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Chapter 5: Hitting the clubs

~Then hail to the Press! Chosen guardian of freedom! Strong sword-arm of justice! Bright sunbeam of truth! - Horace Greeley, The Press~

~Homeroom, End Of Day 5:00p.m.~

The whole class was clamoring around as they waited for the teacher, , to start. The announcements had told everyone to go to their homerooms for some kind of meeting. Tsukune, and Moka, and Kurumu were talking about various things while Takeshi slept with his head on the desk.

"Wow everyone seems excited. What do you think this is all about Moka?" Tsukune asked.

Moka had a thoughtful look "Well... it's hard to say really. This was short notice."

Just then clapped her hands getting everyone's attention. Tsukune shook Takeshi to wake him, which he reluctantly did "Alright everyone! I have some great news! As you all know this school is about adapting to Human society, so starting today you all are going to pick a club to join!" She said with an enthusiasm that only she could show. The entire class was shocked at hearing this; they sure were not expecting that.

"Clubs? We have those?" Tsukune asked 'I guess it's logical, it's still a High School'.

Takeshi didn't really know anything about clubs, but grinned at a sudden idea "Hey Sensei! Is there a place where we can form our own club?" He asked hopefully.

The cat woman's ears drooped a little "I'm sorry Takeshi, but first year students can't form clubs." Her attitude perked back up with a smile, while he just slumped down in disappointment. "But be sure to visit lots of groups and decide which one you want to join, alright everyone?" The class cheered a little as they were dismissed. The teacher reminding everyone that the newspaper club was open as well, and that she was its advisor.

Tsukune and the others were now walking to building 3-A where the clubs were advertising. Everyone was eager to see what kind of activities were available, that eagerness was increased when they arrived. The entire building area was filled with activity as club members went around trying to gain members. Upon arrival Kurumu went off obviously looking to join whatever Shima joined.

"Wow! Looks like there's a club for just about anything." Tsukune said in awe.

"Speaking of which, what club should we join Tsukune?" Moka asked cheerfully clasping her hands together. She wanted to join a club that both her and Tsukune could enjoy, and possibly spend more time together. What with Ume and Yukari interrupting any time they had alone. It was a good thing that Kurumu had feelings for Shima, well good for herself at least. Unknowing to her Tsukune was thinking the same thing.

Tsukune thought for a moment 'Well, it should be something both of us would like. hmm. Oh! What about the swimming club? It's fun, easy, and who doesn't love swimming? Plus I'll...get a better view of Moka.' He slightly blushed at that last bit. Moka was wondering what he was thinking until he voiced his idea. "How about the swim club?" This surprised Moka and worried her a bit, but he didn't notice. "Actually I took lessons in grade school, it's pretty healthy."

Takeshi shook his head a little 'Jeez dude, you really don't know a lot about Vampires. Surely she told you about her weakness to water.' He was going to inform Tsukune himself but Moka spoke first.

"Er..umm." She stuttered. Tsukune looked confused as she shook it away "Anyway, it's still too early to decide, let's go see the other clubs and decide later," she smiled and led the way. Tsukune followed without question seeing no harm in it. Takeshi however was more than confused that she neglected to tell the boy about her weakness.

He sighed "I don't know what she's thinking, but I hope they don't do anything stupid… Nah they'll be fine…Now what should I join..." He looked around for a while, seeing clubs for various sports, hobbies, and skills though a lot of them seemed rather unorthodox. None really interested him, until he came upon the agriculture club. It didn't seem interesting at first, until he thought about his favorite "Plant". "Bingo." He said smirking.

~Outside with Shima 5:20p.m.~

Things were just as busy outside; this was where the larger groups held their promotions. Shima was stranded somewhere in the center, lost in the noise. He was able to leave early to get a head start, and he had already decided on a club. The Species Equality Club, It was fairly new and somewhat unpopular since most monsters went by the Ranking System. But now he wasn't able to concentrate on where he was due to the commotion. Letting out a small aggravated groan he went about trying his best not to run into anything, only to keep bumping into some people. Just when he was about to sort it all out he was suddenly tackled from behind followed by a familiar shout of joy.

"Shima darling!" Kurumu squealed with affection. She giggled as Shima stopped them from falling forward while she glomped him from behind. She had finally spotted him through the crowd and couldn't help herself.

Shima grunted from the added weight and was about to complain. That was until he noticed Kurumus chest pressing against his back. He blushed from the contact and nearly lost balance again. "K-Kurumu ca-can you ples-se get o-off?" He stuttered out.

