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Chapter 4: Little Troublemaker

~~I have nothing to declare except my genius.-Oscar Wilde, to revenue officers in America, 1882~~

The schools north courtyard was filled with activity as students crowded around a long bulletin board that was presenting the year's Mid-term exam scores. Many were left disappointed upon finding their names in the lower ranks. A certain pink haired beauty however, was happy to see where she stood.

"Wow, I wasn't expecting 13th place!" It was none other than Moka Akashiya, one of the schools most beautiful girls. She was currently standing at the beginning of the list, oblivious as ever to the various comments that the male populace made.

"Moka's so cute and smart!"

"She's perfect!"

"Go out with me!"

While she didn't notice them, she did notice one of her friends who was standing right at the middle of the chart. Seeing him made her smile as she ran to him "Tsukune!"

He jumped a little when she called out his name, but quickly calmed down when he saw that it was Moka. Tsukune gave a small laugh "Oh hey there Moka. How are you?"

"I'm doing fairly well, Turns out that I'm in 13th place." She giggled at the surprised look Tsukune made.

"W-Wow! That's great Moka! You're so smart." He said sincerely 'She's got the body and the brains! Maybe I should ask her to teach me her study methods'

This caused her to blush a little as they locked eyes "T-Thank you. Tsukune." She said his name softly.

"Moka" He spoke in the same manner.




(Cue record skip)

Both snapped out of their little moment when a girl with short green hair and grey eyes stepped between them facing Moka with a loving stare. "Huh? Ume? What are you doing here?" Tsukune asked.

Ume turned to him with a raised eyebrow "What do ya think? I'm here to check my score obviously." She faced Moka again with a warm smile "Plus I want to spend some quality time with Moka. Hey let's go see my score!"

Moka didn't have the chance to reply as Ume dragged her away to her rank, which was 28. Tsukune was about to follow but stopped when a familiar voice sounded behind him. "Wow, you got a rank of 128, right in the middle. That takes skill."

Tsukune turned to see a hooded figure looking at his rank "Oh it's you Takeshi, what's up?"

The blond grinned "Just checking what I got, I placed 101."

Tsukune was surprised at this "Wait, even you scored higher than me?" He groaned.

Takeshi grew a tick mark "Hey now, what's that supposed to mean?"

"O-Oh nothing. So looks like Ume is getting along with everyone." He tried changing the subject.

Takeshi seemed to let it slide "Yeah she's pretty good at that, but I'd keep a closer eye on her around Moka if I were you. She has her sights on her and she is not one to give up."

"I really don't think that Moka is like that."

The blond sighed "Yeah but Ume has one fierce determination."

Before they could continue a loud shout interrupted them. "What?! 240? How am I supposed to impress Shima with a score like that?" It was Kurumu. The blue haired succubus was clearly upset, so much that she did not notice said boy coming up next to her.

"Is something wrong Kurumu?"

She let out an 'eep' and tried to cover her score, forgetting that he couldn't see it anyway. "Ah! I-I nothing's wrong," She smiled "What's your score?"

Shima shrugged "Don't know yet, Takeshi's supposed to tell me. He should be here." Suddenly the blond ran over to them and put Shima in a playful headlock.

"Hey there's the genius! I've been looking for you." He laughed as his friend struggled to free himself.

Shima managed to slip out, quickly fixing his dishelved hair. Then he pointed at Tsukune in annoyance "Will you stop screwing around?!"

Tsukune waved his hands frantically "What did I do this time?!"

"Oh, damn sorry Tsukune." Shima sweat dropped. Takeshi burst out laughing, but was silenced by a swift slap to the back of the head. "Just tell me my score."

The blond ignored the hit and grinned "You tied for 1st, the other was someone named Yukari Sendo."

"1st?!" Tsukune asked in disbelief.

Shima just smiled at his accomplishment "Well it wasn't all that hard, it's just mid-terms."

