsukune walked ahead while Takeshi and Shima followed a few feet back.

"Well, I was right she is a Vampire. She seems to be nice." Shima said to Takeshi.

"But the Rosary."

"What about it?"

"Well they're used to conceal great power. Why would a girl like her need it?"

Shima shrugged "Maybe she does not know how to control it. We shouldn't bring it up. It might upset her."

Takeshi sighed "Yeah you're right, maybe I'm over thinking it." He looked at Moka. She was happily talking with Tsukune. The pinkette's name rolled in his mind ' Where have I heard that name before?' A second later he snapped out of it 'Oh well, it will come to me.' He nudged Shima telling him they should speed up.

They all walked together for awhile until they came up to the schools entrance. Well, what seemed to be a school, it looked like it came out of a haunted movie. Moka turned to face the trio" Well it was nice to meet you three but I've got to go do something, but we should meet up later after the ceremony so if you would excuse me." She gave a small bow and smiled warmly at Tsukune. Then took off through the courtyard.

Tsukune watched her leave until Takeshi nudged him" Wow lucky you, first day and already a girl for a friend."

Shima smirked" Who knows, you might end up with a Harem."

Tsukune blushed a little and averted his eyes to the school. Which looked like a haunted cathedral, it creeped him out.

Takeshi however thought otherwise and whistled" Man, I've got to draw that." Tsukune looked at him weirdly but before he could respond the bell rang." Oh well, no time. Let's go." Takeshi said as they entered the school.

~After the Ceremony~

After the boring meeting Tsukune and Takeshi found that they had the same homeroom, which was where they currently at, While Shima had his two rooms away. Takeshi had to explain the entire layout of the school in detail to Shima so he would know where to go. He explained how many feet or meters each hallway was or how many steps it would take to get to a room. Tsukune was amazed at how easy he made it sound.

In Takeshi's homeroom Tsukune was seated next to a window 4 seats back and Takeshi was in the seat opposite to him. He was sketching the classroom while they waited. A moment later a teacher walked in. She had short dirty blond hair with two tuffs of hair on top, she had glasses on that covered her squinted eyes she wore a stripped dress that hugged her body and stopped halfway from the thigh. This made some of the male students stare; she turned her squinted eyes to the class.

"Hello everyone! I'm your homeroom teacher Ms. Nekonome and welcome to Yokai Academy!" she raised her pointer to the name on the board. Takeshi rolled his eyes. He already knew this so he went back to drawing the classroom while adding the teacher in. Tsukune was happy for a nice teacher…that was until she spoke again." Now as you all know this is a school for monsters to help us coexist with humans who now dominate the world." Tsukunes body went cold as she said this." So that means that you can't reveal your type of monster or leave your human form."

Tsukunes mind was doing flips ' Wait what!? A school for monsters? This can't be right!' he looked at Takeshi who gave a friendly wave 'Does that mean he's a monster?!' Tsukune shook with fear as he hid behind his notebook. His fear only rose as a nearby student spoke up.

"Hey why don't we just eat those puny humans and molest the pretty women?" He licked his lips with a slender tongue.

At this Takeshis pencil snapped in half as he glared daggers at the boy. However no one noticed.

ears dropped a little" Oh your Saizo Komiya right? Well Humans are not allowed here so all the students and staffs are monsters, and if one does manage to get in they would be put to death... Or something like that. But that's why we have a protective spell set up by the headmaster that hides us"

Tsukune was on the verge of full panic' No No No! This can't be happening!'

Saizo looked at Tsukune who as hiding behind a note book. 'Pathetic' was all he thought.

That's when someone entered the class" Hi I'm sorry for being late." It was an attractive girl that Takeshi recognized as his friend Moka. He also noticed that Tsukune had stopped trembling and was looking at her.

The teacher perked up "Oh You must be Moka Akashiya. That's alright just find yourself a seat."

Moka nodded with a smile, oblivious to the various comments the male students had. Like "Oh She's so hot!" Or " I hope she sits with me!" And even" I'd go lesbo for her!"

