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Ally POV

I was walking through the dense forest, feeling the cool dirt against my bare feet. It was so dark, I could barely see three feet in front of me. My arms were wrapped around my body for some warmth from the cold wind blowing. I looked down at my body and realized Austin's sweatshirt was no longer around me, and my foot was no longer injured. That didn't put my mind at any ease, however, because I was alone, in the forest, at night

"Austin!" I yelled out, but my voice was meek and died amidst the trees. Panic swelled in my stomach and I pushed forward, putting my arms in front of me to avoid running into anything face first. "Trish!" I tried again, again hearing my voice fall short of a yell. I felt defeated and terrified all at once, my heart racing. I made my way around several trees, careful of my footing. "Dez!" I tried a third time with the same results. My breath caught in my throat and I had to brace myself against a nearby tree to steady myself and try to calm down. Panic washed over me in tsunami waves like I had never felt before. I had never felt this scared, this alone, and this helpless before. My breath came in short pants, my heart running faster than my body could keep up with and every beat in my chest ached.

I did my best for a few moments to steady myself, but failed. I was in a full blown panic attack and I didn't see anything calming me down. But then, I imagined Austin. His hands on my shoulders looking into my face and telling me to breathe. I imagined him coaching me through the deep breath in and slow breath out. I pictured his face, calm and collected, his eyes intense and deep. I could almost hear his voice, unwavering and smooth, instructing "Deep breath in... and slow breath out. Come on, Ally, you can do this. You're gonna be okay. Just breathe." And slowly, I allowed myself to fall into the thoughts and images of my best friend helping me come out of this. My breathing slowed down and my heart rate returned to normal. After a few minutes of still holding myself up against this tree, I was able to steady myself on my feet and continue my search for my friends.

I walked for awhile, but kept Austin's voice in my head helping me calm down, and I felt like he was right next to me, leading me. I had to stop and rest my feet for a minute, leaning against another tree and reaching down to rub my aching soles. As soon as my hand made contact with my foot, I jerked my hand away in a sudden gasp - my feet were wet. I pulled my hand to my face and in the darkness,I could make out dark splotches of blood on my hand. I had been walking for so long and along this forest floor, my feet had begun to bleed. I let out a sob but knew I had to continue on. I pressed through the pain that I now felt and started taking a few steps forward, before I heard the familiar sound of running water.

I turned my head toward the sound and ran as fast as my feet were willing to carry me. The rushing water grew louder and louder as my feet pounded against cold dirt. A blinding light suddenly appeared in front of me and I put my arms in front of my face to shield my eyes from the contrasting light against my dark surroundings. I stopped dead in my tracks, and when I opened my eyes again, I was no longer blinded by light or surrounded by darkness, but rather looking right at a piano. I turned and looked at my surroundings; I was in the Sonic Boom practice room. I stood from the bench I was sitting on, and turned in confusion around the room. I grabbed the nearest chair and sunk down into it, rubbing the back of my head harshly, trying to grasp the sudden change of scenery. I didn't have much time to process, however, as the door burst open and Austin came barging in, a scowl on his face.

"Ally!" He was angry. His voice wasn't his usual upbeat, joyful tone, but rather it was dark and stern. He quickly sat in the chair next to me, leaning forward towards me. "We need to talk about today." He rested his elbows on his knees and looked at me with distain.

"What are you talking about, Austin? What happened today, are you okay?" I leaned forward and reached out to touch his arm, but he pulled away from me quickly.

"Don't play dumb, Ally! You know what you did!" He leaned back against the chair to get away from me while still maintaining some sort of proximity to keep the conversation going.

"No, Austin, I really don't-" He interrupted me before I could finish my sentence.

"You told Kira I had feelings for you!" He nearly yelled over me. My eyes went wide and I took in a deep inhale of breath and held it in, watching Austin's eyes grow dark before me. "Why the fuck would you do that!"

"Austin, I'm sorry," I stammered out, still not sure what incident he was referring to, because I would never have told Kira that Austin had feelings for me, because why would he? We're just friends and I knew he loved Kira. I knew that I just had to take this conversation for what it was and make peace.

