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Chapter 2: Blind Charms

~Oh, say! What is that thing call'd light, Which I must ne'er enjoy? What are the blessings of the sight? Oh, tell your poor blind boy. -Colley Cibber, The Blind Boy~

BEEP!-BEEP!-BEEP!-BEEP!-BE-CLICK! A hand rested on the alarms snooze button silencing the annoying noise. A sigh escaped from the young student who 'WAS' sleeping. He sat up with a yawn, it was Shima Grey. He yawned again, running a hand through black morning hair, as he pressed another button on the clock.

"It is 7:00 A.M. Tuesday." An digital, monotone voice spoke. Shima gave a small smirk, he was thankful for Takeshi making a clock that announced the time for him. The blond liked tinkering and making useful things. But... "Time to get your ass out of bed!" The clock added. He also liked to add his sense of humor.

Anyway he had to get ready for school. It was no easy task going to a monster school, that is if you have a friend who is human and another that is semi-human attending said school which did not allow humans. He wasn't worried about Takeshi because he could fend for himself. It was Tsukune, the human who was 'accidentally' enrolled here. Though almost all monsters disliked humans, Shima saw nothing wrong with Tsukune or Takeshi. Hell, Takeshi has risked himself to help out those who are different many times, showing that not all Humans were bad. He saw that in Tsukune about a week ago when he put himself in harm's way to defend Moka, another friend of theirs who happens to be a vampire. Tsukune was alright in Shimas opinion.

Shima snapped out of his thoughts, shaking the last bit of sleep from his mind as he got up and trudged over to his bathroom. He had memorized the layout of his room with some help from Takeshi. It was relatively plain, very organized, and clean. He went through the normal morning routine of showering, brushing, and dressing, leaving his blazer unbuttoned showing the white under shirt. To him the outer coat felt restricting, and he really didn't care how he looked, though he still followed the dress code. Deciding to skip breakfast to head over to Takeshis room and get the blond, he grabbed his bag as he left the room locking the door and walked across the hall remembering that the hallway was 10 Ft across. He was about to knock when someone from the other side spoke, surprising him a little.

"Oh! Hey Shima, Come on in!" It was Takeshi.

Shima opened the door and entered. Before he could speak he covered his nose as it was immediately attacked by the familiar stench of Takeshi's rather unpleasant habit, smoking pot. Though due to Shima being a monster as well as blind his senses were enhanced including his sense of smell, making the aroma that floated in the air stronger to him. And he hated it. He waved a hand around his face as he walked in.

"Damn it! Can you cut back on that stuff?" He complained coughing a little.

"Hm? Oh sorry, my bad." He put the joint out and turned a fan on the desk he was at. "Sup?"

Shima finished coughing with a sigh "Just came to see if you were ready to go. But judging at how heavy you were smoking you must be doing another maintenance routine "Takeshi, being what he was, had to work on himself every few days to prevent his mechanical parts from breaking down. Shima felt some, for lack of a better term, pity for his longtime friend having to do this. He never brought it up with Takeshi though because he never complained about it.

"Yup, got to keep it all in check. Just a little longer" Takeshi had his right arm open in several places. He turned a few screws, crossed a wire and cursed when it gave him a shock, then finished by wiping the metal down. "Ok, I'm done." He said while closing up his arm and letting the fake skin slowly form around it. He flexed the arm a little before covering it with his sleeve. "Man I'm glad to have brought my own clothes, those uniforms are so stupid so...formal. I don't know how you do it Shima." Takeshi was wearing his own style which consisted of a black long-sleeved shirt that had a hood with a grey T-shirt over the black, and black jeans with white sneakers. He also wore a thin silver chain necklace with a small silver half heart attached to it.

Shima sighed "So you're not going to follow the dress code? You do know that it's mandatory that you wear the uniform."

The blond scoffed "Look who's talking, hypocrite."

Shima cracked a smile "But at least I'm still wearing it, anyway we should get going and meet the others."

