Previous Title: Satan's Daughter

Author: YuiKudo

Genre: Action, Romance (squint and might see), Humor (attempted), Drama (hopefully not much)

Disclaimer: I only own main OC and the story/plot. Katou Kazue-sensei owns Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist.

Original run: Jun 8, 2013 - June 18, 2014 (May 16, 2014)

Taken down: September 28, 2015

Author's Note:

Hi! You must all be surprised, receiving an alert from an already completed story, who wouldn't be surprised? It's been a year since this story has been completed, and, while I decided to concentrate on the sequel, I found myself drifting back to this part. After long hours of meditation and shouting (mostly towards my room's wall), I decided to go with the flow and go over this story again, as well as its main character, Yurin Fujiwara. Various changes have been made to the character, so the story had to be adapted to this changes, reason why it's undergoing re-writing under a new format.

Everyone who has this story in alert, I'm extremely sorry about this! You will be getting 20 or so more notifications. Though the main plot is still the same and basically the whole fanfiction as well apart from changes to the format and certain details, please read it once again!

And for those who are reading this for the first time, have a nice journey!

"Hello" - talking

'Hello' - thinking

"Hello" - telepathy

"Hello" - demon language

Edit of 20/08/2016:

My OC, Yurin Fujiwara, has now brown hair! For those reading this for the first time, she used to have blue hair but not anymore! For those re-reading this, I'm sorry.

1. A new student in the True Cross Academy

Under a big tree sat a small girl, she had short brown hair and eyes brimming with tears. The tears were like a never-ending downpour, unstoppable and unbreakable, they were reflecting perfectly the girl's feelings.

"No one wants me..." she sobbed, trying to dry the tears by furiously wiping her face with the back of her hand.

Suddenly tiny black dust particles started forming around her. They rapidly mobbed together and what came out were little demons, black bodies and glowing green eyes, who started laughing in a sinister manner.

The almost maniacal laughter was directed at the girl, who silently suffered the taunt of the small demons. It was as if they were chanting evil things at her. She could feel it, she didn't need to understand it.

She gave a pained cry and flames erupted from her body, the demons were instantly carbonized, leaving only dirt behind.

Alone once again, she began pouring her heart out in the form of tears.

True Cross Academy was a big school, maybe homogenous would give a better idea. There were two courses within the school: normal course and cram course. The cram school was for a special group of student that studied to be Exorcists, and right now the second year group will be having a new student.

Said student was now extremely late for class. It was a girl and she was running full speed towards her classroom, not wanting to skip like she did with the normal course. Her shoulder length brown hair flew behind her as she sped up once more. She was wearing the standard girl's uniform with a dark blue cardigan, high black stockings and dark brown combat boots.

'Damn you, Mephisto! Ya could've given me a map of the school, nah?!' she cursed as she ran through a long corridor, hoping to arrive as soon as possible.

She stopped abruptly in front of a door, took a deep breath and opened said door as calmly as possible. "I am sorry I'm late!" she shouted, bowing her head like was custom of the Japanese people doing when apologizing.

Unknowing to her, that gesture just saved her life for a bullet just whizzed by her head.

"And you are?" questioned an inquiring voice from inside the room.

The brunette looked up and saw a guy, most likely around her age, with glasses and holding a gun, where smoke was coming out from. 'Did he just...?!' now she was both scared and nervous.

"I-I-I am F-Fujiwara Yurin, a new student of this... class," she stuttered nervously.

"And why haven't I heard of that?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I am not aware of the reasons... Mephisto-san should have informed the staff of my arrival."

The male quirked the other brow, then fished out his mobile from his jacket's pocket, dialed a number and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Mephisto?" He had a quick conversation with Mephisto, occasionally answering with 'I see'. It was very formal and cold. Finally, he closed the phone and stared at the new girl before speaking, "Yes, indeed it seems you are part of this class."

"I will be in your care then..."

"Okumura, Okumura Yukio."


There was a moment of silence between them as they stared at each other, neither blinking or breaking contact.

"Uhm... Okumura-sensei? Where should I sit?" Yurin asked nervously.

They turned towards the class and the girl took that moment to fully observe her new classmates for the first time. There were a lot of different people, all surely had their own reasons for striving to be Exorcists.

Yukio cleared his throat when he saw the new student spacing out, and pointed to the snoring dark haired guy in the front line. His lazy and, more often than not, unreliable older twin brother.

The brunette smiled awkwardly before she walked towards the desk and sat down.

She felt a slight sense of irritation as she looked at the boy, but quickly dismissed it and took out her notebook. 'You are here to work, not lecture people!' She told herself.