Suddenly Kurumu grabbed his face and put it between her breasts causing him to flail. "Oh Shima, seeing you succeed makes my heart jump, can't you feel it?" Shima didn't feel anything except the large pillows of softness, that and his lack of air intake.

Lucky for him some commotion from a nearby crowd got their attention, when they joined it they found that it was Moka and Ume standing between some guy and a little girl around the age of 11 wearing a witches outfit. Moka had a worried yet stern look. "Please stop, you shouldn't use violence towards girls." She said firmly, Ume right behind her.

The guy seemed annoyed by this, but noticed that the crowd was growing. "You had better remember this Yukari! Let's go guys." With that they left the area and the spectators dispersed, save for Tsukune and the others. Moka was checking on the girl while Ume filled them in. Apparently the guy was the freshman class rep. and was picking on the little girl, the girl did something that pissed him off and he went to attack but Moka got in the way and stopped him. The group decided that it would be better to continue somewhere else and made their way to the next courtyard.

Upon arriving the girls mood brightened a little as she and Moka talked "Oh thank you so much! You really saved me there. My name is Yukari Sendo."

Moka smiled "Yukari, that's a nice-"

"You're Yukari?!" Tsukune and Takeshi exclaimed. Totally shocked that such a young girl was in high school, not to mention ranked first.

Yukari giggled "Yep, I managed to skip a few grades because I'm such a genius!" She said proudly.

Shima quirked an eyebrow "So, you're the one who I tied with. I must say that I'm glad to meet you."

"Ditto." She replied. Kurumu seemed to be annoyed and jealous that the little girl was getting Shimas attention.

Moka smiled "That's a cool outfit you're wearing." At this Yukari blushed and stuttered.

"W-well cool is such, I me-ean I'm not." She lowered her head a little and pushed her index fingers together "You're the one who's cool, and sweet, and kind. A-actually I-" She then leapt at Moka and hugged her "I WUV YOU!" She admitted happily. This took everyone by surprise.

"W-Whaa?!" Tsukune shouted. Takeshi, Shima and Kurumu just gaped, while Ume seemed ticked off at this confession.

"Please go out with me Moka!" Yukari begged still holding onto Moka.

"W-Well maybe as a friend." Moka said nervously, not knowing how to handle a situation like this.

This made Yukari squeal and hug her tighter "Yay! I'm so happy!"

~West Halls, 3rd period~

Moka was in a rather uncomfortable situation. As she walked through the halls Yukari had came up behind her and was groping her breasts. For some reason she couldn't stop the little girl. This of course caught the attention of many fellow students, mostly males.

"Wow! Moka's Chest is bigger than it looks!" Yukari said with glee. "So soft, it's like a dream!" Moka gasped as Yukari fondled more.

Tsukune and the gang were chatting nearby when Moka came into view. Seeing what was happening Tsukune yelled at them to try and put a stop to Yukaris feel up of Moka. "What are you Girls doing?!"

"Yeah! How dare you touch my Moka!" Ume added.

Yukari stopped but only to cast an annoyed look at him while ignoring Ume. "Pleease don't get in our way, I know all about you." She then started to spout out his stats, from his grades to hobbies. "You and Moka are way to different, and I will not let you drag her down. So that's why..." She reached into her cape, and then brandished a wand with a heart shape on the tip and a pentagram in its center. She pointed it at him "I'm declaring war on you Tsukune Aono!" suddenly a nearby storage locker began to rumble, then its door flung open as a couple of brooms and pans flew out heading towards Tsukune. Before he could run he was being beaten on by the objects while he called for help. The others tried to, but not without getting smacked in the head themselves. Yukari laughed at them "It's magic! I'll be able to use it to fend off anyone that gets close to Moka, 'cuz I'm a Witch!" She then took off before they could give chase. Unknowing to her that a certain group was watching her from the shadows.

