Once upon a time... Long ago,

gods ruled the world as it's sole inhabitants. But due to Malice... The world they lived in and loved so much was destroyed. Those who lived escaped aboard a stone ship called the Ark.

In a new world or uncreated potential, Sickle, the Sun God, saw fit to all the surviving gods to join hands and work together to make a new home. One of these gods where a pair of twins, Levia and Behemo. They resented Sickle for his grand powers but helped to create the new home anyway. Eldoh, the god of earth, overheard their grumblings and reported to Sickle, who permanently fused the unsatisfied twins into one entity, Levia-Behemo, as punishment.

When their world was complete, they called this the Third Period. Of the original surviving group, only nine gods remained. Levia-Behemo and six of the gods wanted to rule the world for their own, but Sickle had made it so this period would belong to the humans, and banished the seven rebels into the Ark, to be sealed for eternity...


Once upon a time... There lived a village of the Gods. In that village lived a girl who suffered for her grievous crime. She had murdered her own father in cold blood.

Or so they say.

"No... I loved my father... I loved him so much... I would never flip the switch! It wasn't me... But her... she did this! She flipped the switch!"

"I see her … every night. She tells me we have to destroy this world... Everything the gods made. Everything has to be nothing! I didn't flip the switch … the bloodied switch... Where is Father?! He'll tell you – It wasn't me!"

No one believed. And so she was only declared crazy. In the mental institute, scientists surrounded her with plastered smiles and a long needle. As she struggles, they draw closer and she repeatedly refuses the injection...

Prevent disaster... Save this world... Halt Apocalypse...

These words ring true in the minds of all the participants in the Project MA. But still, they sweat uncontrollably from their seats as they watch the Seventh version of the Project unfold.

In their heads, they can see their past failures play in front of their eyes like it was just yesterday. The first Project had the still births Cain and Abel from Eve Zvezda. The second had fled with the fruits of their effort. The third project died without even becoming pregnant. The fourth had been assassinated by the criminal syndicate Apocalypse. The fifth had only produced one child. Her fate is still being decided. Vey Lucif had gone and killed the Sixth and stolen the fetuses.

"One more chance... To halt destruction..."

Milky Eights, the first candidate in the Seventh project, is from Welvya. Rumor has it that she was the former mistress of Pale Noel, the head of Apocalypse. That could complicate things if she tried to enter the temple.

Ly Li, the second candidate, had entered the project through familial connections. The Li family was prestigious in Levantia and funded the project generously. Her father pulled some strings to bet her accepted in

Then there were the two other candidates. All eyes were on them, because they were the most likely to succeed. The other two were like riffraff. Also, a few days before the final presentation in Levantia coliseum, it was unfortunate, but Milky had hung herself and Ly had fallen off a cliff. Presumable suicide attempts under the stress. Now only Elluka Chirkrassia and Irina Clockworker are standing in the death match.

Irina looks compassionately at her brother's lover and says,

"Let us not fight, Elluka. The wedding is so close... and I don't think Kiruru will be happy if we choose to kill otherwise. Please... you may be MA. Me and my brother would want it so."

Elluka, unaware of Irina's bloody hands, smiles at her words.

"Thank you, Irina. Don't worry. I will protect you."

The spectators grip the edge of their chairs. No... Is this another failure?! They send guards down to agitate a fight. Elluka turns to the wall of bristling weapons and prepares to send them all flying.

One brave soldier rushes forward. But his blade is not the one that pierces Elluka. That came from behind.

Blood spilling out of her mouth and chest, Elluka collapses and looks up to the face of Irina. Contorted in malice and absolute evil, Irina throws back her head and lets out a wail that may as well be a victory cry. Elluka, in her pool of blood, hears a voice yelling far away and closes her eyes.

Irina has seemingly won. She is now the new MA. She will rule Divine Levantia and save the world from destruction.

It is coronation day, and she stands before the Levantian crowds, being showered in their praises. Her poor brother is not here to witness this glorious moment.

Then it happens.

A purple ray of light blows the Temple top to pieces and everyone's attention shifts. Irina watches as waves of flame pulsate and burn all they touch.


The rabble disperses in panic. Even the elders run for their lives. Irina stands, watching the fire spread and feels a desire for more. She laughs maniacally at the destruction. But her smile is soon gone because a loose totem comes hurtling at her and smashes her arm to pieces. The burst of pain takes her mind off the glorious onslaught before her. She realizes the true danger now. But it's too late.

In the ruined temple, at the heart of the disaster, Elluka sits with her lover clasped to her bosom. She stares in horror at the fire engulfing everything and glimpses twin lights descend from the sky into the nearby forest of Bewilderment. A pulsing feeling gathers inside her but she ignores it and looks into the blank eyes of Kiruru. She howls in agony and sorrow as the flames consume Divine Levantia.

Irina had not been able to get away in time. She lays trapped beneath mountains of rubble and is burned beyond recognition. She gnashes her teeth and curses the heavens vengefully.

Then, like a miracle, Seth Twilight appears, stuffed cat in hand. The toy is one of Irina's favorites.

"So it seems your soul is immortal, eh, Mem Aleph?"

Irina spits at the scientist. He only laughs and throws the toy in front of her.

"Go on. You know what to do."

Irina gathers the remnants of her power and contemptuously utters the Swap Technique which Maria Moonlit had taught her. She feels the vestiges of herself tear away from the body and enter the cat. The toy suddenly twitches and comes to life. Very real and very alive.

"What happened?"

"It's the Ark. The temple broke down. Whatever was in the ark flew out. And I suspect this is your rival's doing."


"Elluka Chirkrassia."

The cat arches it's back and hisses at the name. Seth laughs and inadvertently coughs blood. Irina can see splinters protruding from his back from debris.

"You're going to die."

Seth doesn't say anything. Irina looks forlornly past the flames and up towards the placid moon in the sky.

I will have my revenge Elluka! I swear on the moon!