Moka looked around the room until she saw Tsukune. She ran to him with a great smile "Tsukune-Kun!" she gave him another hug "I'm so glad we have this class together! And even Takeshi's here!" Tsukune didn't know what to do with himself. He had this beautiful girl hugging him but this made the males of the class jealous.

"Huh? Why him?"

"He doesn't look like much."

"Who does he think he is?"

Takeshi could feel the killer intent build up in the room. 'Oh boy, what did you get yourself into Tsukune?' He would have to keep an eye on him. He didn't want his friends to get hurt...or worse.

"Come on Tsukune-kun, Takeshi-kun!" Moka said as held one of their arms leading them through the hallways. The students had the day to explore the school and get settled down. Both boys were aware of the many glares they received from the other male students.

The trio had stopped at a vending machine. Moka had bought a tomato juice and Tsukune got a fruit juice while Takeshi passed. They sat at a nearby bench."So how do you two like it here?" Moka chimed tilting her head.

Tsukune became nervous" W-Well it seems ok." But this place freaked him out. He looked at her; ' Could she really be a Vampire?' she was so pretty and kind. For a second their eyes meet and they looked away with slight blushes" H-How about you Takeshi?"

The blond smiled" Well aside from the rules it's cool, there's a lot of great scenery here to draw so I'm happy, plus there's a ton of railings that I can use to parkour on." He looked at Moka" Say, you wouldn't mind if I sketched you and Tsukune sometime would you?"

Both blushed like a tomato."W-Well I guess so. But I don't think that I'll be good for that." Moka said. Takeshi was about to reply when someone interrupted.

"I'd say you're good for something else." It was Saizo coming from behind a pillar. Seeing him made Tsukune shiver as he remembered what the other said in class. Takeshi just glared at the 6 foot creep.

Moka was confused."What do you mean?"

Saizo grinned and quickly picked up Tsukune by the collar and threw him into Takeshi making them slam into the vending machine denting it. Moka gasped as he got close to her" What I mean is why are you hanging with these weaklings when you could be with me?" He made an attempt to grab her but his wrist was grabbed by someone. He looked at the person; it was a green eyed student who had their blazer unbuttoned.

Takeshi knew the kid" Hey Shima! Took you long enough" He shouted as he and Tsukune got up.

Shima let the wrist go allowing Saizo back up a little." Well it's hard to find you if I can't see." He then looked at Saizo "You shouldn't force a woman like that. Some may find it... Unfavorable."

Saizo sneered" Who the fuck are you? Just stay out of this if you don't want to get hurt. She's mine"

Shimas face showed a hint of anger.

"Uh-oh, now shima's mad." Takeshi said.

Shima shifted a little" Well, hurt me then."

Moka tried to pull him away but Takeshi stopped her and ushered her to Tsukune."It's ok he's got this." Both Moka and Tsukune wore worried expressions as Saizo laughed.

"Whatever, you asked for it!" He charged at Shima who just stood there. That was until Saizos fist came about two inches from his face. He moved to the side at the last second letting the fist hit the wall behind him leaving a hole in it. In that moment Shima moved behind the larger student and kicked the back of Saizos knee forcing him to kneel down. Then he grabbed Saizos head and slammed it into the wall once. Making the other fall to the ground holding his broken nose.

Moka and Tsukune were shocked at the outcome. Even though Shima was blind he still beat Saizo. "Wow! That was amazing." Tsukune said.

Suddenly Shima pointed at the wall" I hope this experience will teach you not to be forceful on women." The trio sweat dropped.

"Umm... Shima? That's a wall." Moka pointed out.

"Hm?" He touched the wall."Oh, well that's embarrassing." He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Why you little prick!" Saizo said as he got up still holding his bleeding nose. He was about to transform and kill the smaller student, but a group of students were gathering around them. 'Damn it, too many witnesses. I'll have to wait until they're alone.' "This isn't over!" he said as he quickly left the area.

Shima sighed and walked over to the trio" Are you alright guys?"

Takeshi laughed" Of course I am, but I don't know about Tsukune. He's shaking like a leaf." It was true he was shaking a little. But that was from the fear of what he witnessed. If everyone had this kind of power then he was in more danger than he thought.

