Note: to this day I don't know how I passed auto tech. and my science classes. There's a high probability that this smarty stuff will be made up.

Gohan sat, hunched over, in front of his desk as he busily worked with his screwdriver. As the hours ticced by, the pile of screws and wires on his desk steadily decreased, until there was only one screw left.

Gohan fingered the last screw, studying the fine details of its grey coloring and thinly burrowed lines that swirled to the end of its point. He'd been working at his desk, non stop, for weeks! He let out an amused chuckle, which brought on a wave of insane laughter.

Holding tightly to the screw, Gohan snatched up a thin sheet of metal and walked a few feet from his desk, where an incomplete android stood. He pushed his thick rimmed glasses further up the bridge of his nose, took a deep breath, and covered a bed of wires with the sheet. Pressing firmly down on the sheet, Gohan quickly twisted his screwdriver, securing the screw.

"There. It's finally finished!" Gohan sighed in relief, taking a step back to review his work. At that moment, there was a knock on the door." Come in."

"How's my little scientist?" Chichi greeted, setting a tray of soup on top of Gohan's bed. She patted her hands down on her apron, having spilled some of the soup, before joining Gohan at his side." Ah. I see you've completed your. . .android."

"What do you think, Mom?" Gohan asked, cupping his chin as he watched his mother's reaction.

"Well. . ." Chichi pursed her lips. The android looked nothing like Android 18, which is a good thing. 18 and Krillin wouldn't be too happy if they found out Gohan created a replica to work as his maid. Although Chichi had found a good price for blond wigs, Gohan had his heart set on having a brunette android. He never said why.

Gohan could see that his mother was speechless, but was she speechless in a good way or a bad way? He couldn't tell. He observed his android once more, squinting his eyes and trying to look at it from his mother's viewpoint.

His android was pure metal, he didn't have the resources or patience to create skin. It had the silhouette of a woman. A small waist, elegant arms, a perky bust, and wide hips. Two small holes for eyes, which would glow a bright blue when activated. The black hair looked out of place, almost unnecessary on the Android.

". . . She's pretty. Like a mannequin. . ." Chichi finally spoke.

"In a good way or a bad way?"

Chichi threw up her arms." Good. I guess. appearances aren't important. The important thing is if she works." Chichi cupped her son's face." I'm proud of you son." She gave his face a painful squeeze." You're a brilliant boy, and don't let anyone tell you any different. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mom." Gohan smiled.

Goten's laughter ruined their mother-son bonding moment.

Chichi let her hands fall from Gohan's face, and Gohan pushed up his glasses, silently hoping his younger brother wouldn't call him a "Mama's Boy" again.

Goten bounded into Gohan's room with so much energy that it made Gohan nervous. At seventeen, Goten could hardly be called a child anymore, yet he still had the hyperactivity of an eight year old. Gohan was nervous that his little brother might break something. To keep himself from freaking out, he decided to occupy his hands by cleaning the lenses of his glasses with the end of his shirt.

Goten popped another potato chip in his mouth before squeezing the android's left breast.

"Goten!" Chichi snapped.

Goten ignored his mother." Wow, this doesn't feel like a breast at all! It feels more like a rock."

Gohan's face reddened, pretending not to notice his brother as he moistened his lens with his breath.

"And how would you know what a breast feels like, young man?" Chichi growled.

"How can Gohan not know what a breast feels like!" Goten practically screamed. Gohan finally put his glasses back on. He wanted to kick his mother and brother out of his room, but didn't have the courage to do it. Instead he stood tall, and kept a passive face as he endured his little brother's abuse.

"I can't believe you're encouraging this mom! He'll be thirty next year and he's never had a girlfriend! He doesn't even have friends!" Goten kicked the android over. Gohan started towards it, but Goten stopped him." Bro, I can get you a blow up doll, and Trunks can find you a nice apartment - surrounded by neighbors! - -to put it in."

Gohan kneeled down, picked up his android and stalked out of the house.

Gohan sat on top of a hill, with the head of the android in his lap, as he watched the sun slowly rise over the mountains.

"It's not your fault Vexatious Intellectual Droid with Exemplary Legs Number One," Gohan whispered, softly caressing the android's smooth metal cheek. He glanced at her chest, at the spot where her heart would be, if she was alive and had a heart that is.

All he needed to do was place his finger over that spot to activate the android.

When Gohan came home, he noticed Chichi and Goten waiting for him at the kitchen table. Chichi quickly whacked Goten on the head, and Gohan instantly knew what was coming. Their mother did this a lot. Goten never apologized on his own. He always needed Chichi to make him. It seemed he never knew when he did something wrong.

"It's okay mom, he doesn't need to apologise." Gohan said, sounding tired.

"I don't?" Goten asked suspiciously." But. . . I killed your girlfriend. Aren't you mad?"

Gohan shoved his hands deep in his pockets and smiled.'My android wasn't made of glass doofus. Falling over wouldn't be enough to kill her. Not even close." She wasn't my girlfriend, and no, I'm not mad."

Chichi and Goten exchanged worried looks.

Gohan took a seat in front of them. He stared intently at his folded hands while his mother and brother waited patiently. After five minutes of complete silence, Gohan finally spoke." I've decided to move out. . ."

Chichi shook her head." You don't have a job and you have no way of supporting yourself. You don't even know how to cook." Gohan started to argue, but Chichi talked over him." Roasting fish over a fire doesn't count!"

"He can do it Mom. Just let him be an adult," Goten murmured, receiving another slap to the head.

After more arguing, fainting, and pretending to have a heart attack - - Chichi could see that nothing she did would persuade her son to stay.

"Bulma will give you a job." Chichi said as she waited for Bulma to pick up on the other line. She knew there was no way Bulma would say no to Gohan, she owed Goku countless favors for saving her life over the years, it's the least she could do. Asking her isn't necessary, Chichi was just doing it to be polite. " And Goten will have Trunks find you an apartment, or maybe you can live at Capsule Corporation."

Gohan felt guilty seeing his mother clutch the phone tightly, as if she were trying to strangle it." I'm not doing this to make you feel bad."

Chichi gave him a look that told him it was too late for apologies and to shut up.

"What did you do with your robot?" Goten asked, confident that Chichi would't hit him while she was on the phone. He was wrong.

Gohan coughed, not meeting Goten's gaze as he answered." I buried her."



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