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1. Sequel: This morning, we part

The forest was a lively green, each leaf reflecting small sunbeams to create the illusion of an even brighter green, it gave the impression of a enchanted place right out of a fairy tale book. And the birds chirped and the wind blew, which made the leaves dancing with it, truly magical the power of nature.

"Mother!" a child's voice echoed in the great vastness of the wooded area, startling the birds and causing the wind to carry its sound across the dancing leaves.

"Father!" the voice called again, its earlier enthusiasm dropping when no one answered.

The source of the voice was a small girl with short brown hair and teal eyes, her white sundress shone like a bright star against the green and brown of the forest. Her delicate and childlike face was soon overtaken by a sad expression, fat tears threatening to fall at the drop of a leaf.

Rustling noises warned her that she was no longer alone in the woodland, and then a manly voice came, "Yurin!" The little girl's face immediately brightened, beginning to run in the direction of the voice.

"Mother! Father!"


As she was getting closer to the voice, she noticed that, at her every step, the forest behind her was fading into nothingness. Scared of the consequences, the little girl willed her legs to go faster, almost tripping a few times, but she persisted and went towards the light.


Startled, the brunette girl shot up from her bed and looked around her room. She was in her room, at True Cross Academy, in Japan and― "What are you doing, Rin?" she questioned, eyeing the boy as he stood near the door, probably afraid to step further in considering what happened last time. She was known for trashing around when waking up, throwing punches and kicks wasn't unheard of.

"It's 7:50 already," Rin informed, looking rather bashful at being on the receiving end of such a heated gaze, or maybe because the girl was sporting a very particular appearance. Not that he was looking any lower than her face!

"I will be right there!" shouted Yurin, feeling both anger and embarrassment. She only noticed her appearance when she noticed her dormmate's wavering gaze, that was not how she wanted to start her last day of high school.

Left alone, the brunette teen sighed. 'What was that dream?' she wondered, her teal eyes assuming a darker hue as if to reflect her inner turmoil. Her dreams seemed to always tell her something important, she just never understood what it was until the last minute.

Pondering over the meaning of her dreams right now wasn't the best choice, she was going to leave that for later. Having decided, Yurin yanked the sheets off her and began getting ready.

"Morning, Fujiwara-san," greeted Yukio upon seeing the girl walk into the dining room.

Halting in her furious marching, the brunette managed a weak smile, "Good morning, Okumura-sen―san," she replied, like usual tripping over which honorific she should use in a normal setting.

The spectacled teen chuckled, shaking his head in what the girl hoped was amusement, but otherwise he just continued eating.

"YUKIO!" came Rin's shouting out of nowhere, startling the daydreaming Yurin, who was in the middle of carrying her tray over to their usual table. "Why are you eating before us?!"

Yukio threw him such an impressive I-am-so-done-with-your-shit face, that the older sibling on the receiving end of it flinched. "It's already 8 o'clock, you seriously expect me to wait?" the younger growled, his glasses flashing as dangerously as a piece of glass could ― which was rather scary, actually.


"Nii-san," Yukio said in the most soothing and calm voice ever, both Yurin and Rin took a step back. "Mind your own business." A smile never looked quite as frightening and as cold as the one Yukio offered his brother.

Rin dumped his tray on the table without much care, watching with dark eyes as his younger twin gracefully walked his legs out of the dining room. "Trying to act all cool and everything," he grumbled, angrily stuffing his mouth with food.

"At least I'm not the one trying to look unnecessarily neat," called the spectacled teen, showing that, even though he might have no Satanic power, he had some fine ears. "And failing at too," he left on that last note.

The elder's enraged growling could be heard miles away, his face had gone an impossible shade of red. "I'M THE OLDER BROTHER!" His best ―debatable point in many's opinion― remark never quite reached his sibling.

"He made a valid point," mumbled Yurin, setting down her chopsticks and starting on the miso soup.

"Huh?!" Rin growled with a very fiery glare directed the girl's way.