Kurumu did so with another small giggle "Oh sorry. So what club are you going to join?" She wanted to join the same one as him; hopefully it was an easy one. Well that mattered little as long as she was with her destined one.

"Well I was going to find the S.E.C, but now I'm….kind of lost" Shima said slightly embarrassed. But since Kurumu was here Maybe she could help him with the search. He scratched the back of his head "Would it be ok if you helped me? That is if you're not busy."

Kurumu saw it as a way to get closer to Shima and to join the same club, least to say it was the perfect chance. She smiled and grabbed his hand, making his blush return slightly. "Of course I can! Don't worry I'll take good care of you." Shima couldn't help but feel worried by that statement.

About 20 minutes later, after looking for an eternity, the two of them decided to take a break at a bench. This was more difficult than they thought, looking for a club amongst the crowds. Not to mention that many perverts running the clubs had delayed them to get Kurumus attention.

"Ugh, at least we found the benches" Kurumu sighed. She was a bit tired but wasn't going to complain, she was doing this for Shima and that was worth it.

"You'd think they would be easy to find. I'm sorry for having dragged you along." He did feel somewhat bad, but knowing Kurumu she was probably enjoying it since she "loved" his company. That and she flirted with him at almost every chance.

"Oh it's no problem at all, I'm glad to help" She smiled sweetly.

"Hm that's good, we should take a breather." He relaxed against the seat and closed his eyes, listening to the world around him and enjoying the heat of the sun. The crowds had died down enough for him to concentrate.

As he was doing this Kurumu couldn't help but stare at him. He looked so relaxed in this state, not to mention the sun highlighting his face enhanced his good looks. A warm feeling covered the left side of her chest, above her heart. He was definitely her destined one; she just had to make him hers. The warmth moved a little. She just had win him ov… wait why was it moving? Now that she noticed it she snapped out of her gazing and looked down, only to find a hand groping her breast. "WAAH?!" At this she freaked and leapt onto Shima accidentally knocking him over, she didn't even look at the intruder.

Shima had broken his focus and immediately stood up thinking that there was trouble. "What's wrong Kurumu?!" He took a readied stance.

Kurumu was on the ground facing Shima with her arms covering her chest "Some creepy guy just touched my boobs!" She cried out.

Shima was about to challenge whoever it was since he didn't stand for that kind of behavior. But realized the situation as soon as the groper spoke.

"A guy?! Hey now my breasts may not be as impressive as yours but they count too." A slightly annoyed Ume retorted. "At ease Shima." She teased.

"Ume?! You groped me?!" Kurumu nearly shouted. As soon as she was able to enjoy some time with Shima this had to end it. But seeing Shima get protective like that made her somewhat happier.

Ume gave a playful smile and thumbs up "What can I say? I can't resist those beautiful jugs of yours." She laughed as Kurumu got worked up and started to childishly hit her.

Shima sighed as they went on arguing, but smiled anyway. It was good to see them getting along, in their own way. "So Ume what club have you joined?"

The two ceased their antics and Ume smiled "Well it took me awhile but I finally found the perfect one….. The Drama Club!"

"Really? That's good to hear, now only if we had the same luck." Shima said downcast.

"Hm? You can't find one?"

"Shima thinks the S.E.C is a good one to join. Do you know where it is?" Kurumu asked hopefully.

"Ummm…Wait! I think I saw it near the far back of the field; it looked like there were not many members. Well anyway I got to go. Later Shima, Later Babe." She winked at Kurumu before running off.

Shima sighed "Figures it would be like that, No one really cares about equality or corporation." That would change when he reaches his goals for the future. A lot would change.

"I do." Kurumu said quietly. "Most see us succubus's as lowly man stealers or worse. But that's not the reality of it all. Not many can understand how it is."

Shima frowned "It must be hard…But I know what you mean. My species has it rough as well." He thought for a moment, and then it hit him. "Hey! Why don't we change that? When we join that is."

"W-What? Really?"

"Of course, and the first thing I'll do is to show everyone how wrong they are about us." He smiled sincerely.

For a moment Kurumu nearly watered up, but regained her composure. "Yeah you're right! Oh Shima my love!" She once again glomped his face only to nearly suffocate him. After reviving him they headed to where Ume directed them earlier.

Upon arriving though they found that she was right, there were only three members, two of them seemed depressed. The other member, a male with shoulder length dirty blond hair and possibly a junior, seemed happy as he looked around with squinted eyes. Noticing Shima and Kurumu he turned to them smiling.