Takeshi agreed and grabbed his stuff. The two left the room and started down the corridor. A few minutes later Shimas stomach growled loudly.

"I hate you" He said as Takeshi held back his laugh.

~7:25 A.M. Entrance Of School~

Tsukune was waiting with Moka at the Academy's entrance by some old tombstones. Why a school had them was beyond him.

He looked at his watch "Where could they be?" They all had agreed to meet up at the school every morning. The school didn't open until 7:35 so they had time, but still. The time agreed on was 7:15, it was 7:25 now, and he did not want to wait around alone with Moka to long. Well he did like being alone with her, but he had been getting more death glares lately. Then again it was worth it. He looked over at Moka who was leaning her back against a post; she was his reason for staying at Yokai. She was kind, caring, and not to mention beautiful. Said girls emerald eyes met his deep brown causing both to blush and look away, Moka deciding to look down the path.

That's when she noticed two familiar figures coming into view. "Oh there they are!" she said happily.

Sure enough it was them. When they came close enough they said their good mornings. Takeshi made a half-assed excuse to explain how he had lost a weeks' worth of uniforms and blamed the smell on some weird foliage he fell in. Shima knew the truth and Tsukune was skeptical but Moka seemed to not notice.

"What made you two so late?" Tsukune asked while they walked, trying not to sound rude.

"Two things. First I had to get Takeshi, who was in the middle of fixing his arm." Shima said crossing his arms.

Moka tilted her head a little "Fixing?... Oh that's right, your arm is fake." She remembered when Takeshi had showed them his prosthetic arm a few days ago. Saying that he wouldn't be able to hide it from them anyway. It was surprising to see that his entire right arm, including part of the shoulder, and left eye were mechanical. Apparently he's had them for a while from some accident, which he neglected to talk about. She had heard of this being possible but she never was interested in those kind of things.

Takeshi rolled his shoulder "Yep, I was even able to get it in cyberpunk style."

Shima continued "Then we had to make a quick stop at the vending machines t-"

" 'Cause someone skipped their breakfast." Takeshi interrupted, emphasizing 'someone' and glanced at Shima.

"It was your fault! You and your little hobby!" He yelled pointing at who he thought was Takeshi but was actually Tsukune.

"ME!? What did I do?!" He asked surprised.

At this Shima paused and raised an eyebrow, then gave a nervous laugh."Oops, sorry about that. When I get upset I tend to forget where everyone is."

Tsukune sweatdropped "Oh, um, don't worry about it." He changed the subject. "Shouldn't we get going? We're going to be late."

Moka happily agreed and grabbed onto Tsukunes arm making him blush. They were walking into the school when they passed a few students speaking in hushed tones though Tsukune caught some of what they were saying.

"Hey it's that Tsukune guy, and he's with Moka." The first one spoke.

"Why is she with him? I could beat him anytime."

"Bad idea man, did you hear the rumors? He's the one who kicked Saizos ass! And he was stronger than us."

While the students talked Tsukune looked at his friends "Hey, do you guys know what that's all about?" Shima and Moka shook their heads no but Takeshi wore a knowing grin. "Takeshi?" He said nervously.

The blond shrugged "What? I just stretched the truth a little."

Tsukune was confused at first but then it hit him "Wait! You told everyone that I beat Saizo!?"

"Of course I did. Listen dude, if you can't be strong then you can at least make others think you are strong. It'll make them think twice about challenging you."

"Or it could make them want to fight him to boost their rep." Shima added "You may have done more harm than good."

Takeshi seemed to take in that thought, then shrugged "Too late now."

Tsukune deadpanned "There goes trying to avoid attention."

"Sorry man, I'll ask next time." Takeshi smiled rubbing the back of his neck.

Tsukune was going to complain more but the morning bell rang signaling the start of school. He sighed, hoping that there would not be a next time. "Never mind, we should get going."

The group started to leave when something caught Shimas attention causing him to stop. As the others continued he stood still, he looked to his left and waited, listening for anything. For a second he thought he had felt someone watching but was snapped out of it when he heard Tsukune shout.