~ Nurses office, Ten minutes later~

The gang went to the nurses' room to treat the little scrapes and bumps they got from the incident. Moka and Shima were out looking for the little witch to get her to apologize. Takeshi was treating a bump on Tsukunes head while Ume treated a scratch on Kurumus forearm. All was quiet until Tsukune spoke up.

"That girl is beginning to be a pain."

"Apparently she's a pain for almost everyone, from the rumors I've heard she's always playing pranks on others and hated by many." Kurumu added.

"Really? Well that explains her mischievous behavior." Takeshi said.

While they talked they did not notice that said witch was hiding just outside the window. She snickered to herself as she pulled out four dolls made of straw. Each with a different stand of hair in them. She got the hair from ' Using my Warawara dolls with their hair will definitely break Moka from them' She decided though to not make one for Shima out of mutual respect of a fellow genius. She lined them up and waved her wand causing the voodoo dolls to stand up, giggling as she controlled them.


Takeshi was just finishing placing a bandage on Tsukunes bump when the teen suddenly punched upwards, hitting the blond square in the face. Takeshi recoiled a little as Tsukune spouted apologizes and confusion not knowing why he did that.

Ume noticed and was about to shout at him "Tsukune wha-" She was interrupted when Kurumus hands suddenly grabbed her face and pressed it into her breasts. Kurumu was totally shocked and was trying to let Ume go but had no control of her movements. Ume at first was surprised, but after seeing where she was she blushed happily, enjoying the feeling. She didn't even notice her own arms hugging Kurumu.

"W-What's happening?! Why can't I- AHH! Stop giggling it feels weird!" Kurumu shouted. The green haired girl nuzzled deeper causing the succubus to involuntarily moan.

Takeshi had recovered from the hit and was glaring at Tsukune "What the fuck man, why?!"

"I-I don't know! My hand moved on its own!" Suddenly Takeshis left hand shot forward and grabbed Tsukunes crotch causing both to freeze for a second, then the situation hit them and Takeshi panicked trying to let Tsukune go, but found that he too had no control. His hand squeezed causing Tsukune to yell in pain and try to back away. "Sto-stop squeezing!"

"I-I'm trying but my body isn't listening! Don't squirm you're making it worse!"

Everyone was panicking as they fought for control over their bodies. Then fate decided to make matters worse, the door opened and Moka came in followed by Shima. Moka gasped at what she was seeing, Takeshi was groping Tsukune and Kurumu was hugging Umes face. The blue haired girl reacted first upon seeing Shima.

"W-Wait this isn't how it looks Shima!" She stood up, but that made Ume slip from her chest and accidentally pulled Kurumus panties down letting her get one hell of a view. Kurumu shrieked as she stretched her skirt to cover herself. Even though he could not see, Shima could guess what was happening by the way she was acting and Umes perverted giggles. He blushed a deep red.

Moka had no idea what to do. Tsukunes situation was no better as he and Takeshi tried to explain their current position. "W-Wait Moka don't get the wrong idea!" Tsukune pleaded "Takeshi hurry up and let go!"

"I would if I could! This ain't my idea of the average handshake!"

Throughout the squabble Shima was able to hear a certain little witch's laughter. He followed it to the source just outside the window. Where Yukari was rolling around laughing her ass off. "Yukari?! So you're behind this!" He said annoyingly.

This caused her to stop and lose control of the connection making the dolls fell down, releasing everyone from their awkward positions. Kurumu quickly put her underwear back on as Ume sat there dazed with a little nosebleed. Tsukune was able to relax as Takeshi quickly jumped out the window catching the trouble maker before she could escape. He placed her in the room and she immediately hid behind Moka as Tsukune finally snapped.

"Somebody do something about that girl! I'm totally pissed now!" He shouted with anger.

Takeshi seemed more annoyed than angry but shared the same thought "Yeah, I'm all for the common prank but you went too far with that."

"I'm really disappointed; I thought that you would be a little more mature than this." Shima added.

Ume... well she was still in her happy place.

Moka on the other hand was more lenient "Now everyone, let's calm down!"

