Kyoya woke up the next morning with a boy clung to his arm sleeping soundly. Not wanting to wake him up, Kyoya gently slipped his arm out from underneath the boy's and quietly made his way out of the room.

"I love you, Kyoya." He heard the boy mutter in his sleep.

'He is so cute' Thought Kyoya.

After a long two hours, Ginga had finally woken up and walked out to Kyoya giving him a hug. "Good morning, Kyo!" Beamed the boy.

"How are you so awake now?" Kyoya asked wondering how the boy was so awake, after just getting up. Kyoya was an early riser, but it took him forever to really be awake.

"I dunno." Replied the red-head.

"What do you want to do today?" Kyoya asked, not to excited to hear the answer.

"I want to battle you, Kyo!" Ginga said excitedly.

"D-b-but, huh?!" Kyoya said shocked to hear what the boy just said.

"I want to bey battle you Kyoya!"

"Alright, I guess, we can go down to the Face-Hunters base to hold our battle." Few moments later, they appeared at Warehouse number eight, the Face-Hunters base. When they went inside, unlike yesterday, no one was there, which relieved Ginga a bit. Before Ginga could even blink, Kyoya had told him to ready his bey, and the battle had started.

Before Ginga even had the chance, Kyoya beat him with his special move.

"I can't believe I lost so easily." Ginga whined.

"Did you expect to win?"

"I thought I could give you more of a fight…"

"That's alright." Kyoya said winking at Ginga and ruffling his hair and heading back to Kyoya and Kakeru's house. When they stepped inside, they heard arguing in the living room. When they went in to see who it was, they found out it was just Ryuto and Kakeru playing a video game.

"Hey, Kyoya" Ryuto said casually. Ryuto was super casual with everyone, it didn't matter who you were. He would even address his school's principal as 'Dude' or 'Bro', it was real funny to see how angry the principal got after he did that.

Ginga was practically pulling Kyoya up to his room, but Kyoya didn't know why, so he just let Ginga lead the way. When they reached Kyoya's room, Ginga let Kyoya walk in first, then closed and locked the door behind himself.

"Something wrong, Gi…" Before Kyoya could finish, Ginga pushed Kyoya down and sat on top of him. "Wh-what are you doing?" Though instead of getting an answer, Ginga had pulled Kyoya in and kissed him. To Ginga's surprise, Kyoya sat there and blushed.

'Could Kyoya actually be cute, the leader of a gang, cute?' Thought Ginga.