"Owww! Moka I'm not your breakfast!" The boy yelled as he ran away. Leaving a sorry Moka and an amused Takeshi. Moka must have bit Tsukune again.

"Always something." Shima said as he caught up.

As he left a blue haired female stepped from behind the tombstone Shima was staring at. She had a plain long-sleeved white shirt with a red bow tie, plus a pale yellow-colored vest and a light brown-checked skirt. She sighed "Whew, that was close... Hmm, looks like Moka is very close to Tsukune. I have to act soon." With that she ran off.

~ 10:13 A.M. 2nd period, Geometry~

Shima was sitting in his second class today, Geometry with Ms. Ririko Kagome. She was a good teacher, but maybe a little obsessed with her work. Shima was her favorite student so far. He was amazing at math and never failed to answer her problems...yet.

Today the class was give some pages to do and had the period to finish it. Luckily the school had books in brail for those like him. He checked the last problem he had to do. It was a distance problem, this was easy for him. He does this kind of thing in his head all the time so he can get around alone, and it helped in fights.

"Ugh, this is so hard." Someone next to him complained. He knew who it was, Kurumu Kurono. A girl that sat next to him and a recent acquaintance. She was nice, peppy, and helped him a few times when someone messed up the brail in his book using her book to tell him the problem. Though she had no clue what it meant. So in return he would help her solve it when he could. Which was almost every problem

"What's wrong Kurumu?" He asked already knowing what it was.

"These questions! I just don't understand them." The girl slumped a little. She looked at Shima who was already done and putting his stuff away. ' Wow he's so smart. Not to mention good looking! I'm lucky that I was seated next to him.' Though she was a little upset that he was friends with Moka it seemed like he was not influenced by her, so she kept it to herself.

"Would you like help?" Shima asked with a smile. He knew she could learn how to solve them, but as a nice guy he had to help a girl in distress.

Kurumu perked right up. She really didn't want to use him as a cheat sheet but when he offered she was quick to accept. "Really? Thanks Shima! So what's the answer to # 1?"

Shima sweatdropped "How are you supposed to learn if I just tell you the answer?"

"Please?" she made a cute pouty face. Then she remembered that it wouldn't work 'Oh wait, he can't see. Damn it I can't use my looks.' Suddenly she had an idea 'but I can do this.' She hugged his arm pressing her large breasts on it. "Pretty please?" she spoke sweetly. This got a reaction but not one she was expecting.

Shimas face turned really red as he tried to speak " W-W-What ar-are doing-g?!" He never had a girl do this to him before. It made him lose focus and unable to think, he had to get out of there. He stood up quickly making Kurumu let go "ExcusemeMsRirikoI'vealreadyfinishedtheworksocanIl eaveearly!?" He spoke quickly, face still red.

The teacher looked at him surprised by the outburst "Hm? Well, since your one of my top students... and if you are done...ok." She smiled "But-just-this-once." she wagged her index finger at each word "Wouldn't want those fabulous grades to start dropping."

Without a second thought he gave quick thanks, picked up his stuff and left stumbling against a desk leaving a confused Kurumu.

' Wow. He's shyer than Tsukune.' Earlier today she had charmed Tsukune to make him like her more than Moka and say some mean things. She had nothing against Tsukune but he was close to Moka. She had to beat the pink haired girl or her plan would not work. Speaking of which she was planning to pay her a visit after class.

~ 12:30 P.M. Takeshis 3rd class, Drawing and painting 1~

The art room was silent as the class worked on their current project, which was drawing a still life of a bowl of fruit. The group was circled around the still life drawing on their canvases. Takeshi thought it to be cliché, drawing a fruit bowl. He was sitting between two rather chatty girls who were having a conversation behind him using his area to block them from the teacher's sight. Their talking didn't bother him but the topic had caught his attention.

"So did you hear? That Aono kid, turns out he's seeing another girl other than Moka-san!"

"No, Really!?" The other girl gasped.

The first nodded quickly "Really. Earlier he was hanging all over this blue haired girl. Then the same girl makes a scene at the stair well challenging Moka!"