Moka felt the uneasiness and wanted to change the subject. "Hey we should go explore somewhere else." Tsukune agreed, he didn't want to be around if Saizo came back.

Takeshi rolled his right shoulder" Nah you guys go on ahead. I wanna check out my dorm room."

Shima stood beside him." I think I'll go too. I don't know the dorms layout so I'll need you to help."

Takeshi nodded and waved as the two left the hall."Well Shima, trying to show off much?" He asked with a raised brow.

"Someone had to teach him a lesson. I don't like it when people treat women as a possession."

"Yeah, I know that. But I think he may try something again. We should keep an eye on Tsukune and Moka."

Shima agreed.

~At the boys dorms~

"Hey your room is across from mine. Nice!" Takeshi said when they reached their rooms, his was 201 and Shimas was 202. Takeshi had told Shima the details of the building and of the rooms. Afterwards Takeshi and Shima entered their own rooms. All of the dormitories were the same. A simple mattress with covers was at the center. There was a small bathroom and a kitchen. The room itself was plain and as big as a normal room in an apartment. This troubled Takeshi" Shit, this is lame." As he walked to the window he thought of ways he could change it. That was until he noticed Tsukune heading towards the schools entrance carrying a satchel and looking like he was in a hurry. 'Now where is he going?' He didn't like the looks of this so he went across the hall and knocked on Shimas door. Said person opened it.


"Shima I think Tsukune's in trouble."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, it looked like he's going to try and leave."

"So? If he wants to go he can go."

"SOOO he's our friend, we should at least try to see if we can help."

Shima sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose."Alright, Alright Fine! You're right."

Takeshi smiled "Thanks, come on!" With that they rushed through the hall to the exit. It took them awhile to find him but they caught up to Tsukune who was in a tug of war with Moka with his pack.

"Why!? Why do you want to go to a human school? Humans are horrible! I hate them!" She screamed close to tears.

Tsukune suddenly stopped."B-But what if I told you...That I was a human?" He asked sadly.

Moka froze at this "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I AM A HUMAN!"He shouted tearing his pack from her.

She gasped "No...No that can't be true!"

He huffed" See? I can't stay here. I'm sorry, but this is goodbye." He turned away running into the woods.

Moka couldn't stand and fell to her knees crying softly. She jumped a little when Takeshi and Shima approached her.

"Moka! What's wrong?" Shima asked while placing a hand on her shoulder.

Takeshi looked down the path Tsukune took" Why is he leaving?"

Moka sniffeled"I-It's because he's h-human."

Takeshi looked at them. "Is she right Shima?"

"Well, he does smell like you. So it's a pretty good chance."

Moka looked at them confused "Wait, what?"

Takeshi sighed "Well you'd find out sooner or later. The truth is..I'm somewhat human too."

Moka looked at him with disbelief 'I-I can't believe it. Two of my first friends are human!' "Why? Why is it like this?"

Shima stood her up "Moka why is it that you don't like humans?"

She wiped her eyes and told them how she went to a human school and felt so alone and afraid. When she was done Takeshi sighed and lightly bopped her on the head making her grab it and slightly shocking Shima.

"Moka... What does that have to do with Tsukune? You two got along just fine before you knew this. Just because he's human doesn't mean that he's changed. Tsukune is Tsukune, A friend of ours no matter what."

Moka was surprised by what he said, it was all true.

Takeshi turned towards the path" Now I don't know about you, but me and Shima are going ahead. When you're ready try to catch up." He and Shima took off after Tsukune.

Moka watched them go. A war raged in her mind as she processed it all. But in the end she decided. They were friends and she liked it, she didn't want that to change. So she got a hold of herself "Your right, Tsukune-kun is my friend." And followed the path.

Unknowing to her she was also followed.

"You will be my woman, Moka Akashiya" A long tongue whipped around.

~ With Tsukune~

Tsukune was running through the woods. He had to find the bus stop and get out of here. But it was nowhere to be found. He knew he was lost so he stopped and caught his breath."Where...Could it...Be?"