"Well hello, and welcome to the S.E.C. The name's Chet Miles, got any Questions?" He asked, the way he spoke reminded Shima of an salesman with a slight English accent. He must be the clubs president.

Shima nodded "Are you still accepting new members?"

Chet seemed glad to hear that. "Why yes we are. You're welcome to join, especially now of times. It takes at least five members to keep a club from shutting down."

"Hear that Kurumu? Got hear just in time." Shima smirked. But before she could respond Chet had interrupted.

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold on, She's Kurumu?. Shima you can join, but if what I know is true then she's here is a succubus. Right?"

Kurumu started to worry, seemed like her actions from earlier in the year were noticed "So?!"

"Sooo, I'm afraid that you can't join. Sorry but we don't really need one of your kind." He said in a put off way that held some disgust. Kurumu started to try and form a remark, but was too upset to finish.

Shima on the other hand had plenty to say. "What do you mean?! Isn't this club all about promoting respect and equality for all beings?" He replied in anger. 'Was I wrong about this group?'

"She's a succubus, they don't really deserve much respect. There're just a race of lust driven deceivers who like to manipulate others." Said one of the other members.

Now Kurumu was angry as well. "SHUT UP! You know nothing!" Shima placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down a little. She looked at him, his face quite serious. By now a small crowd appeared around them, all passing whispers of a possible fight.

"Relax, they want us to get riled up." He turned to Chet, who flinched a little from Shimas glare "At first I thought this would be the perfect club to join, a true example of equality but now I know. You too are blinded by how society portrays others of different races. No one should be considered higher or lower than the next person or categorized by rank, power, or weaknesses. Whether you're a vampire, witch or succubus." He had spoken with an unyielding conviction. Most in the crowd was moved by his speech. A few girls fawning over his passion and earning the respect from some of the guys as well. Kurumu was again gazing at him, this was one of her many reasons for falling for him. Shima looked in her direction "Let's go Kurumu, looks like we'll need to keep checking the other clubs." With that the two were about to head off, until…


Both turned back around, Chet was slowly clapping with a wide Cheshire like grin. "Congratulations…You two passed the test!" Chet declared gaining many confused expressions. "That was quite the speech, I haven't seen such determination for quite some time. Almost fell out of character there." He finished with a laugh.

"I don't understand, what test?" Shima asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that, like all the other clubs we want students who show dedication to similar goals as ours. Some just ask questions, we here find it more convincing to see that conviction. So we acted like a bunch of asses to see how you two would act, and like I said earlier both of you did great." Suddenly the three members bowed, mostly to Kurumu.

"We're very sorry"

"We didn't truly mean any of those hurtful things."

The left and right members spoke. Chet straightened up with a sincere smile "The S.E.C. wants to spread its vision of a peaceful future to everyone. And with your help we can accomplish a lot this year."

She blushed a little, not used to people apologizing to her but also annoyed by the act. "Y-yeah well I guess it's fine, but I'm not doing anything without Shima."

Chet turned to him and offered his hand "So how 'bout it? A handshake between members?"

Shima was honestly surprised by this turn of events. He didn't know if he should've felt glad that the club was actually what he expected, or to be slightly annoyed by the incident fake or not. "You sure you're ok Kurumu?"

"Yep! I'm fine with it." She piped already seeing his answer.

"Well it seems ok, I don't see why not" He accepted the handshake.

"HaHaHa Great! This is going to be a fu-gah!" Chet started to stagger to a knee from Shima who was squeezing the club Presidents hand.

"Just don't trick us like that again." He said with a not so innocent smile and released his grip, Chet massaged his sore hand but grinned like earlier.

"Kind of crossed a line huh? Sorry but it was worth it." He spread his arms "Welcome to the S.E.C!"

Everyone cheered, seemed like Shimas words changed some views of the surrounding students. Many wanted to apply along with him making the S.E.C much more popular.

Shima just smiled. That was until a cry for help sounded through the air. "What?! That sounded like Tsukune! Kurumu let's go! Sorry Chet, see you later!" with that he left with Kurumu leading him through the crowds.

Chet just scratched his cheek "O-ok?"