The others eyes widened "Oh my gosh! What did the girl say?"

"Well apparently her name is Kurumu Kurono, and she said that since she's a Succubus she's going to make all the boys in school part of her own personal harem called the 'Yokai Academy Harem Transformation Plan'! Then she walked away with Tsukune after he said some mean things making Moka cry! You may want to keep an eye on your man."

The other huffed "He better not try anything with her!" Then she looked confused "Wait, I thought it was against school rules to reveal your breed. Maybe she's bluffing just to get Moka upset."

The first shrugged "Well she looked really serious. Just keep an eye out."

As they continued they didn't notice that a certain someone was missing, allowing the teacher to spot the gossipers. "Excuse me, but will you please get back to the assignment?" She asked with a strange calmness.

"Y-Yes ma'am!" both said in union.

They acted like they were working but when the teacher turned away they went at it again. "Where did that guy between us go?" The first asked the other.

"I don't know, but he's good at drawing, maybe we can trace his and get this over with!"

They both agreed and looked at his easel, only to end up deadpanning at what they saw. Takeshi did draw the still life... But he also added devil horns on each fruit.(HEHE)

"He's so weird." The other said.

"GIRLS!" The teacher snapped now annoyed. Both girls eeped and went to work surprised that the teacher had not noticed Takeshis disappearance.

~12:35 P.M. Main Building, East Halls~

Takeshi was running through the halls shortly after hearing what those girls said about Tsukune.' If what they said is true, then Tsukune is in trouble. And Moka must be very upset now. That girl must have charmed him to do those things. Succubi mainly rely on eye contact for their charms to work so Shima should be fine, I hope I can find Tsukune before the sealing kiss.' Just then as he rounded a corner he nearly ran into a pink haired girl.

"Whoa! Wait, Moka?!"

"Takeshi?" She looked at him surprised; her eyes showed that she was crying earlier.

"What are you doing?"

Her voice was heavy with urgency "I'm looking for Tsukune! We have to hurry before-"

"Kurumu makes him her slave I know, gossip spreads like fire in this school. Where are they?"

"I don't know, after they left I was too upset and ran off, but the rosary spoke to me saying that I have to stop her. I heard others say that she was heading here." She said sadly.

"The rosary talked to you?! Wait never mind, Tsukune needs us" Takeshi pinched between his eyes trying to think.' Now why would she come here? There's only some classrooms, storage closets, and the-' Then it hit him "The infirmary in the West Halls!" He exclaimed snapping his fingers startling Moka.

"T-The infirmary? How do you know?"

"Because It's secluded and quiet most of the time, plus it has beds."

Moka soon caught on and was filled with fierce determination. "Alright then! Let's go!" They took off towards the west Halls.

~12:36 P.M. West Halls~

Shima was coming from the restrooms, having regained his cool after what Kurumu did in 2nd period. He scolded himself for reacting the way he did, normally he could keep calm in most situations but when it came to a girls advances he was a wreck. Putting a mental note to apologize to Kurumu when he could he was about to head to class but stopped when he heard some odd commotion to his right. If memory served he was standing in front of the infirmary. He pressed his ear on the door, hearing a familiar female voice.

"Don't worry Tsukune, you'll forget about her soon." Her voice was laced with seduction.

'Kurumu? What's she doing here with Tsukune?...Wait! This is the clinic, something must have happened.' And without another thought he slid the door open and walked in halfway, surprising Kurumu who was leaning over Tsukune on a bed.

Kurumu looked up at him eyes wide."S-Shima?!" She got off of Tsukune who just sat there with no emotion evident, his eyes hazy. "What are you doing here? Did Moka send you?" She tried not to sound rude but she did not have time for this.

"What? No, I was walking by when I heard Tsukunes name, I thought he was hurt since he was here. Is everything ok?" He gestured to the room. Something was off but he couldn't find out what.