"You're too easy on her Moka! You've got to tell her she's being a bother, I mean it's best for Yukari's sake right?!" Tsukune reasoned.

"...I suppose so..." She admitted, this surprised Yukari.

Shima sighed "He's right; if she continues to chase everyone away she'll end up with nobody. And be totally alone."

This seemed to hit the young witch hard as she looked down "I-I don't mind, I'm a genius after all."

"Yukari!" Tsukune shouted.

"Besides, I've..." She continued with a sad look "Always been alone." Everyone seemed touched by this confession; they all started to feel bad for what they said.

"Yukari..." Tsukune said in a soft tone. However he did not notice the witches' wand glow and soon felt a heavy object hit him in the head, it happened to be a washtub.

Everyone was surprised as she laughed when he fell to the ground holding his head. "HAHAHA I Gotcha! I Gotcha!" She then ran off as he was about to give chase but Moka stopped him.

"Wait! It's awful of you to be mad at her!" She scolded.

"Why are you made at me?!"

While they argued Yukari ran through the campus while deep in thought. She was remembering the way she was treated while attending in the beginning. The comment they made of her species, the snide remarks of her outfit, and the looks of disgust. All because she was a witch. She was so distracted that she did not notice the people ahead and ran into the tallest of them. "Ow stupid! Watch where you're going!" Then she saw who it was. It was the class rep from before with three others. He looked at her with annoyance.

"You're the one who bumped into me, Yukari." Seeing him made her freeze in place "Remember when you made a fool of me in front of everyone? I'll never forgive you for that!" Then his forked tongue flickered out "I've been waiting to get you alone." He said darkly. She could only struggle as they dragged her away, no one around to her pleas for help.

~back with the gang~

"Just forget about Yukari! Why are you taking her side?" Tsukune yelled.

"It's not like that! Can't you understand her feelings? Are you not sad for her?" She yelled back, but before he could respond she ran in the direction Yukari went.

He sighed "I just don't get it."

"It could be because she is a witch. Many call it a hated race." Kurumu said shrugging.

"What do you mean?"

Shima was the one to answer "Well, in ancient times witches were considered 'boundary Beings' because it's hard to tell whether they are Supernatural or Human. However, today they are considered half-breeds and are harshly discriminated by both worlds." He said somewhat sadly. Kurumu noticed this and was curious as to why he was, but he continued "She most likely was alone from the very beginning."

Those last words hit Tsukune like lightning. He had not thought of it like that and saw that she was like him almost He was the only Human here, not including Takeshi and Ume for some reason. Then he realized what he had to do, go find Yukari and apologize for his actions. And maybe even become her friend. "Come on guys, we need to find her." He said taking off. Kurumu was reluctant at first but upon seeing Shima follow she agreed.

"You go on ahead!" Takeshi called after them "I'll try to wake Ume!" He looked at his sister and sighed "Come on, snap out of it." He snapped his fingers in her face but she just laid there muttering something about softness or thank you Kami making him sigh again in annoyance.

~Nearby Marsh~

Yukari cried out as she was thrown against a tree. The goons had her trapped as she cowered in fear. They had dragged her into some nearby woods with a thick fog, a lake was near.

The representative looked at her and sneered "Witches are such disgusting beings, you shouldn't even be here." Then the group began to transform, their bodies changed until they resembled large reptiles "Why don't we rid this academy of you!"

Monster Encyclopedia: LIZARDMEN

A race of war-like hunters. Don't let their appearance fool you, they possess a high intellect and are aggressive to anyone that's not a friend.

They drew in closer with their large scaly bodies. Yukari whipped out her wand to defend herself but it was torn from her as the leader bit down on it and jerked his head. He then began to crush it with his strong jaws filled with sharp teeth. He spat out the mangled remains muttering that it tasted terrible.

Yukari stared at it with fear 'No my wand! I can't use magic without it!"

"Now what should we do with you?" He wondered out loud.