"Sorry isn't good enough, Ally! Kira ended the relationship! How could you do this to me?" He remarked, a hint of sadness breaking through his hardened exterior.

"I don't know..." I started, rubbing the back of my neck harshly, trying to find the words to say.

Austin stood, suddenly, pacing around the room hastily. He paced for what felt like hours, neither of us saying anything, before he stopped in his tracks and looked at me. "Do you really think I have feelings for you, Ally?" He slowly made his way back over to the chair and sat down, eyes never leaving mine. My heart skipped a beat and I swallowed thickly.

"I... uh..." I, again, stumbled over my words but Austin was there to interrupt.

"Don't lie to me." He was stern but focused on me.

I let out a hard breath and met his eyes. "Sometimes, yes, I do."

Austin leaned back in his chair, staring at me incredulously. I felt so insecure under his gaze, it made me want to get up and hide. I held my breath, waiting for him to say something. His voice came out soft, almost a whisper. "Do you have feelings for me, Ally?"

One look in his eyes and I knew I couldn't lie to him. I averted my gaze from his, looking to the floor and nodded my head slowly. No sound was made for what felt like an eternity but suddenly I felt a hand on top of mine. I looked up to see Austin leaning forward in his chair across from mine, searching my eyes for something. His eyes were soft, his mouth tilted upwards in a small smile. He grabbed my hand in his tightly, and slowly stood up, pulling me to my feet as well. He gently pulled me to him, his hand letting go of mine and moving around me to rest on the small of my back. His other hand reached up to cup the side of my face, his thumb gently running across my cheek. Our chests were pressed together and I felt frozen in place despite the feeling of his warm breath ghosting across my face. I was noticing small details on his face that I had never noticed before, like a small scar he had on his left eyebrow, and a few scattered freckles across his cheeks. He smelled like the beach mixed with spearmint and it was intoxicating. His eyes danced across my face, crinkled at the corners in a smile. His stare was intense and bold, yet maintained some softness. His thumb stopped moving across my cheek and my breathing hitched in my throat, watching as Austin leaned his face towards mine, his eyes closing. I did my best not to tense up and completely panic that Austin was about to kiss me, but I couldn't help it. I let out the breath I was holding and closed my eyes, meeting Austin halfway for the kiss. His lips brushed mine ever so slightly and I felt his smile get even wider, but then he moved his lips from mine and to my ear.

"You're pathetic, Ally." He laughed darkly in my ear, pulling away from me completely and dropping me from his grasp. "You really think I'd ever have feelings for you?" He laughed again and I felt my heart break and drop into the deepest pits of despair. This is exactly what I feared. "You are nothing I could ever want, We're partners, that's it. You write some kick ass songs, but past that, you're nothing."

Tears stung my eyes quicker than I could brush them away and all I could do was let out a deep sob and make a run for the practice room door, Austin's words ringing in my ears like gunshots had just gone off. I grabbed the door handle and swung it open into another blinding light. I shielded my eyes and found myself exactly where I left myself last time - listening to the sound of rushing water. I was on the beach now, sand squished between my toes. Before my eyes was the wreckage of the plane crash and my heart dropped. I didn't understand what was going on, but I didn't like it. The sound of the ocean was almost overwhelming but it didn't quite drown out the sound of someone crying.

I dashed towards the high pitched wails coming from my left. I stumbled over my feet when I reached the crying figure - it was Trish. She had a large, circular wound on the right side of her head which was dripping blood down her temple and cheek, matting her hair down drastically compared to her usual puffy locks. She was laying in the sand on her side, a deep red pool around her head. As I approached her, her wails grew softer. I panicked and dropped in the sand in front of her. "Trish," I gasped out, reaching out to the wound on her head, feeling nauseated at the sight of that much blood. I noticed the pale color of her lips and the small amount of blood that lined the inside of her mouth, lightly trickling out.

"Ally?" She asked slowly, almost in a whisper.

"Trish, it's me, I'm here." My voice cracked seeing my best friend so broken.