'Such a contrast.' Yukio thought, looking at the two before restarting his lesson.

For the whole duration of class time, Okumura Rin slept while Fujiwara Yurin took notes diligently, and exactly an hour later the bell rang.

"Okay, class dismissed."

Everyone started standing up and leaving, they had another few hours before they could leave for the dorms.

The brunette girl was almost outside the door when the young teacher called out to her.


"Yes, Okumura-sensei?" she asked, turning around to face him.

"Could you wait a second?"


She stood there and waited for everyone to leave, hearing small comments from the students as they left, some wondering why she was being held behind and others, like the guy that was sitting next to her, wondering who she was. She idly wondered why she was being held back too, her next period was practical athletics and she had to change, but maybe it was better being late so she could change alone.

"I heard from Mephisto that you are a special case," explained Yukio, giving her a serious look.

'Does that clown love playing around that much?!' the brunette wondered, glaring at a random spot in the classroom.

"W-what kind of special case did he say I was, if I may ask?" Yurin asked, trying to not sound too nervous.

"He didn't say, he said that I will eventually find out."

Unintentionally, she sighed relieved, and it was loud enough for the other to hear.

"But if it's something dangerous, I would like to know. Now."

The look he was giving her was bone chilling. She felt the shivers bolt down her spine like rolling thunder.

" I-I doubt it is something dangerous. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go to my next class."

Quickly she gathered her things and ran as fast as she could, that is until she spotted the door leading to the gym and a little further down the changing rooms.

She changed into her gym clothes, pink shorts and white t-shirt.

'This get up is too dangerous,' she concluded as she realized how little clothing she was wearing compared to what she usually wore in front of others, thus she put on the additional pink jersey and zipped it up.

Entering the gymnasium, she noticed that everyone was already there, being late to change alone was good but being late and earning the spotlight wasn't what she yearned for.

"Fujiwara-san, right?" asked the teacher at the other end of the sports hall.

"Yes, Fujiwara Yurin."

"Get ready, you're next, together with Okumura-kun and Suguro-kun."

Yurin tied her hair up and followed the two boys as they descended to the lower level of the gymnasium, it was practically a really deep large hole in the middle of the gym.

There was a strange kind of platform, where the teacher was standing, that was hanging from the ceiling with a bridge connecting to the higher level of the gym. Under the platform hanged five cages and inside each one of them was a Leaper, a low-level demon that possessed frogs. They can read people's emotions by looking into their eyes. They only attack when they find fear, sadness, anger, apprehension, or any kind of agitation in the person's eyes. Otherwise, they are very docile.

"What... is it that we are supposed to do here?" wondered the girl, looking around confused.

"Gonna eat my dust today too, Suguro!" shouted one of the two boys. He was the one with dark hair that was sleeping in class.

"In your dreams, Okumura!" answered the other. He had black hair with a streak of yellow in the middle.

The teacher sighed, as if their arguing was a normal thing, which probably was but not to the new student. Peculiar.

"Get in line, we are about to start," instructed the teacher as he opened one of the cages, letting the demon inside fall to the ground.

Just then Yurin noticed that the Leaper was wearing a collar, which was connected to some kind of mechanism on the ceiling.

'Why doesn't he explain a thing? I'm new here if ya don't remember!' she shouted in her head, dropping the overly stiff formal speech.

The only choice left for her was to follow what the other two were doing, and get in line. She just hoped it wasn't anything crazy like she was used to.

The teacher took out a gun and shouted, "Ready? Start. Go!" and shot once.

Both boys started running and the brunette, not knowing what to do, did the same. At the same time a stomping sound could be heard coming from behind them.

The sense of déjà-vu was overwhelming. It felt very nostalgic to the girl but at the same time... She really didn't want to believe that it might be happening, again.

'It cannot be... right?' Yurin wondered, turning to face behind her. Her eyes widened at the sight. It was happening.

Running after them was the Leaper and, if he got them at that speed, they were done for.

Luckily for her, she had great stamina and was a pretty fast runner, more so if a partly-dangerous demon was running after her. But she instantly noticed that she wasn't the only one. The dark haired boy seemed to posses the same qualities she had, because even if she accelerated, she couldn't get him off her.

'She's fast, damn!' Rin thought, although he wasn't having problems keeping up with her. It was Suguro who was having problems keeping up with them.

'No way he's as fast as me... Aunt said it's not humanly possible...!' the girl thought, remembering the list of differences between her and other people made by her aunt.

"Stop!" yelled the teacher, pulling the Leaper's leash.

The sudden pull almost strangled the demon, however the monster wasn't the only one having problems over the abrupt stop. The group of three students were seriously close to clashing together and rolling on the floor like a big ball of limbs and bodies.