"Yo! We should eat her! We're the only ones out here, no one will know!" One of them suggested.

The leader grinned darkly "That sounds good!" He yelled as he charged at her. She screamed and put her arms up in defense. But the attack was interrupted by a shout.

"STOP!" It was Moka; she was a few feet away from them. She looked very worried "Let Yukari go!"

"Moka?!" Yukari said in disbelief.

~with Tsukune and others~

Tsukune, Shima and Kurumu were running through the forest looking for Yukari and Moka. Shima had pointed out that he felt an energy spike nearby and they followed the direction.

"Are you sure it's this way?" Tsukune asked.

"Yes, I've become quite good at detecting these kinds of things."

"As expected of my destined one" Kurumu said happily.

It wasn't long until they saw a familiar pinkette, along with four lizard men and Yukari. They could hear Moka as they approached.

"I've always been alone too, that's why I could never leave you alone Yukari!" She said softly. Yukari seemed amazed by what was said. But that moment ended when the lizard people growled.

"What is this?! Are you trying to insult us by ignoring us?!"

One was about to attack but Yukari slipped out of the leaders grip and bit down on the others tail making him yelp. He then glared at the girl in anger "You bitch!" He went to strike her, but someone had pushed her out of the way and took the blow. When she looked it turned out to be Tsukune of all people. Moka shouted his name in panic.

"Tsukune?! W-Why?" Yukari asked bewildered.

He clutched his cut up arm in pain "I'm sorry, about before... If I had known your situation a little better." He looked at her with a kind smile "Let me kelp you too! So you don't have to be alone anymore." He huffed weakly.

Yukari felt her heart skip a beat, but they were inturupted again by the enemy.

"Again you ignore us! You weaklings, I'll make mincemeat out of you!" The lizard lunged at them. But was intercepted by Shima with his large pincers out. The leader clamped down on the hard armor like skin, accidentally breaking a few teeth.

Shima smirked as he pushed against the fiend" Wow, you're pretty fast, lucky for me that you reek or I wouldn't be able to sense where you were." This pissed off one of the others so he joined in only to bite the other claw. Now it was a game of strength as Shima struggled to keep the two at bay. The remaining two however saw the opportunity to attack Moka and the others.

As they ran at them Moka quickly went to Tsukune "Tsukune! You have to take off the Rosary! Hurry1" He weakly reached out to her and was able remove it.

Then that familiar energy erupted from her pushing the attackers back and making the two with Shima let go. He took that opening and slammed a pincer onto one of their heads and grabbed the leader by the throat and threw the lizard into one of the others knocking both down.

"W-What is this?!" The leader said as he got up. It was just him and another.

After the transformation Yukari was in awe at what she saw. Moka now had silver hair, piercing crimson eyes, and an immense power radiating from her. 'Is this... Moka's true form?'

Suddenly she disappeared and the leader saw his friend get launched backwards by some blur and taken out in an instant. He gaped in fear as IMoka stood there perfectly calm.

"W-What the hell are you?!" He shouted as he slashed at her, only to receive a kick to the mouth and sent flying into the woods just like his buddy. He laid there out cold.

IMoka dusted off her uniform a little "Small fry, only able to wield power over weaker beings." She scoffed and walked back to everyone. Kurumu had finally arrived.

"Is everyone al-" She saw the scene "Oh, never mind."

Suddenly Yukari spoke in a shake voice. "Why...? A-After all I did to you guys, why would you save someone like me?"

Tsukune smiled warmly while IMoka stared in another direction "Let's be friends ok? You aren't alone anymore Yukari." He said sincerely.

That's when the dams broke and Yukari bawled as she let it out of her system. Tsukune tried to calm her down and Kurumu fussed over the scratches on Shimas claws, even though he insisted that it was fine. She still had no idea what he was, but that didn't matter for he was her chosen one.

After a while Yukari stopped crying and fell asleep due to fatigue . Tsukune carried her to the infirmary after sealing up IMoka.