"On the unnecessarily neat part," the brunette sighed, her tone laced with a tint of annoyance. "What are you showing off for? Get the gel off and be yourself." As if to make her point, Yurin reached over and ruffled the boy's hair into his usual messy look.

An instant blush exploded on Rin's cheek, giving the idea that he was trying to imitate an overripe tomato. The brunette girl became instantly worried. "Rin? Are you alright?"

"Perfecty!" he choked out, failing to pronounce correctly.

Yurin wasn't convinced in the least, though she decided it was better to drop it when she chanced a glance at the clock. "It's 8:23 already!" she shrieked with possibly the highest pitch ever, which made even her recoil at the intensity.

Both teens scrambled to gather whatever they needed to bring with them, and dashed to school at top speed. Dash which eventually became a race between them ― they just worked that way to motivate each other.

"First!" exclaimed the brunette girl, taking her first and last step into her classroom, 3-D. Entering right after her, Rin began complaining on the fact that she cheated, which was a very absurd lie considering they both knew she had always been faster than him.

"Good morning Fujiwara-san, Okumura-kun," greeted a classmate with black hair and eyes, approaching the duo.

"Good morning, Godain-kun," replied Yurin, quickly composing herself. She brought a hand up to smooth her hair down, she knew better than anyone the effect running had on her hair.

"Yo, Godain!" Rin answered, grinning widely.

Godain Sei, a classmate of theirs who happened to come in contact with Miasma, rendering him able to see demons like the rest of them. At first he was afraid, but Rin's friendly attitude convinced him that not all was bad for him in his current state.

"The teacher is giving out the flower pins, you should hurry up and get yours," he informed with a meek tone, pointing to the flower pinned to his black blazer.

The duo immediately scrambled to get a pin, though there was no hurry considering there was exactly one for each one of them. Fortunately, the teacher was there to scold them.

"It's 9 o'clock," announced the balding teacher, glancing at his wristwatch. "Form a line in alphabetical order and follow me."

Lining up alphabetically had the group of three friends standing quite apart from each other, but knowing there was nothing to be done they just quietly followed the teacher out of the classroom.

All ten of the third year class ―included in the fry was one lone special course class― gathered before the doors of the grand auditorium, patiently waiting for their headmaster to announce the beginning of the ceremony.

Yurin spotted her cram school friends and waved at them, receiving more than a wave from one very terrified Moriyama Shiemi. 'How long she going to last with all that pent up anxiety?' she wondered, torn between worrying for her friend or sighing in exasperation.

The sound of fireworks and cheering alerted the teachers, as well as the students, that their headmaster had probably appeared at the podium. A more somber entrance was most likely impossible for the spirited man known as Johann Faust V.

"When is it time for us to enter?" Yurin heard one of her classmate grumble, and honestly she was beginning to wonder so herself.

Suddenly, as if by magic, the grand doors to the auditorium flew open. Taking that as their clue to march in, the teachers, always following a rigorous alphabetical order of A then B and then C, began leading their classes to their respective seats.

The place was packed with people, and possible TV stations with camera crews, the brunette girl somberly noted, not quite feeling comfortable at being the center of so much attention. She averted her teal eyes to the floor, hoping they could just sit down and get this whole thing over with.

The singing of the national anthem, the school song, and the announcement that the diplomas were going to be given out, all of that flew over the brunette girl's head. She numbly noticed as the special course class stood up to head to the podium, among them was Yukio.

"Okumura Rin."


Yurin snapped out of her daydream, looking around frantically as she tried to place herself. Her class was already walking to the podium ― heck, Rin was the second on their list! Most of her classmates were by now crowding the stage.

"Fujiwara Yurin."

"..Yes!" She could hardly keep her hands from shaking as she reached for the diploma with her left hand, thankful that she wasn't screwing up the most important things.

After she was seated again, Yurin felt herself begin to zoon out again and she ―in all serious honesty and could see many others agreed with her― didn't care much about what their headmaster, Johann Faust V as he liked to be called publically, had to say about their graduation. Probably another fabricated lie of his.

