I'm sorry, but i don't have the strength to keep writing stories anymore.

As a parting gift, i will give you some closure to the story.

What I planned:

Basically i just wanted to have fun writing Gohan and VIDEL as they bonded and as she learned how to be human. The first android Gohan created would come back into the story, and wreak havoc on their lives by interrupting the family dinner Chichi arranged. Gohan and VIDEL win against their tough battle against VIDEL #1, but VIDEL gets seriously damaged and everyone finds out that Gohan's new girlfriend had been an android all along.

Gohan begs Bulma and Trunks to fix VIDEL, but Bulma sadly tells him that she can't fix her. She's gone. Gohan falls into a deep depression and doesn't have the strength to leave his apartment. All he can do is lie in bed and think about his Videl. One night, while he's asleep, Videl crawls under the blankets with him and whispers that Bulma fixed her; she's returned.

Videl acts much more like a human this time, and Goten gives his brother his blessing. Chichi is creeped out by the android, but since she makes Gohan happy, also gives Gohan her blessing. Bulma and Trunks are both surprised to see Videl functioning again and both assume that the other fixed her.

Gohan and Videl live happily until they bump into Videl's father on the street. He's so happy to see Videl that he cries. Gohan lies and says that Videl can only spend the day with him before returning to Otherworld. Hercule nods and spends the day at the amusement park with Videl.

Gohan finally sees how insensitive it was of him to model the android after the deceased Videl. The day ends and Hercule kisses Videl goodbye, ordering Gohan to keep her happy in the Otherworld.

Gohan takes Videl to a secluded spot that overlooks the city. She leans her head on his shoulder and listens attentively as he expresses how much he loves her. He smiles happily as he tells her that he's ready to let her go. He gives her a final kiss before telling her to power off.


Bulma is in her lab, searching for something, when she finds Gohan's android, VIDEL, stuffed in a closet. This doesn't make sense to Bulma since she only built one android, and Trunks couldn't have possibly built another one so quickly.

. . .

Videl doesn't power off. She smiles, and Gohan's eyes widen as he realizes that she's the real Videl. She presses her finger against his lips to keep him silent, and whispers that he must keep pretending she's an android if he wants her to stay with him forever. Being at a loss for words, he simply nods.

Gohan and Videl leave the city to live a quiet life together, and Bulma keeps their secret, too, never mentioning android VIDEL ever again. She goes on to make more androids, and Trunks ends up happily dating one.

Thank you everyone who reviewed the story! I never would've made it this far into the story without your encouragement!