~Garden Club 5:20 p.m. ~

After leaving Tsukune and Moka on their own Takeshi found himself at the schools Garden Club, their area was rather big. They were showing off the many plants they've grown as example of their club activities. There was a sweet fragrance in the air and a fair amount of members around informing potential recruits, but since every member was female the only ones interested were perverted teens whose minds were set on getting close to them. Also it didn't help matters that the girls were wearing showy outfits made of leaves, vines, and flowers. Takeshi assumed that the clubs were free from the dress code for today. Some of the guys though seemed lost in the moment, dazed in some way. Takeshi was mulling about when a member came over.

"Welcome, I'm Sakura! Are you interested in joining?" She asked with a soft, happy voice. She was slightly shorter than him, with long dark green hair that had several flowers stuck in, and her "assets" were above average. That was fine and all, but her outfit was something else. It was a long sleeveless dress with a wide skirt made up of some vines and what looked to be….Poison Ivy leafs? But before he could ask the obvious he caught a whiff of a very familiar aroma, he often smoked its source. It was weird to smell it here since it was not allowed on school grounds.

"(Sniff) That scent…it's-"

"Wonderful right? We brought out many examples of our work so the air is so sweet here, what with all the beautiful flowers." Sakura said with a smile and leaned forward a little, giving him a good view of her cleavage. He looked away with a small blush. He also noticed his head getting lighter, like he was getting high.

"Ye-yeah, that's what I was about to say." He laughed a little.

"Would you like me to show you around? I'd love to convince you to join, we don't get many guys who are interested in gardening."

"S-sure." He smiled and followed her to some rows of plants. All the while the air intensified with a strong scent. He started to notice more boys hanging around in a daze, no emotions and staring off somewhere. His shook his head, it was getting hard to focus.

'Shit something's up, maybe it's the air. I don't like this.' "Sorry but I've changed my mind soo-" He made an attempt to leave but nearly ran into a fellow student, but the boy simply stared at him and stood in his way. His eyes were glazed and his movements sluggish. More guys showed up in similar states restraining some of those not fazed yet. Takeshi immediately got into a stance when Sakura chuckled.

"Oh it's too late for resistance, you're all trapped. You should be feeling the effects of our scents by now." She said in a more mature voice, her personality seemingly changed.


"Were able to mimic your favorite scent and lure you in. but we also emit a hidden pheromone to slowly take control. Nothing personal, but like a plant we need nutrients too." She cackled as her hair shifted into roots, her skin turning a shade of green while it resembled tree bark on her hands. The most disturbing thing was when vines came from under her skirt. The other girls went through similar changes and began to sink their roots into the restrained males and even those entranced, sucking up their life force till the students resembled sickly old men.

"Jubokkos!" Takeshi muttered as he tried to focus on his surroundings.

~Monster Dictionary~


Trees that are said to appear on battlefields after a great fight has ended to feed of the dead blood of fallen warriors. Contrary to many beliefs their not actual trees, they are forest spirits that require the life force and nutrients of other beings to survive. Be it animal or Man.

"Right you are, but that matters little. Your energy will be mine soon!"

Before Takeshi could react, his mind slowed by the side effects, Sakura had used her vines to wrap around his legs while one of the controlled students grabbed his arms behind him. Takeshi struggled against both forces but with his mind clouded he wasn't able to put up much of an effort.

"D-damn it! Fuckin' l-let me go!" He shouted. 'Can't concentrate, need to…..wait I can still do that!'

Sakura walked up to him until they were about two feet away. "Tsk Tsk…. Such a foul mouth, lets shut it!" she readied her roots to strike.


She frowned "What's funny?"

"Tell me, are you easily surprised?" He said with a grin, his hood shadowing his eyes except a glowing yellow ring. Then she heard something that sounded like a charging defibrillator. Suddenly electricity coursed through him electrocuting both the one behind him and the vines around his legs making both let go.

"Gah! What was-?!" Sakura gasped, only to come face to palm with Takeshi.

"'Cause this may shock you!" He shouted as he grabbed her face and let another current flow through his right arm. She screamed as the energy hit her before falling into unconsciousness.

He dropped her gently and turned to the other members, though he wore a friendly smile "Whew! That jolt woke me right up. Anyone else need a jump?"

The other members looked like they were about to retaliate, but seeing that their leader was beaten so easily they decided to not try their luck. So they carried Sakura away towards the infirmary spouting lines promising payback. Takeshi sighed and went to the controlled students one by one giving them a very low and safe shock to snap them out of the trances.

"Well looks like this club is a no go. Back to square-"

"HEEELP!" someone shouted.