Kurumu groaned ' Damn it! If he's here then the others must be close by... Maybe I can charm him to stall them... No I can't do that to him! He has nothing to do with this, plus he'll hate me afterwards... But I need time.' She could feel her chance closing 'Ugghh! Wait! I can hide that part of his memory. Then he won't remember. It will be like it never happened.' She quickly ran up to him and grabbed his shoulders, having to look up to see his face.

Shimas face turned a little red "K-Kurumu?"

"I'm sorry Shima." She bit her lip as she made eye contact 'Charm!' She cast the illusion on him.

"W-Wha?" He felt light headed for a moment, his mind becoming fuzzy. He thought that he was about to have a repeat of earlier so he forced it away and shook his head. 'Not again, need to control myself.' "Kurumu why are you apologizing?" He asked confused.

At this Kurumu was baffled 'What the? Why isn't it working?' She didn't understand it, he was completely unfazed.

Shima smiled "Actually it's a good thing I found you."

She scrunched her brow. "W-Why is that?" She was still trying to make sense of this.

" 'Cause I was wanting to say sorry for how I reacted in 2nd period. Usually I can keep my cool better than that." He rubbed the back of his head "I hope that I didn't offended or upset you."

Kurumu was taken aback by what he said. He was worried that he had upset her over that, then went through the trouble to apologize. "Shima."

That's when the charm on Tsukune wore off. He shook his head and looked at them "S-Shima? When did you get here?" His mind was fogged up, all he could remember was finding Moka and about to say sorry to her but then... Kurumu intervened, and his body moved on its own taking her here. "W-Where's Moka? I need to tell her I'm sorry."

Kurumu gasped 'Oh no! It wore off!" She quickly ran back to Tsukune and was about to place another charm when someone shouted.

"Stop right there!" Everyone looked at the door. It was Moka and Takeshi, both breathing like they had been running. Moka pointed at the bluette "Stay away from her Tsukune! She's a succubus and has been controlling you!"

Shima was surprised 'So she's a succubus, That explains some things but what's this about controlling Tsukune?' Then he felt the room flood with energy.

Kurumu growled as she glared at Moka "Again you interfere with my plan! I've had enough!" She then began to reveal her true form. Purple bat like wings sprouted from her back followed by a purple tail from her skirt, her ears pointed and her nails grew longer like claws. Everyone was surprised as she glared at Moka again with purple, anger filled eyes. "If I can't have him then you can't either!" Then turned to strike Tsukune, who threw his arms up to block.

But before she could Moka charged past a confused Shima followed by Takeshi and pushed Kurumu, accidentally sending her through a nearby window. Moka knelt by Tsukune. "Are you ok?"

"Y-Yes I'm fine, if not a bit shaken." he replied nervously.

Takeshi went to the window and looked out it for a second, then looked at Moka with amusement "Damn Moka! Nice goi-" Suddenly a tail whipped past him and coiled around Tsukunes neck yanking him through the window with Moka grabbing on to him to him. Luckily Takeshi was fast enough to grab Mokas ankle stopping them from flying away. He braced himself at the window with his left arm, struggling to keep them from getting away. He winced a little as a shard of glass dug into his palm. She was surprisingly strong and also had an advantage by being in the air. He could hear Tsukune choking trying to breathe as Kurumus tail tightened its grip. Takeshi felt his left arm losing its strength. "Shima! Help me out here!"

He nodded and quickly went to help. There were too many noises to pinpoint where Takeshi was so he reached out hoping to get a good grip, only to end up grabbing the blonds' hood. 'SHIT!' Was all he thought when he heard the fabric tear as Takeshi lost his grip and was pulled out the window. The extra weight was too much for Kurumu so she finally let go. Tsukune, Moka, and Takeshi fell into the woods below. Luckily they were low enough to have a relatively safe landing. Shima tossed the torn hood aside and jumped through.

Now outside, Tsukune was getting up with Mokas help. "Hurry Tsukune you have to get out of here!" Then they dodged a swipe from Kurumu, which sliced a nearby tree in half like a hot knife through butter. They were on the ground again when Moka had an idea. "Tsukune! Take off my rosary."


