Kyoya x Ginga

Kyoya was walking down the market streets of Bey City, when a little figurine stand caught his eye. He walked up to the window of the shop and saw a little red-head beyblader figure. The figure had look like a girl, but you could tell it was a boy. Kyoya had looked for a few seconds and then just walked away.

A few days later, he walked into his room and saw the figure he was looking at on his desk. When he looked closer there was a note underneath it. The note said 'Hey Kyoya, look at this cute figure I thought you'd like it so I got it for you. Love, Kakeru.' Kyoya just stood there for a moment before he picked up the figure and placed it on the shelf in his room.

Right before Kyoya had gone to bed, he was changing and he heard a small voice.

"This shelf is very, very high! Please help!" Kyoya had looked up to see who had spoken to him. He looked at the figure and noticed it was moving.

"Oh my god! You're alive!" Yelled Kyoya as he jumped back. "What the hell, I think I have lost it…I swear I am not crazy!"

"Please help!" Pleaded the little dolls voice, except it didn't look like a doll anymore. It looked just like a human.

"Oh, alright, I see I put you on a shelf that is too high for you." Said Kyoya helping the doll onto the floor. When Kyoya had put the doll on the floor, it had changed its form into a human." AH! Y-you're...a person!" Yelled Kyoya falling on the ground pointing at the boy standing in front of him. The boy was beyond adorable; he didn't even look like a boy. Kyoya couldn't stop looking at him and blushing.

"Oh, is something wrong?" Asked the doll-like boy, after he had kneeled next to him.

"No, it's nothing. You're a boy, right?"

"I think so..." Started the doll-like boy while standing back up.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Ginga, Ginga Hagane and you're Kyoya Tategami."