As time wore on, she became averse to the idea of having to stand up and sing again, but once she realized that this would be the very last time she would get to sing with all her classmates, that there wasn't going to be a next time... She stood as proudly as she could, and took a deep breath.

Light of fireflies, snow by the window,

Many suns and moons spent reading

Years have gone by without notice

Day has dawned; this morning, we part.

From her peripheral vision, Yurin could see how her own realization had dawned on all the other third years graduating. Shiemi, from what she could see, had opened the waterworks, though not everyone was reacting as strongly as the blonde girl, she could still see a hint of sadness swimming in their expressions.

Stay or leave, either an end

Think as mementos; so many

Corners of my heart, in one word

Sing for peace.

Her own waterworks seemed to open as more of those lyrics flew out of her lips, traitorous drops of salty water they were! But, as she stood there with another 100 or so students crying like her, she realized that she didn't care about appearances, and that nothing would stop her from getting emotional at her own graduation ceremony.

"And with this wonderful song, True Cross Academy's 99th Graduation Ceremony is now... OVER!" announced an overly cheerful Mephisto, making a scenic exit by exploding into tiny colorful confetti.

Many cheers and a lot of congratulations later, a lively group of nine found themselves leisurely hanging by the auditorium's entrance.

"I can't ― can't believe..!" Shiemi sobbed, gripping tightly onto her safely-tucked-away-into-its-sheath diploma.

Yurin took it upon herself to calm her bawling best friend, "It's alright, Shiemi-chan. We are all exorcists, it's not like we are not going to see each ever again, right?" Truthfully, she could very well understand why the blonde was so upset, school had been a first for them both and now it was gone.

"Instead of just crying, why not go somewhere?" Rin proposed, all toothy grins and cheeriness.

"Sounds good," agreed Suguro, throwing a dirty glare at the other boy for actually suggesting something intelligent that he had to agree to. "But first, I have to find my parents."

The other two members of the Kyoto childhood friends trio perked up. "Oh, they came in the end?" Konekomaru questioned.

"Yeah, told them not to!" growled the tall boy, his brow furrowing and assuming his typical pissed off expression, which was also his thoughtful expression and worried expression and... He wasn't very original, was he?

Speaking of families, Yurin let her gaze wonder the crowds. Did her aunt even know she was graduating today? She hadn't had time to write another letter, so the woman probably didn't.

"Something on yer mind?" came the voice of Rin, his tone laced with a hint of worry. The girl's troubled expression always got to him.

The brunette shook her head, signaling that it was nothing to worry about. "Just thinking," she answered, trying to put aside all those thoughts and concentrate on the present time.

"About the food?" the boy joked.

"Yup! I feel like having some okonomiyaki for a change!" Yurin beamed, talking about food could probably distract her for the time being.

Or so she thought.

One moment she was discussing with Rin and the others on where they should go, and the next she felt herself go airborne, shrieking in surprise as she was hoisted up and spun around. Three distinct and very familiar voices calling out to her as she felt herself be passed around like the saltshaker at a dinner table.

When her world finally stopped spinning, and she was ―thankfully― allowed to touch the ground again, she let her teal eyes analyze her aggressors. Three man. One very tall, one wearing glasses, and another very good-looking.

Yurin gasped loudly, pointed an accusing finger at the good-looking one and gave a cry of, "Ichirou?!" She turned towards the glasses wearing one and shouted, "Jirou!?" And the last one, the tall one, got a hug with beaming cheer of, "Saburou!"

"You three!" yelled a very, very familiar feminine voice. "Where are the manners I raised you with?!"

Rapidly blinking away the tears, Yurin turned towards the voice. Standing in all her elegant glory was her aunt Fujiwara Kotomi, whom she hadn't seen in person for at least two years. She looked exactly as she remembered, beautiful dark brown hair and black eyes.


Her group of friends, who she had quickly forgotten about in favor of running to her adored aunt, stood gaping at the unexpected family reunion playing out before their eyes. Never in their wildest dreams did they think they would ever get to met infamous Fujiwara family the brunette girl belonged to.