"Crap that's Tsukune shouting! What kind of trouble is he in now?!" He took off in a hurry.

~Swimming Clubs Pool Area 5:30p.m. ~

Now Tsukune has been in quite a few awkward situations since the beginning of his enrollment at Yokai Academy…..and this situation was no different. After checking out, and running from, several creepy and rather perverted clubs he and Moka had started to run out of options. That was until they came upon the Swimming Club, while Tsukune was glad to have found a seemingly normal club Moka on the other hand felt a mix of slight fear and irritation. When they had arrived the club captain, Ichinose Tamao, immediately took Tsukunes attention and before they knew it Tsukune was wearing swimming trunks and in the pool with the captain. Moka decided to stay out and watch, much to her and Tsukunes disappointment.

'Ah jeez, my original plan of swimming with Moka has gone through a complete turnaround.' Tsukune mentally sighed as he treaded water. To be honest he was starting to get uncomfortable with how clingy the captain was with him. Every other guy would love to have such a pretty girl hanging on them, but his concern for Moka greatly outweighed his hormones. That and the chilly waters helped a little. 'Maybe I should think of a different club for us.' Just as he thought this Tamao came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, her chest pressing against his back.

"Wow Tsukune your form is beautiful! Now if you move your arm like this…yeah that's it!" She said while her hands directed his arms, her chest still rubbing against him. He started to blush and found it difficult to think. But he swore he could feel a hint of killer intent in the air…..besides the jealous males.

~With Moka~

Moka huffed a little as Tamao sent her a sly smirk as she started to touch Tsukune, the nerve of her. She was already nervous about being so close to water, now she had to worry about this girl getting so touchy with Tsukune. She was currently sitting at one of the poolside tables with a downcast expression, a tick mark appearing as Tamaos antics continued.

"L-lucky Tsukune…" Moka jumped a little when she heard the voice. She found Ume sitting in the chair opposite to her; she hadn't even noticed the girl arrive. She seemed nervous while watching everyone, wearing a similar downcast expression.

"Oh Ume, when did you get here?"

"Just a few seconds ago, I was messing with Shima and Kurumu when I decided to 'Check' this club out. Even though the water bothers me…ehhh still worth the view." She said with a slight pink tint, though she still looked uneasy.

"You're scared of water too?"

"Yeah water and I don't mix well, with my arm and all." She said sheepishly.

"Oh right, the electronics."

"That and I'll sink like a rock, a very heavy rock" Ume shivered a little just thinking about it. But kept looking at the cute girls in bathing suits. "By the way, why are you here? Vampires are supposed to avoid pure water. Or are you starting to see things my way?" She finished with a suggestive tone.

Moka laughed nervously and shook her head. During the time she spent with Ume she found that while she was nice and fun, she was also a perv. "No no nothing like that, I came here with Tsukune to join a club. But with me being who I am I can't have fun with him. Maybe he just wanted to only get closer to-"

"That's not true." Ume interrupted knowing where Moka was going with this. She didn't want Moka to think like that, yeah she really liked Moka but if she's able to give honest advice or input she'll do it. "I think he honestly cares about you and wanted to have fun hanging out with you. Have you even told him why you won't swim?"

"W-well no not yet…" Moka said quietly.

"Then it's an honest mistake. Tell him why and I know he'll understand." Ume finished with a smile.

Her words seemed to affect Moka helping her realize the truth. Tsukune did care, he really wanted to hang out with her, and he is still being hugged by that skank Tamao….snap.

Moka stood up slamming her hands on the table, accidentally breaking it in half and scareing Ume, and shouted. "STOP IT ALREADY! When it comes down to it you just wanted to join the swimming club because of the girls! I've had enough, I'm leaving!" with that she started to walk away with a huff.

"W-Wait! Moka it's a misunderstanding! Please understand that I really wanted to swim with you honestly!" Tsukune said while quickly swimming to the pools edge near her.

Moka stopped and turned to him, maybe Ume was right. One thing needed to be clear though. "The one who needs to understand is you! T-the truth is I...I" But before she could finish Tamao splashed her with water making the pinkette yelp, full blown fear washed over her. "N-no..Water!"

Tamao giggled darkly "Fighting like that is so ugly, not to mention childish. It's so petty trying to find out whether or not you understand each other. The important part is finding out who stole whose heart."

Moka however could not focus on that, no she was already feeling the waters effect. She started off in a hurry shouting for Tsukune to not follow her. He was about to ignore that and go after her, but Ume sent him a stern look and a very angry glare at Tamao.