Suddenly he heard a noise behind him."W-Who's there?!" As soon as he turned around two figures appeared from the shadows scaring the shit out of him."AAAHHHHH!"

"Whoa what's with the yelling? It's just us." Takeshi and Shima came into view.

Tsukune sighed. He thought it was a monster...wait they were monsters! He immediately was on edge again"What do you want? Why did you follow me?"

Shima crossed his arms" To convince you to come back. We know your human but that's okay with us. Hell, Takeshi is kind of human."

The blond nodded"Yeah so don't worry. You're a friend and we won't hurt a friend. That and Moka is worried about you."

"B-But she hates Hu-"

"Yeah but you're her friend and I don't think she could hate a friend." Takeshi interrupted.

Tsukune thought about it. It could be possible that they could be friends, but what about the school.

As if he could read his mind Takeshi spoke" Hey don't worry about what the school thinks. We'll Help you all the way." Shima nodded in agreement.

Tsukune was shocked by what he heard" R-Really?"

But before someone could answer a loud scream sounded through the forest. Tsukune recognized the voice" That's Moka! She's in trouble!" And before he knew it he was running in the screams direction with the other two following. He had to help her, even if they were different.

When they reached a clearing they found her. But she was on the ground and something was walking to her. The thing was large and muscular with some bone plating on it, and for some reason a bandage on its nose. But that didn't matter to Tsukune. He ran to them putting himself between Moka and the monster. Takeshi and Shima stayed hidden so that if they needed to act they would have the surprise.

"Tsukune-kun!?" Moka gasped "What are you doing here?"

Tsukune looked at her over his shoulder" I came when I heard you scream. I'm sorry for acting like that. I don't care if were different I still want to be your friend. And I will protect my friends." He spoke with confidence.

Moka was touched by what he said. He still wanted to be her friend."T-Tsukune-kun... I'm-"

"Hey what the fuck is this?! Getting in my way with that emotional bullshit." The monsters voice sounding familiar.

Shima grunted" It's Saizo that little shit!"

Takeshi put a hand on his shoulder. "Calm down, we'll get him. He's about 7 ft tall now and five meters from Tsukune who is about 10 from us got it?" Takeshi received a nod.

Saizo roared but Tsukune stood his ground." I will not let you hurt Moka-Chan!"

Saizo laughed "Whatever weakling, just die!" He raised a massive arm above them and brought it down.

Tsukune raised his arms to guard and closed his eyes waiting for the impact. The fist made impact but not with him. He opened his eyes only to see Takeshi standing there facing him with a smirk. His right arm raised holding the large fist without fail. "Takeshi?!"

"Sup." he said coolly.

Saizo was surprised "What? When did you get there?"

"Just now, your turn Shima!" Takeshi called out. There was a slight noise from some bushes before Shima appeared in the air behind Saizos head

"Wha-" Saizo was interrupted by Shimas foot slamming into his face sending him into some nearby trees. Shima landed next to the trio.

"That felt good"

"Bet it did, nice foot work." Takeshi said chuckling.

Moka and Tsukune were shocked by what happened. But before they could say anything a feral roar echoed through the area.

Saizo pulled himself up wincing when he touched his face." Why you little! You dare challenge the power of an orc? I'm going to kill you all!" He roared again ripping a large tree out of the soil and threw it at them.

"Look out!" Takeshi shouted as he pushed Tsukune into Moka sending them down hill. Shima was able to dodge but Takeshi stood his ground and took the hit with his arm. The Force caused him to slide a few meters before stopping.

Saizo smirked thinking he had won. But that changed when the tree was cast aside revealing an unscathed Takeshi flexing his right hand and Shima appearing next to him.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, just had to warm up. I think it's time to get serious." Takeshi said rolling up his right sleeve. The skin on his arm melting away, revealing it to be mechanical. His left eye glowing yellow.

Shima nodded "Yes it is" Both his arms transforming into dark blue pincers.

Saizo sweated "W-What are you?"

~Meanwhile with Moka and Tsukune~

Tsukune and Moka were done rolling and were at the slopes bottom, which ironically was the bus stop. Moka was able to get up and look around. She gasped when she saw Tsukune a few feet away still lying down.