"Just do it, we need my other self!"

Tsukune went along and pulled on the Rosario, but it would not budge! "D-Damn it! It won't come off!" Moka then did the only thing she could. She put herself in front of him. "Wait! What are you doing?!"

"I have to protect those who are precious to me! If you want to fight then fight me!" She yelled at Kurumu.

The succubus sneered "Looks like he was a burden to you the whole time! Just give up and die!" She dove at them.

Tsukune could feel the panic setting in, but he had to do something. So he gave another pull "I'm not a burden to Moka!" He yelled as the Rosary came off.

A sudden burst of tremendous energy flooded the area as Outer Moka transformed into Inner Moka. Kurumu cursed as she was pushed back by the blast 'T-This power! So it's true, she's a true S-class Vampire! I-I need to do something quick!' She started to panic and looked around, then she spotted a certain Blond picking himself up. 'Perfect!'


Takeshi was just coming to after the fall, he got up felt his head hissing when he felt a bump, he must have hit his head on a branch. While shaking the dizziness away he suddenly he felt Inner Mokas release. "Great, more to worry about." He reached to rub his sore neck...Then noticed the missing hood. " W-Wha? Damn it Shima! When I find you I-" Something landed behind him causing him to turn, only to lock his grey eyes on deep purple ones.


"Oh Shi-" was all he managed before his mind fogged over eventually blacked out.

~Shima, Inner Moka, and Tsukune~

Shima joined the duo after sensing Inner Mokas presence. The energy felt like last time, it was dark, immense, and very strong. He'd be telling a lie if he said he didn't feel any fear but, like Takeshi, when he was needed he pushed it aside and got it done. "Hey, what's the situation?" he asked coming up to them. Somehow he could feel IMoka fix a glare at him and nearly flinched but didn't show it.

IMoka rolled her eyes and scoffed "It's nothing, just waiting for the succubus to show herself. It's annoying really, being called out for such a small thing."

As if on cue the bluette flew out above them, face full of anger "Hey! Watch it you! Just because your S-class doesn't mean you'll beat me! I have to win, I have to make this Harem, and my species depends on it! Our population is dwindling!" She yelled, tears being held back.

Shima was taken aback by this 'She's making the school her harem to help her race?' He knew it was true that her species were few in numbers. If he remembered correctly succubi 'enslave' large groups of men in hopes to find their destined one, their true soul mate. Even though her method was wrong he could see the good in her reason. A certain fact about his race played in his mind. 'Maybe...'

Suddenly IMoka leapt with amazing speed. "So annoying"

Kurumus body froze with fear as IMoka appeared behind her grabbing her tail and swung her around, throwing her into some nearby trees. She cried out in pain when she made impact, her back up against a thick tree and her body hurting all over, wincing at every movement.

IMoka walked slowly in her direction "See? All bark and no bite." She smirked at Kurumu. But that faded quickly when Kurumu gave a quick laugh. "What's so funny?"

Kurumu grinned "I'm not done yet, I still have an ace!" As she said this Takeshi burst from the woods slamming a metal fist were IMoka was standing, breaking the ground beneath.

"Takeshi! What are you doing?!" Tsukune asked surprised by the attack. Takeshis only response was a blank stare with hazed eyes.

IMoka recognized it immediately "She's charmed him into protecting her! The coward." She said dodging another attack. His movements were heavy, but he was quick to react. She dodged a kick aimed for her head then spun to send her own powerful kick, only to have him catch it with his fake arm. The impact echoed through the woods, his left iris flashed yellow before turning and throwing her to the side. She was able to land properly and looked at him shocked "What?! How is he-"

"It's his arm! It was built strong to withstand large amounts of force." Shima said guarding Tsukune, his arms now pincers. He cursed Takeshi's recklessness. "How do we snap him out of it?"

IMoka grunted as she dodged an axe kick. "Either knock him out or have the source cancel it!"