"Just stay, I'll go get her." She said in a worried tone following Moka.

Tsukune was at a loss for words as he watched the two disappear; not noticing the dark smile Tamao wore.

Moka had run off once she started to feel weak, she didn't want Tsukune to see her like this. Sparks flew off her body as the water took full effect. She couldn't handle it anymore and braced herself against a wall, sliding down to a sitting position. She whimpered as pain shot through her and it was harder to breath.

"Moka!" Ume shouted as she caught up and kneeled next to her. "Just keep calm and breathe, it wasn't a lot so it should pass over quic-"

"YOU FOOL! Why where you so close to something like a pool?!" Ume yelped and fell backwards as a voice emitted from the Rosary, its gem glowing red and resembling a slit eye. Mokas inner self sounded pissed off.

"The…r-rosary again." Moka said weakly.

"Of course this would happen when you touch water, it resists supernatural energy!" The cross shook with frustration. "I too use this body, so don't let someone like Tsukune make you act in such a reckless way!"

"No!" Outer Moka said firmly, both the Rosary and Ume gasped. "Why…why can't I be like everyone else? Because of this body I can't be with Tsukune." She started to cry a little as the sparks continued their dance.

Inner Moka remained silent after that, while Ume used a handkerchief to dry off Outer Moka a little. Ume couldn't help but have similar feelings about herself.

~With Tsukune~

After the incident everyone went back to what they were doing, laughing and having a good time. All except Tsukune, he started to think about how he was acting and saw that he was in the wrong. He should have asked what Moka wanted and not get so easily distracted by the other girls.

'If Moka's not here with me then there's no reason to join.' "umm, excuse me Sempai. I'm sorry but I've changed my mind, I don't want to join." He bowed while speaking. At first Tamao was surprised by this, but that was quickly replaced by a dark chuckle and a feral grin.

"Just when I finally got rid of that pesky Moka! No worries, the fun's just starting."


"Hey stop chasing me!" one of the other boys shouted as he tried to swim away from two girls who went after him with great speed. When they caught him they bit into his arms, but what shocked Tsukune the most was when the boy quickly aged to that of an old man.

"What!?" Tsukune yelled in fear.

"Beautiful isn't it? We lure in men with our beauty and suck their life force…" She said as she disappeared under the water's surface. Tsukune looked around franticly not wanting to be taken by surprise. Suddenly a form burst from the water, it appeared to be Tamao but her legs were replaced with a fish like tail. "It's only the natural way of a mermaid!"

~Monster Dictionary~
Unlike the sweet image they have been depicted in fairy tales, Mermaids are an omen for shipwrecks. They are feared water monsters who are said to cause shipwrecks by using their beautiful figure, then attack the crew for their life force.

The rest of the club girls changed into their mermaid forms and started to swim circles around the rest of the group effectively causing a massive whirlpool. Tsukune started to panic as he processed everything, only to find Tamaos arms around him again. He shouted for help as he struggled against her grip.

"Don't panic Tsukune, truth is I've been dreaming about you ever since I saw you at the Entrance Ceremony. It's because you smell so delicious…" Her maw opened wide revealing rows of razor sharp teeth. "Just like a HUMAN!"

"Tsukune!" Moka shouted as she and Ume came upon the scene. She was feeling better now but when she heard his voice she had ran back. Moka gasped as Tamao withdrew from Tsukune but still kept a hold of him.

"You!? Why would a water hater like you come back? It's well known that you can't swim!" She shouted with anger.

Tsukune stopped for a second 'Wait, she can't swim?'

Tamao continued "There's nothing you can do! Just watch quietly while I-" before she could say more Moka ran to the edge and dove in disregarding her own safety. Ume tried to stop her but was too slow.

"Noooo!" Tsukune shouted, but as soon as she went under energy in the form of electric sparks exploded from where she hit the water. The energy released caused Tamao to release Tsukune "What's happening!? Moka!"

"Tsukune! Stop shouting like an idiot and help her!" Ume yelled "Water is one of her greatest weaknesses she'll drown!" Hearing this Tsukune forgot about the other dangers and dove down to get her, all the while cursing himself for causing all of this.

While he did this Shima, Kurumu, and Takeshi showed up surprised at what they were seeing.

"What's with all the commotion what's wrong?!" Shima asked over all the panic.

"Moka Jumped in to try and save Tsukune from these life sucking mermaids but she's weak in water!" Ume said running to them.