'The hell is wrong with him?' thought the trio, glaring at the teacher.

"Hello? Oh, darling! What happened?! Ah, seriously, what can you do without me?" he said as he talked on the phone, gesturing very animatedly to the wind.

Everyone stared at him with dumbfounded expressions, left speechless at his romantic show. The brunette girl repeatedly blinked her eyes, she was the most confused of all.

"Because of certain circumstances, I will have to leave for some time. Keep training but, pay attention, Leapers can be dangerous!" The teacher explained with all seriousness. "WAIT FOR ME, KONEKO-CHAN!" he squealed, then dashed out of the place, phone still in hand.

Yurin stood there gaping at where the teacher used to stand. What just happened? She couldn't exactly wrap her head around it and, even if she did, it came undone real fast.

"Again?!" shouted Rin. His angry scowl clearly showed that he was beyond pissed off.

"Some teacher we have," commented Suguro, rolling his eyes at the ridiculousness of the situation.

The brunette girl turned towards them, still blinking her eyes twice more than normal.

"Uhm... Is it alright for me to ask what just happened?" she asked confused, and in need of an explanation.

"The teacher was called, like always, by his lover and he ran away. Very simple," answered the yellow streak guy.

Silence fell as everyone took a moment to think, what were they going to do next?

"Ah..." Yurin started, which attracted everyone's attention, just like she wanted. "What would your names be? We will be classmates from now on so... I would like to know everyone better."

"I'm Shima Renzo! How old are you? You single?" said a pink haired boy. He looked like the type that fooled around a lot. Not exactly the kind of person the girl usually associated with.

"I am 16 years old, though I was born on a different year, and... What is shinguru?" Yurin answered, showing confusion at the non-Japanese word.

"Shinguru is an English word, it's used to indicate someone who isn't involved in a relationship, romantic relationship," Shima explained, not believing that there was actually someone other than old people that got confused with English words.

"Ah! I see. Well, I am single," the girl replied, smiling brightly. She nodded and thanked him for the explanation, if she understood that he was flirting with her than she was very good at ignoring it.

"My name is Miwa Konekomaru," said the short bald boy with glasses. He was surely the serious type, observed the girl.

"Nice to meet you, Miwa-san."

Next to step up was a blonde girl with green eyes, for who knows what reason she was shaking.

"I-I a-a-am M-Moriyama S-S-Shiemi!" she stuttered nervously.

"Nice to meet you, Shiemi-san," Yurin answered with a smile, trying to reassure the girl that she was not going to bite her.

"Kamiki Izumo," said a girl with purple hair and old styled eyebrows. She gave the impression of someone hard to approach.

"Nice to make your acquaintance, Kamiki-san," the brunette replied, acting according to what her gut feeling was telling her. She had to show respect to the person, and she was one that took respect seriously.

Yurin turned towards her companions of misadventures.

"Suguro Ryuji," grumbled the guy with the partly blonde hair.

"But we call him 'Bon'!" shouted Shima, which earned him a threat from Suguro, something along the lines of: 'I will kick your ass to Gehenna and back'.

"I'm Okumura Rin," said the other boy. He was the one that was sleeping next to her and had the same surname as the teacher, odd.

The brunette stared at him for a while, her expression serious for some reason. She was trying to figure out something really important, no one knew exactly what but they agreed on the fact that she was trying real hard.

"Okumura-sensei's... little brother?" she finally asked, her expression still serious.

"I'm the older twin!" Rin shouted angrily.

Chuckling a little bit, Yurin relaxed and decided to introduce herself once more, since it showed that she had good manners.

"As you well know, I am Fujiwara Yurin and I will be in your care from now on."

"Can I ask you a few things, Fujiwara-san?" Izumo asked, standing up from where she was sitting in the upper part of the gym.

"Yes?" the questioned girl answered, trying to not be nervous.

"In this class we are all Exwires, with a year of experience no less, while you are a new student. You should be a Page, therefore on a different class," explained the purple haired girl.

"I am an Exwire as well, even though I am a new student."

"You also stated that you were born on a different year from us," continued Izumo, leaving things undone wasn't her style at all.

"Yes, though it is a simply few months' difference," Yurin explained as best as she could. She wasn't sure if classes were divided depending on the year the students were born, in which case it would mean that she should be in the group of the first years, or it depended on something else, she was new to the whole 'school' thing. The purple haired girl nodded.

There was another member to the class but, by the looks of it, the brunette was sure that he wasn't going to tell her a thing about himself.

Slowly everyone went back to what they were doing. Nothing could surprise them at that point, even a giant demon suddenly crashing into the room would be considered normal.