~The Next Day~

Moka, Kurumu, and Ume were walking through the school carrying some boxes for one of the homerooms. They were talking about Yukaris change in mood.

"She really has become a good girl." Moka said as they walked.

"No kidding, she even apologized to each class that she pranked. Sounds like everyone has become more thoughtful." Ume added.

"Looks that way" Said Kurumu.

When they arrived at the class they heard some noise from the other side. Upon opening the door they were met with Yukari hugging Tsukune.

"Tsukune I WUV you!" She shouted with glee.

This made everyone drop their things "What?!"

"Oh! Hey everyone! What are you guy doing?" The little witch asked.

"Us? What was that all about?" Moka said.

Ume facepalmed "Oh no, don't tell me."

Yukari giggled "Yep! I'm officially fallen in love with both Moka and Tsukune!" Everyone gaped at this. "Anyway, let's get lovey-dovey togetherrr!" She chased the two around the room.

Ume grew annoyed and went after the little girl. "Noo! Moka is mine!"

Kurumu just stood there with a sigh. 'Good thing Tsukune's not my destined one.' She thought to herself.

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Omake 2- Innocent voodoo

It was like any other day at Yokai High. A cool breeze was blowing through the dead trees, the sky filled with grey clouds, and was taking her morning walk around school. She was strolling around quietly when something in the grass caught her attention; she stepped over and knelt down. It was a small doll made of straw. Her playful nature kicked in as she looked it over "Oh my goodness! It's so cute; I haven't played with a doll in years." She didn't notice her tail pop out while she played with the toy. Then she made the left arm loop around in a circle "Mew."

Takeshi was walking through the halls of the school heading to his homeroom. The hallway wasn't crowded, a few students here and there. A lone girl was walking in front of him. Suddenly he felt a tingle in his left arm right before it made a backwards circling motion, unfortunately the girl was on his left and his hand slapped her right on the ass. She reacted with a startled yelp, then turned and glared at a very confused Takeshi. "W-Wait! I didn't m-" Without warning she quickly slapped him across the face, leaving a hand shaped red mark on his cheek. He could feel her anger infused into the slap.

She turned away "Pervert." Her words heavy with disgust.

As she walked away Takeshi tried to process what had happened just now ' OW! Why did I do that? It can't be a malfunction 'cause it was my left hand.' Then he remembered ' Wait, this feels like the time Yukari... had the...The Voodoo Dolls! I thought she promised to stop using it. 'He had to find her and stop this before he did something else he'll regret. 'If I remember correctly her homeroom is nearby, I'll find her there.' He took of down the hall.

was still admiring with her new plaything when the school bell rang signaling the start of classes. "Oh my, I lost track of time. I'd better hurry." she stopped playing, much to her disappointment, and put the doll into her purse. When she did the dolls arms stuck out side to side. She hummed happily as she walked to class.

Takeshi ran all the way to Yukaris homeroom. When he entered he found her with Moka and Kurumu, she was sitting while the other two were standing by each other. He quickly stepped in and stopped between Moka and Kurumu. Yukari smiled "Oh hey Takeshi. What are you doing here?"

"You know why I'm here, you promised to stop using those Voodoo Dolls." He sounded really annoyed.

Yukari looked confused "I did promise, and I haven't used them since."

He was not convinced "Oh really?"

"Really! Besides I can't use them because I lost them a few days ago."

Takeshi eye twitched "Y-You lost it? Then that means..." He was cut off when the bell rang. Then suddenly he felt the same tingle up his back. 'Uh oh.' Was all he thought before his hands shot side to side, accidently grabbing on to two soft mounds. Which happened to be Mokas and Kurumus chests. Both were shocked at his action but that was replaced with the type of anger all women had in store for this occasion.

"PERVERT!" They shouted in union and slapped him hard at the same time. He fell to the ground knocked out cold as the two left the room pretty pissed off. Yukari was shocked at what happened and poked the blond with her wand seeing if he was alive.