Kurumu was still up against the tree still weak from her crash. She had expected Takeshi to defend her, but the way he fought, it seemed...mindless. Even if he was charmed he would be showing some kind of emotion, or at least blink.

Takeshi was pushed back as IMoka went on the assault. He dodged several kicks moving with a speed that he should not have. "You're surprisingly good." She stated "But I'm better!" She threw a fist at him, which he caught, but that was only to preoccupy the arm. She used this opening to send a much weaker kick to his stomach knowing he was human. "Realize your place!" The kick sent him flying towards Kurumu slamming into her cracking the trunk a little. The succubus grunted as his oddly heavy body pinned her down. Apparently the kick plus landing had knocked him out.

"Well look at this." IMoka said walking back to her like before.

Kurumu began to panic "Wait! Stay away! I'm sorry!"

"Maybe I should tear off your wings and tail, to make sure you don't become a problem." she said darkly ignoring the girls' pleas.

Kurumus eyes widened with fear as she tried to push Takeshi off. "No! Stay away!" She screamed hopelessly.

But before IMoka made it halfway to her Shima stood in her way. "What are you doing Shima; did she get to you too? Or have you not noticed her intentions?"

He closed his eyes sighing thinking of a way to explain "I know, I know alight? It's just... I don't think that Kurumu is bad at heart. All she wanted was to try and protect her race." He opened his eyes with a small smile "I understand her situation, almost on a personal level. She said sorry, and I'm not one to hold a grudge, how about you Tsukune? Live and let live?"

The air was dead silent for a moment. All eyes were on him, making him feel a little uncomfortable. However, Tsukune did get what Shima was saying... That and he did not want to see IMoka tear her a new one, literally. He gave a friendly smile "Well he does have a point, and she's sorry. So I don't see why not."

Kurumu couldn't believe what she was hearing. After all she did they still forgave her "Shima...Tsukune" Her voice wavering.

IMoka Sighed heavily "Whatever, just don't come bringing me out when it backfires." She walked to Tsukune and took the rosary from him. Before latching it to her choker she casted a glance at Takeshis unconscious form 'What exactly are you?', then attached the rosary changing her back to OMoka. The pressure in the air lightened as Moka fell and was caught by Tsukune.

"Are you ok Moka?"

"Y-Yeah just tired." She said feeling lightheaded.

"Here I'll walk you to the clinic. We'll meet you there Shima."

He nodded as they walked off.

Shima walked over to Kurumu, struggling a little as he pulled Takeshi off of her. As he was checking his friend, feeling around for anything broken, she couldn't help but watch him, without blinking. Shima sighed in relief upon finding nothing wrong.

"S-Shima." Kurumu spoke softly, staring at him, holding back tears. Her chest tightened with these unusual feelings 'maybe he's my...'

"Hm?" He looked over at her and gave a small smile "Are you ok?"

She couldn't hold it back anymore. So she broke down right there sobbing thanks and sorry. Shima started to panic trying to calm her down.

"H-Hey! Why are you crying!? P-Please stop!" He tried, not knowing how to handle a crying girl. Both not noticing Takeshi waking up.

"He- Whoa..." He shook his head "W-what happened?" They didn't hear him. The crying was starting to hurt his throbbing head "HEY!" He nearly shouted getting their attention and somehow shutting Kurumu up. "What's with the waterworks? I'm not dead." He joked.

Shima sighed but smiled none the less at his friends' humor. "Good your awake, now you can help. The fight's over, we need to get Kurumu to the infirmary so she can rest up."

Takeshi laughed, wincing when he felt a twinge of pain in his diaphragm and heard something 'clink'. 'Uh-oh... That's not good.' He cleared his throat "U-Umm you go on ahead, I think that I should go to my um... Fix myself something to eat okay? Fighting makes me hungry and school's about over so I'll skip 4th period." He said emphasizing Fix Myself.

Kurumu was starting to dry up and looked at him like he was weird, but Shima heard him and understood what it meant. "Oh alright, I'll take her then. Later." He picked Kurumu up bridal style making her the one blushing for once, and went on his way while she tried to direct them in her weak state.