"Ally... I don't feel good." She muttered out, her eyes darting quickly around.

"You're gonna be okay, Trish, okay? I just need you to hold on for me. You're hurt... our plane crashed." I squeaked at that last part. Trish was laying on her side and I gently reached down to grab her hand, and got no response from Trish. I squeezed her hand harder, repeating to my friend, "Hold on, Trish."

She moved her gaze to my eyes, "Help me, Ally." She managed to get out before her body was wracked with coughs, blood sputtering from between her lips. She began convulsing before me and all I could do was grip her hand as tightly as I could, closing my eyes and praying this would end. Tears rushed down my cheeks as I felt her stop seizing and as I heard her struggle to take a few deep breaths, I opened my eyes and looked to hers. Her eyes were open and staring at me, and as she made one final choked exhale, her eyes drooped and her head lolled to the side.

I screamed. In agony, in fear, in heartbreak, in disbelief, in shock. I repeatedly apologized to my best friend's lifeless body - I should have saved her. I should have done something instead of just sitting here watching her die! I screamed until my lungs burned and my throat ached and my eyes felt like they were as dry as the Sahara from how many tears I had cried, yet the tears just kept coming. A crack of thunder overhead made me open my eyes and look quickly to the sky. A once bright blue atmosphere had turned into a strikingly menacing black as clouds rolled in over the ocean. I stood quickly, reaching down to turn Trish onto her back to get her body out of the oncoming storm, but before I could even grab her hands to pull her, I saw a familiar shade of red hair poking out from behind a chunk of metal. I raced over to the carrot top, my mind racing. When I reached Dez, all I could do was stop and stare.

His eyes were closed, and he was still. I immediately thought to drop next to him and shake him awake, but I knew Dez would never open his eyes again. His limbs were draped awkwardly around him, one arm flopped across his chest, the other bent above his head. His right leg was straight, while the left one was twisted so badly that his foot was facing to the left. Drying blood resided in his ears and some dribbled down from his nose and past his mouth. But all of those details you could look past - what you couldn't look past was his neck. It was visibly broken; where his head should have rested based on his position, it was instead at almost a 90* angle. I stared at his body for what felt like hours, but must only have been seconds, because before I knew it, I was turning away from him and throwing up in the sand. More tears spilled from my eyes and another crack of thunder followed by a flash of lightning made me jump. I was terrified of storms, especially at a time like this - all alone, my best friends dead around me. I wanted to bury myself in the sand beneath my feet and pretend none of this was happening. Another booming clap of thunder shook me from my thoughts again and I quickly grabbed Dez by the arms and dragged his body out of the sand, towards the tree line. If I was ever rescued, I needed to make sure that my friends made it home too.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't strong. And Dez was heavy dead weight to drag the distance I needed to. I knew I would have the same problem with Trish. Dropping Dez's arms after dragging him five feet, I again yelled out in agony. I couldn't save my friends from death and now I couldn't even save them from this approaching storm. I felt like I was slipping into a haze, suddenly feeling very dizzy and unsteady on my feet. My vision blurred and I stumbled away from my friend's body, towards more of the wreckage. A thought kept crossing my mind - Austin. Where was Austin? He has to be okay, right? He isn't here with Trish or Dez... but I needed to be sure.

"Austin!" I yelled out between sobs, thunder cracking over my voice as raindrops started to fall against my skin. Slow at first, the raindrops turned into stinging pellets that pricked against my skin the faster they fell. The thunder raged on, lightning always following closely behind to illuminate the darkened sky. As the wind picked up, I knew I had to abandon the bodies of my friends and seek shelter for myself. I turned and quickly raced back to the tree line, noticing a path of downed trees and a sheet of metal laying on the ground. I walked over to it and realized that it wasn't a sheet of metal, but one of the wings of the plane. My heart swelled as I realized the wing was still elevated, meaning I could sit beneath it while the storm passed. It wasn't the most ideal shelter, but none of this was very ideal. I reached the wing and quickly dropped to the wet ground to nestle my body beneath the heavy metal, but I stopped myself and a gasp escaped my lips.