"Jeez! What's with all the women in this school eating people?!" Takeshi asked

"What!? We've got to help her!" Kurumu said worried about her friend, she looked at Ume.

"Neither me or brother can get in deep water. Don't worry Tsukune went after her."

"There's too much noise because of the water and everyone's screaming so I can't do anything, sorry." Shima said feeling useless.

"That Bitch! How dare sh-" Tamao said growling when a sudden burst of energy caused the water to explode like a geyser. "Wh-what?!"

"That power…it's Mokas!" Kurumu said slightly shivering when she remembered how IMoka was. Sure enough the silver haired Moka slowly rose from the water clearly angry with the situation. Tsukune was close behind and swam to the pools edge, he was holding Mokas Rosary.

The shear amount of pressure emitted from her caused all the mermaids to freeze in fear. Even Tamao couldn't stop shaking. "T-This power… The rumored true form of Moka, I never expected such a thing!"

IMoka glared at the fish woman, her red slit eyes glowing. "How dare you treat me like this!"

Everyone, save for those who've already seen this Moka, watched in awe. But the swim captain would not give up so easily.

"HA! Why don't you get out of the way? I'm not going to give Tsukune up to someone like you!" She snapped her fingers calling her fellow members to her side. "She's in our territory girls! Make her beg for her life!" With that the mermaids quickly surrounded IMoka and circled like sharks.

But IMoka only smirked "Such low class goldfish such as yourselves couldn't possible stand a chance against me!" She taunted. It had worked, for several girls lunged at her in a fit of fury. Right before they got to her she launched herself high into the air. Tamao, along with a few others followed her ascension laughing wildly.

"Too slow! In the air you make an easy target! We've got you!"

"Moka!" Tsukune Shouted. Suddenly IMoka sent a powerful right hook into Tamaos face knocking her back into the waters below.

"It's obvious that a mermaid would lose in a midair fight." Kurumu stated coolly.

"To be so easily baited, you must be a fish…" She readied a leg "Realize your place!" She swiftly sent a kick to the rest of the other mermaids in the air. As they fell into the water she landed on the pool side, seeing that the members were defeated she turned to the others. Shima and Kurumu seemed relieved that it was all over, Takeshi sighed and offered to go fetch the nurses, Ume stared at her dreamily as usual. But when Tsukune came up to her eyes narrowed.

"Are you al-"


Everyone, especially Tsukune, was shocked to see IMoka slap him. He looked at her with a face of mass confusion, he really wasn't expecting that.

"The other Moka cried…due to her inferiority complex over being different from others she blamed herself for not being able to swim. She's always had to deal with being hurt like that while in the Human society!" Her glare intensified "Men like you who think only for themselves have no right to be near me, Stay out of my sight…Tsukune!"

Those words hit him harder than any monster could, he stood there speechless as she snatched her rosary and walked away. Everyone grew silent, that was until Takeshi came back with some nurses.

"Yo I'm back….why the long faces? Did I miss somthin?" He asked completely oblivious to the sad atmosphere. Ume tick marked and smacked his head.


~Three Days Later~

Since the pool incident Moka had missed three days of school. Tsukune was moping in the halls during his lunch break, he was very worried about Moka and had been thinking about what she (Her other half) had said. He just had to apologize to her and make it up somehow.

"Oh Tsukune, I was looking for you!" he jumped a little, it was Ms. Nekonome. "Have you and Moka picked a club yet?"

"N-no we haven't.." He said with a glum expression.

"Wonderful! How about joining my Newspaper Club? I don't have enough members so it may be shut down." She said with a cheery attitude.

"Well…I.." 'If Moka isn't with me then why bother.' He thought sadly.

"I'll join that club!" A sweet soft voice said. Tsukune was surprised to see Moka coming up to them with a great smile, and beaming with happiness. "I kinda overslept during my rejuvenation." She sheepishly said.

"You're ok! That's great, I uh..i" He sighed "I'm sorry, about everything." Moka only blinked at first, but smiled again and said it was ok. Tsukune still felt bad, but seeing her smile again put him at ease. 'Moka needs to have a smile on her face every day; I'll prove that I care!'

was more than happy to have more members join; even Yukari came out of nowhere and wanted to join. "MEW!"

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~Omake 3: Ume acts up!~

"Wow there's so many clubs!" Ume said excited to begin her search. She already had an idea of what she wanted, but it was nice to look around.