Takeshi sat there for a moment, trying to figure out why he had blacked out completely, he remembered Kurumu charming him but after that it was just blank. He decided to put it aside for now. He had to get to his dorm...Quickly. He got up, hissing a little when he felt the twinge again. "Ok, time to go."

~The Next Morning, Schools Entrance~

Tsukune, Moka, Takeshi, and Shima were at the schools entrance waiting for the bell to ring like every morning. Tsukune and Moka were standing on the side of the path talking causally, Shima was leaning against a nearby tree with his arms crossed listening to their conversation, and Takeshi was resting silently in the same tree above Shima. The blond broke his silence when he yawned loudly.

"Stay up late?" Shima asked knowing the answer.

"Ye(Yawn)p, had to. You're gonna have to tell me what happened 'cause (Yawn) I can't remember." He said trying to contain his yawning.

"Sure thing, I'll come over la-"

"Shimaaaa!" A familiar blue haired female shouted with glee while running up to them.

Before he could react he was tackled by the girl and soon found himself being suffocated by two large, very soft cushions of...of.

"Kurumu?!" The others yelled in shock.

"Yep! The one and only!" She said happily while letting go of Shima. He gasped, breathing in the fresh air.

"W-What...was that..f-for?!" He asked still catching his breath, his face was red from such contact.

Kurumu smiled sweetly. "Because silly, after what happened yesterday I've finally decided who my destined one is!" Her voice held excitement.

Shima swallowed and was almost afraid to ask "W-Who is it?"

She answered while hugging him. "You of course!"

"WHAT?!" Everyone gasped. While Shima tried to process this Takeshi was laughing loudly. Only to end up falling out of the tree, landing with a thud but still laughing.

Shimas face heated up more "Wh-What makes you say this?" He never had someone claim him as their 'soul mate' let alone even like him like that.

At this she seemed to calm down as she recalled what yesterday. "Well... you're always so nice to me. Then when you protected me from Moka...and said those things, it just dawned on me. That and I remember my mother saying how our charms can't affect our destined one." She then smiled greatly. "Oh! I'm so happy!" She glomped on him again putting his head in between her chest, he flailed trying to breath.

Takeshi just kept laughing leaving the job of prying Kurumu off of Shima to Tsukune and Moka. But somehow in the middle of the separation Moka had got close to Tsukunes neck and bit him.


Well there we go! Another chapter done. I hope you all liked it! CH 3 will come much sooner, so until next time!

Respect to those who know what the fruit bowl incident represents! My fellow Anime lovers should know it.


Below is a short, Omake-like add on. Didn't think it should be in the actual CH. It gives a peak of what Takeshi is, If you don't like spoilers then don't read. It takes place after the Kurumu VS IMoka fight. Enjoy!

Omake 1: In need of repairs

The blond decided that walking instead of running would be best. As long as he didn't exert himself too much. It took him 20 minutes to walk from the school to the dormitories. Only feeling the pain when he tried to hurry, or go up the stairs. Finally in his room he locked the door, closed the curtain, and turned on a lamp at his desk, pointing the light towards him. He faced a tall mirror and pulled his shirt up holding the bottom with his chin, revealing his stomach. But something was off, the skin just below the ribcage were IMoka kicked was, to be put bluntly, screwed up. There were some rips here and there showing something shiny in the gaps.

He felt the area with a steady hand. "Hmm...The skin's not replacing itself." He mumble, then started to peel the fake skin away. After clearing a small patch about five inches across the bottom of the ribcage it revealed the line of union were flesh merged with metal marked with a long, faded scar. He tapped a knuckle on the metallic surface "Exterior seems fine." Then he did two small hops, wincing again when he felt the pain and heard something shift around loosely. "Ouch!...Yep, there it is. Damn, whatever happened it knocked something loose. I'll have to ask Shima to fill me in" He sighed glancing at the clock "Looks like I'm going to be busy tonight." Then he attempted to look at the Brightside "At least I'll get to smoke more."