Austin. Austin was under the wing of the plane. He was laying on his back, one hand exposed and clutching the bit of his chest that was exposed. The other half of his body was crushed beneath the wreckage. He was staring straight up at the metal, and I couldn't tell if his eyes were moving or if he was breathing. My heart sank lower than it already was and I reached my hand underneath the wing to grab Austin's exposed hand, desperately pleading for him to be alive. As soon as my hand made contact with his, he gasped and turned his head toward me. He was badly burned, the skin on his face and neck red and blistered in places. He had tears streaming down his cheeks, and he looked absolutely terrified.

"Ally." He sighed out, his grip on my hand tightening as though his life depended on it, which in a way, to him, it did.

"Austin," I cried out, gripping his hand just as tightly, hot tears spilling down my face and mixing with the cold rain beating down on me.

"I'm so glad you're here," he coughed, his face contorting in pain. "I don't wanna be alone."

"I'm here, Austin. You just need to stay awake, okay? Maybe I can find help." I spoke quickly, heart racing as quickly as my mind as I thought of all the possible ways to keep my friend alive. Austin shook his head 'no' as quickly as he could, eyes still screwed shut in pain.

"Please, Ally... stay," he cried, and I watched him open his eyes and let tears spill over, a sob escaping from his paling lips. His grip on my hand never faltered.

"Okay... Austin, I'll stay." I sobbed, trying to scoot my body partially under the wing to get some protection from the rain. I was only able to fit my head and shoulders underneath the metal, trying to maintain some distance from Austin so he was able to breathe. Although his breathing was harsh and ragged, he was still breathing, and that's what mattered right now.

"Ally, I need to tell you," He inhaled sharply as more coughs came over him, this time a bit of blood sputtering between his lips, the same way it happened with Trish. He tried his hardest to maintain his composure but soon let go, realizing he didn't have the time or the strength to pretend to be okay. "I'm dying, and I need you to know..." he paused, searching my eyes. "You changed my life. I'm so happy..." another pause, this time in pain. "That I met you." He let out a breath and began inhaling and exhaling sharply. His eyes never left mine but his grip grew weaker. I held onto his hand tighter to make up for the lost pressure.

"And I'm happy I met you," I almost laughed between sobs. "Austin, you will always be my best friend."

He smiled weakly and dropped the grip on my hand, reaching up instead to try to touch my face. I noticed his struggle so I quickly grabbed his hand and placed it on my cheek, leaning into his touch. He blinked hard and I realized tears weren't spilling down his cheeks anymore. "I don't hurt anymore, Als."

"That's good, Austin, that's really good." I choked back my tears when he said this, trying to be strong for my last dying friend. I was breaking more than I could ever imagine I could.

His face fell serious for a moment and he spoke with resilience. "You're strong enough to do this, Ally. I know it." I vigorously shook my head no, silent tears streaming down my face. "Yes, you are, Ally." He coughed again, this time weakly. I felt his hand slipping down my face and I tried my hardest to keep the dying weight there. His eyes became droopy and his face relaxed. His breathing turned rapid and raspy as he struggled to breathe. He gently stroked my cheek with his thumb and breathed out, "I love you."

I couldn't swallow the sob from escaping the back of my throat and leaned my head harder into his hand as I told him back, "I love you too, Austin." I watched the corners of his mouth turn up before his hand slipped from my cheek, his eyes rested, and lips parted with a final sigh.

I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest and crushed beneath the plane with Austin. This gut wrenching despair was unfathomable. I needed to get out from underneath the wing. I couldn't be here with his body, I couldn't breathe. I slid my body out from beneath the wind and stood, taking off into a sprint as quickly as I could. Weighed down by my soaked clothes, my head swarmed with the last voices of my friends. Trish begging me to help her, Austin telling me he loved me, picturing Dez's contorted face, it was all too much. I tripped over a branch on the ground and fell onto my face. All I had the strength to do was roll onto my back and let the rain wash over my body. The loudest crash of thunder came from overhead and a blinding bolt of lightning made me shield my eyes. I could hear Austin's voice clearly calling my name over and over again, and as I closed my eyes, letting his voice was over me more than the rain, another bolt of lightning flashed overhead.