"Tsukune-kun!" she ran to him and knelt beside him putting his head on her lap. Hearing her voice he opened his eyes and looked at her.

"Ugh, are you ok?"

"Yeah are you?"

Tsukune forced a laugh "Just sore"

Suddenly something blasted from the trees and tumbled a bit landed a few meters away.

"Damn it! How are they this strong?" It was Saizo. He was struggling to get up and had multiple cuts and bruises on him. He then noticed the other two "You!" He growled with anger.

Tsukune knew he had to get Moka away. He put a weak hand on her shoulder" Moka, Run. Forget me and get out of here!"

She looked down at him "What? You'll be killed. No I'm staying here with you."

"Moka please-" His strength left him for a second and made his hand slide off her shoulder only to snag her rosary and pulled it off.

Moka was shocked "How did-" she was suddenly engulfed in a purple tower of light releasing a tremendous amount of energy. Tsukune was able to get up and back away as her body levitated a little. Takeshi and Shima were just coming out when it happened.

"Shit I knew it." Takeshi said.

All were left surprised when the light disappeared. Her body had changed from a cute pink haired Moka to a scary silver haired Moka... With bigger assets. She opened her eyes which had turned red and slitted.

Saizo was scared shitless" This can't be, the silver hair, the immense power, she's a s-class monster, a-a Vampire!"

The silver haired Moka glared at him "You dare to disturb me?" She said in a more mature voice.

Tsukune was left speechless 'Is this her true power?'

Saizo gritted his teeth"H-HA! It doesn't matter, I'll still make you my woman and I'll rise in ranks for beating a Vampire." He said with false bravado.

Mokas eyes narrowed" Then do it, if you can."

He growled and was about to move but his body wouldn't listen. 'What? Am I so scared that I can't move?!'

"TCH, Pathetic." She said as she charged at him with unbelievable speed "REALIZE YOUR PLACE!" She yelled as she kicked him hard enough to send him crashing into the side of the hill kicking up a dust cloud and leaving him knocked out in a large crater. "Hm. Not even a decent opponent."

Tsukune didn't know what to do when she started to walk towards him. But before she could reach him Takeshi and Shima appeared in front of him ready to strike.

The silver haired Moka smirked "What? Are you scared?"

Yes Tsukune was a little scared but he was also in awe of this other Moka.

"Relax; I'm still tired so I have no intention to harm any of you." She snatched the Rosary from Tsukune."You three had better take care of my more sentimental self." She said as she reattached it and was engulfed in a small white light before returning to her former self. The pink haired Moka was unconscious and fell forward only to be caught by Tsukune.

Takeshi sighed" This should be an interesting year."

~30 Minutes later~

Moka came to and sat straight up. Her mind was a little foggy; the last thing she remembered was helping Tsukune when... The rosary fell off! At this she gasped and brought a hand to her chest feeling the rosary still there, she sighed and looked around. She was in a room which looked like an infirmary. Some motion caught her attention from the left. It was Tsukune sleeping in a similar bed; he had some bandages on his head "Tsukune?"

"Don't worry he's alright." The voice came from her right. It was Takeshi and Shima sitting in some chairs. "He passed out from exhaustion shortly after you did."

"We've been here for about 30 minutes; we wanted to make sure you two were ok."Shima said

"That and Saizo is knocked out next door." Takeshi added.

Moka looked back at Tsukune.

Shima spoke up "He said he would stay"

Mokas head turned to them "R-Really?"

Takeshi nodded" Yep, said that he didn't want you to get hurt so he wanted to give it another try even if humans aren't welcome. Hey really wants to be friends with us. That and the bus only comes once a month."

"T-Thats great!" she said.

Shima stretched his arms a little" Well you should get some more rest, we'll wake you both in another 30 minutes."

She gave a slight yawn and nodded. She was still tired so she laid back down facing Tsukunes sleeping form and smiled "Thank you...Tsukune" she said softly and fell asleep.

Meanwhile Shima was giving Takeshi a twenty" Fine you were right, the rosary was more than an accessory."

Takeshi smirked as he put the money away.

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