Chemistry Club

"Hey there babe, want to know the fine arts of…love potions?" A student with his red hair slicked back asked Ume as she passed by. She was kinda used to the confessions some boys made to her. No matter how many times she declined, but maybe she could use this to her advantage.

"Love potions? That sounds nice…Please show me." She said sweetly making the boy get excited.

"A-Alight! First you-" He started to go step by step the process of making one. Everyone knows that the potions don't actual cause love, but it can influence someone in your favour. Ume watched carfully remembering the steps. Until he stopped and got a little too close.

"Sooo, you want to try it when it's done?" He got a little closer so Ume had to do something to distract him.

"Hey what happens when you use this?!" She quickly grabbed a random ingredient and threw it into the mix. The boys eyes grew wide.

"Noo! That's not ri-"


The concoction blew up in his face, blackening his face and dyeing his hair a ashy grey. Ume was quick enough to duck under the table and avoid it.

"W-Wellthanksforthelessonbye!" She took off before anyone could retaliate.

Ceramics Club

"Oh hello! Want to give the potter's wheel a try? Who knows you may have a knack for it." An enthusiastic blond girl asked Ume as she passed, Ume never had an eye for art that was her brothers thing. But maybe she could make Moka a heartwarming ceramic, yeah that would win her brownie points with the pink haired beauty.

"Can we keep what we make?"

"Of course!"

"Great set me up!"

The blonde brought her to an open wheel with clay and gave her a quick how to before letting her start. One thing that stuck out to Ume was the girl said that an artists' fingers should know what you are feeling and bring it to life in the clay. With that done Ume started the wheel slowly molding the clay gently, then she started to think of what she should make. Something subtle yet amazing, or something awesome and flashy? While she thought it through she didn't notice the wheel picking up speed, soon she was so deep in thought that she also didn't notice her clay spattering everywhere getting the others around her messy. 'Come on fingers make me something good!'

Eventually the blonde pulled the wheels plug stopping the machine, snapping out her concentration she looked around surprised to see everyone glaring at her. That and she somehow managed to not get any on herself.

"Ehehe….oops…." She sped away from them before they could say anything. "Sorryaboutthemess!"

Drama Club

Finally she had enough of messing around and found her way to her target, the Drama Club. She always loved acting out on her spare time and developed a plan to become the greatest Actress in the world! Well when she arrived she didn't expect to see an example playing out for curious students. The Club leader sat in a directors seat with a makeshift mini stage with two students trying to act out a scene of Romeo and Juliet. The girl was rather cute with her hair tied in a brown ponytail, she was being held by a nervous looking boy with short black hair. If Ume remembered correctly this was a kissing scene, but the boy was a wreck. And she could tell that the director was slowly losing it.

"M-My fair J-umm…My Jul-liet..I lo…l-lo….Gah! I can't do it!" The boy quickly ran off too nervous to kiss the girl in front of a crowd. Many of the onlookers groaned, saying things like "lame" or "no talent".

The ponytailed girl huffed "That's the fifth runner today, am I not cute or something?"

"Come on! Is there anyone who has it in them to do one simple act?!" The director, A girl with long black hair and glasses, shouted.

Ume saw her chance and hoped on stage "Leave it to me!" she said with a fist pump. Before anyone could say anything (Again) she took the ponytail girl and held her close earning a surprised yelp and slight blush from her.

Ume looked right at her with a soft expression yet piercing eyes, holding her gently but with a solid grip. She spoke with conviction "My fair Juliet…Thou eyes entrapped me and my soul once I first came upon them… I love you! Would thou return thy love…with a kiss?" Before the girl knew it she was pulled into a passionate kiss with Ume. The onlookers went wild with awe over the performance…and excitement over two girls kissing.

Ume pulled away, inwardly grinning when the girl moaned quietly and was out of breath. She suddenly turned away and faced everyone. "Thank you! Thank you! You're all so kind!" She bowed a few times before the director came up to her. 'Uh oh, did I mess up again?'

What happened next surprised her; the club leader grabbed her hand and gave a wide smile. "That was so wonderful! The passion, the way you spoke, not to mention a pretty good kiss! Please! You have to join!"

Ume smiled shyly and scratched the back of her head, "Well that's why I came, so sign me up!" Everyone in the club clapped as Ume signed in. 'Hm, that was easy enough. This may be fun!'

I know that this wasn't actually a part of Shakespeare's' Romeo and Juliet, but I didn't feel like lookin up the right verses so I improvised. Hoped you liked it though!