"Ally! Ally, wake up! Ally!" I opened my eyes and sat up quickly, a huge gush of air mixed with a sob escaping from my lips. I dropped my legs down from the seat in front of me and clutched my chest tightly with one hand and the other reached up to my face, feeling my cheeks damp from tears that were still spilling from my eyes. There was a small amount of pressure pressing on my shoulder and I turned my head to the side to look at Austin, who was sitting next to me, his eyes wide, my name still falling from his lips. "Oh my god, Ally, you scared me." He sighed out, reaching his arm from my shoulder to wrap around me, holding me tightly.

"Sorry.." I muttered, my cheeks heating up from embarrassment. It had all been a dream. A terrible, awful, incomprehensible dream. "Bad dream," I sighed, returning his embrace.

"Take some deep breaths, Al, okay?" He pulled back from the hug to look at me sternly grabbed my hand, beginning to speak to me soothingly, coaching me through deep breaths in and slow breaths out, exactly as his voice had done in my dream. Once I had gotten my breathing under control, he squeezed my hand and let go, looking to the side of the open cabin. "It's light out... we should go find Dez and Trish." He remarked, standing from his seat and making his way to the exit, turning and extending his hand to me. I grabbed it and hobbled to exit the plane with him.

I looked at my surroundings, it was the same beach from my dream, same plane wreckage, but no dead Dez, no dead Trish, no dead Austin. I breathed a sigh of relief - that dream had felt all too real and I was still so shaken up over it. Austin seemed to realize this as he gently placed his good arm around my shoulders, supporting me. It was then that I looked down and remembered my injured foot and suddenly all the pain came rushing at once. I bit my lip and hissed in pain, wrapping an arm around Austin for additional support.

"We don't have to go through the wreckage right now... especially with your foot. I can support you until we get to the lagoon, okay?" He dropped his arm from around my shoulders and instead adjusted his grip to under my arms, lifting slightly to alleviate the weight from my foot. He smiled lightly, beginning to walk towards the tree line, still maintaining his grip on me. I followed silently, my arm drooping around his waist, hobbling along on my good foot. We walked in silence for a few minutes, neither one of us really knowing what to say. Austin didn't seem to know what to say, and I just wasn't ready to tell him what had caused me such terror in my sleep. The forest floor was familiar, the same cool dirt I was used to. The trees were just as dense as they had been in my dream and the previous night. More minutes passed in silence and Austin finally cleared his throat, breaking the silence.

"What was that back there?" He inquired softly, turning his head to glance down at me. I tensed up quickly, shaking my head no for a moment before realizing I could speak.

"I promise I'll tell you... just not yet." I stammered. "I'm not ready to talk about it." I sighed deeply, hobbling next to Austin. He nodded his head in understanding.

"I'll be here when you're ready to talk about it." He smiled down at me genuinely and I felt my heart flutter a bit. None of the dream made sense to me - it was all of my worst fears rolled into one. Isolation, my friends dying, storms, Austin rejecting me... everything. "Hey, look." He pointed with the hand holding the first aid kit, which he had picked up before we exited the plane and put the flashlight back inside the hard plastic case. Several hundred feet ahead of us was. A beautiful waterfall and peaceful lagoon. It was absolutely breathtaking. The sound of the roaring falls was so calming, and I was so happy to see fresh water and know that my friends were there, alive and well, made me want to leap from Austin's grip and rush to the lagoon. But I knew better, and held back, hobbling the rest of the way to the small corner of peace among the scary forest. When we reached the clearing, there sat Trish and Dez, both sitting cross legged in front of a well built fire, talking quietly. They heard us approach and both jumped up quickly, smiles on both of their faces.

I smiled brightly at them and as the fearsome foursome met in the middle to embrace in a whirlwind of joyful and saddened tears alike, a thought crossed my mind for the very first time since waking up yesterday.

Maybe we would be okay, after all.

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