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Bella's reverie was broken by the ringing of her cell phone. She picked up the call without looking at the caller's name.

"Hello" Bella's voice was thick. She tried to clear it.

"Bella." It was Carlisle. He sounded worried, "Are you alright?"

"Yes... I am fine"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Bella seemed reluctant to speak.

Carlisle was silent too. After few seconds he spoke regretfully, "Bella... an emergency situation has come up. I guess, I have to spend the night in the hospital."

"Okay." Her voice had no emotion. This news was not one that could elicit any response from her.

"I am so sorry Bella. I know how you must be feeling and in a moment like this, I could not be with you..."

"Carlisle, don't! ... Don't pester yourself like this." This time Bella's voice was not emotionless. She spoke with genuine feelings "You have always been there for me; whenever I needed you, you were there. I understand that if you could, you would have come. Trust me; I know how much you care for me." Bella did not know what prompted her to say all these, maybe it was her guilt. She felt a bit better after saying these. She thought that by being genuinely grateful to Carlisle, maybe she could be considered better than Sue.

"I love you..." Carlisle whispered and Bella wanted to say 'I love you too' but she could not.

"... Well, I got to go now. Bye. See you in the morning." And with that Carlisle hung up.

As soon as Bella disconnected the call, a pair of strong arms grabbed her shoulders. She jumped up in shock. It was Edward. There was confusion in his eyes at her reaction. Bella exhaled in relief. No matter how guilty she felt at other times, she could not help but be happy whenever she saw Edward. He made her feel alive.

"Sorry! You startled me." Bella said smiling a little.

Edward was now standing with his arms crossed over his chest; the top of his white shirt was unbuttoned and it stuck to his sweaty body. His hair was a mess and his square-cut jaw had a light stubble.

"When have you come?" Bella asked while ogling him.

"When you were talking to my dad about how he cares for you." Edward spoke with mocking indifference but his eyes were ablaze with jealousy and some kind of anger. Edward could not tolerate them together and Bella was not oblivious to the fact. She slowly walked up to him and hugged him. And without being completely conscious about it, she whispered, "I love you."

Edward melted under her touch and he hugged her back tightly; feeling the contours of her body. Bella's fingers on its own accord started to play with his hair while she rubbed her soft cheeks against his stumble; but there was a part of her mind that protested against it. That part wondered why she couldn't tell Carlisle 'I love you' as easily as she said it to Edward. She obviously had feelings for Carlisle otherwise she would not have been anxious about his well-being. The conversation she had with Carlisle this afternoon, flashed in front of her eyes.

Suddenly Edward broke the embrace and looked her directly in the eyes. "What is bothering you?" He asked directly. Bella raised her eyebrows. "You seem distracted."

Bella smiled and then tried to kiss him. But he stopped her.

"Tell me what is the matter. "

She shrugged, "Sorry. I was thinking something else." Then touching his lips softly, she said" I know you don't like me thinking about anything else in moments like these... I am sorry." She started to open his shirt.

But he stopped her again. "Don't do it. Don't make me feel like sex is the only thing I want from you. Something is bothering you. I want to know what it is. I understood it the moment I came in. Is it something about your father?"

It was strange to see how well Edward could feel and understand her.

Bella nodded but seemed reluctant to continue. She did not know how to say or how much to say. It was not only about Charlie, it was about Carlisle to.

Edward made her sit on the couch and taking her hands in his, he spoke softly and with utter sincerity, "Bella... Please tell me. Talk to me..."

"It's nothing" Bella said half-heartedly.

"Do you love me Bella? Or am I just someone to fool around with?" Edward spoke seriously.

Bella looked up, surprised.

Cupping Bella's face in his hands and looking directly in her eyes, he said "My love for you is beyond the level of shallow human devotion and biological need. Our love is an example of eternal bond between two souls. And there is no place for keeping secret in this relationship. We are one... don't you feel it? Suffering alone, like you are doing at this moment, is an insult to the love I have for you."

Bella, though never considered or believed in eternal bonding of soul, liked such highly poetic and romantic notions... especially when Edward spoke about it in the context of their relationship. And at that moment, those words compelled Bella to spill her guts and tears in front of him. Bella stressed less on the topic of her guilt but she could see it still bothered Edward.

After some time Bella found herself in his lap and her face buried in his shoulder. Edward was rubbing soothing circles on her back. When Bella had stopped crying, he spoke softly, "I am so sorry that you had to go through the pain again but I guess you needed to know, at least you deserved to know."

Bella nodded. "And Bella please do not compare yourself with your step-mom. I don't know her and I don't know what kind of relationship she had with that guy but I am sure it was different from ours. We are different. It is just not physical about us, you know that right? I know you feel guilty about it. That is natural for you because you are good. Better than anyone I have ever known. But you should not feel guilty about it. What we have done, what we are doing is not wrong... it is meant to be like this..."

Bella interrupted him, "How so Edward? How are we any different from Sue and Paul? Don't you feel guilty about cheating Carlisle... he is you r dad."

"I know..." He spoke with vehemence "... he is my dad and I don't wish him harm but what we have is different. Don't you feel it, don't you feel anything? The love we share is noble. We are the missing part of each other. It is our destiny to be together. You married Carlisle, a man double your age, so that you can meet me. We are destined to have like this one. Our love is designed by the supreme force and I can feel it in my blood, in my soul and in my every cell."

Well at that moment Bella did not find these notions romantic or poetic. She did not believe Edward. It seemed like a thought of a lunatic or a drug addict and she wondered if Edward was back on drugs; but a part of her wanted to believe him. She hated the remorse that was causing her so much pain, so she wanted to accept his theories, knowing full well these are not true.

"You still can't see it... can you? You don't see what we are because you have closed your vision to the nature. Let me show you, let me help you see it that we are a part of each other and there is nothing wrong in what we do..."

And with these, Edward started to show Bella the pleasure of carnal desires...

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